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Single Player Dialogue LEAKED | StarWarsBattlefront 2 (2017)

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Jun 30th, 2017
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  1. A successor to the Galactic Empire in all but name, the First Order is bent on taking control of the galaxy.
  2. Supreme Leader Snoke has deemed the time ripe to reveal the assembled might of the impeccably trained First Order Storm Troopers and only the Resistance, led by General Organa stand ready to oppose Snoke《 plans.
  3. the New Republic《 inability to act against the nascent First Order, Senator Leia Organa resigned her position and formed an independent military body called the Resistance.
  4. What it lacks in numbers it makes up for in audacity and determination, and they are prepared to sacrifice all in their fight for galactic freedom.n iron fist by the ruthless Emperor Palpatine, the Galactic Empire spans countless systems where its signature Storm Troopers maintain order.
  5. The might of the Imperial Fleet and Army has no equal, and yet it《 embroiled in an ongoing conflict with the defiant Rebel Alliance, whose members refuse to bow to Imperial rule.iance consists of a motley group of systems and species, all of whom have sworn to risk all to bring down the Galactic Empire.
  6. Striking from hidden bases, and with a fleet constantly on the move, the Rebels rely on subterfuge, precision attacks and the occasional larger battle to hurt their enemy.EPARATISTSConfederacy of Separatist Systems is waging an aggressive war for independence against the Galactic Republic, claiming the Republic Senate to be corrupt and unworthy to govern.
  7. The Separatists・seemingly endless amounts of battle droids are fighting the Republic Clone Troopers on all fronts.C REPUBLIC{0:f.0}%re Battlefront II WARS Battlefront IIrkiller Base.Continue onto the rest of Battlefront II - TEMP1 - TEMP classes to choose from, each with unique abilities & weaponsder to call in special troopers, vehicles and iconic characters into battleress %%MENU%% to launch game.e palace entrance.
  8. the main entrance.e.the entrance.
  9. Securing now..
  10. Securing atrium.ult.the east atrium.rium.
  11. the east atrium.
  12. It's so fancy!e east atrium.
  13. Establishing control.the east atrium.
  14. capturing the west atrium.he west atrium.pturing the west atrium.r capture.
  15. the west atrium!atrium targeted!ing to capture the throne room.ol of the throne
  16. Securing now.ning capture.m.s are inside the throne room.
  17. room now.
  18. MTT's defenses are down!own!es are down!ack!nes attacking! The transport is defenseless!s attacking! The transport is defenseless!MTT defenses are down!n!that a bomb? The transport is exposed!s are back online!ransport is working again! MTT defenses! again!fire! percent!re! Lots of damage!t under fire! Lots of damage!s at twenty-five percent! is at twenty-five percent!ng apart!sport's under fire!t systems failing! All controls...
  19. on fire!wer failing! Going down!ruptors.
  20. Protect the MTT.
  21. ion disruptors..
  22. troopers with ion disruptors are converging on the MTT.y it.eployed.tacks.
  23. Protect it.ers with ion disruptors.isruptor closing in on the MTT.per closing in.sors indicate an ion disruptor nearby.king up an ion disruptor signature.spotted nearby..: No ion disruptors must come near the MTT.ce Assault on Naboo palace.
  24. All units escort multi-troop transport and protect it from clone ion disruptors.s: commence assault on Naboo palace and activate escort programs.
  25. capture designated positions.
  26. The clones have delayed you too long..
  27. Units to designated positions・do not let clone opposition disrupt you the palace and secure entry coordinates.
  28. Clone desperation level is high.capture entry coordinates.
  29. No organic soldier should stand in your way.
  30. opposition remains stronger than predicted.
  31. Wipe out nearby squads and prepare for Phase Three.ace access secured but only just.
  32. Follow the strategy.
  33. Run self-recrimination programs, clear the area, and prepare for Phase Three.nts secured.
  34. Run decimation programs・push the enemy back, and prepare for Phase Three.oints secure.
  35. Enter free-fire mode and prepare for Phase Three.
  36. is to secure designated coordinates in our siege of the Naboo palace.
  37. Likelihood of elimination is ninety-one percent.mission is to secure designated coordinates in our siege of the Naboo palace.
  38. Expect extreme clone trooper resistance.ion.
  39. All units are assigned to capture coordinates at the Naboo palace.
  40. Expect clone trooper resistance.e Naboo palace proceeds according to plan.
  41. Capture designated coordinates and eliminate clone resistance.and capture designated coordinates.
  42. The clones have delayed us too long.opposition is disrupting our plan.
  43. Begin capture of all designated coordinates..
  44. All units proceed to the palace.
  45. Capture points have been designated.
  46. Clone desperation level is high.apture assigned coordinates.
  47. Organic soldiers must be eliminatedroute.
  48. Do not delay further.ow.
  49. We are out of time.usting timetable.s of failure remain high.oceed rapidly.ncy rating: excellent.alace steps are secure.
  50. Updating timetable.tairs secure.
  51. Odds of failure remain high.steps captured.
  52. Efficiency rating: atrocious.te tactical modules.
  53. The palace steps have fallen.ule.elays.
  54. Finish capturing the
  55. Siege on schedule.mplete capture.proceed to the next phase.ecure.
  56. Proceed without delay..
  57. Secure the palace steps.ake the main stairs.e remaining.sable.ed.epare for Republic counterattack.
  58. immediately.forts and firepower.
  59. final conquest.
  60. Seize designated areas before enemy reinforcements arrive.e and capture all designated areas.
  61. Warning: Our window of opportunity is closing rapidly.
  62. to the palace.
  63. Secure interior locations and Naboo will fall to the Separatist army.
  64. the palace and seize designated areas.
  65. The strategy is flawless; do not fail to execute it.ble battle unit: Our forces have breached the Naboo palace.
  66. Capture designated locations before enemy reinforcements arrive.vading the Naboo palace.
  67. Capture assigned coordinates.
  68. Your brief operational cycle will secure the planet for our cause.ce is underway.
  69. Resistance is within expected parameters・capture all designated locations and the battle is won.Naboo palace.
  70. Obey your directive and secure designated locations for the Separatist cause.inside the palace and seize the designated areas.
  71. Clone resistance has exceeded expectations; match it.gnated points at maximum efficiency.
  72. Emergency tactical readjustment in progress.
  73. to the palace.
  74. Secure designated coordinates inside and Naboo will fall to the Separatist army.
  75. units proceed inside the palace and seize designated areas.
  76. The strategy is flawless; do not fail to execute it.eted immediately!he palace must be captured now.rtly secure.
  77. Clone opposition above estimate.
  78. Proceed to final Phase.
  79. Failure not acceptable.
  80. interior secure.
  81. Throne room remains.
  82. Victory imminent.
  83. Prepare for final
  84. Prepare for final Phase.
  85. secure.
  86. Activate enemy elimination protocol and make ready for final phase.fficiency rating: subpar.t atrium captured.
  87. Scan for new captured.aining objectives.lties acceptable.ime remains.plete!s.the capture.edule.
  88. Capture the east atrium now.
  89. nearly under control.East atrium will soon be surrendered the east atrium.ceptable.
  90. Secure the east atrium now.all clones.
  91. East atrium is not secure.
  92. must be secured.oceed to new objectives.iency rating: tolerable..
  93. Rapid re-deployment initiated.der control.
  94. remaining objectives.Efficiency rating: satisfactory.e.
  95. Redeploy now.fficiency ratings.eed and power; change targets.est atrium must be completed!um Imminentt atrium almost secureum are on schedule.will soon be eliminated.West atrium.
  96. Success remains uncertain.m's capture is behind schedule.
  97. Seize it now.ure to seize the west atrium is room secure.
  98. Downloading unit reports.oom secure.
  99. Report to new positions.ecure.
  100. Updating
  101. Proceed to remaining targets.ailure.
  102. Throne room is secure.ontrol.
  103. assaults! room is secure.xpected nearly secured.aptured.most secure.
