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  1. as for the text entries I'll do my best to summarize everything.
  2. **What do you like most about Itch, if you have used it before**
  3. Looks nice, large audience/popular, entry page customization, rating system (keep in mind this summary is really based on 5 diff responses)
  5. **How do you feel about adding a ranking/voting system to our jam site?**
  6. (I will note that the question was asking too much, and some people got confused and gave answers that weren't really related, so I'll summarize those answers separately)
  7. of the on topic responses it seems people are largely against having any kind of ranking system, but would love to have some on site feedback. having a score system wouldn't work due to the small amount of people watching and participating in the jam. a few people like the idea of voting, so I'm looking into adding some feedback systems to the entry system.
  8. **off-topic answers**
  9. doesn't support android games very well, "I prefer not using" :sweat_smile:, not too off-topic but a few people said feedback systems might make the jam competitive and ruin the relaxing/fun vibe we have
  11. **Suggestions and other feedback**
  12. Prizes, some bug fixes, want some nicer css/polish, weekly jams are perfect, advertising/marketing is doing wonders but post to a few more places, and more of a push for content updates such as streaming or screenshots.
  14. lots of people thanking us for running the jam and all around positive feelings about it. Really glad everyone likes participating :smile:
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