Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/04/25

MegaBossMan Apr 26th, 2015 229 Never
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  1. (18:03:26) MegaBossMan rings the gong
  2. (18:03:33) ThatGuyNamedMike: No one really noticed ME until I finally started leaving my old buddy Treasure in the dust.
  3. (18:03:39) MegaBossMan: Are we ready to get into our developing mode?
  4. (18:03:42) AdrianMarceau: Alright, so the Sunday Night Chat has started. Let's keep the discussion related to the game and/or website and ideas/suggestions/thoughts regarding them.
  5. (18:03:43) TheDoc was sitting right next to the gong -__-
  6. (18:04:04) Meta: People noticed me in a sorta Bad reason for staying in 31-34 so long, Anyways, Ideas Begin.
  7. (18:04:04) MegaBossMan: And, remember, general conversations go to general chat!
  8. (18:04:16) AdrianMarceau: MegaBossMan will be leading the chat tonight with me sitting in to answer questions and clarify anything.
  9. (18:04:24) MegaBossMan: ^
  10. (18:04:33) AdrianMarceau: Please respect the chat rules else we might have to kick you.  :)
  11. Enjoy!
  12. (18:04:35) Tobyjoey: So, direct pitchforks at Boss?
  13. (18:04:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: Isn't he, always? :P
  14. (18:04:48) MegaBossMan gets ready for the incoming pitchforks
  15. (18:05:08) MegaBossMan: Alright, would we like our news or our idea-suggesting portion first?
  16. (18:05:13) TheDoc: News
  17. (18:05:17) MegaBossMan: I'd assume the News....
  18. (18:05:21) Meta: News.
  19. (18:05:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: ideas.
  20. (18:05:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: Aw, phooey.
  21. (18:05:35) Meta: 2-1.
  22. (18:05:45) TheDoc: News sometimes answers ideas, so it's best to get that out first.
  23. (18:05:59) ThatOneEnderMan gets the flaming pitchforks
  24. (18:06:04) MegaBossMan: And news also SPARK ideas, don't you forget!
  25. (18:06:15) TheDoc: ^
  26. (18:06:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: But, every1 loves watching me be incredulously wrong at things... :P
  27. (18:06:50) MegaBossMan: First off, a lot of recent changes are mainly focused on implementing past ideas suggested in Chat.
  28. (18:07:13) MegaBossMan puts on his reading glasses
  29. (18:07:23) ThatGuyNamedMike: Nice specs.
  30. (18:07:27) MegaBossMan: In a nutshell!
  31. (18:07:42) ThatOneEnderMan Hands a pitchfork to mike
  32. (18:07:44) TailsMK4 readies a fork because he's tired of making sandwiches
  33. (18:08:03) ThatGuyNamedMike: No thanks. My WORDS do all the damage FOR me. :P
  34. (18:08:11) TheDoc nibbles a cuukee
  35. (18:08:35) MegaBossMan: All of the Stat limit mechanic has been finished and completed!
  36. (18:08:39) Meta: Freezes up pepsi and has a snack ready
  37. (18:08:56) TheDoc: Is it available for viewing?
  38. (18:09:06) TailsMK4: Any pictures, or will that be saved for when the update happens?
  39. (18:09:10) MegaBossMan: No screenshots, just news.
  40. (18:09:23) Tobyjoey: LAAAAAAA-Ok
  41. (18:09:27) MegaBossMan: Any and all bugs that came along with it has also been finished, so no worries about that.
  42. (18:09:33) AdrianMarceau apologizes for no screenshots this week >_>
  43. (18:09:39) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh, so, Woody has his 10,000+ Defense, now. fantaaaaaastic.
  44. (18:09:49) MegaBossMan: Obviously, we'll see it in the Update, as always.
  45. (18:09:54) MegaBossMan: Keep that in mind, Mike.
  46. (18:11:00) MegaBossMan: Also, the experience modifiers have been adjusted accordingly, making it so that the 1000 you need to reach the next level will grow in amount.
  47. (18:11:12) TheDoc gives a thumbs up
  48. (18:11:48) MegaBossMan: Next, the Cutter trio of Busters-Namely, Cutter Shot, Cutter Buster, and Cutter overdrive- have been completed.
  49. (18:12:10) MegaBossMan: Of course, the final plan is for each type to have their own specific versions of these moves.
  50. (18:12:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: What do THEY look like? The Cutters?
  51. (18:12:34) MegaBossMan: CUTTING in to my next point-
  52. (18:12:45) TailsMK4 throws the fork at MBM
  53. (18:12:50) AdrianMarceau throws a link
  54. (18:12:50) TheDoc: I think the Buster Trio looks the same for all elements
  55. (18:13:00) Tobyjoey: Now that the Cutter Busters are done, will the others be easier?
  56. (18:13:02) AdrianMarceau explains that it's for the experience modifiers
  57. (18:13:32) TailsMK4: This brings up a question for me.
  58. (18:13:52) TailsMK4: Will it possible to get more than 9,999 EXP, under special conditions of course?
  59. (18:13:56) TailsMK4: *it be possible
  60. (18:14:31) ThatGuyNamedMike: 0 + 1,000 = 14,830?
  61. (18:14:51) TheDoc: Yea, I don't get the max EXP totals...
  62. (18:14:51) AdrianMarceau: It may be possible for super-bosses and some of the final battles, but it will be rare.
  63. (18:15:09) TailsMK4: I think this might be a bit much for grinding...
  64. (18:15:16) TheDoc: Did Adrian just use a Mikey term?
  65. (18:15:26) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yes, he did. :P
  66. (18:15:34) MegaBossMan: I think the 10 levels-limit could be removed, in favor for this.
  67. (18:15:40) ThatGuyNamedMike: He hates me so much that he loves me. :P
  68. (18:15:52) Meta: :P
  69. (18:15:57) AdrianMarceau: Experience is boosted in a lot of different ways in this game, and leveling up happens way more often than it's supposed to. Having the required experience grow a little bit with each level is necessary.
  70. (18:16:30) TailsMK4: Growing is fine for me. I just think given how much EXP you can get, though, makes me think this is growing too much, too quickly.
  71. (18:16:35) Shadownnico: What does that total mean? And why does it start at 14 830?
  72. (18:16:46) Tobyjoey: ^
  73. (18:16:51) Meta: I dunno.
  74. (18:16:56) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's what I just said. :P
  75. (18:17:03) Meta: I guess adrian has something planned with that?
  76. (18:17:42) TailsMK4: In the later levels, 9999 EXP doesn't begin to scratch the surface of how much EXP you need to level up.
  77. (18:17:49) TailsMK4: *doesn't even begin
  78. (18:17:57) MegaBossMan: Only about to level 30 or so.
  79. (18:18:09) MegaBossMan: 33, to be exact.
  80. (18:18:21) ThatGuyNamedMike: Also, I found an oops, here:
  81. (18:18:25) AdrianMarceau: You can completely ignore the final column in that chart - just note the first two. The level and EXP required to next.
  82. (18:19:16) ThatGuyNamedMike: the jump from Level 3 to Lv. 4 is 100 EXP. The jump from 4 to 5 is 80.
  83. (18:19:36) Meta: Also... It'd be IMPOSSIBLE to get to the later levels.
  84. (18:19:59) Meta: ...Unless we get more EXP (Past 9999) From Overkilling + Stars.
  85. (18:20:03) ThatGuyNamedMike: and then, 7 to 8 is 120, while 8 to 9 is 100.
  86. (18:20:05) MegaBossMan: Don't forget, there's a new cast of robots to face that will provide quite a bit of EXP, I'd imagine.
  87. (18:20:21) Meta: (And add a bit for Player bonuses)
  88. (18:20:33) TailsMK4: I think I'm confused with the second column. That's the amount NEEDED to get to the next level, or just the total EXP accumulated to level up?
