Route C aka My Ship Kain't Have All This Shipping

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. [17:43:39] <Kain> OKAY
  2. [17:43:42] <Kain> THETA LENORE
  3. [17:43:57] <Kain> You all have made meeting arrangements for Lindblum
  4. [17:44:24] <Kain> Now, everyone is preparing to depart Oeilvert
  5. [17:45:23] <@Lenore> "So, what's your plan, Theta~?" Lenore is chipper as usual.
  6. [17:46:42] <Theta> "Well...I suppose I'll have to find my own way across. Back to leseteria for a look around."
  7. [17:47:15] <@Lenore> "So..."
  8. [17:48:06] <@Lenore> " have no idea?" She frowns for a bit, then perks up! "The best things happen when you have no clue what you're doing! Like what I did in that fight!"
  9. [17:48:31] <Theta> "I...guess, yes."
  10. [17:48:39] <Theta> "I mean, they had a port there, so..."
  11. [17:48:46] <@Lenore> "My mother used to tell me that all the time!"
  12. [17:48:56] <@Lenore> "That's why I'm so sure of it!"
  13. [17:50:42] * Theta has no parents, so isn't sure how to respond to this. He just sorta stands there awkwardly for a bit. "I see..."
  14. [17:51:15] <@Lenore> (I want to make some kind of shounen protagonist joke but they won't come to me)
  15. [17:52:14] <Theta> "I just reason that if there are townships here, surely giant snakes and terrorists are not the only ways off this wretched isle."
  16. [17:53:04] * @Lenore nods. "No doubt! Normal people travel all the time!" She pauses a bit and tilts her head. "...right?"
  17. [17:53:15] <Theta> "..."
  18. [17:54:02] <Theta> He sighs. "I don't know. I suppose there is no point in standing around dwelling on it, however," he starts the trek back to ratopia.
  19. [17:54:52] <Kain> Rollin' rollin' rollin'
  20. [17:54:58] <Kain> though the streams are swollen
  21. [17:55:07] <Kain> Keep those doggies rollin'
  22. [17:56:13] * @Lenore walks to Lesetira with Theta, likely talking his ear off about the silliest things!
  23. [17:56:23] <Kain> You immediately start trekking back to Lesetira, and the walk is long and uneventful, especially without natbrat and whiskers around
  24. [17:56:38] <Kain> At least Lenore is good company!
  25. [17:56:55] <@Lenore> (...I'm starting to miss bitchtag)
  26. [17:57:23] * Theta actually seems a bit surprised she followed him as oppose to one of the others, but in a positive manner. He's a better listener than you'd expect.
  27. [17:59:31] <Kain> It's getting around evening time by the time you return to town, and you're once again stopped at the gates, with Ricard showing up to escort you.
  28. [17:59:45] <Kain> Ricard: "Oh, hey. Everyone not with you guys?"
  29. [18:00:04] <@Lenore> "Hi Ricard~! Talked to any monsters lately? We all decided to split up for a bit, but we're meeting back up again later!"
  30. [18:00:27] <Kain> Ricard: "Nah, not since you guys took Prickles away. Ah, man, guess that means I missed Celina too."
  31. [18:00:36] <Theta> "Why do they call them sweetbreads anyway? They aren't sweet, or breads -" he asks Lenore as they arive. "Oh, good day!"
  32. [18:00:43] <Kain> He's holding some sort of brown-wrapped parcel.
  33. [18:01:44] <Kain> Ricard: "I got what she ordered, could you make sure she gets it?"
  34. [18:01:52] <@Lenore> (I was gonna' write up a whole rant on why lightning happens in storms)
  35. [18:01:53] <Theta> "I suppose in a sense you did. We...split up, you could say, for the temporary."
  36. [18:02:00] <@Lenore> "Sure!"
  38. [18:02:31] <Kain> Ricard: "I appreciate it." he hands off the parcel
  39. [18:03:00] <Kain> Ricard: "So you guys need anything?" he says, accompanying you to presumably the store where Lenore gets her lightning rod
  40. [18:03:29] <Kain> (And I need to go for a minute, talk if you like but I need to start dinner)
  41. [18:04:05] <@Lenore> "We need to go shopping! And then we need to um..." She pauses for a bit, addled attention span getting to her, before perking up again! "We need to figure out transportation to Lindblum! Or at least to the same continent as Lindblum."
