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  1. Pleasuring Mares a Guide for Considerate Human Partners
  3. The following discussion is intended as the beginning of an evolutionary
  4. document. If you wish contribute, please feel free to submit suggested
  5. additions, deletions, or corrections. You may note that the goal here is not
  6. another “how-to mares”, but assumes the reader already knows how to pleasure
  7. himself with a mare and wishes to try to enhance her experience. In the end,
  8. this brings more intense pleasure and more willing, even eager, equine partners.
  9. Also note that horses are as different from one another as humans are, and thus
  10. anything said in the following pages may not apply to a particular mare.
  12. This document is written based on experiential information (a labor of love),
  13. and not a scientific exploration of the subject. Having said that, the
  14. veterinary establishment has never considered the sexual pleasure that a mare
  15. derives from mating to be of importance as long as she conceives and produces a
  16. valuable foal. Only recently have some authors begun recommending against
  17. hobbling mares (allowing the equivalent of rape by the stallion), on the basis
  18. that it makes a mare less receptive, more prone to injury, and less likely to
  19. conceive. It is quite likely, therefore, that if a scientific study was
  20. undertaken it would find a connection between the mare’s pleasure and her
  21. likelihood of conceiving.
  23. What is the basis for such conjecture? Simply put, evolution favors
  24. characteristics and behaviors that are more likely to allow the individual to
  25. survive and reproduce. Those characteristics and behaviors that do not
  26. contribute to the success of the species tend to be diluted and eventually
  27. disappear. Although the sexual characteristics of mares vary between individuals
  28. and breeds, it is fair to say that they are capable of very much enjoying the
  29. sexual act. The proof of this is in the famous Holy Grail of horse zoos, the
  30. "maregasm". That this phenomenon exists is indisputable to any horse zoo who has
  31. been lucky enough to induce it in his partner.
  33. In fact, in researching the subject I found that many veterinary references
  34. contained diagrams of the mare’s reproductive tract that were grossly
  35. inaccurate. True, they have the plumbing connected correctly, but the critical
  36. placement of several items was completely wrong. For example, the cervix is
  37. often shown in the middle of the end of the vagina as in humans. It is, in fact,
  38. closer to the bottom of the end of the vagina (for a good reason). The upward
  39. angle of the vulva is often ignored, and it is shown as being in horizontal
  40. alignment with the vagina proper. As you will see later in the text, these
  41. mistakes greatly affect any attempt to understand the actual mechanism of the
  42. mare’s tract during intercourse. For that reason, I have produced my own crude
  43. sketches.
  45. Basics of Horse Mating and Reproduction
  47. Estrus
  49. Mares come into Estrus (heat) about every 28 days. Although this cycle can be
  50. detected all year around, the intensity of the heat is affected strongly by the
  51. season (more specifically by the amount of daylight). Most mares have their
  52. first intense heat in early spring, with the intensity diminishing over the
  53. summer months. With a very few exceptions, mares will only accept stallions
  54. during their heat cycle which can last from a day to a week, but is most
  55. commonly about 3 days long. Luckily, they can and will accept human partners
  56. over a much wider period of their cycles.
  58. In addition to the seasonal effects, the presence of other horses, especially
  59. stallions or randy geldings will play a large part in the intensity of a mare’s
  60. cycle. If stallions or geldings are not present, you can play the part to some
  61. extent by teasing them in the same way that the stallions do. The longer this is
  62. practiced, the more effect it will have. This will be discussed under Teasing.
  64. It is crucial to understand that horses are very social animals and that until
  65. very recent geological time they were on the dinner menu of many large
  66. predators. These elements greatly affect the relationship a zoophile may
  67. experience with them. For example, the act of mounting a mare and clutching her
  68. rump may trigger the ancient reaction to a lion attempting the same maneuver
  69. (with very different motives). A stallion’s embrace falls just ahead of the
  70. pelvic bones and most zoos instinctively learn to use the prominent tips of this
  71. structure as a convenient grip.
  73. Because they are a prey species, the sex act in horses has evolved to be an
  74. extremely brief. From the time a stallion achieves intromission (gets it in), to
  75. orgasm and withdrawal is typically 10 to 20 seconds. It is critical that the
  76. mating pair not take too long or they may become easy prey for a carnivore. It
  77. is also important that the stallion be able to quickly determine that a mare
  78. will accept him so that he is not unduly distracted from his vigilance.
