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  1.          ____                       _   _              
  2.         / __ \                     | | (_)            
  3.        | |  | |_ __   ___ _ __ __ _| |_ _  ___  _ __  
  4.        | |  | | '_ \ / _ \ '__/ _` | __| |/ _ \| '_ \  
  5.        | |__| | |_) |  __/ | | (_| | |_| | (_) | | | |
  6.         \____/| .__/ \___|_|  \__,_|\__|_|\___/|_| |_|
  7.         / ____| |   | |                                
  8.        | |  __|_|_ _| |__   ___  _ __                  
  9.        | | |_ |/ _` | '_ \ / _ \| '_ \                
  10.        | |__| | (_| | |_) | (_) | | | |                
  11.         \_____|\__,_|_.__/ \___/|_| |_|
  15. This is a message of Anonymous to all participants to the New York Forum Africa in Gabon
  17. You have been approached by corrupt regime of Ali Bongo of Gabon and his also corrupt friend Richard Attias to take part, in Gabon, to the third edition of the so-called «New York Forum Africa» (www.ny-forum-africa.com) from the 23 to 25 of May 2014, whose ultimate goal is still very much the glorification of dictator and ritual killings head sponsor, Ali Bongo. As with the two previous editions, Anonymous strongly condemn this scam. Above all, ask yourself honestly these questions: what is the record of the two previous editions? What have they actually brought to Africa in general and to the people of Gabon in particular?
  19. People of Gabon money are paying for all expenses of most you, while large part of the population is not profiting from the incredible wealth provided by nature to Gabon (oil, timber, manganese, etc.).  Ali Bongo and his family and friends are the one getting the big chunk of the pie; leaving of people of Gabon with no decent housing, scrambling schools and universities, corrupt public service, no justice, ritual killings, unemployment, high poverty and so one.
  21. You must know that Gabon and the rest of Africa will eventually rise up and offer to its people the quality of life they legitimately aspire to have and deserve. But it won’t happen as long as dictators and corrupt so-called «entrepreneurs» like Ali Bongo and Richard Attias continue to steal Africa’s resources and impose dictatorship and kleptocracy. We must also remind you that Gabon is a republic and not a dynastic monarchy. You need to be reminded that Ali Bongo succeeded his father who ruled Gabon for more than four decades, in scabrous conditions and by making use of force the way to manage the state. You have to know that the arrival of Ali Bongo at the head of Gabon was imposed upon the blood of many Gabonese, who fell under the bullets of an army transformed into a private militia and led by members of the Ali Bongo family. These historical and verifiable facts cannot be ignored by you.
  23. As Anonymous has demonstrated before, Gabon is a country where corruption, embezzlement of public funds and illicit enrichment, have been elevated into principles of governance by the Bongo family. «President» Ali Bongo has became one of the richest dictator in the world with more than 1 billion dollars accumulated in just few years in power, according to Yahoo Finance.
  25. Do you need to be reminded that Gabonese justice system is used for political and personal purposes? That the press is subject to systematic harassment and repression from a National Communication Council at the regime’s orders? That barbaric practice of human sacrifice, so-called “ritual killings“, are re-surging since Ali Bongo came to power, with perpetrators and political sponsors enjoying total impunity? Should we remind you that these crimes consist in the removal, while the victims are still alive, of organs (eyes, tongue, clitoris, lungs, heart...) and blood, for fetishist purposes; including children being targeted in particular?
  27. Anonymous launched OpGabon back in April 13, 2013 to inform the world about ritual killings in Gabon, we continue to fight for justice to be done on behalf of the victims of the dictatorial and corrupt regime in place in Gabon.
  29. Participating at the «New York ’Flour’ Africa» is not going to develop Gabon, even less so for Africa. It is a tool used by a few to get rich at the expenses of the good people of Gabon! This is unacceptable! This is «New York Corrupt Africa»!
  31. Participants at the «New York ‘Flour’ Africa» must appeal to their conscience, their humanity and understand that by taking part in this event which is a pure communication operation to the glory of Ali Bongo, they support dictatorship and enrichment of a few, not the development of Africa.
  33. Anonymous is committed to systematically support the civil society of Gabon standing up against the scammers like Attias and dictator Ali Bongo and his family. They will organize a counter-forum during the same weekend (May 23 to 23, 2014) and we are asking all Anonymous and friends to support them.
  35. Follow @OpGabon and #OpGabon, steal the tweets and spread the word!
  37. We Are Anonymous.
  38. We Are Everywhere.
  39. We do not forget.
  40. We Are the voice of the Voiceless.
  41. We Are Legion.
  42. Tyrants of Gabon and the World,
  43. Expect Us!
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