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  1. Chat
  2. Pythagoras has joined the chat
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  11. sbv34: #noticehimsenpai
  12. Gulpy: TOBI
  13. ReaperTobi: Whaaat
  15. ReaperTobi: 'Cause
  16. Gulpy: 'cause what mother frucker
  17. ArcanaImperii: c;
  18. ArcanaImperii: xD
  19. ReaperTobi: Accept you bum.
  20. ReaperTobi: ' ^'
  21. Gulpy: tell me why
  22. ReaperTobi: I will after you accept.
  23. ReaperTobi: :^)
  24. Gulpy: /never accepts
  25. Glutton: "I've been doing alright. Currently fighting my cock for brain control." < - Thus is life.
  26. ReaperTobi: Fine, nevermind then.
  27. Gulpy: Tell me naao.
  28. sbv34: now we will never know why o.o
  29. ReaperTobi: Guess we'll see who's more stubborn.
  30. ReaperTobi: o-o
  31. sbv34: rip o.o
  32. Danzil: Gulpy wins.
  33. Gulpy: A cancer and a scorpion fighting for stubborness?
  34. Gulpy: This will be interesting.
  35. sbv34: o.o
  36. sbv34: both sound nasty
  37. Gulpy: Scorpio* xD
  38. sbv34: GET OVER HERE
  39. Kitzuni: Brb pup wants out
  40. Gulpy: /death grips you towards me
  41. Danzil: Tee why tee.
  42. TheCupCaken: I need to make more new outfits .o.
  43. sbv34: FINISH HIM
  45. sbv34: o.o
  46. ArcanaImperii: LMAO
  47. ReaperTobi: -Sticks my tongue out at you.
  48. ReaperTobi: :B
  49. ArcanaImperii: Here, does this help?
  50. Gulpy: /Pinces it between my crabby pincers. >:[
  51. sbv34: oooo butts o.o
  52. ReaperTobi: *Wiggle wiggle wiggle*
  53. ReaperTobi: ♪
  54. ArcanaImperii: I have too many fits...
  55. ArcanaImperii: Truth be told
  56. Gulpy: Same lol
  57. Gulpy: 1562 ;-;
  58. Danzil: A good year.
  59. ArcanaImperii: I have 7 categories, each with over 70 outfits in them ._.
  60. ArcanaImperii: I need to stop
  61. ReaperTobi: I have like 40.
  62. Glutton  ies slowly.
  63. ReaperTobi: Lol
  64. Glutton: dies*
  65. ArcanaImperii: I delete shit all the time but...
  66. sbv34: -leans back then plumps onto the space ramining on the sofa- x.x
  67. ReaperTobi: I had a surprise for you.
  68. ReaperTobi: o 3o
  69. TheCupCaken: I don't like most of my outfits, lmao
  70. Gulpy: What was the surprise?
  71. ReaperTobi: You'll never know
  72. Glutton  pants gently. "I'm going to berb here pretty soon.
  73. Danzil: Who does? After a week they lose interest and something new is needed. :P
  74. ArcanaImperii: o-o
  75. TheCupCaken: Yeah~
  77. TheCupCaken: But I actually love this one I'm wearing now .o.
  78. sbv34: its cute caken x.x
  79. ArcanaImperii: I has to pee again
  80. ArcanaImperii: Brb
  81. TheCupCaken: Ty :3
  82. Danzil: Until tomorrow when it becomes old hat. Then you'll be in the "fuck I need new things :C" mindset. :P
  83. TheCupCaken: Tyt <3
  84. Danzil: Take your time.
  85. sbv34: its like... REALLY ADOREABLE X.X
  86. TheCupCaken: True T-T
  87. Gulpy: You might not like any of my outfits, Cuppy, but maybe you can pull inspiration from them c:
  88. Gulpy:
  89. Danzil: Brb, again.
  90. Gulpy: Here you go.
  91. TheCupCaken: Oh Thank you Gulpy <3
  92. Gulpy: <3
  93. TheCupCaken: I like theeeem <3
  94. Danzil has left the chat
  95. sbv34: -cuddles the sofa- o.o
  96. ReaperTobi: HAH! I win. ouo
  98. sbv34: brb need a drink o.o
  99. TheCupCaken: Tyt
  100. JessiItov: o.o
  101. Glutton  licks along Arcana's cheek.  
  102. sbv34: im backers o.o
  103. Glutton: o..o
  104. Gulpy: Do you like cheese, Sbv?
  105. sbv34: mmmmm i like it o.o but i wouldnt eat a load of it at once o.o
  106. sbv34: why?
