Burzum - Dauði Baldrs (Balders Død) original raw unmastered

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  6. Here is the original recording for “Dauði Baldrs” (originally supposed to be released under the name “Balders Død”) which includes the raw unmastered tracks for the album as well as 2 unreleased electronic/techno tracks and 1 unreleased ambient style track.
  8. All these songs come from the original recording of “Dauði Baldrs” that Varg made in jail from 1994 - 1995. According to Tiziana (the ex-label boss of Misanthropy Records) the tape was then sent to her either straight from Varg or from Varg’s producer Pytten along with the mastered version of the album which was only released in 1997. (See the bottom section for more details about this). The tape was one of the many tapes given to me by Tiziana.
  10. The differences in the sound of the “Dauði Baldrs” tracks are subtle, but they are definitely there. If you’ve listened to the album multiple times you should realise it already in the first few notes. I have ripped the tape from start to finish without any edits, the only thing I have done is to remove the blank space in between tracks.
  12. As you can see there is no mention of the 3 unreleased tracks on the cover of the tape (I guess Varg didn’t want them to be included in the album) but this is the tape where they came from and they are genuine tracks created by Varg (which he has confirmed). The tape would have probably come with a letter explaining this but it would have been long lost at this stage.
  14. I also sent pictures of the tape to Varg last year and he replied that “That is my home-made cover”, in case there was any doubt. Also, according to him the final track was to be titled "Oslo 2000", and he also told me that, "It was meant to suggest that we are heading for a civil war. Because of immigration."
  16. This is obviously a one-off tape so anyone selling these tracks elsewhere or making replicas of the tape are just trying to make money off you (I am not uploading them anywhere else).
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  20. “Dauði Baldrs” was initially supposed to be released under the name “Balders Død”. We can also see some differences in the titles for each of the tracks to what was printed on the final product. Here are the differences as well as the track times:
  22. Balders Død (Dauði Baldrs):
  23. Balder Blir Drept (Dauði Baldrs): 0:00 – 8:25
  24. Hermod På Helferd (Hermoðr Á Helferð): 8:25 – 10:57
  25. Balders Bålferd (Bálferð Baldrs): 10:57 – 16:43
  26. I Helheimen (Í Heimr Heljar): 16:43 – 18:45
  27. Med Bud Fra Hel (Illa Tiðandi): 18:45 – 28:43 (Tape swaps sides @ end of song)
  28. Mot Ragnarok (Móti Ragnarǫkum): 28:43 – 37:22
  30. Unreleased material I sent to Varg last year:
  31. Untitled electronic track 1: 37:22 – 40:46
  32. Untitled electronic track 2: 40:46 – 43:05
  33. “Oslo 2000” track: 43:05 – 46:37
  35. I also sent the songs to Varg last year and he uploaded the 2 electronic house tracks here:
  36. [Edit: Link Invalid Vargs Channel was deleted, follow his bitchute linked above.]
  37. [Edit: Link Invalid Vargs Channel was deleted, follow his bitchute linked above.]
  39. And I uploaded the “Oslo 200” track here on my own channel last year:
  42. ---
  44. More information regarding Daudi Baldrs and the tape:
  46. Daudi Baldrs was made on an Italian music processor and a 4-track portable studio while Varg was in jail. You can see this stated multiple times in early interviews as well as it being printed on the backs of the Byelobog reissues (Varg’s own label) that, “Daudi Baldrs was recorded on a 4-track portable studio.” This was the tape he recorded it on.
  48. On the back of all the Misanthropy Records pressings for Daudi Baldrs is states that it was mastered in a place called "Breidablik Tronholl", which is a nickname for Greighallen (Pytten) as it says the same thing on the back of the Filosofem pressings, and Filosofem was undoubtedly recorded and mastered at Griegahllen.
  50. Tiziana’s memory of the time is very faded and previously thought the tape was sent directly to her from Varg and that she got it mastered in the UK, however after reminding her about what I have just written above here is what she told me:
  52.     “Pytten did the general mastering, and then we would take it to a studio here and glass-master it for CD production, and master it again for LP production. I think he recorded it on tape and then sent it on to Pytten on tape who made it into a master. He would clear up the audio, remove noise and make it sound better. Then he would send either a DAT or master CD to us. This is then taken to the glass mastering process.”
  54. If Varg sees this maybe he clear up weather he remembers 100% sending this tape to Pytten (who forwarded it to Tiziana) or weather he sent it straight to Tiziana.
  56. Either way, the contents are the same. Enjoy.
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