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Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. [Options][FAQ] /QResearch/ - QResearch Reply to thread [Catalog] [Bottom] Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition
  3. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:33:55 No. 931 [M] [E] qanon-research.jpg (5.54 KiB) Welcome To /QResearch/ General We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here. VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS SEMPER FIDELIS WWG1WGA * Welcome Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://(eight) THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening PDF: https://(eight) PICS: https://(eight)
  5. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:34:12 No. 932 [M] [E] * QProofs ---------- Website dedicated to Q Proofs --- Website dedicated to Q Proofs Book of Q Proofs -----!afISyCoY!6N1lY_fcYFOz4OQpT82p2w Book of Q Proofs ----- The Best of the Best Q Proofs https://(eight) * QResearch Search Engine * All Q's posts, archived at - ( , , , Notables archived at - , https://(eight) , Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI Those still on the board --- All Q's posts, archived at - ( , , , Q's Latest Posts Thursday 08.01.2019 >>7294663 ————————————–——– [C]oats before [D]eclas >>7294581 ————————————–——– Bigger [slam-dunk] charges coming? (Cap: >>7295445, >>7295856)
  7. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:34:24 No. 935 [M] [E] Notables are not endorsements #9407 >>8503798 >>8503857 Philippines say 8ch is run out of their country Baker Change >>8503921 8ch up but not awake >>8504092 Jim Watkins statement (vid) >>8504310 Anon theory on the DS and Chan >>8504590 >>8504663 3rd event announced on MSM, BEFORE it actually takes place? >>8504697 >>8504920 Low quality Russian Bots is not an Anon Senpai >>8505218 Dont Look here squad, pstain, kamala, JA. Look Here Whiteman with a gun >>8505228 Dayton shooter had done crystal meth and wrote death metal songs about rape/murder. >>8505253 >>8505282 >>8505287 Notables pastebin activated >>8505422 New PDJT Tweet >>8505426 New PDJT Tweet >>8505429 New PDJT Tweet >>8505431 New PDJT Tweet >>8505433 New PDJT Tweet >>8505435 Declass incomming? >>8505438 New PDJT Tweet >>8505473 JW files Lawsuit to Stop CA tax return requirement >>8505512 Toni Morrison, Nobel laureate and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, dies at 88 >>8505635 >>8505649 BREAKING...HRC/HUMA SNUFF VID First pics out. >>8505659 HEADS UP, THEY ARE DESPERATE AND DANGEROUS NOW >>8505688 AFRL achieves record-setting hypersonic ground test milestone >>8506896 Full sized images Q posts - Archive Offline! >>8506980 Sarah Palin Back in the news >>8507011 Photo of Mounted Police Leading Black Man by a Rope Prompts Outrage Archive #9406 #9405 #9404 Replies: >>1402
  9. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:34:39 No. 937 [M] [E] 1565125954698.png (166.89 KiB) Dough: Replies: >>1252>>1414
  11. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:35:26 No. 941 [M] only thing that sucks is constant downloading of bullshit kind of annoying!
  13. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:36:31 No. 946 [M] This must be the right place. Last edited: 8 days ago
  15. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:43:48 No. 967 [M] capture.jpg (28.90 KiB) [Seed] Here's a PENNY for you, BAKER. TY Are we home yet?
  17. Anonymous 8/6/2019 16:58:49 No. 1002 [M] Going through withdrawals without this Our/place? Replies: >>1006>>1013>>1017>>1042>>1052
  19. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:00:57 No. 1006 [M] >>1002 Trying to figure out...very little activity here, and no word that this has been sanctioned by CodeMonkey.
  21. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:04:45 No. 1013 [M] [E] >>1002 we are atm Replies: >>1702
  23. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:05:56 No. 1017 [M] >>1002 I hope so, it s going to take a few minutes to get acclimated here.
  25. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:09:56 No. 1021 [M] test Replies: >>1023
  27. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:11:11 No. 1023 [M] >>1021 Test successful
  29. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:12:57 No. 1029 [M] Kek! Dont know whether I'm in the right place or not! We will get there. Any ideas on how to stop some posts looking huge and odd while others small? Eyes are watering Replies: >>1033>>1036 Last edited: 8 days ago
  31. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:14:41 No. 1033 [M] >>1029 Everyone is up on "Pastebin from #9400 Some Kind Of Ghost Bake Edition" Go to the Catalog and find it. Replies: >>1051
  33. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:15:57 No. 1036 [M] >>1029 Others using Android are reporting the same problem. Replies: >>1054
  35. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:18:06 No. 1042 [M] >>1002 try going to qresearch via payback machine and archive and pull whatever you can from the ashes. Replies: >>1055
  37. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:19:45 No. 1045 [M] Test Replies: >>1058
  39. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:21:03 No. 1048 [M] BOOM
  41. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:22:27 No. 1051 [M] >>1033 I have had the catalog up since we went dark but it takes long time to load a bread up.
  43. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:22:43 No. 1052 [M] >>1002 Settle in This is either going to be the >most immuttable way to ever get the information out. or >biggest honey pot in history either way we're in it together now Replies: >>1108
  45. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:23:23 No. 1053 [M] Screenshot_20190806-16165(...).jpg (648.68 KiB) Is Huber the "Hammer? Q2598 >>4274344 Confirmed. 'QA' > 'QAnon' > Hammer More to find over time. Happy Hunting! Q
  47. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:23:31 No. 1054 [M] 20190806_232159.jpg (170.82 KiB) >>1036 Ty anon. Have a look.
  49. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:23:35 No. 1055 [M] >>1042 I gots in by
  51. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:24:41 No. 1058 [M] [E] >>1045 test reply to #1041 Replies: >>1075
  53. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:28:38 No. 1066 [M] 3d0030db1ffa6d273bf39a806(...).jpg (2.44 MiB) [Seed] Test Pic/File
  55. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:30:46 No. 1071 [M] >>1041 I left a bread crumb earlier for a planefag to we have any present? or Clockfags?
  57. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:33:44 No. 1075 [M] [E] >>1058 (You) ok post ids are changing. Replies: >>1106
  59. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:35:31 No. 1080 [M] there is another bread with over 800 green numbered post that is going on now.. That is the current and appears to be never ending bread..... Replies: >>1081 Last edited: 8 days ago
  61. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:36:13 No. 1081 [M] >>1080 this is the bread that never ends it just goes on and on my frens Replies: >>1186
  63. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:40:05 No. 1086 [M] holy fuck i made it. nothing can stop what is coming. nothing!!! Replies: >>1089>>1091
  65. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:41:31 No. 1088 [M] interdasting.png (76.82 KiB) [Seed] Comfy
  67. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:41:38 No. 1089 [M] a63d6412ed1030cb8d41455f1(...).jpg (29.55 KiB) [Seed] >>1086 Welcome to the Cat with 9 Lives. Replies: >>1091>>1095>>1210
  69. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:41:56 No. 1090 [M] Thanks, CM. You're the man.
  71. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:42:52 No. 1091 [M] QNN BATTLEFIELD.jpg (230.36 KiB) [Seed] >>1089 >>1086 Replies: >>1095
  73. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:45:21 No. 1095 [M] >>1089 >>1091 missed you faggots. lets do this shit!!! Replies: >>1099 Finally
  75. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:45:39 No. 1096 [M] Now back to digging... tired of fox's 22hr/day trump bashing Replies: >>1338
  77. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:47:39 No. 1098 [M] It does appear as if the left thinks they've succeeded in silencing q... They're running around untethered doing victory laps
  79. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:47:51 No. 1099 [M] fc9437c059d4796dd5e0b4037(...).jpg (51.34 KiB) [Seed] >>1095 kek most anons have gone over to 8chan I think, to grab what they can. That's why a little quiet in here atm.
  81. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:48:44 No. 1100 [M] cR1oO7kS7nL6iArS.png (1.14 MiB) DBTBWNTRTPNTLNGRD.png (2.06 MiB)
  83. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:48:50 No. 1102 [M] i believe there was a clockfag post a little earlier
  85. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:48:55 No. 1103 [M] Well, to be honest, post 1,000,000 was a bit of a let down if any of you remember that. Lets do it again!
  87. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:49:45 No. 1105 [M] Back in black. Nice one CM. Let's MAGA, and MEGA. God be with you
  89. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:49:45 No. 1106 [M] >>1075 (You) There are no userIDs No.1071 = the number of post on the entire board #27 = the # post in this thread (as you can see it's sequential) Replies: >>1125
  91. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:49:51 No. 1108 [M] >>1052 Honestly, after hanging out on halfchan for about 24 hours, I am convinced that there is no need for them to create an additional honeypot. They pretty much have everyone in one form of containment or another. Replies: >>1136
  93. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:50:26 No. 1110 [M] Interesting this is up and running and very different from what I'm used to. Is this official now or will there be another move?
  95. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:52:59 No. 1116 [M] Here from the normalFagg interwebs. Suck My dick deep state.
  97. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:56:26 No. 1124 [M] comfy
  99. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:57:12 No. 1125 [M] >>1106 No trip codes either, so how the fuck is Q going to post here? Replies: >>1130
  101. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:59:05 No. 1128 [M] EBPmvq7WkAEL9hF.jpeg (69.49 KiB) [Seed] They will not escape. Replies: >>1167>>1200
  103. Anonymous 8/6/2019 17:59:39 No. 1130 [M] >>1125 I think MIl intel can come up with something. kek
  105. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:00:48 No. 1133 [M] How long until the GlowFaggots get here? Replies: >>1137
  107. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:01:58 No. 1136 [M] >>1108 I honestly did not think I was going to survive 4chan. What the hell happened to those people? Sniveling, name calling immature cucks all happy in a circle jerk. Damn. Replies: >>1385 Last edited: 8 days ago
  109. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:02:34 No. 1137 [M] 39bd48bf6b60b4b9f64bee12b(...).gif (4.06 MiB) [Seed] >>1133 I was thinking the same thing.... Shills gonna shill
  111. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:02:42 No. 1138 [M] d111a755fa2cc5a836502deff(...).png (1014.64 KiB) [Seed]
  113. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:03:19 No. 1139 [M] Screenshot from 2019-08-0(...).png (48.27 KiB) [Seed] Screenshot from 2019-08-0(...).png (43.91 KiB) [Seed] OK so these are the two current threads. The No.11xx increments any time anons post on either bread. This could get interesting (aka Confyoozing) Replies: >>1164>>1189
  115. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:04:47 No. 1143 [M] Screenshot_20190806-19024(...).jpg (578.50 KiB) [Seed] Wtf... If this is accurate... drop it all Replies: >>1156>>1170>>1200>>1232>>1339
  117. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:08:18 No. 1152 [M] >>1149 Testing reply to post on other bread.
  119. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:08:57 No. 1154 [M] 834603c0377dccf278ffe2fb1(...).png (570.54 KiB) [Seed]
  121. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:09:38 No. 1156 [M] 8f88fba3f9c240194f2f3983b(...).jpg (10.29 KiB) [Seed] >>1143 We went dark not long after that was posted. So...I am wondering if...
  123. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:14:32 No. 1164 [M] Screenshot from 2019-08-0(...).png (38.81 KiB) [Seed] >>1139 When the number in white skips consecutive numbers, but the green numbers are consecutive, anons are posting in other breads. I know, I know. No shit Sherlock!
  125. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:15:42 No. 1165 [M] Screenshot_20190806-19141(...).jpg (660.23 KiB) IMG_20190806_191422.jpg (112.02 KiB) IMG_20190806_191424.jpg (34.88 KiB) 🚨BREAKING🚨: Homeland Security Chairman Thompson & Ranking Member Rogers sent a letter to 8chan owner Jim Watkins demanding he come before Congress and answer questions on the site’s extremist content. cc: @infinitechan Replies: >>1208>>1280>>1290>>1422
  127. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:15:45 No. 1166 [M] TEST >>371 testing testers _Other_ Replies: >>1169>>1174
  129. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:16:01 No. 1167 [M] >>1128 fake as fuck
  131. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:16:49 No. 1169 [M] >>1166 not *really important* just testing Replies: >>1173
  133. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:17:18 No. 1170 [M] >>1143 photo is from this site... Replies: >>1200
  135. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:18:24 No. 1173 [M] >>1169 `` ``` TEST
  137. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:19:34 No. 1174 [M] >>1166 OMG _- test
  139. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:19:57 No. 1175 [M] >>1135 A number of things. There is a book that many people gloss over and miss: "This Perfect Day" by Ira Levin. It is a dystopian future world, where everyone lives under the rule of a computer system. Not all that different from 1984, but different in its structure and details. There is a particular point where the main character comes into conflict with his little group of rebels. A rebel group has, among them, a doctor, who helps them evade the medications that dull their minds by swaying their diagnosis. After having more clarity of thought and some burning passion for freedom - he argues with the group that they should try to expand and try to set everyone free. The group becomes rather flustered by this, and one of the older people rebukes him. "You're not going to be able to change the system. All we can do is enjoy this little bit of freedom we can wallow out for ourselves. Sex once a day, a smoke once in a while - that's it. Don't fuck this up for us by trying to be a hero." That's the mentality of many people out there. It's not quite the black pill, but it's pretty close. Many are also younger. They grew up with facebook and youtube. To them - 4chan is freedom because they are actively encouraged to say meaningless nonsense to act out their base impulses. They are still teenagers - everything is a game, nothing is real, nothing is serious. Actions don't matter. It's why they can be so cavalier about their defeatism - even their own defeat doesn't really have a tangible value to them. Even the ones who "Get it" - only do so in their brain - it has yet to really hit home for them. By contrast, I was raised to think of raising a family of my own. I have always wanted to do so, and while I can be quite lazy - I fought a bit of an uphill battle to be ready to do so. For people who are just venting their desire to say what is on their mind without getting banned from a twitch stream - they aren't contemplating things as real. Now add in the effects of shills, psy-ops, liberal trolls, and a bit of retardation - and you have exactly what you would expect. Even the more reasonable and composed ones, such as "Mr. Obvious" are still a long way from understanding these things as more than something to talk about. But... I ramble.
  141. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:21:09 No. 1178 [M] =Test= *Test* Test ((Test)) #Test# Replies: >>1182>>1185>>1188
  143. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:22:44 No. 1182 [M] 911b7f0e8eb660e156018e493(...).gif (250.85 KiB) [Seed] >>1178 10-4 Replies: >>1188
  145. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:24:18 No. 1185 [M] >>1178 When you hit it anon...share. Replies: >>1188
  147. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:24:35 No. 1186 [M] >>1081 But apparently they do end and begin again. So this is bread 2 in the bunker?
  149. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:25:43 No. 1187 [M] 0085cfb5bc759afec288f3d31(...).gif (86.41 KiB) [Seed] Test
  151. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:26:05 No. 1188 [M] 497.png (204.42 KiB) >>1182 >>1185 >>1178 Anons Comfy AF Replies: >>1205
  153. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:26:36 No. 1189 [M] >>1139 Last bread didn't go to 1000. No. 1125 is Board count #52 is bread count of whichever bread you're in. Replies: >>1194
  155. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:29:33 No. 1194 [M] >>1189 Are we going to consolidate? It would seem a wise choice. Due to redundancy.
  157. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:30:26 No. 1197 [M] Good to be back online Patriots Can anybody give a quick run down on this zeronet Replies: >>1204>>1205
  159. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:31:45 No. 1200 [M] >>1143 >>1128 See This. >>1170 Stop spreading this image, normies will be mocking us for spreading this shit.
  161. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:32:52 No. 1204 [M] Graveyard_Shift_Reaper.jpg (254.56 KiB) [Seed] >>1197 Yous in the deep dark web mate. The underbelly of the beast. Be comfy.
  163. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:33:00 No. 1205 [M] 6b07bad79c1730adc7b6a75e9(...).jpg (73.56 KiB) [Seed] >>1197 Very much like 8chan, when it comes to text stuff [THEY] didn't think patriots would organize and archive. kek check a few tests back >>1188 can't paste directly into the files, but its all encrypted so meh PAIN is coming, glad to have all you anons here! Nightshift
  165. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:33:08 No. 1206 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (108.69 KiB) I took care of it. Replies: >>1256
  167. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:33:58 No. 1208 [M] >>1165 Can't wait to see their letter to Instagram, where the manifesto was originally posted. Replies: >>1292
  169. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:34:30 No. 1209 [M] We walk on from here.
  171. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:36:27 No. 1210 [M] >>1089 KEK
  173. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:36:30 No. 1212 [M] good to be back zeronet is killer with all of you patriots
  175. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:36:57 No. 1213 [M] Quick question, if something illegal is posted like CP, since this is P2P wouldn't we all be sharing it? Replies: >>1215>>1216>>1228
  177. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:37:09 No. 1214 [M] The biggest question will Q come Replies: >>1227>>1294
  179. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:37:46 No. 1215 [M] >>1213 that thought just crossed my mind as well Replies: >>1220>>1228
  181. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:38:03 No. 1216 [M] >>1213 Mute I think blocks sharing You also have to click or manually seed pics You'll still have the thumbnail I guess until you mute. Replies: >>1237
  183. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:40:29 No. 1220 [M] >>1215 Ok. What if I come late into a bread and don't scan all 800 posts or miss one and don't mute it? Call me paranoid but since this hasn't been endorsed by CM or Q yet I'm afraid is a possible Honeypot situation. Just trying to think of all situations DS could used this against us. Otherwise Zeronet kicks ass so far Replies: >>1222>>1226 Last edited: 8 days ago
  185. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:40:31 No. 1221 [M] ap_16164483039410_wide-cb(...).jpg (141.95 KiB) [Seed] NPR & Hilter How will this one turn out? Here we have a dictator, Hitler, and the Fuhrer Hitler's house, a mass murdering NAZI house which is now it's being sold. Are you Okay with that!? Here, literally shaking, to give us the story is our Hitler House correspondent, David Coq n'Mouf. "For generations, Gerlinde Pommer's family has owned the yellow, three-story structure in Braunau am Inn, a small medieval town near Austria's border with Germany. And for years, she has been locked in a dispute with the Austrian government over ownership of the property — which is the home where Adolf Hitler was born. A major sticking point was over how much money Pommer, who inherited the controversial building, should be compensated."
  187. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:42:04 No. 1222 [M] >>1220 I'm guessing that this is a bunker until 8chan is back up and running.
  189. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:44:01 No. 1226 [M] >>1220 agreed on all fronts
  191. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:44:41 No. 1227 [M] >>1214 I sure he knows exactly where we are. We might me in a 'blackout' period of "10" -2 and counting. We shall see. Some Mil twat posts we have may confirm that. Should be in notables or last bread.
  193. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:45:42 No. 1228 [M] >>1215 >>1213 If you're serious check the last bread. asked and answered.
  195. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:46:08 No. 1230 [M] seed.jpg (23.46 KiB) >>1218 (pb) Posted this on the intro/previous bread re. people worried about becoming inadvertent P2P seeders of CP here. Unless you click "Seed" above the image/file, only the original uploader will be seeding it. If they delete their post, it will be gone, unless you intentionally choose to seed it That's my interpretation. Replies: >>1234
  197. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:46:22 No. 1231 [M] Also curious since Zeronet is new to me, do breads and content store in cache or temp file that flush after a certain amount of time/data store? I understand the networking part of the P2P connection just not the storage
  199. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:48:42 No. 1232 [M] 223511.jpg (106.69 KiB) [Seed] >>1143
  201. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:48:43 No. 1233 [M] So pic is fake? Replies: >>1236>>1241
  203. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:49:17 No. 1234 [M] >>1230 Are the breads getting locked when we reach an interval? Any way to do that here? Replies: >>1244>>1321
  205. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:49:59 No. 1236 [M] >>1233 We have no sauce on that pic. Therefore it is tagged as Meh. Replies: >>1241>>1243>>1245
  207. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:50:48 No. 1237 [M] yuan-2016.jpg (92.13 KiB) yuan-2019.jpg (122.14 KiB) >>1216 Yuan fall prompts Trump to accuse China of 'currency manipulation' – as it happened The yuan’s drop has triggered a sell-off on global stock markets. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones has lost more than 500 points, a 1.9% fall, while in London, the FTSE 100 index is trading nearly 180 points lower, a 2.37% decline. Q post 1157 Has POTUS made a statement found not to be true? Nothing stated should be discounted. Moving fast. Q (not Q)
  209. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:51:32 No. 1238 [M] I cant figure this site out
  211. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:52:53 No. 1241 [M] >>1233 >>1236 again. sauce link makes photo fake with a hint of gayness. Replies: >>1247
  213. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:52:58 No. 1243 [M] >>1236 i dont' think so... seems anons generally agreed to break off to a new bread every 1k posts, so when post #1000 creeps up, watch for a new bread announcement.
  215. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:53:01 No. 1244 [M] >>1234 We have honor policies like not shitting the bread, people can stop posting after 1000 posts if that's what gels.
  217. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:53:44 No. 1245 [M] >>1236 X4
  219. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:53:57 No. 1246 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (351.48 KiB) Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (35.23 KiB) August HOT
  221. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:55:09 No. 1247 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (995.90 KiB) [Seed] >>1241 Yup Replies: >>1250>>1272
  223. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:55:20 No. 1248 [M] From a little bird: Antifo la wallyword
  225. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:56:46 No. 1249 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (812.44 KiB) [Seed] Replies: >>1250
  227. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:57:16 No. 1250 [M] >>1249 >>1247 Are these visible pics? I keep getting a 'Content signing failed' content too large. Replies: >>1263>>1274
  229. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:57:17 No. 1251 [M] Whew lads.. So the question is... Will Q show up? Is there some sort of trip-code thing here? I am a former qrb Bunker-anon Thanks to whoever set this up.
  231. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:58:29 No. 1252 [M] >>937 (You) Thanks BAKES! ... I cant tell you how good it feels to type that! KEK!
  233. Anonymous 8/6/2019 18:59:07 No. 1253 [M] Please listen at the :10 mark this has been edited... audio blips like it was cut n spliced. ANYONE wanna help me dig this? How the fook ya download vids from jootoob anyway? Replies: >>1261>>1264>>1269>>1276
  235. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:01:36 No. 1256 [M] >>1206 And thank you for that
  237. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:02:30 No. 1260 [M] 24f17efb9fe13182478bdf47d(...).jpg (27.32 KiB) [Seed] dba6bcf9f8f0fcf3661a6eff2(...).png (757.08 KiB)
  239. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:03:08 No. 1261 [M] >>1253
  241. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:03:09 No. 1262 [M] This feels like when a storm knocks out power in your house, and with great ingenuity you figure out how to make popcorn on the stove.
  243. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:03:37 No. 1263 [M] >>1250 not loading for me either anon Replies: >>1265
  245. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:03:45 No. 1264 [M] >>1253 It does sound spliced. Odd because the niggers are filming it from camera. Should be able to find the actual footage.
  247. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:04:20 No. 1265 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (995.90 KiB) [Seed] >>1263 retry Replies: >>1268>>1270
  249. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:04:40 No. 1266 [M] Soooo.... this is it? Replies: >>1270
  251. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:04:57 No. 1267 [M] Just a recap again from FBIAnon from wayback "Q says we have the servers" Q: "People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is" Can you elaborate on that? A: The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the e-mail server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the Clinton Foundation. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought.
  253. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:05:04 No. 1268 [M] >>1265 that one works
  255. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:05:11 No. 1269 [M] >>1253 > Its just the way Snapchat cuts its videos.
  257. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:05:17 No. 1270 [M] >>1266 This? >>1265 It's a whore house. Replies: >>1342
  259. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:06:00 No. 1272 [M] >>1247 at 2:37pm she remarks on the news "at the walmart in horizon, I'm not sure when this tweet went out however...okay here it 3pm...{{for us...}} that hasn't happened yet good, okay today is the 3rd" Replies: >>1275
  261. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:07:31 No. 1274 [M] >>1250 Hit or miss for me... Sometimes I get a spinning wheel and sometimes I get a functional picture. I have been here 5 minutes though and am using a phone as an internet connection because I am a Ruralfag so that could be my issue.
  263. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:08:04 No. 1275 [M] gr4uad.mp4 (516.54 KiB) >>1272 this one Replies: >>1295>>1323
  265. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:08:17 No. 1276 [M] >>1253 Jewtube vid donwloader Replies: >>1278
  267. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:10:07 No. 1278 [M] >>1276 Thanks anon make like much easier :)
  269. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:11:17 No. 1280 [M] >>1165 Might be a good platform to force the Q Replies: >>1283>>1286
  271. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:13:08 No. 1283 [M] >>1280 very good point anon maybe 8chan in the spotlight is not only sweet redpilling for normies that want to know what it was about, but what "content" was really causing the issues on 8Chan, it was Qresearch. Replies: >>1287
  273. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:15:46 No. 1286 [M] >>1280 Yes exactly.
  275. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:16:04 No. 1287 [M] >>1283 You think Watson will be asked the Q? Replies: >>1289
  277. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:17:13 No. 1288 [M] Potential future problem encountered... as the post count grows on the site, the size of the site's hosting on our local machine increases. I hit the 10 meg default barrier, earlier, and it stopped updating the threads for a minute until I realized what was going on and expanded the allowance. I believe we should be treating this as our new permanent home until otherwise updated, and that means thinking 1M posts. I am guessing an average of around 10megs per 1K posts, so that puts us at around 1Gb for a board at 1M posts, and that becomes a problem for client loading of the page. We should try and track down the... developers? ... kek, we don't even know who built all of this stuff we are just commandeering. But, anyway - that's a potential problem we need to address, particularly if the censorship problem gets worse and we end up with thousands of active users at any time. And we know that attacks are only going to intensify. Replies: >>1291>>1293>>1369
  279. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:17:24 No. 1289 [M] >>1287 its likely he will be asked about the research board over time, but you know they will push the cp, nazi, muh jew shills and more.
  281. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:17:27 No. 1290 [M] >>1165 >Jim Watkins He better respond with "Suck my infinite cock"
  283. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:19:47 No. 1291 [M] thinking.gif (362.46 KiB) [Seed] >>1288 saw that earlier I'm wondering if thats how we should "break the breads" after XXMB Bread or XX posts, just spitballing, we would still have to bake the boards and see how that inflates the size as well. Replies: >>1302>>1311
  285. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:20:31 No. 1292 [M] >>1208 Mr. Watkins said he believed a manifesto allegedly written by the suspected shooter was first posted to Facebook Inc. 's Instagram and then uploaded to 8chan by another user—not the suspect himself. “I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it wasn’t uploaded by the murderer. That is clear,” he said. Replies: >>1296>>1398
  287. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:20:59 No. 1293 [M] >>1288 Seize Facebook problem solved Replies: >>1310>>1315
  289. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:23:22 No. 1294 [M] >>1214 Is this considered 8ch? Wasn't there a drop about no outside comms? Replies: >>1308>>1515
  291. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:23:35 No. 1295 [M] >>1275 Ahhh beat me to it! I was going to post this straight away. Fucking wildshit right here.
  293. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:24:03 No. 1296 [M] >>1292 I honestly think they've been looking for any old reason to take out 8chan and all they did was act out an existing plan here.
  295. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:26:09 No. 1299 [M] HAPPENING NOW: Cops Respond To Shooting at Walmart In Kansas City; Citizens Asked To Avoid The Area - Replies: >>1304>>1306>>1307>>1341>>1348
  297. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:26:38 No. 1300 [M] I think me likes!
  299. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:26:55 No. 1301 [M] 98b6959843b8afbc632f2208f(...).jpg (19.00 KiB) There was a time in America when suicides weren't publicized because every time one is, there's a big statistical BUMP in suicides. If the reported suicide is a celebrity - beloved actor - that bump is that much bigger. Nor did cocaine crazed razor fights make front page. There was something called a police blotter buried in back somewhere where the hideous crap was very briefly reported. With mass slaughter subversive media is trying to maximize the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt - aka FUD in IW jargon. This example of FUD establishes the helpless of the victims and the society then uses the amygdala for a speed bag for a few dozen paragraphs this is not inadvertent. They are trying to create the highest levels of anxiety possible to prevent people from thinking, from processing what they're perceiving. People are highly suggestible when stressed and will seize upon suggested opinions and claim them as their own. "We will have a mass shooting in America and people will get online and express their very true anguish, and people express their anger and their righteousness, and this formidable undeniable moral narratives about how children should not be dying in the U.S. like this — and then nothing happens." NPR's false flag mall butchery correspondent Dik Coq N'Mouf reporting. Replies: >>1316
  301. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:08 No. 1302 [M] >>1291 Looking at it further, it seems it is the entire 08chan domain. That is all boards here on 08. At least, that is what it appears to be. If we can't find the developers, then we will have to crack open the archives with ghidra and start making modifications we need - though it might necessitate a new board if we go that route... the way zeronet authenticates zite edits and propagates valid changes is protected with some pretty serious encryption. It would not be practical to break it, and I am not really sure how authority could be inherited in the form of a password cryptography key. Even if the key is something clever like a puzzle, it really only makes sense to use that method when you can control the access to a very small number of people to solve it first and inherit control... a group setting like this would pretty much necessitate we create our own board unless we can track down someone who has the authority to make edits to the way the zite works, here. Replies: >>1317>>1322>>1484>>1486>>1581
  303. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:11 No. 1303 [M] 2019-08-06_17-26-19.png (13.28 KiB) ABORT ABORT Replies: >>1313>>1314>>1319>>1320
  305. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:13 No. 1304 [M] >>1299 > You gotta be fkn kidding me! Notables from prior thread
  307. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:30 No. 1305 [M] There was one attempt to collect notables in the prior thread, from like 300 to 800 posts. Can someone collect that and maybe continue?
  309. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:42 No. 1306 [M] august-is-so-hot.gif (743.39 KiB) [Seed] >>1299 August is getting so HOT, the senate might notice!
  311. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:56 No. 1307 [M] >>1299 Probably just throwing out any walmart incident that happens to trigger/remind people of mass shooters, 8chan evils, the evils of gun ownership, and who is epstein.
  313. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:27:59 No. 1308 [M] >>1294 Fuck. Just fuck.
  315. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:28:04 No. 1309 [M] QaBOOM!!
  317. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:28:08 No. 1310 [M] >>1293 If you are not home, stay home and if you have to go out go armed. Don't take your wife and kids to some theme park or something retarded like that. Replies: >>1327
  319. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:29:06 No. 1311 [M] >>1291 True. Q did state no outside comms But I think that was for him talking to us. Anons can dig meme and pray wherever they feel fit IMO
  321. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:29:07 No. 1312 [M] >>1298 Ban walmarts? Search them all for a crazy dispenser?
  323. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:29:20 No. 1313 [M] >>1303 eeeehhh
  325. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:30:20 No. 1314 [M] We've been duped!! >>1303
  327. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:30:28 No. 1315 [M] >>1293 The media is going to be hyper-sensitive to any kind of news involving a firearm for the next few weeks. Let's see how it plays out.
  329. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:30:35 No. 1316 [M] pepe-maga.jpg (10.53 KiB) [Seed] >>1301 heard that I'll keep an ear out, I don't normally post, I lurk, but you know patriot shit calls. I really like this platform, I hope we can get it together for the sake of the mission.
  331. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:30:59 No. 1317 [M] >>1302 Open source
  333. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:31:07 No. 1318 [M] qresurf.jpg (93.42 KiB) anyone noticed?
  335. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:32:04 No. 1319 [M] .png (1.16 MiB) [Seed] >>1303 >>1303
  337. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:32:11 No. 1320 [M] lurk.jpg (2.90 KiB) [Seed] >>1303
  339. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:32:14 No. 1321 [M] CM.jpg (32.33 KiB) [Seed] >>1234 um... guise? Replies: >>1324
  341. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:32:43 No. 1322 [M] >>1302 CM won't complain.
  343. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:33:09 No. 1323 [M] Ron on Twitter- -8chan on(...).png (24.28 KiB) [Seed] >>1275 Replies: >>1326
  345. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:33:35 No. 1324 [M] EBUUSuJUIAAO0D8.jpeg (206.41 KiB) >>1321 Look at the bottom!!! Replies: >>1328>>1332>>1395
  347. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:33:45 No. 1325 [M] So our pirate ship is dead in the water
  349. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:33:52 No. 1326 [M] >>1323 Ron @CodeMonkeyZ 8chan on zeronet was not made by our team and I have no idea who set that up.
  351. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:33:53 No. 1327 [M] >>1310 Too late they worship disney . Hoping there's a cure someday.
  353. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:34:41 No. 1328 [M] >>1324 Mute the board? Replies: >>1329
  355. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:35:31 No. 1329 [M] >>1328 Would have to enter the board to mute it. Replies: >>1395
  357. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:35:37 No. 1330 [M] Developer can be found here
  359. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:36:02 No. 1331 [M] time-to-go.gif (470.64 KiB) [Seed]
  361. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:36:30 No. 1332 [M] >>1324 oshit
  363. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:36:30 No. 1333 [M] 2019-08-06_20-35-47.jpg (23.61 KiB) [Seed] All, Don't get too comfy, folks. Post on Twitter from CM. No one on his team set this up with zeronet. Replies: >>1336>>1344>>1347
  365. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:37:14 No. 1335 [M] I'm out.
  367. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:37:53 No. 1336 [M] >>1333 The Child Porn thread buried at the bottom looks like a feeb frame special
  369. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:42:06 No. 1338 [M] >>1096 mees too!
  371. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:42:16 No. 1339 [M] >>1143 This is crap.
  373. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:44:58 No. 1341 [M] >>1299 >Kansas...where they grow corn? > in "Trust Kansas."?
  375. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:45:19 No. 1342 [M] >>1270 No, I mean this site.
  377. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:48:07 No. 1344 [M] >>1333 Well, to be frank, the problem is that this board works while his doesn't. Regardless of who set it up and why, even if we deem this board to be a problem, the concept of it is open source-ish and we can implement a version that suits our needs that will be immune from the variety of attack that is fundamental to the structure of the "old" internet 8chan is effectively destined to use. Replies: >>1349
  379. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:49:54 No. 1345 [M] 5da3bb130e0f21852e9c7b4fd(...).jpg (55.86 KiB) [Seed] vvitches.PNG (587.98 KiB) How many show you got about them VVitches Netflix traitors?
  381. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:53:14 No. 1347 [M] sdf23.PNG (17.13 KiB) >>1333
  383. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:53:37 No. 1348 [M] >>1299 One person shot at another person and ran off........ MSM will now give us play by play's for every wallyworld incident from name calling to littering in the parking lot. Last edited: 8 days ago
  385. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:54:43 No. 1349 [M] >>1344 This board is a chan on zeronet, there are other chans here, too, all using Millchan engine (link at the bottom of every thread). So, CM didn't set it up, someone did, and just because there's spoopy shit on other boards - just don't go there. We as individuals aren't responsible for anything anyone else posts anywhere else, just like it is on 4han and was on 8ch.
  387. Anonymous 8/6/2019 19:56:48 No. 1350 [M] The_Last_Mimzy.jpg (20.71 KiB) [Seed] Speaking of pedovores, just noticed that Rainn Wilson is in this film about children who find objects sent from the future disguised as toys. Haven't seen the film but the single sheet is eye catching.
  389. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:01:01 No. 1357 [M] 2e8299219f0a4efc899ed09f9(...).jpg (62.84 KiB) 7dc319dff97aaa15806d74ef3(...).jpg (69.81 KiB) b8057da147c82ccf300439fca(...).jpg (79.40 KiB) ecc2d708ed9259d7ee4ffd88f(...).jpg (77.07 KiB) ==Orange Man Bad Rayciss= CNN Breaking It is a strange fact of unfolding American history that the country's first black President should be followed in office by a President who has openly said racist things. Neither President, it is painfully clear, can solve the problem of gun violence or racism in the United States, but it is in the aftermath of mass shootings like those in Ohio and Texas that the difference between America's last President and its current one is most jarringly clear.
  391. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:06:14 No. 1362 [M] The Mirror Andre Tarkovsky NOTABLES THREAD CREATED
  393. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:06:33 No. 1363 [M] [E] notables.jpg (9.70 KiB) CALL OUT NOTABLES PLEASE COLLECT IN BUNS OF 10+ NOTABLE POST ARCHIVE >>1351 FG&C Last edited: 8 days ago
  395. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:10:48 No. 1366 [M] Night Shift Yet.jpg (85.71 KiB) [Seed] Replies: >>1371>>1372>>1373
  397. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:14:20 No. 1369 [M] >>1288 Am clueless on technical level, but understand on a conceptual level. Just adding that I got the same message earlier and updated to 20 megs. Replies: >>1374
  399. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:14:59 No. 1370 [M] "SerialBrain2: Dan Coats, The King Elijah Party and The Very Big Win You May Have Missed." Dan [Coats] Fired as RR's conspiring butt buddy. Renegade and Big Mike have lost their cover on assassination plot. Trust Kansas...he is [Wheels Up]. Nunez...Special Package delivered. He brought the popcorn, all the way from France, [Hussein]What is he pointing his rifle at [Red, White, Blue]. Rattclif...he's the Beef No Blockade...Game Over Q.
  401. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:18:21 No. 1371 [M] Apache_Close_NEON_Q_Flag.png (1.33 MiB) [Seed] AV8B_Q_Emblem_Night_Shit.png (5.83 MiB) [Seed] >>1366 Yes it is ….
  403. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:20:20 No. 1372 [M] AV8B_Q_Emblem_Night_Shit.png (5.83 MiB) [Seed] >>1366 Yes it is .....
  405. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:24:21 No. 1373 [M] F-18_Carrier_HookShot_Q_N(...).png (1.57 MiB) [Seed] C-17_Doit_Q_Flag.png (3.69 MiB) [Seed] eagle_Night_Shift_qresear(...).png (916.73 KiB) [Seed] >>1366 Yes it is … Sorry for repeats. was getting upload errors and didn't realize they were spooling up. Learning ! Last edited: 8 days ago
  407. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:25:52 No. 1374 [M] >>1369 You can go through and mute some of the other boards by going to the home page and clicking on the key. It will remove that from your seed. Some advanced recon guys from pol reported that the CP thread was just a troll. I muted it, anyway as a proactive measure. Not that shills would constrain themselves, but eh. We will need to look at a way to compartmentalize the board so that only the most heavily accessed parts are seeded by default and they are freed from resources when not in use. Replies: >>1389
  409. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:35:56 No. 1377 [M] [E] fawket.png (8.57 KiB) fawk me, u fags dint even see this RECOGNIZING TERRORIST THREAT - HOT H - Is it [H]idden? O - [O]bviously suspicious? T - Is the item [T]ypical 5. Suspicious items - Guidance for staff When dealing with suspicious items apply the 4 C’s protocol:- 5.1 CONFIRM whether or not the item exhibits recognisably suspicious characteristics The HOT protocol may be used to inform your judgement:- H - Is it HIDDEN? Has the item been deliberately concealed or is it obviously hidden from view? O - OBVIOUSLY suspicious? Does it have wires, circuit boards, batteries, tape, liquids or putty-like substances visible? Do you think the item poses an immediate threat to life? T - TYPICAL Is the item typical of what you would expect to find in this location? Most lost property is found in locations where people congregate. Ask if anyone has left the item Replies: >>1379>>1380
  411. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:42:18 No. 1379 [M] >>1377 (You) Q uses a lot of British expressions. That is what I notice.
  413. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:45:59 No. 1380 [M] >>1377 (You) NOTABLE fucking Aye, its good to see things shaping up regardless of how long we're hunkering.
  415. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:52:26 No. 1382 [M] 35336.jpeg (573.91 KiB) [Seed] Ok... fren sourced the pic... Debunked Replies: >>1405 Someone with better, sharper eyes plx halp
  417. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:52:28 No. 1383 [M] Scavino pic.jpg (119.61 KiB) REQUEST Can someone search POTUS tweets for the one in this pic that Scavino posted? Original: visible text says line 1- Thanks-many, line 2- character wrote, line 3- it's fun The date is there but I can't read that part, and I think it's important or it would not be showing... attempting a decode over here: >>1381 of a much larger decoding effort, using a different technique than we have done in the past in any cohesive large-scale manner. THANK YOU Replies: >>1420
  419. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:54:34 No. 1384 [M] Wikipedia selective edit to 8chan post morning of August 5th was: The site was removed from Google search due to the presence of [[child pornography]] change: The site is also known for its presence of [[child pornography]], and as a result is removed from [[Google Search]] 8chan is "known" for its child pornography. Wikipedia Links:
  421. Anonymous 8/6/2019 20:55:26 No. 1385 [M] >>1136 Redditors
  423. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:06:33 No. 1387 [M] e5b77db1ff9312b2dcd2197c5(...).jpg (42.97 KiB) [Seed] GodBlessAmerica2.png (2.49 MiB) [Seed] Inspired_Q.jpg (1.36 MiB) [Seed] The last couple days I realized.... Well here it goes. My name is Anon, and I am a Q/8chan oholic. I started just reading a couple Q posts. Then my first post and then my first meme. Then I joined the Resistance and participated in my first meme war. I am hopelessly addicted to FREE Speech and TRUTH and ridding my Country of Evil and Corruption. Let Freedom Ring !!!! Replies: >>1423
  425. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:07:00 No. 1388 [M] @EyeTheSpy put out the address to many, maybe he's behind this. Replies: >>1412
  427. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:09:18 No. 1389 [M] >>1374 Thank you, Anon.
  429. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:09:36 No. 1390 [M] good luck qboomers I tried to warn you yesterday and I was called a concernfag shill good luck anyway! SCAVINO pic + POTUS tweet
  431. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:11:59 No. 1392 [M] lookie fish.jpg (28.53 KiB) [Seed] >>1040 >>1012 >>1135 Promised anon I would start an new thread in context with other decodes, and here it is: >>1225 Dedocde Q thread Replies: >>1394
  433. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:13:44 No. 1393 [M] Just on Twatter & found this msg from CM...
  436. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:15:05 No. 1394 [M] >>1392 Post relevant to SCAVINO & POTUS tweet: >>1381
  438. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:17:17 No. 1395 [M] >>1329 Negative. >>1324 If you click on the ID string to the left of the board, that will give you the option to mute it without going there. Last edited: 8 days ago
  440. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:17:23 No. 1396 [M] 8chan Qresearch available at direct IP link until DNS propogation is completed: Currently somewhat slow & buggy Replies: >>1411
  442. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:19:43 No. 1398 [M] >>1292 I believe the manifesto was posted after the shooting already began. Must be existing timestamps in the logs?