  89. (18:20:57) AdrianMarceau: The last one is some seed value from the formula I used to get this progression curve. I don't completely understand the 8-line function behind it 100% but it was highly rated on StackOverflow and is apparently a very common one in RPGs.
  90. (18:21:17) TailsMK4: I read the second column as say needing to get 1 million EXP in order to level up, not just getting like 70,000 from the second viewpoint.
  91. (18:21:19) AdrianMarceau: Looking at the experience-to-next values it yields, I decided it was the best for the job.
  92. (18:21:22) Shadownnico: Also, there's an experience value for Level 100 when it shouldn't have one (unless 101 is the new max level)
  93. (18:21:50) MegaBossMan: I think that's the experience you need to reach Level 100.
  94. (18:22:03) MegaBossMan: From 99, that is.
  95. (18:22:11) Tobyjoey: Than why is there one at 1 as well?
  96. (18:22:22) TheDoc: That would also mean that it requires 1,000 EXP to reach level 1
  97. (18:22:24) TailsMK4: Level 1: 1,000.
  98. (18:22:36) ThatGuyNamedMike: Pffft.
  99. (18:22:39) AdrianMarceau: Well, luckily the entire game references one singular function call so I can tweak/replace it fairly easily if it doesn't work out.
  100. (18:22:47) TailsMK4: Then from there, is it 70 exp to get to level 2, or 1,070 EXP to get to level 2?
  101. (18:22:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: 1,070.
  102. (18:22:59) TailsMK4: ...
  103. (18:23:07) TailsMK4: I hate this already.
  104. (18:23:08) TheDoc: Yea, that just shows much is required to level up again
  105. (18:23:34) TailsMK4: That means when you get 9999 EXP per have to do 101 battles to get from level 99 to level 100.
  106. (18:23:41) AdrianMarceau: Yeah, the exact math isn't important yet and you wont have to know it at all.
  107. (18:23:52) TheDoc: Didn't Adrian say that overkill was capped at 9,999, not the EXP you can get? Or am I remembering this wrong?
  108. (18:24:12) MegaBossMan: Overkill is capped based on the level of your target.
  109. (18:24:17) Meta: EXP is 9999,
  110. (18:24:17) AdrianMarceau: After you level up, just hover your little EXP gauge and see that the new amount is a little more than last time or a lot more in the later levels.
  111. (18:24:40) Meta: But if we're gonna need So much to level to one...
  112. (18:24:48) Meta: We should have more for EXP
  113. (18:24:51) TailsMK4: I hope the math gets adjusted. Later levels are going to be probably a larger grindfest than it is to get Starforce.
  114. (18:25:10) AdrianMarceau: It's likely I'll play with the formula as I test and tweak, so please only focus on the fact that required experience will rise as you level up further.
  115. (18:25:32) MegaBossMan: As long as the values get tweaked a bit, I'm fine overall with the idea.
  116. (18:25:42) TailsMK4: I'm fine with growing EXP.
  117. (18:25:44) Shadownnico: There should be only 99 level ups instead of the 100 that appear in the pastebin, because or else you'll either start at level 0 or cap at level 101
  118. (18:26:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yaaaaaay, caps that don't stop at level 100! xD
  119. (18:26:21) AdrianMarceau: Yeah, I realize that doesn't make sense now. Should have had a < 100 rather than a <= 100
  120. (18:26:32) AdrianMarceau: Anyway, sorry I killed that one.
  121. (18:26:40) AdrianMarceau: About overkill
  122. (18:26:52) TheDoc: BA-DUM-TSSSSS
  123. (18:26:58) AdrianMarceau: It's limited, yes, but it's directly based on the target's max life energy.
  124. (18:27:12) AdrianMarceau: You can never get more overkill than their base/max energy.
  125. (18:27:35) TheDoc: That's quite the cap from what it is now
  126. (18:28:02) AdrianMarceau: On a robot with 1000 LE, for example, even if you used the most powerful ability imaginable and OHKOed it to oblivion, the max overkill yield would also be 1000.
  127. (18:28:13) TailsMK4: Currently, you can get 9999 just from overkill even at level 1.
  128. (18:28:22) AdrianMarceau: Yes, that will not be happening anymore.
  129. (18:28:30) rotomslashblast: Anyway, I was thinking ab out items that if you steal them, hurt you.
  130. (18:28:34) rotomslashblast: about*
  131. (18:28:42) AdrianMarceau: The idea of a Met giving any Level 100 robot 9999 exp is ridiculous.
  132. (18:28:47) rotomslashblast: this also goes for getting rid of an item.
  133. (18:28:49) MegaBossMan: Rotom, please stay on topic.
  134. (18:29:10) rotomslashblast: *facepalm* I thought this was dev room?
  135. (18:29:18) AdrianMarceau: Sorry Boss, I guess "stat limits are done" was a lie. >_>
  136. (18:29:21) TheDoc: It is, but right now we're discussing EXP
  137. (18:29:22) TailsMK4: It's news time atm, idea-sharing later.
  138. (18:29:32) MegaBossMan: Yes, but we're discussing overkill limits now.
  139. (18:29:50) rotomslashblast: Here's a story, btw.
  140. (18:29:51) AdrianMarceau: At least everything points to a single formula now so it's easy to change.
  141. (18:29:56) TailsMK4: Any other news, MBM?
  142. (18:30:01) MegaBossMan: Plenty.
  143. (18:30:07) TailsMK4: rotom, not now. Save it for later.
  144. (18:30:22) rotomslashblast: wanna take it to private chat?
  145. (18:30:27) AdrianMarceau: Yes, please continue. And unless it's related to what we're talking about please hold for now Rotom.
  146. (18:30:34) TailsMK4: You can talk about it after the news are done.
  147. (18:30:44) rotomslashblast: It involves my pharoahman getting a crapton of EXP.
  148. (18:31:09) MegaBossMan: Alrighty, as I was saying
  149. (18:31:11) TailsMK4: We may have already covered your scenario, but I guess try to keep the story short.
  150. (18:31:16) rotomslashblast: (Seriously, pharoah is my first level-100-er)
  151. (18:31:17) TheDoc: @Rotom Yea that kind of example is why we discussed new EXP limits right now :P
  152. (18:31:41) rotomslashblast: I think exp limits would be terrible for this story.
  153. (18:31:51) AdrianMarceau: >_>
  154. (18:32:06) TheDoc: @rotom I'd rather you share the story elsewhere. Right now, we need to move on
  155. (18:32:08) MegaBossMan: It's necessary, though. At least, to balance this game out.
  156. (18:32:14) MegaBossMan: Yes, can I move on now?
  157. (18:32:19) TheDoc: Yes
  158. (18:32:24) ThatGuyNamedMike: They're already in place, Blast. Why do you think no one's bots are at Level 101? :P
  159. (18:32:24) TailsMK4: Let's move on, then.
  160. (18:32:25) AdrianMarceau: Shoot
  161. (18:32:33) MegaBossMan: Alrighty, as I was saying-
  162. (18:32:55) MegaBossMan rewinds a bit
  163. (18:33:14) MegaBossMan: CUTTING into my next point
  164. (18:33:20) TailsMK4: Oh, right...
  165. (18:33:24) TailsMK4 throws the fork again
  166. (18:33:40) MegaBossMan: I'll be bringing up quite a few changes to the shop mechanic!
  167. (18:33:49) MegaBossMan dodges the fork
  168. (18:34:13) rotomslashblast: If you guys wanna do that, can you do it in private chat?
  169. (18:34:42) MegaBossMan: Each, and every shop, now has a bit of a "level", depending on buying and selling items to your shopkeeper.
  170. (18:35:18) MegaBossMan: As you sell and buy more from a shopkeeper, the items Auto and Reggae hold will expand.
  171. (18:35:29) rotomslashblast: I know this is off topic, but you should really check out "to defeat them all".
