Alternis Kerbol's next release.

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  1. Next version of Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered (diverging from the original)
  3. - Separate download for some small updates to the original Alternis Rekerjiggered as well, for those who don't like my major changes.*
  4. - Moho revamped to get reddish-brown surface and an actually visible atmosphere shader to go along with its heated atmo.
  5. - Eve given the light pink/purple coloration from RevSS.
  6. - Burn down your neighbor's house.
  7. - Optional config to give extra space between all the Joolian moons.
  8. - Jool given heated atmosphere (the last thing in the Classic Alternis Release)*
  9. - Tylo's radius increased and surface gravity decreased, for an overall mass decrease.
  10. - Duna and Dres given a 1.1 orbit rescale factor.
  11. - Ike craters made less pointy and given the coloration mod.
  12. - Ditto for Gilly.
  13. - Vall's terrain not so spiky*
  14. - Outer Planets Mod Compatibility*
  15. - Revamped Descriptions (two versions)
  16. --Stockalike Descriptions for the Classic Alternis version
  17. --Revamped Stock System (lighthearted, but no goofy) like descriptions for Diverged Alternis version.
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