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  5. By Camran1005 (my user account name on the wiki), on 31 August 2015, Monday
  7. WWYD OP (by ThemoonprinceN at
  8. You are an order beginning knight in this world and one day you were walking along the roads as you were transporting medical supplies you heard shaking in the bushes near you so you take your sword out and deiced to see what was behind them.
  10. As you got closer to the bushes you heard grumbling and grunting as you finally pushed the bushes away you see an ogre bleeding from the stomach as she looked at you then at your symbol she frowned and stared at you.
  12. "Tsk, come to finish me off huh? Fine, I don't care anymore do your worst." *She said looking down holding her stomach to try and stop some of the bleeding.
  14. Now you could go back up to your cart and help bandage this ogre and she'll will most likely be grateful but your orders are to kill all monsters on sight. What will you do?
  17. I walk up to the Ogre and hug her tight. She looks down at me suspiciously.
  19. ‘Trying to butter me up before slicing me to pieces?’
  21. ‘No! No, never. I'm from the Order, but I don't trust their teachings. They give no reason why we should slay monsters, they just give us their crappy ... Orders!’
  23. ‘Huh. So what do you want with me?’
  25. ‘Nothing. I want to run away with you and help you heal. I've got medicinal herbs and tourniquets, and we should be able to keep you from bleeding out. I want to leave my pointless old life behind.’
  27. ‘Bleh. You probably just heard from those Order bastards about how good sex with a monster girl is, and you look a young enough recruit to be a virgin. So ... ’
  29. (Red-faced) ‘Please! Listen to me. I know what sex with a monster girl will do to me, but believe me ...’ *hands her a battered copy of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia which I stole from the “Heretic Texts” section in the Order library* ‘I realize plenty of mamono aren't bad, and I know what your Demon Lord intends to do. I want to help and end these lies spread about you.’
  31. The Ogre stares at me with tears glimmering in her eyes. ‘You would? An Order knight would defect and try to help me have kids, and ensure the rise of the Monster Order?’
  33. ‘Yes,’ I say firmly. ‘I believe the Order is a little prick, and mamono are creating harmony for now. I'll come back with you. I know you're a strong monster girl, and I want to help you become stronger ... you can't handle everything alone.’
  35. The Ogre brings her face to my level and looks at me with extreme pain in her eyes. So vulnerable. ‘Thank you,’ she whispers. ‘All my life, people look at me with disgust and think I'm a barbarian. They keep trying to kill and harm me. I just escaped from one such motherfucker.’
  37. I lower myself in front of her on my knees and caress her cheek. ‘I believe you've got a heart which needs mending, and then loving. In more than one way.’ I give her a devious grin before starting to bind her wounds.
  39. When I'm done, I look up at her. ‘Maybe we should leave before any knight sees us and threatens to bring candles and champagne.’
  41. She giggles and blushes cutely. ‘Sure.’
  43. I crawl over to her and kiss her on the cheek. ‘I do want to be by your side, but this rumour about humans and monsters having sex and falling in love ... is it true? We're alien species to each other.’
  45. She laughs, picks me up and runs with amazing speed to the nearest cavern. ‘You huge prick, can't stop thinking about sex at your age? Nor can I.’ She gives me a toothy grin and drops her loincloth, then slips the leaf-like covering from her breasts. ‘You're about to find out first-hand ...’
  47. SPARTAN-047 (talk) 15:38, August 31, 2015 (UTC)
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