  172. (18:35:43) TheDoc: @rotom Again, don't get off-topic
  173. (18:35:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh, great. BP are now completely useless [outside of bragging rights]. :(
  174. (18:35:49) rotomslashblast: Sawry.
  175. (18:35:51) AdrianMarceau: @Rotom, do you want me to kick you?
  176. (18:35:53) TailsMK4: I think we established already that selling Cores eventually allows Reggae to sell the new abilities.
  177. (18:35:54) rotomslashblast: :(
  178. (18:36:21) MegaBossMan: As for Kalinka, she'll be willing to purchase your stars for a higher zenny price.
  179. (18:37:00) Tobyjoey: I'm sorry guys, but I will be eating for about 10 min
  180. (18:37:03) AdrianMarceau: A shop's level naturally increases as you interact with them, but the benefit of that level is different for every shop.
  181. (18:37:16) rotomslashblast: Bai Mentlegen
  182. (18:37:27) MegaBossMan: Also, when you buy an ability from Reggae's shop, it'll be available for each doctor, unlike having to buy the same ability for each docotr.
  183. (18:37:28) AdrianMarceau: @Toby see you later
  184. (18:37:30) MegaBossMan: *doctor
  185. (18:37:37) TailsMK4: Should we go into more detail regarding each shop, or you guys are just talking in general?
  186. (18:37:40) ThatGuyNamedMike: I just wanna say that this is a completely lopsided feature in favor of Auto.
  187. (18:38:12) AdrianMarceau: Yes, Reggae's shop is now SO much easier to work with and less annoying. Buy once and equip to any.
  188. (18:38:25) MegaBossMan: Oh, and speaking of our favorite Wily-bird.....
  189. (18:38:44) AdrianMarceau: Well, for Auto's Shop, his inventory of items expands as he levels up.
  190. (18:39:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Not that. you pick up collectibles that can be easily sold as his shop.
  191. (18:39:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: *at his shop.
  192. (18:39:33) AdrianMarceau: For Reggae's Shop, his inventory of Neutral Type abilities expands via level up (but elemental ones still require cores, whose sell price is based on starforce).
  193. (18:39:56) ThatGuyNamedMike: This is on TOP of the fact that he's the only shop in the game that buys and sells collectibles.
  194. (18:39:57) TailsMK4: Speaking of the Core prices...
  195. (18:40:08) TailsMK4: I'm wondering if that should get tweaked a bit.
  196. (18:40:15) AdrianMarceau: To be less dramatic?
  197. (18:40:20) TheDoc: Yes
  198. (18:40:25) TailsMK4: It's way too easy right now to accumulate a lot of Zenny in a short time.
  199. (18:40:25) MegaBossMan: Eh....
  200. (18:40:45) TheDoc: I can easily make 1,000,000z with the cores I have in my pocket right now.
  201. (18:40:56) AdrianMarceau: Yes, the zenny boost will be changed to be more in line with the new version of starforce.
  202. (18:40:57) TailsMK4: I was thinking more having the price be influenced based on number of robots on your teams of that particular element.
  203. (18:41:17) AdrianMarceau: Instead of adding +10% for each star, it'll only be +10z
  204. (18:41:24) TailsMK4: You can almost sell a single Flame, Electric, or Cutter core for about 20,000 Zenny.
  205. (18:41:32) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's actually Brilliant, Tails.
  206. (18:41:51) AdrianMarceau: Hmmm
  207. (18:42:03) TailsMK4: I was thinking keeping the base price at 1,000, but have it go to 2,000 for one robot, and add 2,000 more for each additional robot.
  208. (18:42:07) ThatGuyNamedMike: I mean, Cutter cores would be more useful to you, seeing as how we have Cut, Metal and Needle.
  209. (18:42:34) TailsMK4: This not only curbs the crazy amount of Zenny you get from Cores, but provides people with another reason to unlock the other robots.
  210. (18:42:49) AdrianMarceau: That's a pretty good idea.
  211. (18:42:52) TailsMK4: You still get a lot of Zenny from Cores.
  212. (18:43:15) AdrianMarceau: Can we think of any story reason why this would happen?
  213. (18:43:29) AdrianMarceau: Just to justify it in-game?
  214. (18:43:37) TailsMK4: I was going at this from a functional standpoint. :/
  215. (18:43:41) MegaBossMan: Something to do with their data?
  216. (18:43:46) AdrianMarceau: No no, that's fine. I'm asking everyone else too.
  217. (18:43:47) Rhythm_BCA: more data of the element backing it
  218. (18:43:55) Rhythm_BCA: so it's worth more to the buyer
  219. (18:43:59) TailsMK4: Could be that as you unlock more robots, the Doctors get more information about each element.
  220. (18:44:01) Rhythm_BCA: or vice versa
  221. (18:44:18) AdrianMarceau: I rationalized the starforce was causing the cores to glow more brightly and thus be worth more, but we can do whatever we want for the most part.
  222. (18:44:21) TailsMK4: And thus the elements that are more well-known to them become more valuable.
  223. (18:44:50) AdrianMarceau: Yeah, those ideas might work.
  224. (18:44:54) TheDoc: What if you made it based on abilities instead of robots?
  225. (18:44:59) AdrianMarceau: Would certainly curb the crazy-amounts you get.
  226. (18:45:02) TheDoc: Literally just saying whatever comes to mind
  227. (18:45:19) MegaBossMan: I like the data backing up the core value myself.
  228. (18:45:22) TailsMK4: I just suggested that since that was my primary concern about Zenny.
  229. (18:45:25) AdrianMarceau: So... the more of a certain ability type you have the more you get for the core?
  230. (18:45:38) Meta: I see.
  231. (18:45:47) TheDoc: The only reason I would say this as opposed to robots is because more cores will power up.
  232. (18:45:57) AdrianMarceau: Very true.
  233. (18:45:58) TheDoc: How many Laser abilities are there as opposed to robot types?
  234. (18:46:27) TailsMK4: Abilities could work, too, but I thought robots first since that's a bit easier to calculate the values.
  235. (18:46:29) AdrianMarceau: Not many, but more to be sure.
  236. (18:46:40) AdrianMarceau: Hmmm
  237. (18:46:49) TailsMK4: I'd like it to wait until maybe MM9 or MM10 robots are unlockable before Cores get sold for like a quarter million per Core.
  238. (18:47:02) MegaBossMan: And for dual-core attacks? They'd boost two values?
  239. (18:47:11) AdrianMarceau: So we have unlocked robots and unlocked ability counts as options.
  240. (18:47:16) TheDoc: That's what I was thinking
  241. (18:47:19) TailsMK4: Not quarter 25,000 - 30,000.
  242. (18:47:30) TheDoc: But if it's easier to calculate robots, just go with that if you want
  243. (18:47:45) AdrianMarceau: I think I like the idea of core-value appreciating as you unlock more of that type of robot.
  244. (18:48:02) AdrianMarceau: Maybe the cores represent a kind of battery, so if you have more of those robots around you're gonna need more batteries.
  245. (18:48:03) TheDoc: Okay
  246. (18:48:24) AdrianMarceau: Or rather, Reggae is going to need more and will thus pay more for them.
  247. (18:48:29) AdrianMarceau: Or something along those lines.
  248. (18:48:41) AdrianMarceau: Goodbye starforce boost. :'(
  249. (18:48:46) TailsMK4: Another reason for the suggestion...
  250. (18:48:55) TailsMK4: Copy and Neutral Cores become valuable too.
  251. (18:49:28) TailsMK4: Laser and Shield Cores would be unchanged...but that's just due to not having a lot of them planned.
  252. (18:49:34) TailsMK4: *a lot of those robots planned.
  253. (18:50:13) TailsMK4: I know you like the concept of Starforce boosting the Cores...but it's just crazy Zenny for just one Core.
