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  1. Drugs
  2. [edit] Noncommercial (D)
  4.     Stuff'n'Stuff - Mostly a drug phpBB. (Host: FH)
  5.     Silk Road Forums - Silk Road Forums.
  6.     Be Here Now - The North American Laughing Buddha (Folk medical advice from a pothead). (Host: FH)
  7.     Crop Calculator - Maximize your crop. (Host: FH)
  8.     TorDrugResource - Drug Chemistry and Pharmacology including limited Rhodium/Hive/Synthetikal mirrors. (Host: FH)
  10. [edit] Commercial (D)
  12. These sites have drugs for sale, or are sales venues. They may also have information/talk.
  14.     See also: Marketplace Reviews - Reviews of the marketplace experience. (ALL reviews go in this article, NOT in the listings below.)
  16.     Eradic - Quality Deepnet Supplier of Weed, LSD, and Ecstasy (BTC/Dwolla/LR) (Host: FH)
  17.     DiMiTri Spice - DMT, changa, pharmayahuasca, psilocybin. (Host: FH)
  18.     iSellDrugs2U - Quality drugs (Bitcoin). (Host: CS)
  19.     Wholesale Drug Auction - Simple auction site with escrow. (Host: CS)
  20.     BlackMarket Reloaded - Private marketplace, not only for drugs (Bitcoin). (Provider: RA)
  21.     Worldwide Supply - Discreet, worldwide, large sales only (LR) - MDMA/Coke/Heroin/LSD/more. (Host: FH)
  22.     BitHigh - LSD, DMT, MDMA, Weed, Coke, Shrooms (Bitcoin). - DOWN 2011-08-22
  23.     Reptile's Acid Shop - Reptile's Acid Shop. LSD only.
  24.     Marks General Store - Weed/MDMA/LSD/KETAMIN/Oxycotin/Shrooms (Bitcoin).
  25.     Silk Road, clearnet - Private marketplace with escrow. (Bitcoin) (Host: FH)
  26.     Brutals Shop - Speed and Opiates. (Host: FH)
  27.     Molly Shop - 86% Pure Molly. (Host: FH)
  28.     4Edibles - Hash Oil Chocolates (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)
  29.     CannaBit - Quality Cannabis for EU (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)
  30.     Fenix Shop - Quality Cali Weed, DMT, and MDMA. Quadruple sealed for peace of mind. (Host: FH)
  31.     Chronic Fixation - new shop on the web; fair prices and flexible shipping options
  32.     Mind Supplies - UK vendor of DMT, Ketamine, MDMA, LSD, Opiates. - DOWN 2011-08-20
  33.     Zanzibar's underground marketplace - Everything under the sun, Inquirer within.
  34.     High Supplies - Good quality cannabis, LSD and MDMA sent worldwide, new items come to stock all the time (Bitcoin).
  35.     STEROIDS 4U - Pharmaceutical grade, many manufacturers, other drugs on request. (Host: FH) (Empty dir) - Broken 2011-08-04
  36.     MaryJane Mail - Marijuana various types and edibles from Canada (Bitcoin). (Host: FH) - DOWN 2011-08-01
  37.     NEO Supply - Legit EU Vendor with Speed Paste, MDMA, XTC, LSD, RC'S and many more. Worldwide Shipping, Payment in LR, Pecunix and Ukash available (Host: FH)
  38.     The Farmer's Market Storefront #1st - The storefront of The Farmer's Market.
  39.     The Farmer's Market Forum #2nd - The finest Cannabis products and psychedelics from around the world.
  40.     Budguy - Worldwide shipping, prices adjusted for inflation. High Quality BC Bud (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)
  41.     Aero's Shop - LSD/MDMA/DMT/Coke/Meth (LR, Bitcoin, Post). (Host: FH)
  42.     Anon Supply - Wide selection, fair prices, discreet packaging and worldwide shipping (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)
  43.     General Store - DMT, Ketamine, MDMA and more. (Host: FH)
  44.     MaXx Vendor, clearnet - Worldwide drug vendor. Ships from US/CA/NL. (Host: FH)
  45.     MiND.BLOWN's BC BUD - Marijuana, Canadian destinations only. (Host: FH)
  46.     Psychoactive - Weed, MDMA, Keta, LSD. US to World. (Host: FH)
  47.     Rave Supply, clearnet - Changed name to MaXx Vendor around 2011-02-06. (Host: FH)
  48.     Weed and hash - Weed and hash store. (Host: FH)
  49.     Worldwide 420, clearnet - Wide range of drugs (Bitcoin, LR). (Host: FH)
  50.     The Farmer's Market Storefront #2nd - The storefront of The Farmer's Market.
  51.     MOM4Europe - Marijuana from Netherlands (Bitcoin).
  53. [edit] Erotica
  54. [edit] Above Age
  56. Public content on these sites must not contain any obviously underage material.
  57. [edit] Noncommercial (E)
  59.     Live Male Cams - Watch young men masturbate till they cum. (Host: CS)
  60.     Project Fapbox - A collection of rare, sometimes copyrighted, nude models. (Host: CS)
  61.     Hot Men - A board for sharing pics of hot men. (Host: CS)
  62.     ZooNecro-chan - ZooNecro-chan. (Host: CS)
  63.     Penis Panic! - Dedicated to genital mutilation. The discussion board. (Host: CS)
  64.     Watersports and piss - Watersports and piss. (Host: CS)
  65.     YAPE - Yet Another Porn Exchange.
  66.     mjt54q6pagohhimn.onion - Assorted material, oldest p0rn site on TOR network
  67.     VOR-COM Archive - Archive of the VOR-COM. Contains vore!
  68.     The Secret Story Archive #2nd - Mirror of #1st.
  69.     The Secret Story Archive #1st - Big cat zoophile stories, artwork, links and forum.
  70.     Zoo Portal - Chan and PunBB forum for Zoophiles. (Host: FH)
  71.     Male animal genitalia gallery, clearnet - Unofficial mirror of Makloo's famous web gallery. (Host: FH)
  72.     Anessadu's file dump, tor2web redirect - Furry Blender images.
  73.     Bug Tales - Site rip of from the Internet Archive. Homosexual bugchasing stories. (Host: FH)
  74.     Penis Panic! - Dedicated to genital mutilation. The pictures and videos. (Host: FH)
  75.     Tor Sex Workers Review Board - For escorts, exotics, massage, etc. (Host: FH)
  77. [edit] Commercial (E)
  79.     See also: Marketplace Reviews - Reviews of the marketplace experience. (ALL reviews go in this article, NOT in the listings below.)
  81.     XXX Passes and stuff - Passes to various sites (BTC). (Host: FH)
  82.     Passwords and other things - Passwords to most XXX sites and other things (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)
  83.     XXX Passwords - Popular XXX site passwords (Bitcoin). (Host: FH) (Has no contact info) - Broken 2011-07-06
  84.     XXX Passwords - Popular XXX site passwords (Bitcoin). (Host: FH)
  86. [edit] Under Age
  88. The following dedicated pages should be used for underage material.
  90.     Hard Candy
  91.     Jailbait
  93. [edit] Uncategorized
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