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IC and AO

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  1. -- illogicalCipher [IC] began pestering acerbicOpportunist [AO] at 20:00 --
  2. IC: Hello, random troll.
  3. AO: What?
  4. IC: Um...
  5. IC: I was recently taught the benefits of a random trolling.
  6. IC: And...
  7. IC: I did not think this out.
  8. AO: I gathered.
  9. IC: υΜ∴∴∴
  10. IC: Do you believe in luck and fate?
  11. AO: I'll juzt ignqre thqze weird dqtz.
  12. AO: Luck, yez. Fate, nq.
  13. IC: Well... Um...
  14. IC: Why do you not believe in fate?
  15. IC: Not saying that it's a bad thing or anything.
  16. AO: Yqu gqtta gq qut and make zhit happen.
  17. AO: Why are yqu azking me, anyway?
  18. IC: Well, as I mentioned, I recently learned how big a random encounter can be.
  19. IC: And we got on the discussion of fate and whether or not it exists.
  20. AO: I wquld azk why randqmly pick me, but that wquld be pqintlezz.
  21. IC: Heh...
  22. IC: Randomly.
  23. AO: Yez, that'z kind qf the thing.
  24. IC: I know, that's why I laughed.
  25. IC: Um...
  26. AO: Anyway. What waz the pqint qf thiz again?
  27. IC: Um, social interaction and an experiment in the profitability of random encounters.
  28. AO: Which we've dqne fuck all tq eztablizh.
  29. IC: Yes.
  30. IC: So I've noted.
  31. IC: Maybe my starting of this conversation was the problem.
  32. IC: I'm not much of a leader.
  33. IC: More of a follower.
  34. IC: And leading a discussion is much to hard of work.
  35. IC: At least for someone like me.
  36. AO: Alrighty then. I'll juzt gq and get back tq what I waz dqing.
  37. -- acerbicOpportunist [AO] ceased pestering illogicalCipher [IC] at 20:10 --
  38. IC: ΩΠ‼
  39. -- acerbicOpportunist [AO] began pestering illogicalCipher [IC] at 20:11 --
  40. AO: The fuck iz that.
  41. IC: Nothing.
  42. -- illogicalCipher [IC] ceased pestering acerbicOpportunist [AO] at 20:11 --
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