  104. Remove remaining defenders.f Throne room imminent established.
  105. Recalculating timetable.units to throne room.
  106. Capture must be completed.ecure Throne Room now.behind schedule.cknowledged.
  107. Proceed.k."cure the objective.rotocols.
  108. Seize control now.defenders! secured before Republic reinforcements arrive.l units converge on the Throne room.
  109. Naboo will fall.
  110. Throne room.Rapid execution required.
  111. Failure will be cause for have breached the Naboo palace.
  112. Capture the Throne Room before enemy reinforcements arrive.ctivation: We are invading the Naboo palace.
  113. Capture the Throne Room.
  114. Your brief operational cycle will secure the planet for our cause.
  115. the Naboo palace is underway.
  116. Resistance is within expected parameters・capture the Throne Room and the battle is won.e the Naboo palace.
  117. Obey your directive and secure the Throne Room for the Separatist cause.lating.
  118. Recalculating.
  119. All units initiate self-destruct.
  120. Your mission is a failed.riumphed.
  121. The palace has fallen, as has Naboo.
  122. palace is under Separatist control.eached target coordinates despite unit deficiencies.
  123. Destroy any Republic troops and prepare for Phase Two.vere damage.
  124. Terminate escort program and begin combat cycle; Phase Two begins shortly.n position.
  125. Clear the area of clone resistance and prepare for Phase Two.
  126. complete sixteen seconds ahead of schedule.
  127. Target nearby clones and prepare for Phase Two.ble battle unit: Your mission is to escort our multi-troop transport to the Naboo palace.
  128. Enemy ion disruptors have caused severe damage to the MTT; no further setbacks are permissable.p transport is en route to the Naboo palace.
  129. Clone resistance is extreme and the MTT has been damaged.
  130. Do not permit additional ion disruptor attacks.o palace.
  131. Clone resistance is immenent.
  132. Escort the MTT and counter trooper ion attacks.ine.
  133. You are programmed to escort our multi-troop transport to the Naboo palace and to intercept Republic ion attacks.
  134. Proceed.lure imminent.
  135. Protect the transport.ll units defend the MTT.
  136. Emergency.integrity ion blast.
  137. let this situation recur.ised.
  138. Warning: Enemy morale has increased.e the MTT.
  139. Do not allow clone artillery into range.s their ion disruptor caches.estroy the transport.
  140. Prevent intolerable.
  141. Do not allow another attack.ouble your efforts.
  142. Enemy morale is now "cheerful."he with an ion disruptor!ransport.ble.
  143. Protect the MTT.nd the transport.he damage.
  144. Protect.
  145. Protect.k.
  146. Crush the clone troopers.
  147. Defend the MTT.d.
  148. Defend.
  149. Damage is within tolerances.hed the first waypoint.
  150. Minor damage to the transport.edule.
  151. Continue the escort.ypoint one.
  152. Projecting a potential loss within six minutes.le systems damaged.
  153. Clone troopers must be kept away.
  154. to secondary systems・a suboptimal result.T has reached waypoint two.
  155. Further attacks must be intercepted.two with minimal damage.
  156. Efficiency rating: pleasing.plan.severe damage.
  157. Keep transport safe.
  158. Unit sacrifice accpetable.nificant damage from clone forces.
  159. Report any unit malfuctions impeding our progress immediately.ding communication signal.
  160. The MTT has been destroyed; the operation has failed.een destroyed.
  161. Mission failed.
  162. units to be reprogrammed.reparing to fire at the Palace.ire.g up Palace Entrance..airs!a squad at the palace steps!the stairs!y're taking the palace steps! the stairs!force the palace steps!ium!ast atrium!st atrium.
  163. They'reBst atrium! Enemies closing!atrium!y're on the move!st atrium is under attack!ium!rimeter breach! West atrium!trium!West atrium!ey're going for the west atrium!rone room!p at the throne room!! Throne room!m's under attack!one room's lost contact!!ge!TT's functional again.break 'em!and running!es down!MTT!MTT going down!each! MTT destroyed! ion disruptor ready.isruptor picked up.t an ion disruptor ready to fire.hould be able to dent the MTT.tor in play.or ready.
  164. Hit that target.
  165. ion disruptor.n the MTT.disruptor should stop the MTT.t to position!ng position!disruptor should wreak havoc with the MTT.firing position for that ion disruptor.
  166. we have those disruptors.
  167. Now hit the MTT!just in time.
  168. Local forces barely fought off the Separatists' first wave; now the Seppies are landing an armored MTT loaded with battle droids.tists thought they'd try for Naboo.
  169. They were expecting civilians, Gungan warriors・but not us.
  170. First waved failed, but now they're rolling a heavily armored multi-troop transport toward the palace.
  171. All right.
  172. We hold back those droids long enough, we can get reinforcements.
  173. I'm assigning coordinates・guard your positions!l the assault until reinforcements arrive or every droid out there is scrap.
  175. Brilliantly simple, eh? Guard your positions, do all you can.f 'em! It's all right・didn't expect to last in the open.
  176. Retreat inside!ll back! Fall back! on the palace! Looks like a whole droid army, but if we can hold on we can win the battle.
  178. All squads have been assigned coordinates.
  179. Keep 'em secure, keep the clankers out!alace.
  180. The plan's simple: Keep them out.
  181. Don't let them secure your assigned coordinates.
  183. All we have to do is hold on.
  184. and they're running out of time.
  185. Just a little longer!it up! reinforcements arrive or every droid out there is scrap.
  187. The stairs at the main entrance・that'll be our choke point.
  188. Do not let the droids take them!n the stairs・got to keep the main entrance from falling to the droids.
  190. Don't make us look bad, boys...ast it all.
  191. We've lost the main stairs.intless・we've lost the stairs! Pull back!na lose the stairs to clankers? Regroup!ing the stairs! This goes on, we'll have to fall back!ensive positions! Now!oke point! Go!Can't let them in.
  192. Secure that position!g! I want to smell the scrap metal!ng, you keep shooting!d here or we die.
  194. Keep our checkpoints secure.
  195. Buy time.
  196. Fight with honor.his'll be it・assigning new positions.
  197. You guard them til the end.If this place falls, the Separatists get Naboo.
  199. We've set up multiple checkpoints.
  200. Keep them secure, and maybe we can hold out.nder attack・and we're stuck here.
  201. If we can keep these checkpoints secure, we might not lose the planet.
  203. Nowhere to retreat.
  204. We break the siege or we fall.e to see it.them・just hold 'em off!at.
  205. We defend the palace or die trying.
  207. Updating your helmet readouts・keep those checkpoints secure.
  208. inside the palace・hold off the siege as long as we can.deeper into the Palace!We need to consolidate!Rally at the throne room!s.
  209. Regroup!n't get it back.
  210. stanch the bleeding.trium!mminent loss at the east atrium!e.
  211. Got to win this another way.
  212. lost.
  213. Repeat: West atrium is lost.t the west atrium.
  214. We've seen better days...est atrium is vulnerable! Do not let it fall!ng the west atrium! Come on, clones!um's a bloodbath!m is right.dare lose the throne room!, we can't reclaim the area.
  215. Get on it!t!in and scatter those clankers!o!e'll take the palace back another day.・all forces scatter! The palace is lost.icely done, boys, nicely done.
  216. Separatists are falling back and our fleet's arriving in system・I'd call this a victory.ration's in order.ists on the run! Ha! Patch yourselves up, boys・won't be long til we redeploy.We've done our brothers proud.t MTT now.
  217. Blast it・shouldn't have come to this!
  219. Fallback positions! Withdraw to the palace・we haven't lost yet!・we need to fall back.
  221. But I promise: We're not giving up yet.
  222. Keep those guns cool.
  223. more! All weapons, fire!t to bits!re doing good・but it's not down yet.
  224. blow that transport! Another ion blast, now!e running out of time! Ready another ion disruptor!t believe it's still operational.
  225. All right・another ion blast!ase fire! Ready more ion blasts!ed.
  226. Prep another ion shot!then back to the disruptors!.
  227. Need to ready another disruptor.
  228. thing soon.
  229. Another time, another ion disruptor.Could be our last chance.
  230. Hit that transport!t the transport! Do it now!ll.
  231. Whatever it takes.nate the transport! transport! Fire!quads, focus fire on the transport!e: Fire on the transport!ong.