  42. [18:04:28] <Theta> Presumably Theta picks up the wood for his hammer then too. "Well...we intend to secure ourselves transportation," he looks to Lenore, forgetting the city name. "Yes, that place."
  43. [18:04:50] <Natalie> (That feel when not playing it means Nat actually snuck inside to buy the knuckles and ninja'd back out undetected)
  44. [18:08:07] <Theta> "Couldn't recall if it was Lindblum or Lumblind. These names confound me sometimes."
  45. [18:09:54] <Kain> Ricard: "Transportation? Actually, yeah. There's a few airship docks on the cliffs above the windshrine, they call it the 'air-port', I think. Should be a couple heading back to the Mist Continent. I guess that makes all of us, then, since my detachment is getting recalled to Burmecia on urgent notice."
  46. [18:10:01] <@Lenore> "Lumblind? Blind to Lums?" She closes her eyes in deep thought for a bit, an increasing frown appearing on her face, reaching completion right when she opens her eyes. "What's a Lum?"
  47. [18:10:20] <Kain> Ricard: "Pretty sure there's a ship heading to Lindblum heading out before the evening."
  48. [18:10:49] <@Lenore> "Oooh, that's great!" Lums completely forgotten by now, she's back to perky.
  49. [18:11:24] <Kain> Ricard: "You two better hurry after you're done with your shopping, or you might miss it." he grins.
  50. [18:11:36] <Kain> "I'll escort you there once you're ready."
  51. [18:12:17] <@Lenore> "Okay! Theta, you better not take too long!" She's completely oblivious to the stereotype with women and shopping. Despite the fact that it sort of applies to her.
  52. [18:13:16] <Theta> "Hm, suppose I will simply only have time to purchase the wood then, the work on it will have to wait," so he does so they can scurry to the airport.
  53. [18:13:27] <Kain> Proceed to airport?
  54. [18:13:32] <@Lenore> Y
  55. [18:14:08] <Theta> Y
  56. [18:15:14] <Kain> Ricard takes you to the airport, a steel outpost embedded on the Lesetiran cliffs. He sets you up with the ticket vendors, and bids you a cheerful goodbye as you get your tickets for just enough fluff monies to make your fluff wallet fluff uncomfortable.
  57. [18:15:51] <Kain> You hurry aboard the passenger airship momentarily, and the steward on board directs you to your rooms.
  58. [18:16:01] <Kain> 1,1So did you purchase a shared room or separate?
  59. [18:16:19] <Theta> (hhhhm)
  60. [18:16:21] <Theta> (HMMMMMMMMM)
  61. [18:16:27] <@Lenore> (HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)
  62. [18:16:28] <Theta> (MMMMMMMMMMM)
  63. [18:16:30] <@Amaryllis> (shared, one bed only)
  64. [18:16:32] <@Lenore> (MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)
  65. [18:17:08] <Theta> Theta wouldn't see a reason not to spend less on a single one given how much their wallets are hurting after this.
  66. [18:17:29] <@Lenore> Lenore likes saving money! She also likes spending it! But saving it even more.
  67. [18:19:03] <Theta> "This is...fairly extravagant compared to how we HAVE been getting about. Is it always this expensive?"
  68. [18:19:50] <@Lenore> "This is probably why we went with other methods! The others are gonna' have to pay less..." She makes a poutyface.
  69. [18:20:22] <Natalie> (all we paid was OUR DIGNITY)
  70. [18:21:24] <@Lenore> But Lenore's poutyfaces can only last so long! "We'll just have to find some way to compensate for it! Or make it up to each other! Or...Hm."
  71. [18:22:37] <Theta> "Well, it was how the situation fell. This is, after all, the most secure of the routes we had."
  72. [18:26:15] <Theta> What's up with this room anyway? Or the ship in general?
  73. [18:26:16] <@Lenore> "I guess...but it sure is kind of boring! I wonder how we can spice this up...hmmm..."
  74. [18:27:58] <Kain> (Back, sorry)
  75. [18:29:29] <@Lenore> Telll us about the ship to make up for it :3
  76. [18:30:52] <Kain> The single room has one single double bed, a cabinet with three different selections of alcohol, and a couch. There's a newspaper and a few magazines, too. It's no luxury liner for sure, but it's fairly nice even if they skimped out on the minibar. The ship itself is a standard passagenger airship, and a number of people are congregating and lounging out on the decks even as night falls.
  77. [18:31:25] <@Amaryllis> (drunken airship adventures)
  78. [18:31:58] <Theta> "Oh, well the rooming accomidations are quite nice," he looks over the bottles of booze, curious.
