Isekai MCs

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  1. Current list
  2. >MC stat dumps into speed and becomes the seeker of KINO
  3. >MC blows the princess' face off
  4. >MC gets turned into a immortal loli and repeatedly dies from a 6 month village wide gangbang
  5. >MC purposely undergoes months of drug addiction and sexual abuse to "excuse" revenge
  6. >MC loses arm and builds robo arm and guns along with turning into a moralofmurderfag (anime incoming)
  7. >MC goes from goblin to bioweapon and enslaves his enemies to his will as well as pump em full of drugs for consensual rape
  8. >MC(class A murderhobo) slays sleeping bandits( and unarmed women) collects and sells hands to buy a slave because he was horny
  9. >MC so autistic about not being recognized he can't distinguish reality from fiction (Nukes beat Nukes)
  10. >MC proceeds to speedrun his isekai adventure by abusing glitches and knowledge
  11. >MC throws away harem girl to die causing said girl to slaughter the rest of his harem
  12. >MC reaches NG++ before deciding to just give up and become a lesbian
  13. >MCs get isekai'd is so often there's an anonymous message board for them to talk to other isekai'd MCs.
  14. >MC gets healing magic to cure aids and then in the search for virgin pussy "cucks" his friends, his suitors, and himself
  15. >MC turns into a onsen(hot tub lacking chrono mechanical ability)
  16. >MC becomes a fridge because the writer ran out of ideas
  17. >MC meets his waifu(designated skinsuit) and proceeds to crossdress
  18. >MC acquires a harem through the power of being retarded
  19. >MC kills her family and proceeds to become a child dictator
  20. >MC didn't follow enough anime tropes in favor of efficiency so the system decided he had to redo his adventure until he got it right
  21. >MC tells people to kys and they actually do it, the absolute madmen
  22. >MC is a vending machine
  23. >MC uses his powers as a salaryman to revive a ruined kingdom
  24. >MC kills his summoners and wages war on the country that isekai'd him by using his uncle's teachings
  25. >MC goes on a lifelong journey to earn the qualifications to fuck his mom
  26. >MC is a dog and has to take care of his useless owner who ended up isekai'd along with their house
  27. >MC was about to kill the final boss but before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Now, the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku
  28. >MC is a joke character stuck on WAKU WAKU's universe
  29. >MC becomes a sword and father to a murderhobo feline kemonomimi
  30. >MC become loli master who like cooking manga
  31. >MC become O my Imagination on every fucking chapter
  32. >MC gets isekai'd, becomes a hero, gets returned, gets isekai'd 7 years later and now fights against our insectoid masters
  33. >MC and his friends go on an adventure with their pet familiars to fix the world and go home after showing brave heart
  34. >MC gets summoned to another world to become a brainwashed spec-op, but manages to escape to another continent where he unknowingly creates a yandere harem
  35. >MC gets summoned as a hero, but instead murders most of the royal family and castle knights, leaving the princess alive so that she can help him to change the world to one of constant warfare and schemes to spice things up enough to satisfy his slaughter boner
  36. >MC(sub-heroine) falls in love with the harem protag after he brutally RANCEs her for the whole night
  37. >MC(useless peasant girl) gets so hungry she eats a shinigami and proceeds to slaughter a lot of people for the sake of revenge and food
  38. >MC(self proclaimed) worthless sociopathic M is isekaied into a body of an S succubus
  39. >MC(Author) is thrust into his novel and begins a merciless campaign of bullying
  40. >MC is blessed by a god and betrayed by a goddess before going on a journey of mercantile development, academics, archery, and high deity subjugation
  41. >MC opens a pizza parlor with his elven wife
  42. >MC must use the powers of double entry accounting, beauty products, and printing to acquire her denied literary products
  43. >MC's new mother was actually a slut that rebirthed him
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