  107. JessiItov  wiggles on casper
  108. Gulpy: Oh, perfect.
  109. Gulpy: /Shoves a whole block of cheese into his mouth.
  110. sbv34: O.O
  111. sbv34: -MUFFLES-
  112. sbv34: WAI U DO DAT O.O -isnt sure to swallow or spit- o.o
  113. ReaperTobi: o-o
  114. Gulpy: Swallow it >:D
  115. Kitzuni: Back.
  116. sbv34: its too chessseeyyy D= -tries to swallow it-
  117. Pythagoras: okay, I think I'm gonna go to the mall for a bit
  118. Pythagoras: y'all have a good one
  119. Pythagoras has left the chat
  120. sbv34: bai bia =3 -spits bits of cheese out as he talks- x.x
  121. Glutton  slithers around.
  122. sbv34: im too innocent to be a cheese whore x.x
  123. JayZenaku has joined the chat
  124. JessiItov: Hello Jay.
  125. Gulpy: Being a cheese whore isn't bad.
  126. sbv34: maybe o.o
  127. Kitzuni: Hey Jay.
  128. sbv34: horde or allaince >.>
  129. sbv34: <.<
  130. Kitzuni: ...hahaha.
  131. ArcanaImperii: You said cheese and I could only think of overwatch
  132. Gulpy: ALLIANCE
  133. sbv34: -CHEERS-
  134. ArcanaImperii: Is*
  135. Glutton: Smegma.
  136. sbv34: -cries on gulpy- I DIDNT WANT TO SEE VARIAN GO OUT THAT WAY ='(
  137. ArcanaImperii: Because cheese players...go with the cheap OP ones...
  138. Glutton: I main Torb.
  139. ArcanaImperii: <~<
  140. Glutton: Joking. I'd rather kill myself.
  141. Gulpy: omg i know ;-;
  142. ArcanaImperii: I was about to say..
  143. ArcanaImperii: ~insta-lost respect- xD
  144. Glutton: x3
  145. Glutton: Don't worry. That'll come soon.
  146. ArcanaImperii: I main a few. Tracer, Pharrah, Ana, D.Va, Junkrat,
  147. sbv34: i actually nearly cried... i was like.. toatatly going.. he isnt going to die when he jumps off the ship... then he just gets hand exploded and im nOOOOoOoOooOoOoOoo
  148. Glutton: I don't main.
  149. Glutton: Maining on overwatch is basically AIDS.
  150. ArcanaImperii: xD
  151. JayZenaku: Hello all.
  152. Glutton: The game is designed for people to switch mid-match to suite the needs of the team.
  153. ArcanaImperii: I just mean they're my preffered in each category
  154. ArcanaImperii: Most games I don't switch because I can play well with them, if I switch to fucking Genji I get owned ._.
  155. ArcanaImperii: I can't play him or Lucio for shit
  156. ArcanaImperii: Lucio confuses me, he's too much
  157. Glutton: Lol.
  158. JayZenaku: Is Cuppy alive?
  159. sbv34: i dont even have overwatch... i feel like its a game id play then not play x.x
  160. ReaperTobi: Sheded.
  161. Glutton: I think I need porn.
  162. sbv34: i needed porn before...
  163. sbv34: i got bored
  164. Gulpy: I don't like pvp, which is why I don't play overwatch xD
  165. sbv34: im the same x.x
  166. sbv34: wow pvp is aids...
  167. sbv34: though fps is fine to pvp.... hence the whole thing to it o.o
  168. ArcanaImperii: <~<
  169. Gulpy: Tobi has cute sneezes
  170. ReaperTobi: ;A;
  171. sbv34: they are doing the nasty on skype o.o
  173. ReaperTobi: WAT.
  174. ReaperTobi: ITS NOT EVEN RUSSIAN.
  175. sbv34: haha
  176. Kitzuni: o-o
  177. Gulpy: You just spoke russian kinda
  178. ReaperTobi: Serbian.
  179. ReaperTobi: ;-;
  180. sbv34: does it sound like bears on unicycles?
