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  1. p0p4ke: hello
  2. p0p4ke: can u help me get unbanned in the channel?
  3. p0p4ke: i might have had spoiled red dead a while ago in the chat.. sorry
  4. Cookiedropz: Yeah not a problem and yeah looks like around RDR2 time. As long as you are understanding of how mehdi likes chat to run we can unban
  5. Cookiedropz: Can you give me an acknowledgment on why that is frowned upon?
  6. p0p4ke: cause i was spoiling the game for others.
  7. p0p4ke: i mean i thought by the time it released on the PC, everyone knew what the story is
  8. p0p4ke: anyway, my bad and ill try to not repeat this again
  9. p0p4ke: thanks for unban!
  10. p0p4ke: cheers
  11. Cookiedropz: Thank you for that, and the apology, removed ban
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