  232. Fire on the transport! Go! secondary positions.rst waypoint.
  233. New positions! the palace! Fall back along the path!crossed waypoint beta.
  234. Tertiary positions, now!separatist multi-troop transport is moving on the royal palace.
  235. It hasn't closed in yet, so we've got a chance・deploy ion disruptors to take it out.A Separatists MTT is carrying an company of droids to the royal palace.
  236. Use the ion disruptors to blast it off the street.roop transport in sight of the palace! Deploy the ion disruptors and blast it before it gets any closer!multi-troop transport is getting close・lug those ion disruptors into position and blast that MTT!he MTT is getting ready to fire!to fire on the Palace!ace gate to smithereens!T! Brace yourselves!stroyed! Move to defend the stairs!explosion! The Palace Gates have been blown open! Defend the stairs!trol of the Palace.
  237. Naboo will fall if we don't stop them!All units defend the Throne room at all cost.
  238. This is our final stand!ulting the Palace and are already in partial control of the building.We have to hold the Throne room until Republic arive reinforcements or the day will be lost!om.
  239. We make our final stand here.Fight with honor, men.e room! Scrap those clankers!ted.
  240. You are wave two.
  241. Eighty percent casualties predicted.troop transport must arrive at the palace gates intact.
  242. Thwart clone ion disruptor attacks., we stop the advancing MTT before it reaches the royal palace.
  243. Got an arsenal of ion disruptors that should do the job.
  244. If we fail, then it gets ugly.s at hand.
  245. If we can't stop it, well・the odds get worse.enemies in multiplayerlayer enemies in multiplayerer related featsED BATTLE POINTSOINTSOINTSer Fondor, where Captain Raythe is retrieving assets critical to Operation: Cinder.
  246. Admiral Versio has ordered us to oversee its security.
  247. I know we〉e not body guards, but the experimental satellites we〉e retrieving from Fondor are crucial to the Emperor《 last command.
  248. Hask, join me aboard the Dauntless.
  249. Del, you have the Corvus.
  250. mander.
  251. The Dauntless has been safely recovered and Operation: Cinder can proceed as planned.
  252. Moff Raythe said you questioned him about our target.
  253. If I wanted you to know, I would have told you.
  254. You'd be wise to keep future inquiries to yourself.
  255. I will contact you again when preparations are complete.
  256. Versio, out.
  257. secret Imperial installation on the planet Pillio.
  258. Something called an Observatory.
  259. He believes the Emperor used it to store artifacts that could be used against us.
  260. Due to the sensitive nature of what it may hold, the Admiral wants minimal feet on the ground.
  261. One Agent, one squad.
  262. Normally, I‥ undertake this mission myself, but Del, your technological expertise might be needed to get inside.
  263. Go.
  264. locate the Observatory, and destroy whatever you find.eror《 classified Observatories.
  265. Inside, dangerous materials and artifacts our enemies could use against the galaxy.
  266. Agent Meeko, we may need your technical expertise to access the vault.
  267. Your orders are simple: destroy the installation.xtraction mission.
  268. The location is Vardos, in the Jinata System.
  269. Our target, Protectorate Gleb, a local official.
  270. Full disclosure, this is my home planet and I have a [u]history[/u] with our target.
  271. I don》 know why the Admiral has chosen us for this mission, but my personal feelings aside, we will see it so good.
  272. Droid, regroup with me.
  273. I should be showing on your scanners in blue.
  274. wed ventilation systems throughout the ship.
  275. Use those vents to get across the attention to yourself.
  276. One shock should drop 'em though.ess doors.
  277. Hack them open if you're locked out, or close them to keep Rebels out of your way.p.
  278. vents.rks.
  279. Move to my position.e expression)d talk to you like that are you?ms are all clogged up.
  280. u're on the loose yet.
  281. Keep it up.your access code, little guy, but I'll get what I need from you one way or the other.e're on a the vent above the door.Stay hidden if you want to avoid them, but your shock mod will take down enemy groups.
  282. 've got an astromech working on it right now.
  283. Hope that trash can hurries it up.on, man.m high command?ining us before some big mission.
  284. We're getting briefed in a bit.e, you're the one who turned off your stabilizers.
  285. Keep them activated.
  286. We can't have you getting pulled into space again.
  287. ve the ship schematic.
  288. Find the nearest access hatch and get back inside.nvasive procedure?ever, slicing into an Imperial droid is a high-risk tactic in this context.code to activate this thing.
  289. So I'm gonna pry it open, rip the data out, and find out what it knows.or you.see.
  290. It isn't my fault you're all scratched up.
  291. Please don't hold me accountable for this individual's actions.lear, Commander.
  292. We've picked up your transponder and are tracking your position.ommunication Center?eed to hurry; we don't have much time.ugh.
  293. I'm not going to let these Rebels decrypt Captain Raythe's message.
  294. you wanted to be caught?.
  295. should have just blown up their ship.raised too many questions.
  296. For this to work, we need to be subtle.wn.
  297. broadcast should be stored on this you'd at least carry a! The Imperial droid is missing.
  298. Check on the prisoner, just in case!s this good, this transmission must be important.
  299. Almost got it.
  300. Just need if I...wait, what if...yeah, that might work...didn't decrypt the message yet.
  301. aythe.
  302. We have new orders.
  303. The Imperial Fleet will move to the far side of Endor.
  304. There, we will wait for the Rebels to attack, then--, mission accomplished.
  305. There's nothing for the Rebels to find.
  306. escaped.
  307. She is extremely dangerous! Find her!oks like subtlety is off the table.
  308. about this? If Agent Meeko's calculations are wrong--Admiral Ackbar, calling the Invincible Faith.
  309. By now, you are aware of the beacon directing Alliance ships to the Galaan system.
  310. With this ruse, we will divert the Empire《 attention away from Sullust.
  311. We are amassing the fleet in preparation for our attack on Endor.
  312. Join us.
  313. We need every available ship to strike a decisive blow against the Empire.
  314. May the Force be with you.sition.ion.p bop?most out of time!s sir, we'll recover what intel we can, but the demolition is...thorough.
  315. We'll regroup shortly.
  316. Good luck out there.e?g you, Hask, and the Droid can't handle, ma'am.ey're onto us, going loud!r fire!recover? Looks like General Solo did a real number here.ight stand a chance...
  317. would be down here by now...r, so good.
  318. e back to search the wreckage.
  319. groups.
  320. Agent Hask, stay quiet until I go Meeko, scout ahead..
  321. up.loane has ordered a retreat.
  322. We're pulling out of the system.
  323. Make it to your ship, Commander.
  324. [u]Survive[/u].
  325. I will send you the rendezvous coordinates.
  326. rock, now.
  327. It won't be long until this place is swarming with Rebels.appened.
  328. The trap was perfect.peror underestimated the strength of our enemy, and we paid the price.'re alone, but that sounded treasonous.e sky, Hask.
  329. It's not treason if it's the truth.unker is right here.
  330. Heavy weapons stash, according to reports.
  331. Get inside, get what we can.
  332. We're taking this moon back from the Empire.
  333. secured.
  334. a Rebel ambush.
  335. We lost a shuttle and our men are overrun.kets! Look out!'t expecting special forces.geant.s orders.
  336. Copy? escape first.orm Four.
  337. I'm escorting a stormtrooper company there now.d Platform Four, and taken control of a Scout Walker.
  338. We'll need the Droid to take it down.y weapons.
  339. Let's they coming from?!can't hold them off alone!pen?e system nearby, I'll meet you on the other side.Transports are deploying additional Rebel forces.
  340. That'll make leaving a lot harder.
  341. Be ready for a fight.hat'll keep the Imps from getting off the moon.saw a few more carriers headed to the next sector.
  342. Cargo and capital ships are moving in.Star's gone.
  343. The Empire doesn't stand a chance now.ds or officers we spot.
  344. Keep an eye out, all right? gone.
  345. We're winning this war! back foot now.
  346. Let's keep this pressure up.
  347. See anyone? about there being TIE fighters, but the Rebels are already that landing pad.
  348. Del, watch our backs.Ships are up top.
  349. Let's get to the taken that walker!t! making a dent! Try something else!t! Keep firing!rs!der! The Droid's shock might disable that Rebel walker!roid Commander?m! Hask, Del, we need to get to the top of the platform.r, we'll follow you to the top.mander.