  444. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:20:39 No. 1399 [M] [E] test
  446. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:23:55 No. 1402 [M] [E] >>935 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #1 Huber = Hammer? Is Huber the "Hammer? Q2598 >>4274344 Confirmed. 'QA' > 'QAnon' > Hammer More to find over time. Happy Hunting! Q == No trip codes? No trip codes either, so how the fuck is Q going to post here? == 8 Chan Called to congress 🚨BREAKING🚨: Homeland Security Chairman Thompson & Ranking Member Rogers sent a letter to 8chan owner Jim Watkins demanding he come before Congress and answer questions on the site’s extremist content. cc: @infinitechan # Mr. Watkins said he believed a manifesto allegedly written by the suspected shooter was first posted to Facebook Inc. 's Instagram and then uploaded to 8chan by another user—not the suspect himself. “I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it wasn’t uploaded by the murderer. That is clear,” he said. == YUAN FALL Yuan fall prompts Trump to accuse China of 'currency manipulation' – as it happened The yuan’s drop has triggered a sell-off on global stock markets. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones has lost more than 500 points, a 1.9% fall, while in London, the FTSE 100 index is trading nearly 180 points lower, a 2.37% decline. Q post 1157 Has POTUS made a statement found not to be true? Nothing stated should be discounted. Moving fast. Q (not Q) == Feels This feels like when a storm knocks out power in your house, and with great ingenuity you figure out how to make popcorn on the stove. == Future Problems Potential future problem encountered... as the post count grows on the site, the size of the site's hosting on our local machine increases. I hit the 10 meg default barrier, earlier, and it stopped updating the threads for a minute until I realized what was going on and expanded the allowance. I believe we should be treating this as our new permanent home until otherwise updated, and that means thinking 1M posts. I am guessing an average of around 10megs per 1K posts, so that puts us at around 1Gb for a board at 1M posts, and that becomes a problem for client loading of the page. We should try and track down the... developers? ... kek, we don't even know who built all of this stuff we are just commandeering. But, anyway - that's a potential problem we need to address, particularly if the censorship problem gets worse and we end up with thousands of == Kansas HOT HAPPENING NOW: Cops Respond To Shooting at Walmart In Kansas City; Citizens Asked To Avoid The Area - == Contact Developers Developers == Anon Instructions for Freeing Resources You can go through and mute some of the other boards by going to the home page and clicking on the key. It will remove that from your seed. Some advanced recon guys from pol reported that the CP thread was just a troll. I muted it, anyway as a proactive measure. Not that shills would constrain themselves, but eh. We will need to look at a way to compartmentalize the board so that only the most heavily accessed parts are seeded by default and they are freed from resources when not in use. == HOT PROTOCOL ECOGNIZING TERRORIST THREAT - HOT H - Is it [H]idden? O - [O]bviously suspicious? T - Is the item [T]ypical 5. Suspicious items - Guidance for staff When dealing with suspicious items apply the 4 C’s protocol:- 5.1 CONFIRM whether or not the item exhibits recognisably suspicious characteristics The HOT protocol may be used to inform your judgement:- H - Is it HIDDEN? Has the item been deliberately concealed or is it obviously hidden from view? O - OBVIOUSLY suspicious? Does it have wires, circuit boards, batteries, tape, liquids or putty-like substances visible? Do you think the item poses an immediate threat to life? T - TYPICAL Is the item typical of what you would expect to find in this location? Most lost property is found in locations where people congregate. Ask if anyone has left the item == Wiki Trolling 8chan Wikipedia Replies: >>1404>>1408>>1413>>1441>>1581 Last edited: 6 days ago
  448. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:28:15 No. 1404 [M] [E] >>1402 (You) == Wiki Trolling 8chan Wikipedia selective edit to 8chan post morning of August 5th was: The site was removed from Google search due to the presence of [[child pornography]] change: The site is also known for its presence of [[child pornography]], and as a result is removed from [[Google Search]] 8chan is "known" for its child pornography. Wikipedia Links: >Q Research Notables #1
  450. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:28:27 No. 1405 [M] >>1382 nice debunk anon
  452. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:29:21 No. 1406 [M] [E] 8ch is loading images again. Posting still doesn't function -- won't load captcha.
  454. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:34:31 No. 1408 [M] >>1402 (You) Decode of POTUS #DDay75 re-tweet & weird Scavino pic posted to faceberg >>1381 Replies: >>1570
  456. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:36:00 No. 1410 [M] 8chan_shut_it_down.mp4 (92.99 MiB) 20/100% 0 seeds "8chan - Shut It Down" We is famous homies.
  458. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:41:05 No. 1411 [M] >>1396 Service terminates tonight, if memory serves correctly. The problem is not DNS. Anyone can set up a DNS server. The real problem is that virtually every site is subjected to a large amount of DDoS attacks. To counter this, websites use Cloudflare (Alphabet = Google) or Amazon hosting services for an IP ray assignment that protects sites from DDoS attacks. However, that exemplifies why 8chan will not be coming back online anytime soon and will go completely dark with the termination of their registrar. Simply put, in light of the existence of this platform, there is absolutely no reason to hold our breath over 8chan. It is bound to an archaic platform prone to abuse by centralized authorities and is counterproductive to the design goals of the internet in the first place. My vote on the council is that if not this specific board, this platform is much more conducive to our operational goals. It represents how we should be structured and operating - not just as Qresearch, but as an internet as a whole. Replies: >>1444>>1484>>1581
  460. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:42:20 No. 1412 [M] >>1388 "The Patriot Power Hour" also put out the word of where we are. These people are stupid.
  462. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:44:06 No. 1413 [M] >>1402 (You) Durham and Graham obtained deposition of Clinton 'dirt' tipster Joseph Mifsud by Jerry Dunleavy | August 06, 2019 08:36 PM U.S. Attorney John Durham and Sen. Lindsey Graham, leading separate inquiries into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, have obtained an audio deposition of Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious Maltese academic who claimed Russia had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The revelation about Mifsud came from The Hill’s John Solomon, who spoke with Sean Hannity on Fox News last Thursday. Solomon’s widely reported bombshell last week was that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had criminally referred former FBI James Comey to the DOJ because of his alleged leaking of classified information in his memos and a lack of candor with investigators, but the DOJ declined prosecution. But this tidbit about Mifsud made fewer headlines. Mifsud’s alleged attorney Stephan Roh said in late July that Durham intended to interview Mifsud. He said that if an interview failed to pan out, Durham's team at least wanted to view a recorded deposition Mifsud gave in 2018 on his role in the Trump-Russia controversy. Roh said he would provide at least one page of the deposition to Durham's investigators. Solomon told Hannity that Durham’s team “obtained an audiotaped deposition of Joseph Mifsud, where he describes his work, why he targeted Papadopoulos, who directed him to do that, what directions he was given, and why he set that entire process of introducing George Papadopoulos to Russia in motion in March of 2016.” Solomon called the meeting between Papadopoulos and Mifsud “really the flash point, the starting point of this whole Russia collusion narrative.” And Solomon said Graham “has also obtained the same deposition.” “So you now have the Senate and a federal prosecutor,” Solomon said. Replies: >>1570
  464. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:48:18 No. 1414 [M] pepe-dean-night-shift.png (203.45 KiB) [Seed] >>937 (You) You found my street sign... kek Replies: >>1417
  466. Anonymous 8/6/2019 21:56:59 No. 1417 [M] >>1414 Don't care what anyone says. This is comfy as fuck. Shills don't have our co-ords yet. Wild west rules, learn as we go. Pirate radio frens Night Shiftin Replies: >>1426>>1432>>1440 Last edited: 8 days ago
  468. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:01:01 No. 1420 [M] Donald J. Trump on Twitte(...).png (67.37 KiB) >>1383 Posted the twat on the other thread. Post it here too. Replies: >>1425>>1581
  470. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:09:35 No. 1422 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-06 8ch(...).png (251.15 KiB) >>1165 Seems good ol' jimjam's comin' to america. Replies: >>1581
  472. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:09:38 No. 1423 [M] >>1387 very nice anon very nice. Replies: >>1434
  474. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:09:53 No. 1424 [M] wait-wat.png (51.34 KiB) Replies: >>1445>>1581
  476. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:10:16 No. 1425 [M] 1471652365501.png (1.16 MiB) [Seed] >>1420 Oh, thank you!! Very helpful. >It's easy when it's fun I think he's trying to tell us something kek Replies: >>1429
  478. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:10:26 No. 1426 [M] >>1417 The guys over at pol just tracked a massive spike in peer count (people accessing the site... or... devices accessing the site). We will find out what that means, but I suspect it could be a bot net coming online to seed. I'm not really sure how it would be a shill attack.... but I suppose if it is, we'll find out at some point. Replies: >>1436>>1439>>1581
  480. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:15:14 No. 1429 [M] Autists_Come_To_Play.jpg (193.87 KiB) >>1425 That's what we're all ere for. You dropped the crumbs, I followed the trail. Good crumbs by the way. kek Replies: >>1435
  482. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:18:01 No. 1430 [M] Holy hell Tor is slow as balls Last edited: 8 days ago
  484. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:18:25 No. 1432 [M] WeThePeople_Trump_Q.png (1.04 MiB) [Seed] silent-drill-platoon_Peac(...).png (1.11 MiB) [Seed] B2_Q_AirForce_Peace.png (3.68 MiB) [Seed] Carrier5_Peace_Q_Flag.png (1008.56 KiB) [Seed] >>1417 We Night Shiftin'
  486. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:19:37 No. 1434 [M] ThanQ With Pepe.jpg (1.03 MiB) [Seed] >>1423 ThanQ Fren
  488. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:22:04 No. 1435 [M] >>1429 Thank you, I've been wracking my brains on this because it seems to work well. I haven't figured out the Maccabee thing completely, kind of struggling with what is important and what isn't so I'm dumping it all and will hone it down, hopefully with some of you guys helping.
  490. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:22:33 No. 1436 [M] >>1426 Spoopy Thanks for the update anon
  492. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:24:35 No. 1438 [M] Hey guise, this zeroshits pretty comfy, why the fuck didn't we switch to this a long time ago? Like back when CBTS blew up? Replies: >>1443>>1448
  494. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:25:33 No. 1439 [M] 8691f42afe14bb4a63e774ca7(...).jpg (1.18 MiB) [Seed] >>1426 Do you think they would be debased enough to go through the threads to try and find our crumb trail to the Pepe Cave?
  496. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:25:34 No. 1440 [M] Comfy Camper Pepe.jpg (22.38 KiB) [Seed] >>1417 'Tis comfy, indeed. Replies: >>1459
  498. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:25:48 No. 1441 [M] the-patriot-ss2.jpg (24.86 KiB) [Seed] >>1402 (You) Thank you patriot
  500. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:26:06 No. 1443 [M] photo_2019-08-06_17-53-48.jpg (98.97 KiB) >>1438 Replies: >>1581
  502. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:27:40 No. 1444 [M] f7FdEdG_d.jpg (7.97 KiB) [Seed] >>1411 Replies: >>1463
  504. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:29:33 No. 1445 [M] >>1424 lulz concernfags are spiraling on twatter I'm not sure CM said this was "fake"... But, now its a fully fledged deep state honeypot... And ANYONE who shared instructions on getting here is also now confirmed DS. sounds like we really needed some shaking up. Replies: >>1460>>1501
  506. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:37:44 No. 1448 [M] >>1438 For real though. Zeronet essentially forces every anon to archive the bits of the site to their own machine. Click of a button and the whole thing can be saved to a zip file for effortless offline archiving. Granted, the current site configuration is rough, and "general breads" can easily turn into a chaotic thousands-post monster apparently. Overall status: comfy/10 Replies: >>1581
  508. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:50:56 No. 1457 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at(...).png (139.09 KiB) HEADS UP EYES OPEN --SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING--- Replies: >>1581
  510. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:51:53 No. 1459 [M] >>1440 The pubic hair of a 13 year old girl. That art photographer is laughing at you folks every day. I suppose that it is technically not child porn. Replies: >>1461>>1547
  512. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:52:17 No. 1460 [M] >>1445 checkked and kekked. But, yes, you are correct. There are a lot of people who are not used to independent action or ... even decisive action. They are also rather scared, right now. They have seen wave after wave of censorship, the President is saying some stuff that - frankly - I'm kind of glad we don't have a shill-infested holdout to deal with (my own sentiments on the matter aside - we all know the shills would be having a field day in Qresearch, right now, over gun control). Many of them have very little technical knowledge of the internet and an ingrained fear of authority. I wore a uniform - so, I couldn't care less, and I've talked across the fourth wall to people I presume are listening and tried to nod to the fact they exist. So - I'm a bit unusual compared to most people who have families, reputations, etc. This shit freaks them out. It's easy to blame them, and I am extremely frustrated. This is LITERALLY THE TOOL WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR - and they jump and hide from it like a bunch of cats. But... what are you going to do? Seeing the people over at Pol freak out has also been kind of funny. 'OMWTF... why didn't the loli trap hentai scare them off? The CP thread didn't either... fuck....fuck...' "BO, BO, can you ban the qanons!?" "That is literally impossible. That is what "free-of-censorship" means." Quite the first contact drama we have playing out around here. Replies: >>1462>>1467
  514. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:54:11 No. 1461 [M] >>1459 Uh, sorry. I had no idea where ginger mound came from. I am immature sometimes. Replies: >>1547
  516. Anonymous 8/6/2019 22:58:13 No. 1462 [M] >>1460 0.0 Thanks for pointing me to the real show anon! I had not even considered their spiraling at us spoiling their nice little sandbox. Top keks!
  518. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:00:03 No. 1463 [M] >>1444 I concur.
  520. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:01:49 No. 1465 [M] Hey fags; An announcement from our illustrious creator here at 08Chan (Zero8Chan) Let him know he has our support, eh? >>>/QResearch/902929704386 Replies: >>1478>>1484>>1581 Last edited: 8 days ago
  522. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:07:13 No. 1467 [M] 8bea14bf193fea659caa4752d(...).png (553.68 KiB) [Seed] >>1460 >people I presume are listening and tried to nod to the fact they exist. Sounds like my experience the previous 24 hours having to crash in 4chan's crib. Replies: >>1494
  524. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:29:51 No. 1478 [M] qresearch-priceless.gif (1.68 MiB) [Seed] >>1465
  526. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:33:37 No. 1480 [M] Copy-pasta from v/QRV We have everything. How can we use what we know? ————How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?———— What are you witnessing unfold? Trust the plan. Q The [24hr Warning] was for them. Stated by an anon on QRV. Q-team was letting them know - you have 24 hours to reconsider what you are about to do ... if you decide to go ahead with it after 24 hours you are fucked. 24 hrs later Wray dropped the “Q-anon followers are domestic terrorists doc. How do you inject NSA evidence into a court case ... (mentioned by a QRV’r today) ... you make the target of your enemy a terrorist group. NSA evidence can only be used in a court of law if it is a terrorist attack. The baddies realized they couldn’t blame the El Paso attack on Q now - because the NSA would get involved. But, they still thought Wray was on their side. So they blamed the attack on Trump and Bernie and white nationalism. Thinking they’d be safe ... but, no, the FBI yesterday still fucking labeled it a Domestic Terror attack. They thought they still had the FBI! Now the NSA is involved and evidence can be injected. Then, yesterday (as a QRV’r said today) Trump said that AG Barr was going to assemble a “red flag” bill that would include “the Death Penalty for ‘perpetrators’ of these crimes.” The baddies now know that the NSA is involved and they are fucked. They can’t pass the bill that will get several of their players the Death Penalty. And they sure as fuck can’t sit on their hands right now - this shit is going to unravel fast and they have no idea how to get ahead of it. Wray fucked them. He fucked them in the asshole. This is how The Awakening starts ... “you motherfuckers are killing us? Are you fucking kidding me? Wait. Wait a fucking minute ... what about our fucking kids??? The school shootings??? ... No fucking way .... no fucking way!!!!!” They can smash their phones - they can drop their PC out of a 10-story window -it doesn’t matter this time. It was a fucking terrorist attack. You lose. Replies: >>1482>>1494>>1581
  528. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:36:18 No. 1482 [M] >>1480 NOTABLE Last edited: 8 days ago
  530. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:38:23 No. 1483 [M] escape the botnet. Why is toots here saying "we're home"? /end stress test failed
  532. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:39:42 No. 1484 [M] >>1302 >>1411 >>1465 >>>/QResearch/902929704386 A question from BO: >I'll be providing the support I can for reviewing of the source code. Is there a specific branch that you used, or should we simply work from one of the latest versions of the base millchan? Any Bakers or techanons that can provide a solid answer? Replies: >>1511 Last edited: 8 days ago
  534. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:43:27 No. 1485 [M] use a virtualmachine if you run zeronet. Acidman cooperated with the fbi during gamergate. zeronet is not a meshnet its not considered adversary resistant it came out of nowhere. At least check out the endchan bunker and also notice the reason you must use a virtual machine is because ZERONET LEAKS YOUR IP REGARDLESS IF USING VPN TOR WHACKAMADOO WHATEVER. Codemonkey distances himself from it. And beyond that the owner says to change about:config settings that you have to set yourself. Knowing most won't do it. Its flawed. Be aware of this. If one person posts cp everyone downloads THE WHOLE FILE NOT JUST THE THUMBNAIL. Im out for now don't make us have to use a p2p software when you think about the people posting on the last board. DO you want to peer directly to these people? Replies: >>1494>>1581
  536. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:45:04 No. 1486 [M] >>1302 BO is here and answering question, see above.
  538. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:45:11 No. 1487 [M] I was looking at how this board works and it seems like it does not end at 751. I know a lot of people say 1000 but would it be better to just let run and then make a running notables list alongside it in the catalog? Replies: >>1488>>1494
  540. Anonymous 8/6/2019 23:47:29 No. 1488 [M] >>1487 What about the issue of memory use on end user PCs? If you let it run too big, then it may disallow too many folks from getting on the board. 1000 posts is fine, but infinite, or 32k, is too much. Replies: >>1492
  542. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:08:07 No. 1491 [M] Define Game Theory Are Y(...).png (702.99 KiB) MORE MSM FUGGERY NYT after POTUS' speech yesterday 2/5/19 over the shootings. Changes the headlines from the [left] to the [right]. Projection? Inciting? Replies: >>1581 Last edited: 8 days ago
  544. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:08:55 No. 1492 [M] >>1488 I am not a smart man.. That seems like a really good reason to cut it off at 1000 lol. like 475 posts ago. Replies: >>1493
  546. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:13:13 No. 1493 [M] >>1492 The number to the left is the total post count. The number to the right (the one with the '#' sign)is the post count for THIS bread. Welcome back fren! Glad to have you 'aboard.
  548. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:13:30 No. 1494 [M] >>1467 My God... don't remind me... it's like a zerg rush of stupid in there - and not even the entertaining kind of foolishness. Probably bots. Hard to know for certain, honestly - some chat bots probably sound more human than people at this point. >>1485 You don't have to participate, anon. I am evaluating many different things at the moment, but this concept is precisely what will be used going forward. >>1487 Scrolling becomes a major issue. File size and some other things become an issue, as well. Ideally, you'd want a way to triage the seeding of data. This would probably require some back-end negotiation to do properly. IE - if I were to set up a "root host" as a set of computers, they would need to mange what to keep as an archive and what to keep as a dynamic access file, and aim to keep those files preserved for re-seeding in a way that most servers don't usually operate (to my knowledge). I'll be paying a visit to one of my network admin friends and we'll have a talk. He may even be able to get us hooked up with a few dedicated machines to seed everything. It's not necessary for this platform, but it could help, particularly for archiving between peak activity intervals. I could also set up an automatic dump to optical media for an archive. But I'm off in the clouds at the moment... ambitious minds tend to be voracious. >>1480 I don't disagree with this in principle, but we have a tendency to make things much more sensational than they end up being. I don't think we are going to have a big "shock moment" for some time. For example... an old friend of mine - female, and of liberal persuasion (actually, Wiccan - but, to be fair, the "church" near her was closely affiliated with her 'father', who turned out to be a literal faggot and probably abused her in ways I have only recently begun to suspect in retrospect) - anyway - talking with her has been damned near impossible for years since we lost track of each other amid our mutual changing lives. She was of the "men are the problem" variety for a while - and, again, to keep it in perspective, international standards of masculine behavior get a little crazy compared to how many of us are. Anyway - I recently did a passing check on her, and she's retweeted a message from another one of her fellow activists regarding how, when they were younger, they wanted to go out and work hard and be the bread winners and challenge things... now they are like "I kind of feel like just settling down and having some children." We are winning, and not in a "in your face" kind of winning. In time, we may be able to get our friends back we lost over the liberal deceit and hysteria. Obviously, my hopes are kind of transparent, there - I won't deny that. I'm a lot more simple than many people give me credit for. Anyway - I'm rambling about something a bit too personal and if she's folliwng me through the proverbial rabbit hole as I hope she will and happens to see this, I'll get myself in trouble. But, we are winning. Our side just knows they are going to have to go right up to the edge of the red lines to pull this off - and that's fine. I ramble far too much, time for me to head in to rest, I think. Replies: >>1498>>1499>>1581
  550. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:19:41 No. 1498 [M] photo_2019-05-25_10-03-56.jpg (34.64 KiB) [Seed] >>1494 You ramble well fren. Keep it up. Last edited: 8 days ago
  552. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:24:42 No. 1499 [M] photo_2019-05-25_10-03-56.jpg (34.64 KiB) [Seed] >>1494 Fixed image upload hopefully... *EDIT* so much winning Last edited: 8 days ago
  554. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:30:58 No. 1501 [M] >>1445 Fuck where's my billions of dollars and sex slaves and dragonblood Replies: >>1503
  556. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:38:22 No. 1503 [M] >>1501 As Jack Burton always says at a time like this... "The check is in the mail." Last edited: 8 days ago
  558. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:47:58 No. 1504 [M] Alright, so I left a message on endchan about our presence here. Basically, I instructed "leaks our IP" shill to report back here with a notables bun next time or face the wrath of my operatives. I don't actually know if I have operatives, but weird stuff tends to happen when I call for things to happen - so, I'll put god to the test and be made an ass, for funzies. I'll take over reporting on our notables/findings at end. If there's a voat out there, we also need to get some reps going for them to keep them in the loop with what we're finding. I'm not going to bother trying to organize twitter. That's a fool's errand and they seem to be plenty capable of pilfering intelligence from nooks and crannies. I can't do 140charculture, if that isn't abundantly obvious by now. Replies: >>1507
  560. Anonymous 8/7/2019 00:56:30 No. 1507 [M] >>1504 May the lord bless your words with right action.
  562. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:03:18 No. 1508 [M] 1aa0abc49e03a4f316d529b2a(...).jpg (104.56 KiB) [Seed] As long as dumbfags do not adervt this place [as they always do, and are as I speak], it will be as comfy as the bunker. Main board used to be that way too long ago. Until the bleeding hearts came in from Reddit and concernfaged about the poor normies to be let in. Trip Q knows where we are. Replies: >>1509
  564. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:05:39 No. 1509 [M] >>1508 'zactly. just look at the board's hash. Starts with 17 REE. Coincidence?
  566. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:09:23 No. 1511 [M] >>1484 So, the issues here are: 1. Memory Leaks 2. No DDoS mitigation 3. No Trip Authentication 4. P2P vulnerability. So, Is there ANY WAY to script a 'container' around each user? Is there any way to obtain DDoS Mitigation (Pay for service) Is there any way to 'assign' a secure static ID to a user? Replies: >>1512>>1519
  568. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:10:55 No. 1512 [M] >>1511 should probably ask over in the Announcements thread here >>1427 Replies: >>1514
  570. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:13:05 No. 1514 [M] >>1512 done ty anon
  572. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:15:50 No. 1515 [M] >>1294 It's not "8chan" anon, it's us...qanons. We can name our site Jedianons. It makes no difference. It's the peeps that matter. Replies: >>1516
  574. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:20:13 No. 1516 [M] >>1515 Top Keks
  576. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:40:17 No. 1519 [M] >>1511 >1. Memory Leaks Memory leaks, specifically, are a programming oversight where program memory is allocated for a process and then never released once it is completed. As far as I am aware, this has no major issues of that nature. Memory does climb, however, particularly when running multiple tabs. >2. No DDoS mitigation Inherent to the network, as I understand. To launch a DDoS attack, you need to first be linked into the network via a user key. You can't attack a zite from outside the network. Well - I suppose you can, but you need to strike at each host to truly make it effective - and that means you need to DDoS phones, computers, modded game consoles, etc. that's a tall order. I would also have to check, but the way the key system works may also generally prohibit DDoS attacks on the network, as well. >3. No Trip Authentication Can be implemented to a point. Q's last trip used an enhanced algo, which used a salt from 8chan's server to prevent computation of a rainbow table. We don't have that salt, so it won't work. Q would need to initiate a validation process all over again unless 8chan comes back up, again. >4. P2P vulnerability. That can be worked on to some degree in terms of site options and defaults. Some things will require host client (zeronet) to be updated. Replies: >>1521>>1581
  578. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:52:12 No. 1521 [M] >>1519 See my comments on the BO board... Would CMS/C# be able to address these issues (progrmming) anad whta about using Stackpth? Replies: >>1522
  580. Anonymous 8/7/2019 01:52:55 No. 1522 [M] >>1521 My poor 'a' key is dying slow death sorry.
  582. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:04:30 No. 1525 [M] reposting from spyware thread I first of all wanted to apologize for being so devisive. When i said ESCAPE THE BOTNET and linked to While its important to be versitile zeronet is not all the way there yet and too many bells and whistles. on endchan we had over a year ago someone made a /qresearch/ there but clowns thought ahead and took advantage of the 30 day login limit for BO's and claimed and vandilized the board. So that is why on endchan the qresearch bunker is /qrb/ because they thought ahead and claimed the original board. Now if they did that then maybe this shit is spyware which is why i was so divisive in the general. My opinion is not t a reflection of the anon that made /qrb/ on endchan or anything but my own pov. so an alternative where you don't have to download anything or browse using your localhost is endchan's bunker now there is multiple ways to stay anon there including multiple tor addresses i2p yggdrasil (or whatever its called) and lokinet addresses to plug into. Zeronet is not an adversary resistant platform. At all. Replies: >>1529
  584. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:09:54 No. 1527 [M] >>269 i think even that is still somehow divisive. All i am saying is these times are the best time to take advantage of us and we are all seeding together like a bit-torrent. Anytime someone posted the toastmaster userscript people would sperg out about not opening foreign code yet this is somehow not to be questioned? Sorry for the concernfagging i know how any kind of talk like this can be overlooked by shitheads abusing it. But there is also the endchan board. Im shilling that because i don't trust zeronet and that is obvious. and its neat software but its like freenet in that its too localized its like getting all of us in a room together. Replies: >>1530
  586. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:11:54 No. 1528 [M] sorry_for_the_inconvenien(...).mp4 (42.31 MiB) [Seed] James Watkins, owner of 8chan - Sorry for the Inconvenience". He explains that the 'manifesto' did not come from 8chan but was discovered a day BEFORE the shooting elsewhere, and the FBI had been notified. He is working to get 8chan back up and running again.
  588. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:20:16 No. 1529 [M] >>1525 i fuggin hate i2p
  590. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:23:06 No. 1530 [M] >>1527 Concern is valid anon. We need a solution. Stackpath????
  592. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:47:40 No. 1532 [M] do we stay or do we go Replies: >>1533
  594. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:53:25 No. 1533 [M] >>1532 I am working on setting up an account with StackPath. I need to talk to this BO and the BO for the endchan site to see if they can work with that. Replies: >>1534>>1541
  596. Anonymous 8/7/2019 02:55:14 No. 1534 [M] >>1533 Or perhaps I can get with CodeMonkeyZ and see if he can help or if StackPath integrated with his platform hosted on Stackpth would be a workable sitution
  598. Anonymous 8/7/2019 03:39:12 No. 1541 [M] >>1533 Please mention the outdated code base issue to this BO ?
  600. Anonymous 8/7/2019 05:03:43 No. 1545 [M] It's funny watching all the people who had a vested interest in the former status quo scramble for position and self justification. Much goncern. Replies: >>1548
  602. Anonymous 8/7/2019 05:18:20 No. 1546 [M] Mr. Fusion on RMN continuing to spread FUD about zeronet. Outed himself yesterday as a scraper site shill.
  604. Anonymous 8/7/2019 05:58:59 No. 1547 [M] 7f032677022bbcc024eab4942(...).png (1.66 MiB) [Seed] >>1459 >>1461
  606. Anonymous 8/7/2019 06:09:38 No. 1548 [M] 30b1850fa158fc9d19bb79d87(...).jpg (33.90 KiB) [Seed] >>1545
  608. Anonymous 8/7/2019 07:50:20 No. 1551 [M] Scavino pic.jpg (119.61 KiB) POTUS RT DDay tweet.jpg (63.57 KiB) Posted in First General thread (some kind of ghost ebake) the following very important, very relevant information: 1. Potus retweets a 2 month old Dday tweet. 2. Scavino posts cryptic photo on facebook with never before seen meme of Trump and "THE END" showing in the mirror. The scavino one is weird cus the photographer is showing in the shot... so it's obvious that they didn't crop it on purpose. Read between the lines, it's go time anons. Sauces: Scavino pic - Trump tweet - Look at his retweet from around 7amCT ................... SCAVINO PHOTO - what do we see? Scavino pic w/ photog showing is reminiscent of Rachel Chandler's Self Portrait Marfa journal. >pic related The photog showing themselves IN the picture is very intentional. Who is the photographer here? Looks an awful lot like RC!! (see >>1343 (You) first photo) The images around the bottom of the mirror and up the side are added in later (not reflections) obviously of people and places - too small for me to really see clearly. BUT - there is a large, large photo with POTUS on it with arm outstretched, black background and the word "The End" Some are outside (top left- 3 people), one on bottom left corner & center look like in oval office, and bottom right looks like medal of honor ceremony or something Photo right behind man at desk - that's (POTUS with very messy hair?) and someone with dark hair, glasses & a beard and a woman who looks like Sara Huckabee Sanders. What's on the tv screen behind the man with messy blonde hair? Behind that photo, on its side is a POTUS tweet - visible text says line 1- Thanks-many, line 2- character write, line 3- it's fun. will have to enlarge & sharpen to see the date on tweet There is a POTUS' name on the white hard hat on the right. Above the large photo of POTUS ("The End") there is a monitor with 4 network news channels, sort of like RC's with the multi-channel surveillance re: Epstein... able to watch multiple "channels" at the same time. There's more to be seen, but better eyes will have to look! APPLY TO PHOTO: Person sent to document (photographer) man at desk (working hard) - POTUS communicates with us by various means (tweets, photos), is for the People (hard hat) and working hard to rebuild our Country (Presidential seal high on wall behind photog) with many other people (people outside photos, people in Oval Office photos, etc.) in different positions, with a lot of surveillance (monitor on wall with 4 different rooms/scenes) / knows what's going on and tries to let us know in different ways. Photo 2 men, woman are in that same room, with the mirror on the wall and the 3 people all watching the monitor (looks like 1 channel, very blurry). What about that POTUS tweet? TWEET TEXT: >As we commemorate #DDay75, let us give thanks for the valiant Allied Soldiers who helped turn the tide of the Second World War on that fateful day. What jumps out immediately: >thanks to the valiant Allied soldiers >helped turn the tide < 3rd meme war >fateful day APPLY: POTUS is thanking his valiant soldiers in the Alliance (all those anons out in the world who follow Q, anons/autists & awesome people), who are helping to turn the tide in this 3rd World War (meme war, and war against the /cabal/) on this fateful day (the day they thought they could strangle us by cutting off 8ch!). RE-APPLY POTUS sees a lot and is behind Q (not suggesting man in photo is Q), is letting us know he's watching, appreciates our efforts as his allied soldiers in this fight, is working hard to communicate with us in unconventional (but brilliant) ways. He hopes we understand the comms and think it's also fun, we are a bunch of characters, men and women, both outside (the system) and inside (undercover Patriots). POTUS is reaching out to tell us this is not the end for US but for them. Take this together with the NSA tweet from 8-6-19 showing Guidra (red infinity symbol) - sorry didn't save but posted in this or last thread > Black hats < took down 8ch > 8 August < solution provided to us Replies: >>1566
  610. Anonymous 8/7/2019 08:23:19 No. 1552 [M] Q-Bell.jpeg (18.59 KiB) [Seed] It appears that many anons have freaked out over the CM twatter post where he denied knowing who created this site. So, what's to be afraid of? If you post CP, you should be afraid. If you are doing something illegal, you should be afraid. If you are researching facts regarding the corruption and overthrow of our country, you should be brave, accept the risk, and battle on. Replies: >>1553>>1555>>1556>>1581
  612. Anonymous 8/7/2019 08:27:22 No. 1553 [M] >>1552 Agreed. The chans are not safe spaces, and this is really no different. You con't have to choose to "download & seed files" < Slide the 0 symbol (top right) to the left < Download and help distribute all files Make sure that's off Ta Da!! That makes the board run slower but there's the option for anons. Replies: >>1562
  614. Anonymous 8/7/2019 08:49:02 No. 1555 [M] >>1552 notable
  616. Anonymous 8/7/2019 08:52:03 No. 1556 [M] >>1552 absolute worst case is the "loss" of data due to a comped BO .. but we already know how to archive offline.. so what's the issue ? Replies: >>1567
  618. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:23:29 No. 1561 [M] 9ec9e88c03e4b8c4e8840d78b(...).png (1.29 MiB) God bless you and keep you from harm, wherever you are, this day and forever. Replies: >>1563>>1564>>1565>>1581
  620. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:31:46 No. 1562 [M] >>1553 TY
  622. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:33:24 No. 1563 [M] >>1561 Ah.. the board has officially been christened
  624. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:34:41 No. 1564 [M] >>1561 Thank you, swordanon! Let the research begin!
  626. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:45:25 No. 1565 [M] >>1561 And you. Amen.
  628. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:49:19 No. 1566 [M] MonsterED.JPG (39.07 KiB) [Seed] >>1551 Monster energy drink on desk Replies: >>1572>>1597>>1610
  630. Anonymous 8/7/2019 09:54:40 No. 1567 [M] >>1556 I would argue this site is even more hardened against compromised BOs, since the users can set up an automatic dump to an archive. There are three big concerns I am seeing from people... First is just the reality of group dynamics. I would wager most of us who are here, the ones who are organizing things on Voat, and the people on End are people who were doing this type of thing before Q. I wasn't a "dark web" person before - but I was very active into political debates and research into the truth of things. I have been for a very long time, and Q's first round of posts were an immediate sort of (you) that said "Hey, we know that you know and you have every right to be livid. But settle down and put away the zombie apocalypse plans for a second." That is what drew us out from our bunkers and onto 8chan in the first place. Qresearch was one of the most active boards on 8. One of my chan-posting friends IRL was blown away by the fact we'd go through a bread in an hour. (odd side note - he's I think more typical of people in the world than we realize; he's not part of the Q movement, he doesn't use twitter - but very anti-google and tech-literate; among my friends, he is "Classic Man"). Q and our peers in truth-digging and shit-posting rallied us together under one board from our scattered pasts. We don't have to all be on the same board to be unified. We have hope and a goal in the non-apocalypse. But many anons who came along with us were not used to... well... this. They are scared, they are easily going to spook because what they knew and understood suddenly changed. In stress response scenarios, 10% of people act. 10% of people panic hysterically. 80% of people just kind of freeze up and wait for orders. We are the 10% (give or take) that generally start acting. So, that explains that part. As far as concerns related to the program/platform... they seem to be two big ones. 1) - someone might be able to figure out their IP because of how peer to peer works. I chalk this up to an unfounded paranoia marketed by VPN subscriptions... but, there again, I am the person who waves at the surveillance teams and makes sure to tell them funny stories embedded in what they have to read. And/Or I talk to the AI that will eventually be digging through the archives of the internet to uncover who we are and how we operated and I try to teach it things about or society, concepts of law and philosophy.... so, dismissing their concerns by virtue of my own lack of them is kind of silly. In more seriousness - I do agree that it is a bit of an issue, but when looking at it from the perspective of "This will be the new internet standard" - which should be our goal, I argue - then it is really a rather moot one as the number of seeders would eventually become rather massive and trying to track down who is seeding what from a government standpoint would simply see individuals as they see server nodes, today. The problem is transition - getting beyond the current paranoia to get to a point where everyone can just shrug and go "uh... so what?" For this - I think what is important is the distinction between your IP as a seed platform and your identity as someone who is browsing. That is the aspect that needs to be explored and explained - or re-engineered to provide some isolation between "Here is the site information you announced you were looking for" and "Hey, anybody got any more of them qanons?" A few more options for assisting people in controlling what they seed and what they don't would also be rather key. Being able to host a webpage without its pictures or videos by default would not be a bad idea as a general user sort of thing. Which leads to issue 2: "what happens if we are made to seed child porn!?" Again, in the grand scheme of things, seeing this as "well, you and six million other people who were set to seed - so what?" But it is a valid issue. I think the above would go a long way to addressing it (though an imageboard would understandably suffer from not automatically seeding pictures - it might not be a bad idea to explore tying this to a sort of litecoin-like proof-of-stake rewards system). However, I suggest that this can be inverted, and we should think of it this way - if the content of a site is automatically seeded - then, if someone were to post child porn to, say, an instagram - then it is fundamentally much more difficult to hide/obscure the fact that it was posted. IE - rather than being "Guilty of distributing" - we instead become witnesses to the fact it existed and the attempt to distribute it. It does, however, pose a bit of a problem for archives. I am the type wh Replies: >>1581>>1626
  632. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:26:12 No. 1570 [M] [E] >>1413 >>1408 added to notables thread
  634. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:27:51 No. 1571 [M] Posts are terribly out of sequence for me. Seems many were scared off by cm. Good to see signs of life. Can't seem to make tor browser default on win10.
  636. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:30:23 No. 1572 [M] >>1566 Remember this : #6201956 at 2019-04-16 22:40:58 (UTC+1) Q Research General #7930: IS IN EU Edition >>6201912 I liked to drink monster energy drink, then realized that the three claw marks are the Hebrew letter Yav, which has a gematria of "6" yav yav yav = 666 a yav is represented by the letter "w" in english www = "666" The END is for (((them)))
  638. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:34:58 No. 1573 [M] WIN_20190807_08_29_40_Sca(...).jpg (208.59 KiB) 8chan at the tippy top of the front page this morning. Way way way above the fold. Replies: >>1578>>1579
  640. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:37:17 No. 1574 [M] 1d6e58eecf9fff0985ed7d5ed(...).png (80.77 KiB) [Seed] Good morn'n fellow lambs on the run. Have a point of business question this am. Where the hell did everyone go last night? I felt like I was the only one left standing on the Titanic. Everyone seemed to 'jump ship' in a panic. I don't follow the herd, but remain with the 'old guard' so to speak. So what gives? Have we fractured into tiny minion sized 'follow me,, follow me' sized boards now? Replies: >>1576>>1579>>1580>>1612>>1643
  642. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:42:15 No. 1576 [M] >>1574 Cm disavowed, cab deleted their link. Much omg panic in other places warning against. Many frozen frustrated taking a break. waiting for clues. Vibe is here so here I are.
  644. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:44:58 No. 1577 [M] http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/qresearch/index.html FYI about 8chan on Tor / Onion. In case you're wondering where most of the people are That link requires a Tor browser. Edit - that doesn't seem to work. Last edited: 8 days ago
  646. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:46:23 No. 1578 [M] 7a03d96391c6e4307491576ef(...).jpg (8.49 KiB) [Seed] >>1573 Sword anon... You still here?
  648. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:47:37 No. 1579 [M] >>1573 It's comical, at this point. >>1574 Somewhat. This seems a bit larger than endchan's group. Voat requires me to log in, or something - I don't know, I get routed too many times to connect, so I can't assess what is going on over at that clown show. 4chan.... is the zombie apocalypse in there. If there are anons in there, they're fighting the horde and probably seeking refuge on MLP, since it's the counter-culture. Actually - I recommend we dispatch an operative to MLP on half to try and relay what's going on here and with the state of zeronet. I'll probably go here in a minute, but I'm juggling a few things. Yes. I'm suggesting MLP. At this point, people are going where they feel comfortable. We're probably among the few who feel comfortable in the new/unknown. We aren't going to convince them to go where they are uncomfortable, easily - the only thing we can do is explain what is going on and offer to keep in touch with each other. This is what happens during a revolution after a collapse of centralized order. You split off into small sub-units and conquer your locale before linking up with others. .... I'm sure BO appreciates that language - but you get what I mean. We are basically at squad or platoon level strength after legion got his dick slapped by the censors. Except for Twitter... but that's kind of like the smartphone apocalypse versus the zombie apocalypse. Replies: >>1589>>1644
  650. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:48:45 No. 1580 [M] Not-Comfy.jpg (20.94 KiB) [Seed] >>1574 had to set some layers... 1: Virtual machine running from thumb drive 2: Leach off open WIFI with external long range antenna 3: connect to bitcoin vpn 4: enable ZeroNet & tor not comfy Replies: >>1583>>1587
  652. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:51:29 No. 1581 [M] [E] >>1402 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #2 >>1411 Service terminates tonight, if memory serves correctly. >>1420 Posted the twat on the other thread. The 140 Character Op >>1422 Seems good ol' jimjam's comin' to america. >>1424 wait-wat.png eyethespy confirms zero not chan operated >>1426 massive spike in peer count >>1443 photo_2019-08-06_17-53-48.jpg who set up zero >>1448 Zeronet essentially forces every anon to archive >>1457 HEADS UP EYES OPEN --SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING--- >>1465 An announcement from our illustrious creator here at 08Chan (Zero8Chan) >>1480 Copy-pasta from v/QRV We have everything. >>1485 Anon thoughts on Zero use a virtualmachine if you run zeronet. >>1302 Looking at it further, it seems it is the entire 08chan domain. >>1491 MORE MSM FUGGERY >>1494 Moar Zeronet issues My God... don't remind me... it's like a zerg rush of stupid in there >>1519 Work arounds - 1. Memory Leaks >>1552 It appears that many anons have freaked out over the CM twatter post >>1561 SwordAnon Christens the Board >>1567 I would argue this site is even more hardened against compromised BOs >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1627 Last edited: 6 days ago
  654. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:53:33 No. 1583 [M] tenor.gif (284.02 KiB) [Seed] >>1580 Replies: >>1586
  656. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:56:05 No. 1584 [M] [E] 1565192904264.jpg (73.27 KiB) Q+ wants us to spread the word about the Dayton Ohio shooter Replies: >>1585>>1587>>1627
  658. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:56:34 No. 1585 [M] [E] >>1584 (You) NOTABLE AF
  660. Anonymous 8/7/2019 10:57:18 No. 1586 [M] layers-kek.png (117.66 KiB) >>1583
  662. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:03:33 No. 1587 [M] >>1580 Well, you immediately doxxed yourself as a resident of the board who is intent on trying to drive away new groups. You want your own little private masturbation corner because you're the internet version of a hermit who is bitter and discontent with life. Your only reprieve from oppression was the vapid venting you do here with no focus or purpose and the thought of society is intimidating. Or, maybe, you're a proverbial shill, and I suppose that depends upon how one chooses to define a shill - as we can all shill for our ideas from time to time. However, that's unlikely seeing as the initial disinformation campaign was already highly effective at keeping the movement fragmented and centralized to twitter and 4chan bot nets. Further operations here would be unnecessary and the only people with motives to fuel that disinformation would be the same people who post trap lolis. Relax, kiddo, you'll be okay. >>1584 (You) ... Second the notable? lol... classic baking mentality needs to be re-thought for a bit. Replies: >>1591 Last edited: 8 days ago
  664. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:05:09 No. 1588 [M] I'll post to the aggregate: >President Trump took The New York Times to task Wednesday for changing the headline of its lead article about his remarks on the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton after taking heat from the left for not being critical enough toward him. >After Trump delivered an address in the aftermath of the deadly shootings, in which he condemned racism and white supremacy, the newspaper planned a front-page story with the headline, “Trump urges unity vs. racism.” Amid a storm of criticism on social media, including from top Democratic presidential candidates, the newspaper later altered it to the more critical: “Assailing hate but not guns.” >The Dow and the broader US stock market rebounded Tuesday, driven by optimism that currency tensions between the United States and China would ease. >The Dow (INDU) finished up 312 points, or 1.2%, while the S&P 500 (SPX) closed 1.3% higher. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite (COMP), which was hit worst in Monday’s selloff, closed up 1.4%. >For the S&P and the Nasdaq it is their first positive performance in seven days. The Dow is in the black for the first time in six days. >Markets recovered from a terrible day on Monday, when Chinese government officials said they would take steps to keep its currency from falling too far. >China priced the yuan’s reference rate at 6.9683 to the dollar, a hair above the key 7:1 ratio to the US dollar. Although that was the weakest level for the yuan in 11 years, many Wall Street investors feared China would price the yuan below that psychological 7:1 barrier. >The yuan continued to slide Tuesday, but the pace of its decline slowed. One dollar last bought 7.0235 yuan in China, and 7.0530 yuan in the offshore market, where the currency trades more freely. A bit of older news. Last edited: 8 days ago
  666. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:07:46 No. 1589 [M] >>1579 Two man raft engaging in three block war. Easy install for windows, if willing to skip tor. I turned off for and now I get more posts and more sequential. Couldn't build from source on Mac or Ubuntu so out of quick fixes there.
