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  1. Alias:Dazzle
  2. Legal Name:Ginny Myers
  3. Morality:Chaotic Neutral
  4. Inspiration:Jinx
  6. Demographics
  8. Gender:Female
  9. Age:19
  10. Sexual Orientation:Bisexual(Never been with a girl though)
  11. Occupation:Vet and Mechanic
  12. Height:5'4"
  13. Weight:125lbs
  14. Hair Color:Black with navy blue highlights.
  15. Hair Type:Short and wavy in a fringed bobcut
  16. Eye Color:Light Blue
  17. Skin Color:Fair
  18. Race/Species:White/Human
  19. Nationality:Welsh
  20. Voice: Soft and Melodic
  21. Distinguishing Features:Spattering of freckles across her Bose and cheeks.
  22. Costume:(See Pic)
  24. Powers and Abilities
  26. Powers:Illusion Magic, can make people see, feel, hear, taste and smell things that arent there. A Power called Flashshield. It puts up a barrier that releases a bright flash of light when someone attempts to destroy it.
  27. Power Limitations:Her illusion magic can't harm anyone, and her shield can't withstand the force of things like cars, using her shield drains energy slowly as long as its active.
  28. Abilities:Is very skilled with revolvers and flexible, can fix up vehicles and weapons.
  29. Weapons: Two Shock Revolvers. Revolvers that fire a compressed burst of electricity, otherwise called 'Electric Bullets'
  30. Gadgets/Tech:Shock Revolvers and goggles for night vision and thermal vision (etc).
  31. Physical Weaknesses: Isn't very tall, nor is she very physically strong.
  32. Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: She is constantly switching personalities and is a bit naive or soft.
  34. Personality and Relationships
  36. Primary Traits:She is calm, quiet, sweet and forgiving but when she switches she is psychotic, wild, cruel and ruthless. She is very unpredictable as no one knows what will set off her personality change. Generally she is supportive of things like justice, but understanding to criminals.
  37. Likes:Guns, Vehicles, Magic tricks, kids, nighttime, rain, the forest, swimming.
  38. Dislikes:Any form of abuse, rude and mean people, killing, people who disrespect nature.
  39. Habits/Quirks:She tends to contradict herself in personality and actions, can either be found wandering in nature, working on a vehicle or animal, or reading a book. Oddly enough she is a fan of rough love.
  40. Fears:Has major claustrophobia, and fears being left alone
  41. Motivation:Just live life the best she can.
  42. Family:All have died
  43. Romantic Interests:None
  44. Allies:None as of yet
  45. Rivals:None
  46. Enemies:None
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