  181. ArcanaImperii: ^
  182. ArcanaImperii: ii
  183. Gulpy: xD
  184. ReaperTobi: You speak in adorable. '^'
  185. sbv34: if it dosnt its not authentic russian
  186. sbv34: brb food ^O^
  187. sbv34: so i might be afk a bit x.x
  188. Gulpy: Okie pokie.
  189. ArcanaImperii: >~>
  190. ArcanaImperii: ~hides behind Glutton~
  191. Glutton  holds her.
  192. Glutton: o..o
  193. JessiItov: >.>
  194. JayZenaku: <.<
  195. JayZenaku has left the chat
  196. JessiItov: ...
  197. JayZenaku has joined the chat
  198. ArcanaImperii: Big scary eyeball thing ;-;
  199. TheCupCaken: That was wierd
  200. JessiItov: o.O
  201. TheCupCaken: Do people see what I type now? :o
  202. JessiItov: wtf r u supposed to be tobi?
  203. JayZenaku: Jay can see.
  204. TheCupCaken: Oki good >o<
  205. JessiItov: I can see it Cuppy
  206. TheCupCaken: Okii~ Goodie
  207. TheCupCaken: Tobi, you look scary
  208. ArcanaImperii: Ooooh my song :o
  209. ReaperTobi: 'u'
  210. ArcanaImperii: ~pokes Tobi's eye~
  211. ArcanaImperii: Ewwww
  212. ReaperTobi: -Blinks.-
  213. ArcanaImperii: ~pokes with both hands~ ;-;
  214. ReaperTobi: -Soaks her hands in eye boogers.-
  215. Glutton: Be right back. Bathroom.
  216. JessiItov: Lol
  217. ArcanaImperii: <.<
  218. ArcanaImperii: tyt
  219. ArcanaImperii: I have a deer avi...
  220. TheCupCaken: Tyt~
  221. TheCupCaken: Ew
  222. JessiItov: interesting
  223. Gulpy: /Faceplants into Tobi's lap and sighs.
  224. sbv34: backers
  225. Gulpy: Welcome back.
  226. Gulpy: I think I've decided on something major.
  227. sbv34: yush?
  228. ReaperTobi: -Pats over her.-
  229. ReaperTobi: People suck. '^'
  230. sbv34: yeah people are cunts x.x
  231. Gulpy: I'm going to become a full fledged lesbian.
  232. sbv34: such a waste x.x
  233. ReaperTobi: That's bad news to me. QuQ
  234. Gulpy: Boys always break my little heart D:<
  235. JayZenaku: Men won't.
  236. ReaperTobi: Time to get a sex change.
  237. sbv34: what he said o.o
  238. Gulpy: Haven't met any men yet.
  239. JayZenaku: Wait.
  240. sbv34: I AM A MAN -flex-
  241. JayZenaku: Patience.
  242. Gulpy: Everyone I like or date are just little boys in big men pants.
  243. sbv34: =<
  244. sbv34: tbf i feel the same about girls.... i havent really been with anyone irl x.x
  245. JessiItov: o.O
  246. sbv34: though i think alot of people find my personality too much x.x
  247. TheCupCaken: owo
  248. Gulpy: Why is it that a guy sounds like he's trying to teach you something when he talks to you? Like what the fuck.
  249. Gulpy: And why do they protect their ego when men apologise?
  250. Glutton: Why generalize a whole gender when we as indiviuals are different?
  251. sbv34: i always say sorry but i dont do me any good apparn ty =
  252. sbv34: <
  253. ReaperTobi: I had a conversation like this with my friend yesterday.
  254. ArcanaImperii: ^^^
  255. JayZenaku: -Claps for Glutton's point which goes for both genders.-
  256. ArcanaImperii: ^
  257. ReaperTobi: I told him something was cute and he told me that I couldn't say that and that I had to say stuff like "It's cool".
