DX - Twin Shadows, Part 2

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. [17:24] <Cherem> The sun is starting to lower below the tallest buildings as shadows start to cast over City N, a cold breeze cutting through the alleyways and over the rooftops. Playback, you find yourself with fellow contractor Dragoon, waiting in a black sedan for the clock to strike. You've been given black suits, as well as matching ties, gloves, hairnets and balaclava. There were earpieces as well left for you, and a quick rundown of the plan.
  2. [17:24] <Cherem> Enter the Bar, eliminate the guards, incapacitate Himoto's contact, and "roughly escort" Himoto to the safehouse provided, where the next step would be revealed.
  3. [17:24] <Cherem> Before you, about a block away, is a bar, where Himoto has asked you to kidnap him. There are several of his men on the outside: you have been given stern instructions to eliminate them, as well as the western mafioso guards.
  4. [17:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "Alright. We don't have much time to get to know each other but here's the deal, I like things to go as smoothly as possible. I don't want to give them the chance to respond with deadly force."
  5. [17:29] <The_Espada> "So quick or silent?"
  6. [17:30] <Jamie_Knapp> "Both, if you think you can manage it."
  7. [17:37] <Cherem> Tick. The clock strikes the appointed time.
  8. [17:39] <Jamie_Knapp> "Alright, that's it. Let's get in there."
  9. [17:40] <The_Espada> "Alright. Good luck."
  10. [17:41] <Jamie_Knapp> "Thanks, but we don't need luck."
  11. [17:42] <The_Espada> "If you say so."
  12. [17:46] * Jamie_Knapp and Dragoon exit the car. Jamie takes the lead, walking directly over towards the guards standing at the door.
  13. [17:47] <Cherem> The guard standing directly outside the door seems to be one of the Kou Ou. Dressed in a suit, he frowns a little, "More of you guys?"
  14. [17:54] * Jamie_Knapp nods and slips on her anti-warding mask. "You can never be too careful, right?" She looks back at Dragoon expectantly.
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  16. [17:56] <Cherem> The man has a cigarette hanging from his lips, and at your mask he turns a little, his right hand slipping behind his back. "What's with the mask."
  17. [18:01] * The_Espada An electric charge goes through the air
  18. [18:03] <Ian_Goodwill> Meanwhile, in an another room, deeper within the restaurant, Ian's warding detector goes off. He gives Shizuka a worried glance as the glasses give him the reading on the warding. "...Something's not right here..."
  19. [18:03] <Cherem> "What are you-" The man begins, hand pulling back out before he slumps, grabbing his stomach and rolling onto his side. Around you, the other guards collapse like they were made of paper.
  20. [18:04] <Cherem> And then, a quick trio of gunshots ring out, blasting through the window and narrowly missing the two of you.
  21. [18:06] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie scans the area, gun out. "Who the fuck?"
  22. [18:06] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka smiles, at least until the gunfire starts coming. Then she drops to her knees, getting low. "Do you have precognitive abilities, Ian-chan?"
  23. [18:08] <Cherem> Looking through the window, you can see a man drop behind the bar, you can hear the three shell casings hit the ground.
  24. [18:09] <Cherem> Inside the private suite, Ian, Shizuka, and Himoto and his bodyguard are, were, sharing a drink. However, seems this meeting has been broken up.
  25. [18:11] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian gives an amused grin to Shizuka as he finishes his drink. "If you excuse me, Himoto-sama, I think now is an appropriate time to show you the premium quality wares you are paying for in action." In a split second, retreives his P90 from a UGN weapon case within his vest and hurries out of the room, giving Shizuka a grin.
  26. [18:11] <Ian_Goodwill> And by hurry, it's something else. Ian's renegade powers obviously make his senses and speed much more enhanced than a normal person's.
  27. [18:12] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well, there goes stealth. Get ready to storm the place."
  28. [18:13] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka rises and steps out afterwards, generally keeping behind Ian.
  29. [18:13] <The_Espada> "And it was going so well."
  30. [18:13] <Cherem> Inside, you two can here, "Something's up- the men outside collapses."
  31. [18:14] <Cherem> You two can see a pair of silouettes besides the one that took cover behind the bar, quickly joined by a third.
  32. [18:14] <Cherem> Ian, Shizuka, you were party to watching Himoto collapse, spilling his sake all over himself in the process, seemingly passed out.
  33. [18:15] <Jamie_Knapp> "Stack up, three hostiles. On three." Playback readies herself at the door, waits for Dragoon and then kicks the door open, gun aimed towards the bar.
  34. [18:16] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian doesn't even bother taking cover, knowing what he's got to deal with, aiming outside, ready to open fire at the first person coming in. He takes no measures in hiding his face or voice.
  35. [18:17] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie stops as soon as she sees him, her hand up to motion to Espada to stop. She takes off her mask. "Well shit."