  79. Signs of Estrus
  81. There is nothing subtle about a mare in heat. Her external labia and vulva will
  82. become engorged and swollen, giving their inside surfaces a bright red
  83. coloration. Mares also perform the well known “winking” signal when receptive.
  84. This consists of the vulva contracting vertically forcing it to open, and the
  85. clitoris protrudes outward and upward. It is important to note that mares also
  86. wink two to three times after urinating, and not to confuse this with an
  87. invitation!
  89. If the mare is in heat, the opening of the vulva exposes the red color of the
  90. interior. She will frequently squat and produce a stream of fragrant fluid that
  91. stallions can smell from significant distances.
  93. Stallions test this odor by making the strange lip curl called a “flemen”. This
  94. gesture allows the stallion to test the odor using sensors in the roof of his
  95. mouth. Mares may also push their rumps against trees and fence posts to provide
  96. some relief from their unrequited lust.
  98. Fortunately, the mare has also evolved to be an aggressive sexual partner when
  99. she is in Estrus, with much more staying power than her male counterpart. This
  100. assures the best chance of getting a quickie from her favorite stud.
  102. Furthermore, she can actually become more sexually receptive after intercourse
  103. than before and will often allow several stallions to breed her in rapid
  104. succession. Dominant stallions will try to prevent this, in order to pass along
  105. their own genes, but mares are not so picky.
  107. Although you cannot easily observe it, the cervix becomes enlarged and relaxed.
  108. This can be felt at the anterior (forward) end of the vagina near the floor.
  109. Note: Never push your finger into the cervix. If the mare is pregnant, this may
  110. rupture the waxy "foal plug", and cause her to abort.
  112. Foreplay
  114. Another behavior seen in rutting mares is unusual friendliness toward potential
  115. mates, including humans. This will take on the same characteristics no matter
  116. whether the target is a man or a stallion. One of the most common gestures is to
  117. gently nibble at the ankles. Another touching gesture is an embrace in which the
  118. mare wraps her neck around the person or chest of the horse. Some mares sniff
  119. the genitals of the potential mate, and despite the differences in posture
  120. between men and stallions, they know exactly where they are located. In perhaps
  121. the most overt gesture the mare positions herself in the path of the desired
  122. suitor and blocks his way with her tail held high and to the side. A mare may
  123. quickly apply these gestures to a human partner once she learns that he can
  124. satisfy her needs, but again this varies greatly between mares.
  126. Mares also respond to foreplay from stallions by either threat kicking or
  127. showing the receptive behavior previously discussed. Both acceptance and
  128. rejection are often accompanied by the mare emitting wild squeals. Stallions
  129. will nibble the mare’s mane near its base, sniff the mare’s mammary area, and
  130. sniff her vulva. Particularly experienced stallions will even lick the vulva of
  131. the mare, performing frequent flemen tests on the results. By performing these
  132. tests he hopes to avoid the punishment of a kick when he tries to mount.
  134. Foreplay can take some time, especially if a mare is just coming into heat. It
  135. is important for the zoo to take some time to satisfy this need for the mare.
  136. Biting the mane (it is far too tough for you to damage it), exchanging breath
  137. (nostril to nostril), and gently caressing the mare will help set the mood. If
  138. she is in standing heat, you can easily bypass some of this but the experience
  139. will be diminished as a result.
  141. Most mares love oral foreplay. It is highly suggested, however, that this be
  142. done only after the mare’s vulva has been carefully washed, or the suitor may
  143. well receive a painful sore throat as the result of bacterial infection. It is
  144. even possible that the eggs of internal parasites could be ingested causing
  145. serious health issues (although I have never heard of this occurring). In fact,
  146. one of the great benefits of being a zoophile is that you can seldom receive
  147. diseases from nor transfer them to your partner. This fact belies the "health
  148. threat" that has been used as an argument for outlawing zoophilia for many
  149. years.