  258. ReaperTobi: I told him he had complexes.
  259. ReaperTobi: Lol
  260. sbv34: x3
  261. Gulpy: Lmfao
  262. Gulpy: I generalise beause it's easier.
  263. Glutton  yawns softly.
  264. sbv34: which is true o.o
  265. Glutton: It's also more ignorant.
  266. sbv34: but girls also do the same thing
  267. Gulpy: Ignorant it may be, but I'm fine with it.
  268. Glutton: If you want to generalize.
  269. Glutton: Let's just agree that in general human beings are garbage.
  270. JessiItov  makes coffe
  271. sbv34: yuppers
  272. sbv34: which is why i say people are cunts x.x
  273. Kitzuni: o:
  274. Kitzuni: Share.
  275. JessiItov: >...>
  276. JessiItov: Coffee?
  277. Gulpy: I generalise that men are egotistical, and girls are too complex.
  278. Glutton  slips a blunt between his lips.
  279. Gulpy: Obviously, I know everyone is different.
  280. Glutton: People in general are egotistical.
  281. Gulpy: But generalising is easier.
  282. Glutton: Especially in American society.
  283. Glutton: Women are greatly included.
  284. sbv34: hehe mmurrica
  285. Glutton: Look at all the women who spend hours taking pictures of themselves for instagram.
  286. Kitzuni: Yus coffee
  287. sbv34: yeah but thats here in the UK too xD
  288. JessiItov: Okie
  289. JessiItov: :o
  290. Gulpy: Men are born to believe that men need to protect their masculinity. Women are born to believe that we need to look good for men. It's bullshit either way.
  291. Glutton: Generalizing one problem for one gender doesn't do anyone any good. When the traits go across the board.
  292. TheCupCaken: -Noms Jessi's face.-
  293. TheCupCaken: owo
  294. Glutton: You say women are complex. Does that mean men are not?
  295. sbv34: i get pretty complex when i cant describe somthing >.<
  296. Gulpy: Generalising is an easier way to get a point across. Don't take offense to something that was used as a general term and not pointed towards you specifically. You're just proving my point further in being sensitive about ego's.. '^'
  297. Glutton: Eheh...
  298. Glutton: Darling. I wouldn't try to come at me like that.
  299. Glutton: I'm being sensitive about an ego? I don't think so.
  300. Glutton: I'm going against your own stupidity and ignorance.
  301. ReaperTobi: Oh geez. '^'
  302. Gulpy: Then don't start something you have no need to get yourself involved in. It wasn't an argument, or a debate. It was me getting things off my chest. No need to try seem like the bigger person here.
  303. Glutton: So don't ever, try to use me for one of your piece of shit 'points'.
  304. Glutton: I wasn't trying too.
  305. TheCupCaken: -Yawns and stretches her body.-
  306. sbv34: guys please x.x
  307. Glutton: I guess you wouldn't understand. You don't seem to have the brain for it.
  308. sbv34: sthap
  309. Gulpy: My eyes are about to roll into the 4th dimension.
  310. Glutton: Mine have been in that state for years.
  311. sbv34: just agree to disagree o.o
  312. sbv34: both points are really just as vaild >.>
  313. sbv34: <.<
  314. Glutton: I would but someone wants to try to validate their own bullshit claim through my actions when they don't know what's going through my brain.
  315. ReaperTobi: Glutton stfu.
  316. ReaperTobi: Everyone shh.
  317. ReaperTobi: '-'
  318. Glutton: Go fuck yourself, you little faggot.
  319. sbv34: =<
  320. sbv34: come on now thats a little ott x.x
  321. ReaperTobi: To think I wasted a popsicle on you.
  322. TheCupCaken: owo
  323. Gulpy: And the same could be said for you. Just shut up and let it slide, yeah? I'll do the same.
  324. Glutton: Don't tell me to stfu and then everyone else to shhh .
  325. JessiItov  gives her a cup of coffe and sips my own
  326. Kitzuni: :D
  327. JessiItov: mmm yummy
  328. Glutton: Everytime I open my mouth there are problems.
  329. Kitzuni: Pecks Jessi on the cheek and happily drinks the coffee.-
  330. Glutton  rolls his eyes back into his skull and presses his fingers to his temple in the shape of a gun.
  331. sbv34: glutton theres nothing wrong with dicussing things... but when it gets taken personally thats the problem... you both have opninons and thats cool
