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  1. Kalistia Astraea sighing a small bit, she would aim to make her way out fo the square and towards the gym. She had been resting for far longer than she intended and now needed to get some training in, regardless of how many people seemed to be out and about. Eventually walking into the gym, she would take a moment to glance around the room. Her eyes eventually landing on the practice barrels that were placed around the area with different types of weapons placed within, she would aim to pace over to them before grasping onto one. Pulling it free she would find herself with the weapon she had been looking for, being that a broadsword would be pulled from the mass of equipment. She didn't like the idea of using another blade, however the king had taught her the other stance of their clan, and she had to make due with what she had been taught. Thus, giving it a few practice swings, she would nod and mentally prepare herself for the start of another weapon. (1)
  3. Once she had spent a few moments swinging the blade around with her free hand as a sort of practice, she would aim to move away from the barrels and over towards the training figures that were in place. She intended to practice with all of the basics she could possibly think of. She wanted to be able to use the blade to the same capability she was able to use her rapier, else why learn to use a weapon at all? The idea holding solid in her mind, she would bring herself to be directly in front of one of the training dummies. The practice blade being placed into her right hand, she would aim to raise it up, her eyes looking over the training dummy as the idea was to get used to a simple swing to start with. Eventually finding a target that she thought would be a good starting place, she would eventually bring the blade down quickly, the target for her attack being where a person's shoulder and neck would normally meet. Feeling the practice blade contact this area, she'd feel it twist in her hand before it fell from her grasp. (2)
  5. Frowning, she would look down to the blade in confusion as she had never had such a thing happen to her while using a rapier. However, this made sense to her being that the rapier was vastly different from the blade she was attempting to use now. Shaking it off, she would just aim to reach down for the blade to bring it back up once more. "Right, swinging a blade is much different from thrusting." her words representing her feelings, she would aim to re-center herself in front of the dummy before then raising the blade up once more to get a grasp of where she needed to aim before swinging. Once she had found the same target once more, she would aim to bring the blade down into the dummy with the extent of her force, her grip on the blade tightening up as she didn't want to risk losing hold of the blade once more. Feeling it come down into the dummy once more, she would harden her grip from the impact, the blade sinking into the dummy slightly, only to bounce away as the force of her attack lacked the required 'umph' to dig in completely. This indeed seemed to be an issue she had never had to deal with in the past. (3)
  7. Sighing once more, finding herself losing patience and motivation once more, she would take a moment to build her resolve back up once more. She needed to get stronger. The influx of new people made that clear enough to her as she didn't want to fall behind or be forgotten about if she could manage to help it. Thus, she would once more grasp the sword with the most strength she could muster. The process would be the same as it had been the past two times, however, she would aim to stop holding herself back as she wanted to at least damage the target in front of her. She wanted to prove to herself at least that she was able to handle it. Thus, the blade would once more be brought forward towards the dummy as it intended to cleave into it with all of the strength that she happened to hold at the moment, she'd make contact. The wooden training blade slamming into the dummy, she would feel content for all of a moment before the sword she held happened to snap in half from the force, being that it was only wood. Blinking for a few moments, a realization would hit. Where her rapier had been simple technique, it seemed the broadsword was meant to be a combination of strength and technique. (4)
  9. Gritting her teeth, an important realization having been made, she would aim to take the blade to the pile of already broken weapons that had been started by Eleanor and Tristan. Once she had done such, she would aim to pace over to the barrel once more to get yet another sword that she could use to train. Once she had a hold of the blade she would make her way back to the dummy once more. Placing herself in front of the dummy once more, the idea that she had to work with both her strength and her skill being held in her mind, she would once more raise the blade above her head as she'd take aim. Eventually finding herself prepared, she would aim to bring the blade down with the most strength that she could while also aiming to control the force and direction as to ensure that her blade didn't go off to the side while also ensuring that her blade didn't break once more. Her concentration seemingly working, she would feel her blade sink into the dummy again, this time holding its place while also staying intact. Feeling confident over this fact, she would aim to take a step back and fall to a seated position. "Much harder than I thought. . ." (5)