  79. [18:32:04] <Theta> "What is these?"
  80. [18:32:11] <Theta> (er, are these)
  81. [18:32:11] <@Lenore> "They're uh...they're..."
  82. [18:32:19] * @Lenore staaares.
  83. [18:32:28] <@Lenore> 2d6-1 Lore (Common Sense)
  84. [18:32:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Lore (Common Sense): 8 [2d6=3,6]
  85. [18:34:09] <Kain> Sure is booze
  86. [18:34:20] <@Lenore> "Uh, I think they're those beverages that people drink at parties! Helps them get in the mood! Something like that."
  87. [18:34:21] <@Amaryllis> (/me strangles Kain)
  88. [18:35:03] <Theta> "Oh."
  89. [18:35:05] <Theta> "Oooooooh."
  90. [18:35:16] <Theta> "...This must be the stuff the dwarves loved that the mayor wouldn't let me have..."
  91. [18:35:18] <Theta> "HRRRRM."
  92. [18:35:22] <@Lenore> "Hmmm!"
  93. [18:35:27] <Theta> He grabs one of the bottles.
  94. [18:35:28] <Theta> 1d3
  95. [18:35:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 1d3: 1 [1d3=1]
  96. [18:35:34] <Theta> The one on the left
  97. [18:37:32] <Kain> Received Lesetiran Brandy!
  98. [18:37:48] <Theta> "Cups...then."
  99. [18:38:24] <Theta> "Let's see if these beverages live up to their claims."
  100. [18:38:34] <@Lenore> "I'll take a cup too!"
  101. [18:39:09] <Kain> I'll just
  102. [18:39:16] <Kain> Leave you two to this while I go finish making dinner
  103. [18:39:48] <Theta> (Or we could fast forward till after they drained all three fucking bottles and go adventuring the airship :O
  104. [18:40:00] <@Amaryllis> (that one. I like that one)
  105. [18:40:22] <Theta> 10 MINUTES LATER.
  106. [18:40:25] <Theta> WHERE DID ALL THE BOOZE GO
  107. [18:41:29] <@Lenore> "nnn, heeeeey sheta. iz kinda boring in here. let's go out! tell everyone why were the best."
  108. [18:41:32] * Theta turns an empty bottle upside down, shakes it over a cup. "Nope, thatsh...the lashst of it."
  109. [18:42:11] * @Lenore empties the last bit of booze into her mouth. Totally flushed red.
  110. [18:42:50] <Theta> "Itsh an aquired tastshed but I shee why it is so valued." He's starts laughing profusely.
  111. [18:44:34] <Theta> "Go out..? To like the deck?"
  112. [18:45:09] <@Lenore> "i think my mom really liked thish shtuff. daddy never let me havit, zhough. he was no fun! but yeah. sha deck."
  113. [18:47:16] * Theta looks toward the window. "I...I bet the shight from up here is amazing! Yesh, let'sh."
  114. [18:48:32] <@Lenore> "okay!" She gets up and walks to the door, nearly tripping onto it, somehow managing to grab onto the doorknob. "lesh take the world by shtorm!"
  115. [18:50:31] * Theta stumbles after, equally hammered. "Rally ho!"
  116. [18:51:07] * @Lenore opens the door somehow, eagerly running out...and faceplanting immediately. "oowwwwww."
  117. [18:51:28] * @Lenore didn't break her nose, though, unlike the LAST time she faceplanted. Isn't that convenient?
  118. [18:53:12] <Kain> "Rally-ho!" you hear a voice on the other side of the door.
  119. [18:53:21] <Kain> A dwarf passes by, waving and nodding, knowingly.
  120. [18:53:23] <Theta> "You alright?" He tries to lean down to help her up, before looking to the voice.
  121. [18:53:58] <Kain> Odd things, FFIX dwarves. Little green-skinned irishmen
  122. [18:54:08] <Kain> Like midget orcs or something
  123. [18:55:06] * @Lenore seems a little dazed, and sort of flops up a bit like a fish while being picked up. She doesn't seem to have any balance or coordination anymore. Not like she realizes it. When she gets back up she immediately starts with an energetic burst! ...right into a wall.
  124. [18:55:14] <Theta> "Good day! Fancy that, to meet shomeone from Conde Pete thish far out!"
  125. [18:55:57] <Theta> "..Are you shure you're okay to walk, Lenore?"