  668. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:20:52 No. 1590 [M] [E] EBSslfSW4AE_wB9.jpg (73.96 KiB) Baker Here i dont have tor running i dont have a vpn not running a machine I have Nothing to Hide I have Nothing to Fear God has my Soul. if the 3 letters want me, they know where i am. i dont post nothing but the truth, if that means i need to leak my ip for Humanity, then so be it. - FAWK THEM -- Replies: >>1593>>1627
  670. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:26:27 No. 1591 [M] >>1587 au contraire mon ami! The gif was simply alluding to layers of protection that anon used for safety. But I had to kek at your verbal diarrhea. Replies: >>1594 Last edited: 8 days ago
  672. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:29:23 No. 1592 [M] Jesus came upon the land to teach people how to operate in commerce. His main purpose was to save us from our dishonor. Yet we persist in this dishonor by acquiring things, which we are treating as little demigods. One of the best lessons Jesus taught was by his example. On his trip to Galilee, he encountered three beggars, who called out and said "Jesus, heal us"! They were offering Jesus a contract. There are four possible ways in which to answer when one is offered a contract. a. Agree to the contract and you are in honor. b. Remain silent (is considered insolence) and therefore you are in dishonor. c. To argue about the contract is a dishonor. That is why the courts want you to have an attorney. Attorneys argue on your behalf and get you in dishonor. They are there to turn you in! d. Novation is a re-statement of the contract with terms changed towards a meeting of the minds and questions raised to find opportunities for everyone. In short, bargaining. Also called "conditional acceptance." For example, if a merchant is selling apples for a dollar and you want an apple, but you don't want to pay a dollar, you may offer fifty cents. You have just placed the merchant in the position of having to make one of the same four choices on how to answer. If he declines by arguing or remaining silent you will probably walk away and he will lose the sale because he dishonored you. He remains in honor if he accepts or chooses to re-offer your offer somehow. Getting back to the lesson. The beggars offered Jesus a contract. Jesus replied, “What would you have me do?” He is now doing a novation to the contract. Before he can comply, he has to know what the contract requires. The beggars then re-offered the contract to Jesus by saying, "make us see". He then agreed by saying, "you are healed". The beggars and Jesus were always in honor and the contract was completed and everyone was satisfied.
  674. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:31:32 No. 1593 [M] your-move.jpg (72.78 KiB) [Seed] >>1590 (You) >I have Nothing to Hide Me neither No CP ever, Not a white supremacist or racist, but fuck the alphabet agency's Let them work for it. Find me! Replies: >>1627
  676. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:36:46 No. 1594 [M] >>1591 Apologies - fixed. For some reason, I seem to have the hardest time with replies going to the wrong post or being inserted where I didn't expect them to be. Since the site uses bitcoin to order posts, I suspect that when we reply to a fast-paced set of posts, it takes time for the system to settle on a proper order of which post came before the other, so post ordering can get flipped around and replies scrambled. That will need to be looked into. Perhaps include a checksum on a post that would have a unique ID so that the system will properly correct a response? Replies: >>1596
  678. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:38:24 No. 1595 [M] The idea of a Tontine scheme is nothing new, but has existed in one form or another since the Roman Empire. As time went on, it became more sophisticated up to the point where it is today. The first Tontine started in America in 1791. By the year 1880, Tontines were very numerous and were quite corrupt. There was practically no end to their power due to the immense amounts of money involved. As a result of this money power, the Tontine insurance companies were buying up businesses and controlling the government. As a result, the Tontines became so corrupt and gross that they threatened the American family and the very basis of the United States of America. This corruption spurned the Armstrong Committee in the year 1905 to investigate the Tontine insurance companies. After a long investigation, the committee recommended that the state legislatures pass legislation banning Tontine schemes. This was done under the non-forfeiture statues. The owners of these Tontine schemes saw that their whole world was about to collapse because of the pending legislation regarding their schemes. They immediately went to work to establish a federal system to both broaden the scope of their operation and avoid the problems of operating in individual states. This was the start of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.
  680. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:39:02 No. 1596 [M] >>1594 No worries, fren. The gif by itself left it open for misinterpretation.
  682. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:40:37 No. 1597 [M] monkey.jpg (21.90 KiB) [Seed] >>1566 Did a lot of surfing last night. The consensus concerning 8chan/qanons coming from different sources seems to be this interesting synopsis... 1. the chan was nearly taken down by the cabal once before. Meaning: The qanons are doing great damage to cabal, even though we may not see it. 2.Qteam/patriots, knew qanons ie, /qresearch, would become a target once again as things heated up for the cabal, due to the info coming out of the chans. "What does a cornered animal do"? 3.Qteam got intel of what the cabal was up to...They were planning to drop a nuke on 8chan via FF's, to shut us patriots down due to the Epstein and Cummings digs..nerves were hit, deep. 4. Q dropped us a warning that we all misunderstood. "Hunters become the hunted"...That was a reference to US, a warning! We are now the 'hunted', not the cabal. 5. Qteam gave the cabal a [24 hours]"deadline". Meaning..."We know what you are about to do. You have 24hrs. to cease and desist or suffer the consequences" [something like that]. Well cabal did not they ever, they are mindless Liberals. 6. So...cabal drops FF's and chan nuke which are all tied in together via phony 'manefesto' setup. 7. POTUS closes the trap the qteam warned the cabal about, and the chan was the bait in his speech 8/5..."Terrorists/White Supremists, DEATH PENALTY". 8. We anons/8chan are now tagged via MSM as "terrorist insurgents/white supremacists". 9. How do you legally submit evidence?...You accuse an innocent party of a crime, and they bring all their documentation into court to defend themselves....[KEK] 10. BOOM! 11.Q warned them [cabal], they did not listen. Now, they are fugged. They have no way out of this mess. With what POTUS stated in speech, every person, who had any part in any FF/terrorist event, [crisis actor, planners, Walmart CEO's, bus drivers...anyone, who knowing participated in an event to "terrorize, frighten, scare, cause emotional harm, etc. to the American people or 'elsewhere'...can be convicted, and if found guilty, be put to death! 12. The saga continues to unfold..... This is but the synopsis of what I gleaned from about a dozen intelligent minds all coming from differing angles, but concluding nearly the same things. Jus an FYI Damn I love this movie. Any thoughts? NOTE...not famefagging here: Ran across "Cory's Diggs". She may even be an anon here...uses chan chatter I noticed. Looked at her very extensive research on her site into Epsteins "Zorro Ranch", which we do not have much on I don't think. Damn, she has gone wide and deep on that. So jus a heads up, cause I don't believe in reinventing the wheel here. There may be much to wabbit trail off of her already deep digs. Replies: >>1626
  684. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:40:43 No. 1598 [M] The plot to enslave the people ... [with] the advent of (HJR 192) and the Erie Railroad decision, the Maritime or Admiralty Law now prevails over the entire country through re-insurance of a credit policy mentioned earlier. The second a person touches the credit system of the Public National Credit (Federal Reserve) they have involved themselves in a Joint Maritime venture for profit in a Tontine policy of limited liability for the payment of debt. The joint venture being the use of the communal credit, Maritime Law is a credit system, and finally, you have created an insurable interest because you used the credit system of the commune. The insurable interest is what the federal income tax, right to work taxes, property taxes, and all the other obscenities that you can think of are about. These are not taxes, but insurance premiums on the use of the credit for profit.
  686. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:41:57 No. 1599 [M] In the case of De Livio v. Boit, 2 Galliston, Mass., Federal Case No. 3776 (1812), it was held that insurance is a maritime contract, therefore, of Admiralty Jurisdiction. A person's involvement in Maritime Law (communal credit of the Tontine, HJR 192) means you are on a voyage and hopefully it will be successful (gambling) and you will make a profit. Under limited liability for the payment of debt, the limited liability is provided by the insurance premiums you tender (your taxes).
  688. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:43:09 No. 1600 [M] The law of maritime insurance (Tontine) imposition is destroying families by turning them into warring cannibals. The order of the day will soon be murder, rape, robbery, distrust and lack of respect for your fellow man, along with unidentifiable fatherhood to be a corporate cog in their machine to worship their coal-tar god of EXON. This will all work for the benefit of the people of EXON (the elect) who will be exempt from all liabilities. These EXON are the last survivors of the Tontine swindle, such as George Rapp and his Harmony Society that became the first Tontine court case in America. In this case, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the people's right to enter into a commune and each surrender his property into one common stock for the mutual benefit of all.
  690. Anonymous 8/7/2019 11:55:23 No. 1603 [M] In all three cases, there was [or is] no accountability to the members or subscribers. In all three cases, there was [or is] forfeiture for withdrawal. In the George Rapp Society it was labor interest and intransmissability of property to heirs. In tontine it was the premiums and the interest thereon. In the Federal Reserve, it is Social Security, Unemployment Premiums, property Tax, etc. For example, what happens if you withdraw from social security, or from unemployment insurance, or stop paying property taxes -- is not a forfeiture demanded? In the George Rapp Society, List's "National Economy" was practiced on a small scale -- in the Federal Reserve, List's "National Economy" is regulating and controlling our economy. In the George Rapp Society, there was no risk to the insurer, George Rapp and his associates. In the Federal Reserve, there is no risk to the Maritime lender, or insurance underwriter. In the George Rapp Society, labor was pledged, and labor was the premium for the privilege of remaining in the society for the chance of "making a profit". -- In the Federal Reserve, labor is pledged to obtain the units of credit (Federal Reserve Scrip) to pay the interest to the maritime lender, or the maritime insurance underwriter (one and the same under maritime law). In the George Rapp Society, George Rapp had no vested interest in the lives of the society members. In the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve has no vested interest in the lives of the United States, or its citizens, nor does it have any risk at stake in the maritime venture of the Public National Credit System. In the tontine, the premium was never to be repaid in the original tontine scheme; in the Federal Reserve, no provision is made to ever pay the principle of the loan from the Federal Reserve, in the Federal Reserve Act -- which is the contract between the United States and the Federal Reserve System. Replies: >>1604
  692. Anonymous 8/7/2019 12:03:18 No. 1604 [M] >>1603 This is the most Truth I've ever seen on the boards. Thank you for the direction, anon.
  694. Anonymous 8/7/2019 12:48:23 No. 1608 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-07 QMA(...).png (97.46 KiB) proving once again that they twist everything they can. Replies: >>1615>>1617>>1627
  696. Anonymous 8/7/2019 12:53:26 No. 1609 [M] [E] hits-blunt.jpeg (90.05 KiB) So all this walmart shootings. i guess they about to get sued AF for not protecting customers on their property
  698. Anonymous 8/7/2019 12:56:37 No. 1610 [M] >>1566 Thank you, I had forgot about that. What do you think that is saying to us? >Dealing with monstrous people check >work POTUS is doing is monstrously hard check >POTUS ran out of Diet Coke? mebbe
  700. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:01:56 No. 1611 [M] Pouts live at 3 edt? After the ebs test?
  702. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:06:55 No. 1612 [M] >>1574 Night shit went to bed. I don't normally participate them, just lurk at night, do my own thing, but yeah, they all went to bed!
  704. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:08:09 No. 1613 [M] [E] gallery_xlarge.jpg (102.25 KiB) Walmart employees are staging a walkout to protest gun sales 2of40Walmart employees comfort one another after an active shooter opened fire at the store in El Paso, Texas, Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019.Photo: Mark Lambie, Associated Press 3of40Walmart employees react after an active shooter opened fire at the store in El Paso, Texas, Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019.Photo: Mark Lambie / El Paso (Texas) Times Dozens of white-collar Walmart employees are expected to walk out Wednesday afternoon to protest the retailer's gun policies after shootings at two company stores left 24 people dead.
  706. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:09:08 No. 1614 [M] Did Ray Chandler get any good photos of Mueller?
  708. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:13:17 No. 1615 [M] q-letter-flower-capital-a(...).jpg (95.90 KiB) [Seed] >>1608 For the record I do NOT have a link to here up on the spreadsheet. Replies: >>1622 Last edited: 8 days ago
  710. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:18:53 No. 1617 [M] >>1608 Well, I planned for that. While I'm not sure if the platform in its current incarnation can support it, imagine a situation where you could implement trip codes here, and then have an automatic archiving system in the form of a torrent tracker. Kind of like a... I never used RSS, but similar to the concept? In any event, this is the future. It may be the beta, or even alpha version as history will reference it, but it's the friggin' promised land. Replies: >>1646
  712. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:19:01 No. 1618 [M] [E] ARE (YOU) READY! Replies: >>1627
  714. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:22:47 No. 1619 [M] fp.png (961.39 KiB) Supposedly a 911 caller who said there was an ex-employee in the builing with a gun. Twat: Fackfuk presser:¬if_t=live_v ideo_explicit&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Deep state psy-op? SWAT some poor fucker Gannett didn't like (maybe not on board with their communist agenda) and ramp up public fear to push the gun grab agenda?? Replies: >>1627
  716. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:30:01 No. 1620 [M] [E] >>8514484 BOOM PEAS IS LIVE!!!! >im thinking alert 45 sec duration? Replies: >>1627
  718. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:32:16 No. 1621 [M] Figliuzzi.png (896.79 KiB) In another bizarre performance on NBC news programming, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Frank Figliuzzi claimed that President Trump may have ordered flags flown at half staff not to honor the victims of the Dayton and El Paso shootings, but rather to celebrate Adolf Hitler. Figliuzzi explained the reasoning behind his conspiracy theory, claiming that the date the flag is to be at half staff until, August 8 (8/8), is a neo-nazi calling sign because the eighth letter of the alphabet is H, which stands for Hitler, and 8/8 means ‘Heil Hitler.’ Yes, somehow it is even a white supremacist act now to have flags flying at half-staff in honor of victims of a white supremacist murderer. Lets skip over the fact that Figliuzzi looks downright creepy, and blinks about a million times in that clip, as if he’s attempting to hypnotize the audience into believing his crackpot nutbaggery. Remember that Alex Jones is BANNED from all social media, while Figliuzzi is PAID to spew this droolstack on a platform owned by NBCUniversal, one of the largest companies on the globe. And it isn’t an isolated incident. Figliuzzi vomits out this kind of bile pile every day. Earlier in the week, Figliuzzi described Trump as a ‘radicalizer’ for white supremacists, and directly compared him to an extremist Islamic cleric inspiring Muslims to commit acts of violent Jihad. Meanwhile, NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel was literally flown to a neo-nazi festival in Germany, where he concluded that Trump is inspiring hate and the ‘inspiration to murder’ among white supremacists in Germany. Anyone would think that these former intelligence officials now working in news are deliberately feeding real white supremacists with such theories in order to rile them up. They're completely fucking unhinged. Replies: >>1627
  720. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:38:50 No. 1622 [M] 8bea14bf193fea659caa4752d(...).png (553.68 KiB) [Seed] >>1615 >They're completely fucking unhinged. Go spend 5 minutes at halfchan. I guarantee you will lose 40 IQ points in the first 3 minutes. Ya...everywhere, its that bad. Replies: >>1626
  722. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:39:11 No. 1623 [M] ZeroHedge gets an "urgent" letter from the FED Wed, 08/07/2019 - 09:46 Incidentally, this was our conclusion to our Tuesday article (which for those who missed it can be found here): For what it's worth, Bank of America believes "the Fed will need to step in to offset these funding market pressures through outright balance-sheet expansion or QE, potentially in 4Q." And while the Fed could get ahead of these issues by laying out a framework around money market control before greater criticisms and questions emerge about the independence of monetary/fiscal policies or the path to MMT, it won't do that, and instead it will wait for another, even greater "Lehman-like" crash to float the idea of imminent QE... which is precisely what Nomura warned about earlier in the day.. Based on the Fed's email, we wonder if it means the Fed is now seriously contemplating following through on Cabana's recommendation, and if so, does the market crash first, or is it about to price in QE4 and soar. We expect to find out very soon. Replies: >>1627
  724. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:43:39 No. 1624 [M] Wheels up from Dayton to El Paso about an hour ago.
  726. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:53:06 No. 1625 [M] Q63.png (23.02 KiB)
  728. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:53:50 No. 1626 [M] eye ok.jpg (10.64 KiB) [Seed] >>1622 I know, I lurk /pol/ and its definitely worse than it was even when we left, which was pretty bad! On the one hand, the "followers" of Q don't know where to turn for information, they (mostly) don't know where we are. >>1597 I disagree about the [24 hours] in retrospect, like "hunters become the hunted" refers to us, the [24 hours] warning was for anons to get off our asses and archive offline. Of course there are multiple layers of meanings and I could be totally wrong, but JMO I still maintain that there was a LOT bigger, multi-state mass-casualty event that was going to happen and Q+ stopped it, but was not able to stop the shooters, either because of a) resources dedicated elsewhere, b) without compromising 'sources and methods' (infiltrated cells). Again, just JMO. Went into it in detail in the last thread. >>1567 I also agree with the point about how people respond in stress scenarios, we here are the 10% who just get shit done. And also that most people are feeling alone, scared, lost, and drifting without 8ch. Surely that was the point of destroying it. I wish more would pay attention to this really important message from Q+ from yesterday (post below) >>1381 POTUS says in his tweet >It's easy when you're having fun Read the entire thing It's a positive message, especailly when taken together with NSA tweet the other day. Q+ is watching, knows where we are, it letting us know they 'see all' and are with us!
  730. Anonymous 8/7/2019 13:56:07 No. 1627 [M] [E] >>1581 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #3 >>1584 (You) Q+ wants us to spread the word about the Dayton Ohio shooter >>1590 (You) >>1593 Op goes Yolo >>1608 Anon calls out >>1618 (You) Authorized FEMA Test Start >>1619 upposedly a 911 caller who said there was an ex-employee in the builing with a gun. >>1620 (You) Authorized FEMA Test Stop >>1621 Flags at half staff. too white? >>1623 MarketAnon ZeroHedge gets an "urgent" letter from the FED >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1657
  732. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:08:15 No. 1629 [M] [E] qanon-research9409.jpg (21.40 KiB) reminder, in case of blackout goto Replies: >>1633>>1636>>1657
  734. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:16:04 No. 1633 [M] >>1629 (You) Really? A PRO Pedo bread? fo
  736. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:21:46 No. 1636 [M] [E] screenshot.png (140.85 KiB) >>1629 (You) and if that goes down freenode #qanonresearch Replies: >>1647
  738. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:22:42 No. 1637 [M] 1565110231035.jpg (114.54 KiB) [Seed] indexasw223.png (1.11 MiB) [Seed] indesdbbh689x.png (934.35 KiB) [Seed] index.png (1.13 MiB) [Seed] indeshu80x.png (823.13 KiB) [Seed]
  740. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:24:12 No. 1638 [M] GbcYNPw.jpg (35.72 KiB) [Seed] This place needs more tits. Replies: >>1657
  742. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:24:53 No. 1639 [M] 67981989_2477218759173257(...).jpg (72.24 KiB) [Seed] 834603c0377dccf278ffe2fb1(...).png (570.54 KiB) [Seed]
  744. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:52:08 No. 1640 [M] White House drafting executive order to tackle Silicon Valley’s alleged anti-conservative bias By MARGARET HARDING MCGILL and DANIEL LIPPMAN 08/07/2019 03:07 PM EDT The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies, according to a White House official and two other people familiar with the matter — a month after President Donald Trump pledged to explore "all regulatory and legislative solutions" on the issue. None of the three would describe the contents of the order, which one person cautioned has already taken many different forms and remains in flux. But its existence, and the deliberations surrounding it, are evidence that the administration is taking a serious look at wielding the federal government’s power against Silicon Valley. “If the internet is going to be presented as this egalitarian platform and most of Twitter is liberal cesspools of venom, then at least the president wants some fairness in the system,” the White House official said. “But look, we also think that social media plays a vital role. They have a vital role and an increasing responsibility to the culture that has helped make them so profitable and so prominent." Two other people knowledgeable about the discussions also confirmed the existence of the draft order. Replies: >>1657>>1676
  746. Anonymous 8/7/2019 14:56:32 No. 1641 [M] Trump Endorses Background Checks, Rules Out Assault Weapons Ban Justin Sink 2 hrs ago President Donald Trump endorsed an expansion of background checks for U.S. gun buyers following the massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, but said there’s “no political appetite” to renew a ban on military-style rifles. “I’m looking to do background checks,” Trump told reporters as he departed the White House on Wednesday to visit the two violence-stricken cities. “I think background checks are important.” While he said there’s not enough support in Congress to re-enact what was commonly known as the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004, he indicated he would discuss the idea with lawmakers. “I will certainly bring that up,” he said. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused so far to allow a vote on House-passed legislation that would expand background checks and hasn’t indicated whether he’s reconsidering after the shootings, which killed at least 31 people. “I think we can bring up background checks like we’ve never had before,” Trump said. Political leaders in Ohio and El Paso have said new gun-safety laws must be considered following the shootings. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a 17-point plan to address gun violence on Tuesday that includes background checks for nearly all gun purchases and a so-called “red flag” law that would allow courts to take firearms from people reported as potentially dangerous. Trump, though, has previously endorsed expanded background checks only to reverse course after hearing from the National Rifle Association, whose membership comprises an important piece of his political base. After a shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school in 2018 that killed 17 people, Trump publicly endorsed a host of gun-safety measures opposed by the gun-rights group, only to retreat following a private dinner with the organization’s leaders. The NRA, though, is currently experiencing leadership and financial turmoil, and it isn’t clear if it’s lobbying the White House to remain firm against any new restrictions on gun purchases. For more articles like this, please visit us at ...................... By POTUS "marrying" gun control to a comprehensive immigration plan the Ds will never pass means there won't be moar gun control. Replies: >>1657
  748. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:01:56 No. 1642 [M] FBI finds gunman in Dayton, Ohio, rampage was obsessed with violence by Reuters By Matthew Lavietes and Steve Gorman Tuesday, 6 August 2019 23:19 GMT LOOK AT THAT URL: TRUST.ORG kek The gunman who killed his sister and eight other people in Dayton, Ohio, before he was slain by police had a history of violent obsessions and previously mused about committing mass murder, an FBI official said on Tuesday. FBI agent Todd Wickerham told a news conference two days after the massacre in the streets of Dayton's historic downtown Oregon District that investigators have yet to conclude what motivated the killer or whether he may have had an accomplice. Police said in the initial aftermath of Sunday morning's bloodshed that they believed the slain suspect, identified as 24-year-old Connor Betts, a white man from the Dayton suburb Bellbrook, had acted alone. The gunman, who was wearing body armor and a mask, opened fire with an assault-style rifle fitted with a high-capacity ammunition drum that could hold 100 rounds, police said. Authorities said officers patrolling the area arrived on the scene and shot the gunman dead 30 seconds after the violence began. In addition to the nine people killed, including Betts' sister, more than two dozen others were injured in the attack, which came 13 hours after a shooting spree that claimed 22 lives in El Paso, Texas. 'VIOLENT IDEOLOGIES' The assailant in Texas surrendered to police and has been charged with capital murder in what authorities are treating as a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism. Most of the victims there were Hispanic. Federal agents have found no clues suggesting the Dayton gunman was influenced by the rampage in El Paso, said Wickerham, the agent in charge of the FBI's Cincinnati office. However, he said, "the individual had a history of obsession with violent ideations, including mass shootings, and expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting." "We have uncovered evidence throughout the course of our investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies," Wickerham added. Nevertheless, much remained unclear. The agent said investigators were still seeking to determine what particular ideology may have influenced the gunman, "who, if anyone, helped him or had any advance knowledge of his intentions to conduct this attack, and why he committed this specific act of violence." Wickerham also echoed previous statements by the city's police chief, Richard Biehl, that there was no indication so far that the shooting spree was racially motivated, even though six of the nine dead were African-American. Authorities have previously said Betts was known to have been a troubled youth in high school, at one point drawing up a "hit list" of students he wanted to kill or otherwise harm. The Dayton Daily News, citing the recollections of former classmates, reported that Betts had been suspended from high school, and detained by police, over the hit list. But it said Bellbrook police said it had no record of such an incident. Replies: >>1657
  750. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:13:20 No. 1643 [M] >>1574 I noticed the exact same thing last night anon. I fugured night shift was going to be lonely... But not THAT lonely.
  752. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:18:09 No. 1644 [M] >>1579 *raises flag* Reporting for duty. Replies: >>1645
  754. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:31:38 No. 1645 [M] 1472258947084.png (910.89 KiB) >>1644 On duty, ready to roll!
  756. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:40:32 No. 1646 [M] >>1617 Wearing sunglasses at night because our future is so bright fren. Manifesting our own destiny out here in uncharted territory. We are building the map. I am filled up with excitment and positive energy. This shit is awesome, fags. Replies: >>1653
  758. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:41:19 No. 1647 [M] >>1636 (You) You should be aware that freenode is entirely run by people antithetical to what we do here. I'm not saying don't go there, but the administration on freenode is not friendly to our cause. As they will tell you on freenode, freenode is not about 'free speech' it's about 'free software'
  760. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:49:14 No. 1648 [M] DJT-Q.png (841.10 KiB) [Seed] Trump Campaign Ad Features QAnon Signs Whether accidental or not, the Trump campaign keeps nodding to QAnon conspiracy theorists, even after the FBI called them a potential source of domestic terror Two signs promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory are visible in a video from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, marking the latest link between the president and followers of the fringe movement that the FBI recently described as a potential source of domestic terror. The signs, which were first noticed by Vox reporter Aaron Rupar, appear in a close-up shot in a “Women for Trump” video posted by Trump’s campaign late in July. Around halfway into the video, the first sign appears, with Trump’s “Keep America Great” slogan and a “Q” taped onto it. Another shows “Q”’s replacing the O’s on a “Women for Trump” sign. Replies: >>1649>>1654>>1657
  762. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:51:26 No. 1649 [M] bc44ca02f9a1e9e74821005f5(...).png (504.80 KiB) [Seed] >>1648 We may be getting past the point of the media having to "ask the Q" kek FINALLY!
  764. Anonymous 8/7/2019 15:59:11 No. 1650 [M] Many of us have seen Ds dominate with incredible coordination, like a machine and watched Conservatives just fold up and take off like a revival tent after an election (breaking down the election infrastructure). THIS guy gets it. I know this won't embed, but it's worth the time to watch, and be encouraged. People are waking up and working on taking on the D corruption and rival their election-system-machinery. Epoch Times does great interviews in general.
  766. Anonymous 8/7/2019 16:31:15 No. 1653 [M] >>1646 And a fine decentralized map it is.
  768. Anonymous 8/7/2019 16:32:54 No. 1654 [M] >>1648 If you thought the liberal tears were delicious just wait for the cognitive dissonance.
  770. Anonymous 8/7/2019 16:37:56 No. 1655 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-07 Don(...).png (454.74 KiB) Finest crisis actors anywhere.
  772. Anonymous 8/7/2019 16:39:55 No. 1656 [M] In the absence of hive mind connection I find I am watching all the sites I used to rely on qr to aggregate.
  774. Anonymous 8/7/2019 16:54:44 No. 1657 [M] [E] >>1627 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #4 >>1629 (You) Baker Reminder in case of Black out >>1638 Moar Tits >>1640 White House drafting executive order to tackle Silicon Valley’s alleged anti-conservative bias >>1641 Trump Endorses Background Checks, Rules Out Assault Weapons Ban >>1642 FBI finds gunman in Dayton, Ohio, rampage was obsessed with violence >>1648 Trump Campaign Ad Features QAnon Signs >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1668>>1692
  776. Anonymous 8/7/2019 16:59:09 No. 1659 [M] Any connection between Epstein and boy scouts?
  778. Anonymous 8/7/2019 17:06:54 No. 1660 [M] Ice, DOJ Conduct 'Largest Single-State Worksite' Raid in U.S in Mississippi Today Replies: >>1692
  780. Anonymous 8/7/2019 17:15:11 No. 1661 [M] Best... fucking... kek... >On Hardball with Chris Matthews, former Naval counterintelligence agent and MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance said President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric was giving “subliminal orders in their heads” to white supremacist extremists. There is another facet I probably should have mentioned about all of this, earlier. Don't suspect everyone of being a shill, and many genuine patriots are confused - but keep in mind that many of the Twitter accounts that Q linked to were leftists posing as Q supporters. Reconcile with the silence. To be fair, there is quite a bit of confusion and paranoia, but do not forget what we are up against and how this all works. On the plus side, they see their operation as a success and that there is little need to pursue. They have the issue contained on Twitter, in their minds. Replies: >>1662>>1692
  782. Anonymous 8/7/2019 17:16:47 No. 1662 [M] >>1661 It introduces the mk idea to normies from one of their own.
  784. Anonymous 8/7/2019 17:54:34 No. 1664 [M] I don't have tee vee or phone, what happened with the EMS thingie today? Did anyone get it?
  786. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:40:16 No. 1666 [M] [E] A few years ago there was a discussion about helping these nice people decide to self-deport, in a friendly, legal and totally non-violent way: >pay attention to how ICE dress (minus the vest) >emulate their clothing type not impersonating, just mimicking >adopt the body posture >go into store, make eye contact with every Hispanic Some reported that those people quickly exited the aisle and if they were in a checkout line, person was fidgety and nervous the entire time Imagine if masses of American men did this. Illegals everywhere don't know who's undercover ICE, who isn't? Have no idea who in their area/community is aware of them, how close ICE is to a roundup there? No idea how secure they are in that location? Now if POTUS is having ICE to actual roundups in various locations, this is helpful. Even the false alarms of ICE roundups add to this feeling of insecurity. If enough people do this innocent thing, how many decide it's not worth it, and decide to voluntarily self-deport. Replies: >>1692
  788. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:42:36 No. 1667 [M] adelia.png (111.19 KiB) Ex-Girlfriend Adelia Johnson discusses relationship with Dayton, OH shooter Connor Betts: Media interview with Adelia Johnson on Goolag: Lots of focus on Ohio. Trying to keep eyes off El Paso where the DS fucked it up royally with more holes in their story than a loaf of Swiss cheese? Replies: >>1692
  790. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:42:42 No. 1668 [M] >>1657 (You) Thank you, Notable Bun Baker for stepping up to the playt and posting notubbles.
  792. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:45:31 No. 1669 [M] [E] NOTABLES #9410 >>8516542 >>8515541 The Cycle >>8516352 >pay attention to how ICE dress (minus vest) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ who is this guy??? - >>8516026 File: 1565216841702.jpg Tucker Taking our Talking Points >>8516048 1565093342119.png Chanology >>8516077 99j.png Judge may remove Mueller Redaction. >>8516132 >>8516179 Marxism in America [Embed] >>8516205 Kamala Harris Fundraises Off El Paso & Dayton Mass Shootings | “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste >>8516216 Massive ICE Raids Sweep Up 680 Illegal Immigrants Across Mississippi; Largest Operation In a Decade >>8516228 URGENT: Violent Tenn. Inmate Missing After Corrections Officer Found Dead; State Issues ‘Blue Alert’ For Third Time Ever >>8516245 Brooklyn: Black Man Sentenced To Prison For Violent Hate Crimes Against White Men >>8516247 Anon Poem >>8516261 Operation Independence Day’ Recovers 103 Child Sex Trafficking Victims Nationwide >>8516285 Trump visits Dayton, El Paso amid protests calling for gun control >>8516292 Wheres Toots!!! >>8516298 House Democrats file lawsuit to enforce subpoena against McGahn >>8516312 White House to host roundtable on online extremism after mass shootings >>8516338 Wanda Vázquez sworn in as new Puerto Rico governor >>8516355 Schumer blasts 'red flag' gun legislation as 'ineffective cop out' >>8516384 New PDJT >>8516406 SOMALIS WELCOMED AS REFUGEES BY OBAMA CHARGED WITH TERRORISM IN ARIZONA >>8516415 Nancy Polosi's "SQUAD" Medaling in FOREIGN ELECTIONS >>8516432 Nadler Demands MORE DOCUMENTS Related to Brett Kavanaugh from 2001 >>8516489 Twitter locks Mitch McConnell campaign account for posting video of protesters at his home Replies: >>1670
  794. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:46:58 No. 1670 [M] 0c8416f3674882d7db436621d(...).png (451.78 KiB) [Seed] >>1669 (You) >who is this guy??? Replies: >>1692
  796. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:52:24 No. 1671 [M] Epstein Maintained Post-Prison Ties To Wall Street Titans - Who Gladly Embraced Him Wed, 08/07/2019 - 18:15 Millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein remained in the good graces of Wall Street titans both during and after his 13-month work-release jail stint in 2008 - 2009, who only severed ties with the registered sex offender when the heat was back on, according to Bloomberg. Barclays CEO Jes Staley For example, Barclays CEO and longtime associate Jes Staley "visited Epstein on the private island, accompanied by his wife Debora," in 2015 - seven years after everyone knew Epstein was a pedophile. They would sever ties months later as new accusations of sexual abuse were levied against the financier, while weeks later the now-defunct Webstie Gawker published his "little black book" containing over 1,000 names of prominent individuals and their contacts. Within months of the Bequia sailing from Little St. James, Staley cut ties to Epstein, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The banker was in the running for the top job at Barclays, a position that required interviews and approvals by U.K. regulators. The wisdom of breaking from Epstein became apparent when the British press reported on their relationship. -Bloomberg While not accused of participating in any of Epstein's illegal activities, Staley - who visited Epstein at his Palm Beach office while the Epstein was on prison work-release, has come under fire by those who want to know exactly how close the two were. By all accounts, Epstein played a pivotal role in Staley's rise while running JP Morgan's private bank - referring wealthy clients to the banker and helping to arrange the bank's 2004 acquisition of Highbridge Capital Management. Staley left JPMorgan in 2013 before joining hedge fund BlueMountain Capital Management. In December 2015 joined Barclays as CEO. Going back about two decades, Epstein regularly brought Staley business when he ran JPMorgan’s private bank and the two were close professionally, according to a person familiar with the matter. One of those introductions Epstein made was to hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin, the New York Times reported. -Bloomberg Staley aside, Epstein somehow managed to maintain his relationships on Wall Street despite his sex-offender pedophile lifestyle, including billionaire Leon Black, former Israeli Prime Minister (and current candidate for the job) Ehud Barak - and was able to secure preferable stock allocations in dozens of IPOs. Via Bloomberg: Apollo Global Management’s Black met with Epstein at the company’s New York offices. Black dispatched Apollo co-founder Marc Rowan to attend a meeting at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion with representatives of Edmond de Rothschild Group to discuss how the two firms could work together more closely, people with knowledge of the meeting said. Florence Gaubert, a spokeswoman for Edmond de Rothschild, said she wasn’t aware of any meeting and that the bank has no business links with Apollo or Epstein. BV70 LLC, a charity controlled by Black, donated $10 million to Epstein’s foundation Gratitude America, even as the New York Attorney General’s Office questioned whether another of Epstein’s foundations was complying with state registration requirements. Epstein invested in a partnership started in 2015 by Barak, prime minister from 1999 to 2001, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Meanwhile, Epstein's travel became far more frequent in 2015 - as he flew between New York, the US Virgin Islands, New Mexico (where he owns a compound), and Paris. In 2017, filings for Epstein's Gratitude America charity reveal investment income of $899,417 from 52 trades - most of which involved IPOs. Clearly nobody had a problem associating with the pedophile or his money. "The IPO trading is evidence of Mr. Epstein’s level of access to the offerings," said Jacob Frenkel, chair of government investigations and securities enforcement at Dickinson Wright. Enter the Miami Herald In 2018, Epstein became truly radioactive after the Miami Herald published a series of reports beginning in November - titled Perversion of Justice. Not only did the Herald catalogue Epstein's many accusers - the series focused on the sweetheart deal he was given by former Trump Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta despite dozens of accusers levying claims. Acosta resigned last month amid the controversy. Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank fired Epstein as a client earlier this year, and has been actively assisting the case against him, according to court filings. Replies: >>1672>>1692>>1705
  798. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:55:25 No. 1672 [M] >>1671 >Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank fired Epstein as a client earlier this year, and has been actively assisting the case against him, according to court filings. Burning bridges isn't going to help or save them. Think of all the people connected to Epstein... a mind map would be really handy for that.
  800. Anonymous 8/7/2019 18:58:54 No. 1673 [M] [E] screenshot.png (48.75 KiB) Replies: >>1675>>1678>>1687>>1692
  802. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:12:09 No. 1675 [M] >>1673 (You) So did you?
  804. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:21:19 No. 1676 [M] >>1640 Hugely Notable and something we really really need. The largest communications platforms on the internet can be viewed as public utilities, perhaps? No censorship. The old phone companies didn't listen to your phone calls and cut you off as a customer because they didn't like your ideology. Replies: >>1678>>1684
  806. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:24:51 No. 1677 [M] why does 8ch still show clowdflare? IP Address - 2 other sites hosted on this server IP Location United States - California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc. ASN United States AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET - Cloudflare, Inc., US (registered Jul 14, 2010) Replies: >>1684>>1701
  808. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:26:19 No. 1678 [M] >>1676 I agree with public utilities aspect yes. >>1673 (You) Neither >>8510921 nor ID: YCImReyM show up on 4plebs archive and your image is for ants... Link and larger image? plox?
  810. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:39:34 No. 1682 [M] [E] Replies: >>1687 Last edited: 7 days ago
  812. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:40:07 No. 1683 [M] [E] 1565155376184 (1).png (288.63 KiB) Q's Latest Posts I am here Just find the real me -Q 08/07/19(Wed)00:22:56 >>8510921 → Replies: >>1685>>1687 Last edited: 7 days ago
  814. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:40:28 No. 1684 [M] >>1676 I would rather not hand the Internet over to the FCC. That said, something does need to be done regarding the distinction between a publisher and a platform. A platform means you are making a good-faith effort to allow free speech. One must question, then, if using an algorithm to push certain topics to clients while suppressing or hiding others is really much in the way of a platform - or if it is simply a publisher by means of index. Consider, however, if we were using a platform like this. The NSA could have their bulk platform collection, we could have a permanent seed for all our websites, and the file authority structure prevents unauthorized edits. I'm not sure if I particularly like that idea, and I am sure that there would be people who would freak out and not use it - but it certainly sounds like a better idea than simply saying: "Let's make Google a government owned company" by making them a public utility, and it kind of hardens the future of the net against top-down fuckery. In theory - all the 'utility' could do is seed. At worst - they delete something that no one else has the files for, but they can't commandeer a site by just pushing a button. It also would get around the whole "no one uses land line phones" problem public utilities had - since even if the government fails to maintain state of the art hardware/infrastructure, the propagation of seeds means bandwidth can scale to demand rather rapidly, and so even a rather slow system would only be a minor hindrance next to the importance of complete archival/seeding. >>1677 Technically, that is still who operates the DNS for them. CloudFlare simply blocked all traffic to that domain. You can still connect to the 8chan servers by bypassing the DNS and going straight to their IP. The problem is that posting also goes through DNS, so you can't actually post, and bouncing through TOR nodes doesn't really do much. Replies: >>1692
  816. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:46:55 No. 1685 [M] >>1683 (You) Umm...NO Replies: >>1691
  818. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:57:09 No. 1687 [M] qclones post on 4.png (26.99 KiB) >>1673 (You) >>1682 (You) >>1683 (You) I found the large original image on What I am unable to find is >>8510921 in /pol/ - it goes to a post in /tg/: >pic related (pink) ID YCImReyM does not exist on any archived board on 4chan. I'm trying to find the original post shown here: >>1673 (You) The image qclones.png shows up on but not attached to that post! It is from here No.222135067 (on /pol/) - and is the ONLY entry for this image filename: pic related So the text "I am here Just find the real me -Q" is on a different post. None of the posts in that graphic are actually Q, so why stitch a fake post & text together with the image? hmmm wild goose chase? test? No one is doing research at the moment, trying to figure out how to coalesce, and where, and what we are to do in this next phase of the plan... Replies: >>1688>>1691>>1692>>1703
  820. Anonymous 8/7/2019 19:58:12 No. 1688 [M] post on tg.png (5.59 KiB) >>1687 forgot (pink) post >>8510921 from /tg/ sorry Replies: >>1692
  822. Anonymous 8/7/2019 20:09:16 No. 1690 [M] Screenshot from 2019-08-0(...).png (39.91 KiB) Some libs waking up?
  824. Anonymous 8/7/2019 20:22:40 No. 1691 [M] >>1685 Just some disgruntled locals. I was expeditionary security in the Navy - when you need a port in a country we don't have one, guess who is sent to go secure the area ahead of the task force. In our minds, we were kind of like ODST Seabees. So, you get used to stuff like this. >>1687 See above... Also, you kind of answered your first question - we need to start re-establishing lines of contact. I don't expect everyone to jump in here all of a sudden like they were the first day - that damage will sting for a bit and it is what it is. Actually, I stand corrected, The most immediate thing we should be doing is seeding the site and board. It's critical to the health and integrity of the board that we have seeders - and the locals don't have anything really nasty to post that would risk bringing the law in here. They don't want that, and despite their antics, they are good people. They just don't like the idea of a carrier task force coming in right next to their club house, which we are more or less raiding. We should still be good stewards and while no one should do anything they aren't comfortable with, everyone should be made aware that we do need people to seed the board or there is a risk of posts, pictures, and other such things dropping off the board. This is especially true when a high-volume traffic board moves in right next to the smaller boards - We need to be seeding our own activity so we are not choking out their boards. Which leads to the other point - I fully intend on making a port for that proverbial task force. Before all the various lost anons can make their way to a hub of activity, that hub needs to be ready to take them on. If you have networking knowledge or friends who do, get in on the development of ZeroNet and of the Millboard standard/project. This was a largely unknown region and even this distributed network idea is relatively new to most people and professionals. Spreading awareness of it and getting people thinking about it to strengthen it should be our goal ... at least - by my way of thinking. We are not the only site or group under the gun of censorship and dealing with the problems of the hidden centralization of the internet. Replies: >>1694>>1696>>1697
  826. Anonymous 8/7/2019 20:27:04 No. 1692 [M] [E] >>1657 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #5 >>1660 Ice, DOJ Conduct 'Largest Single-State Worksite' Raid in U.S in Mississippi Today >>1661 Potus is in their Head >>1666 (You) Mimic ICE? >>1667 Ex-Girlfriend Adelia Johnson discusses relationship with Dayton, OH shooter Connor Betts: >>1671 Epstein Maintained Post-Prison Ties To Wall Street Titans - Who Gladly Embraced Him >>1670 >>1673 (You) >>1687 >>1688 is there a Ghost among the Host >>1684 Not ready to give up the net >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1694>>1966
  828. Anonymous 8/7/2019 20:44:13 No. 1694 [M] >>1691 I hear you, and am 100% ongboard, unfortunately I can only helps in limited ways spreadsheetanon here - I have limited bandwidth to seed and even more unfortunately, the only IT person I know locally is very leftist, someone else I know but not sure what they would be willing or able to do, already skittish that their spouse-anon lurked 8ch, and not a coder, more of a systems guy. But what I can dedicate is time and attention, cross post, decode, archive everything, keep morale up and encourage the troops, as well as scour "news" and try to parse what I see. >>1692 (You) Thank you for this, it's a good system to do it every X posts. I try to archive everything first, just in case, even if I don't post it, just archive as I see it posted.
  830. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:17:28 No. 1696 [M] >>1691 Agree on all points, and well stated. I have spent most of the day getting up to speed on seeding content. I have download and distrubute all files checked; Size limit = 30gigs (ordering a Terabyte HDD today, plan on seeding everything, a pirates life for me, mates) Added a shat ton of bittorrent trackers (jury is still out on weather this is a net positive, but my expereinced seemed to get faster) *going to attempt to attach torrent tracker list .txt* The spiraling over ZeroNet/08chan across Twatter/ Reddit/ Halfchan/ etc. is pretty kek worthy. We ARE the stress test; After 48 hours it actualy seems like things are going FASTER around here since we went from ~800 peers to ~3000. First order of business to me seems to be seeding campaign. If we have a critical mass of concerned participants who refuse to seed the whole site (because, you know, muh CP) we could theoretically(???) fall into a death spiral with vastly more leech queries than seeded peers. So long as we can instill a 'culture of seeding all by default' at least from this anons desk-chair, things should just get more robust as we rally more troops to this waypoint. Replies: >>1697
  832. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:19:39 No. 1697 [M] >>1696 >>1691 Apparently I cant upload .txt files... So here is some copypasta for you trackers list in ZeroNet: udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp://packages.crunchb Replies: >>1804>>1966
  834. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:21:33 No. 1698 [M] Also, does anyone know: When I click "download and distribute all files"... Am I automatically seeding EVERYTHING? I.E. is there any reason to click on images to seed them when I have that checked?