  11. Kalistia Astraea finding herself sitting on the ground at this point, looking up at the training dummy that she had just used as training practice, she would simply take a breath as if to allow the stress that had built up from it to escape her body. After she had done such though, she would aim to stand to her feet once more as the blade was brought with her. Looking it over, she would glance between it and the dummy multiple times as if trying to decide what she should work on next. Only after a few moments of this would she sigh deeply. It was a struggle to come up with another training method for something she had not worked with. Shaking her head, she would go to the once example that she had even though she did not wish to do such. Closing her eyes, she would aim to recall how Eleanor and Arthur seemed to use their blades. She would aim to memorize how they had fought in her mind in order to give her something to work from. Only once she had done such would she open her eyes and look back to the dummy. She had a new idea from the mental training she had viewed. (6)
  13. Finding herself having come up with a new way to train for the moment from her recollection from Arthur and Eleanor's way of fighting, she would pace forward once more to the fighting dummy. She had in mind what she had to do and thus all she had to do was go through the steps without messing it up. . .too much. Her mind and body set, she would once more raise the wooden blade as she had in the past few minutes, her eyes taking hold of a new target though now that she had practiced a diagonal slash. Eyeing the dummy's head, she would grip the blade tightly with her hand, aiming to bring the blade down to slam into the top of the object's head in order to get practice on a simple downward slash with such a weapon. However, she would find an old issue appearing once more as her blade collided with the curved surface that was the dummy's head. Her blade would slide off to one side after impact. She was unsure if this was because of her blade being wood, or her own bad use of the blade, however she was determined to try it once more before she would allow herself to move on from the work she had done. (7)
  15. Taking a breath as to ensure that she would be able to calm herself after yet another failure, she would simply get back into the stance she had been using previously, being a normal knight stance, before simply taking aim once more at the target's head. Only once her eyes were locked would she aim to raise the sword towards the sky once more. Gritting her teeth she would aim to bring the sword towards her target in a downward slash once more, this time however she would aim to tilt the blade to the point where the edge would hopefully land perfectly on the head of the dummy. Feeling that she had the correct approach this time around, she would aim to commit completely as she'd ready the same amount of force she had used when attacking diagonally. The outcome would seem to be favorable as she would feel her blade come down into the dummy once more, the wooden blade seemingly digging into the dummy as it lodged itself into the head area of the human-like target. Huffing out a sigh of content, she would aim to pull the blade free as she'd take a step back and consider her next movement. (8)
  17. Looking to her blade, and then back to the dummy that by this point she had bullied through and through with many different cuts marks upon it, she would come to a rather simple conclusion about what needed to be done next. She had already done diagonal slashes, and vertical attacks, the only correct step in the series of her training would be to focus on horizontal movements. This idea coming to her slower than it would a normal person, she would eventually step back towards the dummy as she brought the wooden practice blade upwards in attempts to ready the position it would need to be in. Once she felt that it was drawn back far enough to allow an attack to be made she would aim to bring it forward, though be it awkwardly, as she would attempt to slam the blade into the side of the dummy and cut into it as she had previously in the other two attacked. As trend would have it at this point however she would find herself messing up as the blade would be completely sideways, the flat side slamming into the dummy. Cursing herself, she would bring the blade back. "Right. Broadswords have flat sides. Idiot." (9)
  19. Her own words being the best motivation at this point in time, she would aim to look down to the blade once more. This was something her family had experience with. Something she was meant to be good at. She would not let it beat her. Thus, she would convince herself to move back into location once more before she'd allow the stance to come back to her. She would ensure that she would go about it correctly this time. Completely ready this time around, she would aim to bring her blade up once more, bringing it back as she'd attempt to turn the blade to face the correct direction this time around. Once she had done such, she would aim to once more bring her arm back before adjusting it and swinging it forward with the might she had managed with the two previously landed strikes. Her motivation seemingly paying off in this moment, her blade would come forward and land as the edge would once again dig into the dummy, embedding itself deeply into the target as if to show that her hard work wasn't simply all for show. Smirking at the outcome of such things, she'd pull the blade free and aim to free the dummy from the bullying she had put it under for the time being. (10)