  126. [18:56:51] <Kain> The dwarf stops and turns, re-approaching now that you've greeted him. "Aye, lad. Some of us are seekin' the blessin's of tae sun an' earth all over tae world. I hadna ever seen such sights in all me life."
  127. [18:57:22] * @Lenore stumbles back a bit, dazed again, slumping against a wall. "m-maybe not. i shhink i need to resht alil."
  128. [18:58:28] <Theta> "Oh, sho you're coming from sheeing the Wind Sschrine then? Why, what shchrine to do plan to shee next?"
  129. [18:58:56] * Theta puts a hand on her shoulder to least try to stabalize her a -little-
  130. [18:59:39] * @Lenore shakily tries to walk back into the room. She stumbles a few times, but the shoulder hand is enough to keep her from keeling over! And from breaking into explosive sprints.
  131. [18:59:54] <Kain> The little jovial man sighs a bit affectionately as he regards you two. "Ye two remind me of mah wee lil Betty ah left back hoome... Ah, tae be young , drunk, and in love again... Oh, ah was gunna kitch a shep from Lumblind ta Ester Gazo."
  132. [19:01:19] * @Lenore leans against a while, takes a deep breath, then addresses the dwarf. "hey! ca...can you tell me howyew can be blind talums?"
  133. [19:02:02] <Kain> "Ah don't kin wot yer talkin' boot, lass." the dwarf scratches his head in some confusion.
  134. [19:02:24] <@Lenore> "ah...shorry..."
  135. [19:03:32] <Theta> "Esto Gazo? There'sh an airport there? Huh...wait, in..." He just seems deeply confused for a bit, "Shorry for holding you up, we were jusht going to shee the shights on the top deck o' the schip."
  136. [19:04:25] <Kain> "No problem, lad! Anywho, ye all have a fun tyme with that, ah'm off to have a boiled owl in mah room."
  137. [19:04:52] <@Lenore> "mebbe ah...need shome resht. but! but we ken shtorm zhe ship when i'm better!"
  138. [19:05:01] <Kain> He throws his arm up and heads off.
  139. [19:05:16] <Kain> WHERE GO FROM HERE?
  140. [19:06:07] * Theta waves him off. "Well...wouldn't want you hurting yourshelf," he helps her over to the bed. "What WERE you trying to ashk him?"
  141. [19:07:30] * @Lenore flops on the bed, lying on her back, arms spread, as she stares up at the ceiling kind of vacantly. "remember we were tawkin bout lumsh earlier?"
  142. [19:08:51] <@Lenore> There's also a loud POMF as she hits the bed.
  143. [19:09:13] <Theta> (That's terrible given the circumstances why are you doing this)
  144. [19:09:35] <@Lenore> (what are we going to do today theta?"
  145. [19:09:42] <@Lenore> ( *) )
  146. [19:09:50] <Natalie> (Forgot your "Wah!")
  147. [19:09:59] <@Lenore> (wah~)
  148. [19:10:12] <Theta> "Oh, right. About...I'm not shure thoshe actually exisht, or maybe they do. I don't know very much about...all of thish."
  149. [19:12:03] <@Lenore> "'sh been really tiring, hashn't it? kinda' shleepy..."
  150. [19:12:12] <Kain> Sidequest started! "Find the mythical lum!"
  151. [19:12:48] * Theta sits on the edge of the bed. "Hey..."
  152. [19:13:36] <Theta> "What'sh it like...having a parents?"
  153. [19:14:17] <@Lenore> "mmm?" She tilts her body a bit to face him, ends up rolling a bit too much, right into him.
  154. [19:15:21] <Theta> "Well, I guessh the others in town are shorta like brothersh and shisters, in a sense. But...there'sh only one family living there, like a real one."
  155. [19:15:55] <@Lenore> "welll...uh..."
  156. [19:17:02] <@Lenore> "i know they shlept in the same bed togesher, and...daddy wash really shtrict and wanted me to be the besht mage, shame towards my brosher..."
  157. [19:17:44] <Theta> "Most the of ush...were uh...made. In machinesh. So dunno what it'sh like."
  158. [19:17:47] <@Lenore> "mommy wash really fun, though! she wash alwaysh trying to find new fun thingsh to do...for ush and her..."
  159. [19:19:58] <Theta> "Mm...not shure I get it."
  160. [19:20:09] <@Lenore> "they uh."