  350. Up there.the platform, we should go.
  351. cover you.
  352. something out.armor.
  353. I need heavy out the Rebels, then get to your ships!ake the first TIE.
  354. Get the Corvus ready for the retreat.
  355. IE fighter.
  356. t.
  357. Go, I'm right behind you!Corvus, Agent Meeko.d in the wreckage.
  358. We should stick together.enough.ready clipped one of my, Hask? explosion.
  359. The crew has restored our weapons and engines, but the shields are down.ous coordinates from the Admiral.
  360. Prepare the retreat.
  361. I don't want to stay here longer than necessary.sion.
  362. Engines are down but the crew is making repairs...rdinates from the Admiral.
  363. Agent Meeko and I will buy you the time.
  364. p?orvus's position, Commander.
  365. The Admiral must be protecting it.isers out here.
  366. We get to the Corvus and get out of here.s the reason we're at war.
  367. This cannot continue.e've tried to make them afraid.
  368. We only made them angry.
  369. uilt on hate.
  370. I never stopped believing it.
  371. icking up plenty of Rebel signals outside this debris field.
  372. until our fleet is burned or missing.ding many Imperial capital ships anymore...der, fighters inbound!ator, this is Commander Versio.
  373. Delay your retreat.
  374. I'm ordering the Corvus away and we'll be coming with you.
  375. We'll retreat with the Admiral.
  376. Now go! That's an order, Agent!ming aboard.treat the moment our engines are active, Commander Versio.
  377. Keep the Corvus safe!he Corvus apart!se Y-wings, Commander!at and the Corvus is done for, Commander.r Versio, engines are operational! We're ready to jump..
  378. The Empire will not sleep after today.e plan, Commander?ebels don't get another victory today.lasts have disabled our weapons and engines.o we respond, Commander? the enemy ship, and destroy those ion cannons.mmander! This is Moff Raythe! Rebel raiders are boarding my ship!angar and STOP THEM!ttle stations.
  379. Rebel boarding party has begun attacking the hangar.
  380. Report to your battle stations immediately.ebels aren't here to destroy the Dauntless - they've come to steal it.e Dauntless is alone! The station is abandoned, we're completely vulnerable.
  381. trying to steal a Star Destroyer?the rest of the fleet? I don》 know, Agent Hask, just take them down!ve taken out our weapons and engines! As long as their ion cannons are operational, the Dauntless is exposed! Agent Meeko, status report? can't help you.
  382. I'll bring my fighter and defend the Dauntless.d a solution for the cannons.
  383. Stay with the Raider in case we need a quick exit.get to your TIE.
  384. We have work to do.on cannon!ing anywhere.
  385. n't have time to waste, the fighters are ready.mmander, we need to get to our TIE fighters.that? There's already a battle.lose.
  386. one of the Cinder satellites.
  387. to find out what they do.
  388. n due time.keep them safe, at all enemy corvette!out of your sights.estroyed.
  389. weapons and engines disabled...
  390. are here to capture it.
  391. We need to take out those cannons.he enemy cruiser.heir victory at Endor.
  392. They deserve what's coming to them.e picked up a tail! Enemy fighter at him inside the station.!us advancing on the enemy cruiser, Commander!with you Corvus, get me to their hangar.t about you? come on.
  393. Take them down! out the rest of those corvettes.I'm making my attack run on the enemy cruiser.
  394. I'll comm you from inside.ou'd say that.emy ship.
  395. can breach their hangar, Commander!ps off the ground!h! Take 'em down!that X-wing!ct these ships! not working! give up! Keep firing!o?!on't give up yet! late, retreat!ll back!'ll hold them off!at?!in the hangar!!pilot's getting out of the ship! hangar! them off! the hangar.
  396. Form defensive positions and protect this ship from the enemy boarding party.y're here! Open the door!Come on! Hurry up! pen?! HELP!he door, open the door!f!!ey're still coming! nowhere to go.! What do we do?!e Weapons Bay!he cannons safe!s!al!un!aptain!Buckethead incoming! can't be all of them!u, go! way!ey're coming!'re coming for the cannons!cements are coming!ire! ask, I've reached the weapons bay.
  397. on my way to you now.
  398. way to you now, Commander.
  399. Moff Raythe's fighters can hold off the Rebels from here.
  400. you soon.
  401. hangar! Defend the ship!otected from out here.
  402. We need to board the enemy cruiser and take them down.ike that with just the two of us is blatantly against protocol.
  403. I have your back.
  404. generators! It should disable them long enough for us to get inside.elcoming party.Preferably before they blast my fighter in Raythe, we've breached the enemy ship..
  405. Make haste, Commander.
  406. The Rebels must not learn about the satellites, nor our intentions with Operation: Cinder.ions, Moff?, Commander, to remind them who is truly in control.reign.present, Commander.
  407. Open a vein on that Rebel vessel immediately.
  408. like this.ou mean? capable leaders just because they」e taken the title.that level of ambition.any ideas.I'm messing with you.sable and hijack this ship, we could learn quite a bit from our enemy.ach us.
  409. If we adopt their weakness, we fail.
  410. Order cannot exist unless we bring the galaxy to submission.path to peace is never easy, Commander.t, we can do better.still up! We won't be able to board the Rebels.tack formation, engage that enemy Corvette at point-one-four.roken off formation.
  411. sights.mander!They've taken the hangar!k!s are this way, we're almost there.
  412. ion cannons are this way.on cannons.sports.
  413. for the cruiser.ust protect these ion cannons at all costs!ust remain operational.
  414. we can't win!ey're not leaving Fondor...ontrol of that Destroyer yet?! three, firing.'re coming through here, ready your defenses.trap is set..
  415. so many of us...ert.
  416. do, what do we do?t the Destroyer!e weapons, we lose everything!fail here!!here!of plans! Over there!, I've reached the ion cannons.
  417. Finish those corvettes and regroup.'s a lot of 'em.
  418. won't get through me!hilating our blockade runners!re are our reinforcements?!n.
  419. Hask, where are you?alk over all these dead Rebels, you's the hold up?hand! just fine on your own.y just keep coming!till alive?!ne! I'll take them out myself.
  420. cooling cells.
  421. That'll shut down the cannons.t's one! Take down the next ion cannon!I have an idea for the last one.
  422. Lower the cooling cell!ll back in place, Droid.good enough.
  423. Droid, lower the central cannon!e that.plosive on for the show.e strategy isn't working! We're losing too many.e should have captured it by now! relentless.
  424. They〉e keeping Dauntless disabled.his cruiser doesn》 stand a chance against an operational Star Destroyer.s and show them what they're up
  425. First one's down.ay to destroy these...e battery.annon!, Commander.ission is nearly complete.e.quad, the docking station is still recovering from the ion blast.
  426. Its clamps have my Star Destroyer locked in position.
  427. o break the clamps and set you free.der, attacking an Imperial station is beyond any protocol! Fondor must be protected!y sacrifice.
  428. The station is just machinery.[/u] must be protected, Moff.
  429. Those are my orders.
  430. to the Dauntless, yes.
  431. out of here.rvus, Commander, and enjoy what happens to the Rebels next.uld let the cowards go.
  432. They can tell their allies they lost everything to two TIE fighters.ives mean more than Rebel morale, we should kill them all.r.
  433. Open Fire!k, with me.
  434. Let's begin our attack run on the station.d strike!rtoo.
  435. You stay here, all right?e Empire will be looking for us.
  436. I need to find out why I'm here....
  437. I'm going.! Take him down!rotect Agent Meeko! Fire!not far from here.d us to stay here until he《 finished checking things out.e perimeter.oot to kill!ocation immediately!'t let it touch you!IS...GOO!before.
  438. the Clone War.
  439. I saw what the Jedi could do.
  440. must have been something.
  441. How old were you?nough to be afraid.t Del Meeko, special forces.
  442. Thanks for saving my life, but...
  443. why are you here?ce brought us together, Del.ld have called it dumb luck...
