Apr 3rd, 2017
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  1. MESS_ARCHIVE_テーベの地下迷宮_C
  4. Message Name: Message
  7. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B1_入口1_石碑: This is the underground labyrinth of Thabes,\n\na place where outsiders\nare forbidden entry.
  8. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B1_穴1_石碑: The alchemist Forneus made a name for himself\n\nat Thabes\nbut his name was later feared.
  9. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B2_行止1_石碑: During his life,\nForneus researched two topics:
  10. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B2_穴1_石碑: The reanimation of corpses into\nsoldiers that obediently followed orders.
  11. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B3_穴1_石碑: The creation of\n"perfect life".
  12. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B4_行止1_石碑: We, the senate sent forth emissaries\nto reach Forneus, yet none ever returned.
  13. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B4_穴1_石碑: Even the government rallied soldiers,\nbut they too failed to come back home.
  14. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B5_行止1_石碑: In the end, the government\n sealed away Atelier Forneus.
  15. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B5_門番1_石碑: Even after this city fades into the sand,\nnone can lift the seal that was placed.
  16. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B5_穴1_石碑: Herein lies the sealed Atelier Forneus,\n as well as its demonic alchemist owner.
  17. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B6_穴1_石碑: The most important element of the deceased masks\nare the shelled insects.
  18. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B7_行止1_石碑: I have named these curious creatures\n"Risen Bugs".
  19. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B7_穴1_石碑: By placing Risen Bugs in a corpse,\nthey will start to gather and take over the host.
  20. ID_C_迷路_テーベ_B8_穴1_石碑: At last, the divine dragon blood has been acquired.\nIts mystical power is truly wonderous!
  21. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B9_行止1_石碑: Thanks to the senate, all the ingredients are in place\nfor me to create brand new life.
  22. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B9_穴1_石碑: At first, it was barely the size of a thumbnail.\nOn the 80th day, after transferring my blood, it has developed a sudden change.
  23. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B10_行止1_石碑: Its voice resounds through my brain.\nSuch trembling darkness, and desire to destroy, I...
  24. MID_C_迷路_テーベ_B10_撃破後: $ZThe big threat was eliminated.$k$pHowever, the uneasy presence\ncan still be felt all around...$k
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