  332. ArcanaImperii: ~pulls on the fingers pressed to his temple ~ ^^
  333. Glutton: I didn't take anything personally until it was directed personally at me.
  334. Gulpy: Anyway. Who the fuck is doing firworks at 7pm on a sunday? It's not even twilight outside yet.
  335. Glutton: Gulpy, since we are making generalizations about society and groups of people.
  336. sbv34: idiots thats who x.x
  337. sbv34: brb i need a poo o.o
  338. Glutton: You're a woman, cook me lunch and stop talking.
  339. Glutton: :)
  340. Gulpy: Alright, Glutton. Say whatever makes you happy. I don't mind, I have honestly heard worse.
  341. Glutton: I'm sure you have.
  342. Gulpy: Get it off your chest dear.
  343. Glutton: I was trying to make a point.
  344. Glutton: Like I said, I don't think you have the brain to understand the full view.
  345. JessiItov: We're going on a trip, to my favoret place outside to smoke a cig.
  346. Glutton: Let me get a blunt rolled before you go out. I'll smoke with you.
  347. Gulpy: Mhm ^^
  348. JessiItov: common' ya'll ~picks up lappy~
  349. TheCupCaken: xD
  350. Gulpy: Tobi
  351. Gulpy: nooo
  352. ArcanaImperii: <~<
  353. Gulpy: Too much lag to go into another room D:
  354. ArcanaImperii: ~snags the blunt from his hands~ >~>
  355. ReaperTobi: '^'
  356. TheCupCaken: We have been on adventure with Jessi today xD
  357. Glutton: Yeah, you can go off into another room and talk shit.
  358. Glutton: :)
  359. Kitzuni: Is carried with Jessi.-
  360. TheCupCaken: Both to her bathroom and out to smoke~
  361. Glutton  leans down and grins staring into Arcana's eyes.
  362. JessiItov: and the kitchen
  363. TheCupCaken: Oh and the kitchen
  364. JessiItov: We were in the kitchen for awhile
  365. JessiItov: lol
  366. TheCupCaken: xD
  367. TheCupCaken: Lmao
  368. ArcanaImperii: ~crouches over, huddled to herself, she lit the blunt~
  369. TheCupCaken: Arca the hoarder
  370. ArcanaImperii: Shhh c;
  371. TheCupCaken: XD
  372. ArcanaImperii: xD
  373. TheCupCaken: <3
  374. JessiItov: I love you little people in my laptop.... I'd take you everywhere with my if I could
  375. Glutton  yawns softly.
  376. JayZenaku: To bathroom.
  377. JessiItov: mhm
  378. JayZenaku: To kitchen.
  379. Glutton: Oh man. That may be a little much.
  380. JessiItov: to the living room
  381. JessiItov: Outside to smoke
  382. JayZenaku: To bedroom.
  383. JessiItov: yeah... ya'll been in my bedroom too
  384. JayZenaku: :o
  385. sbv34: me backers o.o
  386. Glutton: You know what I've noticed.
  387. Glutton: About people?
  388. Glutton: Human beings?
  389. JessiItov: whut?
  390. JessiItov: :o
  391. Glutton: They are like dirty little vultures with a herd mentality.
  392. ArcanaImperii: ~she flipped her hand back, reaching it outwards towards him handing the lit blunt back. Her back was still turned as a small bit of smoke poured from her nostrils, surrounding her small frame~ Mmm ;-;
  393. Glutton: Friends always stick by their dumbass friends even when they are in the wrong. Even when they leak chaos and go against all logic.
  394. JessiItov: I need a lap Q_Q
  395. sbv34: no one is my friend here o.o
  396. Gulpy: Hey, welcome back :o
  397. Glutton: I was refrencing Tobi sticking up for Gulpy.
  398. sbv34: -waves-
  399. ReaperTobi: I'm your friend baby.
  400. ReaperTobi: ouo
  401. ReaperTobi: ♥
  402. TheCupCaken: Awww Jessi <3
  403. Glutton: How I was the only person to recieve a rude STFU.
  404. Gulpy: Ypu need to let it go. Watch Frozen or something.
  405. Glutton: Yet then the person wants to say, "To believe I wasted this on you."
  406. Glutton: Like they actually matter.
  407. TheCupCaken: -Gives Jessi her lap.- <3
  408. JessiItov: yay <3
  409. JayZenaku: <.<
  410. sbv34: -holds his belly- im in a food coma... or im about to give birth to a food baby
  411. sbv34: i dunno
  412. Glutton  yawns softly and stares about the room.
  413. sbv34: HALP
  414. ReaperTobi: It was a good popsicle. '-'
  415. Gulpy: Can I eat it..?
  416. ReaperTobi: It was in his ass though.
  417. JessiItov  pushes on his tummy
  418. ArcanaImperii: If it makes you feel better, I whole heartedly agree with you, Glutton. I just dislike confrontation and avoid it in here. Especially because if I got onvolved as a mod, I guarantee Ren would get a message from someone calling me a God Mod again.
