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CMC Poop Contest Scootaloo Day 0 (SCAT)

ShitPissWritefag Sep 19th, 2013 386 Never
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  1. Scootaloo Day 0
  3. >You are Scootaloo.
  4. >Earlier today you agreed to hold your poops in for as long as possible.
  5. >Your competitors, are your friends, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle.
  6. >Its been 2 hours since your last meal.
  7. >You kinda have to pee, but you don’t feel anything in your bowels.
  8. >The laxatives you are going to take will change that.
  9. >They will clean your system out, and give your competition a chance at winning.
  10. >You see carousel boutique in the distance, the meeting place.
  11. >You open the door and are greeted by Sweetie Belle.
  12. >”Hey scootaloo, you ready?”
  13. >Now that you think about it, you’re not quite sure.
  14. >That last poop you had really hurt while inside you, and that was only a few days.
  15. >What’s a week going to do to you?
  16. “Heh, ready as I’ll ever be. What about you?”
  17. >”Ehhh, I’m not sure about this whole thing. I mean, I’ll do it, I’m just a little nervous.”
  18. “Same, where’s Applebloom?”
  19. >”Ah’m right here!” Applebloom says, opening the door.
  20. “Right, now we can get started. Sweetie Belle?”
  21. “Right this way, I have everything set up.”
  22. >You follow her into the bathroom, on the floor you see 3 red pills, and 3 glasses of water.
  23. >”Alright, we each take a pill and finish the glass on 3, you ready?”
  24. >You nod your head.
  25. >”1”
  26. >”2”
  27. >”3!”
  28. >You grab the glass and the pill, downing it. You feel a little full in your stomach, but that's just because of the water you just drank.
  29. >You get into a circle with your other friends.
  30. >After about five minutes, you still feel nothing.
  31. >”You guys feel anything yet?” Applebloom asks
  32. >”No… wait… yeah!”
  33. “We have to wait until we all need to go, that way it will be fair.”
  34. >Sweetie belle looks at you and whimpers.
  35. >*Gurgle*
  36. >You hear someponies stomach make a noise, and you look at applebloom.
  37. >”Okay, Scoot I’m feeling it now. Can we use the toilet?”
  38. >You can't believe them! They wanted it to be fair, and now they want to go before you?!”
  39. “No Applebloom, we need to wait for them to work on me.”
  40. >”Uggg… Please hurry.”
  41. >You look at their faces contort in pain, and feel bad.
  42. >’I should have eaten more, then they wouldn't need to wait so long…’
  43. >A small flare shoots up inside you, and you look to them.
  44. “Alright, now, Sweetie you can go. After that, Applebloom. I’ll go last.”
  45. >As soon as you said that Sweetie bolted to the toilet, barely making it before you hear a thunderous clap of gas escape her.
  46. >You and applebloom turn away in courtesy, and Sweetie belle continues to empty her insides.
  47. >Your insides do a sharp turn, and you feel something explode within you.
  48. “Hey uhh, Applebloom? Would you mind if I went before you? I’m pretty sure I’m going to explode here.”
  49. >”No Scoot, I’m next. You said so yourself.”
  50. >You grimace as you hear sweetie emptying herself behind you, ‘Oh celestia, that's going to happen to me!’
  51. >Its a few more minutes before sweetie dies down, You hear her wipe and flush, and get off the throne.
  52. >As soon as she does, Applebloom gets on, and starts unleashing a torrent of gas and chunks.
  53. >The smell inside the bathroom gets progressively worse every second, and you really are desperate to use the toilet now.
  54. >You feel the explosion go from your stomach to your bowels, and the only thing you can do to keep yourself from relieving yourself on the floor is a small counter you keep in your head.
  55. >’1’
  56. >’2’
  57. >’3’
  58. ….
  59. >’152’
  60. >’153’
  61. >’154’
  62. >You Hear applebloom flush, and you immediately pop up and take your spot.
  63. >Your backside explodes with a fury, and you grab your stomach to keep yourself together.
  64. >Seconds blend into minutes as your colon finishes emptying itself.
  65. >Getting shakily off the throne, you flush and walk out of the bathroom, utterly exhausted.
  66. >The fellow CMC join you, Sweetie belle looking equally tired.
  67. >You make your way to the guest bedroom that rarity had set for you. Collapsing into the sheets, and passing out instantly.
  70. Other Day 0 Pones:
  71. Applebloom: http://pastebin.com/NP4y5BsX
  72. Sweetie Belle: http://pastebin.com/EKzb9qtB
  74. Day 1:
  75. Applebloom: http://pastebin.com/HnhPpqT3
  76. Scootaloo: http://pastebin.com/fAdCR6th
  77. Sweetie Belle: http://pastebin.com/armq5JPB
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