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  1. :arrow_forward: **3**: Now that we have bad stuff out of the way... Player versus player is allowed by consent of both parties. Should you assault someone, expect the guards, other non player characters or possibly player characters to intervene and knock your character out/lock you up.  **Player versus player is to be handled in** #battle-arena
  2. :arrow_forward: **4**: **NO PLAYER-TO-PLAYER PK WITHOUT CONSENT OF BOTH PARTIES** :arrow_left:
  3. :arrow_forward: **5**: While no channel prohibits displays of affection (maybe except the temple for the most part) or detailed descriptions of physique (outside of fun bits, that are under clothes), public nudity and lewd acts are to be contained to respective channels, or private messages. Other player characters or non player characters may ask you to 'get a room' and you may even be put in jail for a night, if you play your cards wrong.
  4. :arrow_forward: **6**: Whatever happens in private, should stay in private. You may mention that other characters can hear 'fun noises' coming out of a room, but to keep the mystery, keep bedroom/private chats to private messages or group private messages.
  5. :arrow_forward: **7**: No Godlike characters. All characters must be created with Dungeons and Dragons 5e ruleset and official content, or approved homebrew content.
  6. -stats are to be picked by point buy, standard array, or dice rolls.
  7. -if you rolled for stats, the staff may ask you to prove your rolls - screenshots from other servers can suffice.
  8. -if creating a character for this server, please roll !randchar in the dice channels to avoid confusion
  9. -Players are allowed to roll until they roll an array with **total of 75** or more total points in all stats. After that, players are free to pick any stat array they have rolled until the 75+ and not used.
  12. :arrow_forward: **8**: Staff reserves themselves right to create one bouncer-type non player character, more powerful than player characters are allowed, to keep eventual rowdy kids in check. Be nice, and they wont slap your wrists. They will not join you on any adventure or do your job though. They are here to keep peace.
  13. :arrow_forward: **9**: Specific, named non player characters are to be roleplayed by staff and staff only. Market clerks and inn service can be interacted with and you can do business with them without Staff intervention - purchasing non-magical items, food, drinks, etc.
  14. :arrow_forward: **10**: Most non player characters are non-seduceable, unless their staff owner decides otherwise. Player characters can engage in romance and affection, but remember: **CONSENT IS KING.**
  15. :arrow_forward: **11**:** All officially released content is allowed. MTG Plane Shift  is considered official content.**
  16. - UA is allowed.
  17. - Matt Mercer's content is allowed.
  18. - Anything Avrae can find is legal.
  19. Homebrew stuff must be submitted to the staff's consideration in #homebrew-discussions . UA is UA, but homebrew can break all shit so we'd rather see what sort of madness you want to bring.
  20. :arrow_forward: **12**: Approved homebrew content will be posted to #approved-homebrews  for everyone to see.
  21. :arrow_forward: **13**: Due to their game-breaking abilities, certain items are banned from being brought here. The staff reserves right to expand the list as the time goes on (because we're not perfect, despite what you might think.)
  23. Suggestion: Although it may be uncomfortable at times, sending telepathic messages to other players is not a bad thing. Message, Sending, Awakened Mind or Mind Link are not hearable by other players, an thus help keep the mystery. If possible use private messages for all telepathy
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