  151. Anatomy
  153. Horses and humans have very similar sexual equipment, as opposed to bovines and
  154. canines. The stallion’s penis is made erect by the infusion of blood just as is
  155. a man’s. Besides the stallion’s obvious advantage of in size, he has another
  156. trick. When he begins to climax, the head of his penis becomes grossly enlarged.
  157. This is referred to as “flaring”. Mares can sense this and react to it by
  158. further erecting and dilating their cervix to accept the expected sperm. It is
  159. likely that the purpose of the flare is to block the escape of semen around the
  160. shaft of the penis, and to force it into the cervix.
  162. The mare also has several wondrous improvements over her human counterpart. The
  163. first of these is the wink, described earlier. Not only is this used to attract
  164. a mate, it also occurs during mating which can be extremely exciting to a human
  165. partner. In some larger mares the clitoris will actually lift under a man’s
  166. testicles. The mare also has the ultimate trick of contracting her whole vagina
  167. almost to the labial lips in a tight, convulsive grip of her mate’s penis. This
  168. will normally be accompanied by a grunt each time the contraction occurs. This
  169. is the famous and illusive "maregasm". These enhancements to the standard human
  170. repertoire make mares incredible sexual partners and lovers.
  172. As shown in Figure 1 below, the mare’s basic components are the same as for a
  173. human female.  Nature did not stop there. Notice that the cervix and the urethra
  174. of the stallion’s penis match perfectly. When the stallion’s penis flares, there
  175. is a thumb-sized recess around the urethra that perfectly matches the mare’s
  176. cervix. Thus the importance that the cervix stand proud at the proper moment!
  177. The full thrust of the surge of semen is injected under force into the cervix,
  178. instead of lying in a pool in the vagina. This cuts down on the long hard swim
  179. that the sperm must make. If humans had possessed such an efficient reproductive
  180. tract, it is likely that we would by now have exhausted the last of earth’s
  181. resources!
  183. Unless the reader is markedly better endowed that author, it is unlikely that
  184. his penis can perform this trigger on anything but the most miniature breeds.
  185. There are, however some ways this can be simulated.
  187. Making Love to a Mare
  189. Receptivity
  191. It bears repeating that all mares are different. In my experience, they break
  192. down roughly as follows:
  194. Perhaps one out of ten mares wants nothing to do with a human partner
  196. Approximately four out of five mares will accept a man when they are in heat,
  197. without bribes. Half the remainder will accept a man when they are in heat if
  198. given a treat.
  200. About two out of three mares will accept a man when not in heat for the
  201. consideration of a food treat.
  203. A tenth of all mares will take a trusted human partner at almost anytime,
  204. regardless of incentive or heat.
  206. Notice that these categories are not mutually exclusive, so they don’t add up to
  207. 100%. Also, the figures are based on about 40 mares, so there is a significant
  208. margin of error. Mares that fall into the last category are truly super zoo
  209. horses. I have owned two of these, and met several others, and they were
  210. priceless lovers. You can simply walk up to them, nuzzle a bit, and climb on.
  212. If you plan to purchase a mare with which you hope to develop a relationship, it
  213. is a good idea to make the following offer. Tell the seller that you will
  214. provide a 30% deposit to take the mare in for 2 weeks. If you decide that you
  215. like her, you will pay the remainder, but if you don’t the seller gets to keep
  216. the deposit. This allows you time to get to know the mare and decide where she
  217. fits into the categories above.
  219. A word about food bribes is warranted here. Horses love grain, but if they are
  220. allowed to eat too much it can cause them to colic and even die. Never bribe a
  221. horse with large amounts of grain or sweet feed. Excellent treats include
  222. alfalfa cubes and carrots. These both contain fiber, and take some time to
  223. consume. Some mares even accept good quality hay (especially alfalfa) as a
  224. treat.
  226. Warming Her Up
  228. Receptivity can be greatly enhanced, and the likelihood of being seriously
  229. kicked can be abated, if the mare actually likes you. Time spent grooming her,
  230. bathing her, sniffing her ears, hugging her, and generally showing affection
  231. without sexual demands will make her much more receptive to your advances. Never
  232. attempt to restrain a mare on anything more restrictive than a loose lead line.
  233. Doing so may cause her to panic and do significant damage to herself, you, and
  234. the immediate surroundings. I do not believe it possible to rape a mare, and I
  235. highly condemn anything that resembles force or cohersion.