  444. to it than luck.
  445. I'm searching for something here.d be somewhere else today.n their amber!hat'll work for now! We're invading their the Rebellion is doing here.
  446. Pillio isn》 exactly a strategic location.
  447. .
  448. I am.drew me here, yes, if that《 what you〉e asking.
  449. And you?e Force that brought us together.umb luck.t door ahead.
  450. That's what I'm here for.
  451. I need to deactivate the defense system.Imperial technology is built into a nest?e've got company.e're done for.
  452. Keep them off of me! .You can do this, Del....nses?sive.
  453. I'm going to disarm it from here.
  454. most got it.
  455. fair.
  456. been armed.
  457. This isn't the only terminal! to find the others.em away!gs! Take them down!open it slice the bugs! clock!Terminal's overrun, need your help here!and we deactivate the defenses! Have you found it?, give me a hand!st out of time!o destroy these bugs!atience.
  458. Breathe deep.
  459. This is in your control.ntrol.
  460. It's it.
  461. Well done, Del.
  462. tory.
  463. s would -fearlessness in the face of this storm shows true discipline.
  464. an early evacuation?ich funnels its top recruits straight into the Imperial Academy.
  465. Admiral was off-planet when my mother died.
  466. Gleb took me in.
  467. Trained me.
  468. Raised me.calling in a favor.
  469. e than anyone else in this city.
  470. Why should they be left to suffer?he greater good, our own people.
  471. Our own soldiers.rves an early evacuation, does she?the Future Imperial Leaders school on Vardos.
  472. She crafts loyal, capable killers.
  473. take us off world? gain.ght! people alone! What happened to order? You should be protecting us! .
  474. ial Leaders.
  475. We'll be safe there.
  476. You two, assess sector 2B's security before departure.leb are safe inside the Archive, but what about us?! Let us through!ne else, return to your homes.
  477. [u]Now[/u].
  478. Forces.
  479. Let 'em through.ting inside.
  480. She's been expecting you.troopers.
  481. Secure the landing pad.
  482. No civilians are to depart.
  483. Anti-air weapons are operational, should anyone attempt to flee Vardos.ity protocols are in place for your protection.
  484. Do not attempt to leave Vardos.
  485. Anti-air encampments will incinerate unauthorized vehicles in flight.
  486. For your protection, remain in your homes.tormtrooper in the city is about to hunt us down.
  487. Are you up for this?n exit plan.gone! Find the traitors!troy the Corvus before we can get it off world.ere can we disable the city's weapons systems?tro Defense Center.
  488. That should work.
  489. Let's go.tention all units.
  490. Commander Iden Versio and agent Del Meeko are now enemies of the Empire.
  491. Kill them; secure their ship.
  492. Anyone attempting to evacuate the planet before this is complete will be shot down.
  493. uld be through here any minute.
  494. Barricade every entrance or exit in the city.e our people, Iden.
  495. Can we really fight them?〉e going to fight us.
  496. Are you up for this?I[ with you, Commander.
  497. at the Corvus.
  498. We need to draw them away.
  499. I have an idea.
  500. It〕l guarantee we〉e seen.g to do them pass unharmed...that was gracious.'t need to kill everyone we see.
  501. Come
  502. Should be a educated guess.
  503. There used to be a school here.
  504. this storm.
  505. Change of plans.
  506. Take that Walker!e cannons are strong enough to punch through the anti-air turbolasers.nd get back to the Corvus.
  507. advance on sector 9S and find Inferno Squad! , take controls.
  508. I have the weapons.a clean shot of every AA turret in our way.
  509. we have Imperial comms.
  510. Agent Meeko and I are returning to the Corvus.our civilians.
  511. But the crew - some of them turned against us.ent Hask will send stormtroopers to destroy the Raider.
  512. I'm with you.
  513. No matter what happened.
  514. be a trap.danger because we did the right thing.
  515. I trust her, and we need to protect our people.ommander.AA cannon, Commander.non there, waiting for you to blast it.eapon there.
  516. Let's destroy it.
  517. turret and we'll move on, that cannon?T ahead!gether.o go!hot exit, Commander Versio.
  518. !ing our path.
  519. blast it.down our an opening?ine me up!o.em? Two AA cannons there.troy those cannons.'re ready.tween us and the Corvus., lay into those cannons.pons, there! to get those last two weapons.cused, Commander.
  520. e safe to get to the Corvus.ose as I can.y for a hot exit, Commander Versio.ough that wall and we can get to the Corvus.nder, I need you to blast that wall.ricade blocking our out of time.
  521. We need to get on the Corvus!n, get that ramp down! We'll get everyone aboard.Yes, ma'am! the Corvus, I'm right behind you!ur ship told us what you did.
  522. That was brave.ried to save as many as we could...: Cinder.
  523. Is that right?ble of disrupting a planet's atmosphere.
  524. They can drown or burn an entire city faster than you can imagine.t never happens again?his you surrendered, we received intelligence saying Operation: Cinder was preparing to strike Naboo.
  525. We〉e headed there now.
  526. , General, not fight the Empire.
  527. hout the other.
  528. If you really want this chaos to stop prove it.
  529. I'm risking a lot here.
  530. I[ asking you to do the same.before.
  531. look more comfortable than a detention cell.
  532. nds like one vote for yes.
  533. What about you, Commander?uits.Don't forget, you're shooting TIEs now, not X-wings!ut I don》.
  534. I disabled your hyperdrives are disabled, just in case you were thinking of escaping.
  535. And if it even looks like you〉e planning something, I will not hesitate to shoot you down.
  536. think you could? for satellites and sink that Star Destroyer.oner we take out those satellites, the sooner we stop the storms.
  537. much handle the rest of the satellites.
  538. Focus on taking out that Star Destroyer.s.r《 shield array! Destroyer《 shield array! ! Enemy fighter on my tail! I can》 shake ナm!my way!ved me.Blast it all! We」e got to stop those ships! weird that I[ kind of enjoying this?tic.
  539. I〕l give you that.lly has shields! I could get used to this.r.he way, those snipers on the rooftops will cut us to pieces.I have another solution for the walker...hat?ce on my position! is on the way.adron, where are you?! of things.ower Relay is good to go! Lead the way, Princess.We just fixed our final Power Relay! Heading to the Palace now!he Throne Room, use the terminal to set off the Ion Pulse! We'll cover you from here! Go! hold this many of them!streets!ay.
  540. of course.
  541. Del Meeko.
  542. So uh, an ion bomb?en took precautions before the Clone War to keep Naboo safe from invasion.
  543. An ion pulse that would disable any threat outside the palace.n Imperial forces instead of taking it head on...You and I can fight stormtroopers.
  544. We can't stop an occupation.ys, then.
  545. a fresh one to get this relay operational.
  546. Ideas?.ker.
  547. ling.
  548. The power has nowhere to go.
  549. wrong.That did it! Almost done...rly...there...e.
  550. Calrissian.
  551. He had nothing but praise for Inferno Squad.
  552. The Imperial fleet is in need of weapons; losing that factory will only make things harder for them.
  553. Give Shriv my congratulations.
  554. I hope Lando didn》 give him too much of a hard time.ork, Commander, but there's no time to celebrate.
  555. The New Republic has tracked the remaining Imperial Fleet to the Western Reaches.
  556. A fleet that's weaker thanks to your work on Sullust and Bespin.
  557. All New Republic ships are preparing to move on Jakku.
  558. I hope Inferno Squad is ready.s called all New Republic ships to Jakku, where the entire Imperial Fleet has gathered.
  559. That means Admiral Versio is there, along with Hask.
  560. We」e chased the Admiral for months, but catching him is no longer our only priority.
  561. This could be our final fight against the Empire.
  562. It won't be easy.
  563. A battle of this scale, there won't be any coordination, and the Empire has nothing to lose.
  564. We'll have to help wherever we can.
  565. But, if we stand fast and fly true, we may finally see an end to this war.ody! Good to see you.
  566. Listen pal, I'm looking for a friend, name of Paldora.
  567. You know him? u left me stranded during the Czerka job? Not a chance...
  568. here you are.ur own.
