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  1. enzoaquarius: Alrighty starting shortly, I will require you all to limit conversation while announcements are occurring please
  2. Petius: Have you folks heard?
  3. tobindraxx: bird is the work
  4. enzoaquarius: There are a number of announcements
  5. Cobra_Zulu: I made it to 3
  6. tobindraxx: word as well
  7. tobindraxx: number one draxx is awesome
  8. enzoaquarius: I want you guys to try something here
  9. enzoaquarius: Come sit down in this clearing, don't use the subspace amplifier please
  10. Charga: wish we could make our own ds9 instance
  11. Charga: with orion slave girls and dabo
  12. phoenixblue00: That would be pretty nice.
  13. enzoaquarius: Sit on the floor :3
  14. enzoaquarius: Welcome to Kindergarden, bitches
  15. enzoaquarius: oh gosh this does remind me of grade school
  16. Cobra_Zulu: I feel like I'm in kindergarten.
  17. tobindraxx: ooooooo tell us a story
  18. malbolgiea: lol
  19. enzoaquarius: This is awesome
  20. McShizzle: I want my juice box now
  21. aaron768: screen shoot and post this lol
  22. Cabrakan: me enzo i need to go potty!
  23. Cabrakan: mr
  24. playdohpocalypse: PARTY TIME!
  25. enzoaquarius: Got a pic
  26. playdohpocalypse: what instance?
  27. Charga: hey doom
  28. enzoaquarius: Who wants a hall pass?
  29. aaron768: 3
  30. playdohpocalypse: helloooo
  31. Charga: i regret that we are no longer corvette bros
  32. playdohpocalypse: D:
  33. Cobra_Zulu: Got ze screens.
  34. playdohpocalypse: what
  35. stolover: what instance is the thing?
  36. playdohpocalypse: why not?
  37. Blurr: As long as we can play with the parachute during gym
  38. Charga: Vet ship.
  39. playdohpocalypse: oh
  40. enzoaquarius: Please don't activate the subspace amplifier until all announcements are done
  41. playdohpocalypse: heresy!
  42. blue_j: Any room in RA at the moment?
  43. xtern1ty: can't get on 3
  44. kirkfollower24: If youj can't get in, just wait and keep checking till room opens up
  45. kirkfollower24: till then just follow along
  46. enzoaquarius: So time for a story before announcements
  47. tobindraxx: yay \o/
  48. enzoaquarius: Long ago in a place named Equestria were 2 princesses...]
  49. blue_j: Hooray!
  50. enzoaquarius: Celestia and Luna
  51. angrecium: 0_o
  52. tobindraxx: eeeeeeee Luna
  53. sierra024: o.O
  54. enzoaquarius: :P
  55. playdohpocalypse: they lezzed out
  56. enzoaquarius: Alrighty, so today is a big day
  57. playdohpocalypse: the end
  58. enzoaquarius: Duh
  59. stolover: ok so I take it it's on instance 3?
  60. renegade1990: 3
  61. therealtogie: You were saying, Enzo? :D
  62. enzoaquarius: last call, instance 3 Quarks
  63. esp1222: If you can get in, yeah it's on 3
  64. enzoaquarius: Who did that
  65. ltnylint: yeah, but might be tough to get in at the moment
  66. jmauser83: ew a stink bomb
  67. enzoaquarius: Alrighty
  68. ltnylint: no more of that please, folks
  69. enzoaquarius: So we have some big announcements
  70. Petius: My guess would be the random humping female toons.
  71. enzoaquarius: As you may or may not know, our Fleet Admiral ranks have been quite limited lately
  72. enzoaquarius: A few older Fleet Admirals were removed for inactivity
  73. enzoaquarius: And 2 have stepped aside for LOA (Theodore and Xiah)
  74. enzoaquarius: At the present time, we only have 3 active Fleet Admirals: Rowsdower, Saralas, and myself
  75. enzoaquarius: But not anymore
  76. enzoaquarius: As of tonight, our Fleet Admiral ranks are expanding to what they were before
  77. enzoaquarius: Don't
  78. enzoaquarius: Do that.