  237. If she is in heat, you will want to tease her in the same way a stud does.
  238. Imitating the "propositioning" grunts of a stallion can help as can mane biting
  239. and the other techniques mentioned earlier. If a mare does not feel receptive,
  240. she may make a faint of kicking in the air to tell you so. Watch the ears! They
  241. are the mare’s mood-ring. If she raises a hind leg in threat or the ears go
  242. back, or she stomps, these are signs that you better apply more foreplay, or
  243. give up the idea of mounting her.
  245. If the mare raises her tail and starts winking, she is interested. Don’t,
  246. however, assume that she wants to be fingered. As it turns out, a lot of mares
  247. do not like the feeling of a bony, dry human finger with its sharp fingernail
  248. being forced into her luxuriantly soft and sensitive tissues. Many mares will
  249. welcome the human penis, and reject fingering.
  251. One great substitute for inserting a finger during foreplay is to press the
  252. fingers flat along one labia lip, and to grind it slowly against the other.
  253. Thumb insertion is also appreciated more than other fingers. The thumbnail
  254. should be trimmed close, then the thumb should be held vertically against the
  255. lips so that it enters in an upward posture. The thumb is then rotated downward
  256. until it presses on the g-spot. This action can be repeated as long as it gets
  257. positive reviews from your lover. Note that the tail is an excellent gauge of
  258. her pleasure. The higher it goes, the better job you are doing. A clamped tail
  259. is one of the first signs that you are displeasing her.
  261. Before going further, let me say a word about lubrication. If a mare is in heat,
  262. she will produce adequate lubrication. At other times, however, you will need a
  263. lubricant. I have found saliva to be a poor choice in general, and recommend a
  264. human product such as KY Jelly or "Silk" (a thinner lubricant that does not tend
  265. to dry and become sticky). Either lubricant will be essential if you plan to use
  266. your arm at any point, as described later.
  268. Oral stimulation can be a great lead in, but it can also make a nice
  269. intermission between intromissions during long sessions. As mentioned before, it
  270. is important to wash the mare before doing anything that involves penetration.
  272. This has the following effects:
  274. Prevention of infection to the human during oral stimulation
  276. Prevention of infection to the mare caused by introducing fecal matter into the
  277. vaginal tract.
  279. Prevention of a gritty feeling that can detract from the fantastic orgasms which
  280. mares can induce.
  282. Washing with a soft washcloth soaked in warm soapy water is a terrific stimulant
  283. to the mare. Both mares and stallions are positively sensitive to moderate heat.
  284. Washing is the fastest turn on there is for a mare. Even mares that are not in
  285. estrus will wink and raise their tails when the warm washcloth is pressed
  286. against their vulva and squeezed to cause the warm water to splash over them.
  288. When a stallion is probing for entry, he will emit a thin, sperm less ejaculate
  289. referred to as "pre-cum", the purpose of which appears to be to lubricate the
  290. external vulva and make entry easier. It is possible that warm water feels like
  291. this ejaculate. The effect is not lasting, but it is certainly an effective
  292. technique for introducing other stimulation. Mares have a wonderful, mild “sweet
  293. hay” smell and flavor, very unlike their human counterparts. Beware, however,
  294. that they are prone to break wind if you begin to successfully excite them, and
  295. this can be a real surprise given the position of your nostrils!
  297. As already mentioned, most mares love oral sex. There are many ways to do this,
  298. and you need to find the one that your mare likes most. The face-first straight
  299. up posture with insertion of the tongue is the most obvious and but often the
  300. least effective. More advanced techniques include putting the lips around the
  301. clitoris and sucking it into the mouth while caressing it with the tongue.
  303. Beware that there is sometimes a waxy “bean” under the clitoris and it should be
  304. removed during cleaning. To stimulate the labia lips, turning the head at an
  305. angle, inserting the tongue between the lips, then sucking a lip into the mouth
  306. while stroking its inner surface with the tongue is very popular among many
  307. mares.
  309. Intercourse (the fun part)
  311. Intercourse can be most pleasant for both partners if you do not simply pump
  312. away until you get your rocks off. Mares enjoy things starting slowly. Some like
  313. it that way all the way through, while others like fast and furious thrusting
  314. once things get going. There are up to three distinct stages: passivity,
  315. arousal, and orgasm.
