Coc2: Hornet Workers (Nurse)

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  1. You look down at the nearest hornet-girl, at those head-sized, sumptuous breasts that heave with each defeated gasp that escapes her lips. Even while she's crumpled on the ground, those sweet tits of hers still manage to bounce and jiggle ever so slightly, fat nipples oozing the occasional drop of honey from their sheer internal pressure. One would imagine having milkers this large would cause significant back problems, but these girls are tough and whatever corruptive force they've been exposed to certainly has let them take their new, bimboesque assets in stride.
  3. An idea coming to your mind, you kneel down by the nearest bimbug whorenet and heft one of her sumptuous breasts in both hands, testing its weight. Melons indeed — and like actual melons, it's not just about size, it's about weight, shape, firmness. Oh, and density, too — for their already considerable size, there's simply so much honey in these things that they're simply heavy. If there's so much sweetness packed in these things, so wonder this airheaded slut is leaking all the time.
  5. Hmm, you're feeling a little worn-out from that bit of exertion, and this brainless slut clearly has a surfeit of honey on hand. She probably won't mind if you take a little for yourself — you'll bet it tastes a lot better when someone's not trying to force it on you.
  7. "I think I'm going to have some fun of my own," Brint says, a salacious grin on his face as he drags off one of the bootylicious bimbugs. "Hope you don't mind if I go ahead and claim this one for myself."
  9. Sensing your hands pawing at her ripe bosom, the whorenet gasps as pleasure spikes through her; even though her nipples are already stiff from her recent exertions, they harden and swell even more as you trail your fingertips along the tacky flesh, seeking cracks between the chitinous plates to tease the poor bimbug with. Her boobs are simply too turgid and bloated to have enough give for a proper kneading, so you have to settle for a massage to get the slut into the proper mood for things.
  11. Not that it makes any difference to the needy bimbo. The slightest touch is sufficient to send the hornet-girl squirming, a motion that only intensifies as you lower your lips to the head-sized mounds and plant gentle kisses on them in turn, moving in spirals towards the sweet treat of a teat and the bulging areola that surrounds it.
  13. "Oh... c'mon already!" the hornet-girl whines as you tease her nipples with your tongue, flicking them one at a time and watching the fat, thumb-sized nubs leak and ooze as they spring back in shape. "Plllleeeaaassseee? Like, like, uh, just suck them already, yeah? Pretty please?"
  15. Well, since she asked so nicely, you might as well humour the poor bimbug and not keep her all tensed up like this. Giving your chosen nipple a few tweaks to make sure it's as turgid as can be, you clamp your lips to the chosen tit and start sucking. Instantly, you're rewarded with a rush of honey straight into your mouth — it certainly tastes a lot better when she's not spurting it all over the place in an effort to subdue you. Maybe there're different types? The thought is quickly washed from your mind by the fruity, tantalising flavour that inundates your tongue.
  17. The next few moments pass by in a blur — you gulping down as much sticky sweet goodness as you can hold without descending into outright gluttony, while the hornet-girl shudders and moans like a two-copper whore experiencing an outright boobgasm. No matter how much you drain, the hornet-girl's boobs never grow any less turgid, churning away as more honey is rapidly produced to replace what you've taken. Licking, sucking, toying away with your tongue, everything devoted to pleasuring those sweet tits and draining mouthfuls of nectar straight from the tap.
  19. "Like... sheesh, this isn't nothing," the hornet-girl gasps between slutty moans. "You... you should totally see us when we go put away the honey! If you like this, then you should've just totally took some of Queenie's eggs... then if you wanted, we'd have brought you to the hive for some fun..."
  21. The thought of hundreds of hornet bimbos squeezing and draining each other's breasts to a backdrop of orgiastic moaning and buzzing is tempting, but no thanks. On that note, you've had almost as much as you can stomach, and yet you still haven't made the slightest dent in the sheer volume of honey in those sweet tits. No, that won't do, that won't do in the slightest.
  23. An idea comes to mind. Lifting your head away from the still-oozing milkers, you take each engorged nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeeze down hard. A brief squirt of honey erupts from each one as you apply the pressure, but you hold down fast and start stimulating the hornet-girl's buxom bust with the heels of your hands, pushing as much as you can into the turgid flesh and pumping away with a steady rhythm, encouraging the poor honey-slut to let down as much sweet nectar as her body will allow.
  25. It's almost hypnotic. Unable to effect any kind of meaningful release, the honey just keeps on backing up in the slutty bug's sweet milkers, making the hornet-girl moan like the needy bimbo whore she is. Bigger and bigger her boobs swell, ballooning outwards and gaining cup sizes by the moment; dribbles of nectar escape her nipples and coat your fingers, but you maintain your grip on her teats and prevent more from escaping despite the mounting pressure within each increasingly distended mammary.
  27. Larger and larger, heavier and heavier, the poor hornet-girl going practically delirious from the intense pleasure this apparently is causing her. Increasing amounts of soft, yellow flesh show from under her broken chitin plates as she continues to swell with backed-up honey, making her look all the more vulnerable like this; the bimbug's boobs are almost down to her waist at this point, and you're not completely sure if she won't just let herself explode if it gives her that much pleasure...
  29. Guess that's enough of a reserve. The moment you release your grip on the hornet-girl's nipples, torrential streams of honey jet upwards from each bloated dug, waving about as they arc in the air and come down as a sweet, sticky rain. You open your mouth and stick your tongue out, catching the warm droplets as they cascade down upon you; the rest of the tacky golden shower coats you from head to toe, sticking to your skin and puddling under you in a viscous mess.
  31. "Whooo..." Face fixed in a big, open-mouthed smile, tongue lolling out from between her plump lips all the way down to her chin, the bimbug whorenet is completely stupefied by the mind-consuming blissgasm that's consuming her body as her breasts deflate to a more reasonable size. Then again, reasonable is subjective when it comes to these girls. As her milkers let loose one final, gushing spurt of honey, a shudder runs through the hornet-girl's body, her gauzy wings beating futilely at the ground — and then her eyes cross as she comes to a stop, completely insensate, her tiny brain overwhelmed with pleasure to the point it's shut down completely.
  33. No matter how much you poke and prod the poor girl, it looks like she won't be recovering from that any time soon. Leaving her with her sisters, you clean yourself off as best as you can — which isn't very well — collect your little entourage, and prepare to be off on your way, leaving the honey-slick shower behind you. No doubt the sweet-smelling mess will draw more hornets before long...
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