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  1. So Coln's home universe has a power system that's similar to the superpowers of the primary universe, but operating under different laws. Every person is born with a silver band connecting their dominant hand and arm those hands can disconnect from the band and maneuver freely in the air, though it's hard and impossible if they can't see their hand. The bands have rings like a tree and they can sort of pop out like one of those compressible cups and fill with a honey like liquid which contains all the nutrients for an individual to survive however if you drink from someone elses band you get very sick and vomit. On each person's band is a word in a language most can't read, these words when activated by their user transform into a power unique to the user, very rarely someone with their equivalent of down syndrome (normal down syndrome doesnt exist there) is born they are the only people who can understand the words they're entitled "nothing" all nothing's are born with a band on each arm and have an easy time maneuvering their hands even outside of their view. Words to them are read as simple descriptions of their power Coln is born as a nothing and can read other people's words he finds some people's words mean the same thing he has a friend with the power of light manipulation who reads as "light" and a teacher who has a power similar to creatures from the primary universe which is removing a person's ability to see light (the creatures from the primary universe have glowing eyes which end up as the only light a person can see when under their influence) he too reads as "light" half a decade before the point of our introduction to the universe a man with the ability to steal words rampaged attempting to control the world he was stopped by the government and it was found that as a child he was a "nothing" when asked he discovered through testing as a child he could steal other's words by touching their band and activating his word at which point his word transformed to read "everything" but can also be read as "anything" those facts weren't released to the public and were actively supressed then its revealed that the government is watching Coln and two other children the only three nothings currently out there. Coln is desperate to find the power of nothing even though he's always seen it as nothing, so he's always trying to activate it and the reason he's not found the power of nothing is because it's very rude to grab another's band so he's never tried it I haven't developed much more of the universe except that he ends up accidentally stealing his friend's "light" becoming an everything the government doesn't do anything as he hasnt commited any crimes yet I do want him to eventually conquer his world and his universe and attempts to conquer others using millions of powers to open a universal hole only to thrust himself into a universe with laws that don't allow for him to use his words or detach his hands it takes a few hours for the universe to adjust and neutralize his powers but he does put up a fearsome display in the undermarket and from that point on maintains a hold over it with fear alone and in place of his powers he masters the quick draw and uses his honed fighting ability to keep everyone in check. He learns of souls as there are a few people in the undermarket including the former ruler of it who has the rarest soul type a "void" soul which only has the passive affect of absorbing souls from others nearby he's extremely old and isn't very smart because he's been around since before recorded history and is the sole reason souls aren't more widespread as he steals every soul he finds with there being a finite number of souls it's very rare to see someone with soul powers in the modern era he hardly remembers his life because he's been around so long that he's exceeded his brain's storage capacity and his brain forgets things to make room for new things he's only still alive because he's been slowly burning souls to extend his life and repair his body causing new souls to be created to fill the gap first thing coln does after realizing his words are gone is kill this dude hoping that the souls of this universe will latch on to his words as it's common belief in his home universe that one's word is their soul so he believes the two would intermingle and create a new and unique power, they don't but he does inherit a positively charged soul this starts the soul crisis because tons and tons of souls are latching onto people all over including our protag who has an unmanifested negatively charged soul it hasnt manifested cause his will isn't yet strong enough but two age okd negative charges latch onto him and become part of his latent soul. His soul manifests when Coln is searching for children with unmanifested souls to train and use to help him conquer the world and universe. Coln developes a drug that makes people with unmanifested souls go nuts as if the have rabies foaming at the mouth and everything which is the result of their soul being forcibly manifested by the drug it also boosts their strength a ton when our protag is kidnapped by Coln's people and injected he's thrown in the back of the van while the drug takes effect when he's brought out now in the undermarket he goes on a rampage quickly brought to an end by Coln himself before it's brought to and end he bites half the face off of one kidnapper and spits it in the face of the other before hitting him over the head so hard his jaw breaks. That's all I got for now.
  3. -Doctor Disease
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