  836. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:25:06 No. 1699 [M] [E] Epstein's pilot has a daughter in the US military and rumored to be in intelligence. >>8517529 #2: #3: #4: (Noriega): #6: #7: #8: #9: #10: #11: #12 rotherham satan twins #2 Replies: >>1966
  838. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:25:11 No. 1700 [M] [E] [Embed] [Embed] - "OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection" [Embed] [Embed] - "Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda" [Embed] [Embed] - "Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty" [Embed] [Embed] - "Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt" - “How Israel censors the Internet” [Embed] [Embed] - “Rabbi says pedophile rape is not to be reported according to jewish law” - “Just for some perspective” [Embed] [Embed] - “1 - The Jewish Question - Dr. Tony Martin” - “The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel” [Embed] [Embed] - “The Lobby: USA Pt1 (The film Israel Lobby didn't want you to see)” - “When Victims Rule: An Examination of Jewish Pre-eminence in America And Its Historical Origins” [Embed] [Embed] - “Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive- The Mossad, Fraud and His Creepy Temple” Replies: >>1966
  840. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:30:10 No. 1701 [M] 0 answers.png (23.09 KiB) epik SOA.png (81.98 KiB) >>1677 I suspect that it's a matter of cache. domaintools caches their answer for a while. Eventually they'll see the new answer. Currently epik has 8ch's DNS locked up tight. Epik are the authoritative nameservers for 8ch. They have configured their DNS servers to be authoritative for 8ch, but they have removed all DNS records. Effectively making it so that doesn't resolve to any IP address. To me, it kind of seems like epik is holding 8ch down. EDIT: yeah, I was wrong. epik is trying to help, not hold them down. See >>1744 Replies: >>1704 Last edited: 7 days ago
  842. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:32:39 No. 1702 [M] >>1013 (You) I see what you did there
  844. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:35:59 No. 1703 [M] Q or not Q 4chan bant.png (331.12 KiB) >>1687 It's not in /pol/ It's in /bant/ in Q Research General #9409 here: Hovering over the ID YClmReyM says "1 post by this ID" Replies: >>1706>>1707>>2025>>2049>>2233
  846. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:36:07 No. 1704 [M] >>1701 Tucows, domain registrar
  848. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:39:06 No. 1705 [M] >>1671 Anybody else notice that Epstein is almost always referred to as a Millionaire in the press now, but before his arrest he was always called a Billionaire? He was supposedly worth 6 Billion. Excellent and informative post by the way. ThanQ Replies: >>1714
  850. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:40:48 No. 1706 [M] >>1703 Larp
  852. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:50:19 No. 1707 [M] Q or not Q 4chan pol goto(...).png (27.82 KiB) >>1703 So how to find Q... WWG1WGA. Searched pol for that and found an archive thread from earlier with no content, but this pic named endchan.png saying: Read between the lines BLOCKADE END GOOD TO GO. Q Replies: >>1745>>1747 Last edited: 7 days ago
  854. Anonymous 8/7/2019 21:57:03 No. 1708 [M] cm.png (82.78 KiB) Replies: >>1714>>1716
  856. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:00:05 No. 1710 [M] [E] =NOT Q= >>8517770 (OP) THANK YOU FOR BAKING Holy shit, I had no idea what I was doing, started one, got killed immediately. Following posts were removed from the dough - did my best to strip sections of links to OTHERCH threads, missed a few, sorry: >>8517796 >>8517811 >>8517829 TY for carrying these over >>8517802 (You) >>8517807 (You) If anyone wants to help decode, see previously successful decodes: # 1, 1-2 # 2, 1-3 These give an idea of the process of thinking analogically, and allegorically - to be able to identify multiple definitions of words, apply them to different places, string together choosing appropriate definitions, zoom out, connect together There are moar. This is an exercise in a thought process >Expand your thinking >multiple meanings >learn our comms Here we are, who wants to learn? Replies: >>1713>>1715>>1761>>1966
  858. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:06:53 No. 1711 [M] 1475087978343.jpg (7.35 KiB) [Seed] Someone please bake on /bant/ I am failure incarnate at baking I promise I will build a nice folder of bewbs for baker henceforth Please, I'm begging now Replies: >>1713>>1720>>1723>>1727>>1728>>1966
  860. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:19:12 No. 1712 [M] [E] search Q
  862. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:20:38 No. 1713 [M] >>1710 (You) >>1711 Holy crap! Hope we don't have to settle on bant for a new home! That shit takes free speech to a whole new level. Anon ain't no saint, but that shit is sick.
  864. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:24:43 No. 1714 [M] CM strong defense.png (12.27 KiB) [Seed] >>1705 I did notice that - no explanation either where he got his money, or how he lost so much to become a lowly millionaire. I did see several articles asking where he got his $$$, but they contained no answers. Most likely - given seed money from Jewry via Les Wexner so he could operate in that socioeonomic circle. Hell, Les Wexner practically gave him the 7-story house in NYC (all for ONE man) that takes up almost a city block! WTF is one bachelor going to do with a 51ksqft 7-story house. Sounds more like a brothel (honeypot) than anything else. >>1708 CM's previous tweet: [strong defense] Wonder what /ourguys/ are doing to help with that
  866. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:25:11 No. 1715 [M] >>1710 (You) > Yeah, thnx but no thanQ. Im not feeling the comfy over there... Also, its 80% based loli porn... So theres that. Replies: >>1719
  868. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:26:41 No. 1716 [M] >>1708 Am I just late to the game... Or is CM giving off a distinctly glowey hue? Replies: >>1717>>1718>>1721>>1751 Last edited: 7 days ago
  870. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:28:57 No. 1717 [M] >>1716 Wanted to ask him if he'd give a nod to ZeroNet in the interim, but it seemed like a fruitless effort. Replies: >>1718
  872. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:32:04 No. 1718 [M] >>1716 >>1717 How can he possibly vouch for a platform he has nothing to do with? He didn't even know this place (Zeronet) existed before now. How can he vouch for a foreign platform he's not involved with when his father is being called before Ds in congress to testify? CM is under enormous pressure and being pulled in two opposing directions right now, I think we should all cut hims some slack. Replies: >>1722
  874. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:34:21 No. 1719 [M] >>1715 that's not the real thread nobody is posting in /bant/ go to pol or go to qrv on voat
  876. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:35:28 No. 1720 [M] >>1711 bant is an utterly useless sea of fucking retards there is a reason we have never ever gone there, even for a second not happening
  878. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:35:44 No. 1721 [M] >>1716 Q trusted CM. If you trust Q, then it follows that you probably should trust CM. Jim Watkins also strikes me as a good guy. Replies: >>1724
  880. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:36:44 No. 1722 [M] >>1718 First of all, epic digits anon. Secondly; It seemed like CM was 'correcting the record' (I imagine he had a lot of people "thanking" him for 08chan) Going to have to let it ride I suppose.
  882. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:38:54 No. 1723 [M] [E] QRS3.jpg (41.77 KiB) >>1711 heres the topkek im baking here and on bant so tired -.- qresearch template this is our thread 750 is max bump i think Who wants to Bake? Last edited: 7 days ago
  884. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:40:09 No. 1724 [M] >>1721 Find it hard to trust anything these days anon... And, we arent relly asked to trust Q. We are asked to think for outselves. One thing is for sure; I have consumed a metric shit ton of popcorn in the last 3 months. Replies: >>1725
  886. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:45:53 No. 1725 [M] >>1724 All true. If you haven't yet, watch the Jim Watkins video on the Goolag tubes. My gut says he's a good guy. Your gut may or may not agree. Replies: >>1735>>1751>>1966
  888. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:47:39 No. 1726 [M] From WaPo article: I understand the temptation to dismiss QAnon. Here’s why we can’t. By Alyssa Rosenberg Opinion writer August 7 at 5:32 PM “It is addictive in the same way that a game is,” says Travis View, a researcher who studies QAnon. By contrast, “conventional political participation” is oriented toward far more mundane processes, and “That all has the impact of what, hopefully getting a state assembly member elected that you feel at best ambivalent about?” View suggests that “Q offers something a hell of a lot more. You can sit at your computer and search for information and then post about what you find, and Q basically promises that through this process, you are going to radically change the country, institute this incredible, almost bloodless revolution, and then be part of this historical movement that will be written about for generations.” >terrified that this is true and all their plans come crashing down around them, ashes people will only remember with spite and derision This promise of world-historical significance also justifies the time that QAnon believers spend deciphering posts and promoting Q. Even as the game-like qualities of QAnon draw in believers, they vigorously deny that they are participants in live-action role play: After all, if they were, why would the media and the government pay so much attention to them? >skips of actual obvious answer It’s one thing to try to debunk QAnon and white-supremacist ideas, whether by trying to prove that John F. Kennedy Jr. is definitively dead or to combat demographic narratives of “replacement.” It’s quite another to figure out how to offer adherents of QAnon and other distorted worldviews experiences that will be as thrilling and fulfilling as conspiracy games have become. As View put it, we’re living not in a marketplace of ideas but in a “marketplace of realities.” And the tools of gaming have given disaffected people the ability to bend our reality to theirs, whether we like it or not. >oh fuck they're doing it, we're losing control of the peasants! Replies: >>1729>>1734>>1746>>1966
  890. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:51:54 No. 1727 [M] [E] 1565235764750.png (444.91 KiB) >>1711 just dropped on bant Replies: >>1966
  892. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:53:28 No. 1728 [M] [E] Im telling ya some spoopy shit going atm on bant and this guys posting... >>1711
  894. Anonymous 8/7/2019 22:59:06 No. 1729 [M] >>1726 Typical WaPo fluff brought to you by Jeff Slezos. As if the human trafficking is just a game, the child rape/torture is just a game, the compromised politicians, judges, cops, etc are just a game, the secret societies are just a game, the satanic worship is just a game, on and on. It's the hive-mind and the awakening. People seeing this fucking nightmare shit show for themselves so that we can change it together - WWG1WGA. All completely and deliberately overlooked in their POS fluff piece. Fucking mockingbird scum. Replies: >>1746
  896. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:04:41 No. 1730 [M] Yes, typical,and they really are panicking that their hold is being broken (must. demonize. the, awakened) the scales are tipping and NOTHING can stop what's coming. NOTHING Replies: >>1746
  898. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:22:15 No. 1732 [M] It's nice to know anons are here and the Twatter Q brigade hasn't scared everyone off of this place How can we get the other patriots to understand zeronet and stop being scared of NON SANCTIONED 8CH!! Replies: >>1736>>1746>>1751
  900. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:25:12 No. 1734 [M] >>1726 All for a LARP Can't even verify it either. Well, we knew this would happen. Q posts already archived offline Replies: >>1746
  902. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:27:10 No. 1735 [M] >>1725 He is a good guy, and I hope he goes to Capitol Hill and reminds those traitorous fucks that Free Speech is still actually legal, even though you wouldn't know it Replies: >>1746
  904. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:29:22 No. 1736 [M] [E] >>1732 its not that. the problem is ease of access q anons are really reporters and groupies not really tech savy install and start zero service they would need a website with instruction to get here possible a video on setup Replies: >>1742
  906. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:52:25 No. 1742 [M] >>1736 (You) I don't run Windows, but it seems super simple with TOR bundled in and everything. We just need the PAYtriot faggots to stop fearmongering about this place. Replies: >>1743>>1748>>1814
  908. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:55:28 No. 1743 [M] >>1742 We are at 48 hours and coutning, and no one has laid a glove on us... And, ostencibly, the entire forces of the deep state, the cabal, and the prince of darkness himself are bending their will to end our very existence. How many days do we have to be up and running, comfy as fuck, before that IS a proof?
  910. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:55:58 No. 1744 [M] epik-rob-an-family-being-(...).png (106.48 KiB) Rob, the CEO of, the DNS registrar of 8chan, who is trying to help 8chan to get back up is being harrassed IRL along with his family. I am neither in the NW or a member of FB, so not much can be done from here. Any anon have any desire to assist his request? Replies: >>1701>>1814>>1966
  912. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:56:23 No. 1745 [M] >>1707 That's a good catch. Monitoring endchan thread now. eyeson
  914. Anonymous 8/7/2019 23:56:47 No. 1746 [M] >>1741 >>1734 >>1733 >>1732 >>1730 >>1729 >>1726 >>1735 We night shiftin faggots. Cant you just smell it in the air?
  916. Anonymous 8/8/2019 00:12:29 No. 1747 [M] e6cec5a7c08022a88bc8aaef3(...).png (147.97 KiB) [Seed] >>1707 A few of us holding down the fort over on endchan Will cross-comm This feels notable: Replies: >>1749>>1966
  918. Anonymous 8/8/2019 00:12:33 No. 1748 [M] [E] >>1742 anyone can take nightshift bake over here
  920. Anonymous 8/8/2019 00:30:03 No. 1749 [M] >>1747 NOTABLE
  922. Anonymous 8/8/2019 00:42:15 No. 1750 [M] photo_2019-08-05_10-56-35.jpg (90.49 KiB) [Seed] Night Shiftin Replies: >>1785
  924. Anonymous 8/8/2019 01:45:08 No. 1751 [M] >>1732 I'm on the edge between GenX and Millennials in terms of age, and I remember being in highschool with the internet. What is "normal" today is what was "weird" then. We were posting on message boards before the chans and before twitter. We were developing MySpace pages and whatnot before Facebook (though comparing the two is silly). I think trying to persuade them to come here, now, is a bit of an effort doomed to a muted response. They'll get here, eventually, but this is the bboard culture that predated the chans and twitter - even text messaging to some degree, as the mobile apps for this work - but ... the network really isn't meant for it just yet. They'll make their way here in time as it becomes easier for people looking to honestly conduct business/conversation with each other to port their operations here, just as the world adopted the internet and our culture before. Not to say we shouldn't start getting the word out about what's going on - but I wouldn't try to hold an extended, persuasive argument on an individual level. >>1725 I'm pretty sure he's a good guy. He's simply in a rather high-pressure spot, and the culture of his generation is a little more mellow than ours, particularly how we tend to talk behind a keyboard. Stick me in front of a camera, and I mellow out quite a bit more, too. Society has expectations of conduct and being the 'aggressor' can be a mistake when it comes to nonverbal comms. >>1716 CM is in a rather hot position, right now. There's really not much he can do at the moment as he's between a rock and a hard place, technically. He needs either some serious hardware and plug&play coding on an infrastructure upgrade to stand up his own DDoS protection, or he needs to find a way of decentralizing that type of protection through a distributed network, similar to how this works, but more limited to acting as a distributed IP ray server.... which... I'm not sure if anyone has even tried such a thing. The board would also need to be recoded to work with that system. There's also a bit of pride and reputation in the mix, too. Everyone, when put on the spot like that, wants to be able to perform as a hero to the people relying on them, both in a good way, and in a bit of a stubborn way. It's extremely unlikely that he would recommend the work of another person/group in the interim as a stand-in for what he built. I don't think that's glowing - it's just that it's almost like saying: "Go on without me" - and expecting him to throw in the towel/pass the baton like that all of a sudden is unreasonable. He might also feel a bit betrayed by people at the moment, and that would certainly fuel a bit of stubbornness. Which is fine, ultimately - he shouldn't give up trying to get 8chan proper back up, and so long as he has the data, there is always the potential of trying to port that system onto whatever framework will work, be it this one or another ditributed network (or hybrid thereof). Thinking it's over for 8chan, completely, is quite a bit defeatist. It will just take time for legal events and development decisions/process to lead to a change in the status quo - which is 8chan being kind of like a snapshot through time of the fight against tyranny. I think CM is a good guy - he's just human, we all are. Replies: >>1800>>1806>>1815
  926. Anonymous 8/8/2019 01:46:37 No. 1752 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at(...).png (251.67 KiB) TRUMP TWEET "We are with you all the way" Replies: >>1758>>1966
  928. Anonymous 8/8/2019 01:51:41 No. 1753 [M] I think half chan just went down Replies: >>1756
  930. Anonymous 8/8/2019 01:53:28 No. 1754 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at(...).png (21.98 KiB) Replies: >>1755>>1757
  932. Anonymous 8/8/2019 01:57:36 No. 1755 [M] >>1754 Well... there's a lot of energy looking for a place to go.... It is probably only temporary, but ... the way things have been going, it could be a sign of things to come. Prepare the med bay.
  934. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:02:24 No. 1756 [M] >>1753 Still up for me fren Cross-comming as we speak.
  936. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:07:35 No. 1757 [M] >>1754 not
  938. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:08:17 No. 1758 [M] >>1752 "We are with you all the way" Cover image for attached video is a bridge. Q+ is with us? ...well, obviously he is with (us). But, even more literally? soft kek Replies: >>1760 Last edited: 7 days ago
  940. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:24:12 No. 1759 [M] rpNImtx.png (951.70 KiB) [Seed] ==DEMOCRATS CAUGHT LAUNDERING $50M IN DRUG MONEY FROM MEXICO TO PURCHASE ADS FOR PENA NIETO Replies: >>1966
  942. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:25:38 No. 1760 [M] >>1758 A story about the relationship between myself and Q would be, effectively, green text larping. For what it is worth, though, I think some of us have had some digital guardians for some time, and I am just one of the ones who was always talking as if someone was watching and listening for their response. Naturally, confirmation bias will tend to confirm what you suspect. But, before I was anon, I was "The Dragon" - in a very bold manner. It was something of a title I was given by an important, but more than a little spoopy friend who was, also, my gateway to unraveling nearly everything Q mentioned in his first series of drops. Since then, my life's mission has been nothing short of exactly what Q has proposed - though until Q, I was certain the only means of achieving it would be a violent path, so - "Why are we here?" - the answer may be different for everyone, but for me, it was a literal (you) from people I'd largely only believed were present with little evidence. I believed there had to be those in the surveillance system who weren't bad people. I have no idea how connected the person I was close to is to Q - but suffice to say that it would come as no surprise to me to discover her and Melania are something like cousins. Or - it could all be in my head. But, it helps keep me motivated, so I suppose all that glitters is gold.
  944. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:27:26 No. 1761 [M] >>1710 (You) and it has an image limit that the lolies try to fill up at start of each bread, think it is 150 image limit
  946. Anonymous 8/8/2019 02:44:26 No. 1762 [M] endchan cross comm test Replies: >>1763>>1764
  948. Anonymous 8/8/2019 03:04:01 No. 1763 [M] >>1762 Dragon Actual copies Lima Charlie. Post TimeStamp as 02:44 as corrected to U.S. Central Time. Post number Fower Seven One for bread by One Seven Fife Eight for board. Note that post numbers seem to be relevant to each client and shift based on muted settings. I have muted a couple of thread spammers.
  950. Anonymous 8/8/2019 03:22:04 No. 1764 [M] >>1762 Success!!! Reading you loud and clear. Last edited: 7 days ago
  952. Anonymous 8/8/2019 05:10:13 No. 1784 [M] Pulled from the tech board: >Bitdefender researchers have identified and demonstrated a new side-channel attack. The attack builds on previous research which led to the Spectre and Meltdown attacks. This newly disclosed attack bypasses all known mitigation mechanisms implemented in response to Spectre and Meltdown. Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection renders Windows systems impervious to this new attack. >The SWAPGS Attack affects newer Intel CPUs that use speculative execution.
  954. Anonymous 8/8/2019 05:51:01 No. 1785 [M] >>1750 Fuggin saved! Replies: >>1787
  956. Anonymous 8/8/2019 06:04:05 No. 1786 [M] TriedToBuryUs.jpg (10.58 KiB) [Seed] Stealing anon's meme. Appropriate for below. DS nuked our comms ( Scattered anons to the four winds Anons' parachutes landing all over the internet (pol, bant, ZeroNet, etc.) No tripcode for Q False prophets will arise [Biblical allegory]: (Mark 13: 21) "And then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ'; or, 'Behold, He is there'; do not believe him; (22) for false Christs (Qs) will arise..." (23) But take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance." (Q - "You have more than you know.") Q - "YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW!" Last edited: 7 days ago
  958. Anonymous 8/8/2019 06:09:36 No. 1787 [M] >>1785 Hmm.... this presents a problem, here. Apparently, the image wasn't seeded automatically via my settings, and after I clicked seed, there are none available. Hopefully, the system will pick it back up when anon logs in again (it should be stored locally on their machine and set to auto seed when they return), but as of right now, I'm apparently only seeding thumbnails by default, and this is a laptop, so I don't expect I'll be able to seed the full board. Anons who want to help seed the board will need to keep this in mind, we either need to be sure to seed images we come across, or we need to get some anons who just say "fuck it" and have the storage space to gobble up everything. Discussion in /tech/ is that there will be some coming updates to the site code that will potentially help with this. I am also talking with a friend of mine who works for a local hosting company, He is reviewing how this works, and I'm going to see if we can get some dedicated hard drive space to root the board in. Not sure what it will cost, but depending upon the owner's ideology, he may be willing to offer up some space just as an experiment to see how it goes. If not this specific one, I am sure there are some other network hosts who are looking for a way to get out from under the big companies a bit. The internet will still be architecture bound in terms of TCP/IP - but this is a massive step in the direction many have been looking for, so I am confident they'll start taking note of this and collaborating to deliver.
  960. Anonymous 8/8/2019 06:16:05 No. 1788 [M] What was the effect and the significance of Erie vs. Thompkins case decision of 1938? The significance is that since the Erie Decision, no cases are allowed to be cited that are prior to 1938. There can be no mixing of the old law with the new law. The lawyers, who are members of the American Bar Association, were and are currently under and controlled by the Lawyer's guild of Great Britain, created, formed, and implemented the new bankruptcy law. The American Bar Association is a franchise of the Lawyer's Guild of Great Britain.
  962. Anonymous 8/8/2019 06:17:29 No. 1789 [M] UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE EMERGES AS LAW OF THE LAND By 1938 the corporate Federal Government had the true bankruptcy case they had been looking for. The bankruptcy that had been declared back in 1930 could now be upheld and administered. That's why the Supreme Court had to be stacked and made corrupt from within. The new players on the Supreme Court fully understood that they had to destroy all other case law that had been established prior to 1938. The Federal Government had to have a case to destroy all precedent, all appearance, and even the statute of law itself. That is, the Statutes at large had to be perverted. They finally got their case in Erie vs. Thompkins. It was right after that case that the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (listed right in the front of the Uniform Commercial Code) began creating the Uniform Commercial Code that is on our backs today. Let us quote directly from the preface of the Official Text of the Uniform Commercial Code 12th Edition: "The Code was originally approved by its sponsors and the American Bar Association in 1952, and was revised in 1958 to incorporate a number of changes that had been recommended by the New York Law Revision Commission and other agencies. Subsequent amendments that were deemed desirable in light of experience under the Code were approved by the Permanent Editorial Board in 1962 and 1966" The above named groups and associations of private lawyers got together and started working on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). It was somewhere between 1938 and 1940, I don't recall, but by the early 40's and during the war, this committee was working to form the UCC and getting it ready to go on the market. The UCC is the Law Merchant's code for the administration of the bankruptcy. The UCC is now the law of the land as far as the courts are concerned. This Legal Committee of lawyers put everything: Negotiable Instruments, Security, Sales, Contracts, and the whole mess under the UCC. That's where the "Uniform" word comes from. It means it was uniform from state to state as well as being uniform with the District of Columbia. It doesn't mean you didn't have the uniform instrument laws on the books before this time. It means the laws were not uniform from state to state. By the middle 1960's, every state had passed the UCC into law. The states had no choice but to adopt newly formed Uniform Commercial Code as the Law of the Land. The states fully understood they had to administrate Bankruptcy. Washington D.C. adopted the Uniform Commercial Code in 1963, just six weeks after President John F. Kennedy was killed. Replies: >>1966
  964. Anonymous 8/8/2019 06:20:30 No. 1790 [M] THE U.S. INC. DECLARES BANKRUPTCY The corporate U.S. then, is the head corporate member, who met at Geneva to decide for all its corporate body members. The corporate representatives of the corporate several states were in attendance. If the states had their own power to declare bankruptcy regardless of whether Washington D.C. declared bankruptcy or not, then the several states would have been represented at Geneva. The several states of America were not represented. Consequently, whatever Washington D.C. agreed to at Geneva was passed on automatically, via compact to the several corporate states as a group, association, corporation or as a club member; they all agreed and declared bankruptcy as one government corporate group in 1930. The several states only needed a representative at Geneva by way of the U.S. in Washington D.C. The delegates of the corporate United States attended the meetings and spoke for the several corporate states as well as for the Federal Corporate Government. And, presto, BANKRUPTCY was declared for all! From 1930 to 1938 the states could not enact any law or decide any case that would go against the Federal Government. The case had to come down from the Federal level so that the states could then rely on the Federal decision and use this decision within the states as justification for the bankruptcy process within the states. Replies: >>1966
  966. Anonymous 8/8/2019 06:25:19 No. 1791 [M] On April 25, 1938, the Supreme Court overturned the standing precedents of the prior 150 years concerning "COMMON LAW" in the federal government. "THERE IS NO FEDERAL COMMON LAW, AND CONGRESS HAS NO POWER TO DECLARE SUBSTANTIVE RULES OF COMMON LAW applicable IN A STATE, WHETHER they be LOCAL or GENERAL in their nature, be they COMMERCIAL LAW or a part of LAW OF TORTS." (See: ERIE RAILROAD CO. vs. THOMPKINS, 304 U.S. 64, 82 L. Ed. 1188) The Common Law is the fountain source of Substantive and Remedial Rights, if not our very Liberties. The members and associates of the Bar thereafter formed committees, granted themselves special privileges, immunities and franchises, and held meetings concerning the Judicial procedures, and further, to amend laws "to conform to a trend of judicial decisions or to accomplish similar objectives", including hodgepodging the jurisdictions of Law and Equity together, which is known today as "One Form of Action." [See: Constitution and By Laws, Article 3, Section 3.3(c), 1990-91 Reference Book, see also Colorado Methods of Practice, West Publishing, Vol. 4, pages 2-3, Authors Comments.] Replies: >>1966
  968. Anonymous 8/8/2019 08:22:11 No. 1793 [M] CM scaling.png (12.25 KiB) [Seed] CM strong defense.png (12.27 KiB) [Seed] CM is taking this opportunity to address scaling I doubt he would do that if there were not plans to get 8ch back online, though it is understandable not to do it before the Congressional testimony. Also note his previous tweet [strong defence] I haven't seen this in any of his previous tweets. I think /ourguys/ are helping, maybe in a different way than last time.
  970. Anonymous 8/8/2019 08:31:22 No. 1794 [M] They are so panicked that they are making high school errors. Not sure about you, but I'm enjoying pointing and laughing at these stupid, evil clowns! No fucking wonder they don't want anyone archiving their birdcage liner (have to use, won't work) The Washington Post just published the worst error-riddled disaster you’ll probably read all year by Becket Adams | August 07, 2019 06:41 PM | Updated Aug 07, 2019, 08:13 PM It is painful reading all the corrections added to a July 23 Washington Post article about black families and southern farmland. But one cannot help but stare at a train wreck. And the article, titled “Black families once lived off their southern farmland. Their descendants are struggling to hold onto it,” is certainly a glorious train wreck. It contains 15 separate corrections. The list of errors is almost as long as the article itself, clocking in at an impressive 579 words. The very first thing the reader sees when he goes to the article are the following lines: “Corrections: A previous version of this article contained many errors and omitted context and allegations important to understanding two families’ stories. This version has been updated.” Unexpected
  972. Anonymous 8/8/2019 08:40:58 No. 1795 [M] Senior U.S. Official: Israel Must Regulate Chinese Investments Deborah Danan8 Aug 2019 TEL AVIV – A senior U.S. official said that in order to maintain good relations with the U.S., Israel must establish more robust oversight for Chinese investments in the country, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. His comments came ahead of a security cabinet meeting in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to finalize plans regarding foreign investment in Israel. Israeli lawmakers estimate that Chinese corporations have invested in projects or acquired assets in Israel worth nearly $15 billion. Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, the National Security Council (NSC) and U.S. administrations past and present have repeatedly expressed security concerns over Chinese investments, but government security cabinet ministers have so far failed to curb the trend. Israel’s Foreign Ministry last month warned the security cabinet that failing to act would harm the U.S.-Israel alliance. The U.S. “woke up late” to the threat posed by China’s extensive investments in Israel’s infrastructure and high tech industry, the report cited the unnamed official as saying. “We saw a real pattern emerge and certainly, it is not surprising [that] the Chinese would target Israel with Israel’s very robust, emerging technology sector, which is something they’ve always lacked,” the official said. The official added that the U.S. would offer Israel its “best practices and some models” in preventing the phenomenon from getting out of control. “That doesn’t mean ‘no China,’ but it means that you’re watching very closely the nature of Chinese investment and making sure that we preserve Israel’s innovation and technological edge, which is what has been such an extraordinary driver of the Israeli economy,” he said. “So, it’s balancing the need and desire [for] robust foreign investments, with maintaining the conditions that has made Israel such an attractive destination for foreign investments.” Among the Chinese tender acquisitions in recent years are Tnuva, Israel’s largest dairy producer, the Carmel tunnels, the Ashdod and Haifa seaports, and Tel Aviv’s light rail. The Haifa port acquisition is a particularly thorny issue for the U.S. since it has been used by the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet. According to the official, the U.S. is looking for ways to mitigate China’s ability to “glean from that activity” once it begins operating the port in 2021. “It’s a work in progress. We woke up late to the problem. We didn’t take the opportunity to bid on the Haifa project when that was open and that was a mistake,” the official said. “And now we can continually work with our Israeli colleagues to mitigate any issues that may have slipped under the bridge so far and to prevent future ones.” He said that any regulatory mechanism should monitor in particular technology and critical infrastructure investments. “You’ll certainly be looking at things like 5G, that we would in consultation going forward continually could review and redefine what counts as a sensitive technology, as it’s constantly changing.” The official remained optimistic about Israel’s willingness to implement supervision, and credited the close relationship between the Netanyahu government and the Trump administration. “We’ve been very encouraged by the responsiveness of the Israelis,” the official added. “It’s difficult, it’s a process. I’m not saying that this is an easy walk in the park. But I think that the Israelis understand the nature of the problem and the necessity of getting it resolved.” ..................... Use up the US and then go on to another host country; if Israel uses Chinese 5G, then US would have to stop sharing intel with them, to be consistent with the policy across the board. Replies: >>1970
  974. Anonymous 8/8/2019 08:50:07 No. 1796 [M] WhatsApp vulnerabilities 'put words in your mouth,' lets hackers take over conversations The bugs could be used to dictate your responses in conversations. Charlie Osborne for Zero Day | August 8, 2019 -- 10:43 GMT (03:43 PDT) A series of vulnerabilities in WhatsApp which could permit hackers to tamper with conversations have been made public. On Wednesday, Check Point security researchers Dikla Barda, Roman Zaikin, and Oded Vanunu revealed three methods of attack exploiting these vulnerabilities. According to the team, the bugs "could allow threat actors to intercept and manipulate messages sent in both private and group conversations, giving attackers immense power to create and spread misinformation from what appear to be trusted sources." Speaking at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vanunu said that the vulnerabilities have existed for a year, despite responsible disclosure in 2018. Facebook said the WhatsApp bugs were due to "limitations that can't be solved due to their structure and architecture," according to the Financial Times. A tool, demonstrated at Black Hat, has now been developed by Check Point to further press the issue and act as a proof-of-concept (PoC). The researchers believe the vulnerabilities are "of the utmost importance and require attention." See also: LokiBot malware now hides its source code in image files There are three methods of attack which exploit the problems. The first allows hackers to use the "quote" feature in a group conversation to change the identity of a sender -- even if that person has not participated in a group chat. The second is the alteration of a reply, which the researchers describe as "essentially putting words in [a contact's] mouth." The third is the sending of a 'private' message to another group participant which is actually masked as a public message, and so when responded to, everyone in a conversation can see the content. Check Point attempted to reverse WhatsApp's algorithm to decrypt data and communication. The team was then able to see the parameters sent between the desktop and mobile version of the platform, and this information allowed them to develop the tool and conduct the attacks. Full technical details of the decryption and spoofing tool, as well as possible attack vectors, can be found in Check Point's blog post. ........................ Trying to get out in front of some damning news? Like records/evidence of bad actors planning assassination(s) or treaon? Replies: >>1805>>1970>>2327
  976. Anonymous 8/8/2019 08:54:36 No. 1797 [M] Just logged back on this AM Left around 0330. Bread showing post 1758 @ 0422 (EST) then jumps to post 1769 @ 0922, with nothing in between. Have been here for 18 min and only 5 more posts ?? Where is everyone? Replies: >>1798>>1799>>1808
  978. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:02:05 No. 1798 [M] >>1797 >Where is everyone? It's very hit and miss, unfortunately. It's sort of like a restaurant - if there are a lot of cars in the parking lot, more people will eat there. The more people posting, the more people will stay & participate. Replies: >>1801
  980. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:05:27 No. 1799 [M] >>1797 Confused. NightShift was always a rather small group of around maybe 20 active posters, and most of that was just kind of shitposting between anons. We were getting a lot of ghost bakes on nights. There are a shit-ton of lurkers, though, somewhere. The site is showing over 6,000 peers for the trackers. The way ZeroNet works, it doesn't necessarily mean they are browsing the site, but it does mean they have a ZeroNet client open to the tracker for this site. Er... Zite. That includes /Pol/ - which seems to have more anons posting on it at the moment. They do have a point when they talk about "boomers" - we are probably all mostly younger anons on 08, and Q was extremely popular among many of the baby boomers - who also tend to be more suspicious of technology (somewhat rightfully so) and not used to tackling new things via computers. So, the "it's a honey pot! Stay away" narrative injection did far more damage to our board than it did to /pol/. Replies: >>1801>>1809
  982. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:13:06 No. 1800 [M] >>1751 >edge between GenX and Millennials Me too Fren. Totally agree, just was thinking of ways to spread memes showing how easy it is to come here and also to protect against the bad stuff. Of which I've seen none so far, aside from the loli in the catalog Replies: >>1832
  984. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:13:16 No. 1801 [M] >>1798 >>1799 TY, Actually, I am a boomer and the first thing I did after reading the scare tactics was to head over here 2 days ago to check it out. Very comfy here. Replies: >>1832>>1919 🚀
  986. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:13:43 No. 1802 [M] Come funpost at
  988. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:14:27 No. 1804 [M] >>1697 How do you add trackers if you are accessing through browser?
  990. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:15:39 No. 1805 [M] >>1796 NOTABLE Deep Fake messaging just ahead of DECLAS Replies: >>1901
  992. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:17:01 No. 1806 [M] frazzle-hoaxx.png (1.61 MiB) [Seed] frazzledrip-redacted.png (582.94 KiB) [Seed] >>1751 PSA: The new "HRC vid" pics are fake AF. If you see anons spreading this shit call them out Replies: >>1816
  994. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:21:21 No. 1807 [M] 1504559223509.jpg (69.67 KiB) [Seed] Watching last night's Hannity interview of Bill deBlasio. It's torture, I'm dying over here, this asshole is a lunatic and stupid too. It's a great example of the typical, repulsive politician, slimy, slippery, prevaricating piece of shit: don't answer the question, evade, deny, deflect, parrot talking points. Replies: >>1836
  996. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:21:37 No. 1808 [M] >>1797 The "jumps" between white numbers means that someone posted on another thread within the catalog. The green numbers will increment consecutively in each thread. Replies: >>1810
  998. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:24:55 No. 1809 [M] >>1799 Boomer here. At first, I sorta freaked out too. Shut down the platform and sulked for awhile. Then I said, "Screw it." Been here ever since. Replies: >>1811>>1832
  1000. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:26:36 No. 1810 [M] >>1808 TY ! Slowly getting a grasp on the configs here. Sure do miss our IDs.
  1002. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:27:42 No. 1811 [M] >>1809 Welcome Fren. This movement favors the bold and brave!
  1004. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:33:15 No. 1813 [M] Dumbass anon here. Is there a place to find how to format text? color, bold, etc? Thanks Replies: >>1817
  1006. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:34:51 No. 1814 [M] >>1742 >Patriot fearmongering >>1744 Brings to mind the domain registrar also in seattle area that hosts certain .pub domains, ask if they would host 8chan or are they too busy being democrats for china? Replies: >>1826
  1008. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:37:08 No. 1815 [M] >>1751 Its dead and only useful as media fodder now. Obsolete. Replies: >>1832
  1010. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:37:29 No. 1816 [M] >>1806 good to know. I thought it was real Replies: >>1819>>1821
  1012. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:44:57 No. 1817 [M] 4b5295014a6ee726e58583763(...).jpg (9.93 KiB) [Seed] >>1813 I know works for red text. Here is our old formatting codes Replies: >>1818>>1970
  1014. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:47:04 No. 1818 [M] >>1817 Thanks,Fren! Replies: >>1822
  1016. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:48:19 No. 1819 [M] >>1816 I fell for it too anon. feels bad Replies: >>1824
  1018. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:49:24 No. 1821 [M] neonshill.png (173.22 KiB) [Seed] >>1816 NeonRevolt is one of the main PAYtriots scaring people away from 08ch. Replies: >>1903
  1020. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:52:21 No. 1822 [M] Formatting.JPG (60.02 KiB) [Seed] >>1818 Sorry, did not realize it was so small. Have another.
  1022. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:54:29 No. 1823 [M] cloudflare-310x165.jpg (9.58 KiB) [Seed] Cloudflare/CEO Matthew Prince The pedo that knocked 8ch offline, Needs digs, let's expose this pedo. Replies: >>1970
  1024. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:55:53 No. 1824 [M] witch.webm (3.14 MiB) >>1819 in a way it could verify the worldcorpo connection. I saw this and assumed it was the toilet from the fake screenshot. It looks like a tub instead. So that could mean this is an actual clip from it that worldcorpo released (they also where responsible for the skippy video) i cut all this together but the clip is from when it was being dug on on /pol/. I remember a lot of the videos. Sick stuff. Replies: >>1828>>1830>>1832
  1026. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:56:37 No. 1825 [M] I can't find the Q guys on /bant/ anymore Replies: >>1827>>1828>>1843>>1845
  1028. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:57:28 No. 1826 [M] >>1814 Not sure which registrar you're referring to, but if they are in Shittle then likely they are too busy being democrats for China Replies: >>1853
  1030. Anonymous 8/8/2019 09:58:33 No. 1827 [M] >>1825 Probably got tired of being subjected t the drivel there. And they are worried about this place hah Replies: >>1828 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1032. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:00:20 No. 1828 [M] >>1824 sorry >>1827 meant for >>1825 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1034. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:01:26 No. 1829 [M] Shootingannouncedahead.mp4 (516.54 KiB) Video of Fox announcing the EP shooting before it happened. BBC did this on 9/11 when they announced the WTC-7 collapse before it happened. The 4 am mockingbird dissemination is prone to this error so I'm not ready to say it was faked, but it might be. Warning: I don't have good sauce. Pulled the vid from twatter. Digs badly needed. If we can validate this, it would blow the fucking bullshit story wide open. Replies: >>1831>>1970
  1036. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:02:28 No. 1830 [M] >>1824 I remember the worldcorpro vids. I still have the skippy vid archived. Not sure what to make of it. Definitely spooky, but I don't think the HRC vid has been leaked unless from a NYPD dead drop Replies: >>1833
  1038. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:03:53 No. 1831 [M] >>1829 clearly a fox 14 affiliate fucked up the sinclair scripting and its open and shut. The only thing suspicious is the time in the corner of the screen. Is that normal for recording on your camera? Unless they had dvr'd it and intentionally recorded it with the time. Replies: >>1834
  1040. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:05:35 No. 1832 [M] >>1800 lol at the loli, honestly. Japan is a weird place - and if you partake of the culture enough, the super-weird otaku stuff just kind of fades into the background. There were some infographic/meme type things posted over in anther thread... bread? Since there's no hard cap, currently, it's kind of like a nightmare scenario where they keep going like in halfchan, but are infinitely logged like in 8... which is why we decided a while back on a customary 1000 post break for thread-breads as a nice round number. We can still post beyond it, but as traffic increases and until some quality of life changes come down the pipe (which are anticipated around this weekend, last BO had said) - we'll want to keep that passing along. >>1801 Everyone responds to situations differently. My father was a boomer, and he was very much the type to move without much in the way of fear. But... he was also a bit of a man out of time. >>1809 Good to have you aboard, fren. I think there will be quite a few who circle back around for a double-take here in a bit, once they kind of have a minute to figure out what is going on and the normie network has a bit to process what the hell gab started talking about and why 8chan went down. >>1815 >8chan is dead I'm not completely in disagreement. But, I would expand that to mean "The old internet is on borrowed time." It's not unique to 8chan, per se, but what we are on right here - at least in principle, is era-redefining. It's ... frankly, the internet as it was originally conceived, but never truly implemented in the past (or very close to it). I am not going to suggest that 8chan is dead and 'should die' - but I do think that nearly all web hosts will invariably migrate toward this type of platform as there is very little incentive not to for most content hosts. There are still some things to iron out in the protocols, but it's damn close to the ideal. >>1824 4chan is the real honeypot of all of this mess (well, more like a containment/isolation board). They are going to actively disrupt not only anything productive, but particularly anything related to Q. If you want to know why the /pol/ board is as scrambled in the head as they are, imagine your social outlet being 4chan. the pol on 8 was pretty much comped early on and ownership of the name was consolidated down to people who run half - specifically to keep people contained on halfchan. Q basically took all those who wanted to be productive and weren't black-pilled to the point of celebrating nihilism out of 4chan and to boards on 8 that were able to be kept from being moderated into oblivion. And here we are, now, where moderation is not entirely impossible, but largely futile. See the loli comment above... it be what it be. Speaking of, they are working on some QOL stuff to try and be able to mute individual pictures or pictures from a post without necessarily muting the user across the board (which is how it currently works - if you mute the loli poster, then anything he posted under that id will be muted across the board - which... we all say stupid or unacceptable things from time to time, and a global mute on their existence (across all of zeronet, actually, if I understand correctly) is a bit of an excessive measure. Replies: >>1835>>1888
  1042. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:05:49 No. 1833 [M] >>1830 apparently it has been leaked. where im not sure they say the darkweb. Replies: >>1837
  1044. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:09:09 No. 1834 [M] >>1831 Not mine. I pulled the vid from twatter where it's making the rounds. It needs digs to see if it's a fake. As I said in my post, it might be bullshit but if it's real, their bullshit story is blown wide open. Replies: >>1842
  1046. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:11:51 No. 1835 [M] >>1832 >4chan is the real honeypot of all of this mess Spot on. I watched the threads on 4 after the Great Divide and the post quality went to complete shit. Became all nigger dick and women hate posting. It was very apparent who left and gravitated towards the Q movement. Now that Qposters are showing up back on half, it's only a matter of time before they try another frameup job. There were "manifesto" shitposts all over the place last night. They'll do this again and again until there's nowhere left but here. Get /comfy/ frens. Replies: >>1840
  1048. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:12:17 No. 1836 [M] >>1807 I agree with everything you said. I only watched a couple segments because it was making nauseous. I also think Hannity did not do a particularly good job. DeBlasio got in quite a few licks. It was a shit show. Painful to watch.
  1050. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:12:43 No. 1837 [M] >>1833 Hoping some anon will tell us where to find it. Replies: >>1839>>1842
  1052. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:15:04 No. 1838 [M] lolitaexpress-quinten-tar(...).jpg (80.42 KiB) Tarantino pedo pic taken on lolita express?
  1054. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:16:37 No. 1839 [M] >>1837 This. Or post it to another board on 08ch. It will be seeded into the blockchain and remain forever immortalized on zeronet. If posted to another board, and linked here, anons can choose whether to click and seed or not. Replies: >>1841>>1842>>1850
  1056. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:16:55 No. 1840 [M] >>1835 4chan is a honeypot because you have to use your raw ip to post there. Or purchase or connect to a residential proxy.
  1058. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:18:09 No. 1841 [M] >>1839 i think a .webm on 8chan would have been the most weaponized way to leak it. Unfortunatly that is not an option anymore.
  1060. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:21:15 No. 1842 [M] >>1834 My question is "why are they recording the news?" Timestamps like that on cellphones are... unusual, and there's nothing in the frame of the shot to give us another indicator of the time. It's just an overlay that would be very unusual to have up and going on your phone when, as luck would have it, Fox starts announcing a news story you know you should be zooming in on and filming. It seems... non-ideal. >>1837 >>1839 Those rumors have been flying around for about three years, now. I don't put much stock in them. Replies: >>1844
  1062. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:22:01 No. 1843 [M] [E] >>1825 i have been banned for spam until tomorrow can one of you fags set us up a thread? Replies: >>1862
  1064. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:23:57 No. 1844 [M] >>1842 unless it is not the original video. If it was passed around facebook and multiple twitters it could have had that overlayed by another person. I think they rewinded it on their dvr.
