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  1. # The idea
  2. We developed an application management system for deploying and configuring
  3. our webapplications. I want to show some userland highlights, our technical
  4. details, and explain some of our ideas/visions.
  6. ## The end result
  7. I would like to start with userland, showing how to instantiate an application,
  8. and doing some configuration. I`ll show a simple donation page, login into
  9. "my account", and the CRM. Each of our customers have their own subdomain,
  10. they can have as many applications they want and configure it as they please.
  12. ## My develop process
  13. I start with a wireframes to smoke out as many aspects as possible. Then I
  14. create the frontend with dummy data, and communicate with colleagues/customers
  15. through screenshots, hoping for confirmation or early adjustments. Moving on
  16. I do screen capture video for showing work-in-progress. And when it is done I
  17. often create a video to show how it works, that saves me a lot of waisted time.
  19. ## System architecture
  20. Filestructure, database model (with json fields), since everything is dynamic,
  21. we have to take the url to the database and ask what application it is, and
  22. what modules/features are configured for it. Nothing is hardcoded :-)
  24. ## What we have got nice feedback on
  25. Early involvment through wireframing, sneak peek through screen capture videos,
  26. easy configuration (checkboxes, dropdowns, drag&drap, WYSIWYG etc), easy AND
  27. powerful.
  29. ## My focus as a system architect
  30. "It should just work" is my mantra, and want a lot of wow`s. We have a lot
  31. of focus on readable code (naming things, type declaration, docblock/comments,
  32. PSR's). I want business logic and complicated code as deep down in the stack
  33. as possible.
  35. ## Who is the talk targeted at?
  36. Beginners will get some tecnical tips & trix, and seniors/architects will
  37. get some ideas that can be used in their next project.
  39. ## Required knowledge
  40. None required, but a basic understanding of PHP, JavaScript, HTML and SQL
  41. will help. And it is Symfony based, but that is not important.
  43. ## Buzzwords
  44. Symfony, Twig, Oracle, Json, dynamic programming, UX, multilanguage,
  45. multitenancy, wireframing, screen capture video
  48. ## Biography
  49. I began programming Perl/CGI back in 2000: guestbooks and image galleries :-)
  50. I did Java for 5 years, and began with PHP for sideprojects in 2003. Then I had
  51. several years in .Net world at work, but still using PHP for sideprojects,
  52. and 6 years ago a found a fulltime work writing PHP. I have been a IT teacher,
  53. and I have been IT responsible, so usable programmes, that are easy to upgrade,
  54. maintain og customize is important for me. Running my own company have teached
  55. me to have focus on economy, we are at work to make profit... My current
  56. possition is developer, teamleder and architect at ProFundo (offering Saas
  57. for none-profit organisations). After PHP UK conference 5 years ago I
  58. started a PHP UG: Kristiansand PHP (@coderabbi did a great talk about
  59. community...).
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