Bishounen Yaoi Protagonist x JRPG Protagonist Beltbeast C-B

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  1. [20:03:10] <@Yoki> So, what would Ashley be doing on a routine day on the campsite?
  2. [20:03:23] <Ash> Lets say that I'm...
  3. [20:04:20] * Ash is primping in a little hand mirror. He looks extremely disappointed in how he looks. He is thin and strikingly pretty, with short blonde hair in a cute haircut and wearing the sort of fancy riding jodpurs that a troubadour might wear, except with his family's viking insignia on the breast pocket.
  4. [20:08:05] <@Yoki> A young man of short stature, clothed almost simplistically in a green tunic and brown pants besieged in a ridiculous number of off-placed belts, is ambling through the camp, whistling a little tune to himself as he heads off to one of the sparring arenas. Out of the corner of his eye, though, he catches a glimpse of Ash primping himself up in the mirror, and a wry smile creeps across
  5. [20:08:06] <@Yoki> his face. "Why, hello, beautiful~" He muses aloud to himself, changing course to approach the young 'beauty.'
  6. [20:09:11] <Ash> (I assume since that was to yourself I didn't hear it)
  7. [20:09:13] <Ash> (:B)
  8. [20:09:14] <@Yoki> He approaches her from behind, and gives her a nudge from behind. "Heeeey there~ So I heard there was a young beauty that just joined up in the army. Any chance that might be you?" He's... Probably still looking up to Ash.
  9. [20:09:31] <Ash> "Excuse me?" :I
  10. [20:10:09] * Ash looked up... down(?) from her mirror at the man, "What do you mean 'young beauty'?"
  11. [20:11:28] <@Yoki> -still; he's looking up at her as he awaits the 'girl' to turn around. "You heard me~ I'd been hearing rumours that there was a beautiful young woman who just flew in--" Would he be apt to realize that Ash is actually a dude when he turns around? Would that much be obvious?
  12. [20:12:45] <Ash> Probably not. He's VERY pretty.
  13. [20:13:04] * Ash does indeed turn around, angry look on his face.
  14. [20:13:07] <Ash> "Are you blind?"
  15. [20:15:11] <Ash> He is wearing a variation on Pegasus gear, so his figure might even be a little exaggerated, although he's made a few alterations to try to make it a little more macho... to not much effect
  16. [20:16:38] <@Yoki> "--from the heavens to grace me with her presence... I take it that might be you?" He's totes oblivious. "And blind? Why, not at all, milady, but I fear I may very well suffer such a fate if I stare at you too long~ The sun might shine brightly, but you are far more radiant, and much closer at that!" He looks to the ground, and plucks a crushed flower, holding it out for her. Incoming
  17. [20:16:38] <@Yoki> cheesy line.
  18. [20:17:23] * Ash just seems speechless at this point :I
  19. [20:17:25] <@Yoki> "I'd be glad to know that the last thing I see on this earth, though, would be your stunning appearance, if that were to be the case!" Little idiot getting punched in 3... 2...
  20. [20:17:40] * Ash punches him, yes
  21. [20:17:44] <Ash> Although 0 strength
  22. [20:17:57] <Ash> So it's pretty weak
  23. [20:18:03] <Ash> "'Beautiful young woman' he says! Has no one in this army ever seen the sire of a Viking chieftan before!"
  24. [20:18:55] <Ash> "I swear! From the first, it's been milady this and o' beauteous lady that and 'you make my heart sour' all over the place!"
  25. [20:20:37] <@Yoki> Slapped he is, his face kind of just goes along with the motion as it happens. "Oh, aren't we feisty?" He says as he holds his cheek. "I very much enjoy my..." And then, with Ash's outburst... It hits him. "... Sire?!?" You can see his smile melt away, leaving only a look of unadulterated horror, pointing and gawking at Ash as if he were some putrid monster and stammering as he struggles
  26. [20:20:38] <@Yoki> to form a coherent response.
  27. [20:20:51] <@Yoki> "So you mean... You're... Not a girl... And are... Actually a..." An awkward, long pause.
  28. [20:21:02] <Ash> "Some day I'm gonna have a big bushy mustache!"
  29. [20:21:08] <Ash> "And a beard down to here!"
  30. [20:21:20] <Ash> "That'll show you. Then you'll be all Milady out the other side of your face!"
  31. [20:21:29] * Ash begins to walk away in a huff at this last line.
  32. [20:22:56] <Ash> (Actually I used Sire wrong. :B I meant "Haven't you ever seen someone sired by a Viking Chieftan before")
  33. [20:23:05] <Ash> (If I was the sire I would be the father)
  34. [20:23:32] <Ash> (I meant it as a gender-neutral. Sorry if I wasn't clear)
  35. [20:23:33] <@Yoki> Ash may very well need to cover his ears as Yoki lets out a massive, near bloodcurdling "5AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" You know, the kind that in the cinematics makes the birds fly away, still-filled wine glasses tremble until they shatter all over the camp, and apparently can still even be heard in the out-of-planet zoom-outs.