  569. You two can talk about your stupid beards.
  570. Merenzane Gold!t here?smuggler you can't find, am I right?unty on your head?ath sentences.
  571. A couple angry Hutts.
  572. One angry Empire.
  573. How'd you end up here?ouths telling the wrong people they're worth a lot of money.rink.
  574. It's the last one for a, smuggling spice inside a tauntaun is a good idea, but you〉e going to get caught.on Chandrilla! The Empire《 all over Coruscant! Running in and out of the core like this is you〉e alive, the more credits we can make.
  575. Together.
  576. But we don》 need these risks.
  577. Think about it.oes the Empire.
  578. Choose your side wisely.nly one side.not listening.
  579. Ah, forget it.olo.
  580. Look! No, don't [u]look[/u] look.
  581. Definitely stop staring.
  582. Just..pretend he's not there.
  583. Aw, he sees us.
  584. He definitely sees us.
  585. Be cool.dits? You're a con artist now?es change sometimes, that's all..
  586. The market hasn't changed anywhere else in the
  587. Lower the price.ce, pal.s.all right?on't know.
  588. I can't remember.
  589. I just miss Gonky so friend.
  590. She liked to walk around the apartment, give me advice, have oil baths.
  591. That kinda stuff, you know?et you all the muunyak wool you want, but the question remains whether or not you can afford it.erstand something here.
  592. Muunyak wool has no price for us.
  593. I mean that literally.
  594. No.
  595. Price.
  596. we're trying to start a family.
  597. We definitely have a we are to go all the way to get our baby the most expensive muunyak blanket you can acquire.ll moving cargo for Black Sun?prosperous to say the least.
  598. But humans make such lousy slaves.
  599. Nobody will buy 'em.
  600. to muscle if you need a connection.own lead on Toola, but I〕l keep that in mind.
  601. Thanks.f something like Cubikahd.
  602. playing both.lly bankrupt you to like it.
  603. If you don》 like something, you don》 have to play it.ut it like that.
  604. Sorry about that.
  605. Good while it lasted.
  606. But《 good.
  607. You〉e gonna be good.
  608. Such a good person.
  609. Who《 good at things.
  610. red my heart out.
  611. Wait.
  612. Can you do that? Sounds dangerous.
  613. Hearts shouldn》 pour.
  614. What was I saying? Why are you just staring at me? Maz and me, we go way back.
  615. She and my dad would raid derelict ships.
  616. I‥ go with テm sometimes.
  617. Really.
  618. You don》 believe me? Fine.ush 'em.yperspace route.
  619. Everyone drops out of lightspeed somewhere.That《 why we〉e here, isn》 it? Keep an eye out.So you have no need weapons.
  620. That is acceptable.
  621. I have acquired many of the rarest items in the galaxy.
  622. Precious ores.
  623. Vintage vessels.
  624. Ancient masks.
  625. Assassin droids.
  626. All these things can be yours.
  627. I insist you purchase something.
  628. I will wait.was not.u're jealous.easier to kill テm.
  629. Do the math.
  630. The fuel you burn chasing someone cuts into your reward.
  631. You blast the target, cash in, move onto the next, and you〉e earning more faster.
  632. Don》 give me that look.
  633. You can》 guilt me.
  634. If they wanted to be alive so badly, they wouldn》 have someone trying to kill テm.
  635. wn...
  636. just a race, you can do this.
  637. One quick tune-up and you can take the hours at Skystrike Academy, and for what? Just to get kicked out? And end up here? Stupid Empire.again.
  638. No scales.
  639. Furry.
  640. know what a wookiee looks like.Big green eyes.
  641. And he was sort of...purple?he rare and legendary purple
  642. Yep.
  643. I definitely served with her.
  644. She and I were almost friends, really.
  645. Bet she wonders what I[ up to these days.
  646. ction.
  647. anymore.
  648. own.e, and I[ not going to put a hole in your gut.
  649. That《 the deal.
  650. I sincerely recommend you take it as offered.
  651. Take your time to think about it.
  652. Carefully.(Which part?).T? I DONゝ.
  654. YOU.
  655. DO YOU SPEAK BASIC?'know, you look just like a friend of mine, name of Merenzane Gold?e Gold?g time no see.
  656. My Wookiee pal was just asking about you.erable man, then.s Paldora! It's a pleasure to finally meet you.h! You wanna keep it down?se we're meeting why I've chosen to defect.t you out of here.he information you asked for: a means to liberate the Wookiee slaves! That《 not all.
  657. Shipping routes, fueling locations, hidden armaments.
  658. It《 yours, for safe passage and asylum.
  659. at you」e got about the Wookiees on Kashyyyk.
  660. If it《 good, I'll try to pull some strings with the Republic.
  661. But no promises.obably wondering why I[ looking to you have your reasons.
  662. to believe, but Statisticians are not widely respected within the Empire.
  663. Other officers see us as spineless, which, analysis shows, 96 percent of us are.
  664. Still, it hurts.
  665. Just because I'm not on the front line doesn't mean I'm not part of the team.icers don't know the minimum viable number of Stormtroopers needed to raze a megalopolis? They don't have to, because they have someone like me working for them.
  666. Not that they listen・In my experience, 80 percent of the time they just scream at you until you go away.
  667. According to my research, two-thirds of all Imperial Statisticians die, you know.
  668. Their Commanders don't take their advice, then try attacking an MC80 Cruiser without the necessary force, and well・Boom.t of Imperial Statisticians die outside of combat.
  669. Usually murdered by an apprentice Statistician.
  670. It's fascinating, really.
  671. We have one of the highest mortality rates for non-combat personnel in the Empire.uff?er plays, and whatnot, particularly for this Fleet Admiral fellow.
  672. Name of Rax, if you know him.'t say that I do.ore these Imperials spot us.sed you any trouble.
  673. I[ sure Maz will get over it eventually.!s a friend.
  674. Lovely!]You[/u] could have planned this better?a be one of those days, isn》 it?《 not so bad after all.n Versio.
  675. Inferno Squad is here to help.
  676. glad to see you! What brings you out here, Commander?ke it back, Chewie.
  677. This is the worst day imaginable.
  678. off.y furry friend! got bad guys in TIEs on the way.uld be nice if they didn》 put up a fight.
  679. the fun in that, General?eneral! Let《 get you back to the fleet.
  680. I」e got something else in mind.
  681. Chewie《 sending the coordinates now.e've got company.ed.
  682. Commander, let's get those TIEs., here we go.true the Falcon used to belong to General Calrissian? Hyperdrive's almost ready, are.o Republic intel, the Empire《 blockade on this system has fallen.
  683. The people of Bespin are revolting.
  684. If the Imperials are worried about an uprising, they might not see us coming.
  685. Lucky for us.'s always more to it than is definitely...
  686. something.
  687. I mean, they're no Tibidee.hose tentacles!et《 wildlife before we visit.
  688. 《 friendly and who wants to eat me.
  689. Beldons are very friendly.ic.interfering with comms.le to call for backup, then.officer operates from the Overseer's Tower on Chinook Station.
  690. We capture the officer, they lead us to my father.
  691. Rumor is he《 a Republic sympathizer.
  692. Might be able to help.
  693. what are going to do when the war is over?a.
  694. A life of Imperial training isn》 worth much in the civilian sector.
  695. What about you? ight travel.
  696. See the galaxy.
  697. Lothal, Mykapo...」e been to those places.t to see them when they〉e free.nds really nice.overseer《 tower is on the far side of the station.
  698. crawling with Imps.
  699. st not sure you〉e going to like it.that?ft nearby.p quiet.
  700. level below.
  701. Could be down there.Follow my lead.the insurgents might sneak in this way.e are done for.Tower and our Imperial officer are on the station's surface.d out he was a Rebel sympathizer.
  702. ution? broke my comms.t's no use.
  703. Too much interference.
  704. for him, either.ldier.
  705. Get moving.Overseer《 Tower; tallest building on the station.e way.e the local rebels Lando was talking about.
  706. If they catch us in these uniforms, we〉e done.《 not waste any time.r? Rebels don》 stand a chance.《 really picking up.