  36. [18:19] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian's ears twitch as Jamie mutters. "...Are you fucking serious?" He lowers his weapon as he rushes out of the bar. Even Huo can see that Ian is abnormaly fast. "What the fuck are you doing here?! UGN sent you too?!"
  37. [18:20] <Cherem> Huo pops up, a machine pistol held in one hand, other holding the mask to his face. "Woah, boss, wait, don't get too close!"
  38. [18:21] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka pauses behind Ian, still keeping her guard up as she peeks around him briefly to regard the others.
  39. [18:21] <Jamie_Knapp> "Uh. Not exactly." Jamie lowers her weapon. "Lower it Dragoon, we got an issue."
  40. [18:22] <The_Espada> "How much of an issue?"
  41. [18:22] <Ian_Goodwill> " 'Not exactly'? Then what are you doing here? Who's this guy?" Ian seems quite angered. He obviously knows who Playback is.
  42. [18:23] <Jamie_Knapp> "The kind where the government is involved." She steps to the side, motioning Ian over. "WHat are you doing here?"
  43. [18:25] <Ian_Goodwill> "The UGN wanted me to secure a deal with Himoto. He knows a fair bit about the False Hearts, apparently. I happen to be involved in business he was interested in. Jesus, at least you warded, I can't imagine explaining that mess to their families. ...Unless you were the traitor after all, Playback?" Ian doesn't lower his weapon, in fact, he raises it again
  44. [18:26] <Ian_Goodwill> with suspicion.
  45. [18:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "Oh cmon. Really?" She gives him an annoyed look. "I was hired by a third party. Looks like Himoto's your traitor."
  46. [18:28] <Ian_Goodwill> "Well, now I feel played." Ian is almost throwing a fit over this, then gets up to Jamie's face. "You're helping me clean this mess up. We're bringing him to the UGN HQ."
  47. [18:29] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "I'm glad this misunderstanding has been cleared." Shizuka says with a smile as she steps out from behind Ian, making a very slight bow.
  48. [18:30] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Or, maybe we should play this out." Ian seems thoughtful. "Who hired you?"
  49. [18:31] <Jamie_Knapp> "I'm not a fan of ruining contracts." She says, looking around. Wary of the sniper she pushed Ian gently back into the bar. "Himoto wanted us to kill everyone and kidnap him. There's a gun trained on this location, I don't know who it belongs to. What do you think is the best solution here?"
  50. [18:33] <Jamie_Knapp> "I'm not a fan of ruining contracts." She says, looking around. Wary of outside eyes, she pushes Ian gently back into the bar. "Himoto wanted us to kill everyone and kidnap him. What do you think is the best solution here?"
  51. [18:34] <Ian_Goodwill> "Well, you caught him. What's the next part of your plan?" Ian drags them inside, bringing them to the private room. "It's fine, Huo. I've got this handled. They'll wake up in a few minutes, Get our guys in a van before the Yakuza wakes up and decides to shoot us because their leader is missing."
  52. [18:36] <Cherem> Huo nods, glancing at the others, "Hm. Yes sir, it'll be done." With that he steps around you all, outside and waking up / dragging the other men.
  53. [18:36] <Cherem> Inside, there's no sound from Himoto and his bodyguard.
  54. [18:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "We've got a safehouse to take him to." She says slowly, thinking. "From there he escapes to parts unknown. If we still take him there, it might give you a lead on what he's trying to hide." SHe looks at Dragoon. "We might still get a payday out of this."
  55. [18:38] <Ian_Goodwill> "You have to be sure about what you're doing, Playback. UGN eyes are on us, most likely. My eyes are, at least. We're still under investigation." He seems a bit concerned, then glances at his new partner. "...What's your opinion on this? Do we let them take Himoto away? It was his plan after all, we need to discover what's up."
  56. [18:40] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "That's bold. And it could become very violent. Do any of us have a problem with that?"
  57. [18:41] <The_Espada> "As long as we complete the contract I'm fine playback."
  58. [18:43] <Jamie_Knapp> "Violence isn't a problem." She nods to the girl. Then she turns to look at Dragoon. "Understood."
  59. [18:45] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "I love you all. Let's do it."
  60. [18:47] <Cherem> You have plenty of vehicle options, and Himoto still seems to be passed out. His bodyguard is stirring.
  61. [18:48] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian glances at Jamie's all business friend, giving an amused yet annoyed scoff. "Oh, by the way, the lovely lady here is a new agent that I'm partnered with, I guess." Ian helps lift the bodyguard to a van or something, stashing him in the trunk.
  62. [18:48] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Been a while since I did something like that."
  63. [18:49] <Cherem> The man is surprisingly heavy for his slight frame, he's probably all muscle. If it weren't for the warding, he would've been a serious threat.
  64. [18:50] <Jamie_Knapp> "Technically. We were supposed to off this guy."