  79. Mercedies: does anyone have the mukara space set and will you link it to me so I can see it please
  80. tobindraxx: damnit whoever that is please stop
  81. enzoaquarius: *sighs*
  82. Fornicario: I don't think it's one of us
  83. kirkfollower24: It's not a fleet member, just keep going
  84. malbolgiea: Maybe a random?
  85. redhotkurt: DS9 #3 for those just logging in.
  86. Petius: It's the random.  Ba'al
  87. tobindraxx: motherfucke
  88. redhotkurt: sigh
  89. enzoaquarius: Well
  90. enzoaquarius: This has been ruined
  91. kirkfollower24: It's Americanbadass who's doing that
  92. tobindraxx: im listening enzo!
  93. Cobra_Zulu: TO FLEET STARBASE!
  95. Fornicario: Keep going Enzo
  96. enzoaquarius: No we're staying
  97. enzoaquarius: Anyway
  98. enzoaquarius: KARTH
  99. enzoaquarius: PLEASE STEP FORWARD
  100. Cobra_Zulu: (Dance forward)
  101. DamonTCS: Impossible, I can only dance!
  102. matterknot: who step foward
  103. enzoaquarius: Despite our unending dance moves, your work as an Admiral in this fleet has been exemplary
  104. enzoaquarius: By the decision of the officership of Reddit Alert, I hereby promote you to the rank of Fleet Admiral
  105. tobindraxx: *CEERS*
  106. ltnylint: woo damon!
  107. tobindraxx: WOO
  108. jmauser83: yaaay congrats
  109. kirkfollower24: Hurray!
  110. DamonTCS: o7
  111. aaron768: whhop!
  112. renegade1990: \o/
  113. Petius: Grats!
  114. therealtogie: congrats!
  115. mccoyink: Wooo congrats!
  116. uefsoldier1: congrats!
  117. redhotkurt: grats Karth!
  118. Kindgren: whoop!
  119. tobindraxx: congrats!
  120. malbolgiea: grats!
  121. enzoaquarius: and people are in your way so I can't promote you
  122. enzoaquarius: There we go
  123. McShizzle: \o/
  124. enzoaquarius: Congratulations!
  125. stolover: obligatory "woo" and "congrats"
  126. enzoaquarius: We sitdown now
  127. enzoaquarius: Anyway we're not done
  128. enzoaquarius: PIB
  129. enzoaquarius: STEP FORWARD
  130. xtern1ty: let me guess, I missed hatever it was
  131. enzoaquarius: You too have shown exemplary skills as an Admiral of the fleet
  132. enzoaquarius: By the decision of the officership of REDdit ALERT, you are promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral
  133. tobindraxx: *cheers* Congrats pib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  134. enzoaquarius: Congratulations!
  135. Petius: Grats!
  136. malbolgiea: yay Pib!
  137. redhotkurt: grats Pib!!!!
  138. kirkfollower24: Gratz
  139. Cobra_Zulu: Holla!
  140. renegade1990: \o/
  141. enzoaquarius: When you toon to RA :P
  142. McShizzle: \o/
  143. jmauser83: thank you !
  144. Atheonyirh: So when is MY promotion to Fleet Admiral? :V
  145. enzoaquarius: We do haveone more Fleet Admiral, but he is not here presently, he will be promoted in a future ceremony
  146. enzoaquarius: Athel: You are a Fleet Admiral....of my heart <3
  147. jmauser83: i will co-lead the fleets into a glorious future!
  148. Thalcot: Hello, all. :)
  149. Atheonyirh: You guys heard that.
  150. enzoaquarius: ANYWAY
  151. Atheonyirh: I own you all.
  152. Atheonyirh: :|
  153. ltnylint: To Grethor and stuff
  154. enzoaquarius: we're not done
  155. enzoaquarius: We have some more special promos
  156. DamonTCS: An I promise I'll only blow half the fleet funds on hookers and blow
  157. therealtogie: Please let Enzo finish.