  707. mobilizing?Something's going on here...he Overseer's Tower.
  708. Let's get up there and capture our Imperial leader.t.
  709. Get to the transport.
  710. No questions, just night on the station.
  711. I'll almost miss this old rig.
  712. my shuttle.time getting to your transports.
  713. All units are mobilizing.the pace and find this commanding officer.u two.
  714. Report to platform four for departure.e reporting to the Overseer's Tower, sir.e not.
  715. Your departure zone is on the opposite side.
  716. Go.can still get inside the Tower if we just...act like Imperials.hat about the weapons cache here, sir?hind.
  717. The hardware is expendable and our time is minimal.I saw an explosion across the station.
  718. We're not mobilizing on it?lready.
  719. Doesn't involve us.iced the sounds of battle ringing out across this station.
  720. If you〉e wondering who《 to blame, say hello to Overseer Altano.
  721. rmation to the local rebellion.
  722. What happens next is [u]your[/u] fault.narchy will not be tolerated.
  723. Once fueling is complete, destroy the station.Boop.Empire is going to destroy this station.
  724. We have to stop them, but we can》 do it from down here.
  725. don't leave until those two are dead.
  726. If you don't want to go down with the station, find them!gotta get to a ship...
  727. about to get what's coming to 'em.
  728. needed a ship, I should have been more specific.It has weapons! What more do you want?ot be a Cloud Car!t《 how they〕l blow up the station.
  729. ht.
  730. The Cloud Car was not a good choice for this.We don》 need to fight them; we just need to blow them up.e need to take out the fueling stations.
  731. explosion will cause a chain reaction.ll the way back to those Star Destroyers.
  732. ...
  733. the craziest thing I have ever heard.
  734. e from refueling their ships.
  735. Too bad Hask slipped through our fingers.ask means we〉e getting close to the Admiral.
  736. We〕l get him next time.etty well defended for a deserted weapons cache.ook at you! I only brought you along for the company, but you〉e thinking like a soldier!break.
  737. I know my way around Sullust.
  738. After all, I did help liberate the place.mentioned wrong.
  739. This factory is operational!r goes according to plan when you〉e you don't miss this.his.ory.I can shut it off from there.down.
  740. Can》 believe I[ saying this, but we could really use Iden《 droid right about now.
  741. Uh...
  742. Lando?n the whole factory.
  743. For
  744. shutting it down.e weapons? Iden wanted them for the Republic.
  745. might want to forget about them..
  746. Time to go!the assembly line!ok up! over so I can drive.n what《 important right now.
  747. is going to be outta here.
  748. weapons did you get?lted them.ros and one ridiculous man in a cape.
  749. t to be kidding.something roomier?alk.《 how I show my don》 take them out, Iden can》 pick us it! I got it!ch.Lindsey! We can't make it to Carbon Ridge.
  750. Imperial Walkers have us pinned down!, Inferno Squad.
  751. Leave the Walkers to us.
  752. we take those things down?ey worked on a Death Star, they〕l take down a Walker.istress signal.d I need to reach Carbon Ridge, but Imperial Walkers have us pinned down!no Squad.
  753. We're on our way, Captain.d's up there somewhere?sion.
  754. Not yet.
  755. His time will come.
  756. gotta get to Captain Lindsey.d help.
  757. We should go.g our men, remember?e here.
  758. your position.
  759. on, Commander!he ground.ferno!rized for an orbital strike.vus for an extraction.
  760. We'll clear the area.
  761. ain Lindsey, are you all right?e won't be for long with all those stormtroopers!Take 'em out! We need to buy time for the orbital strike.ike! Let the fleet know where to send the bombardment.e out these reinforcements!crobinocs are over there! our orbital strike.ey Shriv.
  762. Ever see it rain in the desert?rain.
  763. I get it.
  764. Nice.!e, now!or you.nk you, Commander.
  765. The Republic is lucky to have Inferno Squad.ur for a minute?hink that was the best thing I have ever seen.
  766. almost sound like you're enjoying yourself.ld never.ander? Shall we?We get those, we can call in our orbital strike.
  767. More Imperials coming in!rcements are here! arriving! out! More bad guys headed our way!ike the Imperial position!re close...we can get an orbital strike here!rcements!d!r!mmander! Our orbital strike is ready!it those walkers with the orbital strike, now!lebratory cheers)ding there, Commander.
  768. a war happening you know.! Stay strong, hold the line!bital strike team can't support us any longer.N! WE DIDN'T DIE!el, where can we be useful?.nching Bombers.
  769. Can you cut off their air support? it.ll amplify the explosion.
  770. We can destroy the entire hangar.d do it.
  771. yer keeps launching Bombers.
  772. Can you cut off their air support?ing to blow this thing up from within.e getting explosives from? weapons on Star Destroyers, Shriv.
  773. I was a TIE pilot.we be getting to that Star Destroyer? take down here is another one launched.
  774. We should go.ed Destroyer?T.
  775. TIE FIGHTER UP TOP!!!WOO! GOT 'EM!fy the explosion.
  776. I actually don't hate this plan.d be their rescue team...complete.
  777. We'll be redeployed somewhere else on this worthless world once rescue arrives.
  778. Until then, secure what cargo you can.tter than waiting here.eady to load the weapons when our shuttle it's going better up there than it is down here.
  779. second, Commander.
  780. WHERE THAT IS!g!e'll figure out what's next, Commander.
  781. see it up here, Iden.
  782. The Empire is losing this war.he Empire dies.'t.
  783. We〉e caught in the Eviscerator《 tractor beam.
  784. Hask.
  785. I knew you couldn》 pass up this opportunity.erns.
  786. There《 more going on here than you know.
  787. But I think your attacks on Bespin and Sullust really got under the Admiral《 skin.
  788. He ordered me to kill you.
  789. How could I refuse? You〉e a traitor, to empire and order, and I will see you dead.Admiral is here, then that TIE squadron belongs to't matter.
  790. The Empire's time has come.
  791. He's going down with it.s.
  792. They're heading right for the Corvus.e out those bombers.
  793. Del?re down, I'll hit it with everything I've taking too much damage! on those TIEs!ers off me?!is.
  794. our way!n, please handle those bombers!ost done for here!e TIE squadron inbound.
  795. Iden.
  796. It's special forces.ind a way inside.ould be able to find a maintenance hatch at the back of the ship.
  797. That'll lead us to the bridge.p boop.ull! down too.
  798. Rebel ship with it!th the tractor beam!ound here.trance? You're a genius, Droid.
  799. stems! Let's turn that cannon around.
  800. to go!ntenance hatch should be right around the corner...] the maintenance hatch.
  801. We're getting close to the Incursion.nd you when I'm done., I still remember how to get to the bridge.
  802. 'll do it.
  803. Let's find my father.l evacuated...iral Rax! Need to get to an escape pod.l, this Destroyer is going down.
  804. Del, do you copy?Slice it open, hurry.on't crash...el.
  805. Gotta stay alive.e down there.scape pod! We got it!n't he come?ming Del.bad.
  806. Gotta move.
  807. get it out of the way.ust rendezvous with Admiral Rax! Get to the escape pods!riv found the Corvus on Pillio, we should look there first.
  808. Shriv, you and I will go have a look around.
  809. Zay, stay near the comm, in case we need backup.
  810. Who knows what we〕l find down there.hat we know: Gleb has been kidnapping families from Athulla as part of Project Resurrection.
  811. An entire generation of children are gone; no one knows where.
  812. The parents were taken to Pillio as slaves.
  813. Del promised to help the Athullans rescue their people.
  814. That must be why he went to Pillio.
  815. Maybe he's still there after all...we need to hurry.ding to the navi-computer, Del visited Athulla before he went missing.
  816. For the life of me, I can》 imagine why.
  817. Athulla is a small planet on the edge of the system; populated, but nothing worth visiting.
  818. Del must have had a good reason.
  819. If we〉e going to find him, we need to check it out.t we know: Gleb killed Del because he learned what Project Resurrection had done to Pillio.
