The End of Emoji

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  1. The Full Story:
  2. It all started when Emoji and Rey (YouTuber-ATeam MOds) had arguements over blocking a girl named Kenzie and her
  3. friend Sam. Emoji insisted on Rey blocking Sam and kenzie but Rey said "he would not block them for no reason,
  4. since they haven't done anything to him personally.After Emoji started threatening Rey via doxing him and his friends
  5. they ended up resolving the issue. That changed when Rey on livestream was telling his fanbase what happened. This
  6. made Emoji mad due to his request of blocking them became public. Rey eventually after  receiveing more threats
  7. contacted Sam. Only to find out that the reason Emoji was mad at Kenzie and Sam is because Kenzie refused to send
  8. him inappropriate photos over a snapchat direct message. When Rey heard this and recieved screenshots he confronted
  9. Emoji who denied it but got so angry during it that he broke his monitor or at least damaged it. This doesnt sound
  10. like a big deal until you realise Kenzie is 12, and Emoji is 21. It only gets worse. About 1 or 2 weeks later Rey
  11. and I are in a call when Rey decides to add Emoji.Emoji joins the call talking about how one of Reys friends Aubrey,
  12. whose only 16, just got out of a call with him. Then he goes on to tell us about how she sent him nudes and made her
  13. masturbate on cam.The way he forced her was by using Snapchats geolocation map to find where she lives and
  14. threatening her. Then used her dox to threaten her by saying he knew people that would do bad things with the
  15. information. At this point I became disgusted and left the call. I contacted Aubrey via Instagram and confirmed the
  16. things he did. I asked if she was willing to contact police in his country of Canada as she lives in America, but
  17. she refused because her parents would be mad at her.
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  20. Personal Information
  21. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Name: Damien Heiberg/Patterson
  23. Age: 21, April 15,1996
  24. Phone #:+1-587-341-9314
  25. Home Phone#:+1-780-234-2334
  26. Address: 11952b 69st edmonton AB  t5b 1s5 Canada
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. Social Media
  30. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. Instagrams: @iheartemoji_ & @fearsocietymoddingteam
  32. Twitter: @iheartemoji_
  33. Snapchat:MrThatsMyGirl
  34. Skype:MrThatsMyGirl
  35. Youtube Pages:
  36. iheartemoji :
  37. FSMT:
  38. Facebook: damien.heiberg.7
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  40. Social Media Links
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  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  50. Local News Network
  51. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. Address:
  53. CTV Edmonton
  54. 18520 Stony Plain Road
  55. Edmonton, Alberta
  56. T5S1A8
  57. Phone #:
  58. +1-780-483-3311
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  60. Screenshots
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  62.  |The Call
  63.      |First Picture
  64.      |Second Picture
  65.  |Third Picture
  66.      |Fourth Picture
  67.      |Fifth Picture
  71. Extra:
  72. His Brothers: Snapchat: cxezi
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