  21. Kalistia Astraea taking a breath, she would eventually aim to move from the dummy training area and over towards the gym arena as she had yet another idea that would help her out in the long run should she need to use the weapon she was currently practicing with. Opening the door and pacing in, she would take up a space in the middle of the arena as to ensure that she would have enough room to practice what she needed to do. Once she was there, she would close her eyes as she had before to recall how those in her family seemed to flight with a broadsword. Once she had a clear image of everything that she needed, she would allow her eyes to open once more as she'd allow her body to enter a stance that she had been using as of late, being the knight stance. Once she had taken it up, she would bring her right hand up that contained the blade and would take the simply motion of turning it to the side and presenting the blade horizontal towards her torso, directly in front of her own body. It seemed that she had practiced and taken the position of a simple blocking stance as to test of she would be able to block another weapon with her blade if need be. (11)
  23. Standing there for a moment while she held the blade in a blocking like position, she would aim to get a feel for the position to the best of her ability. Adjusting it bit by bit until it felt completely comfortable, she would allow the blade to fall to her side before she'd aim to make her way out of the ring to call one of the guards over. She was planning to use them to help herself progress forward somewhat. She did not wish to ask a page as she didn't want to pressure them nor let them get too much of an ego to them. Once she had managed to get a guard to come over and help her, she would simply hand them a sword that resembled her own as she wanted to ensure she would be able to handle it. Once she had done such, she would tell him to attack her as she got into position. Prepared, she would not and wait. Though, as she thought she was ready, she would feel the pressure of the guard's swing as their blade collided with her own and caused her to drop it, the forced combined with the unfamiliar grip causing her to lose her handle on the blade. Sucking in air, she'd shake her head and take a moment. (12)
  25. Eventually getting herself back in the right mindset she would aim to pick her blade back up from the ground as she'd find herself moving the blade around in her grip a few times. Eventually getting it back to where it felt comfortable, she would again aim to raise it up into the air as to ensure that she would be able to block the incoming attack. However, being that she wasn't sure if she'd be able to hold onto it if she just did the same thing that she had done before, she would aim to tighten her grip down onto the blade once more before she'd look to the guard, nodding to him in order to allow him to try yet another swing at her. Once she saw the blade coming towards her own, she would brace her body and prepare for the impact that was to come against her own blade. Feeling it hit against her own, she would allow her body to kneel slightly like a sort of buffer to absorb the impact from the blade, allowing her to block the attack that had been sent. Content, she'd allow a sigh of relief to be sent before she'd aim to stand back up straight, taking the blade from the guard as she had a different idea to work on this a bit more. (13)
  27. Finding herself content with the sword she had blocked, she wanted to ensure that she would be able to handle something a bit more overwhelming, thus, she would aim to pull out a much larger blade from the practice blades that were present, aiming to hand over what seemed to be a great sword to the guard in question. Glancing at it, and then back to the blade she was practicing with herself, she would find herself a bit worried. She wasn't sure how she would be able to handle such a block. Though, not one to allow such a thing to stop her from training, she would aim to drop into position once more as she'd brace herself for the attack that was to come, her blade raising up into the same defensive position that she had taken previously. Nodding once more to the guard to signal that she was ready for the attack, she would watch in semi-horror as the large blade came swinging downward, slamming into her own blade and easily knocking it from her hand and to the ground. Wide eyed, she'd stare at her hand and then to the weapon. It seemed she would have to come up with a different way if she wanted to block such a weapon. (14)
  29. Shaking her head once more she would aim to pick her blade from the ground, grasping it as she'd look up to the guard. "This is going to be a pain." her words resounding in her mind, she would aim to get back into the stance as she'd raise her blade once more, holding it back into position as she'd ready herself for the incoming attack. She was worried about how to adjust to this as a simple change in grip wouldn't help her. However, she'd nod to give the guard a go ahead anyway. Bracing more so than before, she would wait for the incoming attack. Just before it would land however she would come to a conclusion, her left hand moving out quickly to brace the flat side of her blade as to allow two hands onto the blade to help absorb the coming impact from such a large blade. Feeling it slam into her weapon, she would hold strong this time, not dropping it as her body would take all of the real damage from the blade, allowing her to withstand it. Feeling content, she'd drop for a moment to take a break, her breath coming a bit fast from the quick change she had to make to the weapon. (15)