  65. [18:51] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah, well, I think this guy is more than he appears. Offing him now is a missed opportunity. Why are you supposed to kill everyone anyway? Seems awfully thorough."
  66. [18:51] <Jamie_Knapp> "Nice to meet you miss." Jamie smiles at Ian's partner. "I'm Playback, this is Dragoon." She shrugs. "Ours is not to question why...Do you want to take him in instead?"
  67. [18:53] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Shadow Blossom. A pleasure." Shizuka smiles in return, bowing to the other pair.
  68. [18:54] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Where, to the UGN? He's a goon, not much else, I doubt they'd do anything good to him." Ian then hurries to sit Himoto in the back of the van.
  69. [18:54] <The_Espada> "Dragoon" Dragoon bows as well.
  70. [18:54] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Or, in fact, how close do you think we can follow you?"
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  72. [18:56] <Jamie_Knapp> "Questioning would probably be better than death but hey." She takes out one of her phones and messages his an address. "I wouldn't be too close behind."
  73. [18:57] <Ian_Goodwill> "Fine, we'll keep the bodyguard with us, and you have your guy. We'll be in two cars, and we'll come in later after you. Keep me informed if you can."
  74. [18:58] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian checks his phone and brings the bodyguard to the back of a black sedan.
  75. [19:00] <Cherem> The unconcious bodyguard doesn't put up any struggle, and sits snuggly in the back of the sedan.
  76. [19:02] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie gets behind the wheels of her own vehicle, letting Dragoon get in on the passenger side. "So far so good." The sarcasm drips.
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  78. [19:05] <The_Espada> "It could be going far worse. Well nothing goes exactly as planned."
  79. [19:06] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian hushes for a moment, apparently observing his surroundings, then starts hacking up blood.
  80. [19:07] <Ian_Goodwill> "Guh!" He catches his breath, feeling like someone hit him in the chest with a baseball bat. "Guh, I'll be fine."
  81. [19:08] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Ian-chan? Are you sure?" Shizuka approaches calmly until she catches sight of the blood and then stares at it with a certain intensity. "Maybe someone should take care of that."
  82. [19:10] <Cherem> As you are preparing, Ian's ears catch the sound of rapid-fire... morse code? A finger rapidly clicking, an electrical pulse. Weird.
  83. [19:10] <Ian_Goodwill> "S'fine, they'd want to see traces of violence anyway. Just a consequence of the renegade " He catches his breath and patches himself up, his chest bleeding and ruining another shirt.
  84. [19:10] <Cherem> At the same time, Jamie catches a glint from blocks away, past several rows of other buildings and houses, before it disappears.
  85. [19:13] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka stares at Ian and licks her lips, looking off in her own world. "If you say so... Ian-chan." she says in a super dreamy voice.
  86. [19:14] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie stares in that direction for a moment, as if willing whatever it was to reapear. The she shrugs mentally and starts the engine.
  87. [19:17] <Ian_Goodwill> "Someone knows we're here, and they're suggesting they intervene. Now is a good time to split." Ian takes the driver seat of the sedan. "Shizuka, you're with me."
  88. [19:19] <Cherem> Unfortunetely, no more flashes of light.
  89. [19:21] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka blinks after Ian moves away. A few more blinks and then she gets in passenger side.
  90. [19:24] <Cherem> As you pull off, nothing in particular seems to happen. The drive to the safehouse is winding and long, but after a painstaking drive you finally arrive at a two-stroy house in the suburbs. The yard out front is tiny, enough dry the laundry and little more, and inside doesn't look much better. However, it is so nondiscript as to seem nonexistant, blending in with the rest of the houses.
  91. [19:24] <Cherem> If the instructions didn't specifically mention the house's number, you would drive right past it.
  92. [19:31] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is just a few blocks away, having picked up Junko on the way here, her sitting in the back next of the probably awakened by now bodyguard. "I'm sure you've got some questions" Ian says to no one in specific.
  93. [19:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "A few," Junko says, eyeing everyone inside the car. "Any particular reason Akebashi-san is in the car?" She looks as delinquent as ever for being a new UGN Agent, official and everything.
  94. [19:34] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie helps Dragoon take in the unconcious man. "Now we sit tight."
  95. [19:34] <Cherem> The bodyguard gives him a look, his hands in front of him. He turns his attention to Junko, giving her a queer look.
  96. [19:34] <Cherem> Himoto stirs a little when set down, "Ah... What the hell did you people do?"
  97. [19:34] <Cherem> Inside, the house is as plain as it is on the outside.
  98. [19:35] <Cherem> There's a living room and kitchen with a bathroom and the main bedroom downstairs, and a single flight up stairs to three smaller rooms.
  99. [19:36] <Ian_Goodwill> "He's the bodyguard of the guy Jamie kidnapped. Apparently, Jamie is cold blooded enough to kill two gangs by herself. She was tasked with kidnapping the guy and killing everyone on the scene. Luckily for her, I... happened to be on scene I guess. At this point, this is UGN matter, and we're investigating what is going on."