  419. sbv34: o....o
  420. Glutton: I'll say this.
  421. TheCupCaken: "his"
  422. Glutton: Gulpy. Tobi.
  423. ArcanaImperii: Though I rather enjoy the compliment insinuating that I have some sort of authority over people in the interwebberz
  424. Glutton: You don't like me.
  425. TheCupCaken: xD
  426. Glutton: Get me banned out of the fucking room. :)
  427. ArcanaImperii: That won't happen. Because I wouldn't let it.
  428. TheCupCaken: -Humps Jessi's butt.- <3
  429. Glutton: D'aw, well you're a little sweetheart.
  430. JessiItov  now prego with 10
  431. TheCupCaken: Oh nevermind owo
  432. ReaperTobi: I wouldn't care enough to even consider doing that. Besides, I don't hate you. lol
  433. TheCupCaken: Fuck
  434. JessiItov: :I Damnit woman...
  435. ArcanaImperii: Sweetheart he says
  436. Glutton: I already dislike you honestly.
  437. ArcanaImperii: Heh
  438. Glutton: Quite frankly both of you can fuck off.
  439. sbv34: =<
  440. TheCupCaken: I know :|
  441. ReaperTobi: That's fine if you do, but I'm indifferent about you. '-'
  442. Glutton: If it was my room you'd both have been banned already.
  443. Gulpy: I dislike you, but I won't be petty. I have already told Ren that you were being sexist and just trying to cause drama. But I told him I don't actually care and I'm not butthurt and it's his choice with what he wants to do with you.
  444. JessiItov: I am having a csection... I am not pushing these things out
  445. Glutton: I was being sexist?
  446. Gulpy: You just need to shut up about it and let it go.
  447. ArcanaImperii: Wait....what
  448. ArcanaImperii: Sexist?
  449. Glutton: Hold the fuck up.
  450. JayZenaku: <.<
  451. ArcanaImperii: WHET
  452. Gulpy: Hanging onto something that's already dead and gone.
  453. Glutton: You stupid lying little piece of garbage.
  454. ArcanaImperii: HOW THE FU
  455. ArcanaImperii: Nah.
  456. Glutton: How was I being sexist?
  457. JayZenaku: -Sighs-
  458. Glutton: Because I made a joke about generalizing a whole gender?
  459. Gulpy: Glutton: You're a woman, cook me lunch and stop talking.
  460. Glutton: Because that's what you were doing.
  461. JessiItov: I gotta go.
  462. Glutton: GluttonGlutton : Because I made a joke about generalizing a whole gender?
  463. Glutton: GluttonGlutton : Because I made a joke about generalizing a whole gender?
  464. Glutton: GluttonGlutton : Because I made a joke about generalizing a whole gender?
  465. Gulpy: Generalising isn't being sexist, it's being ignorant. ;)
  466. Glutton: When that's what you were doing the whole time.
  467. Glutton: That's why I even got on your ass.
  468. JessiItov: Love you guys
  469. JessiItov: Bai
  470. Gulpy: I admit I'm ignorant. YOU were the one with the sexist remarks.
  471. ReaperTobi: See ya Jessi.
  472. ReaperTobi: ^^
  473. JayZenaku: Bye.
  474. JessiItov has left the chat
  475. Glutton: I was generalizing a whole gender like you were.
  476. TheCupCaken: Bai Jessi <3
  477. ReaperTobi: -Goes back to cleaning.-
  478. Glutton: Obviously my aim went far above your head.
  479. ArcanaImperii: I think you're sadly mistaken, Gulpy.
  480. Glutton: One think I will not tolerate is some little cunt putting out a false image of my goals.
  481. ArcanaImperii: You lack the sense to interpret sarcasm from actual belittling
  482. Glutton: thing*
  483. Glutton: But thanks for crying to Ren. :)
  484. Glutton: I don't think he'd do anything to me.
  485. ArcanaImperii: There was a large amount of sarcasm used to make a point.
  486. ArcanaImperii: Point being, I will message Ren myself.
  487. ArcanaImperii: But thanks for your concern
  488. ArcanaImperii: ii
  489. Glutton: I'll talk to him next time he's on.
  490. Glutton: You just turned this into a warzone.
  491. Glutton: So you know.
  492. ArcanaImperii: Two thumbs WAAY up for you. Smh..
  493. Gulpy: My god.
  494. ArcanaImperii: Sexist..
  495. JayZenaku: -Takes Jessi's spot- >.>
  496. ArcanaImperii: My fat ass
  497. Gulpy: See what I mean? Little boys in big men pants. xD
  498. ArcanaImperii: (Hardly)
  499. Glutton: I was already feeling heavily petty and highly passive agressive.
  500. Glutton: Yet here you are bringing my gender into the equation.
  501. Glutton: You truely are a pathetic little person aren't you?
  502. ArcanaImperii: ~yawns~ This has gotten rather monotonous
  503. Glutton: I bet you're some feminist cunt.
  504. Glutton: LOOOL
  505. Gulpy: You guys can do whatever you like, okay? I honestly don't mind, but at least own up to your own jackassery like I have.
