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Mar 17th, 2017
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  1. Reflection ritual is definitely useful to the "losers" in a fight, too, which is a good thing. It's probably the single best way to escape a fight where you're the last man standing, and that allows people to (sometimes) achieve what feels like a very small "win" in the midst of defeat. That's good.
  3. On paper, faith limits reflection ritual use. But for the fights themselves, I feel like it is most beneficial to whichever side is already winning. The problem is that kills replenish their faith, so they can essentially count on the reflection ritual whenever they need it, while the team that is losing now has an additional handicap in the form of "enemy uses reflection ritual at clutch moments/gets kills and replenishes faith/uses reflection ritual at clutch moments again" cycle. It's especially beneficial to profs that are a bit less tanky, but otherwise very strong.
  5. The very fact that an enemy is using the reflection ritual that much means you're maybe not quite doing TERRIBLE, but it's such a "stop everything" move you really do have to switch targets unless you have a heavy hitter or two that can ignore the reflections (in which case the ritual is actually kind of useless and why are they using it). Even double razing removes ONE reflection. It is definitely a tactic that punishes a team that doesn't have a heavy hitter that can just ignore them. So you have to switch targets (or druid them into totems, which is awfully tempting, and might work for 1 classlead rounds, or the sudden and inevitable resurgence of Team Monk).
  7. As with most such things, you can try to change your team composition to try to address this particular problem (shaman is an excellent choice, probably, for any circle), but that does require a huge amount of prof flexibility - people who have nearly every prof and artifact, and have fully mastered them all, and can switch at a moment's notice to perfectly complement their team's current strat/negate an effective enemy strat. I think this is part of why the other games enforce a certain amount of "slowness" in switching classes, and also limit the number of classes you can have period (the other part is $$$). That's not Imperian, and probably never will be, but I think you still have to consider that that kind of instantaneous, reliable flexibility might not be available to everyone. The options for most groups are going to be "don't go to shardfall at all" or "go to shardfall with what we have".
  9. The best option I can think of that currently exists, is that your whole team goes champ perhaps, which I just thought about last night and think I am going to have us try, so we can try to starve a winning team for faith, so that, even if we're not winning, we can at least break the reflection ritual cycle. You could still technically try to have someone always waiting in your city with corpses or something, which seems slightly ridiculous (and not particularly fun over the long haul), but then again with players, the question is generally not "is it something a reasonable person would do in a fun game", but "is it remotely possible".
  11. We're also slightly concerned about being "camped" when we try to make our teams champ, although hopefully people won't be overly aggressive about that, and it also just hopefully isn't actually possible (there are two ways to go champ, although option 2 looks a bit fussy). If it's at all worth doing, and is the only way to try to break the reflection ritual cycle, it needs to be pretty doable for a team to go grab champ without being wiped repeatedly before they even head over to the shardfall. While we hope that people won't try to do that, I think you have to assume that if they, can, someone will. My thought at this point, once I thought about this, is that I actually never intend to walk into another fight without having our entire team as champ for every round for the duration of any PK engagement where reflection ritual is going to be a big player. Even if someone is sitting around handing out corpses to the other team, at least faith won't be replenished just through kills.
  13. Basically, I am hoping the champ thing can limit reflection ritual use, but as most people seemed to agree at one point that it needed to be limited period, I'd like to revisit that and see what people think. And yeah, it's a lot, but there is a lot to think about!
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