  100. [19:36] <Jamie_Knapp> "We did our job, sir."
  101. [19:36] <Cherem> "Aaah... So they really did send your kind." Himoto clears his throat, "I take it you followed my instructions at least."
  102. [19:37] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka eyes Junko for a long while. All quiet."Is this a friend of yours?"
  103. [19:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Well don't expect many answers from him," she says thumbing to the older man. "I've known him a long time. I was friends with his son and we're uh...in the same Yakuza clan. He's never spoken a word."
  104. [19:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's gaze, a little more intense now, falls on Shizuka. "Who's the suit?"
  105. [19:38] <Ian_Goodwill> "I'm not expecting him to talk. Figure he wanted to be near the guy he's supposed to protect. I'm waiting for Jamie to contact me."
  106. [19:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "We managed to get you out of there. Things could have been worse."
  107. [19:38] <Cherem> Akebashi nods slowly, sitting carefully. Occasionally he attempts to sign at Junko, but JSL is probably out of everybody's reach
  108. [19:39] <Cherem> "... You say that like there were complications." Himoto scowls, "I suppose all is well. As long as they believe I am missing and our rivals are to blame, all will be well."
  109. [19:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko watches Akebashi-san qietly, eventually digging out her phone. It's a simple device that flips open. She opens a blank document and hands it to him. Every now and they she still eyeballs Shizuka.
  110. [19:40] <Cherem> "Now, I still have a contact. They will tell me how this has all progressed, and in five days or so I will be vacating the country."
  111. [19:40] <Jamie_Knapp> "For now, I suppose we sit tight?"
  112. [19:41] <Cherem> Himoto sniffs derisivly and sits back. "Of course. One of you will be posted watching outside, one inside."
  113. [19:41] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Kirishima Shizuka. And you are?"
  114. [19:42] <Cherem> Akebashi takes her phone with gratitude, somehow manages to get the words working right, listening to them as they talk. 'This is a dangerous game you are playing.'
  115. [19:42] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Tsuboki Junko, codename Beast King." She actually sounds proud of the name.
  116. [19:42] <Jamie_Knapp> "Easy enough. Dragoon, I'll take outside watch for now. Feel free to make yourself comfortable."
  117. [19:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> Then she leans over to look at her phone. "Game...the hell have you been up to while I was gone?"
  118. [19:43] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Do I seem familiar to you?"
  119. [19:43] <The_Espada> "Sounds good."
  120. [19:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> She looks ready to verbally tug on Ian's ears, mouth hanging open as Shizuka speaks again. "Haaah? Never seen you before."
  121. [19:44] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie begins her rounds outside, looking for all the world like she was taking a casual stroll.
  122. [19:44] <Ian_Goodwill> "My new partner on the case, I suppose. Be nice to your fellow agent, Junko." Ian teases and snickers.
  123. [19:46] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Oh? Too bad. You remind me of someone I heard about. It's almost eerie."
  124. [19:47] <Cherem> Himoto stands up, "I need to eat. There should be food in the kitchen, for yourselfs as well."
  125. [19:47] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Himoto is being awfully prissy. Is that normal?"
  126. [19:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Who? Whats going on exactly."
  127. [19:49] <The_Espada> "Might be nice to get something in the system."
  128. [19:49] <Ian_Goodwill> "The UGN want Himoto to be a source for the False Hearts for them. We set up a meeting between his organisation and mine. Jamie was employed to kidnap this guy meanwhile."
  129. [19:49] <Ian_Goodwill> "So, we're going to see what happens -now- before bringing the guy to the UGN HQ."
  130. [19:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ah geez." Junko groans, rubbing her forehead.
  131. [19:50] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Do you know where they are?"
  132. [19:51] <Ian_Goodwill> "That house down the road. I'm monitoring it, and you're my backup. I hope you don't mind, Junko~"
  133. [19:51] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then takes out his phone and texts Jamie. 'So?'
  134. [19:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Mind? I'm gonna go settle this shit." And she's getting out of the car.
  135. [19:52] <Cherem> Himoto nods, "I don't know what your kind can do, but it certainly does work. Makes sense the Kou Ou want to use you more." He goes through the kitchen, "There's ramen here. That's pretty much it."
  136. [19:53] <Ian_Goodwill> "Junko, don't ruin this, we're gonna..." Ian gets out of the car as well. "There's no point in going in there yet before anyone shows up!"
  137. [19:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm tired of this double bluff playing all sides bullshit you both wank to!" Junko says turning to face him.
  138. [19:55] <The_Espada> "Alright then."
  139. [19:55] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie texts as she walks, "He's settled for now. We got anything long term?"
  140. [19:55] <Ian_Goodwill> "Fine then, go in there, what are you gonna do? Sit inside and wait with an anti-renegade activist?"