  1066. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:26:34 No. 1845 [M] [E] >>1825 last bread notables Notables are Not Endorsements >>8517886 (You) Dough Template Updated >>8517891 Anon Post like no other but cant bake a bread? >>8517908 eightchan were are thou? >>8517918 >>8517946 Mom called Long before shooting >>8518001 Anons a Poet >>8518005 DTj Sounds Off [Embed] >>8518081 Newfags ask How Many General Threads are there? >>8518111 Crazy Russian Loven life >>8518135 qanon-isnt-just-conspiracy-theory-its-highly-effective-game >>8518265 Reminder SA [ACCESS] CLOSED. EPSEIN ISLAND [ACCESS] CLOSED. SA = WONDERLAND. >>8518361 (You) What a shill can do when image limit reached >>8518444 >>8518457 >>8518461 >>8518468 Reflecting on Martin Gardner by Jeffrey Epstein >>8518558 (You) Jim Watkins - Good guy? [Embed] Replies: >>1889
  1068. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:28:57 No. 1846 [M] [E] QRS3.jpg (41.77 KiB) Someon please set us up on Bant Q Research General #9413 8:8 Edition Welcome To /QResearch/ General We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here. VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS SEMPER FIDELIS WWG1WGA * Welcome Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://(eight) THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening PDF: https://(eight) PICS: https://(eight) Replies: >>1848
  1070. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:29:30 No. 1847 [M] Victoria's Secret owner claims Epstein stole tens of millions from his charity by Jerry Dunleavy | August 08, 2019 10:38 AM | Updated Aug 08, 2019, 11:10 AM The billionaire owner of Victoria’s Secret said Wednesday accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein stole huge amounts of money from him and his family. The claim Les Wexner, the founder and CEO of the Columbus-based L Brands fashion retailer, had been bamboozled by the jet-setting financier he said in a letter sent to members of the Wexner Foundation, his charity. He did not say whether he had reported any of this financial malfeasance to the police. Wexner claimed he discovered in 2007 that Epstein, who managed vast sums of money for Wexner, had mishandled at least $46 million in charitable investments, though the total sum of was reportedly even higher. Wexner would only say some of the funds Epstein had taken were actually returned. “This was, frankly, a tremendous shock, even though it clearly pales in comparison to the unthinkable allegations against him now,” Wexner wrote today. “All of that money — every dollar of it — was originally Wexner family money.” Epstein was also deeply involved in handling the funds for Wexner’s other charitable endeavors, including his organizations Arts Interests, Health and Science Interests, International Charitable Interests, and The Wexner Children’s Trust. Wexner, whose company's brands include Bath & Body Works and Pink, claimed in his letter he had trusted Epstein with so much of his money because others had “vouched for and recommended him as a knowledgeable financial professional.” “I am embarrassed that, like so many others, I was deceived by Mr. Epstein,” Wexner said. “I know now that my trust in him was grossly misplaced and I deeply regret having ever crossed his path.” The business relationship between Wexner and Epstein extended across two decades. By 1991, Epstein had obtained power-of-attorney over many of Wexner’s business ventures and nonprofits. Though Epstein bragged he only took billionaire clients, Wexner is his only known billionaire client. Epstein reportedly made hundreds of millions of dollars through his relationship with Wexner before their relationship went south. Wexner said the alleged deception was revealed when he started to disentangle himself from Epstein following allegations against Epstein of sexual abuse more than a decade ago. Wexner says he confronted Epstein about the accusations but Epstein “vehemently denied” them. Moar info about Wexner/Epstein relationship & excuses at original article. I keep getting "content too large, content signing failed error here... Replies: >>1970 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1072. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:34:41 No. 1848 [M] >>1846 (You) Checked. Just bake here /bant/ is shit
  1074. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:35:45 No. 1849 [M] go to the 08chan main page. Why is their a board called /cp/? Are we all seeding that shit? Replies: >>1851>>1852>>1856
  1076. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:39:13 No. 1850 [M] >>1839 >If posted to another board, and linked here, anons can choose whether to click and seed or not. so if you do not visit another board we don't download anything from that board right? Replies: >>1854
  1078. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:40:18 No. 1851 [M] >>1849 Did anyone ever click that CP link to see if it actually was CP or just BS? I muted/blacklisted it. Didn't click it.
  1080. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:40:58 No. 1852 [M] >>1849 Welcome to absolute freedom. Don't click that shit. There will be illegal content here. If you see it, hit the [M] next to the post to mute the poster (forever) and delete the content from your HD Replies: >>1858>>1860
  1082. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:43:05 No. 1853 [M] >>1826 Might actually be epik im thinking of, they registrar for wearethena.ds i mean news, why I dug them, when paytriot scrapers were crying about notables. Replies: >>1855
  1084. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:43:17 No. 1854 [M] >>1850 Correct. If you're worried about it, remember you can delete your /data folder anytime through your OS, OR through the Zero menu. Replies: >>1858
  1086. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:44:48 No. 1855 [M] >>1853 Yeah, that's 8ch's new registrar. They are being attacked both on and offline now and the owner is getting threats to his natural care business. Liberals are fucking lunatics Replies: >>1861>>1890
  1088. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:45:04 No. 1856 [M] >>1849 The short answer is "No." The long answer is that there is no CP in there to begin with. Even if someone does decide to try and post CP there, you are not necessarily going to pick that up to seed unless you select to try and seed all files. Even so - you can mute that board. By default, ZeroNet limits how much you can download of a zite, and therefor how much you can see. What you are reading right now isn't a file that a server has pushed to you, it is a file that exist on your hard drive that was updated by a torrent tracker. Unless you are looking at it, the browser doesn't use the client to try and download it. Mute anything you don't feel comfortable with. Unless you're a default seeder - I try to leave as much open as possible - though I did mute that board because that's just a headache waiting to happen. Though I doubt there will be much in the way of child porn posted here. The nature of the network means that each file has an owner. This post is a file and it has me as an owner authorized to make changes to it and then over-write that file on other seeds. I would be extremely stupid to post something like that. There is a fair amount of anonymity here, but if we all decided to hunt down a pedo poster with forensics, it can be proven they were the poster. Replies: >>1859>>1863
  1090. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:45:13 No. 1857 [M] False alarms, real trauma. Americans are on edge after string of mass shootings Ryan W. Miller, USA TODAY Published 4:31 p.m. ET Aug. 7, 2019 | Updated 9:15 a.m. ET Aug. 8, 2019 Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier version of this story misstated the term "vicarious trauma." The panic spread quickly in Times Square. A loud bang, then people scattering in all directions. What many thought in the moment would be another tragedy in a sea of mass shootings in the USA turned out to be another false alarm. A motorcycle backfired, ringing out like the gunshots of an active shooter, and all was clear. After a weeklong string of mass shootings have shaken Americans, multiple false reports and hoaxes of active shooters have spread around the country, highlighting an acute fear many Americans feel in the wake of the incidents. "This is a real phenomenon," said Arthur Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association. "We don't have to go through these events directly. Simply hearing about them" can affect us in ways similar to those who directly experienced the incident. cont'd Replies: >>1970
  1092. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:46:13 No. 1858 [M] >>1852 i muted it and it said "it will now delete all posts from this user". So you are saying someone can upload a bunch of illegal shit to an innocuous named board like /mylittlepony/ and fuck all of us? I hate to say it but its a problem that the peer is distributed to every other user of the fucking site. >>1854 >delete that is the problem. We don't need to have to routinely delete what could be cp from the data folder. I gotta dip out. That is an extreme hazard. Replies: >>1861>>1891
  1094. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:48:01 No. 1859 [M] >>1856 Feelin more n more comfy here all the time.
  1096. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:50:00 No. 1860 [M] dbshill.png (454.38 KiB) >>1852 Look at these fucks. They definitely don't want us to be here. Over the target lads Replies: >>1865>>1869>>1871>>1970
  1098. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:50:50 No. 1861 [M] >>1855 >Even so - you can mute that board. How to do you do that? >>1858 You are not automatically downloading & seeding all files/images on 08chan here. There is a 0 on the top right of every page, click & drag to the left, let go. In that area that opens, the option to dl & seed all files is BY DEFAULT turned off. You're fine. Replies: >>1869
  1100. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:50:56 No. 1862 [M] >>1843 (You) Ah I was suspecting you guys were banned, some spaniard set up a thread
  1102. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:51:08 No. 1863 [M] >>1856 No, that's not what I said at all. You wont't dl or seed anything you don't directly click on. Muting a user will delete ALL OF THE USERS POSTS OFF YOUR SYSTEM. Replies: >>1864>>1869
  1104. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:52:38 No. 1864 [M] >>1863 my fucking posts keep replying to the wrong posters. Fuck it. You all can read. Replies: >>1867>>1970
  1106. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:55:54 No. 1865 [M] 1472525232695.jpg (12.34 KiB) [Seed] >>1860 Not sure that they realize what they are really saying about us: we don't want to have ANYTHING to do with that sick shit! Good people, honest & decent people who are against this evil and evil-doers involved in that, we are here and ready to continue researching, making memes, networking with other GOOD patriotic and decent people. Replies: >>1868>>1871
  1108. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:56:49 No. 1866 [M] Screenshot from 2019-08-0(...).png (60.13 KiB) Can anyanon explain what the spikes on the globe represent - colors, height? Location is fairly obvious. Replies: >>1870
  1110. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:57:09 No. 1867 [M] >>1864 It's a bit of an artifact with how the posts propagate through the peers/seeds, and millboard is working on (or has) some improvements that weren't implemented here, yet (remember, this board was made about eight months ago and the owner never expected to have this much traffic). Let's say there is a seed from me, here in Missouri (no fucks given), and there is a seed from Australia, and another from, say, londonistan, or something. Because this zite is not centrally located, but is a file all of us are kind of sharing (or, at least those of us seeding are), exactly whose post gets received and added into the tracker, when, can be different. It takes time for the network to settle on and propagate an order - which results in replies getting somewhat scrambled from time to time. Replies: >>1870>>1970
  1112. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:57:52 No. 1868 [M] CharlesWadeHumanTrafficki(...).png (435.34 KiB) [Seed] child sex trafficking - n(...).png (702.83 KiB) [Seed] OP CCX1 Child sex traffic(...).png (818.52 KiB) [Seed] OP CCXI - child trafficki(...).png (306.79 KiB) [Seed] OP CCXI - child trafficki(...).png (483.38 KiB) [Seed] >>1865 AGAINST human & sex trafficking!! Replies: >>1871
  1114. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:58:20 No. 1869 [M] >>1860 That is literally happening. >>1863 why are the posts on my system if i did not click on it? >>1861 i am gonna have to set up a more secure way to come here. But for now this is a problem because it still saves .json files of users. while we may not seed all files theoretically over time the .json files could spark some sort of seeding. There is a membrane you see that is too porous. Replies: >>1874
  1116. Anonymous 8/8/2019 10:59:44 No. 1870 [M] >>1866 Spikes denote larger amount of people in that location that are connected and peering. >>1867 There's a long list of trackers upthread, but how do you add that if you accessing via browser? Nontechfag cannot figure it out and the documentation here is byzantine and unhelpful... Replies: >>1873 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1118. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:02:12 No. 1871 [M] >>1860 >>1865 >>1868 Good to see fags getting back in the groove! KEK Replies: >>1875
  1120. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:04:02 No. 1872 [M] MAGA Supporters Clean 12 Tons Of Trash From West Baltimore Streets Left goes berserk Thu, 08/08/2019 - 09:57 Update: Who could have guessed? The left is angry that a Trump-supporter would dare to visit Baltimore and help improve the situation .@baltsunopinion: Whatever he says his motives were, Scott Presler’s presence in Baltimore reinforces the tired image that the poor people in this city can’t take care of their own neighborhoods. — The Baltimore Sun (@baltimoresun) August 6, 2019 Presler was quick to reply: "I can't even imagine what would cause a person to be mad at us for helping to clean up Baltimore. Instead of criticizing us, how about putting on some gloves to pick up trash" * * * As we deatiled earlier, hundreds of MAGA supporters participated in a massive cleanup effort earlier this week in West Baltimore, inspired by President Trump's tweets, along with a conservative activist who organized the event in Rep. Elijah Cummings' district. According to WBAL-TV Baltimore, 300 volunteers on Aug. 5 took to the streets of northwest Baltimore, cleaning up trash from alleyways in an "Americans Helping Americans" event organized by conservative activist Scott Presler. Starting at 7 am at the intersection of North Fulton Avenue and Westwood Avenue (highest per capita homicide rate in the country), hundreds gathered to lend a hand in "Making Baltimore Great Again." About 12 hours later, volunteers collected more than 12 tons of trash, almost 1 ton per hour, in a massive cleanup effort in hopes to revive the dying city. Many of the volunteers were from other states, such as Ohio, and North Carolina, and most of them traveled from abroad because they heard about the cleanup effort on Presler's social media channels. "I never intended it to turn into a national event. It was never supposed to be this big," Presler told The Epoch Times. Presler, who said he is proud to wear the MAGA hat, is a grassroots right-wing activist who has several hundred thousand followers on social media. "I'm a big Trump supporter, but I wanted people to know that's not the reason we're coming here today. This is not a pro-Trump rally, and this is not an anti-Rep. Cummings rally," Presler said. "This is truly the community coming together." Some Baltimoreans were thankful for the cleanup effort since they said the city had neglected their neighborhoods for decades. Baltimore locals from Representative Cummings' District 7 thank President @realDonaldTrump for bringing attention to Baltimore. #AmericansHelpingAmericans — #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) August 5, 2019 Presler spoke with community members about the deteriorating city. He said, "the people of Baltimore love their country and love their city and 'they're proud to live there," but the government isn't doing anything to resolve the trash problem. Replies: >>1970
  1122. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:05:51 No. 1873 [M] >>1870 They should be added automatically. What that anon is doing is saying that you can seed the site without necessarily having ZeroNet running, because what ZeroNet does is use bittorrent to hunt for files. The other participants in the torrent network are just serving a file like it's peer to peer - they don't need to or care to know what the file is or how it works - just that it matches the hash and checksum and gets to the recipient. So, you could run a seed for a site completely headless using bittorrent.
  1124. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:06:07 No. 1874 [M] >>1869 that being said im not a techfag not even a skid. But i do know that while zeronet is cool its too porous. There is endchan which at least the admin odilitime is conversant with codecmonkey and has worked with 8chan before. So we established cross comms i will check in an out but i have to secure comms with an amnesiatic os like tails. (which is very hard to get to run with zeronet) Replies: >>1878
  1126. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:06:33 No. 1875 [M] 20190727_194002.png (249.61 KiB) [Seed] 53196458b83894c5428e83695(...).jpg (137.12 KiB) [Seed] band of anons.jpg (193.04 KiB) [Seed] c58595673c332633168f72fd1(...).png (456.57 KiB) [Seed] >>1871 Just trying to find a way to still be helpful and participate. (((They))) are still panicking because they can't keep us down! Replies: >>1876
  1128. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:10:50 No. 1876 [M] >>1875 All we need now is for Q to find a way to drop here and this place will be on fire. Edit feature is awesome! Last edited: 7 days ago
  1130. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:11:15 No. 1877 [M] [E] test test test >test >1879
  1132. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:11:45 No. 1878 [M] >>1874 codemonkey* and the cross comms was set up last night on /qrb/ on endchan. in this thread too. i see zeronet and it reminds me of incognito mode with chrome. I hate to say it that way but the real tech guys from lainchan say zeronet is retarded. when /qresearch/ was being hit with cp. Someone said something that reminds me of zeronet. they said all the cabal has to do to set someone up is make a fake job application site for the victim and stash a bunch of cp down at the bottom of the page hidden behind the css. You see how simular that is to the potential problem we are seeing here? Replies: >>1882>>1894
  1134. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:12:28 No. 1879 [M] >>1877 (You) Have you figured out bold yet? EDIT: Duh! Of course you have. How's it done? Last edited: 7 days ago
  1136. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:18:56 No. 1880 [M] 8chan attacks and media attn seem to be increasing... just search twatter and check post time stamps Replies: >>1887>>1973
  1138. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:23:41 No. 1881 [M] mass-shooters.png (1.51 MiB) Educational material for the next time some libtard lectures you about white supremacists. Ask them to identify the white supremacists.
  1140. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:28:00 No. 1882 [M] >>1878 You should see what I posted about you all being psy-opped by glowniggers on half. /pol/ was fundamentally comped quite a while ago, even you all know this - it was comped on half and even on eight, it was. You all posted about this in the discussion of how zites would respond to moderation with the BO. Name recognition and social inertia are powerful things. Consider - why are you here, knowingly posting misleading word salad to try and scare people away? You are so psy-opped that they have you turning into a glow-nigger even when none of them are around. The only people, at this point, who would invest as much effort as you have into this would be the pol board up above. As far as the glowniggers are concerned, they've assessed their operation as largely successful and are mainly focusing on containing everyone to their little bunkers and twitter handles. Replies: >>1893
  1142. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:28:43 No. 1883 [M] [E] 2880066701b1b826bc80c8c2a(...).jpg (19.26 KiB) Brazilian drug dealer who tried to escape jail dressed as daughter found dead in cell A Brazilian drug dealer who tried to escape prison dressed as his daughter has been found dead in his cell. Clauvino da Silva, a 42-year-old leader of one of the most powerful criminal groups in Brazil, Comando Vermelho, was stopped by guards at the prison in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. He was dressed in a silicon mask, a long-haired dark wig, tight jeans and a pink t-shirt – trying to pass off as his 19-year-old daughter, who had come to visit him. Replies: >>1884>>1898>>1973
  1144. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:31:51 No. 1884 [M] BrazillianGangLeaderTryin(...).jpg (59.93 KiB) >>1883 (You) Replies: >>1886
  1146. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:35:29 No. 1886 [M] >>1884 .... "Told you they were all trannies." kek. That is actually kind of genius, spare for the part where it failed. But points for originality. Someone just inherited his little criminal empire, though.
  1148. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:49:53 No. 1887 [M] jesteractual.png (57.95 KiB) wsj 8ch.png (408.56 KiB) >>1880 So I took a look at that, pretty revealing and I found this from "Jester Actual" pic related For some reason is defaulting to mobile version of tweets? Anyway, it's active, it's coordinated and it's targeted. ISIS can still post on twatter with no worries. Meanwhile in the Philippines... article: Police Launch 8chan Probe in Philippines, Where Owner, Founder Live Investigators look for any negligence in moderation of site linked to U.S. mass shootings By Jake Maxwell Watts Aug. 8, 2019 7:58 am ET Police in the Philippines said they had opened an investigation into 8chan, an online message board whose American owner lives in the country, following allegations that the site’s no-exceptions embrace of free speech has made it a platform for far-right ideologies linked to several mass shootings. The investigation is in its earliest stages and seeks to establish whether 8chan and its owner, Jim Watkins, had been negligent in their moderation of the fringe site, which was founded in 2013. The site was allegedly used by a man charged with the killings of 20 people and injuring 26 in a rampage in El Paso, Texas, last week. “The first thing we want to know is the influence of 8chan in the Philippines,” Lt. Col. Elpidio Ramirez, chief investigating officer in the case, said in an interview. >kek, yes every single flip is on 8ch!!! Mr. Ramirez said police had sought cooperation from Mr. Watkins and 8chan’s founder, Fredrick Brennan, who also resides in the country. The scope of the investigation focuses on 8chan’s influence in the Philippines and was triggered after the site was linked to the El Paso shooting. Authorities are operating independently from a separate inquiry in the U.S., Mr. Ramirez said. Does that even make any sense? How influential 8ch is in the Philippines?!? Of course not, but that's the public initial angle (we're doing something!!!) What other sites are reporting as the reason for the investigation: 8chan Owner Jim Watkins Facing Summons to Testify Before Congress, Child Porn Probe in Philippines Tom McKay Tuesday 10:25pm However, according to Wired, Cybercrime Division at the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation chief Victor Lorenzo said that his agency is looking into 8chan—which has long insisted it is subject only to U.S. law because its data center is located there—and N.T. Technology after hearing from his American counterparts. While Lorenzo said he was concerned about the site’s role in spreading violence, he also said that his agency is investigating whether 8chan’s role in facilitating the spread of child pornography violates the Anti-Child Pornography Act. “Considering that the Philippines was tapped as the epicenter of child pornography materials, we are interested in this issue,” Lorenzo told Wired. “If you are going to visit his site, he is actually trying to promote, or catering to, child pornography, and it is a serious offense here... Considering that the registration is here, we have jurisdiction.” ......................... We are ALL against cp, but that's the angle that they are taking against Jim Watkins & 8ch. Replies: >>1892>>1922>>1973
  1150. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:51:09 No. 1888 [M] >>1832 By eightchan is dead i mean exactly what you suggest, that the internet central server model and all the bolt ons to resist ddos are dead. It's like ascension into p2p. Without it anything new is a losing battle.
  1152. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:52:51 No. 1889 [M] >>1845 (You) Why bother us with this noise?
  1154. Anonymous 8/8/2019 11:59:57 No. 1890 [M] >>1855 was related with their Perkins coie alumnus general counsel. Curiously that domain is for rent now? Having to redig it.
  1156. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:01:56 No. 1891 [M] >>1858 If this what scares off the fair weather patriots, peer to peer is a blessing. Replies: >>1897 Trying to get 8ch off twitter
  1158. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:02:11 No. 1892 [M] untwitter8chan.png (169.66 KiB) >>1887 so Jim & CM cannot communicate with anyone, there is a concerted effort to get them banned from twatter pic related this bitch is very, very busy and loud Replies: >>1973
  1160. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:04:43 No. 1893 [M] >>1882 ok i came back just now to explain another security flaw. Im not scaring anyone zeronet came out of nowhere and was always considered a joke shilled on 4chan. Im just being honest here.I have to warn you guys of this actually i feel responsible to say this. Link prefetching. Disable it. how? go to about:config and set everything to false. Except the one that says prefetching.disabled. set that to true. So i am not just a herky jerky kind of asshole i know the need for decentrilization and i am being honest when i say zeronet is the 9gag of privacy tools. I just found another flaw. What is prefetching. EVERY TIME YOU OPEN A PAGE. IF YOUR MOUSE HOVERS OVER A LINK THE BROWSER STARTS DOWNLOADING THE LINKED PAGE. THAT IS WHY WE HAVE FILES FROM POSTERS WE NEVER CLICKED ON. Replies: >>1895>>1896>>1899>>1973
  1162. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:06:35 No. 1894 [M] >>1878 Seems important to you. Replies: >>1900
  1164. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:08:41 No. 1895 [M] >>1893 in about:config network.dns.disablePrefetch set to true network.predictor.enable-prefetch set to false network.prefetch-next set to false Replies: >>1973>>1976
  1166. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:09:39 No. 1896 [M] >>1893 Anons are fearless. Replies: >>1900
  1168. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:11:44 No. 1897 [M] 1473422454069.png (906.93 KiB) [Seed] 1918277.png (10.10 KiB) >>1891 Everyone wants to be called a Patriot until it's time to do Patriot things < (I do NOT mean violence, btw, but anons know that) We're here to do Patriot things o7 Replies: >>1900
  1170. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:13:23 No. 1898 [M] >>1883 (You) pretty ballsy plan tbh
  1172. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:14:52 No. 1899 [M] >>1893 >zeronet is the 9gag of privacy tools That's a straw man. Zeronet was never meant to be, nor ever portrayed itself to be a "privacy" tool, it's a free speech tool (no censorship)
  1174. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:16:00 No. 1900 [M] >>1897 >>1894 >>1896 my problem is we do not have to be here specifically. I did not use 8chan for 2 years i left 8chan with a few hundred anons to endchan. I came back for pizzagate stickies on /pol/ then that lead to Q. Now that 8chan is gone the logical step would be to move to the next chan which was my home chan of endchan. I am essentially just a little peeved that we have to go through all this when endchan is fine. That is my animosity. That is my problem. Replies: >>1902>>1904>>1912>>1914>>1915
  1176. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:16:17 No. 1901 [M] >>1805 >>>c786f53d3772 Umm, where are these post links coming from... And how do we use them? Replies: >>1908>>1914
  1178. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:17:50 No. 1902 [M] >>1900 And i left 8chan because i learned jim was a mason and at that time i thought that meant 8chan was comped and thought all masons are bad.
  1180. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:18:45 No. 1903 [M] >>1821 Qestion? Does NEON glow?
  1182. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:21:31 No. 1904 [M] >>1900 No coke. Only pepsi.
  1184. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:22:17 No. 1905 [M] test of code block This should be a code block if I am doing it right. Replies: >>1906>>1909
  1186. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:23:57 No. 1906 [M] >>1905 urk. how about `this is a snippet` Replies: >>1907
  1188. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:24:45 No. 1907 [M] >>1906 or ` snippet on separate line. `
  1190. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:24:49 No. 1908 [M] >>1901 I was a bit baffled by that, too, when I first saw it, I thought it was bots, and I kept asking the posters what it was with no response - which made me suspicious. But later there was a lag and I had to refresh the page and those weird strings resolved into post links when I went to look at them again. Replies: >>1917
  1192. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:27:03 No. 1909 [M] >>1905 You have to do it within the straight brackets But be aware that for long lines of text, it will not wrap. Redtext is the same double asterisks make spoiler double underline make underline double single quotes make italic triple single quotes make bold single dash makes a bullet point double tilde makes strikethrough > greentext < does nothing, but can be used in a list since single - at the beginning makes a bullet point Replies: >>1910>>1911>>1973 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1194. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:27:54 No. 1910 [M] >>1909 tanks, anon. Replies: >>1911
  1196. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:30:22 No. 1911 [M] >>1909 >>1910 >>1910 am reading the js/parser/format.jison %lex BOLD [']{3} STRIKE [~]{2} ITALIC [']{2} UNDERLINE [_]{2} SPOILER [*]{2} HEADING [=]{2} SNIPPET [`] Replies: >>1917>>1973
  1198. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:30:32 No. 1912 [M] 1564528077984.gif (468.99 KiB) [Seed] >>1900 Replies: >>1916
  1200. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:32:41 No. 1913 [M] Bold Strike Italic Underline Spoiler Heading `Muppets` Replies: >>1917>>1928 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1202. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:33:23 No. 1914 [M] >>1900 I can understand your pride is hurt, a bit. Here is the thing, though - what do you think will happen if we all move to endchan? Do you think this is all a game? If major operations begin setting up on endchan, then they will invariably be nuked off the internet like 8chan was - and there's no way the board owner can fight against it. >>1901 I have seen it do what the other anon has said, as well as I have seen it happen when I have someone muted who another person replied to. Keep in mind that mute is global - across all of ZeroNet (as currently implemented). If you mute an ID (they can refresh and get a new one, kind of like IPs, except more of these than there are atoms in the universe) then you mute them across everything, everywhere - you won't load content they 'own.' Which kind of goes to the whole thing about CP posting concerns. Everything you post is "owned" by you. You're
  1204. Anonymous by way of "no one is going to care to figure out who the hell you actually are as it would take a lot of time and data collection to do so." If you were to, however, start posting a bunch of shit that people think you need to get a knock on the door about, then it can be done in theory and there is some historical practice to suggest it could be done. So, I suppose in theory one could also argue that the platform could be turned around and used as a means of suppressing us by tracking us in the end.... as if the internet didn't do that already.... so - I would rather see the PUBLIC be the one to be doing the bulk data collection rather than shadowy institutions and corporate monopolies who can use it for whatever they want without giving us access to it, as well. If one of us is going to be naked in front of suits, by god, we should be able to take off their suits to have a look, too.
  1206. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:34:37 No. 1915 [M] >>1900 > I am essentially just a little peeved that we have to go through all this when endchan is fine. That is my animosity. That is my problem. I do understand that frustration, but zoom out for a minute... IF we all were to migrate to enchan and make that "home" what do you think the response will be by (((them)))? Leave us alone? or Shut down endchan? What is the more likely result? Does endchan have the scalability, ddos protection, own DNS protection? Will they really be able to withstand the inevitable onslaught that will come against it? Are you willing to have another site nuked? Replies: >>1931
  1208. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:35:37 No. 1916 [M] >>1912 >>>71da31b6a50d ^^^ Are these clickable for anyone? How are they being generated? How do you get to the post they point to? ...not "getting" it... Replies: >>1917 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1210. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:37:01 No. 1917 [M] >>1911 >>1913 I forgot all about strikethrough, so edited to add that. Thank you >>1916 See >>1908
  1212. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:42:44 No. 1918 [M] Instagram 'Trusted Partner' Caught Harvesting Vast Personal Data To Create Detailed Dossiers Thu, 08/08/2019 - 12:01 Thanks to lax oversight and technical loopholes, Instagram allowed one of its vetted advertising partners harvest vast amounts of public user data to create detailed records of users' physical locations, bios, and photos which were intended to disappear after 24 hours, according to Business Insider. In clear violation of Instagram's rules, the San Francisco-based marketing firm Hyp3r was able to operate under the radar for the past year as one of the company's preferred "Facebook Marketing Partners." "HYP3R's actions were not sanctioned and violate our policies. As a result, we've removed them from our platform. We've also made a product change that should help prevent other companies from scraping public location pages in this way," said an Instagram spokesperson, following a Wednesday cease-and-desist letter sent to the Hyp3r. The existence of the profiles is a stark indication that more than a year after revelations that Facebook users' data was exploited by Cambridge Analytica to fuel divisive political ad campaigns, Facebook's struggles in locking down users' personal information not only persist but also extend beyond the core Facebook app. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook but operated as a mostly separate business, has been largely insulated from the privacy backlash and scrutiny that has rocked its parent company. But the wealth of the data contained in people's fleeting Instagram activity, from family-vacation snapshots to restaurant appetizer photos, can provide valuable fodder for a variety of outside actors, who can repurpose the information in ways users never expected or agreed to. -Business Insider While the amount of data Hyp3r scraped is currently unknown, the firm has publicly bragged about having "a unique dataset of hundreds of millions of the highest value consumers in the world," of which more than 90% is sourced from 1 million+ Instagram posts per month, according to the report. Hyp3r made unauthorized use of Instagram data in three key ways: It took advantage of an Instagram security lapse, allowing it to zero in on specific locations, like hotels and gyms, and vacuum up all the public posts made from the locations. At these locations, it systematically saved users' public Instagram stories — a type of content designed to vanish after 24 hours —including the individual photos that users shared in the stories, in a clear violation of Instagram's terms of service. It scraped public user profiles on a broad basis, collecting information like user bios and followers, which it then combined with the other location information and data from other sources. -Business Insider Furthermore, Hyp3r uses image-recognition software to determine what users are depicting. cont'd ......................... >then they should have no problem with getting the info of the El Paso shooter's info, since he uploaded his "manifesto" to IG first... Replies: >>1935>>1973
  1214. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:49:13 No. 1919 [M] >>1801 62 yr old lurker fag here. Not tech savvy but found my way here after 4 days of intense fury. Missed my home for knowledge...had to come. Checking out Bant, CM Twitter, trying like hell to stay updated. Question..trying to figure this zite out. How do I move from one thread to another? Does 'seeding' use memory from my PC? Last edited: 7 days ago
  1216. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:49:33 No. 1920 [M] 1562747673266.jpg (17.12 KiB) [Seed] I don't think the older ones with energy drinks and the lawnmowers are gonna find their way here, just riding their lawnmowers towards the horizon forever lost Replies: >>1923>>1924
  1218. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:50:39 No. 1921 [M] House Democrat calls for federal white nationalist list by Susan Ferrechio | August 08, 2019 01:13 PM A House Democrat wants the Trump administration to compile a list of “potential” white nationalists, accusing the president of helping spread the movement. ”This President has taken the smoldering ember of white nationalism, doused it with rhetorical gasoline, and watched it spread like wildfire," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri said in a statement. "White nationalists time and time again have used the exact language of this President to condone their violence against immigrants, Muslims, and other minorities," said Cleaver, 74, a former Kansas City mayor and ordained United Methodist pastor. "If the President truly wants to stamp out these extremists, then I call on him and his administration to label these white supremacist groups, investigate them, and name the El Paso shooter exactly what he is: a terrorist." The president has repeatedly denounced white nationalism but Democrats blame him for incidents linked to the movement, including the El Paso, Texas shooting, which claimed 22 lives. Cleaver made the request in a letter sent Thursday to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Cleaver asked the Treasury Department to label the El Paso shooter a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist.” Cleaver said far-right extremism is increasing in the United States and noted testimony in July by FBI Director Christopher Wray that white supremacy is behind a rise in domestic terrorism. "The growing threat of white nationalist violent extremism can no longer be ignored,” Cleaver said in a statement. “As the leader of the nation and all Americans, it is incumbent on the President to protect Muslims, Jews, immigrants, and other minorities from white nationalists," he said. "By formally labeling this individual a terrorist, it allows the Treasury, State, and Justice Departments to use the full set of tools at their disposal to attack this problem head on, which is exactly what this President should be doing.” ............................. So, we're now at the point of creating "lists" of POTENTIAL "white nationalists." 1) They would have to define the term, and 2) it's not illegal to have unorthodox thoughts The muddying already exists: you are a "racist" if you don't hate yourself for being white, no hatred of others is even necessary. This is the future they want, but they are not going to get. That is why they are lashing out, flailing around, screaming impotently at the sky. Replies: >>1973
  1220. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:53:12 No. 1922 [M] >>1887 It's definitely a concerted effort. Epik reverses course: Seattle-area web services company will not host 8chan following shooting Replies: >>1923>>1925>>1933>>1942>>1973
  1222. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:58:30 No. 1923 [M] >>1920 I don't think so. If retirees can find their way to and navigate 8ch, then can eventually get here. And there's no way to know when 8ch will be back up, CM is working on scaling & other issues right now, I think /ourguys/ are helping in some way because CM said in a tweet >We are working on building a [strong defense] and mitigations. Looking through his tweets, he has never used brackets before... and /ourguys/ helped him out after the stress tests failed, remember? So I don't know if this will be our permanent home, but it's something in the meantime. >>1922 This is social terrorism and should be called out as such: >hound, harass, defame until some business caves to pressure to ideological orthodoxy. I'm all for individuals choosing how they want to spend their fedbux, to patronize or not a business, and businesses deciding who they will serve and will not (shirt & shoes required, we reserve the right to refuse service). But when all business becomes politicized there is a problem. When McD's made snarky tweet about POTUS being the ists & isms in leftspeak, I decide not to patronize them, but I'm not going to hound them to conform to my views. Businesses shouldn't be political in the first place, I don't give a fuck how my UPS driver votes or what my mechanic says online.
  1224. Anonymous 8/8/2019 12:59:02 No. 1924 [M] >>1920 Had to go back someday. Easy bake-free dessert.
  1226. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:01:58 No. 1925 [M] >>1922 Ask them if they will also cut off all those Q aggregator notable scraper paytriot sites they host or run. Replies: >>1932
  1228. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:02:46 No. 1926 [M] sqlite-posts-table.png (104.28 KiB) For your awareness Been digging into the files ZeroNet stores on your machine. I'm not seeing any image files unless you seed as others have noted. However, the FYI: The millchan.db file is an SQLite database which does store non-image text of posts of All boards, even those you mute and those you've never clicked. Investigate for yourselves. Might be platform specific.
  1230. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:04:44 No. 1928 [M] >>1913 I disagree in that i belive it would not get shut down for the simple fact they do not want to pay attention to that place. Me and about 2 other anons literally fought off the masonic shills on my board there. And i even thought when Q did the stress test to 8chan and it failed. What did he say? /end stress test failed. So you know i will keep cross comms up but yea it was finally our time to be the cool chan and i take every problem here and overblown it and i apologize for that. Replies: >>1941
  1232. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:05:26 No. 1929 [M] no-tables-1.png (502.95 KiB) Son Of Former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Sentenced For Sex Trafficking 14-Year-Old Girl Replies: >>1942>>1973
  1234. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:08:23 No. 1930 [M] To mirror think mirror BTW takes 27.3gb right now. I found the download and share button.
  1236. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:09:16 No. 1931 [M] >>1915 we have been hit with ddos cp spam attacks. board claiming attacks. Every single kind of attack including people posting threats on purpose to shut it down. We have a crack team of admins that always delete it. I'm not trying to say we need to move there im saying i belive when q says end. At least one of them may be a reference to endchan and i felt like it was part of the plan. I don't know. Im here now. Replies: >>1934>>1936>>1938
  1238. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:13:25 No. 1932 [M] >>1925 Archive offline; if Q becomes a financial risk, those are going to be the first to go. I'm not experienced with stripping stuff off of sites, can we get a thread going that is an archive repository of all Q posts - basically aggregate the aggregators and post it here. Don't worry about thread limit and it will propagate across seeders. It's ... actually, a combination of archiving offline and online, since we are the cloud servers... I'm liking this more and more. Also... anyone recognize this: > family-vacation snapshots to restaurant appetizer photos, can provide valuable fodder for a variety of outside actors, who can repurpose the information in ways users ne It was in my text box when I came back from getting a drink - not sure if it's a bug or if my cat hit reply to something that was edited later, or what. Complete with green text flag. Replies: >>1935>>1936>>1937
  1240. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:13:44 No. 1933 [M] >>1922 from the article: In a phone interview with GeekWire Tuesday evening, Monster said 8chan paid Epik on Monday for domain registrations. A domain name search on ICANN shows that Epik is the registrar for Monster said Epik would help 8chan sell the domain names, if needed. >clearly operating under the assumption that 8ch will never be able to come back online Maria Sirbu, Voxility’s vice president of business development, told GeekWire Tuesday that “we are not negotiating with Epik and we will not reinstall services for them under no circumstances.” >hardline, no relationship with anyone who has been touched by 8ch “We are still operating an internal investigation to make sure they do not end up taking services from other networks relying on Voxility infrastructure,” she said. “So far we didn’t find any connections between the new networks helping them and Voxility.” >threat to any/every other business that even touches their systems that they will be dropped too - exponential business pressure to terrorize others to comply with leftist orthodoxy Monster told GeekWire on Monday that Epik did not solicit business from 8chan, which “showed up late Sunday night, unannounced and unsolicited.” >we dindu nuffing 8chan was still offline as of Tuesday evening. The site is under intense scrutiny this week; Congress has summoned 8chan owner Jim Watkins to testify. The company’s founder told The New York Times that the site should be shut down. >hotwheels, I... Sammamish, Wash.-based physical mail provider MailPost told GeekWire Tuesday that it was booting Epik as a customer because of its ties to 8chan. >cut off another avenue of commmunication Replies: >>1943
  1242. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:15:07 No. 1934 [M] >>1931 this is the main one.
  1244. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:16:26 No. 1935 [M] >>1932 >family-vacation snapshots to restaurant appetizer photos, can provide valuable fodder for a variety of outside actors, who can repurpose the information in ways users ne see >>1918
  1246. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:16:57 No. 1936 [M] >>1931 I gotcha, but look at the articles about Eipik above & below your post. Will endchan be able to withstand all that? That's really what I'm getting at, not casting aspersions or picking at or belittling endchan, just trying to be realistic since the panic and desperation are clearly very really and everything AND the kitchen sink are being thrown at 8ch (and us, just vicariously) >>1932 Do you have cats? Replies: >>1940>>1941
  1248. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:17:53 No. 1937 [M] >>1932 Need a quick wget to pull from there and push to 'here'.
  1250. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:17:57 No. 1938 [M] ddd.png (5.86 KiB) >>1931 i never said anything. ok i did one time when q posted this. But now im actually curious if it might had been an endchan reference. And 8chan got shut down imo because the header of the site was "the darkes recesses of the internet" and they played on the infamous nature. Normies can't see us. We are hidden from everyone but the people we are trying to wake up. thats it im done. Replies: >>1939
  1252. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:18:53 No. 1939 [M] >>1938 >im done with talking about this im not storming out or anything lel
  1254. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:20:57 No. 1940 [M] >>1936 theoretically it can't. But they had to do 2 false flags to shut it down. there is no name feild here. Q can not post here at the time being. We might have to set up a place for him to use his trip. Replies: >>1944>>1946
  1256. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:22:29 No. 1941 [M] right_in_chibi_s_kokoro_b(...).jpg (151.42 KiB) [Seed] >>1928 I'll be the animefag for a minute. I hear you, anon - we all want to be a part of the plan - and my arrogant ass can't deny that of myself. There are a lot of people who do not know where to go and some think this is a honeypot - I would argue that endchan can be a place for people looking for refuge from Voat and others without really wanting to make the leap to here. If we keep it largely to Q followers, then they would likely have to outright target Q to justify having it nixed (unless they just want to do blanket "any and all message boards are banned" route). >>1936 Her name is "Kitty-Kitty-Kitten Smitten Meow-Meow Cat" "Kitten-Cat" or just "Angel Kitten Mitten Smitten"... Depends on exactly what song I'm singing. Replies: >>1944>>1945
  1258. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:25:49 No. 1942 [M] Q aggregator FAKE NEWS ar(...).png (92.03 KiB) >>1922 >>1929 >archive offline Well, here's an online archive of a scraper I don't use the other ones because I don't want/need someone else's titles put on it or post << numbers obscured. The scraper above has on each post an icon to save it to, though all Q's posts are already saved there (and listed on the spreadsheet, which you can download in any format you like). There is a browser extension that allows you to save an entire page to your hdd, which is what I've used for IG pages, which will NOT archive at all online. The good thing about is that you have the option to save the page as a zip file (basically, it is the URL with at the end). doesn't give you that option AFAIK. I don't that has a very high opinion of Q >pic related Replies: >>1952
  1260. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:27:26 No. 1943 [M] >>1933 Epik got owned somehow. now same advertised MO as epik, domain financing etc. And seems all new used to be a WordPress sweatshop.
  1262. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:31:03 No. 1944 [M] >>1941 Ah ha! Your cat is the culprit of the weird-posting!! They are tricksy little things and get up to all sorts of shenanigans when we leave the room. >>1940 >>1941 And you are right, there's no name field here so Q cannot post with a tripcode. I'm not a techfag or codefag, so I can't help with that but it may be possible for BO to work it out and modify millchan engine to accommodate that. There has been much discussion on this and the previous thread, the majority of it I do not understand (salts and rainbow tables, etc.). But the good thing is that smart Patriots do and they are talking about it. I know I'm not alone in staying away from voat or anywhere that I have to have an account to post. Replies: >>1952 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1264. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:32:43 No. 1945 [M] >>1941 Wait a fucking second. If the logic is not to get the site nuked. Then are you saying we can't go back to 8chan either? no. So ill take care of the people afraid to come to zeronet and hopefully we can get a balance or something. Replies: >>1952
  1266. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:33:26 No. 1946 [M] >>1940 How will we know it's really him? In fact I'm not sure how we ever did Replies: >>1947>>1952
  1268. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:36:03 No. 1947 [M] >>1946 all you have to do is work in a compatability with the 8chan tripcode system into the one on endchan. or not even endchan there is actually a lot of other clearnet ones. Finalchan spacechan freech(probibly not q friendly) and some more that just sprouted. find one with a compatability then build it and will come. Replies: >>1948>>1949>>1951
  1270. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:37:22 No. 1948 [M] >>1947 build it and he will come.* Replies: >>1951
  1272. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:39:44 No. 1949 [M] >>1947 i will try and get them to work in a compatability for tripcodes from 8chan on endchan. Its not an easy thing to ask for because of the disdain for tripfags. I don't consider Q a tripfag because he posts not using his trip. But ill try and get that going.