  254. (18:50:14) MegaBossMan: Then again, it's not like it's going to be easy to find the Shield and Laser cores. Have to rely on Sniper Joe and Beak for that.
  255. (18:50:43) TailsMK4: And once MM5 comes around...Electric Cores will make grinding Zenny like a cakewalk.
  256. (18:50:45) AdrianMarceau: You know what Tails, you're right.
  257. (18:51:14) AdrianMarceau: I think that works out well, and I do like the possibility of boosting Neutral Core sell prices.
  258. (18:51:25) TheDoc: Yea, I just felt like more Core-types get included with abilities, which is why I suggested that. It's honestly not a significant issue though.
  259. (18:51:42) TailsMK4: And I think TheDoc's point could be implemented along the way.
  260. (18:51:57) TailsMK4: A minor influence, but perhaps some could be applied later.
  261. (18:52:13) AdrianMarceau: For now, I'm going to "accept" the robot core idea (it easy an easily accessible value) and go with that. And in the future we'll revisit and see if abilities would be more appropriate or useful.
  262. (18:52:32) TailsMK4: Fair enough. Any one got anything to add to this?
  263. (18:52:38) TheDoc: Nope. I'm content.
  264. (18:52:42) MegaBossMan: Seems like it works so far.
  265. (18:52:58) TailsMK4: I'll try to remember to post this idea later in my thread.
  266. (18:53:10) ThatGuyNamedMike: So does this mean that Starforce won't be a stat booster, if this gets implemented?
  267. (18:53:29) TailsMK4: No, Starforce just wouldn't be a tool for increasing Core values.
  268. (18:53:43) AdrianMarceau: Correct.
  269. (18:53:44) TheDoc: Starforce will be unchanged
  270. (18:53:51) TheDoc: Sorry, Mike :P
  271. (18:53:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh. nvm. -_-
  272. (18:53:55) AdrianMarceau: :P
  273. (18:54:03) MegaBossMan: You know, besides all the other changes.
  274. (18:54:22) TailsMK4: Shall we move on to the next idea?
  275. (18:54:26) TailsMK4: *next bit of news?
  276. (18:54:38) AdrianMarceau: Yes, let us.
  277. (18:54:47) TailsMK4: Unless there's more to be said regarding changes to the shops.
  278. (18:54:57) MegaBossMan: Did I mention the Reggae thing?
  279. (18:55:03) TheDoc: I believe so
  280. (18:55:17) MegaBossMan: The amount you need to sell to get abilities?
  281. (18:55:26) TheDoc: Uhhhhhhh
  282. (18:55:36) AdrianMarceau: Ah, that. The amounts may change, as always, but this is what I'm working with right now.
  283. (18:55:37) TailsMK4: We talked about Reggae, but any specifics regarding the final shop? (no, we didn't talk about the amount needed to sell to get abilities)
  284. (18:56:02) AdrianMarceau: Final shop (the Tron one) was scrapped. Still only three shops for now.
  285. (18:56:14) TailsMK4: I said final shop cause I'm blanking on her name. lol
  286. (18:56:26) TheDoc: Kalinka
  287. (18:56:32) TailsMK4: ^
  288. (18:56:51) AdrianMarceau: Oh, her.
  289. (18:57:17) AdrianMarceau: I'll let Boss finish first.
  290. (18:57:55) MegaBossMan: Now, for example, selling your best pal Reggae 3 flame cores will give him enough material to make the Flame Shot.
  291. (18:58:20) MegaBossMan: [As said, numbers aren't final]
  292. (18:58:42) TailsMK4: [To me the amount is too low, but moving on. lol ]
  293. (18:58:43) MegaBossMan: Sell him another 6 Flame cores, making that an amount of 9, will give him enough material to make the Flame Buster.
  294. (18:59:11) MegaBossMan: Selling him 12 Flame Cores, in total, will provide him with enough material to make the Flame Overdrive.
  295. (18:59:27) MegaBossMan: After that, Attack Blaze, Attack Burn, etc
  296. (18:59:44) TailsMK4: Oh, I see.
  297. (18:59:46) TheDoc: So if you sold 12 Flame Cores, you'd unlock all of the Buster Trio?
  298. (18:59:52) AdrianMarceau: And the 3 -> 9 -> 12 aren't final. In fact I think 3 6 9 12 etc. might work better\
  299. (18:59:52) TailsMK4: I thought it was just to unlock the busters.
  300. (18:59:57) TheDoc: Or osmething like that
  301. (18:59:57) AdrianMarceau: but not important
  302. (19:00:01) TheDoc: *something
  303. (19:00:11) TailsMK4: Now the numbers seem a little more reasonable.
  304. (19:00:27) MegaBossMan: Personally, I think that it should go in an order from Flame Shot, Attack Burn, Flame Buster, Attack Blaze, etc...
  305. (19:00:40) TailsMK4: That sounds good to me, actuall.
  306. (19:00:41) AdrianMarceau: That might work too.
  307. (19:00:43) TailsMK4: *actually.
  308. (19:00:45) MegaBossMan: Any notes on that?
  309. (19:00:54) TheDoc: But I'm saying can you unlock them all at once? Or should it be you can only unlock one at a time?
  310. (19:00:57) AdrianMarceau: I was thinking of how to space 'em out.
  311. (19:01:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: Who uses Attack Burn? Seriously.
  312. (19:01:13) AdrianMarceau: You could unlock them all if you sold a buttload of cores at once.
  313. (19:01:20) TailsMK4: Might not be a bad choice later. :P
  314. (19:01:25) TailsMK4: @Mikey
  315. (19:01:48) MegaBossMan: A flame core robot, who gets the reduced WE amount for it.
  316. (19:02:05) TailsMK4: And the ability is enhanced by Starforce, correct?
  317. (19:02:25) MegaBossMan: (whispers to AdrianMarceau) These moves work in percents, right? So it wouldn't be boosted by SF?
  318. (19:02:30) Shadownnico: Attack Burn can set the enemy's attack to 1 if you have enough Starforce
  319. (19:02:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: It's percentage based, so, of course, it does.
  320. (19:02:42) AdrianMarceau: Maybe we'll have multiple on a certain "tier" unlock at specific levels? Like, 3 cores give you the buster shot, 6 cores gives you all the blaze, 9 gives you the buster, 12 gives you all the burn, 15 gives you the overdrive?
  321. (19:02:45) Meta: I see...
  322. (19:03:10) AdrianMarceau: (whispers) Correct, percent and starforce do not mix.
  323. (19:03:20) MegaBossMan: Actually, no, it wouldn't.
  324. (19:03:20) TailsMK4: Sounds good to me. I'm just only thinking that the numbers could be a little higher since it's not too hard to get Cores.
  325. (19:03:40) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, of course, These percentage-based, stat-reducing moves will be a difficulty killer later on, of course.
  326. (19:03:49) MegaBossMan: Since Starforce doesn't work in percents anymore, these wouldn't benefit from SF. However, weaknesses are not the same way.
  327. (19:03:52) AdrianMarceau: I don't know what you guys are doing but in my plays cores are not terribly easy to get when you're hunting on purpose. At least for me.
  328. (19:03:58) AdrianMarceau: Getting 9 earlier was a real pain.
  329. (19:04:16) TailsMK4: I could get 9-10 probably in five minutes.
  330. (19:04:27) ThatGuyNamedMike: LESS if you FD3. :P
  331. (19:04:28) MegaBossMan: I have bad luck with getting cores.
  332. (19:04:39) TailsMK4: Fusion Fields.
  333. (19:05:04) TailsMK4: Get two of the same element together and use an ability that is either aoe or allows you to select a target.
  334. (19:05:08) TailsMK4: Rinse and repeat.
  335. (19:05:39) MegaBossMan: Alright, next point?
  336. (19:05:39) TailsMK4: And it's also possible to drop a core off a very powerful shot, too. I've gotten Cores with Proto Strike.
  337. (19:06:04) TheDoc: Next point.