  31. Kalistia Astraea sighing a small bit as it seemed she had a partner to help her train now with a new type of blade, she would simply stand from the break she had taken from the blocking of other blades before pacing over to the practice blades that dotted the area. Quickly returning she would aim to toss Mariano the practice broadsword that she had grabbed, allowing him to use it for the time being. Once she had done such she would aim to pace back spot where she had been standing before. Flexing her hands around the grip of her own wooden sword, she would aim to get a decent grip on it before looking back to Mariano. Squinting a small bit she would be blunt. "I plan to practice parrying with this blade, being that it's the third weapon I'm attempting to use. Thus, come at me." saying such as she had planned to use the male as practice for her own abilities, she would get into position once more and would wait to see what the male would do. Her mind in the meantime would run over the many times she had seen Eleanor and Arthur do what she was about to attempt. She was sure that she would be able to pull it off. However, she was ready for failure as well. (16)
  33. Kalistia Astraea found the attack that was coming towards her to be rather slow in all honesty. However, she had asked for this, so she would do what she could in order to make the most of it. Thus, taking the time to watch the male's approach the best she could with her eyes, she would aim to lock in on how he was approaching. It was something she had gotten used to from the use of her other weapons, however in this case she was using a blade she wasn't familiar with, and thus she would need to take more time in order to get used to the blade. Feeling like she would end up doing badly on this, she'd aim to suck it up and put the blade forward in attempts to parry the male's blade, her own going forward to swat the male's blade out of the way. However, feeling that her grip was still somewhat strange even with her positioning on the blade, she'd end up likely just blocking the attack instead. Gritting her teeth a bit, she'd aim to take one step backwards as she'd ready herself again, looking to Mariano with determination. "It's not me you need to worry about. My family is well based with blades. Just come at me again, I need another go at it." saying such, she'd lay in wait once more. (17)
  35. Kalistia Astraea nodding a small bit as it seemed the male would keep attacking her even if she didn't ask for such, she would in turn aim to do as she had wanted to begin with, being that she wanted to parry the blade away. However, the struggle to overcome a new weapon after having used a different one her entire life would be evident. This being shown as she would be forced to straight up block a few of the strikes. Though, after a few moments of this she would find herself getting somewhat used to the blade in quick, actual combat. Thus, feeling more confident in the ability to use the blade as she would wish to, she would quickly aim to shift her grasp of the weapon in order to adjust and ready herself completely. Once she had done such, she would lay in wait for the next attack to come to her. Once it had, she would quickly aim to bring the wooden blade crashing forward with the strength she could muster in order to hit the male's to the side and out of the way, completely parrying him for the first time. Content with such things she would allow herself to step back and put her blade to the side. Looking to the person who had helped her she would nod. "You were a help. However it sounds like you should head out, yeah?" (18)
  37. Kalistia Astraea sighing a bit now that she had lost the training partner that she had been using, she would aim to pace back over to the arena area once more before aiming to signal a guard over once more, the same one she had asked to use the blades before. Quickly aiming to hand him back the large great sword that she had allowed him to use before, she'd be blunt, "Swing it at me." her words holding true, she'd aim to ready herself in a basic stance as she wanted to attempt to parry such a large blade. She had managed it with a blade of the size she was using, but was unsure if she was able to do such to larger blades being that she could barely block it before. Shrugging it off however she would ready herself completely and wait for the attack to come as she tried to think about how she would go about parrying the large blade. Once she saw the blade coming for her, she'd freeze up a bit, attempting to move herself only after a second as she'd tried to lash out with the blade and allow her own to quickly slam into the side of the larger one. However, doing such, she would feel her own blade bounce away as the larger weapon held more strength than her own blade and body. (19)
  39. Feeling herself reeling back from the blow of the larger sword, she'd frown and aim to move back into position. Sitting there for a moment she would aim to think about how to go about this whole thing. However, recalling what Tristan once taught her, she would aim to get back into position once more with a bit of motivation coming back into her being. Readying herself once more, she would simply allow the guard to start swinging the blade at her once more. Watching as the blade would come towards her, she would aim to raise her blade, this time however she would aim to angle her blade to more so catch the blade on her own as it came towards her. Doing such as she'd withstand the hit, she would aim to then allow it to slide down her own blade before pushing it away, thus allowing her to parry the larger blade completely. Somewhat content with such a thing as she felt she had covered all of the bases she needed to cover with the broadsword, she would aim to thank the guard before pacing back over to the weapons barrel, quickly putting the blades back away from where she had gotten them. "Done." (20)
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