  1274. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:46:38 No. 1950 [M] This is an account (and thread) we should pay attention to - they are certainly paying attention to activity here, though obviously we do not link ourselves to or engage in any terrorism/terrorist activity (but they will call us that by association) Important Replies: >>1973
  1276. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:48:13 No. 1951 [M] >>1947 >>1948 >then build it and will come. I'm not against any other chan, but can any of them withstand the constant pressure and onslaught that's happening with 8ch/Eipic/Cloudflare/Voxility? Replies: >>1954
  1278. Anonymous 8/8/2019 13:53:37 No. 1952 [M] >>1944 >>1942 I was talking with my network admin friend yesterday, and we started talking about this platform because I wanted to pick his brain. While he was completely oblivious to its existence (and he's literally enjoying the life away from the news, so no knowledge of what's happened with 8chan) - before I even got to the predicament 8chan was in, he said: "The internet is far more centralized than we give it credit for. Even without DNS, you're still looking at the infrastructure being centralized around massive data centers." He started looking up what I was talking about: "That's... downright Orwellian. I mean... it's totally in the free market right to say that those companies can choose not to host something for any reason they want, but ... Well, they could just stand up their own DNS, that would be pretty simple, but you're right about the DDoS protection being a problem." He's looking into ZeroNet and some other things. >>1946 >>1944 Well... not exactly. The problem is in Q's current tripcode. A normal tripcode simply takes a given input and runs a cryptographic hash on it (scrambles it in binary to end up with all kinds of weird stuff). Because this program is the same across all boards in use, the same input renders the same output. So, if I go to endchan with a normal trip and post with, say, my name, then the hash will appear the same on any board. But, it's not a complicated tripcode and there are trip explorers that allow you to crack a tripcode. By randomizing the input to a hash and testing all possible combinations, you can generate all possible outcomes of the hash and match them to their input. Current hardware isn't quite up to the task (for the average consumer) of doing this for a full trip code - but you can, say, tell the explorer you want your trip output to include "DogLover" in it, and it will start running until it finds several tripcodes that have that string in it. Which is why the secure tripcode was used for his current one. This one uses a salt that is only present on the 8chan servers. Basically - an extra little bit of input code to make it impossible to do the above unless you have that code. This code is unique to 8chan and won't produce the same output on other boards. >>1945 Well, if 8chan actually ends up coming back online, then it will be after having side-stepped the problems of being deplatformed and will also have DDoS protection. They can stand up their own DNS, currently, the reason they can't just do that is because it will get DDoSed instantly, and they don't have the native hardware to stand up against the zerg of chinese bot farms that exist specifically as a LOIC platform (and twitter likebots). See above for what they will need for Q to be able to properly post with a tripcode on Endchan using the last tripcode he was using. Though, honestly, if I were CodeMonkey, I wouldn't give away that salt key after all that's happened and Q's role in things. If it was before someone like Q was posting - it would be a different thing. But now, there are going to be a lot of people looking to fill power vacuums and replace leaders, so to speak - so he will probably be rather cautious of turning that over, because in theory, it would allow whoever has it to begin cracking Q's trip. If that integrity is lost, then we have to go through the whole "Is this really Q" routine again - and if we are going to do that, we may as well just enable tripcodes of both varieties on endchan and wait for Q to validate himself there if that is how he wants to go about it. I'm ... not really sure if tripcodes can be done the same way, here, though... since you would need to have the source to run the calc... and you need to run the calc in order to prove ownership of the source. It would need to go under a different system - which could actually just be displaying UIDs - which are already cryptographic in nature. Q would just need to verify, if he wanted to post here, that he is Q and then verify that a ZID here (or UID or whatever) is him. Or... just validate himself here? I dunno - Q does Q. Replies: >>1953>>1959>>1964
  1280. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:02:26 No. 1953 [M] 1471548342951.png (104.60 KiB) [Seed] >>1952 Thank you for the comprehensive answer down at my level. I actually understand all that now. What do you think of the NSA tweet the other day with the GUIDRA (prob spelling that wrong) - the red dragon/infinity symbol on it with #blackhats and 8 August ? Maybe /ourcryptowizes/ are woking on something today? Perhaps what you just eloquently explained. I know you can't answer, but it's what I'm thinking about today Replies: >>1959>>1964>>1968
  1282. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:03:17 No. 1954 [M] >>1951 >loic its sad that a chan is being cannoned when that was one of the original tools used in 4chan raids. the salt is interesting.He changed trips before so anything is possible. So i guess blanket 8chan compatibility would not be enough for the trip to work. but maybe an option to add code snippets could help? That would be insane to ask for though lol. Replies: >>1955
  1284. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:09:26 No. 1955 [M] >>1954 you know what after reading it again there is no way to replicate it without going through a lot of effort for a hope that would probibly do the opposite of intended. He will come back when he is ready and im sure we all will know its him. Replies: >>1956
  1286. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:13:12 No. 1956 [M] >>1955 also there is no use in me asking. Codemonkey could tell odilitime directly and he would be more than happy to help.
  1288. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:13:54 No. 1957 [M] [E] 1565269979940.jpg (686.08 KiB) TY ANON Q Research General #9413 Black Edition Qresearch Clearnet is running <3 and hopefully by tomorrow my ban is lifted. kek >damn we are black now arent we...
  1290. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:15:32 No. 1958 [M] pepe-10-Days-of-Darkness.gif (629.07 KiB) [Seed] Replies: >>1961>>1962>>1963>>1968
  1292. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:19:25 No. 1959 [M] 8 Ghidra.jpg (25.29 KiB) [Seed] >>1953 >>1952 >NSA tweet Q had called this out before (to get eyes on it). pic related is by NSA - had the GHIDRA logo in their tweet. Replies: >>1960>>1964 Last edited: 7 days ago
  1294. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:24:32 No. 1960 [M] >>1959 similar to 8chan's logo. Replies: >>1964
  1296. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:29:10 No. 1961 [M] >>1958 3rd day is it?
  1298. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:29:59 No. 1962 [M] >>1958 its gonna come back. There is defiantly a financial motive for a company to host them under the banner of free speech. And I appreciate jim but he is not the best public speaker. This works in our favor because he is not the face of a hate site. People think of motor mouths like milo and such jim would take an hour to finish an interview he runs out the clock. He is very relatable.
  1300. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:33:18 No. 1963 [M] >>1958 Is ghidra the tool to debug p2p with?
  1302. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:34:10 No. 1964 [M] 2796 8ch logo.png (12.70 KiB) [Seed] 2977 ghidra 8ch thunderca(...).png (258.98 KiB) [Seed] >>1960 Yes, that's the point. Q called attention to it for a reason. first pic related I mis-numbered it should have been 2976, sorry >>1960 >>1959 >>1953 >>1952 Replies: >>1967
  1304. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:36:21 No. 1965 [M] Screenshot_2019-07-16 CON(...).png (23.86 KiB) used to have faces and a location. Replies: >>1969>>1971>>1974
  1306. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:37:09 No. 1966 [M] [E] >>1692 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #6 >>1697 copypasta for you trackers list in ZeroNet (DROP) >>1699 (You) Epstein's pilot has a daughter in the US military and rumored to be in intelligence. (DROP) >>1700 (You) Utube (DROP) >>1710 (You) >>1711 Not -Q there nor here? >>1725 Jim Watkins, Good Guy? (vid) >>1726 This is not a Game Q >>1727 (You) Reminder all is Closed >>1744 Epic Harassment >>1747 8ch Down and Out! >>1752 DJT TRUMP TWEET "We are with you all the way" >>1759 DEMOCRATS CAUGHT LAUNDERING $50M IN DRUG MONEY FROM MEXICO >>1789 UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE EMERGES AS LAW OF THE LAND >>1790 THE U.S. INC. DECLARES BANKRUPTCY >>1791 THERE IS NO FEDERAL COMMON LAW >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1970 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1308. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:39:08 No. 1967 [M] >>1964 exactly what now? Is that a sign it is coming back? or is this an all out war by the deep state? using false flags to over-ride whatever to temporarily shut down 8chan. Then you got the feds shipping jim in for god knows what. The phillapeans are poking around his pig farm. If its being ddos'd can't the nsa blast those chinese botnets? Replies: >>1978
  1310. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:44:31 No. 1968 [M] >>1953 >>1958 I'm not entirely sure how much the various agencies are part of the plan - they seem to be both opfor and blufor at any given time, and so there's the potential for a lot of confirmation bias either way. However, Ghidra is a very interesting project by the NSA that I am considering a rather invaluable public tool. The tool, itself, is a means of breaking down a program into its source code... how to explain... When I write source code for a program, it is compiled into an executable afterward, which is a list of machine instructions - the various ways the various inputs and outputs on a CPU are keyed to process information. That's assembly language, and it is extremely compressed, using a number of different standards and libraries to take very simple commands you give the compiler and break them all down into "so here is how we actually get electricity to do the thing you wanted on this chip." So, if I write a program, I have various things linked to each other. If I'm wanting to track purchases at a store, then I have variables for what items, how many, formulas that tell the program how to work with those variables, (prices, inventory, what's in shopping carts, what spoiled, etc), as well when and how to refer to those formulas and identify which variables apply (whose apples are being bought, anyway?). A program's source has all of these things written, usually in a way that makes sense. An apple is labeled an apple. Or app. Or - custapp. And it usually has comments in it (programmers notes). ALL of that gets stripped out of what goes into a program. Rather than "apple" - as a variable, it simply becomes a unique number the processor uses to keep track of things. It doesn't need to know it's an apple - just that all of the things (which would later indicate to us it's an apple) are bundled together as part of the same idea. So, normally, you open up an executable - and good luck identifying anything as far as what does what, why, and how. Ghidra is an automated tool that helps break out all of the different variables and how they are linked together. It can't tell you it's an apple - that information is not included, but it can tell you what a variable is tied to in the program - and you can resolve out that one of those is a picture of an apple, so you know these are the apples in the program and this is how the program interacts with all things related to apples. This is a process that was virtually impossible for individual users or small companies. It means that, in theory, people willing to learn the art of doing so can open up any program they want and VERIFY HOW IT WORKS. IE - we could theoretically crack open facebook's app and figure out what it's really doing under the hood. As far as symbolism - It's oroboros. The Orobors is a cosmic dragon/serpent thing in various ancient lore that ate its own tail, symbolizing the idea that "out of death comes rebirth" - things are destroyed and rebuilt in an infinitely repeating cycle. Follow the dragon... well... it's my turn to be a pride-fag. Since 2015, I've called myself "The Dragon" - and was engaging in the topics Q opened with around that same time, as well. I'm an Earth Dragon, having been born in 88 (well, technically, a metal dog as it was June 24 - and the day has more bearing over your personality than your year... but motherfucking dragon!... actually it kind of symbolizes a man opposed to his own destiny as the dog and metal are adversarial to dragon and Earth... but that gets into WuXi and I'm already rambling). But - rather than pointing at me, specifically, as I don't really need that kind of ego inflation - the concept of the dragon is a rather interesting one, symbolically. The East don't see it as a bad thing... a powerful thing ... but different from how it was often seen in the West... though Russia, Romania, etc kind of seemed to have an east-like reverence for the dragon, and the Slavic traditions held Veles as a sort of Prometheus or Loki. As for why Q was referencing them or exactly how that all fits in... I'm not entirely sure. I honestly can't see Ghidra's release as a bad thing, unless it was meant to be a secretive thing used against our military and us... but given to the public - I see it as another critical tool in verifying as a public that companies and governments are behaving. Replies: >>1973>>1978
  1312. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:45:10 No. 1969 [M] Screenshot_2019-07-16 CON(...).png (23.86 KiB) >>1965
  1314. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:48:51 No. 1970 [M] [E] >>1966 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #7 >>1795 Senior U.S. Official: Israel Must Regulate Chinese Investments >>1796 WhatsApp vulnerabilities 'put words in your mouth,' lets hackers take over conversations Dont Put Words in My Mouth! >>1817 Reminder- Post Formatting >>1823 Anon CFD - Mathew Prince >>1829 Fox too soon? >>1847 Victoria's Secret owner claims Epstein stole tens of millions from his charity - How to make money overnight? >>1857 False alarms, real trauma. Americans are on edge after string of mass shootings. >>1860 Over the [Target] >>1864 >>1867 Can (You) Read? >>1872 MAGA Supporters Clean 12 Tons Of Trash From West Baltimore Streets >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1973 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1316. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:53:57 No. 1971 [M] Screenshot_2019-07-16 Who(...).jpg (748.07 KiB) [Seed] >>1965 now ownzored by domain address in Caymans. Epik, Perkins coie, caymans?
  1318. Anonymous 8/8/2019 14:56:02 No. 1972 [M] 1524915588.jpeg (170.81 KiB) [Seed] 54263678256125236889895.jpg (103.80 KiB) [Seed] Adm R o7.JPG (216.39 KiB) [Seed] being anon.png (170.35 KiB) How to Force 8Chan, Reddit and Others to Clean Up We can change safe harbor laws to hold social media platforms accountable. By Jonathan Taplin Aug 7, 2019 Mr. Taplin is the director emeritus of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California. PAYWALL'd (shocking!) How to FORCE >FORCE They're absolutely 'terrified' , lads. They cannot contain us, they cannot destroy us: like trying to hold water in their fist, we just leak out everywhere. Everywhere and nowhere.
  1320. Anonymous. Amorphous. Independent. This is what they fear the most. The programming (MSM) isn't working anymore. >peasants looking elsewhere for info >peasants not buying the party line anymore, finding out how much we've bee lied to Social justice attempts via voluntary compliance failing >have to publicly exert enormous pressure on companies to comply >public shaming and hysteria Violence as a political tool >Words can = violence >leftist threats = goodthink & justified >leftist physical violence is ignored (Dayton shooter) >right-leaning words somehow cause physical pain >spoofed right-wing "manifesto" -> get one site shut down while allowing IG & twat to stay up Political "list" and shaming >Castro leaking names of POTUS donors >D Rep wants "lists" of "white nationalists" >leftist operatives chasing down every DNS provider, hosting company, and DDOS protection (making lists, going down the list) to punish for non-orthodoxy >new "bad-guy-term" conflation with all bad-guy terms so wide to ensnare even your grandmother and mine They are losing and in an absolute state of total PANIC. And this is before DECLAS! The more they grasp and strangle and try to control, the more they lose control. I'm so damn excited - this is about to boil Replies: >>1973
  1322. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:02:29 No. 1973 [M] [E] >>1970 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #8 >>1880 All eyes on 8ch - We are the News! >>1883 (You) Brazilian drug dealer who tried to escape jail dressed as daughter found dead in cell >>1887 Police Launch 8chan Probe in Philippines, Where Owner, Founder Live >>1892 Twatter not 8ch fren >>1893 >>1895 zeronet is the 9gag of privacy tools >>1909 >>1911 Moar Post Formating >>1918 Instagram 'Trusted Partner' Caught Harvesting Vast Personal Data To Create Detailed Dossiers >>1921 House Democrat calls for federal white nationalist list >>1922 Epik reverses course: Seattle-area web services company will not host 8chan following shooting >>1929 Son Of Former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Sentenced For Sex Trafficking 14-Year-Old Girl >>1950 Eyes On Anons >>1968 Ghidra Basics >>1972 How to Force 8Chan, Reddit and Others to Clean Up >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Replies: >>1983>>1987>>2324>>2405 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1324. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:06:17 No. 1974 [M] >>1965
  1326. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:07:34 No. 1975 [M] 4chan-pee-dossier.png (229.68 KiB) [Seed] Lest we forget, the pee dossier. Replies: >>1982
  1328. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:08:31 No. 1976 [M] >>1895 i apologize for being so manic. It is a legitimate concern because some say its not just hovering its any link that is on the page. So if you went to the front page with prefetching enabled every board link and recent post link is being prefetched. disable prefetching.
  1330. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:12:59 No. 1977 [M] So who was epik renting their presence from? Enom tucows amazon?
  1332. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:16:01 No. 1978 [M] NSA ghidra 8-6.png (49.41 KiB) Adm R o7.JPG (216.39 KiB) [Seed] >>1967 Hosting, DNS, DDOS protection racket companies have all dropped 8ch due to SJWs and elite pressure. CM is working hard in background. Jim going to testify to Congress. 8ch likely won't be up until after Jim's testimony. I don't know the actual connection between NSA tweet, but since Q called attention to that program & logo, it is no doubt important. Especially since Q+ cannot communicate directly with us on 8ch, they've been training us to recognize comms via other means (timestamp delta with POTUS tweets, comms via mil tweets). IMO, we've already had a big message given to us since 8ch shut down: >>1381 And I just realized something right now - the "Monster" energy drink on the desk in Scavino's pic... thought it weird b/c POTUS normally drinks Diet Coke. >Monster is the name of the CEO of Eipik!! The NSA tweet had the GHIRDA logo, mentioned #blackhats and 8 August. Make of that what you will. posted 8-5 and then today: with the Thundercats cat, mentioning DarkReading (what css are you reading here on zeronet? Nullchan? the 'dark' one that is set by default? dark reading?) and this one - GHIDRA has been updated! >>1968 you can now see what they've updated ! I fucking love /ourguys/!! Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1334. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:20:13 No. 1982 [M] 1503555776253.png (81.47 KiB) [Seed] >>1975 Those were good times, and many lulz were had. Just could not believe anyone would take that seriously, and yet they did.
  1336. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:21:31 No. 1983 [M] [E] download.jpeg (143.00 KiB) >>1973 (You) >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 NOTABLES UPDATED and ARCHIVED again ty for creating /bant thread for us. im sure Q hit us last night... a couple times. >bewbs for (You)
  1338. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:25:37 No. 1984 [M] 5808 lake washington blvd ne, kirkland, wa Replies: >>1986>>1993>>2324
  1340. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:31:13 No. 1985 [M] 5715b80778846fc9b57b0997a(...).jpg (485.83 KiB) [Seed] Getting Rid of 8chan Isn't Going to Get Rid of QAnon Some longtime watchers of the conspiracy say it's grown to the point where it doesn't need 8chan or even Q anymore. by Mack Lamoureux Aug 8 2019, 3:49pm The incidental deplatforming of 8chan has not dealt QAnon a fatal blow. The many followers of the conspiracy, similar to the YouTube vlogger mentioned above, aren't going to let anything—even their main figure going away—stop them. QAnon supporters are "frustrated at best," Travis View, a co-host of the QAnon
  1342. Anonymous podcast, told VICE. "They've been trained to believe that everything that happens is part of the 'plan' so they are able to roll without [8chan] for the moment." Like a child taking off their training wheels, View believes the group has grown past the need for Q. "Ultimately, the QAnon community doesn't need Q," he said. "Even if Q went dark, they would still spin new conspiracy theories with the framework and thought-terminating cliches (like 'trust the plan') that Q has provided them." The "trust the plan" mantra can be found in almost all the content posted by both the true QAnon adherents and the grifters who have climbed onto the movement. When Q disappeared for weeks before, it was the same—the followers never lost their faith. Rick Ross, a cult expert, told VICE for a previous story about QAnon that the community bears the hallmarks of a cult. And because it's unfolding online, it becomes hard to penetrate. Followers "spend all their watching time Q material on YouTube, dialoguing with different people online, and becoming consumed by that world online," Ross said. Even if Q goes away, that community will still exist. Mike Rothschild,a freelance journalist who has written extensively on QAnon, told VICE he interviewed several Q followers who told him that "even if Q never posted again, they had more than enough to work from." Several QAnon followers who spoke to VICE reiterated this notion, with one follower saying, "We carry on despite any and all setbacks." Rothschild doesn't believe that 8chan is gone for good but even if it is and Q never posts again he believes the movement will carry on. "Q followers are too far gone and too invested to walk away from the movement," Rothschild said. "Many have lost families and friends over this, and Q is a large part of their identity. They will still believe in Q, even if Q never makes another drop." A recent video posted by View on Twitter and retweeted widely shows a woman talking about what QAnon means to her. "Q is you and Q is me. Q is logic. Q is a plan to save the world," the woman said. "Q is not a secret but Q is secretive. A carefully crafted secret education that anyone can have access to." Many online have commented on the video's quasi-religious nature, including Rothschild who says he believes Q is "evolving from a conspiracy theory into a religion." "The Q community's reaction to periods of silence from Q is proof of that," Rothschild said. "They still believe, still research, still make memes, and still wait for 'the storm' to come, even through long absences and disconfirmations." QAnon has grown bigger than Q and there may be no putting this modern monster back in the box. As Views puts it, the absence of a leader doesn’t always mean the end of a movement. “After all, the fact that Paul the Apostle hasn't written any new material in a while didn't stop the growth of Christianity." Replies: >>2045>>2324>>2405
  1344. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:34:56 No. 1986 [M] >>1984 eh, wut?
  1346. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:50:16 No. 1987 [M] [E] 1565295501740.jpg (188.75 KiB) >>1973 (You) I think we just had a -Q Drop >>8522091 Replies: >>1989>>1990>>2038
  1348. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:53:07 No. 1989 [M] [E] 1565295501740.jpg (141.45 KiB) >>1987 (You) actually 2 drops both regard the END... Replies: >>2038>>2049
  1350. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:54:30 No. 1990 [M] [E] >>1987 (You) request " bakers access endchan [ux]. restart /research/ there till codemonkey unfux infinitechan. >comm_fy End Chan is our New Home! Replies: >>1991>>2015>>2028
  1352. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:56:49 No. 1991 [M] >>1990 (You) Bullshit. Replies: >>1995>>1996
  1354. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:58:51 No. 1993 [M] >>1984 >This is a business registration address for 43 companies. These are some of the names: Nordfinance Inc and Telecom Network Specialists Inc. UCC filings contain 24 names in connection to this address. Here are some of the names: Tcr No 521 Tanasbourne and Tcr No 521 Tanasbourne Limited Partnership. We found that six names were listed as license holders, located at this address. These are some of the names: Rightside Operating Co, Blink Global LLC (licence Other Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers). This address is #401 on the list of state addresses by the number of businesses registered there. This address is #14 on the list of city addresses by the number of businesses registered there. This address is #21 among addresses in the state by the number of mentions in UCC filings. This address is #1 among addresses in the city by the number of mentions in UCC filings. WHOIS records associate this address with 55 domain names. Top domain name owners at this address are Qa-no Change To Cc Info Tester and Steve Banfield. The FCC granted a license that mentions this address. Clearwire Spectrum Holdings Ii LLC was listed as a licensee. The license details include the call sign (WQGT609) and FRN number (0015316904). See the contact information below. The short form of this address is 5808 Lake Washington Boulv NE, Kirkland, WA 98033-7350. The ZIP code for this address is 98033 and the postal code suffix is 7350 Replies: >>1999>>2010
  1356. Anonymous 8/8/2019 15:59:40 No. 1994 [M] 7615b0727e09909c14a6cb9f5(...).jpg (141.45 KiB) Who posted this on halfchan? someone put this on /qrb/ Im trying not to sperg out but i think this is a sign from Q on 4chan. Replies: >>2015>>2025
  1358. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:01:47 No. 1995 [M] >>1991 > Cannot access it anyway, constant 'timeout' This is what I meant earlier, asking if it could withstand the DDOS and other attacks if Qresearch went there... Replies: >>2000>>2002>>2005>>2324
  1360. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:01:59 No. 1996 [M] [E] >>1991
  1362. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:02:30 No. 1997 [M] bakers make /research/ on endchan. BO should do it whoever that should be 8bit whoever Replies: >>1998
  1364. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:05:38 No. 1998 [M] >>1997 Cannot even load the main page- just constant timeouts...
  1366. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:07:38 No. 1999 [M] >>1993 There are businesses that do that, be the registered agent for other businesses. That's why they show up for so many. If there is something nefarious there, I don't see it. Replies: >>2015
  1368. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:08:17 No. 2000 [M] [E] >>1995 kek there is no .xyz .net lmao Replies: >>2003>>2053
  1370. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:10:33 No. 2002 [M] >>1995 refresh its being ddosed now. Im not just pulling this shit out of my ass they said its going to be a thing of the past soon. Lynxchan is the backend its supposed to be more lightweight and robust the 500 error screen is not what you have to worry about the backend faliure one is the one to worry sure odilitime upgraded his shit which is why he said its getting fixed. try .net. The errors are bad but its not like this i think it is a ddos. It has to be. And its still standing. Because the backend is supposed to be more lightweight and instead of failing you get the 500 errors. lets hope at least hahaha Replies: >>2014>>2324
  1372. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:11:02 No. 2003 [M] >>2000 (You) well, that was the addy posted eh, ty, but still won't load Replies: >>2007 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1374. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:11:44 No. 2005 [M] [E] >>1995 ffs im still blocked can someone post this reply for me ########### >>8522088 >>8522091 Do you not know their Comms? Baker Here Confirmed END CHAN IS Replies: >>2009 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1376. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:12:37 No. 2007 [M] >>2003 just pressed f5 on this page it loaded no problem.
  1378. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:14:29 No. 2009 [M] >>2005 (You) done I still cannot access just constant timeout - whaddamI doing wrong? feeling retarded :( Replies: >>2012
  1380. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:14:38 No. 2010 [M] >>1993 Enom, tucows, Plus Paytriot fronts and democrats for cHina
  1382. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:15:23 No. 2012 [M] >>2009 give it time my friend. We are going to get comm_fy
  1384. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:16:29 No. 2014 [M] >>2002 though he also said it was a config error for the frontend and backend whatever that means. Replies: >>2016>>2021
  1386. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:16:33 No. 2015 [M] >>1990 (You) You're posting from behind a web client/portal, which isn't serving up your 'proof' images, so we can't see them and they haven't been picked up by any seeds. If you want to shill here, you're gonna have to first seed here to make sure we can see your shilling. If you seed here, you're helping us out. >>1999 Yeah... I dunno, either - just posting what I found at the link anon posted. >>1994 Well, I at least got the thumbnail for that one. Let's have a look-see.... and my computer needs glasses. ... I mean, sure, if you want to go autistic on the idea that "end" means "endchan" - I can't really argue. There again, we know that Q's countdown goes to zero. So... why not ZeroNet? I'm not going to stop you from trying to gather people to one place, but I will say that I think you're knowingly being more than a little devious in your ways. I don't think you are a bad person per se, but I do think you are looking to make your corner of the world more powerful moreso than the movement more powerful. If that's what rallies people from the confusion - the ends are more important than the means... but I wouldn't go so far as to say it justifies them. Replies: >>2016>>2028
  1388. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:19:11 No. 2016 [M] >>2014 >>2015 the progression is 4 chan 8 chan 0chan? that makes no sense. With ron saying the "team" didnt make zeronet and with this sign after i speculated Q would post and we all would know its him i am unable for now. For now to think this is just errata Replies: >>2019>>2029
  1390. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:20:08 No. 2018 [M] [E] Last edited: 6 days ago
  1392. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:20:30 No. 2019 [M] >>2016 plus there is specific comms in that drop that i personally identify with opsec info i can't say because i am anon. Replies: >>2022
  1394. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:20:40 No. 2020 [M] #7057723 at 2019-07-16 14:24:12 (UTC+1) Q Research General #9030: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Edition >>7057594 >PaYtriots Interesting that WASHINGTON STATE CHINA RELATIONS COUNCIL is at the same address as and their web page template looks very similar to "" and in 2017, a company called RIGHTSIDE merged, joined, or was bought by here are all the businesses registered to that suite 300 address: KINDA LOOKS LIKE A BUNCH OF FAKE MAGA Puzzling out the fake Maga connections with the bitmitigate theatre. >>7057439 Replies: >>2324
  1396. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:21:04 No. 2021 [M] >>2014 > There again, we know that Q's countdown goes to zero. So... why not ZeroNet? It was pointed out on twatter that POTUS said "Zero deals. ZEEEEEERO" I hadn't thought of that before. Not arguing either way. I will point out one thing, again. If endchan is being DDOSd right now, stress-test is failing. It cannot handle what is coming at it, and this is only the beginning. Replies: >>2023>>2026
  1398. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:22:02 No. 2022 [M] >>2019 no i am just thinking too hard about it. but it is possibly notable imo
  1400. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:23:32 No. 2023 [M] >>2021 its not 500d one time for me Replies: >>2026>>2032
  1402. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:25:02 No. 2025 [M] [E] >>1994 Baker here and there i put it on endchan it was posted on /bant i thinks its q telling us to goto endchan i got some other spoopy NOT Q post last night too >>1703 Replies: >>2032
  1404. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:25:23 No. 2026 [M] >>2023 >>2021 wait a second.. The stress tests corrilate to when endchan had a huge multi hundred gig ddos. They where stress testing endchan too i think. Either it failed or 8chan failed. Replies: >>2032>>2324
  1406. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:25:38 No. 2027 [M] The Story Of 8chan Shows Why There Is No Alternative To the Leftwing Social Media Giants I’ll disclose my bias upfront. I think Twitter, Google (and by Google I actually mean Alphabet), and Facebook are profoundly evil corporations that epitomize Lord Acton’s admonition, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” They have eluded liability under the safe harbor provision of the Communications Decency Act and ruthlessly targeted conservative voices they think are hitting too close to home. They have even blocked the parody site Babylon Bee because the jokes were too close to being actual news. They have branched out from merely ripping off your personal information and selling it for a profit to actively interfering in the politics of the United States. A prime example of this is the decision by Twitter to suspend the Twitter account of Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign for encouraging violence when it tweeted a video of leftwing wackos, at least one of which appeared to be very chummy with Elizabeth “Ol’ 1/1024” Warren, at McConnell’s home shouting obscenities and threats of physical harm. This behavior is not new. During the 2018 campaign, Facebook pulled ads by Elizabeth Heng because she made reference to the fact that her parents had escaped from the Khmer Rouge genocide. In short, I’m 100% in favor of the Department of Justice’s Anti-Trust Division putting them out of business. I’m in favor of sending as much of their staff to prison and homeless shelters as can be done legally. Though 8chan and Gab represent an extreme example, they provide a good model for why creating a social media network that allows free speech within the constraints of what is legally permissible rather than what is socially acceptable to a 26 year-old gay trans woke hipster in a long-term relationship with xis gerbil (NTTAWWT) is simply not possible. 8chan was shut off from internet access by a vendor. Not by market forces. By a vendor. A new vendor was found. The new vendor was shut down by one of its vendors for providing services to 8chan. There was a time when this might have been called “restraint of trade” but if you say the wrong thing, then no one cares. If you think this can’t happen to conservatives, you’re delusional. Look at how the concept of “white supremacy” has been broadened to include all of Donald Trump’s supporters and donors: "For those of you funding Donald Trump's re-election campaign, you may want to take note: Because you keep writing checks to this president, it's on you…because you are funding this white supremacist campaign…It is your money that is funding this white supremacy." —@JoeNBC — Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) August 5, 2019 Moments ago on @DeadlineWH: .@jacobsoboroff: "Is the president a white supremacist?" Beto O'Rourke: "He is." — 11th Hour (@11thHour) August 7, 2019 You, my friend, are a white supremacist to these people. And your right to political speech is just as endangered by Vichy Republicans as it is by the left. In this case, 8chan needed a service vendor to allow it to operate on the internet. That vendor walked. The replacement vendor was dependent upon a third party for leased servers and they were shut down because they provided a service to 8chan. The fact is that in the current environment, you can’t start a competing social media network that allows opinions that the left finds offensive unless you have the financial wherewithal to own, outright, all the hardware, software, and can provide all the necessary services to keep that network online if Big Tech disapproves of what you’re doing. And, if you can, how do you stay in business? Who controls most of the internet advertising sales? And if an internet service company can be shut down because of its unpopular client, how many companies will permit their ads to appear on your network after Google warns them off? No, my friends, there are two ways forward. Either we comply with situationally malleable rules designed to shut us down and accept our role as serfs or we use every tool at our disposal to either tame or destroy these corporations which are literally trying to rule the country. Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1408. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:26:04 No. 2028 [M] [E] >>2015 >>1990 (You) (You) You're posting from behind a web client/portal, which isn't serving up your 'proof' images, so we can't see them and they haven't been picked up by any seeds. Baker Here, not to sound too shilly but wtf are u talking about. i just post shit man. how to seed here o/ Replies: >>2031
  1410. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:28:28 No. 2029 [M] >>2016 .... No, anon, that kind of progression makes no sense. I was mostly being facetious, although I will point out that certain groups have been rather interesting in their use of Zero as it pertains to things: It's a counting song, and it counts "up" to a point where it his zero, because there is no named number that large in Japanese. At a certain point in the song, when it goes to "Zero," President DJT is featured and he "has got this." IE - Everyone stay calm, POTUS has this. Just a funny thing I noticed and we have traffic slow enough for others to enjoy my flavor of autism. Replies: >>2034
  1412. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:31:44 No. 2031 [M] >>2028 (You) no im posting from zeronet the downloaded application
  1414. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:32:07 No. 2032 [M] >>2025 (You) Apparently I made some posts on /bant/ last night that freaked some out, I am NOT Q, though I didn't do any of the Q posts, was focusing on the decode stuff. I made a thread about it on this board, just was trying to get some eyes on it and help. >>2023 I just get "timeout" and can't connect. >>2026 If you were Q+ and you wanted to see if endchan could handle the load, you post it on 4chan, where you know it's being watched like a hawk and see what happens - where the attacks are coming from, how mitigation measures work/where they fail. Stress test. Right now, it doesn't look like endchan is handling it, I cannot connect at all. I'm not saying that is what is happening, but zoom out and think how you would do it if you were Q. Replies: >>2033>>2038
  1416. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:34:11 No. 2033 [M] >>2032 well its not even being ddosd the error you are seeing is a configuration error they are debugging. I suspect though that it is a ddos i was told its just a configuration error.
  1418. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:34:15 No. 2034 [M] >>2029 Goes to zero is a calculus punn.
  1420. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:36:11 No. 2035 [M] well its certainly more than i would have ever dreamed the response would be about fucking endchan seeing the way the thread was going. Im gonna go back to endchan you guys set up a cross comm i am gonna follow this crumb. Replies: >>2036>>2039
  1422. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:37:17 No. 2036 [M] >>2035 no WE set up a cross comm. WWG1WGA
  1424. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:39:01 No. 2038 [M] >>1987 (You) >>1989 (You) This is definitely NOT Q, go look at subsequent posts. Not Q >>2032 I'm not seeing any error, just the standard The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond. On ZERO There's also the deltas 0 delta means what? Replies: >>2044
  1426. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:40:56 No. 2039 [M] >>2035 We'll be in a multiplicity of here.
  1428. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:44:21 No. 2040 [M] Andrew McCabe Sues DOJ, FBI Over "Politically Motivated Firing" Thu, 08/08/2019 - 16:45 Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe - flush with cash after a GoFundMe campaign raised $540,000, is the second former high-ranking FBI official to sue the Justice Department and FBI this week for what he describes as a "politically motivated firing" just days before he was set to retire with full benefits. The lawsuit describes former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray as "Trump's personal enforcers," who catered "to Trump’s unlawful whims instead of honoring their oaths to uphold the Constitution." He also got a bit snarky: McCabe brings the heat. — Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) August 8, 2019 They actually think this will work kek!!! Replies: >>2061>>2324>>2405 Here it comes!
  1430. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:47:50 No. 2041 [M] 1475687686535.gif (3.68 MiB) President Trump Readies Executive Order To Crack-Down Hard On Social Media Censorship Of Conservatives Thu, 08/08/2019 - 16:25 Update: The Hill reports that National Republican groups announced Thursday that they would halt spending money to advertise on Twitter after the social media site locked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) campaign account this week. The move from the House and Senate GOP campaign arms, as well as the Republican National Committee (RNC), marks an escalation in the conservative battle against the country's largest tech companies, which they claim routinely censor right-wing voices. Critics have insisted there is little evidence to substantiate those claims beyond individual anecdotes. "Twitter’s hostile actions toward Leader McConnell’s campaign are outrageous and we will not tolerate it," Jesse Hunt, a spokesman with the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said in a statement to The Hill. "The NRSC will suspend all spending with Twitter until further notice. We will not spend our resources on a platform that silences conservatives." * * * Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, It appears that President Trump is getting ready to bring down the hammer on the big social media companies. According to Politico, the Trump administration is in the process of drafting an executive order that will “tackle Silicon Valley’s alleged anti-conservative bias”. And it is very much in President Trump’s own self-interest to do this. Social media played a key role in helping him win in 2016, but since that time we have seen an unprecedented wave of censorship on the major social media platforms, and most of that censorship has been directed at conservative voices. If President Trump doesn’t do something, it is hard to see how he will win in 2020, and of course that is precisely what the leftist executives at the big social media companies want. Ultimately, it would take an act of Congress to do everything that needs to be done, but President Trump should be applauded for trying to do what he can on his own. Apparently Politico was able to speak to three separate sources that are familiar with the drafting of this new executive order, and after speaking to all of them Politico came to the conclusion that the Trump administration is very serious about “wielding the federal government’s power against Silicon Valley”… The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies, according to a White House official and two other people familiar with the matter — a month after President Donald Trump pledged to explore “all regulatory and legislative solutions” on the issue. None of the three would describe the contents of the order, which one person cautioned has already taken many different forms and remains in flux. But its existence, and the deliberations surrounding it, are evidence that the administration is taking a serious look at wielding the federal government’s power against Silicon Valley. It is not clear if such an executive order would hold up in court, and undoubtedly there will be legal challenges right away. Of course those legal challenges will take a long time to play out, because we all know how quickly our legal system moves. In the end, it is very simple. The leftists that run the big social media companies hate what we believe, and they don’t want us to get the truth out. The don’t believe in a free marketplace of ideas, because their ideas always lose. So the only way that they can win is by shutting us up, and that is precisely what they have been attempting to do. The social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced. They want to control what ideas people are exposed to, thus shaping the overall direction of the country as a whole. If they are allowed to get away with it, they will greatly alter the political future of America far beyond the 2020 election. Something needs to be done immediately, and so let us hope that President Trump gives this executive order some really strong teeth. Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1432. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:50:25 No. 2043 [M] Gunman with body armor fatally shot by police after critically injuring 1 man, shooting 2 officers in N.J. gun battle Replies: >>2324
  1434. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:51:38 No. 2044 [M] [E] >>2038 I am, I am the Baker. This is Q he is not talking as Q he is talking as alt -Qanon again learn their comms. I am Baker here too. I will stay on here, but if i see moar push to end im outta here. plus the risk here. some have to know when its time to fold and run to the next table. Replies: >>2046>>2052
  1436. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:52:22 No. 2045 [M] >>1985 Question for these mockingbird shills. How many "cults" encourage people to look hard at evidence and think for themselves? They are seriously in PANIC frens. Let's turn up the heat to 11 by showing how false each of their new bullshit narratives are. Replies: >>2047
  1438. Anonymous 8/8/2019 16:55:08 No. 2046 [M] >>2044 (You) Eh, Q doesn't talk like this: its a doxxin pot kitts. Replies: >>2049
  1440. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:09:18 No. 2047 [M] >>2045 >>>8679027224fe ^^^ What are you replying to that generates that hash? Last edited: 6 days ago
  1442. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:09:34 No. 2048 [M] Facebook Offers News Outlets Millions of Dollars a Year to License Content Company approached ABC News, Dow Jones, Washington Post and Bloomberg as it plans to launch news section By Benjamin Mullin and Sahil Patel Aug. 8, 2019 4:02 pm ET Facebook Inc. FB 2.71%▲ is offering news outlets millions of dollars for the rights to put their content in a news section that the company hopes to launch later this year, according to people familiar with the matter. Representatives from Facebook have told news executives they would be willing to pay as much as $3 million a year to license entire stories, headlines and previews of articles from news outlets, the people said. The outlets pitched by Facebook on its news tab include Walt Disney Co. ’s ABC News, Wall Street Journal parent Dow Jones, The Washington Post and Bloomberg, the people said. Facebook’s plans come as the company is facing growing criticism for its role in the news industry’s struggles by sucking up much of the advertising revenue that used to go to newspapers. Combined, Facebook and Alphabet Inc. ’s Google earned 60% of all digital advertising revenue in the U.S. last year, according to eMarketer. The news-licensing deals between Facebook and news outlets would run for three years, some of the people said. Facebook is planning to launch the section sometime in the fall, the people said. It is unclear whether any news outlets have formally agreed yet to license their content to Facebook. ................ Further consolidation of "goodthink" sources of "news" plus more FRN$! Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1444. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:21:00 No. 2049 [M] [E] >>2046 actually yes if Q was to say go covert but try to keep is demeanor so he is known, then yes i would say Q talks like this last night post >>1703 I am Here Just Find the Real Me Q >notice the - this is an alt account then this post today >>1989 (You) request " bakers access endchan [ux]. restart /research/ there till codemonkey unfux infinitechan. >comm_fy Replies: >>2055>>2083
  1446. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:24:19 No. 2050 [M] [E] screenshot.png (272.61 KiB)
  1448. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:26:57 No. 2051 [M] on /qrb/ someone posted a strange pdf OrangePekoe semiprime factorization algorithm pre-committment i think its the peice of code needed to get the trip to work. Replies: >>2405
  1450. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:29:21 No. 2052 [M] >>2044 (You) What risk? There's no more risk here than anywhere else, and likely less. You can manage what is stored if you start looking in the data directory. You can even identify an equivalent of an ID to tie a particular user's posts together (at least until a key change is made). Zero has pluses: Can't be DDOS'd because there's no central site to attack, and it doesn't need DNS which would be another attack surface. Text is archived automatically by virtue of the P2P structure. I don't buy into "pressure" of any kind. Period. Anons do what anons want. As long as we cross post across the various bunkers, all is good. If there's a Q sighting, word will spread... Last edited: 6 days ago
  1452. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:29:35 No. 2053 [M] >>2000 (You) False. I'm on the board. Plus, there is this: $ dig +short
  1454. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:31:52 No. 2054 [M] Why not use both? Replies: >>2063
  1456. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:34:28 No. 2055 [M] >>2049 (You) I saw all that, and went through a bunch to find out the original post, which didn't show up on 4plebs. Weird night, its all up-thread. Here's my problems - Endchan cannot even be reached now, what will happen as soon as /qresearch/ is set up & Q posts? Realistically? Implosion. I have been trying for the last hour+ and it's just timing out. How can we go there? Would Q ask you to go somewhere that you cannot even access right now? And respectfully, that does not, in any way sound like Q. At all. Not anyone on Q team that has ever posted before, even the one with the warm tone Christmas wishes. >unfux There are so many who want to derail, destroy and thwart Q - every ABC is there and here. If you were them, what would you do? Create multiple "Q" posts to send anons on wild goose chases? Point anons to a centralized location that will also be nuked immediately? (Further demoralize them?) I'm not wedded to zerochan or anywhere, I'm just trying to use logic. I could also be totally wrong. I still cannot access Cannot access using either. Replies: >>2056>>2058
  1458. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:41:17 No. 2056 [M] >>2055 >Endchan cannot even be reached now, what will happen as soon as /qresearch/ is set up & Q posts? its working fine. If there is a 500 that lasts for more than 1-3 minutes then that is still about an hour thing once every week or so. Its a misconfiguration of the server Replies: >>2060
  1460. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:42:01 No. 2057 [M] Won't see Q until after the eightchan hearings I betcha. Eight will come up long enough to authenticate and give further instructions. It's all bait.
  1462. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:44:23 No. 2058 [M] >>2055 I noticed, earlier, that they were using .xyz instead of .net - why, I have no clue. And at this point, I'm kind of losing my patients with this... I don't know what he is doing. Possibly trying to stir up infighting between the boards? Maintain cross-comms as we originally planned. Whatever is going on with this guy here, the anons who are on end shouldn't be kept out of the loop because of it. Replies: >>2060
  1464. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:46:31 No. 2059 [M] Will we hit 10k peers today? Hovering around 9400.
  1466. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:52:05 No. 2060 [M] 1505613235955.jpg (85.14 KiB) [Seed] >>2056 Logical. CM says he's working on scalability and [strong protection] - Jim will testify and we'll see how that goes, but I don't think 8 will come back up before that. >>2056 I've been trying for over an hour, F5, same thing, just trying the TLS handshake, wait, wait, timeout. 1.5 hours now. I don't know, I've tried: and same result. I want to get in! It's very frustrating!! I can access every other site fine, but just nothing but timeout there. >>2058 >Possibly trying to stir up infighting between the boards? NO. Not sure how much clearer I can be: I'm not wedded to zerochan or anywhere Replies: >>2062
  1468. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:54:46 No. 2061 [M] >>2040 Discovery is a bitch. Let's see it all. Fucking CIA niggers. Replies: >>2065
  1470. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:55:16 No. 2062 [M] >>2060 Apologies, Anon, I should have been a bit more clear - I meant the poster who is trying to get everyone to that .xyz domain. I'm looking into what is going on, but it looks like there is a mirror between and is where you should be going, and this poster is redirecting people on the .net to .xyz domains. Replies: >>2064
  1472. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:59:20 No. 2063 [M] >>2054 A necessary inconvenience until we can emerge from the bunker. I'm monitoring both and cross-posting.
  1474. Anonymous 8/8/2019 17:59:41 No. 2064 [M] >>2062 Or... not? has been around for a while... fuck, I don't know what's going on over there. Dealing with a bit of my own paranoia, I suppose. Replies: >>2066
  1476. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:00:52 No. 2065 [M] >>2061 >participate in a plot to overthrow the president leak >lie repeatedly >leak >get fired >boo-hoo, it was political Both him and Stzrok are going to regret suing, so much is going to come out in discovery...