  161. [19:21:20] <@Lenore> "taught me things...and gave me and my brosher food and made it too and made shure we grew up okay! and...they had a big fight when i wash ten..."
  162. [19:22:04] <@Lenore> "...i haven't sheen mommy shince. she left. i haven't sheen my brosher eisher, he got really mad at daddy and also left."
  163. [19:23:32] <Theta> "Sho you all sheperated.."
  164. [19:23:46] <@Lenore> "i wash left with daddy, yeah..."
  165. [19:25:13] <Theta> "Ish...that normal? I can't shee it being normal, even them sending me away ish...thish is all...sho foreign. Zidane was lucky, he grew up among you. It'sh like a really big jigshaw puzzle and you're missing that one piesh."
  166. [19:27:03] <@Lenore> "'sh not'sh pretty bad and..." she starts sobbing and grabs Theta and sobs into his back. :/
  167. [19:31:50] * Theta tenses up and tries to turn around and then sorta hover hands not really sure what to do here "Uhm. I'm shorry, I shouldn't of shaid anything."
  168. [19:32:03] <@Lenore> sobsobsob
  169. [19:32:06] <@Lenore> sobsobsob
  170. [19:32:10] <@Lenore> let go
  171. [19:32:10] <@Lenore> sob
  172. [19:32:21] <Theta> He puts one arm around her and then scratches her head like she's a cat or something.
  173. [19:34:01] <@Lenore> SNIFF. "thanksh..."
  174. [19:34:25] <@Lenore> "i'm shorry, i don't like to talk about my family."
  175. [19:34:57] <Theta> "I...I..."
  176. [19:35:45] * Theta gets up. "ImShorryImAnIdiotImGonnaGoGetShomeFreschAirBye." he awkwardly walks toward the door.
  177. [19:36:26] <@Lenore> "n-no wait!" She wipes her eyes. "it'sh okay, you didn't do anyshing wrong..."
  178. [19:39:35] * Theta stops. "You jusht sheemed to be really happy when you mention them. I didn't quite get why. I know a lot of thingsh, but...well, humansh and nezumi and other beastmen confush me a lot."
  179. [19:40:35] * @Lenore gets herself to sit up on the bed's edge. "well...that'sh because i ushually remember the good timesh..."
  180. [19:42:37] <Theta> "...I guess I'm the lucky one there, I don't remember anything." :D
  181. [19:43:25] <@Lenore> "i'm shorry..." sniff. "i jusht misssh my brosher and mommy..." Sniffsniff. "could you...shit with me?" no that is NOT an inventation for a horrible fetish. Just slurring.
  182. [19:45:00] * Theta almost misunderstands that but nods and sits beside her.
  183. [19:45:22] <@Lenore> "um."
  184. [19:47:02] * @Lenore awkwardly puts her arms around Theta and kind of sloppily kisses him.
  185. [19:49:57] * Theta explodes into shit. naw just kidding. He does seem rather confused what the heck is going on though.
  186. [19:50:30] * @Lenore pulls back. "y-you' do it back. right? yeah."
  187. [19:52:10] <@Lenore> "it's um...shomething my mom and dad would do...and i thought..."
  188. [19:52:29] <Kain> KNOCK KNOCK
  189. [19:52:42] <Theta> "...I am? I mean, I've read plays, haven't really seen many the dwarvesh didn't...heavily modify. I asshume that was a kissh?"
  190. [19:53:29] <Kain> In the midst of Theta's babble
  191. [19:53:36] <Kain> A hard knock raps at the door.
  192. [19:53:43] <@Lenore> "yesh...that wash a"
  193. [19:53:57] <Kain> "Room servish?"
  194. [19:54:21] * Theta gets up to answer it. "Room servish?"
  195. [19:54:21] <@Lenore> "c-could you get it?" she gets her hands off him and puts both of her hands in her lap, and kind of looks nervously down at them.
  196. [19:55:36] <Kain> The voice is kind of warbly and offpitched
  197. [19:55:53] <Theta> He opens the door. "Did we order anything? I don't remember anything before the brandy."
  198. [19:58:33] <Kain> When you open the door, a blue-skinned creature with bulbous ears is standing there, wearing a little red hat and carrying a bouquet of roses and a box of candles. "Schpecial delivery for room 2B?" (This is room 2D, actually) "Enjoy your shtay?" The hypello shoves the things into Theta's arm and bows, before beginning to shuffle off.
  199. [19:59:39] <Kain> You're not sure what the fuck just happened.
