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  1. <resources>
  2.     <string name="app_name">AMazeByMarc</string>
  3.     <string name="welcome">Welcome to the Maze</string>
  4.     <string name="size">Maze Skill Level: 0</string>
  5.     <string name="explore">wrongExp</string>
  6.     <string name="revisit">REVISIT</string>
  7.     <string name="generate">EXPLORE</string>
  8.     <string name="mazegenerating">Maze is Generating....</string>
  9.     <string name="alduinlose">Alduin found You....</string>
  10.     <string name="alduinwon">You found Alduin....</string>
  11.     <string name="instructions">Instructions</string>
  12.     <string name="tutorial">Tutorial</string>
  13.     <string name="instructionsbody"> •    Welcome to the Skyrim Maze \n
  14. • Use the scroll bar to select maze size\n
  15. • Use the drop down menus to select generation algorithm and robot (or manual)\n
  16. • The “Revisit” button allows you to play the last generated maze\n
  17. • The “Explore” button allows you to load a maze from memory\n
  18. • The “Generate” button allows you to generate a maze from the specifications given\n
  19. • Objective of game is to reach the maze exit without running out of stamina\n
  20. • To play the game use the directional buttons located at the bottom of the screen or use swipe gestures\n
  21. • Use the toggle buttons at the top of the screen to show the maze map, maze solution, and visible walls\n
  22. </string>
  23.     <string-array name="builder">
  24.         <item>DFS</item>
  25.         <item>Eller</item>
  26.         <item>Prim</item>
  27.     </string-array>
  28.     <string-array name="driver">
  29.         <item>Wizard</item>
  30.         <item>Pledge</item>
  31.         <item>WallFollower</item>
  32.         <item>Manual</item>
  33.     </string-array>
  34. </resources>
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