  820. Harvesting an entire planet for food would require a pretty big workforce.
  821. If I had to guess, Gleb was recruiting them from Athulla, against their will.
  822. Whatever's going on, we need to stop it.
  823. For Del...I won't let his death be for enough.
  824. Gleb and Jinata Security have been raiding Athulla for years.
  825. Entire families are carted away.
  826. The adults were sent to Pillio, but the children...
  827. We don》 know.
  828. Maybe Vardos, where Gleb runs her operation.
  829. You」e bought us a moment《 peace, but unless Gleb is stopped, her men will return.
  830. ction leads back to Protectorate Gleb.
  831. She《 only grown more ruthless and greedy since the days of the Empire.
  832. Jinata Security has devastated Pillio.
  833. The people of Athulla live in fear of being kidnapped.
  834. Someone has to stand up for the Jinata System.
  835. Del tried.
  836. In return, Gleb had him killed.
  837. So, now it falls to us.
  838. Set a course for Vardos.
  839. It's time we shut down Project Resurrection.Uh...
  840. We have been expecting you.risoner.ysically subdue the prisoner.
  841. I hope that is all right.
  842. My men kept the damage to a minimum.
  843. Some bruising, a few scrapes, a broken bone or two.
  844. Nothing that would get in the way of your questions, of course.
  845. We are not savages.
  846. ot on Coruscant.
  847. This is where [u]you[/u] grew up.u wanted to be part of something.
  848. To be more than just Del Meeko.
  849. Under that helmet, you could be...
  850. brave.lend in.h for both of you.l[/u] submit.ow me! We are officially civilians.
  851. own Ackbar《 invitation.
  852. p peace without me.
  853. I just want to enjoy it.s thinking we‥ name her after your mother.? Not a chance.
  854. Zay, on the other hand...t.
  855. you to join the Resistance?s us.
  856. on [u]both[/u] sides, but when I want to save the galaxy it《 too dangerous.
  857. Nice.
  858. ry in the Outer Rim.
  859. Should only be gone a few days.
  860. a sends his regards, speak with you in person, but his search has led him elsewhere for now.went! last time.a leak.
  861. It《 not my fault it flooded the...
  862. other thing...
  863. do you forget "power converter" but not reactant injector?thought dad wasn》 back for a few more days.
  864. not supposed to be.
  865. Corvus.
  866. Is everything okay, Del?.
  867. You better come aboard.
  868. We have a problem.? Where《 dad? on Pillio, completely empty.
  869. doing there?e Resistance.
  870. Something called Project Resurrection.
  871. Aside from the Corvus, I came up empty.uld have contacted Jinata Security.
  872. f mercenaries? They would」e locked me up and stole my ship.
  873. Besides, I thought you‥ want to handle this personally.king care of your family.y, Dio.
  874. We〉e going to go find him.
  875. Isn》 that right, mom? low his trail.lio and Athulla.
  876. We'll want to check out both.
  877. Don》 you have Resistance business to take care of?s me for fixing the Corvus・hyperdrive motivator.Thank you.
  878. You〉e a good friend.
  879. riv found the Corvus.
  880. kind of metal structure.
  881. Could be why your dad was here.
  882. Let《 check it out.this place in his stories, it always sounded so beautiful.
  883. Clearly a lot has changed since then.eally[/u] meet Luke Skywalker? Or is that just another one of dad《 embellishments? y is actually true.
  884. Meeting Skywalker had quite an effect on your dad.
  885. It《 why he joined the Church of the Force.der.
  886. I bet that was fun.
  887. back on the war, fun is exactly how I describe it.are they doing here?ee where they lead.Whatever happened here, it《 forcing the wildlife to the surface in search of food.
  888. And that would be us.e them?ikes.
  889. explosives? be happy to see us.
  890. Let《 avoid them, if we can.Intruders! Take 'em out!ser brains? Really?《 follow the pipes.《 catching up to you.
  891. I expected to be a little rusty, but nope.ou unlearn.
  892. s in the middle of nowhere.
  893. this on mining planets, but there《 no ore on Pillio.
  894. It《 all organic; nothing but water and coral.thing he shouldn》 have.tors! who could use your skills? The before, I put all that behind me.eve it? They〉e destroying Pillio and selling it off piece-by-piece!《 all I needed to hear! Dad must have found out.
  895. I bet they have him locked up somewhere.
  896. C'mon!Right...
  897. of course.ey look like Stormtroopers.
  898. n.Shriv! this.
  899. Just a little bit faster.
  900. and death!n around.ady to jump, because you〉e headed for a!?does he mean, "Catch us?・o no no no found out about Project Resurrection, but you are standing between me, a bunch of slaves, and a ship-load of credits; and that is a very dangerous place to be.
  901. I〕l give you one chance to stand down.
  902. .ght today was going to be boring.
  903. ack!s, too.
  904. More than I can count.
  905. You are very, very outnumbered.
  906. ze the old days were terrible, right?vus is in the clear.
  907. We〉e going after the frigate.
  908. defended.
  909. You need to take out the starfighters, first.
  910. And the corvettes.
  911. Maybe.
  912. I don》 know.
  913. What do you think? 〕l take it from here.〉e not backing down.
  914. I[ impressed.
  915. Any chance I can convince you to switch sides? als with slavers.u could always surrender.u〉e asking.
  916. The people we work for are real nasty.
  917. I[ a lot more scared of them, than I am of you.posed to be easy.
  918. Steady pay, hot food, a minimum number of people trying to stab me in the back.
  919. In this line of work, that's practically retirement.
  920. You are [u]ruining[/u] my is not working.
  921. Guess I〕l have to do it myself.ighter, and it《 headed your way.
  922. Scans say this thing is packed with illegal modifications.
  923. You two are in for a down.
  924. Sorry Iden, you're on your own.
  925. Just do me a favor.
  926. Add that underworld scum to the asteroid field.
  927. Permanently.ere to get picked off.ely aboard.p, mom.
  928. Just let me get to my X-wing.
  929. ship.
  930. That《 an order.rds I can pass on to Gleb?r myself.l take care of Shriv.
  931. Just keep Leema Kai off our backs.
  932. trouble we」e been causing, I expected some sort of welcome committee.
  933. right now.
  934. So, maybe keep your finger on the trigger.left on the Corvus.
  935. I can handle myself.Gleb killed your father.
  936. I don》 want you doing something you〕l live to regret.s isn》 up for discussion.
  937. I made a call; we〉e sticking to it..hurry up.r.
  938. They〉e stronger than we imagined...gether.
  939. We need to find Zay.Corvus.
  940. the have escaped in one.
  941. Droid, to the bridge.
  942. We need to track the signal of every escape pod that made it.
  943. the others.
  944. Droid, we're close.
  945. Meet us outside the out.
  946. Iden, what if she-.
  947. There is one signal left.Don't apologize.
  948. Just keep looking.acon just reactivated.
  949. And it's...moving?ay.
  950. It has to be.Guess they've done enough damage.way.
  951. Not this your unit to remain on Vardos.
  952. Report.istance doesn》 take orders from Commander Hask.lert! I have rogue TIEs on my position! Take them down.
  953. if we cut through those ships, we〕l never make be able to enter the hangar.have troopers waiting.e hangar.
  954. Dio, try to get me a readout of that Star Destroyer.
  955. We'll find our own way in.hat do you mean, 'uh oh'?just activated.
  956. lot of missiles.ped attacking.
  957. That means-ut of the system.mber how Imperial Star Destroyers would eject trash before jumping to hyperspace? it!r main engine.
  958. The hatch is open right won't be for long.
  959. Get to the hatch!gonna die!where...nd something.
  960. With the doors sealed, that hangar might be the safest place on the go on my own we found this Star Destroyer out of hyperspace.
  961. Shriv?ay?n bombs will shut them down, and this ship will go from lightspeed to stopping in a second.iddle of a jump?! That could tear the ship apart.I[ open to a better idea, if you have one.u]not[/u].
  962. But I really wish I did.ere.ease.
  963. Thank you.dn't say thank you.icers! The Resistance found the First Order《 base.
  964. They〉e making their attack run now! Shriv.
  965. We're almost done here, be ready.soon.
  966. you.old.
  967. Unpredictable! Use your weapon.
  968. Use it!rhood has made you week.A!
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