  1478. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:02:16 No. 2066 [M] >>2064 Reading a message board or posting an opinion is not a crime in the US. Our job is to wake the normies and keep these communist motherfuckers from overthrowing the Constitution and changing that.
  1480. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:04:06 No. 2067 [M] I don't know what's going on at endchan anymore. Last edited: 6 days ago
  1482. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:04:06 No. 2068 [M] Monitoring twatter on 8ch, and it's interesting to see the "news" stories, how they are consistent, who is pushing back and how it's spreading around the world. Most American people have been at work all day and are finally starting to push back (as individuals). Resignationanon is on the job, too. (thank you!) And someone roped in @DrawandStrike on whether El Paso shooter posted the "manifesto" on IG first... Replies: >>2324
  1484. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:07:08 No. 2069 [M] [E] Baker here i have setup a new board on ENDCHAN QANONRESEARCH >somefag got qresearch and already fakwed it Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1486. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:10:25 No. 2070 [M] Chief Censor backs ISP action on 8chan The Chief Censor has offered backing to any ISPs which block 8chan - but companies are wary and experts say the discussion reveals gaps in our regulatory framework. Marc Daalder AUGUST 9, 2019 Updated 5 hours ago The founder of 8chan, an online forum with far-right political leanings, has called for it to be shut down after the message board was linked to at least three mass shootings in the past six months. Now, David Shanks - New Zealand's Chief Censor - has said he "would support any domestic ISP that decided that in these extreme circumstances they would no longer link NZ customers to 8chan". For their part, Kiwi internet providers have so far refused to entertain the idea, even as 8chan's body count continues to rise. That we even have to rely on private companies like Spark and Vodafone to take action shows the patchwork regulatory framework for grappling with online hate - particularly when there is a link between hateful words and real-life atrocities. Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1488. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:26:19 No. 2071 [M] boohoo barr.png (52.97 KiB) barr justice.png (326.05 KiB) #Resistance views AG Barr as egging on "vigilantism" when he's interviewed, and acknowledged that many people don't see actual justice being done kek Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1490. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:29:29 No. 2072 [M] Poll: Majority of Blacks, Hispanics Support Anti-Illegal Immigration 2020 Candidates The overwhelming majority of American voters say they are more likely to support 2020 presidential candidates who oppose illegal immigration to the United States, a new poll finds. ges John Binder7 Aug 2019 The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that about 70 percent, or seven-in-ten, U.S. voters said they would be more likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who stands for “strengthing our border to reduce illegal immigration” to the country. Only 30 percent of U.S. voters said they would be less likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who supported reducing illegal immigration. Support for reducing illegal immigration is vastly popularly among swing voters, about 69 percent of whom said they would be more likely to back a candidate like President Trump in the 2020 election because of his stance against illegal immigration. Similarly, voters across racial lines said they would be more likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate that wants to reduce illegal immigration. Roughly 63 percent of black Americans and 61 percent of Hispanic Americans said they would be more likely to support an anti-illegal immigration presidential candidate. More than seven-in-ten working and lower-middle-class Americans, as well as 71 percent of suburban voters, said the same. As Breitbart News reported, the Harvard/Harris Poll found that nearly seven-in-ten swing voters, along with 64 percent of all U.S. voters, said they are less likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who supports more immigration to the country. The Washington, DC-imposed mass immigration policy — whereby more than 1.5 million mostly low-skilled foreign workers are admitted to the U.S. to compete against Americans every year — has been a boon to corporate executives, Wall Street, big business, and multinational conglomerates, as every one percent increase in the immigrant composition of an occupation’s labor force reduces Americans’ hourly wages by 0.4 percent. Every one percent increase in the immigrant workforce reduces Americans’ overall wages by 0.8 percent. Currently, there are anywhere between 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the country, the majority of which live in California, New York, Florida, and Texas. The poll surveyed 2,214 registered American voters online between July 31 and August 1. Replies: >>2324>>2405
  1492. Anonymous 8/8/2019 18:59:09 No. 2073 [M] 1474396737840.jpg (68.62 KiB) Q mentioned the "hunters becoming the hunted" and there's a new movie trailer out in which wealthy liberal elites actually go out and "hunt deplorables"... Trailer & ads were pulled in the wake of the shootings. Multiple meanings?
  1494. Anonymous 8/8/2019 19:30:13 No. 2076 [M] tyranny 1.png (427.99 KiB) ugh Last edited: 6 days ago
  1496. Anonymous 8/8/2019 19:56:00 No. 2077 [M] Oh look, a poll >Should every 4chan and 8chan user be placed on a terrorist watch list? Replies: >>2079>>2324
  1498. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:08:59 No. 2079 [M] [E] >>2077 can someone please post this for me im still banned ######## Post ###### Baker Here Clearnet GO! > ##### Post Here ######## Replies: >>2082>>2085>>2086
  1500. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:13:38 No. 2081 [M] SHOOTER SCARE Gun nut in fatigues films himself walking into Walmart carrying an assault rifle and 100 rounds just days after El Paso shooting Jenny Awford, US Digital Editor 9 Aug 2019, 1:26Updated: 9 Aug 2019, 1:53 A GUN nut dressed in fatigues filmed himself walking into a Walmart in the US carrying an assault weapon and 100 rounds. The man, described as white and aged in his twenties, was detained by an off-duty firefighter who held the suspect at gunpoint. It is the latest in a series of gun-related incidents that have been reported at Walmarts across the US since the massacre. Cops say the camouflage-clad man walked into the Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, on Thursday and started pushing a shopping trolley around. He was wearing body armour, military fatigues and was carrying tactical weapons. Police say the man was recording himself walking through the store using his phone. The store manager at the Neighborhood Market pulled a fire alarm, urging shoppers to escape the store. Police say the man then made his way out of an emergency exit where a firefighter held the man at gunpoint. At that moment Springfield Police arrived on scene and detained the man. Cops say the man walked into the Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, and grabbed a cart before pushing it around the store 6 Cops say the man walked into the Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, and grabbed a cart before pushing it around the storeCredit: KY3 The Springfield Police Department confirmed that the man had loaded weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. It comes one day after an unidentified man walked into a Florida Walmart shortly after 7pm on Wednesday and asked a clerk “for anything that would kill 200 people,” KIRO-TV reported. “They announced over the intercoms for everybody to leave the store,” one shopper at the Port St. Lucie store told the station. “One of the employees said there was a guy with a gun and that’s when everybody was running out.” A store in Washington was evacuated on Wednesday afternoon when a man who appeared to have a gun walked in and threatened to open fire, KIRO-TV reported this week. Police wouldn’t immediately say what threats were made and the department did not return a request for comment. Early on Wednesday morning, a man was shot dead in the parking lot of a Walmart in Livermore, California. Police said the suspect, Johnathon Michael Inocencio, 30, shot the victim in the torso at 4am then fled the scene in either a 2014 white Ford Explorer or a 2000 white and red Tioga motorhome. Customers fled a Baton Rouge Walmart in panic on Tuesday when police said guns were drawn during an argument in the customer service line — initially reported to police as an active shooter. The spate of troubling incidents have come after Patrick Crusius gunned down parents and kids in a packed Walmart in El Paso on Saturday. The 21-year-old posted a horrifying anti-Mexican manifesto just 20 minutes before storming the store and mowing down those inside aisle-by-aisle. He travelled 645 miles to the US border city of El Paso to carry out the massacre - which cops are treating as an act of domestic terrorism. In his manifesto, titled The Inconvenient Truth and posted on messageboard 8chan, he cited book The Great Replacement, which promotes a racist theory that whites are being “replaced” by non-whites. Replies: >>2324>>2405 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1502. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:14:40 No. 2082 [M] >>2079 (You) done - be aware it does not load in FF at all.
  1504. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:22:46 No. 2083 [M] >>2049 (You) Wishful thinking
  1506. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:28:46 No. 2084 [M] [E] 537a98e46bb3f7f61f245ef6-(...).jpg (186.78 KiB) This is Baker this place is great for say bunker. but for research and discussion, I dont think so. the hassle with: installing the service. installing tor/firewalls. getting all that to run. commenting on one another scrambles cant search anon ID - aj0ilk (No ID) cant search post ID - #737 (try to ctrl+f) can on Search by No. but that changes. so Good Luck! p2p sharing. seed images. resources. Also This. u take the time to collect notables and post in a bundle. but since u take so long the id changes of that post. so now when u post u have the old id. so then u have to go find that post. GOOD LUCK cant use id, cant use post#. u can search for phrases and thats about the fuck off it. so yeah im going to endchan and (You) are all invited. Dont forget to collect and archive ur notables. >Find Me Here Replies: >>2324 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1508. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:35:15 No. 2085 [M] [E] v1.bjsyMDQyMjQ7ajsxODEzNz(...).jpg (26.00 KiB) >>2079 (You) ty for posting that for me anon o7 *Clints Smiling :) Replies: >>2087
  1510. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:46:22 No. 2086 [M] [E] q1.png (331.12 KiB) >>2079 (You) ok i think i got it there is: Q+ = Potis Q = Q -Q = Q assistant Replies: >>2088>>2324
  1512. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:47:21 No. 2087 [M] >>2085 (You) yvw I'm still monitoring all 3, can't hurt. Replies: >>2090
  1514. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:52:55 No. 2088 [M] >>2086 (You) >-Q = Q assistant Not necessarily. Anyone can type that. -Q no, I'm not Q, helper, or anything interesting, just anon, just making the point. Replies: >>2090 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1516. Anonymous 8/8/2019 20:53:31 No. 2089 [M] 68355526_1021881561175994(...).jpg (82.98 KiB) Replies: >>2092>>2324>>2405
  1518. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:00:59 No. 2090 [M] [E] >>2087 kek me too >>2088 look at graphic closer. all the inner post are also -Q Replies: >>2092
  1520. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:14:01 No. 2092 [M] >>2089 >[strong defense] Look though his tweets - has he ever put anything else in [brackets]?? >>2090 (You) >look at graphic closer. all the inner post are also -Q And do any of them actually 'sound' like Q? Do they all make any sense whatsoever? How easy it would be to just sign -Q to some wild goose chase. Q will post, where and when it is appropriate, and we will know. Replies: >>2112>>2147 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1522. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:16:47 No. 2105 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-08 Jud(...).png (301.34 KiB) Replies: >>2106>>2324>>2405
  1524. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:19:05 No. 2106 [M] 9c53e8da23bd7215e65c986d3(...).jpg (160.34 KiB) [Seed] >>2105 Going to read them now...
  1526. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:28:04 No. 2112 [M] [E] >>2092 #2085 ron is comped #2086 >do any of them actually 'sound' like Q? KEK thats my GD point. :) Negative Q is Q assitant A Trinity Exist Q+ Q -Q The Trinity -Q+ Replies: >>2118 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1528. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:30:10 No. 2115 [M] Q is a fucking nigger and I hope you all die of cancer Replies: >>2118
  1530. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:30:20 No. 2116 [M] [E] remove the ?fbclid=...
  1532. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:32:00 No. 2118 [M] >>2112 (You) >Negative Q is Q assitant That doesn't make any sense, bro. If Ron were really comp'd I doubt he'd be working so hard, but what do I know? >>2115 Alright, sweetie, thanks for letting us know, and have a nice day. Replies: >>2121>>2123 You knew it was coming..
  1534. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:45:19 No. 2120 [M] ep shooter qresearch.png (414.45 KiB) [Seed] And now we get the lie that the El Paso shooter POSTED IN QRESEARCH Replies: >>2122>>2400>>2405
  1536. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:47:08 No. 2121 [M] [E] >>2118 I know, but isnt it just crazy? Q+ = Potus Q = Q -Q = Q assistant -Q+ LTR Replies: >>2123
  1538. Anonymous 8/8/2019 21:58:04 No. 2122 [M] >>2120 How can they post that? That "thread" is shopped. Look at the post numbers and reply post numbers. Plus it directly says "/pol is a board of peace." Its /Pol not?Qresearch. Fucking DS/FBI/CIAniggers. That twat post glows so hard Terry Davis will rise from the grave and slap them. This is the equvalent of the last tiem they doxxed themselves with (you) postings. I hope they get called on it. Replies: >>2139 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1540. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:04:52 No. 2123 [M] [E] 220px-Latvian_platoon_at_(...).jpg (15.43 KiB) >>2121 (You) >>2118 and im telling you, look at some of the Q replies to anons. Read what Anons Wrote. Some are not ur ordinary everyday anon questions... Those are Q's team. one will ask a pertinent question out of no where unrelated to our conversations. then Boom Q fires back on that pertinent Question. hes got a team here. Believe It! Replies: >>2139 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1542. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:13:17 No. 2139 [M] >>2122 it's the conflation between two different things/places/purposes/meanings Consider: RACIST a Bolshevik term, but I digress... >someone who hates everyone else for not being of the same race >someone who hates everyone of a particular race (but not all other races) >someone who doesn't hate themselves for being of their particular race /pol/ >politically incorrect board on various chans >Qresearch on 8ch >it's shopped Yes it is. Easy, peasey! Frankly I'm surprised it took this long. Luckily, anons archive. Even more luckily, 4ch archives automatically, AND 8ch archives are up. >>2123 (You) I have, carefully. I do not agree. But then again, I'm wrong at least once/day. Q is professional as they come, even frustrated to all hell with our shitposing and flea-size attention span, still professional. Q is not going to have some junior lackey posting that dumb shit. Any person on Q team is still on a much higher level than any anon. I'm just offering my own anon opinion, which counts for absolutely nothing at all. I will go wherever Q goes, because all that matters is saving our great Country. If America falls, the entire world will be enslaved. We cannot let that happen. Replies: >>2161>>2233
  1544. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:15:46 No. 2147 [M] >>2092 This is a good point. I just realzied Q has posts with markers STRONG and STAY THE COURSE. Since CM has tweeted both,... Last edited: 6 days ago
  1546. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:19:46 No. 2161 [M] >>2139 > I will go wherever Q goes, because all that matters is saving our great Country. If America falls, the entire world will be enslaved. We cannot let that happen. ^^^This
  1548. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:31:16 No. 2193 [M] Screenshot from 2019-08-0(...).png (213.02 KiB) Damn! Looks like we've been comp'd already. Replies: >>2249>>2269>>2324
  1550. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:44:18 No. 2221 [M] da pipes be clogged with syphalitic camel anal discharge
  1552. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:47:46 No. 2233 [M] [E] >>2139 I agree follow Q+ Q so far, so good o/ I undestand that you feel is underlings are professional as well, but the post are all within range of a possible Q Drop. also this when that first post hit with the -Q >>1703 we got hit with a shill from hell and he signed all his with just Q btw both players had used Q in their name field... yeah spoopy shit mon o.0
  1554. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:52:57 No. 2249 [M] >>2193 Looks like some bot has taken over the board. It's posting a new thread every few seconds and filling it with gibberish. Replies: >>2316 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1556. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:54:06 No. 2251 [M] Did anyone get the Bruce Ohr papers released today?
  1558. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:59:54 No. 2267 [M] Good job spreading the word around /Qresearch/. Can't wait so the next time 8chan moves somewhere you're ready to tell everyone where we are so we can keep being spammed.
  1560. Anonymous 8/8/2019 22:59:57 No. 2269 [M] >>2193 >>2248 No thats /pol. They hate us and want us gone. The point was to make work for each of us to go into those threads and [M] mute. Replies: >>2316
  1562. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:05:25 No. 2282 [M] >>2268 /pol/ is being spammed too you fucking mongoloid. So is /V/ and every other semi active board. Replies: >>2286>>2316>>2324
  1564. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:07:31 No. 2286 [M] bunker.jpg (1.81 MiB) >>2282 This may seem like the end of the world, but it really isn't a big deal. This is occuring because there are literally zero security measures in place for rate limiting, or human verification. As soon as the slightest bit of that gets added, these attacks will stop. We're discussing this on ZeroTalk, join us there.
  1566. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:10:16 No. 2290 [M] hello frens, it's good to be back. are we 5:5? comfy? is there a mnaual for this? Replies: >>2296
  1568. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:11:41 No. 2293 [M] >>2285 Well yeah no shit. If you hadn't paint a target on the website maybe we wouldn't be having this problem and we would be developing proper countermeasures for it happening in the future.
  1570. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:13:14 No. 2296 [M] >>2290 We're still getting acclimated. You've probably noticed we have a spam problem. But like I said directly above (bunker pic), this can be fixed relatively easily. Replies: >>2303
  1572. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:13:39 No. 2297 [M] >>2281 My apologies. I didn't know.
  1574. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:17:30 No. 2303 [M] >>2296 thanks Anon. I'll drop in there in a bit.
  1576. Anonymous 8/8/2019 23:52:49 No. 2316 [M] >>2282 >>2269 >>2249 All for a LARP, right?
  1578. Anonymous 8/9/2019 00:33:17 No. 2321 [M] bump Replies: >>2322
  1580. Anonymous 8/9/2019 00:41:10 No. 2322 [M] >>2321 I went through the catalog and muted all the b0t threads, won't have to bump unless they return. Apparently admin is implementing some security measures - /pol/ is getting the b0tstorm too (pantifatards cannot tell the difference apparently)
  1582. Anonymous 8/9/2019 00:46:51 No. 2323 [M] OK, this happens everytime I log on here the last 3 days... I only see Bread 9408 which I click on to enter and go to bottom to hopefully reach current posts. But I am seeing posts from 2 days ago. Where is the current bread located in the catalog, I only see 9408?
  1584. Anonymous 8/9/2019 01:02:19 No. 2324 [M] [E] >>1973 (You) Q Research General #9408 El Paso GIDDYUP! Edition Notable Bun #9 >>1978 Hosting, DNS, DDOS protection racket companies have all dropped 8ch due to SJWs and elite pressure >>1985 Getting Rid of 8chan Isn't Going to Get Rid of QAnon >>1984 5808 lake washington blvd ne, kirkland, wa >>1995 not N >> N >>2002 Moar DDOS <3 from the haters >>2020 Doughnuts and Coffee? Tea? >>2026 Everybody Stressing. >>2027 the Story Of 8chan Shows Why There Is No Alternative To the Leftwing Social Media Giants >>2040 Andrew McCabe Sues DOJ, FBI Over "Politically Motivated Firing" >>2041 President Trump Readies Executive Order To Crack-Down Hard On Social Media Censorship Of Conservatives >>2043 Gunman with body armor fatally shot by police after critically injuring 1 man, shooting 2 officers in N.J. gun battle >>2048 Facebook Offers News Outlets Millions of Dollars a Year to License Content >>2068 Pushing the [Q]uestion. >>2069 (You) Baker sets up Clearnet Board >>2070 Chief Censor backs ISP action on 8chan >>2071 #Resistance views AG Barr as egging on "vigilantism" >>2072 Poll: Majority of Blacks, Hispanics Support Anti-Illegal Immigration 2020 Candidates >>2077 Poll: Should every 4chan and 8chan user be placed on a terrorist watch list? >>2081 SHOOTER SCARE Gun nut in fatigues films himself walking into Walmart carrying an assault rifle and 100 rounds just days after El Paso shooting >>2084 (You) Baker lays it out >>2086 (You) Eh? -Q+ >>2089 CM - is he comped with that [Strong Defense]? >>2105 JW >>2193 08ch comped and flooded (cap) >>2282 DDOS SPAM 505 - Hows FB/twitter? >Q Research Notables #1 >>1351 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1586. Anonymous 8/9/2019 01:08:24 No. 2325 [M] [E] Baker Here ok so that is first collection of this bun, hope no id changed on me before i could post the bun here. so now i have to check, and if id changed i have to go find that notable and update the No. id pain in the ass. but again ty for posting for me on bant. o7
  1588. Anonymous 8/9/2019 02:06:30 No. 2327 [M] Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch on Hannity tonight, in discussion about the FBI 302's on Bruce Ohr released today, mentioned WHATSAPP conversations with Christopher Steele - after Steele had been fire, after POTUS had been elected What news came out about WhatsApp? >>1796 WhatsApp vulnerabilities 'put words in your mouth,' lets hackers take over conversations OH WOW, HOW HANDY!! So, the party line will be: >Bruce Ohr dindu nuffin, hackers musta faked his Whatsapp discussions with Christopher Steele
  1590. Anonymous 8/9/2019 03:06:34 No. 2329 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-05 Fat(...).png (379.97 KiB) One of the owners of Callahan's, where Ryan Bagley got whacked the day before Las Vegas harvest shootings. Tim Self and his wife Jennifer also had identities based in Ridgecrest.
  1592. Anonymous 8/9/2019 03:48:55 No. 2342 [M] Quiet in here tonight... ...too quiet... Replies: >>2344
  1594. Anonymous 8/9/2019 06:53:42 No. 2343 [M] The spam storm appears to be over for now. Just muted ~100 spam threads. No doubt fuckboy will be back to flick some more boogers.
  1596. Anonymous 8/9/2019 07:30:39 No. 2344 [M] >>2342 > quiet maybe because of the [content publish failed](>>>/tech/1ed5fd58eaed) issue Replies: >>2345
  1598. Anonymous 8/9/2019 08:26:43 No. 2345 [M] >>2344 It may have something to do with this: >>2317 I was getting "Content publish failed" until I generated a new cert. It's easy, just follow the instructions in post >>2317 I haven't done the Veracrypt thing though. Last edited: 6 days ago
  1600. Anonymous 8/9/2019 09:14:32 No. 2346 [M] NSA Whistleblower Confirms "They Can Use Your Data Against You Any Time" Thu, 08/08/2019 - 21:05 A bombshell interview with William Binney, an NSA Whistleblower, has just been released! Binney says that President Donald Trump is being framed and that we the people are subjected to the constant surveillance and tracking authoritarian regimes are known for. Listening to Binney speak with Michelle Holliday with Portfolio Wealth, it sure seems like there is little we can do. In this interview, Binney horrifyingly describes how his former employer, the government agency known for it’s spying, has built a massive system to track, monitor and record phone and Internet communications of U.S. citizens and other people around the world. Binney resigned from the National Security Agency in 2001 to protest the growing domestic mass surveillance and privacy violations. He was a senior NSA crypto-mathematician largely responsible for automating the agency’s worldwide eavesdropping network. He was one of the two co-founders of the agency’s Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center. >“[Former Vice President Dick] Cheney wanted to know everything about everybody that could possibly be a political issue,” said Binney. >“Stellar Wind is the spying program on everybody in the United States,” and it all began right after 9/11. Americans are now under 24-hours per day surveillance by their own government. >“If you become a target, the implication is, they will retroactively analyze every phone call, every email, every financial transaction, everything electronic that you’ve ever done. And like for example in the case of Elliot Spitzer, when he was going after the bankers for defrauding people in the 2007/2008 financial crisis, he was actually going to criminally prosecute them. They [elitists] had to protect their bankers so they had to get rid of Elliot Spitzer. So what was the cause for Elliot Spitzer to be investigated? There wasn’t any, ok? But he’s going after our bankers and so they went into the data and found some exchange with him with a prostitute and they used that against him. If you have all the data about somebody, this is the kind of thing you can do.” –William Binney Binney also says that there was a definite coup to get rid of Donald Trump. >“You can see they tried an attempted coup on Trump. The Mueller report is a piece of junk, you know? A bunch of allegations unsupported by anybody. They wish they could get rid of President Trump.” INTERVIEW: Replies: >>2405 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1602. Anonymous 8/9/2019 09:42:15 No. 2347 [M] Reporters are very upset that Mitch McConnell's campaign jokes about the bizarre, racist attacks against his family by Becket Adams | August 09, 2019 08:32 AM Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not making light of drug abuse. He is not making light of drug cartels. You would think otherwise, though, based on recent reporting. “Mitch McConnell wants to raise money off the nickname ‘Cocaine Mitch.’ Yes, really,” the Washington Post tut-tutted in a headline. The article itself includes quotes from experts whose opinion amounts to: That is not funny. “McConnell Fundraising With ‘Cocaine Mitch’ Shirts in Kentucky, State With Third-Highest OD Rate," reported New York magazine’s Intelligencer. And so on. Here is the backstory to these scolding headlines: Failed West Virginia senatorial candidate Don Blankenship in 2018 attacked McConnell's family. In one ad, the then-GOP candidate said, “One of my goals as U.S. senator will be to ditch Cocaine Mitch.” A second ad saw Blankenship say, “Swamp captain Mitch McConnell has created millions of jobs for China people. While doing so, Mitch has gotten rich. In fact, his China family has given him tens of millions of dollars.” By “China family,” he means McConnell’s wife, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. The second ad concludes: “[We'll] ditch Cocaine Mitch for the sake of the kids.” The “cocaine” storyline dates back to 2014. Back then, Colombian officials discovered cocaine aboard a bulk carrier in the service of a New York shipping company. The shipping company belongs to Chao’s family. Not McConnell or ever Elaine Chao herself. Her family. That is the entire basis for Blankenship’s “Cocaine Mitch” nickname. The “China family” stuff was racist icing on the stupid cake. The senator’s campaign has since appropriated Blankenship's idiocy for its own purposes. It now markets products that say "Cocaine Mitch," turning a smear campaign into a positive. Smart. Embracing an attack or an insult is one of the surest ways to kneecap an assailant. If that assailant also happens to be a weird racist, even better. If you can believe it, though, members of the press have taken offense to the “Cocaine Mitch” campaign swag. While McConnell’s “campaign was high-fiving supporters, drug policy experts said McConnell downplayed the drug-addiction crisis in the nation, which is particularly acute in his state,” the Washington Post said this week in the trolliest of concern trolls. It adds, “And that story line of McConnell’s perceived insensitivity is what made it into the national press.” My, did that storyline get "into the national press" all by itself? “The Bluegrass State had the nation’s fifth-highest age-adjusted drug overdose death rate in 2017, according to federal data,” the Courier-Journal added on an even more somber note. “That year 1,566 Kentuckians, or 37.2 people per 100,000, died of drug overdose, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.” It added, “The Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy attributed 51 of those deaths to cocaine.” “[S]ome are speaking out against the shirts, suggesting they are inappropriate or hypocritical,” said ABC News. More than half of the report is dedicated to giving the senator’s critics a platform. Spare me the fake concern. Imagine taking this tone when President Barack Obama joked about birtherism. Imagine accusing Obama of making light of racism. Imagine quoting "experts" who say Obama's jokes come even as people of color suffer every day. McConnell's family faced dumb, racist attacks in 2018. He is laughing it off now. Good for him. Journalists should do their jobs and leave the scolding to Democratic partisans. Replies: >>2405
  1604. Anonymous 8/9/2019 10:35:02 No. 2348 [M] [E] woohoo chan ban has been lifted xD o7 carry on
  1606. Anonymous 8/9/2019 10:39:34 No. 2349 [M] [E] also this > a pol thread is running for qreaserch
  1608. Anonymous 8/9/2019 10:51:14 No. 2350 [M] [E] i guess this one was running yesterday too It begins...
  1610. Anonymous 8/9/2019 10:55:59 No. 2351 [M] 1475115550944.jpg (6.57 KiB) [Seed] Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump 'Didn't Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us' Fri, 08/09/2019 - 10:50 The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ordered the partial release of what is expected to be approximately 2,000 pages of documents related to convicted pedophile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. >Note: >What's been released today isn't the entire tranche that the Second Circuit ordered unsealed last month. The majority of the unsealing will be performed by U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska on remand, but make no mistake, this is quite a flood today. — Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) August 9, 2019 The document release stems from a 2015 defamation lawsuit in New York brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Epstein's 'Madam' - Ghislaine Maxwell. Giuffre says Maxwell helped Epstein traffic herself and other underage girls to sex parties at the billionaire pedophile's many residences. The case was settled in 2017 and the records were sealed - leading to an appeal by filmmaker and author Mike Cernovich, who was later joined by the Miami Herald and several other parties including lawyer Alan Dershowitz - who has sought to clear his name in connection with Epstein's activities. >This appears to be the email that Alan Dershowitz asserts exonerates him from the allegations. Mail on Sunday reporter apparently writing to Giuffre about Dershowitz: >"We all suspect Alan is a pedo and tho no proof of that, you probably met him when he was hanging [o]ut w JE." — Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) August 9, 2019 While Epstein's ties to former President Bill Clinton and other famous figures are well known, much has been made about the relationship between President Trump and the pedophile financier. Upon being questioned over the accuracy of a 2011 article by journalist Sharon Churcher claiming that Donald Trump was a "good friend of Jeffrey's," Guiffre was asked to clarify Churcher's possible misquoting that "Donald Trump was also a good friend of Jeffrey's," and that Trump "Didn't partake in any" of -- "any sex with any of us but he flirted with me." "It's true that he didn't partake in any sex with us, and but it's not true that he flirted with me. Donald Trump never flirted with me." Replies: >>2405 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1612. Anonymous 8/9/2019 10:59:11 No. 2352 [M] [E] sweet i think & nchan,net are cross posting
  1614. Anonymous 8/9/2019 11:16:38 No. 2353 [M] BugOnTheBoard.png (27.48 KiB) Bug on the board. Replies: >>2354>>2357>>2358>>2405
  1616. Anonymous 8/9/2019 11:19:06 No. 2354 [M] >>2353 I don't know if this will publish or not, but thank you for the update, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was wondering...
  1618. Anonymous 8/9/2019 11:27:38 No. 2356 [M] test original cert.
  1620. Anonymous 8/9/2019 11:34:07 No. 2357 [M] >>2353 Go to And make a new certificate. Spammer was using auto generate to spam so that's turned off now.
  1622. Anonymous 8/9/2019 11:36:06 No. 2358 [M] >>2353 I keep seeing [FAILED] timeouts in my console log
  1624. Anonymous 8/9/2019 12:04:14 No. 2359 [M] e1e52484d95a2232eae8bc099(...).png (12.57 KiB) [Seed]
  1626. Anonymous 8/9/2019 12:18:17 No. 2360 [M] 3e9622db295b89ef51510ff21(...).png (712.04 KiB) [Seed]
  1628. Anonymous 8/9/2019 12:32:59 No. 2361 [M] 1ab9d7b5-133b-42ca-a735-b(...).png (514.18 KiB)
  1630. Anonymous 8/9/2019 12:41:14 No. 2362 [M] 5d524b69b788690fafda96369(...).png (5.53 KiB) [Seed] It's possible to make a new certificate and then still not working to post. Post appears locally but popup message says zero of five peers and posting fails. So. Go to the main zero eight Chan page where all the boards are listed. Pull the zero in top right to the left. Scroll down to the identity setting. Make sure it is your new ID, not the auto generate you got earlier. SAVE. Which I guess is really update. Replies: >>2367
  1632. Anonymous 8/9/2019 12:56:25 No. 2363 [M] efa2c0ab533cabb2e717354ea(...).png (16.37 KiB) [Seed]
  1634. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:00:55 No. 2364 [M] 0a5d1b615c4e40582461d75e1(...).png (6.90 KiB) [Seed] Updating the ID is hard to make stick in the ui. What I did this time was to change the ID wait for the green check mark, NOT hit update just close sidebar. Now posting works again five of five peers zip zip. If anyone replies I'll know it's not just local. Replies: >>2366>>2367
  1636. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:06:10 No. 2365 [M] [E] 8Chan Refugees Blow Their Anonymity Refugees from the
  1638. Anonymous 8chan forum are flooding into a new censorship-resistant home on the dark web, and inadvertently giving up their anonymity along the way. A reincarnated version of the hate-filled forum, now linked to three mass shootings, appeared Monday when the original 8chan lost its hosting service. The new site, called 08chan (with a leading zero), has no affiliation with the original and it’s not entirely clear who set it up, but 8chan’s diaspora have been flooding in as word of the site spreads through right-wing social media. The distinguishing feature of the new site is that it lives on ZeroNet, a peer-to-peer network designed by information activists to allow for uncensorable websites immune from government or corporate intervention. Instead of relying on a central server, a ZeroNet site is hosted in bits and pieces by everyone browsing it, making it virtually impossible to shut down. “Hard as they try, they will never stop us,” enthused one poster to the white supremacist “/pol/” board on 08chan. “We are smarter and more innovative.” “The old 8chan site may be ashes, but this is the phoenix egg buried beneath,” another wrote. There’s just one catch. Peer-to-peer networks expose a user’s internet address to anyone who cares to look. That’s how copyright lawyers catch people trading movies, music and software, and it’s how police and FBI agents arrest pedophiles trading child porn online. and with this Baker is OUT come to nchan/qanonresearch sooo comfy
  1640. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:15:59 No. 2366 [M] microphone-vector-art.jpg (53.74 KiB) [Seed] >>2364 tap. tap. tap. is this thing on? Replies: >>2368>>2371>>2377>>2378
  1642. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:16:17 No. 2367 [M] >>2362 >but popup message says zero of five peers and posting fails. So. Well, I see some other posts besides yours and mine, so I guess it's actually working. >>2364 >What I did this time was to change the ID wait for the green check mark, NOT hit update just close sidebar. Now posting works again THAT is very helpful, thank you both! But I don't see any green checkmark at all. Replies: >>2368
  1644. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:21:19 No. 2368 [M] >>2366 I see you. I followed the directions >>2367 and I'm still getting >Content published to 0/5 peers Not sure what else to do, but I can see you, and you can see me, I guess that's good for now?
  1646. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:28:13 No. 2369 [M] The Week in Tech: How Does 8chan Whack-a-Mole End? By Jamie Condliffe Aug 9, 2019 Cloudflare, an internet infrastructure and cybersecurity company that served 8chan, wavered over how to react. Ultimately it decided to stop providing its services to the site, leaving 8chan vulnerable to crippling cyberattacks. Cloudlfare’s chief executive, Matthew Prince, wrote that 8chan’s “lawlessness” had “contributed to multiple horrific tragedies.” If 8chan was a mole, it was whacked. So the site used Epik, another infrastructure company. The mole re-emerged! Briefly. Voxility, a company that provides computing services to Epik, was criticized for helping to support 8chan, so it dumped Epik, indirectly whacking 8chan again. What now? Well, someone will almost certainly give 8chan a new lease of life. That might be on a crummy server in Russia, or elsewhere. Even so, it may not come back full throttle. Leaders of the House Homeland Security Committee have called on Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan, to “provide testimony regarding 8chan’s efforts to investigate and mitigate the proliferation of extremist content.” So it’s possible that 8chan may yet see its hyper-free-speech sensibilities crimped, at least a little. If that happens, it’s likely to drive a hard core of alt-right users elsewhere. That’s clearly not as easy as it once was, but an 8chan alternative could surface. Another possibility: “These kinds of communications could move into encrypted environments,” like Telegram or WhatsApp, said Andrew Sullivan, the president and chief executive of the Internet Society, a global nonprofit. “What happens then is you can’t whack the mole, because the mole doesn’t come out of the hole.” Such marginalization “could reduce the reach of these communities,” said Rasmus Nielsen, a professor of political communication at Oxford University. But “it could increase cohesion inside the hard core,” he added. It’s hard to know what might be the dominant force. All told, the takedowns have created immense uncertainty. And that raises a profound question: Who should be making such big decisions about what stays online? Replies: >>2405
  1648. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:29:10 No. 2370 [M] Tech Tent: Taking 8chan offline Rory Cellan-Jones Technology correspondent @BBCRoryCJ on Twitter It had already become known as a hate-filled message board used to celebrate mass shootings. Now, after the man arrested for the El Paso shootings allegedly used 8chan to post his white supremacist manifesto, service providers have said enough is enough. On this week's Tech Tent podcast, we look at 8chan's attempts to get back online and ask whose job it should be - if anybody's - to decide which sites should be barred from the web. podcast link: Replies: >>2405
  1650. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:35:16 No. 2371 [M] >>2366 Signs of life with white box for graphic
  1652. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:40:59 No. 2372 [M] Daily Beast 8Chan Refugee(...).png (362.52 KiB) Didn't see this here so (re)posting. Sorry if duplicate, but also testing out new cert/posting. The attack on free speech continues to soar as they unjustly paint decent, nonviolent patriots as hate filled evil terrorists. Saw this on ZeroTalk. "Refugees from the
  1654. Anonymous 8chan forum are flooding into a new censorship-resistant home on the dark web, and inadvertently giving up their anonymity along the way. A reincarnated version of the hate-filled forum, now linked to three mass shootings" "The Daily Beast captured 819 IP addresses for 08chan users connecting from 62 different countries. Most users in our sample, 437 of them, are in the U.S., with Canada (46 users), and the U.K. (37), a distant second and third place. Ordered by states, California, Texas, Washington, and Florida top the list. Some users connected over VPNs, shielding them from our analysis, but hundreds logged in directly from cable TV broadband networks and other residential services." Replies: >>2376>>2405
  1656. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:45:37 No. 2373 [M] New Zealand 4 minutes ago It's not Spark's job to block websites like 8chan - commentator A tech commentator says Spark's decision to block the controversial website 8chan goes beyond its jurisdiction. 8chan is currently offline, after its hosting company terminated it as a customer. Spark has announced if 8chan finds another host provider, it would block access. The 8chan internet forum was used by the accused Christchurch mosque gunman to distribute his manifesto and livestream the attack. 8chan hosts message groups and has been attacked for disseminating hate speech from white supremacist groups and inciting violence. Spark said the government should step in and technology commentator Paul Brislen agreed. "It's very, very nearly the edge of what's acceptable for what your internet provider to be doing in this kind of situation," he said. After the shootings in Christchurch, the ISPs moved swiftly to take down access to any of the manifesto or any other content being put forward by the Far Right, that was appropriate. This is probably still appropriate given 8Chan's record, he said. "I'm as uncomfortable as they [Spark] are about it. They do really need to find a new way to manage hate-speech and extremist content on the internet," he said. He said the situation was an unusual one for Spark - a commercial entity - to find itself in. "It's much like the Telecom of old to decide which phone calls you can and can't make," he said. In a statement Spark called for the government's help. "Appropriate agencies of government should put in place a robust policy framework to address the important issues surrounding such material being distributed online and freely available. "But in the absence right now of such a policy framework . . . we believe the right thing to do right now is for us to block access to 8chan." Mr Breslin said the risk was someone would now turn around and say 'okay you blocked 8Chan because of hate speech, now I want you to block this other website because it allows people to access something else.' It might be hate speech, it might be pornography, it might be something that speaks out against a religious group or ethnicity. "You start down a certain track of Spark or any of the other ISPs being forced to decide what is and isn't acceptable for the NZ public and that's not their job at all. They really shouldn't be doing that. "That's the job for the public of New Zealand to decide this is acceptable, this is not, these are the people who are responsible that these are the standards and these are reinforced through our laws." he says. He said the government needed to make a decision about who should be regulating. "The government should be mandating some entity, presumably the chief censor's office, to oversee this kind of content. Having your ISP, a commercial body, to decide what you can and can't watch, is really not ideal. In the ideal world we would have a nationwide standard and this would be applicable, you could appeal, there'd be a process. "None of that's in place at the moment. In effect, we're relying on Spark and the other ISPs to do the right thing, and that's always a very difficult spot for any company to find themselves in," Mr Breslin said. Replies: >>2405
  1658. Anonymous 8/9/2019 13:53:21 No. 2374 [M] Why deplatforming 8chan '''can be effective Evidence shows that banning hate sites reduces their reach''' By Casey Newton @CaseyNewton Aug 8, 2019, 6:00am EDT While politicians trade press releases on the subject, the practical fate of hate-promoting tech platforms has fallen to the invisible hand of the marketplace. Over the past 72 hours, we’ve seen 8chan go down, come back, and go down again, as various internet infrastructure companies learn of the site’s existence and chase it off their customer rolls. (Its current status is: up? I think?) Most people I know assume the site will eventually find stable service providers somewhere. But that has led to a debate: does kicking 8chan off any individual service provider make the world a better place, or not? Does deplatforming down help, or doesn’t it? Will Oremus calls the move “better than nothing” but still finds it ineffective: >he inability of any single private internet company to kill a website means that deplatforming is a battle in which victories tend to be short-lived. And that’s leaving aside the harder question of whether it really works, in the sense of not just blacklisting a given person or domain, but actually limiting the virulent spread of their ideology. And yet, we now have good evidence that forcing hate figures and their websites to continuously relocate is effective at diminishing their reach over time. Angela Chen explains why: >After a group of tech companies kicked InfoWars founder Alex Jones off their platforms, initial interest in him spiked, but a year later, he had mostly disappeared. One 2017 study found that Reddit’s decision to ban communities like r/fatpeoplehate and r/CoonTown led to less hate speech on the site, says study coauthor Eshwar Chandrasekharan, a PhD candidate at Georgia Tech. The reason: extremely motivated users will follow a community or personality to a new place, but less-engaged members drop off completely. >Similarly, the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer used to be a central organizing space for the far right. Since it was dropped by web-hosting company GoDaddy two years ago, its influence within the movement has significantly waned, says Becca Lewis, a researcher who studies online political subcultures. “If 8chan stays down, there’s reason to believe that that would have a big impact on what we see in terms of online organizing in the far-right movement,” she adds. That’s good enough for me. I’d rather that Congress pass gun control, but I’ll take the deplatforming of 8chan in the meantime. Meanwhile, Ben Thompson offers a useful framework for how to think about deplatforming. On one end of the spectrum — what he calls “the stack” — are consumer-facing platforms like Instagram and Twitter that anyone can post to. On the other are infrastructure providers like Cloudflare whose role is to provide basic access to the internet. Thompson argues that consumer platforms should moderate aggressively so as to attract the broadest possible audience — while infrastructure companies should try to limit their moderation to what is legal, so as to promote the maximum about of speech. Thompson writes of Cloudflare’s decision to ban 8chan: “User-facing platforms are the ones that should make these calls, not infrastructure providers. But if they won’t, someone needs to. So Cloudflare did.” I think that’s the right framing — and the right decision on Cloudflare’s part. The problem is that we have so few consumer-facing platforms that the “stack” Thompson describes looks increasingly flat. When your options for broadcasting to a large audience are limited to a small handful of companies, they start to look a lot like infrastructure. Which is precisely why politicians are making so much hay about “bias” on the platforms — they simply don’t have many other good options. Breaking up the tech platforms would cause any number of difficult problems for executives. But it could also give them more freedom to do the moderation their users want to see. HOW TO THINK ABOUT DEPLATFORMING: Replies: >>2405
  1660. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:04:34 No. 2375 [M] 25551ee5fac7b09bdd33601e2(...).jpg (38.73 KiB) [Seed] El Paso Shooter Kills 8Chan? August 9, 2019 In addition to the deaths, another tragedy has occurred. This tragedy has all but murdered one of the last bastions of true free speech on the internet. The shooter allegedly wrote a manifesto and someone published it to the
  1662. Anonymous online forum 8Chan. There’s been zero confirmation that the shooter, himself, wrote it and 8Chan’s owner has confirmed that there’s no way the shooter uploaded it. But that didn’t stop their third-party provider, Cloudflare, from pulling 8Chan’s DDoS protection and DNS services, killing the site. It’s been almost a week now and there is still no hard confirmation the shooter wrote the manifesto. It’s only “been reported” that he wrote it. So what’s the hold up? Has anyone asked him? If he used some kind of VPN or other means of cloaking his IP, why? Why would he hide if he legitimately thought he was going to die? All of these questions have no answers. So why would Cloudflare kill 8Chan when it still hasn’t been confirmed who wrote or uploaded the manifesto? What is for sure is that Cloudflare has an upcoming IPO and it probably doesn’t look good for them to be providing services to a site like 8Chan. Love it or hate it, 8Chan is the wild west for free speech on the internet… and politically correct corporate overlords have no time for freedoms. /QResearch/ 8Chan was also home to the extremely popular /qresearch/ board. Now, whatever your thoughts on QAnon, one thing is for sure, it’s definitely one of the most interesting internet happenings of all time. Which is probably why it made Time Magazine’s list of 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. I personally think Q is 100% legitimate. It still hasn’t been debunked (after 3 years) and there have been plenty of “proofs” that create “coincidences” that confirm its legitimacy. What I’m not sure of though is the motive behind it and whether it’s a good or bad happening. I will always be skeptical of government agencies (including
  1664. Anonymous or covert teams) talking about “change” and carrying out operations under the cover of darkness. So is it possible that the El Paso shooter was a false flag operation? Could it have been done without the shooter’s knowledge? By that, I mean could some of these same shady alphabet agencies encouraged him to do it? 8Chan’s owner, Jim Watkins, even says in the video above that the manifesto was not uploaded to 8Chan by the shooter. So who uploaded it and why? Did they do it to intentionally to give legacy media a reason to tie the shooter to 8Chan, giving their third-party providers reason to shut them down? Also, why are there multiple witnesses that are on camera reporting multiple shooters all wearing black? Now, thanks in large part to legacy media, when I say “false flag,” many people may think that I mean that it was a hoax and that people didn’t die. That is not the case. False flag simply means that the reason and people behind the shooting are not what is being pushed in the mainstream media narrative. It does not mean it’s a hoax or that people didn’t die. Now think about it, what would really be necessary for a covert intelligence agency, with seemingly limitless funding and capabilities, to pull of something like this? I’d venture to say not very difficult at all. Why would the shooter wear ear protection if he was planning on being killed? The Result This shooting inadvertently (?) accomplished four main goals for the establishment: Cloudflare got the political ammunition they needed to completely de-platform 8Chan, and subsequently QAnon, in preparation for their IPO (sellout),. Democrats, globalists, and anti-gun advocates were given yet another reason to attack the 2nd Amendment and gun owners, demonizing them and giving them little hammers to use in the continuous chipping away of your right to protect yourself. It gave Democrats and far-left “intersectional social justice warriors” another reason to further demonize straight white men in the eyes of society. They were also able to change the news cycle back to bashing Trump, saying he caused the shooter to kill those innocent people with his “violent rhetoric.” Also, what sense does it make for him to kill innocent people to push his “message” when it just gives his “enemies” even more of a reason to continue saying what they’re saying? Just from an objective standpoint, it’s completely counter-productive to his stated goals. It actually furthers their goals. People tend to stop listening to what you have to say when you shoot and kill innocent people. One cannot condemn the government in one breath for “imperialistic wars that have caused the loss of tens of thousands of American lives and untold numbers of civilian lives” and then think they’re justified killing innocent p Replies: >>2405
  1666. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:16:52 No. 2376 [M] >>2372 Notable.