  158. Thalcot: Am I too late for the party?
  159. enzoaquarius: Alice! Please step forward!
  160. Void-VectorX left the room.
  161. enzoaquarius: We, the officership, have been greatly impressed with your personality and activity with the fleet
  162. Void-VectorX entered the room.
  163. enzoaquarius: You are hereby promoted to the rank of Commander! Congratulations!
  164. Petius: Woo!  Grats!
  165. malbolgiea: :D
  166. jmauser83: congrats o7
  167. ltnylint: woo Alice!
  168. enzoaquarius: Annnnd
  169. aaron768: lol
  170. Mr.RobotoO left the room.
  171. enzoaquarius: yet another announcement!
  172. tobindraxx: CONGRATZ ALICE
  173. renegade1990: \o/
  174. matterknot: hey guys sorry to interupt but could you guys pls transfer to DS( #1
  175. enzoaquarius: Pete! Please step forward!
  176. redhotkurt: grats Alice!
  177. Mr.RobotoO entered the room.
  178. enzoaquarius: We've been watching you closely Pete....very closely...
  179. enzoaquarius: You are hereby promoted to Best Pony
  180. Mythgraven: Damn. I wanted pony.
  181. matterknot: i cannont tranfer to u guys cause the server there i full
  182. Petius: Neigh!  I mean yay!
  183. tobindraxx: *CHEERS* WOO HOO PETE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. enzoaquarius: Nah, seriously, you too have shown great skill and personality in the fleet
  185. jmauser83: erm.. yay?
  186. Charga: Three cheers!
  187. stolover: Stephano has arived, let the party begin
  188. ltnylint: Go Pete!
  189. enzoaquarius: We hereby promote you to the rank of Commander. Congratulations!
  190. redhotkurt: grats Pete!!
  191. jmauser83: o7 grats
  192. renegade1990: \o/
  193. Petius: Thank you!
  194. tobindraxx: WOO HO
  195. Farktoid5000: Yay!
  196. jmauser83: oooh
  197. malbolgiea: woo Pete!
  198. Jakemann: A DEV?
  199. enzoaquarius: DAMNIT EQAH
  200. Jakemann: HERE?!
  201. aaron768: all hail cranston
  202. Petius: woot!
  203. enzoaquarius: Late to the party as usual!
  204. jmauser83: the EQAH joins the party
  205. ltnylint: Of course, Dev is here now and then
  206. shapey: grats
  207. tobindraxx: wow
  208. therealtogie: Promotions so good, they draw a dev!
  209. texas-queens: Rage inbound
  210. Jakemann: *Bows in worship to EQAH.*
  211. americanbadass86: EQAH, giving us all free corvettes at this event?
  212. Petius: I got a dev, ya'll ain't get nothin'!
  213. enzoaquarius: Many congratulations to those who have been promoted today! We do not that we aren't done with announcements, as we have more planned in the near future!
  214. kiravoksel: ha AB, i wish
  215. enzoaquarius: Now, PARTY HARD!
  216. jmauser83: \o/
  217. tobindraxx: congratz to everyone!
  218. esp1222: \o/
  219. renegade1990: \o/
  220. Petius: When it's tiem to party, you must party hard!
  221. therealtogie: time for a cig.
  222. enzoaquarius: EQAH, DS9 3, nao
  223. Thalcot: Congratulations, everyone! :D
  224. tobindraxx: \o/
  225. esp1222: So many characters, my game can't load them all. D:
  226. illusioncaster: So which instance is the party?
  227. therealtogie: EQAH: how'd the QA team like that thread?
  228. ltnylint: Congrats all
  229. matterknot: i cannont transfer either it's fu;;
  231. enzoaquarius: inb4 "what thread" *runs* XD
  232. McShizzle: im going blind
  233. matterknot: *(full
  234. segamanxero: DS9 3 is full... I am sure a Dev can overide them selves in though
  235. enzoaquarius: So much stuff the SPA aren't fully loading XD
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