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  1. This is my issue with Round-tripping SPARQL Update and RDF (either Turtle or RDF/XML)
  4. http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3987.txt
  6. Below is cut from ^^
  8. <!--
  10. Duerst & Suignard           Standards Track                    [Page 12]
  11. RFC 3987         Internationalized Resource Identifiers     January 2005
  14.       conversion using [RFC3490] may be able to better deal with
  15.       backwards compatibility issues in case mapping and resolution are
  16.       separated, as in the case of using an HTTP proxy.
  18.    Note: Internationalized Domain Names may be contained in parts of an
  19.       IRI other than the ireg-name part.  It is the responsibility of
  20.       scheme-specific implementations (if the Internationalized Domain
  21.       Name is part of the scheme syntax) or of server-side
  22.       implementations (if the Internationalized Domain Name is part of
  23.       'iquery') to apply the necessary conversions at the appropriate
  24.       point.  Example: Trying to validate the Web page at
  25.       http://r&#xE9;sum&#xE9;.example.org would lead to an IRI of
  26.       http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fr&#xE9;sum&#xE9;.
  27.       example.org, which would convert to a URI of
  28.       http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fr%C3%A9sum%C3%A9.
  29.       example.org.  The server side implementation would be responsible
  30.       for making the necessary conversions to be able to retrieve the
  31.       Web page.
  33.    Systems accepting IRIs MAY also deal with the printable characters in
  34.    US-ASCII that are not allowed in URIs, namely "<", ">", '"', space,
  35.    "{", "}", "|", "\", "^", and "`", in step 2 above.  If these
  36.    characters are found but are not converted, then the conversion
  37.    SHOULD fail.  Please note that the number sign ("#"), the percent
  38.    sign ("%"), and the square bracket characters ("[", "]") are not part
  39.    of the above list and MUST NOT be converted.  Protocols and formats
  40.    that have used earlier definitions of IRIs including these characters
  41.    MAY require percent-encoding of these characters as a preprocessing
  42.    step to extract the actual IRI from a given field.  This
  43.    preprocessing MAY also be used by applications allowing the user to
  44.    enter an IRI.
  46. -->
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