  141. [19:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm gonna do what I do. Which isn't fucking others over."
  142. [19:57] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka gets out. "Oh my. You're more and more like the one daddy told me about. Every time you talk."
  143. [19:57] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian isn't looking at his phone anymore, the volume of the argument probably rising. "You chose the wrong job then if you're working for the UGN, Junko! That's all we do! Fuck over people! Sacrifice the few for the many!"
  144. [19:57] <Jamie_Knapp> "You are wonderful at this. All of you." Jamie stands on the sidewalk staring. "Hey Junko."
  145. [19:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko throws her hands up.
  146. [19:59] <Tsuboki_Junko> Then she stuffs them in her pockets and looks down at the sidewalk.
  147. [19:59] <Ian_Goodwill> "And if the False Hearts are at line here, you'll have to go over me. The UGN needs this guy, and they need the info he has. We need to know who he works for, and what he's expecting here. He said he still had a contact."
  148. [19:59] <Jamie_Knapp> "And the best recourse is to stand outside of the van and yell this info at each other."
  149. [20:00] <Ian_Goodwill> "Jamie, shut up."
  150. [20:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> "The hell are you doing trying to kidnap this guy?" Junko's eyes are hard, cold. So soon back and these games again? Not for her.
  151. [20:00] <Jamie_Knapp> "They're called bills."
  152. [20:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm going home."
  153. [20:02] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian does the hundred steps back and forth. "Fine then. Let's step in. See what happens."
  154. [20:02] <Ian_Goodwill> "If you were right, I'll apologize a thousand times over."
  155. [20:02] <Jamie_Knapp> "Is that really a good idea?"
  156. [20:02] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "I'll be witness to that."
  157. [20:03] <Ian_Goodwill> "It's a Junko idea." Ian replies to Jamie. "Look, Junko, I like you, but we can't brute force everything."
  158. [20:05] <Tsuboki_Junko> Just stares as hard as she can again and in the process something happens. Theres a sniffle and soon she's crying.
  159. [20:05] <Tsuboki_Junko> She's not bawling but there are tears.
  160. [20:06] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then brushes his hand through his hair. "Gah, I'm sorry, it's just the tension... I didn't mean to snap."
  161. [20:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Stupid. All of you! We just got out of trouble caused by this shit! I'm tired of being screwed over by it!"
  162. [20:08] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie looks away, hugging her arms to herself. "It was a simple job. Kidnap some dumb crime boss. Its not like I was trying to cause trouble. How was I supposed to know the UGN was involved?"
  163. [20:11] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "The powers that be all have an interest in this. For my part I'm surprised that we managed to avoid killing each other before we got here."
  164. [20:13] <Ian_Goodwill> "Let's just confront Himoto. Let him know that the gig is up at this point." Ian offers a hand to Junko.
  165. [20:13] <Jamie_Knapp> "Like I'd ever kill Ian."
  166. [20:15] <Cherem> Inside, Himoto is preparing the ramen inside, making two bowls. "So, kid, what the hell are you doing here anyways?"
  167. [20:15] <Cherem> "Aren't you a little young for these games?"
  168. [20:16] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Ian-chan is amazing."
  169. [20:16] <The_Espada> "Probaly too young for them yes."
  170. [20:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You have groupies now?" She sniffs and wipes a hand under her nose. She takes his hand long enough to stand up properly again, looking more composed.
  171. [20:17] <The_Espada> "The short answer would be simple cash."
  172. [20:17] <Ian_Goodwill> "Groupies? Shizuka has been a rather decent partner is all." He chuckles as he gives Shizuka a glance. "Alright then. Lead the way, Beast King. I've got your back."
  173. [20:18] <Cherem> Himoto raises an eyebrow, "Fair enough. The people you're getting mixed up with though, I'd be careful."
  174. [20:19] <Tsuboki_Junko> Her gaze falls on Jamie.
  175. [20:19] <The_Espada> "I will be."
  176. [20:19] <Jamie_Knapp> "I'm with you guys. If his is how you want to do it, then let's go."
  177. [20:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> The delinquent nods, smoothing out her clothing before marching for the house Ian had indicated before.
  178. [20:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> On the way she does look back though, trying to catch Shizuka's eye. "What were you babbling about before?"
  179. [20:25] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Oh. You just matched a description is all. Yakuza ties,the name, a potty mouth." Shizuka speaks casually as she goes along.
  180. [20:26] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Haaah? What asshole has been talking crap about me?"
  181. [20:27] <Cherem> Inside, Himoto is eating. And when he sees Ian, he drops his chopsticks, "What the- what is HE doing here?"
  182. [20:28] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "My father. When he finally came out about having children besides me."
  183. [20:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko furrows her brow at Shizuka, attention pulled away to Hitomo before she can say more.
  184. [20:29] <The_Espada> "Well now..."