  338. (19:06:15) ThatGuyNamedMike: Probably a neutral thing, Tails. :P
  339. (19:06:16) TailsMK4: I'm done, so let's go to the next point.
  340. (19:06:53) MegaBossMan: You know how when you start Wily's campaign, you have your level 11 Bass versus these level 11-20 bots?
  341. (19:06:59) Meta: (I'm just saying i see every now and then, I want to watch and listen... I dunno what i'll do tommorow. I have a Breathing problem right now, but it seems water Is fixing it. I COULD drink the rest of my pepsi, But i'll drink the rest of my water. I'm also eating, But i dunno. Maybe i should stop drinking pepsi for a week or so.)
  342. (19:07:12) TailsMK4: Meta... :/
  343. (19:07:35) Meta: (Tails, Everyone, Just letting you know. Back to idling.)
  344. (19:07:42) ThatGuyNamedMike: Thereby making Bass's story a cakewalk [not to mention Cossack's].
  345. (19:07:53) MegaBossMan: >Cossack's story a cakewalk
  346. (19:07:58) TailsMK4: Except for Toad Man. @Mikey
  347. (19:08:27) ThatGuyNamedMike: ESPECIALLY Toad Man. You can just get Bubble on him.
  348. (19:08:41) TailsMK4: Any other robot, Mikey?
  349. (19:08:53) MegaBossMan: Since campaigns work a bit differently now, each story now starts at level 1, and progresses similarly.
  350. (19:09:09) MegaBossMan: Of course, you're still fighting different robots each campaign, with different stats, weapons, etc...
  351. (19:09:12) ThatGuyNamedMike: Heck, Bass could OHKO him with the proper attack.
  352. (19:09:36) TheDoc: @Mike & Tails Let him finish, guys
  353. (19:10:11) MegaBossMan: So, you're no longer facing Bubble Man at level 11 or whatever-You're facing him at level 2.
  354. (19:10:30) MegaBossMan: Beat him, each robot gets boosted up to level 3.
  355. (19:10:32) TailsMK4: Which means Bubble Man would only have his Bubble Spray attack.
  356. (19:10:50) MegaBossMan: Unless you're facing him at level 6 :P
  357. (19:10:57) TailsMK4: This also means that Chapter 4 would have lower levels as well?
  358. (19:11:19) MegaBossMan: Yes, more consistent with each other.
  359. (19:11:25) TailsMK4: All right.
  360. (19:11:25) ThatGuyNamedMike: Now, mind you, when *I* pitched this, I said that it would really only work if transferal of robots between doctors wasn't possible at this point.
  361. (19:11:28) rotomslashblast: That would make walkthroughs harder IMO.
  362. (19:11:37) ThatGuyNamedMike: *transferral
  363. (19:12:04) ThatGuyNamedMike: Otherwise, we can just fetch out Level 9 Mega Man on everyone.
  364. (19:12:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: *fetch our
  365. (19:12:38) MegaBossMan: Any more discussion on the matter?
  366. (19:12:53) rotomslashblast: I don't have to worry, because PHARAOH MAN ORB OF DOOM aka pharaoh shot obliterates enemies.
  367. (19:12:54) Meta: Brb for a few.
  368. (19:12:56) TailsMK4: None from me.
  369. (19:13:05) TheDoc: I'm not sure where Mikey stands on this.
  370. (19:13:26) TheDoc: Is that a thumbs up or thumbs down?
  371. (19:13:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: .....transferal of robots should be an unlockable feature that becomes available when the FD levels are unlocked for all docs. This idea is a shambles, otherwise.
  372. (19:14:02) MegaBossMan: The editor for the held item mechanic is being set up. Speaking of, this editor and the Player Field editor will be hidden in the story until unlocked.
  373. (19:14:56) MegaBossMan: For Player Fields, it doesn't appear until a robot's doctor has completed Chapter 1, and for the Held Item mechanic, it doesn't appear until you finish all three Chapter 1 missions.
  374. (19:15:07) rotomslashblast: What do you mean by player field editor?
  375. (19:15:09) MegaBossMan: As you can see, Chapter 1 is a big deal, progression-wise.
  376. (19:15:27) TheDoc: @rotom I think he means where you switch around fields to create Fusion Fields
  377. (19:15:33) rotomslashblast: oh.
  378. (19:15:33) MegaBossMan: The tab that says Players. Where you can mix with your fields.
  379. (19:15:52) TailsMK4: Wait...
  380. (19:16:03) MegaBossMan: Yes?
  381. (19:16:04) TailsMK4: So people don't even have to fight the MM1 robots in Light's story?
  382. (19:16:15) MegaBossMan: I mean, they still have to fight them.
  383. (19:16:26) MegaBossMan: Because the MM1 fields are all that the doctor has at that moment.
  384. (19:16:29) TailsMK4: You have the option to switch fields. That affects the Chapter 2 battles too.
  385. (19:16:50) ThatGuyNamedMike: Bathroom. brb.
  386. (19:17:00) MegaBossMan: You can't have Light fight Metal Man in Chapter 2, he still has to fight Cut Man.
  387. (19:17:07) rotomslashblast: well what about items?
  388. (19:17:18) TailsMK4: But Bass could fight Cut Man instead of Metal Man in Wily's story.
  389. (19:17:34) MegaBossMan: (whispers to AdrianMarceau) You mind clearing this up?
  390. (19:17:38) TheDoc: @rotom to hold an item, you have to finish the first 3 Chapters if I understood correctly
  391. (19:17:45) TheDoc: Which I may not have...
  392. (19:17:54) MegaBossMan: The first chapter for each doctor.
  393. (19:18:06) rotomslashblast: I finished that chapters.
  394. (19:18:15) MegaBossMan: And remember, it's not just the Met mission in that chapter in the Update.
  395. (19:18:24) TailsMK4: Sorry, I think I'm going against the idea of the Player Field editor being unlocked so early.
  396. (19:18:35) MegaBossMan: Yes, but you can't edit the fields.
  397. (19:18:43) rotomslashblast: Also I think there should be a doctor that increases the max HP of a robot
  398. (19:18:43) TailsMK4: Until when?
  399. (19:19:01) TheDoc: @Tails it wouldn't matter, though; you haven't unlocked the 2nd Chapter by then
  400. (19:19:03) rotomslashblast: Probably Mr. X
  401. (19:19:04) TailsMK4: If you can't edit the fields, why make them visible when you can't do anything to them right then?
  402. (19:19:17) MegaBossMan: Kalinka is the same way.
  403. (19:19:35) MegaBossMan: You still unlock her pretty early in the game, but she can't do anything for you at the moment.
  404. (19:19:37) AdrianMarceau: Sorry guys, was away for a moment.
  405. (19:19:41) TailsMK4: Uh...
  406. (19:19:46) TheDoc: @Tails Yea, I agree with you on that; there's really no reason to have it unlocked so early
  407. (19:19:53) TailsMK4: She's unlocked for me after I finish FD on all three stories.
  408. (19:20:01) MegaBossMan: Not in the Update.
  409. (19:20:13) AdrianMarceau: I think something got lost in translation with Boss. When I said the player field would be hidden, I meant the player TRANSFER field in the robot editor
  410. (19:20:20) rotomslashblast: Do you have plans to maek Mr. X playable?
  411. (19:20:25) rotomslashblast: make*
  412. (19:20:29) TailsMK4: Oh.
  413. (19:20:32) TheDoc: @rotom Stop getting off-topic.
  414. (19:20:34) MegaBossMan: 0_0
  415. (19:20:38) rotomslashblast: as in, an HP-boosting master>
  416. (19:20:43) rotomslashblast: ?****
  417. (19:20:51) TailsMK4: I was referring to the FIELD transfer.
  418. (19:20:55) MegaBossMan: Yeah, that was a translation matter there. Incredibly sorry about that.
