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  1. /Users/fkuehne/Desktop/videolan/gits/VLCKit/libvlc/vlc/modules/audio_output/audiounit_ios.m:170:37: error: incomplete definition of
  2.       type 'struct aout_sys_t'
  3.             vlc_tick_from_sec([p_sys->avInstance outputLatency]);
  4.                                ~~~~~^
  5. /Users/fkuehne/Desktop/videolan/gits/VLCKit/libvlc/vlc/include/vlc_tick.h:80:42: note: expanded from macro 'vlc_tick_from_sec'
  6. #define vlc_tick_from_sec(sec) _Generic((sec), \
  7.                                          ^~~
  8. /Users/fkuehne/Desktop/videolan/gits/VLCKit/libvlc/vlc/modules/audio_output/audiounit_ios.m:157:12: note: forward declaration of
  9.       'struct aout_sys_t'
  10.     struct aout_sys_t *p_sys = p_aout->sys;
  11.            ^
  12. 1 error generated.
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