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Jun 23rd, 2016
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  1. Night of The Namahage
  3. This story is about a mother (Eleanor) who is looking for something really special to give her son (Patrick) for his 11th birthday, which is coming up in a few days. After passing her Goosebumps book collection down to her son a couple years ago, she has noticed that he can't seem to get enough of the series. Rather than getting her son a Goosebumps T-Shirt or DVD of the TV series, she decides to get her son something on the rarer side but doesn't want to spend too much money. One day, as she is on her way home from the grocery store, she notices that the local library is having a book sale and decided to stop by and look around, hoping to find something Goosebumps related.
  5. However, she finds nothing of real interest and decides to explore the library itself. She heads on up to the archives section and after a half hour of searching, she finds something strange. It's a manuscript for an unpublished Goosebumps book titled "Night of The Namahage" and she initially confused as to why something like this would be tucked away within the library. She thinks about the manuscript a bit more and decides that it would be a perfect gift for her son. However, as per library policy, anything from the archives section cannot be checked out and may only be read within library grounds. On the one hand, she ponders, taking the manuscript outside library grounds may get her in big trouble with the law if she gets caught. On the other hand, seeing her son's reaction to such a rare find would be priceless.
  7. She goes back and forth between her choices and decides to take the manuscript from the library. By the time she gets home, she goes to her bedroom and hides the manuscript under her pillow, planning to wrap it up later. After dinner, as soon as her son goes into his room, she goes into her bedroom and grabs the manuscript. She then goes into the kitchen and finds a Ziploc freezer bag. She barely gets the manuscript in the bag and runs back into her bedroom where she digs through her closet and finds some wrapping paper, tape, and gift labels. She hastily wraps up the manuscript and hides it under her mattress and plans to keep it there until her son's birthday.
  9. On the day of her son's birthday, she hands over the wrapped up manuscript, and when he tears up the wrapping, he is at first confused about what it is. She tells him that it's an unpublished Goosebumps book that she wrote just for him and he becomes ecstatic and can't wait to read it. He goes over to hug his mother to which she giggles uncomfortably. After the birthday party, her son starts reading the manuscript. He continues to do this until his mother tells him to go to bed. At first, he refuses since he has trouble putting the manuscript down. But his mother eventually convinces him to stop reading for the night.
  11. She goes back to her bedroom and prepares to go to sleep. However, she finds it difficult to sleep because of a dream she is having about a group of people who wear shredded fur and have long frizzy black hair surrounding her bed. She tried to escape by climbing on the rail of her bed above her and jumping off but one of the group members grabbed her legs and then proceeded to restrain her. The member "kindly reminds" her to return the manuscript or face serious consequences from either the law or the group themselves.
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