  185. [20:30] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian, right behind Junko, takes out his badge and flashes it at Himoto. "Well, I told you the UGN was interested in you. I came back from the dead when I heard you were intent on leaving the country."
  186. [20:31] <Jamie_Knapp> "Thems the breaks I guess."
  187. [20:31] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko flashes her own shiny new badge too. "Lets talk."
  188. [20:32] <The_Espada> "What's the plan now playback?"
  189. [20:33] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Back from the dead." A dreamy sigh as Shizuka flashes her badge as well.
  190. [20:33] <Cherem> Himoto sits back, glaring at him, "I knew trusting Guhuin would be a bad move. I didn't think they would stooop so low."
  191. [20:34] <The_Espada> Dragoon continues to eat the ramen.
  192. [20:34] <Ian_Goodwill> "This is officially UGN matter now, Dragoon. Guhuin has nothing to do with this, you just got unlucky. Planning on killing my guys as well? That's my family you're hurting."
  193. [20:34] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian changes the badge for a firearm now instead.
  194. [20:35] <Cherem> "You know better than anybody it's nothing personal," Himoto takes a mouthful of ramen. "I needed a reason for the Kou Ou to not look for me."
  195. [20:36] <The_Espada> "Hurting who? I haven't really done anything just yet." Materlizing a gun in his right hand.
  196. [20:36] <Ian_Goodwill> "They won't be able to reach you in a UGN cell. Who's your contact?" Ian keeps his weapon trained at the man.
  197. [20:36] <Jamie_Knapp> "Hold up there buddy. No need to get excited. Let's let them talk it out."
  198. [20:38] <The_Espada> "Fine. I'll see what happens." Dragoon places the gun on the table and keeps eating.
  199. [20:38] <Cherem> Himoto frowns, "They did hire Overed. If you really are Guhuin's people." He rubs his forehead, "I was a mid-ranking boss in the Kou Ou City N family. Of course I would have contacts."
  200. [20:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> "One of yours?" Junko mutters to Jamie.
  201. [20:40] <Ian_Goodwill> "Don't make a fuss, then. Consider the deal off and, for yourself, apprehended by the UGN." Ian produces a zip tie, not that he'd need it most likely.
  202. [20:41] <Jamie_Knapp> "He was hired to work alongside me. If that's what you mean. I only know him by his handle, really."
  203. [20:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "And what's a Guhuin?" She watches Ian and Himoto carefully even as she whispers with Jamie.
  204. [20:43] <Cherem> "That is not in your best interest. If the Renegade in the Kou Ou hear I have been arrested, they will go underground." Himoto slurps up some of his ramen.
  205. [20:43] <Cherem> "If I disappear, I can still reveal them to your organization." He gives Ian a stern, stony look.
  206. [20:43] <Ian_Goodwill> "Then it's in your interest to speak now and let the UGN handle them and their False Hearts links, as little as you appreciate us."
  207. [20:44] <Ian_Goodwill> "Pardon me if I am not enclined to believe you'd work with the UGN off your own will."
  208. [20:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "Besides, you don't have much time since there was no victim by the dinner. They'll suspect something is up."
  209. [20:46] <Cherem> "It's not: living in a gilded cage for the UGN's pleasure would bring me no joy," he continues. "My Family is already preparing to leave, we will disappear from the Kou Ou's sight. As for helping you, I could only ever help you once."
  210. [20:47] <Cherem> At Ian's last part, Himoto shoots Playback and Dragoon a sharp look. "So much for the money I spent."
  211. [20:47] <The_Espada> "Sorry if im not exactly willing to die just yet."
  212. [20:48] <Ian_Goodwill> "Not only that, but I can confirm that we were being spied on. People relaying information while observing the restaurant." Ian crosses his arms. "We don't have much time."
  213. [20:50] <Cherem> "What do you mean?" Himoto scowls, "That was my deal."
  214. [20:50] <Cherem> "Ooooooi." Outside, some jackass is yelling.
  215. [20:50] <Cherem> It's evening, now's not the time for yelling.
  216. [20:50] <Jamie_Knapp> "Yeah, well, loyalties gotta lie somewhere and not all that glitters is gold." She leans over to tell Junko something but turns to look towards the door instead.
  217. [20:51] <Ian_Goodwill> "Now -what-." To make sure Himoto can't run far, Ian slips him the zip tie.
  218. [20:51] <Cherem> Himoto frowns, "Who in- What the hell is this?!"
  219. [20:51] <Cherem> "Oh. Ooooi, Himoto-Ojii-san, come on out." The voice calls again: sounds youngish.
  220. [20:52] <The_Espada> "Playback any idea's on who or what that is?"
  221. [20:53] <Ian_Goodwill> "Shove it. You guys check it out, I'll provide support from here to make sure nothing happens to Himoto."
  222. [20:54] <Jamie_Knapp> "No idea. Junko, wanna go check it out?"