  419. (19:21:10) AdrianMarceau: Yes, I think info about two different things got combined.  :P
  420. (19:21:16) rotomslashblast: Wanna take this to private chat anyone?
  421. (19:21:26) AdrianMarceau: You know how, in the ROBOT editor, it shows the current player?
  422. (19:21:26) TailsMK4: So in this case, doctors can't switch robots until they finish the Chapter 1s of each story?
  423. (19:21:36) AdrianMarceau: Like, who that robot is under ownership of?
  424. (19:22:11) AdrianMarceau: That "field", that dropdown will not appear until it's actually relevant and that robot can BE transferred.
  425. (19:22:46) AdrianMarceau: And yes, you are correct. No robot can be transferred until his original owner has completed at least chapter one (which now consists of three missions).
  426. (19:23:09) TailsMK4: That still is nothing new, though. We have this already.
  427. (19:23:11) AdrianMarceau: Wait... no. That's wrong.
  428. (19:23:20) AdrianMarceau: SHOPs are unlocked after Chapter One.
  429. (19:23:48) TailsMK4: *facepalm* I guess this bit of news wasn't prepared properly.
  430. (19:23:51) AdrianMarceau: Transfers are not unlocked until that player has completed chapter three (the rival battles).
  431. (19:24:15) MegaBossMan: Yeah, I think that was a bit of a mistype.
  432. (19:24:17) AdrianMarceau: I sent it in an email earlier, guess some of the info got mixed up.
  433. (19:24:27) TailsMK4: Ok, all the confusion is cleared up for me.
  434. (19:24:37) TailsMK4: When do the FIELD transfers get unlocked?
  435. (19:24:55) AdrianMarceau: As such, each player will really be on their own in terms of robots until they've met up with the others.
  436. (19:25:42) AdrianMarceau: Warning, this idea is in progress, but I want to make it very clear when and why these things are unlocked.
  437. (19:25:48) AdrianMarceau: So I think there are going to be key items.
  438. (19:26:43) TheDoc: @rotom I will kick you. Please stop getting off-topic. Save those for when we have our idea section of the chat
  439. (19:26:58) rotomslashblast: Sorry :(
  440. (19:27:00) AdrianMarceau: Each player will earn a key items called the "Subspace Communicator" after they complete Chapter One, for example, which unlocks certain features.
  441. (19:27:34) AdrianMarceau: Each player that has collected the "Subspace Communicator" (or whatever we call it) will be able to share items and abilities.
  442. (19:28:01) AdrianMarceau: Later on in the game the communicator gets an upgrade that will allow you to transfer robots too.
  443. (19:28:41) AdrianMarceau: And then finally it gets an upgrade that allows you "intercept data from parallel universes" (player battles, of course).
  444. (19:28:43) Meta: :P
  445. (19:28:49) MegaBossMan: Hehe.
  446. (19:28:52) TheDoc: To other players?
  447. (19:28:56) TailsMK4: This ties to my previous question. When would it get the ability to adjust the battles in Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 to get other robots fightable?
  448. (19:29:03) MegaBossMan: So, I assume these key items would go in your items tab?
  449. (19:29:30) ThatGuyNamedMike: subspace communicator.....? Wouldn't be needed if the FD levels remained locked until all Chapter 4 fusion battles are complete.
  450. (19:30:31) AdrianMarceau: None of these are "needed", but I want to make it more obvious when and why certain mechanics are unlocked when they are to NEW players.
  451. (19:30:53) AdrianMarceau: Story-wise, it would make more sense if these features were unlocked as the three players established better communication among themselves.
  452. (19:31:17) AdrianMarceau: Doing it with a key item or key items that serve no other purpose works out well and is used often in RPGs.
  453. (19:31:34) TailsMK4: (whispers) Can't get my question answered from Adrian. When would the Player tab (changing fields) be unlocked in the update?
  454. (19:31:36) ThatGuyNamedMike: ......soooo, we care about a story, now?
  455. (19:31:44) AdrianMarceau: Just so when someone says "when can I transfer robots?" you can give an easy answer like "make sure that player has a subspace communicator".
  456. (19:32:07) AdrianMarceau: I think this is less worrying about "story" and plot and more about the basic narrative.
  457. (19:32:10) MegaBossMan: (whispers to TailsMK4) I don't know. Most likely after Chapter 4 or 5.
  458. (19:32:12) AdrianMarceau: Like, Mario level narrative.
  459. (19:32:35) MegaBossMan: That's the Miyamoto way!
  460. (19:32:40) AdrianMarceau: Lol.
  461. (19:32:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: Even New Super Mario Brothers Wii keeps it simple: Beat level, unlock next set of levels. :P
  462. (19:33:07) TailsMK4: Maybe have a rogue robot hop out of the fortress and the doctor chases it. lol
  463. (19:33:35) AdrianMarceau: And finally, @Tails, the ability to swap around your fields will be unlocked only after you've collected all the stars in a campaign by default (12 for each doctor).
  464. (19:33:48) AdrianMarceau: And those star will only appear about half way through the story.
  465. (19:33:49) MegaBossMan: (whispers to TailsMK4) There ya go.
  466. (19:33:51) TailsMK4: Oh, ok.
  467. (19:34:17) MegaBossMan: (whispers to AdrianMarceau) Would you like to mention the Cache chapter levels and the Outside item usage, since I've screwed up my fair share?
  468. (19:34:25) TailsMK4: Any more news? We've been going at this for an hour and a half now. lol
  469. (19:34:36) AdrianMarceau: @Mike it is that simple, for the most part, but the harder-to-understand mechanics like shared items and abilities and transferring robots need some kind of tangible thing for players to latch onto.
  470. (19:34:52) AdrianMarceau: (whispers) No, please go ahead, you'll be fine. I have to finish dinner.
  471. (19:35:05) TheDoc: Speaking of which, the Mechanics section of the Community is gonna need more threads after this Update.
  472. (19:35:14) MegaBossMan: (whispers to AdrianMarceau) Got it.
  473. (19:35:17) TheDoc blows dust off of Mechanics section
  474. (19:35:18) MegaBossMan: Actually, Doc....
  475. (19:35:19) AdrianMarceau: Absolutely.  :P
  476. (19:35:22) TailsMK4: Yeah, the forum is...pretty much empty.
  477. (19:35:36) MegaBossMan: Last time I checked the screenshots, the Mechanics thread will cease to exist...Kinda.
  478. (19:35:51) Rhythm_BCA: can i chime in a thought on the forum real quick? or should that wait until after
  479. (19:35:52) TheDoc: :|
  480. (19:35:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: You should see the massive cobwebs in the Gallery section. Oy.
  481. (19:36:07) ThatGuyNamedMike: Hope you don't have asthma. :P
  482. (19:36:16) TheDoc: @Rhythm wait until we're done on News....ARE we done on News?
  483. (19:36:22) TheDoc: I think we are...
  484. (19:36:23) MegaBossMan: All the current mechanics will be relocated to a separate page, forget which one, and will no longer be located in the Mechanics.
  485. (19:36:33) MegaBossMan: We still have two more pieces of news, but Rhythm can go ahead real quick.
  486. (19:36:58) TailsMK4: While he's getting ready, how's the search feature going?
  487. (19:37:03) ThatGuyNamedMike: I smell a 3-4 hour chat coming. :P
  488. (19:37:09) Rhythm_BCA: just an observation that maybe they need an overhaul sooner than anticipated
  489. (19:37:24) MegaBossMan: Search Feature is going fine.
  490. (19:37:37) Rhythm_BCA: right now they're dominated with the sticky'd threads to the point that anything new is almost obscured to the point of having to hunt for the updated thread
  491. (19:37:48) MegaBossMan: ^
  492. (19:37:57) TailsMK4: General section... :/
  493. (19:38:03) TheDoc: I agree, particularly the General section
  494. (19:38:04) TheDoc: Nvm
  495. (19:38:04) MegaBossMan: Especially General, the place where you'd least expect it.