  36. [20:24:12] <@Yoki> (It's okay, albeit... Kind of a bit late now to go back on that, I think.)
  37. [20:24:12] <Ash> :I "...idiot."
  38. [20:25:29] <Ash> (Yeah, still works. Just pretend I said "Son" in that case :B)
  39. [20:26:38] <Ash> (In other news I honestly think that's a great place to leave a C-rank.)
  40. [20:27:38] <Ash> (With Yoki broken and Ash annoyed)
  41. [20:27:40] <@Yoki> (It kind of is. I had something more to add, but yeah, good stopping point.)
  42. [20:28:02] <Ash> (What did you have? like a last word?)
  43. [20:28:15] <Ash> (Also what's your Affinity?)
  44. [20:28:17] <@Yoki> (Nah, definitely would've provoked further convo.)
  45. [20:28:20] <@Yoki> (And Thunder here.)
  46. [20:28:31] <Ash> (We can save it for B-Rank B3)
  47. [20:28:40] <@Yoki> (Ohkay~)
  49. [20:30:37] <@Yoki> Wanna start B rank? Or you good for now?
  50. [20:30:52] <Ash> Sure
  51. [20:31:03] <Ash> IF you've got time before you need to go homeworking
  52. [20:31:33] <@Yoki> Yeah, I got like an hour. Taking a guess that finishing this drawing might take, like, three hours.
  53. [20:31:38] <@Yoki> If that.
  54. [20:32:06] * Ash is primping in the mirror again walking around, not really paying attention to where he's going. He seems to be stroking his face, grimacing at how smooth it is :(
  55. [20:35:56] <@Yoki> Yoki is... Well, he's not a very bright manchild. Approaching from the front this time, he pats down his fluffy, crimson hair before walking up to Ash in strides. Upon getting close to Ash, be begins to start hitting on him again... Except this time, from the front view, about ten seconds in he realizes just who he's hitting up again. The attempt is interrupted by an "Oh, Gods damnit,
  56. [20:36:10] <@Yoki> it's 5you again!" as he recoils in disgust once more. Yoki puts his hands on his hips and makes a poutyface as he glaaares at Ash. "Why can't you look more like a real man?!? It'd save me a lot of trouble and effort wasted hitting on you, you know!"
  57. [20:36:21] <Ash> "You again indeed. Come to make fun of me again?"
  58. [20:38:02] * Ash snaps his mirror closed, "I try and I try, you know! I don't want to look like this! They just don't make pegasus and troubadour gear in men's sizes, and I tried to cut my hair short, see?"
  59. [20:38:24] <Ash> He shows off his hair, which would be an adorable cut on a woman and on him is an... adorable short cut.
  60. [20:40:40] <Ash> "And you wouldn't make fun of me so much if you knew how much trouble I go through. The tonics, the remedies, the foul potions. You can probably still smell the hair-potion on me. It dries me out and then I have to exfoliate!"
  61. [20:41:34] <Steve> (The juxtaposition between Ash and Haldis maketh me chuckle)
  62. [20:43:21] <@Yoki> "No, I did not come to make fun of you! I'm not that petty! If it were easier to tell this wouldn't be happening in the first place! I mean, look at you!" He moves his hands around (albeit not on) Ash's figure. "You're so slim, and toned, and..." He takes a moment to look at Ash's chest. "... Well, you're a bit of a breakfast table, but that's not the worst thing! Point is, for
  63. [20:43:21] <@Yoki> a man you look hot!" He might be flustered, but you feel despite that he doesn't even realize how wrong that might've come out.
  64. [20:44:13] * Ash puts his arms up to cover his chest when he looks there and blushes a bit. :I
  65. [20:44:48] <Ash> "But I don't want to be hot. It's humiliating."
  66. [20:44:56] <Ash> "I want to be like this!"
  67. [20:45:09] * Ash pulls out a locket around his neck. It's shaped like a heart.
  68. [20:45:27] * Ash opens up the locket and shows Yoki the picture inside.
  69. [20:46:03] <@Yoki> Ooh, shiny~ Yoki peers his head inwards to get a better look at it.
  70. [20:46:47] <Ash> It's a picture of a huge, muscular man with a massive blonde beard segmented into three Dwarf braids, long flowing scandinavian locks, and a mustache that curls up in points on either side. He's wearing a helmet with horns on it and bulky armor. On the other side is his axe which is a handsome axe indeed. It's a weird setup for a heart locket; a man and his axe.
  71. [20:48:32] <@Yoki> "... Maaaan, is that a man! You'd think the picture'd just jump out at you and punch you right in the face!" Yoki seems impressed. Soooo manly!
  72. [20:48:43] <Ash> "I know right!" :D
  73. [20:49:05] <Ash> "I want to jump out and punch people in the face! But..."