  317. The act of entering the vulva appears to be a turn on to mares, and fully
  318. withdrawing and then plunging back in appear, at least at first, to be well
  319. received as opposed to shorter strokes. The early part of intercourse should be
  320. an extension of the foreplay. Even though the mare has allowed your entry, she
  321. may not be fully turned on, or even turned on at all! She might just be allowing
  322. you because she likes you, or your bribe, and it is mildly pleasant. The first
  323. phase is also a way for the zoo to pace himself so as to avoid premature
  324. ejaculation (an easy thing to have happen in such a wonderful place!).
  326. As the mare passes from the passive phase to the arousal phase, one of several
  327. signs will occur. Most mares will begin to elevate their tails. Some, but not
  328. all, mares will begin to wink on their mate’s penis. Others will wink when he
  329. fully withdraws. Some mares will push back against their mate. This can be a
  330. subtle nudge or they may elect to grind their hapless lover into a barn wall! I
  331. prefer the former, despite the obvious thrill of the latter. These signs can be
  332. subtle, so it is important to be observant.
  334. Another sign is detectable in the sound that the penis and vagina generate. A
  335. mare’s vagina tends to collapse and telescope in on itself when she is not
  336. aroused. This effectively shortens the passage. In a pony or miniature horse
  337. this can prevent full penetration even by a human. As the mare becomes excited,
  338. the vagina will distend and louder sucking noises may occur. If she has been
  339. given a food treat (bribe), she may stop eating it.
  341. Another sign is that of funny head gestures. Some mares make biting and nibbling
  342. motions against any close surface or in the air. They may also swish their lips
  343. back and forth. Some will begin to bob their heads up and down. The ears will be
  344. erect and forward. With many mares, this may be the most pleasurable state you
  345. can reach by intercourse, so enjoy it and make it last. No mare is likely to
  346. show all these signs, so you must learn the set that your lover uses.
  348. Now to apply the lesson learned from the diagrams. Since the human penis is not
  349. capable of triggering the g-spot by its size or length, it is often highly
  350. effective to either push downward on the base of the penis, or to run a finger
  351. in along the top of the penis to exert maximum pressure between the head and the
  352. g-spot. Beware, however, that this also increases your stimulation and may cause
  353. you to lose control. It is also possible to generate this pressure by pushing
  354. downward on the external skin between the vulva and the anus.
  356. Since full size mares are not a tight fit for men, and mares in heat are even
  357. looser, if you extend intercourse for an extended period, you may find it
  358. difficult to achieve orgasm. This can be quickly remedied by the old downward
  359. pressure trick applied for the purpose.
  361. You will also receive a report card after you have finished doing your best and
  362. dismounted. After intercourse with a stallion, a mare will almost always squat
  363. and strain. This act will eject semen that is in the outer vagina, often in an
  364. incredible splash! For this reason, horse breeders have always believed that the
  365. mare was harming her chances of conception by this act, and have almost
  366. universally dictated that she be walked immediately after breeding to prevent
  367. her from doing this. Common sense says that nature does not encourage acts that
  368. reduce the chances of conception. Since this act causes a contraction of the
  369. vagina (similar to maregasm), it is probably intended to force more semen into
  370. the uterus, and speed that in it along its way, while expelling those sperm that
  371. were too far away from it to have much chance of fertilizing an egg. Your score
  372. will often be reflected in the presence and intensity of this straining and
  373. subsequent winking.
  375. Again, such things vary from mare to mare, so your score will be relative. Also
  376. note that she may not display this behavior until you move away for several
  377. minutes. Having said this, a protracted session of straining and winking after
  378. your lovemaking is your mare mate's way of saying "you done just like the big
  379. boys!"
  381. At this point it needs to be said that there will be days when your equine
  382. partner may permit you to have intercourse, but she will show little or no
  383. arousal no matter how hard you try to excite her. On those days she is taking
  384. you as a favor and there is no shame in accepting the favor. The same situation
  385. occurs between human couples and this is no different here. Be grateful that she
  386. likes you enough to do this and just enjoy it.