  223. [20:55] <The_Espada> "Well time to do some work." Dragoon picks up the gun and start going.
  224. [20:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Huh? Yeah, guess so.
  225. [20:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> "
  226. [20:55] <Cherem> There's a hesitation, and then a hefting sound. And then, a grunt, and a sedan goes plowing through the wall.
  227. [20:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Well shit!"
  228. [20:56] <Cherem> That's indeed your sedan, coming hood-first through the wall.
  229. [20:57] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Aaah!" Shizuka gets all wide eyed and shrieks like a teenager getting stabbed in a horror movie.
  230. [21:01] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie ducks behind Junko, safest place to be. "Ok. I've determined that they aren't friendly."
  231. [21:02] <The_Espada> "Who on god's green earth throws a car into a building?!"
  232. [21:02] <Cherem> "Oh, I guess you were downstairs." The voice comments, bathed in the light of the house now.
  233. [21:03] <Cherem> There's a tall young man with dyed blonde hair, dressed in a suit and adjusting his cuffs. "Shame, that was just to scare you."
  234. [21:03] <Tsuboki_Junko> Good thing Junko is part tank, her tough body and toucher scales stopping the thrown car from even reaching anyone. "You have a few second left to run, kid."
  235. [21:04] <Cherem> Beside him is a giant red demon, at least the size of a truck, with a face like an oni mask. His hair is wild and natty, his eyes wide and bloodshot.
  236. [21:04] <Jamie_Knapp> "Scare us? What is it halloween already?"
  237. [21:04] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "That's amazing."
  238. [21:04] <Cherem> On his other side is a thinner man, slightly taller with dark blue skin, hooked tusks, and a long katana resting on his shoulder.
  239. [21:06] <Cherem> Completing the four, there is another man, much older than the other, with back and grey hair with a pair of glasses blocking his eyes. He's dressed in a white lab coat over a vest and fine pants, "Subtle, Sharupashootah." He has a thick foreign accent.
  240. [21:06] <Ian_Goodwill> "Anyone happens to have a carrier pigeon and some mochi?" Ian whistles a bit at the scene.
  241. [21:06] <The_Espada> "Why would we need any of those things?"
  242. [21:07] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Nevermind, Dragoon. Just, stick close and learn. Who the heck are you?" Ian steps a bit closer, rifle in hand.
  243. [21:07] <Jamie_Knapp> "Mary."
  244. [21:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Just stay behind me, it'll be fine Ian...chan." She snickers briefly.
  245. [21:07] <Jamie_Knapp> "No but seriously. WHo are these guys?"
  246. [21:07] <Cherem> "We didn't figure you'd stop that though." The first one shrugs, and you catch a glimpse of his right hand, a metallic facimilie of the real thing. "We are Collectors."
  247. [21:08] <Cherem> Behind you, Himoto is deathly pale, "God damnit! First the UGN, and now- how did and of you find me?!"
  248. [21:08] <Ian_Goodwill> "That's... vague. I haven't seen any yard sale or auctions around here." Ian snickers at them.
  249. [21:08] <Cherem> At your questions and Himoto's outburst, the red demon rumbles, and it's like a thousand stones rolling down a valley.
  250. [21:08] <The_Espada> "What collectors find the need to throw cars through walls?"
  251. [21:08] <Cherem> After a moment, you realize he's laughing.
  252. [21:09] <Cherem> "Sharupashooter, they are not familiar with your manner," The older man comments.
  253. [21:09] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie whispers something to Junko.
  254. [21:10] <Ian_Goodwill> "Oh man, that's good, I should've taught of that in the UGN formular..." Ian isn't taking this all that seriously. Ian has special ears.
  255. [21:10] <Cherem> "It's. Just. Sharpshooter." The younger man finally snaps, turning to his ally. "Just. Be quite." He turns back, "I'm here to collect Himoto-san. Are you familiar with how the Yakuza treat betrayers? Slights on honor?"
  256. [21:11] <The_Espada> "Is it will pumpkin pie?"
  257. [21:11] <Ian_Goodwill> "I heard that, Jamie."
  258. [21:11] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko groans. "All this for his pinkies?"
  259. [21:11] * Jamie_Knapp smirks at Ian.
  260. [21:12] <Ian_Goodwill> "I thought it was knuckles?" Ian has a bit of a goofy grin on his lips.
  261. [21:12] <Cherem> 'Sharpshooter' doesn't look impressed but he nods, "Pinkies are too little at this point. Himoto will have to pay in a greater amount." He grins, "Did you really think we would not catch wind of your plan?"
  262. [21:13] <The_Espada> "Something greater than pinkies? his toes?"
  263. [21:13] <Ian_Goodwill> "I mean, I told him, if the UGN knew of him, then others probably knew." Ian sympathetizes with Sharpshooter.
  264. [21:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "He's under UGN protection right now so maybe we should just get this over with."
