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  1. Name: Coldsteel the Hedge Hog
  2. Race: Demonic (Because he is a cool badass evil pig... he will reap your soul or whatever)
  3. Class: Fighter (Because he is an enemy not to be F***ed with!!! >:C )
  4. Ability: Darkness Elemental (Because he is badass and cool)
  5. Weakness: An assassin is always stalking him. He can usually take them though because he is super strong and cool. Also, sometimes he has accidental ejaculation. He'll be fighting his stupid pathetic enemies and all of a sudden he'll splooge all over them. This does not embarrass him however because he's cool and it strikes fear into his enemy's hearts.
  7. Favourite quote: "Pssh... Nothing personnel...kid...."
  9. Background: Coldsteel the hedge hog is a demonic satanic pig that was chosen as one of the best super soldiers ever. he had a special power, he excelled above anyone in his class and also he was super cool so all the girls wanted to have s*x with him. (Don't tell my mom I posted that or im gonna block U) He never met his parents and his parents didnt love him because they didnt buy him VBucks on Fortnite, so he left them because he didnt need their fucking stupid butts if they weren't gonna help him get a W. One day he saw a hedge and went over the hedge and everyone laughed at him and called him the Hedge Hog, so he slaughtered everyone. Then he suddenly entered another dimension and phase-shifted into Earth and caused a mass genocide. He is super badass so now he is the ruler of Earth. Also he killed Sonic the Hedgehog in the final battel against Shadow. After everything he developed an extreme case of premature ejaculation, it's kind of embarrassing but if you laugh or tell coldsteel that he will slit your throat. (Yes I know, that was so great you're out of breath and at a loss for words. Feel free to donate to my paypal)
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