  388. Inducing Maregasms
  390. Do not expect your equine mate to regularly achieve maregasm during normal
  391. intercourse, even with all of the tricks listed above. The occurrence of
  392. maregasms in this way is quite low, even under the best circumstances,
  393. especially in the larger breeds. There are some ways you can give your lover a
  394. better chance at one, either before, during, or after you have achieved yours.
  395. The relatively few times that I have experienced a mare orgasming on my penis
  396. have been when the stimulation was very strong. One technique is to allow a
  397. stallion to tease her face to face over a partition, while you mount her. This
  398. is frustrating for the stallion, and if he does a good job, you owe him an
  399. orgasm too (although this will have to wait for another treatise).
  401. On larger breeds, the most effective way of providing the mare with an orgasm is
  402. to use one's arm. I dislike the term "fisting", as this has a violent
  403. connotation. If a mare is in total heat, she may truly enjoy this simulated
  404. stallion penis. Be sure that your arm is clean, and that you have removed all
  405. jewelry. First form a fist and apply flat pressure to the vulva to test her
  406. reaction. If she raises her tail high, lubricate your arm with KY Jelly or any
  407. human sexual lubricant. Never use any form of petroleum lubricant or soap as
  408. this can cause serious injury to the mare. Form your fingers into a cone and
  409. insert your arm slowly. Watch her signs and if she shows displeasure discontinue
  410. at once.
  412. As your hand passes the narrow neck above the g-spot, you will find the vagina
  413. opens into a luxurious cavern. The walls may appear to be held apart, but if
  414. this is the case it is because the tract has become filled with air (often by
  415. the action of pushing the arm in). The softness of the walls is indescribable.
  416. Form you hand into a fist and make slow, gentle thrusts that if possible end
  417. with your fist making firm but gentle contact with the forward wall of the
  418. vagina. You may separate your index and forefingers, and allow the cervix to be
  419. pushed between them. This simulates the stallion's recess coming into alignment
  420. and may induce a noticeable reaction on the part of the mare.
  422. In all of this you should gauge the mare's reaction to determine how to proceed.
  423. It may also help her to feel the weight of your body on her rump. If straight
  424. strokes do not induce orgasm, pull your fist back as if to pull it into the neck
  425. of the vagina, but only until the pressure becomes significant. Then push your
  426. arm back into the full depth, repeating this as needed. During arming, the mare
  427. will either orgasm or become satiated, at which time she will pull away. You
  428. must allow her a breather at this point. In many cases she will move her rump
  429. back into position for you to repeat the procedure. In this way, it is often
  430. possible to provide the mare with multiple orgasms in a matter of minutes. My
  431. personal record for orgasms in one session is seven, but some zoos report much
  432. higher numbers. When she has had enough, she will let you know using the signs
  433. already discussed.
  435. Finally a word about vibrators. Ponies are often too small to use your arm, but
  436. you would like something larger than your standard equipment. Dildo vibrators
  437. can be handy in this case, as well as with larger mares. I recommend the soft
  438. jelly filled, waterproof type. While you are getting ready, leave the vibrator
  439. or dildo in the bucket of warm water. This will make it feel more like the real
  440. thing, as mares and stallions are very sensitive to temperature. Before
  441. inserting it, coat it with your lubricant.
  443. I have not found vibrators to be a magical turn-on for mares, but at least some
  444. of them seem to enjoy the feeling. With mares in estrus the vibrator seems to be
  445. more welcome, and I have known one mare to repeatedly impale herself onto one
  446. held at the appropriate level. On the other hand, do not expect to use a
  447. vibrator to make up for the courting and flirting described earlier.
  449. Finally, remember that becoming accomplished at pleasuring a mare requires
  450. practice and patience, and the development of a mutual trust with the mare. It
  451. may take years to get to the point that you really know how to please a
  452. particular mare, but the journey is pleasant in the extreme. Start with a deep
  453. respect for the mare and for the great privilege you have in being with her. Do
  454. not regard her as an object that you own, nor as an "animal" or inferior being,
  455. but as a very special lady from a different species. If you do this, you will
  456. find that she is much more aware of your feelings than you would have believed,
  457. and you can enjoy one of the most pleasurable of all relationships to say
  458. nothing of some incredible sexual experiences. She will become your true mate.
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