  265. [21:13] <Jamie_Knapp> "But who knew it would be the legendary Sharupashooter and the multicolor crew themselves?"
  266. [21:14] <Cherem> "Multi-color..." Sharpshooter covers his mouth: He's either trying to not laugh or he's biting his fake finger so hard to keep from exploding.
  267. [21:15] <Cherem> "Alright. Enough. We're taking Himoto-san. He's misbehaved and needs to come up with us."
  268. [21:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gonna be real funny when your friends hear you got whooped by someone from the Hanashima Family."
  269. [21:15] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah, well, get a form from the UGN then. He's under our custody."
  270. [21:16] <Jamie_Knapp> "Right. Well. Best get to the fighting, don't want to be up all night."
  271. [21:16] <Cherem> "Who?" The man picks his ear. "Oh, so two nobodies. Okay." He shrugs.
  272. [21:16] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Frankly I'm offended that a car was thrown. Innocent people could have been hurt by your antics."
  273. [21:16] <Cherem> His hand moves, and a sub machine gun flips into his palm, "Oh, there's no such thing as innocent 'people'." Sharpshooter grins, "There's only warriors and collateral."
  274. [21:24] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian simply loads his P90 with specialty rounds, and hums an angelic tune.
  275. [21:31] <Cherem> As he says this, he grabs another SMG from his back, and rapidly sprays with both hands, both guns, at Jamie! The bullets pepper the ground and wall as she sprays wildly.
  276. [21:31] <Cherem> he*
  277. [21:32] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie calculates instantly where his bullets will hit and manages to find just the right spot to be missed by all of them.
  278. [21:34] <Cherem> As he shoots, Blue slips forward, hands opening to reveal long, sickly claws with vivid white talons, slashing at Junko.
  279. [21:37] <Cherem> ZA DOKUTAA watches as things begin, hands in his pocket.
  280. [21:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ugh, sick, don't touch me with those!"
  281. [21:38] <Cherem> Blue's slash goes wild, and cuts into the ground, smoke rising from where his talons touch. Dodged a bullet there.
  282. [21:42] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie waits for the perfect moment to unleash hell on her attacker, acidic bullets smacking into him from her new submachinegun.
  283. [21:43] <Cherem> Sharpshooter staggers, grabbing at his arm and side as the bullets tear through his clothing and into his flesh, "Gah, you bitch! This was imported!"
  284. [21:44] <Jamie_Knapp> "Don't bring expensive clothes to a fight, dude. That's like rule one."
  285. [21:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "Soul brothers, Sharpshooter." Ian gives in a tragic sigh.
  286. [22:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> Looks like Beasto Kingu wasn't about to take any shit from Blue. As the Renegade's power swept through her she changed. A clawed hand smashed into Blue with all the force of a semi.
  287. [22:05] <Cherem> The oni collapses to the ground, letting out a cough, before shakily pushing itself to one knee.
  288. [22:11] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka blows a kiss at Sharpshooter. A kiss that sends out all sorts of nasty looking shadowy tendrils that would look at home in a hentai at the poor guy.
  289. [22:12] <Cherem> Sharpshooter recoils, but the snake-like appendages cut through him, and put him dangerously close to the edge.
  290. [22:12] <Cherem> However, before he collapses, a gloved hand claps on his shoulder, and you see a vivid green light eminate from ZA DOKUTAA's hand. His eyes flash green, and Sharpshooter's wounds begin to close.
  291. [22:16] <Cherem> Meanwhile, the giant monster lets out a fearsome growl, reaching his hand out. As if from the air, a giant metal club studded with sharp triangles and knobs comes into existance, at least the length of a car.
  292. [22:21] <Ian_Goodwill> "Alright, you've had your fun." Ian lowers his P90.
  293. [22:27] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then becomes death incarnate as a hail of renegade enhanced lead slugs right at the intruders.
  294. [22:30] <Cherem> They don't even stand a chance, the bullets tear through armor, flesh, stone, everything.
  295. [22:30] <Cherem> How they're standing at the end is by all means a miracle, bleeding, broken, and severely punished.
  296. [22:31] <Cherem> Sharpshooter reaches up to touch his face, a gaping hole in the side of his mouth. "...Regroup." He kicks himself back, grabbing ZA DOKUTAA, and both of them disappear into thin air.
  297. [22:32] <Ian_Goodwill> "....That thought them a lesson." Ian is still holding his smoking gun, huffing at the sudden and brutal use of the renegade virus.
  298. [22:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> "...geez."
  299. [22:34] <Cherem> Blue nods at Sharpshooter's commentary, and takes a quick step to Red's side. Grabbing ahold of the monster, who appears to be shrinking to a normal man's size, "Impressive. We'll have to come back later." And with that, he kicks off with impressive strength, disappearing into the shadow. \
  300. [22:34] <@Kirishima_Shizuka> "Scarym scary..."
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