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  1. -No slurs, use of hate speech, or disrespect towards other players.
  2. -Hacking is an instant permaban.
  3. -No mic spamming on intercom, radios, or dead chat.
  4. -Always listen to mods/admins, avoiding punishment can lead to doubling your ban time.
  5. -D-class KOS is fine, but if they surrender to you its up to you to kos or try to arrest them.
  6. -Teaming is always acceptable as long as it doesn't delay the round.
  7. -Camping is usually looked down on by other players, but as long as you aren't in one area the whole game its fine.
  8. -No disarming your own teammates
  10. Our Discord:
  12. Donate here:
  14. Any amount donated above 10 USD will get a custom role and color on the server, and any amount above 5 USD will get a donator role on the server!
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