  506. TheCupCaken: -Crawls up on Jay's lap and curls up there, mewling softly.-
  507. Kitzuni: >- >
  508. Kitzuni: <-<
  509. Glutton: I own up to everything I do.
  510. Glutton: And I wasn't being sexist.
  511. Gulpy: If you say so honey.
  512. Glutton: I was using your own dumbass logic against you, apparently going over your own head in the process since you actually believed I was being serious.
  513. ArcanaImperii: Smh.
  514. Glutton: Gulpy: If you say so honey.
  515. Glutton: What you run out of valid points because I'm right?
  516. JayZenaku: -Holds her in his arms.-
  517. Shiranu has joined the chat
  518. ArcanaImperii: SHIRA
  519. ArcanaImperii: OMFG.
  520. ArcanaImperii: SHIRA SHIRA SHIRA
  521. Glutton: Go sit down at a vegan breakfast and go bitch about rape culture you fucking sad little feminist cunt.
  522. TheCupCaken: Shira~ c:
  523. TheCupCaken: -She purrs and snuggles into him.-
  524. Glutton: I take back what I said about your avi.
  525. JayZenaku: c:
  526. Glutton: Cute avatar's can't hide a shitty personality.
  527. Glutton: Oh by the way.
  528. Glutton: Let me beat you too the punch.
  529. Gulpy: I'm not a fighter lol. I have no interest in fighting you because of your sexism. You are trying to protect your ego, and I undersand that. But -I- was being ignorant. -You- were being sexist.
  530. ArcanaImperii: ~glomps the Shira face~
  531. Gulpy: There is a difference, there really is.
  532. Gulpy: Heya, doggie.
  533. ArcanaImperii: He wasn't being sexist...Jfc.
  534. Gulpy: Glutton: You're a woman, cook me lunch and stop talking.
  535. Glutton: I made a sexist comment in sarcasm, since YOU were generalizing a whole gender.
  536. ArcanaImperii: I don't know how you got sexist out of anything he said...
  537. Glutton: Holy shit.
  538. Glutton: I'm done.
  539. Gulpy: Sexism in the form of sarcasm is still sexism.
  540. Glutton: I suggest you leave.
  541. ArcanaImperii: .No it isn't.
  542. Glutton: Because I am going to track you.
  543. Gulpy: /Facepalm.
  544. Shiranu: Holy fucking lag.
  545. Glutton: I'll message you, your address and full name by the end of tomorrow.
  546. ArcanaImperii: It's used to desrcibe the way someone is talking to rebuttle their flawed views by using it against them
