Chapter 2

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  1. Chapter 1
  2. I wake up at 5am at the sound of my alarm, I push myself of my bed, it was still night so I turned on the lamp on my nightstand to the left, the room I was sleeping in was rather spartan, ,a bunk bed with a metal frame at the left side of the room next to the wall was present, a nightstand to it's left where I turned on the lamp,two doors could be appreciated within the dim light, the nearest one was the bathroom door which faced the bunk bed to it's left , the other one was facing the bunkbed to the front, that was the exit door of the cabin,there was also a table with drawers that served as a study that touched both the bunk bed and the wall of the exit door, documents and maps could be seen at the table. After I dressed myself in my coronel uniform I went over to the bathroom to wash my face, I turned on the sink and cold water came from it, I washed myself and stared at my figure on the mirror, I had a light tan skin with some , green eyes and brown short hair that was currently disheveled, I took a comb and started to fix up my current appearance, while I was fixing myself up I recounted what had happened yesterday, everything was in place, I could feel the excitement down to my bones, ‘today is the day’ I told myself, there was no going back after this. As I exited the bathroom the man on the upper bed of the bunk bed woke up, he had an small beard, hazel eyes, black hair brown eyes and a light tan typical of andalusians, he was my best friend, as he woke up he noticed me
  3. “It’s time already Juan?” he asked with a Southern Spanish accent
  4. “Yes Lucas, better get ready and hurry to the meeting, it’s especially important now”
  5. “Finally, give me 10 minutes and I will be at the living room”
  6. I went out of the room and prepared a quick breakfast in the modest kitchen next to the living room,two iberian ham sandwiches and two coffee mugs, I made a quick prayer to the Lord followed by an Our Father as my friend came out of the room fully clothed in his uniform and with a bag, he sat down and took one of the sandwiches
  7. - Are you nervous dude
  8. - I would be lying if I said I didn’t man, the odds are against us even with our regiments and our friends at the Navy and the Airforce
  9. - Yet you look calm, I envy you Juanito, you always look very calm even in situations like this one.
  10. -Believe when say I'm not, I stayed up all revising the plans, speaking off, do you have them?
  11. -Yes, I took them while I was changing
  12. -Good, we don't want anyone to find them here, do you have the map of the city?
  13. -Yes
  14. -Do we have the troop movement plans?
  15. -Yes
  16. -Do we have the orders for our respective regiments?
  17. -Yes, I have it everything Juan
  18. -Just let me look to make sure it's there
  19. -I told everything is there.
  20. -Lucas…
  21. -Fine knock yourself out.
  22. Lucas handed me his bag and I immediately began on revising the documents, he was telling the truth, everything was there, I put them back in the bag and handed it to Lucas.
  23. -See I told you
  24. -Yes you did, forgive me.
  25. -It's nothing man, I know how you are, if I was in your position I would do the same
  26. -Anyways have you finished?
  27. -Yes
  28. -Good, now let’s go to the Headquarters
  29. We exited the cabin, it was a fresh november morning so it was still dark, we approached the car parked next to the dirt road at the front of the cabin, I took the copilot’s seat and my friend the driver’s seat, he drove us down the road, the cabin was in Sierra de Nigüelas, on the southwestern side of Sierra Nevada, Granada was only a 30 minute drive maximum, we passed through Nigüelas and took the N323-a which would takes us straight to Granada, from there we go to the headquarters MADOC, while the headquarters only concerned itself in training, it served another purpose for me, Lucas and several other people in many sections of the Armed Forces of Spain. Lucas was very fidgety the whole journey, he probably thought of the worst case scenario was nervous, it was understandable, many things could go wrong and it was always better to not tempt God, I clutched my rosary which I wore on my neck, it was rosary handed to me by my mother, it was a 5 decades rosary made in Jerusalem, I always wore it incase I needed to pray or to remind myself who was watching, as we were approaching Granada Lucas asked
  30. -You think some deserted?- he asked with concern in his voice
  31. -Maybe- I replied simply
  32. -Only maybe?
  33. -Yes, it is not a full possibility, but it could happen, then again none of the people in our little plan seemed to be the type to backstab a cause they believed in, in that case let it be what God wants
  34. 10 minutes passed and we entered Granada, we existed the N323-a and entered the city through the Boulevard of the Innovation and drove to the northern part of the city, the streets still had cars of people either driving back home after a night shift or people starting their shift, the street lights illuminated the streets with an orange light giving an ominous orange tint to the streets, we drove through Zaidin and Acera del Duero, as we neared our destination, a sense of foreboding gripped my heart as if after this day more things would happen that what I previously thought, in some sense I would be proven right taking into account what would happen next.
  35. -We're here Juan
  36. -Alright, park the car fast, lets not keep our peers waiting
  37. We parked in Acera de San Ildefonso and approached the building, it was a square building with two extensions pointing north, if you were to take an aerial photo of the building it would resemble a b, a man was waiting at the door, supervising the entrance, he was wearing a ballistic vest with the proper camoflage of the Spanish Army and hoisting G36, he talked through a radio in his ear and waited for us to reach the main door of the building, then he talked
  38. -I already notified them, you are on time- he informed to which I replied
  39. -Thank you
  40. -Anything for Spain
  41. We entered the building and headed to a meeting room at the end of the right hallway
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