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  1. Breaking it down, there are four games that had a huge impact on me:
  2. - Minecraft. Obvious reasons I feel like, but essentially Oinkcraft as a server has been... idk, it's small but that server really helped me bc I could (and still can) be someone for other people. The game also connected me with friends that connected me with YouTube, that connected me to some really important people that was essentially perfectly timed with some bad real life times. Coding plugins themselves is why I started doing CS haha
  3. - Stardew Valley. Now, I have 'only' 26 or 27 hours in the game, but even just having played it the amount I did was amazing. What puts it on this list is the fact that it was developed by one guy. One guy with a Computer Science degree who spent 4 years making a game while being a theater usher on the side to perfect his vision. Yes he made millions once it gained popularity, but overall, as someone who is independent to a fault, it was hugely impactful to discover that and I respect it so much. It wasn't done for fame, it was done for passion, and I hope to release a similar game myself. Undertale sort of falls in this category, bc small team and revolutionary game (to say the least), but for some reason I don't categorize as one of the main four (i.e. this list).
  4. - Tetris.
  5. - Cube World.
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