  547. Gulpy: That's okay.
  548. Shiranu: Holy shit you guys.
  549. Shiranu: Drop it down a notch.
  550. Glutton: Honestly bitch.
  551. Glutton: I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
  552. Shiranu: I don't know what the fuck is going on, but to threaten someone is a step too far.
  553. Glutton: And I wish you were on fire.
  554. Glutton: I wasn't threatening anyone?
  555. Gulpy: ....
  556. JayZenaku: Glutton. I think it's enough.
  557. Gulpy: I..
  558. Glutton: I was just going to show them their own personal information.
  559. Gulpy: I can't.
  560. Gulpy: LOL.
  561. Shiranu: Yeah, that's a threat.
  562. Glutton: Okay. Sure.
  563. Shiranu: Y'know, the whole "I will do a thing you don't want to happen"?
  564. ArcanaImperii: ~nuzzles the Shira face~ I missed you...
  565. Glutton: Not really.
  566. Glutton: I can't do shit with her personal information.
  567. ArcanaImperii: And I dunno what to do at this point so ~throws the ball in Shira's court~
  568. Glutton: Other than throw it out on the internet.
  569. Glutton: BUT
  570. Shiranu: Yeah, "personal", as in, not for you
  571. Shiranu: Come on, you know better.
  572. Glutton: I do.
  573. Glutton: But I'm feeling really petty. Passive aggressive.
  574. Glutton: So honestly.
  575. Shiranu: You know what you said is a threat. You know what you're doing, and saying. Come on man.
  576. Shiranu: Take a deep breath.
  577. Glutton: This bitch should just get cancer and wither the fuck away.
  578. Glutton: Do the world a favor.
  579. Glutton: Ya'know?
  580. ArcanaImperii: Glutton, just calm down. It's a disagreement but it's not to that extent.
  581. Glutton: No.
  582. Glutton: Fuck people like her.
  583. Shiranu: Hatred and anger, powerful feelings. But you can't let 'em own you.
  584. Glutton: I can and will.
  585. TheCupCaken: Glutton, who are you even arguing with? :o
  586. Glutton: Gulpy. I hope you fucking die.
  587. Glutton: :)
  588. ArcanaImperii: I know you weren't being sexist and she doesn't agree. That's okay, it happens. But don't get to that point of anger
  589. TheCupCaken: Oh
  590. Shiranu: Well, it's your call to do so. But I won't be having this sort of toxic enviroment in the room.
  591. ArcanaImperii: It solves nothing. Walk away
  592. TheCupCaken: That is not nice, Mister
  593. Gulpy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  594. Shiranu: So either bite down on it, or mosey on.
  595. Glutton: But she wants to turn the sarcasm against me and make me out to be Mr. Bad Guy.
  596. Glutton: I've been that guy my entire life.
  597. Glutton: You want Mr. Bad Guy.
  598. Glutton: You'll fucking get him you stupid worthless piece of shit.
  599. Shiranu: Melodrama isn't a solution either.
  600. Gulpy: I don't need to do that. You're doing it on your own just fine. I'm just sat here letting you get your anger out, honestly.
  601. Shiranu: Glutton, one more hateful comment and you're out the door. We're done with this.
  602. ArcanaImperii: You're looking like Mr.Badguy by saying these last few comments. I have a stalker at the moment and I wouldn't wish her to die...I don't wish that on anyone. So please, calm down. Sit down next to me.
  603. Kitzuni: . -.
  604. Glutton: I own up to my shit. And that's what I am.
  605. Kitzuni: Beasty.♥
  606. Glutton: Human Garbage. I can own that.
  607. Glutton: Gulpy. Go fucking rot.
  608. Glutton has left the chat
  609. ArcanaImperii: ~sighs~
  610. Shiranu: Alright. Fucking done.
  611. Gulpy: :T
  612. ArcanaImperii: Gulpy, I apologize on his behalf for the hateful comments. Though I disagree with you, I wouldn't wish either thing on you.
  613. ArcanaImperii: Please know that.
  614. ArcanaImperii: I can disagree peacefully.
  615. ArcanaImperii: Moving on.... SHIRA
  616. Gulpy: It's alright if you did. Thank you for your honesty though.
  617. ArcanaImperii: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN
  618. Shiranu: -Deep breath-
  619. Shiranu: Okay.
  620. Kitzuni: :C
  621. TheCupCaken: -Huggles Gulpy and kisses her forehead.-
  622. ReaperTobi: Welp, that was a shitshow. ouo
  623. Kitzuni: ^
  624. ArcanaImperii: I'm okay with you feeling that way, I don't feel up to arguments with people over a tough subject nor do I feel like trying to suade someone.
  625. TheCupCaken: Gulpy is safe in here ^-^
  626. ReaperTobi: Shira, I have a ton of No Mans Sky questions for you.
  627. Gulpy: Aw <3
  628. TheCupCaken: I never found out what the subject was XD
  629. ReaperTobi: It's more for personal opinions.
  630. Shiranu: Gulpy, you're a mouthy lil shit, and you damn well know how to twist someone into knots, and turn shit around on them. THAT SAID, you didn't deserve the shit he said. You know that.
  631. ArcanaImperii: I'm okay with personal opinions, that's an opinion.
  632. ArcanaImperii: Haha.
  633. ArcanaImperii: Shira.
  634. ArcanaImperii: ~lays her head on his thigh~
  635. Kitzuni: o:
  636. Shiranu: Christ on a cracker that was a nice thing to come into.
  637. Kitzuni: Moves her legs out of the way for her.- :3
  638. Shiranu: Seriously. How the hell did that powder keg get lit? I know you're a fiesty monster Gulpy, but that was insane.
  639. Gulpy: I won't sit here and make people pity me. I wasn't intentionally trying to twist his knots. I had no intentions of fighting anyway. I was just generaling men as a whole because I've been hurt more than I can handle this past month.
  640. Gulpy: And all I said that the men I have dated so far are little boys in big men pants.
  641. Gulpy: And he kinda went haywire from there. I dunno.
  642. Gulpy: I must have said something wrong along the way?
  643. Whispering to
  644. Stop whisper
  645. Send
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