  200. [20:01:06] * Theta slowly shuts the door, turns to Lenore. "Flowers and...candles?" He offers the bouquet to Lenore so he can see if there's anything else in the box, not thinking much else of it.
  201. [20:01:36] * @Lenore takes it and hugs it. "f-for me!?" There's a bit of a squeal.
  202. [20:02:50] <Theta> Theta is oblivious to the connotations behind what's occuring.
  203. [20:05:04] <Kain> It's a box of scented candles.
  204. [20:05:16] <Kain> Probably some flavor like cherry vanilla
  205. [20:05:35] <Theta> "Maybe it gets dark in here at night?" He puts a few up and lights them before sitting back down.
  206. [20:06:25] <@Lenore> "a-ah..." sniff. Oh god she's crying again. What did Theta do NOW?
  207. [20:08:08] <Theta> "W-what did I do I'm sorry I don't get it."
  208. [20:08:23] <@Lenore> "d-don't be shorry, you..."
  209. [20:09:21] <@Lenore> "you're the besht!" she sets the rose bouquet down on the bed or a convenient side table and latches down onto Theta in a hug. Nuzzling her head into his chest.
  210. [20:12:32] * Theta does the awkward half hug head scratch thing again and then just...lets her take this as far as she does cause he is completely at a loss as to what's transpiring.
  212. [20:14:10] <Kain> Skip until morning? Y/N
  213. [20:14:17] <Theta> Y
  214. [20:14:34] <@Lenore> Y
  215. [20:15:42] <Kain> SEVERAL HOURS LATER
  216. [20:15:49] <Kain> and you people are far too drunk for an awareness check so
  217. [20:15:52] <Kain> we'll do it this way
  218. [20:16:45] <Kain> Morning light peeks into your windows, tickling your noses as the two of you snuggle. Or rather, while Lenore snuggles Theta. SOMETHING. In your completely innocent bliss, you notice something's wrong shortly after you become conscious.
  219. [20:16:51] <@Lenore> Lenore spent the rest of the night trying to awkwardly make out with Theta and trying to grab his 1,1tail. She fell asleep within an hour, though.
  220. [20:17:09] <Kain> Your item bags, wallets, and weapons are missing
  221. [20:17:13] <Kain> and in their place, a note
  222. [20:17:50] <@Lenore> (they stole her hairpin? Good thing they can't unmagic it, then!)
  223. [20:18:02] <Kain> Yes, even Lenore's crab hairpin is gone
  224. [20:18:08] <Kain> The note reads -
  225. [20:19:34] <Kain> "Dear Tweedle A and Tweedle B, Your things have been appropriated by none other than yours truly! Don't worry though, I'll give'em back, IF you come and find me! I'll be hanging with B & M on the rear deck. See you there, snoozers! - Trick Sparrow"
  226. [20:20:00] <Kain> End session
  227. [20:20:17] * Theta wakes up, looks down. "Oh, hi..." He feels a lot more awkward about last night, so crawls out and - " *pause*
  228. [20:20:18] <@Lenore> COOL
  229. [20:20:33] <@Lenore> (wait scratch that line, not ooc time yet)
  230. [20:20:47] <Kain> (Talk as you will, but that's all from me :3c)
  231. [20:21:23] * @Lenore is still clinging onto Theta, when he gets up she wakes up with an "Mmmmm..." and then slowly rubs the sleep from her eyes. "What is it, Theta?"
  232. [20:23:47] * Theta finds the note, looks rather peeved, and slams it down. "I say! What nonsense is this? They stole my swords, my newest work, my gil, and worst of all, my hat!"
  233. [20:23:59] <Theta> "Well they took your stuff as well, too..." he hands her the note
  234. [20:24:28] <@Lenore> "Huuuh?" She grabs at her head, noticing the absent crab hairpin. "Aaaah!"
  235. [20:24:51] <@Lenore> "We have to go get them!"
  236. [20:25:20] <Theta> "And teach them a-...oh, bother."
  237. [20:25:33] <@Lenore> "But could you talk a little quieter? Your voice is making my head hurt..."
  238. [20:25:47] <Theta> "I...can't...uh, use my powers without a focus. And sorry."
  239. [20:26:35] <@Lenore> "Well...I can, so..." She clutches at her head and winces a bit. "I'll teach them a lesson...hopefully I won't keep feeling so achy..."
  240. [20:27:16] <@Lenore> Okay yeah I'm done.
  241. [20:27:27] <Theta> mhm
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