  74. [20:49:25] * Ash looks down at his thin frame and resumes his depression, "I guess I just wasn't built that way." :(
  75. [20:50:48] <@Yoki> "Sounds to me you're doing it all wrong, though!" He pops his head back out and re-directs his attention up to Ash. "Tonics and potions aren't gonna do you any good! And your hair's too neat, anyways! What you need is upper body strength! Do some push-ups, drag a cart up a hill or something!" He starts jumping up and down, ruffling Ash's hair. And didn't even ask to do so. "And stop
  76. [20:50:48] <@Yoki> going out of your way to make yourself so pretty! No wonder every guy on camp is staring at you funny!"
  77. [20:51:36] <@Yoki> If you take a look at Yoki, for a seemingly physical fighter, he doesn't seem to be all that ripped, or even substantially toned.
  78. [20:51:44] <Ash> "W-well..."
  79. [20:51:54] <Ash> (What's his class?)
  80. [20:52:34] <@Yoki> (He's a Myrmidon/Samurai.)
  81. [20:52:39] <@Yoki> (With 12 STR.)
  82. [20:52:40] <Ash> (Okay cool)
  83. [20:52:49] <Haiiro-Honoo> (Crazy magic samurai)
  84. [20:52:54] <Ash> (Better than my 5)
  85. [20:53:21] <Ash> "If you think it'll work..."
  86. [20:53:30] <@Yoki> He can see the quiver of arrows and sheathed sword bouncing up and down with Yoki, too, if he's not too focused on him getting up in his grill and interfering with his personal space.
  87. [20:53:47] <Ash> "I'll try anything."
  88. [20:53:51] <@Yoki> "Oh, oh! And you should probably get a nice, big scar across your face! Scars make people look really manly!"
  89. [20:54:02] <@Yoki> "I'm sure we can fake that one good enough."
  90. [20:54:04] <Ash> D: "A scar! But that'll hurt!"
  91. [20:54:41] <Ash> "What would father think if I went around wearing fake scars?" :o
  92. [20:54:43] <@Yoki> "If we do it right, it'll only hurt a little..."
  93. [20:55:52] <Ash> "Hmmmm O-okay. Okay! I'll do it!"
  94. [20:56:37] <Ash> >:I "If that's what it takes to be a man, then I'll get a big scar right across my face! Up and down and zigzagging around and big and with stitches on it... and..."
  95. [20:57:33] <@Yoki> Yoki finally stops with the hair messing, and when he's done, Ash's hair is totally fucked. Dissheveled as all hell, and considering all the stuff he puts in it, some of it might be leaking possibly. "Great! Now, let's see, how do we wanna go about doing this... We can use a knife or a sword to make a couple small cuts, but you don't wanna fake it all that much... Hmmm..." A hand rises
  96. [20:57:33] <@Yoki> to his chin as he begins to ponder aloud.
  97. [20:58:21] <@Yoki> "Oh, oh! I got it! I got it! How about you go and wrestle a buffalo? Or better yet, a wyvern?!?"
  98. [20:58:53] <Ash> "If I went and did that I'd just become one big scar!" D:
  99. [21:00:23] <@Yoki> "Not to worry!" Yoki digs into his bag of arrows and emerges with a somewhat heavy looking crossbow, crackling with electricity. "With this piece of work, there's absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, that can go wrong!"
  100. [21:01:01] <@Yoki> "If things get too crazy, I'll just blast the thing and it'll drop like a bowed-down pegasus!" :D
  101. [21:01:19] <Ash> "I'm uh... I'm suddenly not so sure about this."
  102. [21:03:00] <Ash> "Maybe I can wrestle something smaller, like a kitten. Their claws are sharper than adult cats, you know."
  103. [21:03:02] <@Yoki> "You said you'd do anything, right?" He's gotten himself waaay hyped up on this idea. "Besides, when you get back home, or when anyone questions how much of a man you are, you can tell your dad you got down one-on-one with a real, wild wyvern! Seriously, those things are fierce!"
  104. [21:03:31] <Ash> "Hnnngg. A wild one? I thought we were gonna use one of the tamed ones in the stables" D:
  105. [21:03:52] <@Yoki> "No, no! It's gotta be big! It's gotta be spectacular! It's gotta prove that you're a maaaaan!" Yoki puts down the crossbow, then does the flexing motion and looses a "Wroooooarrrrrghhhh!"
  106. [21:04:01] <@Yoki> ... Boldtext failures. Lovely.
  107. [21:04:10] <Ash> (No no, it's good)
  108. [21:04:24] <Ash> (Nothing but boldtext)
  109. [21:05:01] <Ash> ;~; "What have I gotten myself into?"
  110. [21:06:35] <@Yoki> "Come on! It'll be fun!" He takes Ash by the hand and draaaags him away. "We got a big trip to plan for! Snacks, provisions, and all sorts of stuff for our big climb up the side of the mountain!"
  111. [21:06:53] <Ash> "Eeek!"
  112. [21:07:07] <Ash> (Wrestling can probably happen offscreen to be resolved in A if we decide to do it :B)
  113. [21:07:31] <@Yoki> (Un hunh~)
  114. [21:08:41] <Ash> (Ashley and Yoki attained B-rank)
  115. [21:09:35] <@Yoki> And of course, the obligatory plays in the background as Ash is dragged off to what may perhaps be the biggest mistake of his life.
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