  496. (19:38:42) Meta: Welp
  497. (19:38:47) TheDoc: For example, We have a Screenshot Thread and a Starforce Screenshot Thread.
  498. (19:38:49) TailsMK4: Development could actually get some threads unstickied as well.
  499. (19:39:00) Rhythm_BCA: k that was my observation/comment on forum
  500. (19:39:01) MegaBossMan: Actually, I'd disagree with that, Tails.
  501. (19:39:04) Rhythm_BCA slinks back into the shadows
  502. (19:39:10) Meta: One of the only ways the new ones get PB (unless you get it after beating that doc's story)
  503. (19:39:16) MegaBossMan: Development is supposed to be from a developer, isn't it?
  504. (19:39:21) Meta: Is to Get The PB Code.
  505. (19:39:41) MegaBossMan: Granted, the Updates Queue is a bit outdated....
  506. (19:39:50) TailsMK4: Then when would Robot Classes, Plot Discussion, and Updates Queue get updated?
  507. (19:40:17) MegaBossMan: Maybe Robot Classes could be combined with Robot Quotes?
  508. (19:40:25) TailsMK4: I'd think a stickied thread would be threads that are regular maintained.
  509. (19:40:45) TailsMK4: *regularly
  510. (19:40:53) TheDoc: There ya go :P
  511. (19:41:10) TailsMK4: ...I think disabling the notifications before removing a message broke the ability for me to delete my own messages. :/
  512. (19:41:30) MegaBossMan: Wait wat?
  513. (19:41:43) TailsMK4: Thanks.
  514. (19:41:52) TheDoc: :D
  515. (19:41:54) TailsMK4: So anyway, that's my view regarding stickied threads.
  516. (19:42:25) MegaBossMan: Alright, should I finish up my last two pieces of news?
  517. (19:42:35) TailsMK4: Yes, please.
  518. (19:42:50) MegaBossMan: Alright, now this one is a bit of a new one....
  519. (19:42:56) ThatGuyNamedMike: No, you should wait some more. [/sarcasm]
  520. (19:43:07) MegaBossMan: Some items will have outside uses beyond the Battlefield.
  521. (19:43:37) TheDoc: We have sarcasm formatting? That's neato
  522. (19:43:44) MegaBossMan: For example, the Attack/Defense/Speed Capsule/Pellet.
  523. (19:43:45) Meta: Yea... but
  524. (19:43:55) TailsMK4: Ah, I see where this is going.
  525. (19:44:14) TheDoc: Like the vitamins in Pokemon?
  526. (19:44:16) TailsMK4: But could this by chance be applied prior to a Player Battle...? :/
  527. (19:44:23) MegaBossMan: Normally, using it in battle will raise your stats by 20%.
  528. (19:44:30) Meta: @MBM Our session = 1:44 (Hour:Min)
  529. (19:44:35) MegaBossMan: But using it outside the battle will increase your stats, just like proteins.
  530. (19:44:37) Meta: Alright.
  531. (19:44:45) MegaBossMan: And no, it still will not help you exceed the Stat limits.
  532. (19:44:49) TailsMK4: Oh, I was wrong.
  533. (19:44:53) TailsMK4: Well...
  534. (19:45:01) MegaBossMan: Only the in-use battle, and that's only for the battle
  535. (19:45:02) TheDoc: Ooh, you're combining two function into one item
  536. (19:45:16) MegaBossMan: This is basically another way to grind up your stats.
  537. (19:45:24) TailsMK4: Without the grinding.
  538. (19:45:41) MegaBossMan: Ooh, but you'll need quite a bit of zenny.
  539. (19:45:49) TailsMK4: Cores. :P
  540. (19:45:58) TheDoc: Just try to make sure it doesn't increase too much. It has to be able to compete with just a temporary 20% boost, after all
  541. (19:46:10) MegaBossMan: After all, buying a ton of Attack Capsules for Wood Man and boosting him one-by-one is the surefire way to get bankrupt.
  542. (19:46:25) TailsMK4: Cores. :P
  543. (19:46:25) MegaBossMan: You have to be moderate with your purchases, after all :)
  544. (19:46:56) MegaBossMan: Other items might have outside uses as well, but perhaps another day we can discuss it.
  545. (19:47:28) TailsMK4: Value boosted, let's move on to the last bit of news?
  546. (19:47:28) MegaBossMan: Any final notes anyone like to make before I get to the last piece of news?
  547. (19:47:43) TheDoc: I don't think so
  548. (19:47:46) MegaBossMan waits a few seconds for an objection
  549. (19:47:55) MegaBossMan: Heading to our last point, then!
  550. (19:48:02) TailsMK4: Too bad Zero wasn't here. :P
  551. (19:48:19) MegaBossMan: Alright, raise your hand if you like fighting tough bots?
  552. (19:48:24) Tobyjoey: Yeah, really. I was expecting him to bust in like the Kool-Aid Man
  553. (19:48:27) TailsMK4: *raises both hands*
  554. (19:48:34) Tobyjoey raises both hands and feet
  555. (19:48:36) ThatGuyNamedMike: *raises both hands*
  556. (19:48:45) TailsMK4: *raises his tails too*
  557. (19:48:49) TheDoc eats cuukee
  558. (19:48:54) Shadownnico: *raises three hands*
  559. (19:48:58) ThatOneEnderMan: OHH YEAAAAH!
  560. (19:49:06) ThatOneEnderMan smashes wall
  561. (19:49:14) TailsMK4: Heck, give me 8 level 1000 bots.
  562. (19:49:19) MegaBossMan: In a future chapter, you could see some of these tough bots.
  563. (19:49:29) MegaBossMan: Perhaps robots that surpass even the level 100 wall?
  564. (19:49:33) Meta: *Raises hands*
  565. (19:49:46) MegaBossMan: And go even further than that....
  566. (19:49:46) Meta: heh. @Tails, I agree with you.
  567. (19:49:49) ThatGuyNamedMike: Wouldn't need that if they had beefy stats. :P
  568. (19:50:03) Meta: Especially since Now that i have 1024 and it's not the update
  569. (19:50:03) MegaBossMan: Mike, look at Cosmo Man's stats real quick.
  570. (19:50:13) rotomslashblast smashes the other wall and yells, "OH YEAAAAH!"
  571. (19:50:17) ThatGuyNamedMike: I have. They equal 2,000.
  572. (19:50:20) ThatOneEnderMan: Level 1000 Cosmo Man.
  573. (19:50:28) ThatGuyNamedMike: I mean beefier than that. :P
  574. (19:50:37) ThatOneEnderMan Smiles
  575. (19:50:38) MegaBossMan: He's 2000 at level 1, Mike.
  576. (19:50:47) ThatGuyNamedMike: I know.
  577. (19:51:03) MegaBossMan: There could be a robot out there, with incredibly boosted stats, with a level of around...1000 maybe?
  578. (19:51:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's still tiddlywinks considering all the stat boosts we have at our disposal.
  579. (19:51:17) TailsMK4: Where is he? I want to fight him NOW. :P
  580. (19:51:27) MegaBossMan: Maybe one day, Tails.
  581. (19:51:41) MegaBossMan: Any discussion on the matter before I leave the podium?
  582. (19:51:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: Again, if his stats equal 15,000, he doesn't need to me Level 1,000. ;P
  583. (19:51:48) TailsMK4: None from me.
  584. (19:51:55) ThatGuyNamedMike: *to be Lv. 1,000
  585. (19:52:14) Meta: Name :Cosmo Man        Source :Mega Man Battle Network 5
  586. Model :EXN-00A  Class :Interstellar Command Solaroid
  587. Type :Space Core        Field :…
  588. Energy :580     Weaknesses :None
  589. Attack :580     Resistances :None
  590. Defense :460    Affinities :None
  591. Speed :380      Immunities :None
  592. (19:52:33) MegaBossMan stands down from the podium
  593. (19:52:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: yeah, that's 2,000, Meta.