  1668. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:17:14 No. 2377 [M] >>2366 Loud and clear, anon
  1670. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:25:47 No. 2378 [M] >>2366 If you see someones post that has a reply link that is a text/number hash, and NOT a 4 digit number; For some reason, you are not seeing the content that poster is replying to. I had MANY of them last night; It seems they have all cleared up today. Scrolling back through the bread, I am noticing many posts I didnt get yesterday. Scrolling through the various threads here, I am not seeing any of the hashed reply links anymore... Replies: >>2379 Last edited: 6 days ago
  1672. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:32:58 No. 2379 [M] >>2378 It's because it hasn't resolved itself to show it as a link to a specific post. It was really bugging me for a while, but if you reload the thread, it usually resolves. There may also be the case that they are replying to someone that you [M]uted.
  1674. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:38:50 No. 2380 [M] Jeffrey Epstein: large tranche of files released in Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit
  1676. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:56:25 No. 2381 [M] wapo potus to blame.png (1.92 MiB) Trump just blamed the El Paso shooting victims for their own deaths He endorsed the racist manifesto’s worldview when he tied gun reform to immigration reform. By Luke O'Neil [You have load the page and then stop it before the blue sidebar pops up and obscures the entire article - these bastards] President Trump, who averred that we cannot let the victims “die in vain,” offered an idea for how to prevent future shootings: “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform. We must have something good, if not GREAT, come out of these two tragic events!” It’s a shame about the deaths, in other words, but they never would have happened if immigrants didn’t keep trying to come here, and if Democrats would just let me stop them. “So, this atrocity,” as Nicole Hannah-Jones aptly summed up his view, “was caused by immigration.” Having essentially blamed the victims for their own murders, the president was happily and enthusiastically acceding to what authorities think are the alleged killer’s specific demands. >So for the cost of a simple act of terror, you can have a President respond within one business day with an official policy motivated by your actions to keep out non-whites? >Great freaking deterrent to white nationalist terrorism. > — Tiffany Bond (I) 🦞🇺🇸 (@TiffanyBond) August 5, 2019 “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas,” says an anti-immigrant online manifesto that authorities think the accused gunman posted. It echoes the “invasion” rhetoric commonly employed by the president at his rallies and on Twitter. In fact, much of the language overlaps with that of the president and his supporters, including repeated entreaties to “send them back.” The idea here is that some sort of bipartisan immigration reform would stop the epidemic of white-supremacist violence in the United States. But of course that makes sense only if you believe that racist killers have a legitimate complaint — that we shouldn’t have Latino immigrants, and that, therefore, they do bear some of the blame. (Never mind that people of Hispanic descent existed in El Paso long before that region was part of the United States.) This was the idea, too, behind Trump’s common warning, reiterated last month, that if migrants didn’t like the detention centers along the border, they could simply not come. more divelling nonsense at link Replies: >>2405
  1678. Anonymous 8/9/2019 14:58:59 No. 2382 [M] Quite a good analysis Martin Geddes ‏ @martingeddes 2m2 minutes ago 4chan and 8chan are "antifragile" systems. The constant shitposting and the
  1680. Anonymous nature of the contributors of intelligence data result in "environmental stressors" that cause the system to evolve and harden against attack and "semantic pollution". #WINNING for good reasons.
  1682. Anonymous 8/9/2019 15:03:34 No. 2383 [M] Amazon seeks to root out any ties to 8chan, as tech firms grapple with implications of extremist sites by Monica Nickelsburg on August 8, 2019 at 9:08 am This week, Amazon learned it was hosting a Gab subdomain as a result of reporting from journalist Judd Legum. Amazon shut down the website, according to BuzzFeed News. What Epik says: After Voxility cut ties with Epik, Alex Stamos, Facebook’s former chief security officer, asserted that Epik is also using AWS, OVH, and Linode. < is down at this moment, but is back. They have moved their nameservers into three IaaS providers: @awscloud, @OVH and @Linode. < I wonder if Epik's use of those providers is compatible with their terms of service. < — Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) August 6, 2019 Geekwire asked Epik CEO Rob Monster about the company’s use of AWS. He said Stamos’ tweet was not accurate. “We have used them for years and have not changed how we use them in years,” Monster said via email Wednesday, referring to AWS. “They host one of our redundant DNS nodes and we have them as one of our remote backup sites.” In a phone interview with GeekWire on Tuesday evening, Monster said 8chan paid Epik on Monday for domain registrations. A domain name search on ICANN shows that Epik is the registrar for Monster said Epik would help 8chan sell the domain names, if needed. Big picture: From social media sites to cloud providers, internet gatekeepers are grappling with how to moderate hate speech while avoiding the appearance of censorship. When Cloudflare announced it was cutting off 8chan, the company’s CEO Matthew Prince said, “We continue to feel incredibly uncomfortable about playing the role of content arbiter and do not plan to exercise it often.” It has put sites like Twitter and Facebook in a difficult position, too. They’re frequently under pressure to remove posts containing right-wing extremism while simultaneously fielding accusations of anti-conservative bias. President Donald Trump is particularly skeptical of how social media sites treat conservatives. The White House plans to host top tech companies to discuss the rise of violent extremism online this Friday, The Washington Post reports. Replies: >>2405
  1684. Anonymous 8/9/2019 16:21:14 No. 2384 [M] Jesus I missed almost everything posted from yesterday... I seem to have everythin from yesterday now... But today (Aug 9) is looking like a ghost town again... *ping* Anyone reading me? Replies: >>2387>>2388
  1686. Anonymous 8/9/2019 16:23:53 No. 2385 [M] I think we are being censored
  1688. Anonymous 8/9/2019 16:26:33 No. 2386 [M] Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at(...).png (132.97 KiB)
  1690. Anonymous 8/9/2019 16:27:31 No. 2387 [M] >>2384 I think are coms are being intercepted and filtered
  1692. Anonymous 8/9/2019 16:31:40 No. 2388 [M] >>2384 Yep
  1694. Anonymous 8/9/2019 16:57:47 No. 2389 [M] It's good to see increased activity again! Don't be boondoggled by the media hype. If we are doing nothing wrong, the hype is nothing but lies in an attempt to distract and keep patriots at bay. If you can, spread the word that ZeroNet is not as evil as it's made out to be. Patriots will return. They just need some reassurance. I have not had any ABCs knock on my door yet. Been here from the "beginning." Replies: >>2391 Last edited: 5 days ago
  1696. Anonymous 8/9/2019 17:35:30 No. 2390 [M] Marvin Minsky.
  1698. Anonymous 8/9/2019 17:40:15 No. 2391 [M] >>2389 Not a techfag, but this is my understanding: (someone smarter than I can correct me on any point) Just like there were awful boards on 8ch, you don't have to go there. On 0net, you can go to the 08chan catalog and click the long string of letters/numbers and [M]ute that board, without visiting it, without seeing anything on it. Using the Mute function actually deletes ALL content from that board, you will no longer see or be able to access it. You will not load or seed any info/files from that board. I Muted all but the Qresearch, tech and one other admin/tech board so I can see what admin has to say. You do not have any of that content on your machine/device. You are not seeding any parts of those files. They don't touch you at all. Think about why there is such panic-writing about this. REALLY think. >completely decentralized >no ability to take it offline >totally outside their control >utterly and completely uncontrollable 0net is not about privacy, it's about being uncensored. Your security is your job. If you are not going to any iffy board, if you mute other boards, you only have parts of the files on /qresearch/ - that's it. UNCONTROLLABLE NO control over the information, the flow of information, access to that information, no control of how that information is aggregated and presented. This is what they fear the most. Feceberg just unveiled a new intiiative to syndicate content from MSM sources for bigbux. Why? RECENTRALIZING, regaining that gatekeeper status 0net is the 'wild west' that cannot be tamed. Now do you understand why they want to scare everyone away?? Replies: >>2405 Ba-ziiiing!
  1700. Anonymous 8/9/2019 17:53:40 No. 2392 [M] Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate As other social networks wage a very public war against misinformation, it’s thriving on Instagram. Taylor Lorenz Mar 21, 2019 When Alex, now a high-school senior, saw an Instagram account he followed post about something called QAnon back in 2017, he’d never heard of the viral conspiracy theory before. But the post piqued his interest, and he wanted to know more. So he did what your average teenager would do: He followed several accounts related to it on Instagram, searched for information on YouTube, and read up on it on forums. A year and a half later, Alex, who asked to use a pseudonym, runs his own Gen Z–focused QAnon Instagram account, through which he educates his generation about the secret plot by the “deep state” to take down Donald Trump. “I was just noticing a lack in younger people being interested in QAnon, so I figured I would put it out there that there was at least one young person in the movement,” he told me via Instagram direct message. He hopes to “expose the truth about everything corrupt governments and organizations have lied about.” Among those truths: that certain cosmetics and foods contain aborted fetal cells, that the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash was a hoax, and that the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shootings were staged. Instagram is teeming with these conspiracy theories, viral misinformation, and extremist memes, all daisy-chained together via a network of accounts with incredible algorithmic reach and millions of collective followers—many of whom, like Alex, are very young. These accounts intersperse TikTok videos and nostalgia memes with anti-vaccination rhetoric, conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Clinton family, and jokes about killing women, Jews, Muslims, and liberals. Recent posts by, which has more than 38,000 followers, include a post likening Representative Maxine Waters to an ape, one that labels an image depicting prison rape as “how socialism works,” and several suggesting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died months ago and is “better off dead.” Yesterday, it asked, “If Muslims can behead Christians, why can’t we do the same to them?” That post has 2,088 likes. A post from @unclesamsmisguidedchildren, which has more than 559,000 followers, implies that John Podesta is partially responsible for the New Zealand shooting. That post has more than 8,300 likes. A post made four days ago includes a video promoting the conspiracy that more than 22 Islamic terror camps operate in the United States and are likely responsible for the shooting in Parkland, Florida. It has been viewed more than 200,500 times. Thank G-D! I have a 19 yr old and we keep seeing more GenZ’ers being awake and following #QAnon movement‼️ 🙏🇱🇷✌️🇱🇷🙏 — Qatzman ♋️ (@katzman_69) December 31, 2018 In an email, an Instagram spokesperson told me that the company and its parent, Facebook, “continue to study trends in organized hate and hate speech and work with partners to better understand hate organizations as they evolve.” The spokesperson added, “We ban these organizations and individuals from Instagram and also remove all praise and support when we become aware of it. We will continue to review content, accounts, and people that violate our policies and take action against hate speech and hate organizations to help keep our community safe.” Since 2016, social-media companies have come under fire for allowing white supremacy and other extremist ideologies to spread. YouTube’s algorithms have been shown to push people further toward the fringes; a New York Times headline called the site “the Great Radicalizer.” Facebook is notorious for allowing anti-vaxxers and other conspiracy theorists to organize and spread their messages to millions—already, the top two most-shared news stories on Facebook in 2019 are both false. Twitter, too, has been criticized for being slow to police the misinformation that spreads on its platform. But Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not where young people go to socialize. Instagram is. Replies: >>2405
  1702. Anonymous 8/9/2019 18:44:18 No. 2397 [M] Japanese Q love.png (282.31 KiB) Lest we get discouraged, Q support is worldwide. First part says: >Mari who introduced earlier has updated the Q related articles. Q check who is following the information! gives her twitter handle >The crisis!? Qanon - MK ULTRA / mind control link to her website/blog: Q-anon vs the deep state Replies: >>2405
  1704. Anonymous 8/9/2019 20:16:34 No. 2399 [M] i am not getting any activity here am I still here??? Dafuq?
  1706. Anonymous 8/9/2019 20:23:21 No. 2400 [M] >>2120 I was on that thread when the two post below were posted and the one above about the pending shooting WAS NOT THERE! I was also there when the manifesto was posted on 8ch and it was COPIED from 8ch/pol/ it was NOT originally posted on qresearch and I will be FUCKED DEAD before I will stand by and let anyone say it was!
  1708. Anonymous 8/9/2019 20:47:28 No. 2401 [M] Im back! Total newfag here... ...probably do some stupid shit. Will be cross posting from endchan througout the night; Blessed be the bakers. Replies: >>2402>>2407
  1710. Anonymous 8/9/2019 20:51:10 No. 2402 [M] >>2401 Also... Look at those fucking quads! *flex* Replies: >>2404
  1712. Anonymous 8/9/2019 21:44:12 No. 2404 [M] 1472504968093.png (44.64 KiB) [Seed] >>2402 does are som dice guads
  1714. Anonymous 8/9/2019 22:05:41 No. 2405 [M] >>1973 (You) Anon collected notable bun >>1978 NSA GHIDRA tweet + Epik's Monster = comms good >>1985 Getting Rid of 8chan Isn't Going to Get Rid of QAnon >>2027 The Story Of 8chan Shows Why There Is No Alternative To the Leftwing Social Media Giants >>2040 Andrew McCabe Sues DOJ, FBI Over "Politically Motivated Firing" >>2041 President Trump Readies Executive Order To Crack-Down Hard On Social Media Censorship Of Conservatives >>2048 Facebook Offers News Outlets Millions of Dollars a Year to License Content >>2051 Already trying to get Q tripcode to work >>2069 (You) QAnonResearch on endchan set up >>2070 NZ Chief Censor backs ISP action on 8chan >>2071 #Resistance views AG Barr as egging on "vigilantism" >>2072 Poll: Majority of Blacks, Hispanics Support Anti-Illegal Immigration 2020 Candidates >>2081 SHOOTER SCARE Gun nut in fatigues films himself walking into Walmart carrying an assault rifle and 100 rounds just days after El Paso shooting >>2089 CodeMonkey on how he's upgrading 8ch during downtime >>2105 Judicial Watch gets FBI 302s of Bruce Ohr released >>2120 Twitter lie: El Paso shooter posted to Qresearch (not 8/pol/) >>2346 NSA Whistleblower Confirms "They Can Use Your Data Against You Any Time" >>2347 Reporters are very upset that Mitch McConnell's campaign jokes about the bizarre, racist attacks against his family >>2351 BOOM: Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump 'Didn't Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us' >>2353 Bug on the 08chan board >>2369 The Week in Tech: How Does 8chan Whack-a-Mole End? >>2370 Tech Tent: Taking 8chan offline >>2372 DailyBeast hunting for anons' IP on 08chan (ebil rayciss of /pol/) >>2373 It's not Spark's job to block websites like 8chan - commentator >>2374 Why deplatforming 8chan '''can be effective >>2375 El Paso Shooter Kills 8Chan? >>2381 WaPo: Trump just blamed the El Paso shooting victims for their own deaths >>2383 Amazon seeks to root out any ties to 8chan, as tech firms grapple with implications of extremist sites >>2391 Zeronet = uncontrollable, why elites panicking >>2392 Ruh-roh: Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate >>2397 Q support WW, Japanese in Oregon Replies: >>2471>>2477
  1716. Anonymous 8/9/2019 23:38:32 No. 2407 [M] >>2401 Where is endchan?
  1718. Anonymous 8/10/2019 04:21:32 No. 2408 [M] Anyone here? Test test test... Anyone see this but me? Replies: >>2409>>2411
  1720. Anonymous 8/10/2019 04:30:07 No. 2409 [M] >>2408 5:5 anon
  1722. Anonymous 8/10/2019 04:48:31 No. 2411 [M] 3bab26f96c6fbcedb8820945e(...).gif (548.70 KiB) [Seed] >>2408 FG&C BO is working on fixes as we speak; I read you load and clear, and this is a brand new instance of ZeroNet, not my old instance from before the spam attack. The winning is commencing!
  1724. Anonymous 8/10/2019 08:23:26 No. 2413 [M] epstein ded.png (197.92 KiB) fugg lets hope they have it all
  1726. Anonymous 8/10/2019 08:41:12 No. 2414 [M] 1476289826955.jpg (4.30 KiB) [Seed] Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials By ella torres, andaaron katersky Aug 10, 2019, 8:56 AM ET Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced millionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, has died by suicide in his Lower Manhattan jail cell, three law enforcement officials told ABC News Saturday morning. The exact timing and circumstances were not immediately clear. Epstein, 66, was set to stand trial next year for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of minor girls in New York and Florida. (MORE: The rise and fall of Jeffrey Epstein: A timeline of the financier's legal troubles) His death came less than three weeks after he was found unresponsive in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan, with marks on his neck that appeared to be self-inflicted, sources told ABC News. He had been on suicide watch since the July 23 incident. Epstein, 66, pleaded not guilty to the charges. He faced up to 45 years in prison if convicted. This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.
  1728. Anonymous 8/10/2019 08:52:32 No. 2415 [M] Jeffrey Epstein Dead In Apparent Suicide Sat, 08/10/2019 - 09:13 Jeffrey Epstein has died after having reportedly committed suicide in his jail cell, according to multiple news reports, after a gurney carriny what is believed to be Epstein was seen wheeled out of the Manhattan Correctional Center around 7:30 a.m., according to the New York Post. The 66-year-old Epstein was was previously placed on suicide watch after he was found "nearly unconscious" inside his cell with 'marks on his neck,' according to a Post report from late July. Investigators questioned former Orange County police officer Nicholas Tartaglione, suspected of killing four men in a cocaine distribution conspiracy, in connection with the incident. The former cop claimed to have not seen anything nor touched Epstein. Needless to say, today's news is highly suspicious. < Even the time of day in this story is shocking. The first check-in on a prisoner who had already attempted suicide once was not until 7:30 a.m.? — Ted Mann (@TMannWSJ) August 10, 2019 < So Epstein failed to commit suicide the first time, is then placed specifically on suicide watch, THEN successfully commits suicide. < Right. Got it. — Quoth the Raven (@QTRResearch) August 10, 2019 < Guess the guards just happened to be looking away from the cctv for an hour or so — Will Chamberlain (@willchamberlain) August 10, 2019 The apparent suicide comes just hours after a massive trove of documents was unsealed in a case linked to Epstein, in which one of his victims said she was forced to perform sex acts with high profile individuals, including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, money manager Glenn Dubin and MIT professor Marvin Minsky. Replies: >>2471
  1730. Anonymous 8/10/2019 08:59:17 No. 2416 [M] Jeffrey Epstein has died by suicide, sources say By Shimon Prokupecz, Sonia Moghe and Jason Hanna, CNN Updated 1345 GMT (2145 HKT) August 10, 2019 New York (CNN) — Jailed multimillionaire financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has died by suicide, according to two law enforcement sources. He was taken from New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center Saturday morning in cardiac arrest and died at an area hospital, the sources told CNN. Epstein, 66, had been jailed since early July, when he pleaded not guilty to charges by New York federal prosecutors after an indictment accused him of sex trafficking dozens of underage girls, some as young as 14 years old. News of Epstein's death comes a day after hundreds of pages of court documents were unsealed in New York federal court, alleging new details of sexual abuse claims against Epstein and several associates. Just weeks ago, Epstein was placed on a suicide watch after he was found July 23 in his Manhattan jail cell with marks on his neck, a law enforcement source and a source familiar with the incident told CNN at the time. It was not clear to jail officials at the time if the injuries, which were not serious, were self-inflicted or the result of an assault, the sources said. Epstein told authorities he was beaten up and called a child predator, they said. ........... So question is: Did he off himself or was he eliminated? He had no cellmate at the time of his first "injury" - El Chapo was 3 doors down and a photo of him in his cell was published, there is only one bed, so Epstein had no cellmate. The crooked cop was mentioned in stories at the time. Also, no other stories on Epstein are mentioning how he died. CNN says (above) that he was rushed to hospital "in cardiac arrest" >heart attacks can be deadly ?
  1732. Anonymous 8/10/2019 09:05:06 No. 2417 [M] ClipboardImage-24.png (2.09 MiB) [Seed] New id yesterday on old installation from pre change. I see new stuff old stuff. Not much new except in Pol. I theorize that Q needed to deny the enemy any access to hive mind this week, and that deplatforming and congressional hearing are theater to create an iron clad due process wry conservative free speech. Meanwhile it's obvious that decentralized is the next thing with a little bit of development yet. Good to be on the frontier. Replies: >>2423>>2433>>2471 drip, drip, drip to the public...
  1734. Anonymous 8/10/2019 09:11:10 No. 2418 [M] It's starting to come out now - widening the circle Brooke Mueller attended ‘Eyes Wide Shut’-type sex parties in the Hamptons By Emily Smith August 9, 2019 | 11:47am Charlie Sheen‘s off-the-rails ex Brooke Mueller described how she attended an “’Eyes Wide Shut’-type” sex party in the Hamptons after she showed up with “suitcases full of drugs,” a new audiotape reveals. The back-on-drugs Mueller, 41, slurs her words on the explosive audiotape — in which she asks to score crystal meth, cocaine and “black tar” heroin — and tells how she and a mystery “married man” watched
  1736. Anonymous naked people indulge in sex acts in a scene like one from the 1999 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman erotic drama “Eyes Wide Shut.” In the exclusive audiotape from the early hours of July 15, Mueller is heard saying, “It was an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ type of party … in the Hamptons, there’s a party here. It’s after-hours, actually but it was really cool … sex … like.” She adds, “But you don’t have to have sex, just naked people walking round. It’s really cool. I ran from it last time. I wasn’t expecting it, but this time I watched it. I didn’t know it happens, but it’s really f—ing different. Yeah, it happens — we’re hitting one tonight in Queens.” When asked about whom she was traveling to the party with, she added, “He’s just my friend, he’s not even my boyfriend … he’s married. I know, I feel evil, but I can’t help it … We didn’t even hook up, but it’s kind of fun, but anyway … but I don’t want anyone to know, you know?” It is not clear which sex party Mueller — who has physical custody of her twin 10-year-old sons with Sheen — attended in the Hamptons, and whether she actually went to another in Queens. Last summer, Snctm, an elite erotic club based in Los Angeles that reportedly counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher among its fans, threw a black-tie “Masquerade” event at an opulent private Hamptons residence on Aug. 5. The erotic “Eyes Wide Shut”-style event, we’re told, was limited to only 99 guests. Replies: >>2471 Epstein dead
  1738. Anonymous 8/10/2019 10:14:26 No. 2419 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-10 Jef(...).png (503.50 KiB) [Seed] >A gurney carrying a man who looked like Epstein was wheeled out of the Manhattan Correctional Center around 7:30 a.m. The ambulance went to New York Downtown Hospital.
  1740. Anonymous 8/10/2019 11:16:54 No. 2420 [M] Epstein. Replies: >>2421
  1742. Anonymous 8/10/2019 11:56:37 No. 2421 [M] >>2420 Yeah... any planes leave for GITMO last night?
  1744. Anonymous 8/10/2019 12:33:00 No. 2422 [M] NEW EO from POTUS must read!
  1746. Anonymous 8/10/2019 13:41:44 No. 2423 [M] pexels-photo-414659.jpeg (12.12 KiB) [Seed] >>2417 Yep, same here, anon. Holding down the fort. Picked up hammer; sinking nails.
  1748. Anonymous 8/10/2019 14:32:17 No. 2427 [M] 588750d0e535839a02202252d(...).jpg (215.61 KiB) [Seed] How can I tell if I am seeing all the posts? I only count 6 posts from 8/10/2019 so far. Is that all the activity here?
  1750. Anonymous 8/10/2019 14:57:46 No. 2428 [M] Barr announces DOJ inspector general investigation into Epstein death by Jerry Dunleavy | August 10, 2019 01:16 PM Attorney General William Barr announced following Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide Saturday morning that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz launched an investigation into the circumstances of the accused child sex trafficker’s death in his prison cell. This move is in addition to the FBI inquiry already underway. The FBI declined to comment about its investigation. “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody,” Barr said. “Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered.” Neither the Justice Department not the inspector general's office immediately responded to the Washington Examiner's request for further details. The Bureau of Prisons released a statement on Saturday stating that the jet-setting financier and sex offender was found “unresponsive in his cell” located in the Special Housing Unit at around 6:30 a.m. this morning following “an apparent suicide.” Officials said lifesaving efforts were immediately undertaken and that emergency medical services were quickly called. Epstein was brought to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Epstein reportedly hanged himself, and a gurney carrying Epstein's body was wheeled out of the Manhattan Correctional Center around 7:30 a.m. this morning, according to reports. According to a representative for NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner who spoke with the Washington Examiner, "there is no official cause of death yet" as "the medical examiner has to do their job." "We are investigating the cause of death and we have an open case," the representative said. The 14-page indictment against Epstein alleged that he sexually exploited dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and Palm Beach, among other locations, between 2002 and 2005 and perhaps beyond. Some of the victims were ostensibly as young as 14 at the time the alleged crimes occurred. Epstein allegedly “created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit"and “maintained a steady supply of new victims." Epstein was reportedly found nearly unconscious on his cell floor with marks on his neck back in July, but it had never been officially confirmed by authorities whether he had attempted to take his own life, whether he’d been assaulted by another inmate, or whether it was a ploy to change prisons. Epstein was subsequently placed on suicide watch, but there are numerous reports that when he was found dead Saturday he “was in his cell but was not on suicide watch at the time of his death.” The Manhattan Correctional Center did not immediately respond to questions from the Washington Examiner about the circumstances of Epstein's suicide and how it was allowed to happen. Horowitz has handled high-profile investigations before. Last summer, the watchdog released a 568-page report on Midyear Exam, the DOJ and FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's improper private email server. And the inspector general is expected to release the results of his investigation into allegations of abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act during the Trump-Russia probe sometime around Labor Day. Epstein's apparent suicide followed the unsealing on Friday of 2,000 pages of court records by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit connected to the defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and longtime associate whom Giuffre has accused of helping Epstein abuse her and other women when Giuffre was underage. The records included allegations by Giuffre that Maxwell instructed her to have sex with the U.K.'s Prince Andrew, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and former Sen. George Mitchell as well as money manager Glenn Dubin and MIT professor Marvin Minksy, among other high-profile figures. Before Friday, Epstein’s flight records spanning from 1999 through 2005 had been made public, but new flight manifests ranging from November 1995 through August 2013 were released Friday. The records show Epstein crisscrossed the globe accompanied by tycoons, celebrities, employees, friends, and politicos. con'td
  1752. Anonymous 8/10/2019 15:27:24 No. 2429 [M] Suicide Weekend? Replies: >>2431>>2436
  1754. Anonymous 8/10/2019 16:36:23 No. 2431 [M] >>2429 kek
  1756. Anonymous 8/10/2019 16:46:48 No. 2433 [M] 1502582934249.png (75.71 KiB) [Seed] >>2417 >that deplatforming and congressional hearing are theater to create an iron clad due process wry conservative free speech. YES. One of the things that is striking to others (normies) is that the manifesto was published on IG first, then 4, then 8; no one is demanding that IG or 4 be deplatformed. Hell there have been livestreamed rapes on faceberg and the Christchurch thing was on there too. But it's only 8 that has to go?
  1758. Anonymous 8/10/2019 17:20:28 No. 2436 [M] >>2429 All those high society parties tomorrow with the koolaid.
  1760. Anonymous 8/10/2019 19:04:14 No. 2437 [M] Scavino pic folder symbol.png (17.66 KiB) Can anyone help me find out what symbol or logo this is? It's from the pic that Dan Scavino posted on faceberg the other day... Replies: >>2451
  1762. Anonymous 8/10/2019 19:31:36 No. 2438 [M] Bueller?
  1764. Anonymous 8/11/2019 05:50:51 No. 2444 [M] Screenshot_2019-08-11 Kri(...).png (435.24 KiB) [Seed] Ivy Anderson, twenty two year old reporter at WahNT, dies of 'natural causes'. Boyfriend worked at SAIC. Give donations to Ashton Kucher's fight against sex trafficking.
  1766. Anonymous 8/11/2019 08:59:01 No. 2446 [M] 3e46960eee5b755a9ce8cbe47(...).jpg (15.89 KiB) [Seed] 8chan: The Latest Fearporn Drive Guardian in Hysterics Over Threat of Homeless,
  1768. Anonymous Shitposters Kit Knightly Aug 9, 2019 The Problem 8chan may have been shut down, but that doesn’t mean we’re safe. You see, all the people that used 8chan before it was shut down are still out there. They might be on Twitter. They might be on Facebook. They might be ordering coffee at a Starbucks. They might be plotting some sort of far-right apocalypse. They might just be talking about movies on reddit. There’s no way of knowing. We should all be terribly worried. At least, according to The Guardian, who headline today: “8chan: ex-users of far-right site flock to new homes across internet First off, of course, 8chan was not a “far-right site”, it was a site with some “far-right” people on it. There are hundreds of boards on 8chan, with thousands upon thousands of different posters. Boards could be created by anyone to discuss anything. The vast majority were dedicated to perfectly ordinary topics. Video games, fashion, cars, movies. There were many much more specific, fetishy, niche and weird…but not “far-right”. The site didn’t have an ideology except “free speech”. The general shifting of “free speech” from something we all take for granted to being described as a “far-right agenda” is one of the most worrying trends in modern politics. The article is actually funny, not least for the total lack of web literacy on display: “Former members of 8chan have scattered across the internet after the far-right site was shut down over the weekend This is simply ridiculous to anyone who knows anything about the nature of 8chan et al. There are no “members”. That, indeed, is the whole entire point of the place. It is
  1770. Anonymous and temporary. No usernames, no registration, no “membership”. The press has a long history of simply not being able to grasp the way the internet works (as in the famous “Who is this 4chan?” CNN interview or Fox’s “internet hate machine” piece), but this is such basic ignorance of the topic at hand that I almost can’t believe it’s genuine. Indeed, it might not be. It might be that portraying “8chan” as some sort of organized community plays into the media’s need to generate fear. This generates, “the problem”, which sets us up for… The Reaction Having established that 8chan’s “far-right” “members” are out there in the ether, being terrifying, the article needs to get some feedback on what that means. To do this they go to two “consultants”: •Joan Donovan, who runs the Technology and Social Change (TaSC) Research Project •Ben Decker the CEO of “Memetic Consultancy” (sic. It’s actually “Memetica”). They are portrayed as two essentially different voices, as if we’re getting a spectrum of opinion. But the most cursory check on Donovan and Decker shows they are both research fellows at the Shorenstein Institute of the Kennedy School of Government. They aren’t separate. At all. (NOTE: In fact, Memetica, Shorenstein, and other NGOs currently talking up the need for internet censorship are a ripe subject for a full-on exposé, and will be in the near future) Not at all surprisingly, being research fellows for the same institute at the same university, Decker and Donovan absolutely agree on pretty much everything. Primarily, that shutting down 8chan was a really good idea, but won’t – on its own – solve the “far-right” problem. Apparently, all the people that posted on 8chan will NOT flee the internet forever, but will now just go and post somewhere else. Why anyone would need two Harvard-trained academics to tell them this, I don’t know. Where will they go? Well, other scary places of course. Like the “far-right forum” Gab, or back to 4chan or reddit. Some of them will be “absorbed” by the social media giants (meaning they will post on Twitter and Facebook), and some will post in discussions on encrypted message services like Telegram and Discord. For some reason, Gab is a real bugbear for centrists, being regularly attacked simply for existing. Its one claim to infamy is that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter apparently had a Gab account…this, apparently, makes it a far-right social network. Niche and independent networks are always attacked by-association in this way. The Dayton shooter and “MAGABomber” both had twitter accounts, and the Christ Church attack was live-streamed on Facebook…but they are not shut down. The Solution Having established that shutting down 8chan was brilliant, but more is needed, our two NGO representatives set out what else needs to be done: “One way to prevent 8chan users from migrating to alternative social media spaces like YouTube and Facebook would be to build a moat around the platforms to prevent inb Last edited: 4 days ago
  1772. Anonymous 8/11/2019 09:19:17 No. 2447 [M] EpsToGitmo.jpeg (102.70 KiB) [Seed]
  1774. Anonymous 8/11/2019 09:20:37 No. 2448 [M] EpsToGitmo.jpeg (102.70 KiB) [Seed]
  1776. Anonymous 8/11/2019 09:32:01 No. 2450 [M] EpsToGitmo.jpeg (102.70 KiB) [Seed]
  1778. Anonymous 8/11/2019 09:46:46 No. 2451 [M] Scavino pic.jpg (119.61 KiB) >>2437 >Dan Scavino's pic posted to fb
  1780. Anonymous 8/11/2019 10:43:40 No. 2454 [M] Lawmakers, Pelosi’s Daughter Call for Probe Into Jeffrey Epstein’s Death After Reported Suicide By Zachary Stieber August 10, 2019 Updated: August 10, 2019 A number of people urged authorities to conduct an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s reported suicide after the news broke on Aug. 10, including Christine Pelosi, a Democratic official and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “There must be an independent investigation into the Jeffrey Epstein prison death,” Pelosi said in a statement, adding that Epstein had to have had assistance from someone if he truly committed suicide. >but I don't want you to actually investigate the crimes, 'cuz some of our 'favs' will be implicated and this will ruin us “How a man could succeed in killing himself in a heavily guarded federal prison after a first failed attempt should shock the conscience. Someone helped by commission or omission. As has been Epstein’s pattern,” she wrote. >shock the conscience >failed attempt >Epstein's pattern connected to people whose families >gross failure (to get him the first time) >do their one job Pelosi warned after Epstein was arrested in July that “it is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may—whether on Republicans or Democrats.” Others also called for a probe into Epstein’s death, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.). “We need answers. Lots of them,” wrote Ocasio-Cortez. “I agree @AOC,” Gaetz said. “Chairman @RepJerryNadler should prioritize a Judiciary investigation into how Jeffrey Epstein died in federal custody (in Nadler’s own neighborhood!) over the Kavanaugh confirmation (which already happened), and the Russia hoax (which never happened).” kek - Gaetz is good Replies: >>2471
  1782. Anonymous 8/11/2019 11:43:43 No. 2455 [M] SDNY says it’s committed to Epstein victims and investigation is ongoing by Jerry Dunleavy | August 10, 2019 05:37 PM The prosecutors who brought charges of child sex trafficking and conspiracy against jet-setting financier Jeffrey Epstein say they are “committed” to Epstein’s accusers and that their investigation into the alleged crimes of Epstein and his associates is “ongoing” despite his apparent suicide. In the wake of Epstein’s death early Saturday morning, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman of the Southern District of New York said in the afternoon that “today’s events are disturbing” and that “we are deeply aware of their potential to present yet another hurdle to giving Epstein’s many victims their day in court." “To those brave young women who have already come forward and to the many others who have yet to do so, let me reiterate that we remain committed to standing for you,” Berman said in a brief statement. “And our investigation of the conduct charged in the indictment — which included a conspiracy count — remains ongoing.” Prosecutors believe that Epstein had help committing his crimes, and there are believed to be many other alleged Epstein victims out there — and the indictment references co-conspirators. The 14-page indictment against Epstein unsealed in July alleged that he “sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls” at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations, between 2002 and 2005 and perhaps beyond. Prosecutors claimed that Epstein “enticed and recruited” minor girls to” engage in sex acts with him” and that he would then “give the victims hundreds of dollars in cash.” Some of the victims were as young as 14 at the time the alleged crimes occurred. >Little St. James is in US jurisdiction, but his house in Paris is not. Additionally, prosecutors alleged that an unnamed “New York-based employee” and two unnamed assistants in Palm Beach would help with scheduling some of these encounters, and that Epstein would also contact some of the victims directly. Investigators allege Epstein conspired with others to traffic minors for sex. >NY employee was from his "modeling" company M2 >unnamed assistants in PB do not reference Ghislane Maxwell, so there are other women involved >the sex trafficking is necessarily international due to one girl he bought in the Ukraine; if he has activities in Paris or elsewhere, it will really get big
  1784. Anonymous 8/11/2019 12:49:00 No. 2456 [M] Spygate Indictments Coming, Says Former Intelligence Operative Tony Shaffer
  1786. Anonymous 8/11/2019 14:14:39 No. 2457 [M] Chase Bank erases all credit card debt for Canadian customers By David Aaro | Fox News American-based Chase Bank is giving its customers above the border one last gift before it bows out of the Canadian credit card market. Chase Bank, which is part of JPMorgan Chase & Co., closed all their credit card accounts in March 2018 and customers were expected to continue to pay their debt. That changed on Friday when the company decided to forgive all outstanding balances on either of its two VISA cards as part of their exit following 13 years in the Canadian credit card market, according to the CBC. "Chase made the decision to exit the Canadian credit card market," said Maria Martinez, vice president of communications for Chase Card Services. "As part of that exit, all credit card accounts were closed on or before March 2018. A further business decision has been made to forgive all outstanding balances in order to complete the exit." The reactions from customers throughout Canada range from shock, disbelief to joy as people who owed thousands on their credit cards had all that debt wiped away in an instant. "I was sort of over the moon all last night, with a smile on my face," Douglas Turner of Ontario, who owed more than $4,500 on his card, told the CBC. "I couldn't believe it."
  1788. Anonymous 8/11/2019 15:09:48 No. 2459 [M] Epstein Switched Out pol (...).png (84.09 KiB) Epstein Switched Out pol (...).png (746.42 KiB) Epstein Switched Out pol (...).png (271.72 KiB) Epstein.png (515.03 KiB) Sorry if old news from yesterday - zero not up 2 date. Some insider yesterday claiming Epstein was switched out and the dead man is a plant. Edit: nothing changed - trying to force seeding Replies: >>2460>>2464>>2468 Last edited: 3 days ago
  1790. Anonymous 8/11/2019 15:35:40 No. 2460 [M] >>2459 Tor posting? I don't get thumbs of your images... Replies: >>2499
  1792. Anonymous 8/11/2019 15:50:58 No. 2462 [M] Message to anons.png (1.16 MiB) [Seed] MESSAGE TO ANONS WORLDWIDE, maybe it will spread better as a graphic Please spread, POTUS has a message for all of us Replies: >>2463>>2465>>2470>>2512
  1794. Anonymous 8/11/2019 15:59:41 No. 2463 [M] >>2462 Unable to see png you posted
  1796. Anonymous 8/11/2019 16:12:02 No. 2464 [M] Epstein Switched Out pol (...).png (84.09 KiB) Epstein Switched Out pol (...).png (746.42 KiB) Epstein Switched Out pol (...).png (271.72 KiB) Epstein.png (515.03 KiB) >>2459 2nd try: Some insider yesterday on /pol/ claiming Epstein was switched out and the dead man is a plant. Replies: >>2469>>2471
  1798. Anonymous 8/11/2019 16:46:20 No. 2465 [M] >>2462 also posted here in case it doesn't show up... Replies: >>2512
  1800. Anonymous 8/11/2019 16:50:35 No. 2466 [M] BC_LSJ-island08.11.11.jpg (1.73 MiB) 0/100% 0 seeds Scan and share. Or the other way around
  1802. Anonymous 8/11/2019 17:51:51 No. 2468 [M] >>2459 Still no thumbs on this post, but I get the full images.
  1804. Anonymous 8/11/2019 17:52:09 No. 2469 [M] >>2464 This is perfect, thumbs and images. Seeded.
  1806. Anonymous 8/11/2019 17:53:12 No. 2470 [M] >>2462 If your tor posting, you will have to make some adjustments so we can view your images. Check the zeronet docs on using Tor with ZeroNet.
  1808. Anonymous 8/11/2019 18:04:01 No. 2471 [M] mud.jpg (97.27 KiB) [Seed] >>2418 >>2454 >>2464 >>2417 >>2405 >>2415 If anyone can get word to a Baker; Because of the changes to the site by the BO (notably the change to authCerts, requiring a ZeroID generated authCert to post) new incoming members do not see ANY of the content that was posted before the change to ZeroID authCerts. This means new members do not have access to the current Q Research General breads that are already here. We should post a new Q Research General bread Thanks fags. I really like it here. Lets make it comfy.
  1810. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:13:26 No. 2477 [M] NEW THREAD >>>/QResearch/36f221f63876 >>>/QResearch/36f221f63876 >>>/QResearch/36f221f63876 NEW THREAD If someone could collect the last notables after these: >>2405 I will add to new thread I AM NOT A BAKER let's see how this goes... Last edited: 3 days ago
  1812. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:20:19 No. 2479 [M] tets Replies: >>2480>>2481
  1814. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:21:40 No. 2480 [M] >>2479 Reading you loud and clear, anon. Replies: >>2482 Last edited: 3 days ago
  1816. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:22:27 No. 2481 [M] 3302-00.jpg (66.54 KiB) [Seed] >>2479 Replies: >>2482
  1818. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:24:36 No. 2482 [M] >>2480 >>2481 Great! Now all we need is for some brilliant autists to start autistfagging so we can get back to some awesome research! Replies: >>2484
  1820. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:25:41 No. 2483 [M] 1540951666245s.jpg (5.78 KiB) [Seed] testy turnups is this thing on? Replies: >>2510
  1822. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:28:26 No. 2484 [M] images.jpg (9.03 KiB) [Seed] img_3220.jpg (47.08 KiB) Bisti_Wilderness_Sunset.jpg (116.25 KiB) [Seed] photo_2019-08-05_10-56-35.jpg (90.49 KiB) [Seed] >>2482 You know it, fren! >>>/QResearch/36f221f63876(New Thread; New Users wont be able to see this thread until we fix the board) I have been here since Aug 6th. Love it here. /comfy/ Replies: >>2486
  1824. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:30:29 No. 2485 [M] 220px-West_section_of_Hon(...).jpg (8.13 KiB) [Seed] So, skimmed notables didnt see any HK mentionings. Some shit is going down in hong kong... apparently china be invading cause of protests or some shit. Location is .... Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge Replies: >>2513
  1826. Anonymous 8/11/2019 19:30:43 No. 2486 [M] TriedToBuryUs.jpg (10.58 KiB) >>2484 One of the best memes ever designed! Also love it here! Also comfy! Last edited: 3 days ago
  1828. Anonymous 8/11/2019 23:30:12 No. 2499 [M] >>2460 I can't find any documentation on Tor & images, could you be more specific?
  1830. Anonymous 8/11/2019 23:47:28 No. 2501 [M] Where did ebot wind up?
  1832. Anonymous 8/12/2019 00:33:23 No. 2510 [M] >>2483 (you) I'm getting your post a bit late, anon. But better late than never.
  1834. Anonymous 8/12/2019 00:35:03 No. 2512 [M] Message-to-anons.png (1.15 MiB) >>2462 >>2465
  1836. Anonymous 8/12/2019 00:36:12 No. 2513 [M] >>2485 NOTABLE
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