  594. (19:52:35) Meta: Look at the stats.
  595. (19:52:46) MegaBossMan: Would we like to call it a day, or move onto the idea portion?
  596. (19:52:56) TheDoc: Hmmmm
  597. (19:53:00) Meta: =2k
  598. (19:53:01) TheDoc: It's been 2 hours.....
  599. (19:53:05) Meta: Call it a day
  600. (19:53:09) TailsMK4: Call it a da... *sees pitchforks raised*
  601. (19:53:17) MegaBossMan turns on the jeopardy music
  602. (19:53:27) Meta: ...
  603. (19:53:30) ThatOneEnderMan: Daaaaaaaarn?
  604. (19:53:30) MegaBossMan: [That doesn't mean post the music, btw]
  605. (19:53:35) Tobyjoey: I'm kinda burnt out ....
  606. (19:53:38) TheDoc: I'd be fine for calling it a day
  607. (19:53:43) Meta: Actually, I'm on Neither.
  608. (19:53:47) MegaBossMan: Any further objections?
  609. (19:53:52) MegaBossMan raises his gavel
  610. (19:54:04) Meta: But, Call it a day, if i had o decide
  611. (19:54:09) Meta: *to
  612. (19:54:09) ThatGuyNamedMike: Actually.
  613. (19:54:15) MegaBossMan is about to pound the gavel
  614. (19:54:17) TailsMK4: It is time for your verdict, judge.
  615. (19:54:24) TheDoc: MBM just do it
  616. (19:54:25) ThatGuyNamedMike: I OBJECT!
  617. (19:54:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: X)
  618. (19:54:29) TheDoc: NUUUUUU
  619. (19:54:34) Tobyjoey readies Confetii
  620. (19:54:36) MegaBossMan pounds the-
  621. (19:54:43) MegaBossMan rewinds
  622. (19:54:52) ThatOneEnderMan: Objection?
  623. (19:54:58) TheDoc leaps out of the stand and slams the gav-*rewinds back to seat*
  624. (19:54:59) Tobyjoey: UGHHHHHH, MIKEY!
  625. (19:55:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: 'cause I just calculated Cosmo's HP.
  626. (19:55:20) ThatOneEnderMan: ...Wait, how did this become one of Zero's roleplay things?
  627. (19:55:21) TailsMK4: egduje, tcidrev ruoy rof emit si tI (lol)
  628. (19:55:46) TheDoc: @egduj
  629. (19:55:49) ThatGuyNamedMike: At Lv. 100, it's minimum is 3,451, now, here's where I say: What's the point of stat limits for Bosses?
  630. (19:55:51) Meta: MIKE
  631. (19:55:54) TheDoc: *egduj
  632. (19:56:08) MegaBossMan looks at Cosmo's stats as Mike goes on
  633. (19:56:12) Meta: ... alright.
  634. (19:56:27) Meta: Let's listen to the last Minute adding Mike show!
  635. (19:56:49) ThatGuyNamedMike: Just multiply his stats by 10 and call it a boss. He'll have the 34,000 HP necessary to be a--you know--BOSS.
  636. (19:56:50) Tobyjoey: One day, I will finish that Mikey x Muppet Show opening.
  637. (19:57:13) ThatGuyNamedMike: His stats will actually = 20,000, and he'll actually be a , you know, CHALLENGE.
  638. (19:57:13) MegaBossMan: He is a boss.
  639. (19:57:21) MegaBossMan: That's his stats, Mike.
  640. (19:57:59) ThatGuyNamedMike: I know that's his stats, but, they're mediocre stats for an unobtainable boss.
  641. (19:58:14) AdrianMarceau: Remember Mike, Cosmo isn't the super-boss. And life energy is not the only thing that determines whether or not a boss is a challenge.
  642. (19:58:25) MegaBossMan: Yes, but it's not like he's our final-final guy.
  643. (19:58:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: He's not even a boss is what I'm trying to say here. None of them are, really.
  644. (19:58:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: They're too weak. too simple.
  645. (19:59:16) TheDoc: 20,000 of any stat is pretty ridiculous, even with maxed robots
  646. (19:59:24) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh?
  647. (19:59:27) MegaBossMan: That's a matter of personal opinion, Mike.
  648. (19:59:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: Base stats will soon be 4,000 for playables when you max them out.
  649. (19:59:47) rotomslashblast: LE GASP!
  650. (19:59:53) ThatGuyNamedMike: Still ridiculous?
  651. (19:59:55) TheDoc: Also consider that the # of robots allowed to enter can be reduced from 8
  652. (20:00:01) AdrianMarceau: Well let's see here. As far as robots that the player is able to unlock, the three support bots have the highest possible life energy.
  653. (20:00:29) AdrianMarceau: Roll, Disco, and Rhythm can reach a maximum life energy of 8930 through stat boosting.
  654. (20:01:16) AdrianMarceau: Compare that with Cosmo Man with a highest possible life energy of 34,510 through stat boosting and/or me programming him pre-boosted.
  655. (20:02:08) MegaBossMan: Wait, he's gone
  656. (20:02:12) AdrianMarceau: Ha
  657. (20:02:20) Rhythm_BCA: yay i get maximum life!
  658. (20:02:29) AdrianMarceau: Lol
  659. (20:02:36) TheDoc: I feel like this goew w/o saying, but...
  660. (20:02:36) MegaBossMan: <_< >_>
  661. (20:02:41) MegaBossMan: Nowhere in sight
  662. (20:02:42) TheDoc: Meeting adjourned?
  663. (20:02:49) MegaBossMan: Gimme a sec, Doc.
  664. (20:02:53) MegaBossMan raises his gavel
  665. (20:02:57) AdrianMarceau: Yes, I guess so. But before you go...
  666. (20:02:59) MegaBossMan gets ready to slam that gavel-
  667. (20:03:03) TheDoc throws cuukee at MBM
  668. (20:03:31) AdrianMarceau: Would either of you (TheDoc, Rhythm) be interested in doing the minutes for future meetings?
  669. (20:03:43) TheDoc: The minutes?
  670. (20:03:45) MegaBossMan: I don't think they know what that is yet.
  671. (20:03:49) Rhythm_BCA: i nominate Doc
  672. (20:03:50) AdrianMarceau: Like taking notes about key points mentioned or agreed upon and posting a breakdown in the thread afterward?
  673. (20:03:56) MegaBossMan: See, a general overview of the Chat.
  674. (20:04:04) MegaBossMan: Much better than PB, you see.
  675. (20:04:05) Rhythm_BCA: since a lot of times i tend to not be here for these
  676. (20:04:11) MegaBossMan: I'd be willing to do it as well.
  677. (20:04:20) AdrianMarceau: Like, a short point form of what was discussed so we can reference it easier in the future
  678. (20:04:44) TheDoc: Would there still be a PB?
  679. (20:04:51) AdrianMarceau: Alright Rhythm. You don't have to answer now, Doc, just think about it for next time.
  680. (20:04:55) MegaBossMan: Not that I know of.
  681. (20:05:01) AdrianMarceau: @Doc that depends on how thorough the notes are
  682. (20:05:03) AdrianMarceau: :P
  683. (20:05:11) AdrianMarceau: But we'd like to retire them at some point
  684. (20:05:41) TheDoc: I could try
  685. (20:05:42) AdrianMarceau: We can end the meeting now. :)
  686. (20:05:52) MegaBossMan raises the gavel
  687. (20:06:00) MegaBossMan looks around, blah, blah, blah
  688. (20:06:07) MegaBossMan smacks that gavel down
  689. (20:06:11) MegaBossMan: Meeting Adjourned!
  690. (20:06:17) MegaBossMan: -The End-
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