Aug 3rd, 2012
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  1. [00:49:49] <DamienLunas> So, on let's say... July 4th
  2. [00:50:17] <DamienLunas> no, not july 4th.
  3. [00:50:31] <DamienLunas> she's searching for entei that day.
  4. [00:50:32] <DamienLunas> The 5th
  5. [00:50:45] <DamienLunas> while she's lurking around campus, spying
  6. [00:50:46] <Rica> Well it COULD be in-between! But 5th it is.
  7. [00:51:02] <DamienLunas> she hears a disturbance
  8. [00:51:25] <DamienLunas> ???: "Please, give it back!"
  9. [00:52:27] <DamienLunas> the young boy's voice is met with jeers and laughter. It sounds like it's coming from behind one of the school buildings.
  10. [00:52:50] * Rica peps up, hushing her spymons before floating a bit closer. A few signals are given to move them in position to observe from all sides.
  11. [00:54:26] <DamienLunas> "Come on, we're gonna do you a favor!" "Yeah, if we sold this piece of junk for you maybe you could afford some real clothes and not wear your uniform around everywhere like a nerd."
  12. [00:55:21] <Rica> Aaaand that's enough. "A-hem." Chair and all, Rica floats out brandishing her committee armband. "Excuse me, is there a problem?"
  13. [00:56:23] <DamienLunas> Two upperclassman spin around to face you. One of them is holding a pokedex out of reach of a younger student. Jerry.
  14. [00:56:31] <Rica> Well, not really brandishing. So much as the fact that it's definitely on.
  15. [00:57:05] <Rica> On the other side of the scene is her ghostly investigation partner, instructed to keep silent.
  16. [00:57:56] <DamienLunas> "Oh, no problem here officer!" one of them says sarcastically. "Isn't that right little Jerry?"
  17. [00:58:12] <DamienLunas> Jerry doesn't respond, just remaining silent and avoiding eye contect.
  18. [00:58:56] * Rica folds her arms and stares the upperclassmen down. "Is that so? I'd like to hear that student's story from himself, if you wouldn't mind."
  19. [00:59:13] <Rica> "If you ask me, he doesn't look very comfortable."
  20. [00:59:27] <DamienLunas> he just fidgets silently.
  21. [01:00:12] <DamienLunas> "Mind your own business." one of the bullies says.
  22. [01:01:11] <Rica> "No, thank you." Now she draws attention to the armband. "I believe he told you to give something back."
  23. [01:02:47] <DamienLunas> "You really think we're afraid of a little red armband?"
  24. [01:03:19] <Rica> Wearing a bit of a small smile, she just continues. "He was even kind enough to say 'please.' I think he and I would both appreciate if you'd give back what he asked for."
  25. [01:04:30] <Rica> "I think it would be in your best interests too, for the record."
  26. [01:04:50] * Rica just nods in place. Of course that's a signal to her partner too.
  27. [01:05:43] <DamienLunas> They smirk, "What are you gonna do about it? Call your boyfriend to come beat us up with his whip?"
  28. [01:07:03] <Rica> "Oh," she full-on smirks, "Is that really how the Committee is seen? What a shame. I think I'll ask one more time: Give this student back what he asked for and leave him alone."
  29. [01:07:31] * Rica snaps her fingers for the 'eon to step out on the other side of the bullies.
  30. [01:07:52] <Rica> Aka the 'overexp- fuck, what did mons call him? Overexposed fluffball?
  31. [01:08:22] <DamienLunas> "Heh, is that the best you've got?" "It's two against one and you send out an overexposed fluffball?"
  32. [01:08:39] <Rica> (I love you)
  33. [01:10:11] <Rica> "The best I've got?" She shakes her head. "It's more like... We'd rather not expend effort on lowlife bullies. This is your final chance to leave peacefully."
  34. [01:11:52] <Rica> (ha, I just realized I really did put 'spy on students' down there)
  35. [01:11:57] <Rica> (tree humor is a miracle of the universe)
  36. [01:12:22] <DamienLunas> "We don't take orders from cocky little girls in wheelchairs." "Yeah, we're going to have to teach you to respect your upperclassmen!"
  37. [01:12:50] <Rica> "Oh? In that case, I believe we'll have to teach you to respect the law."
  38. [01:13:29] <DamienLunas> They each send out a pokemon at once; an electabuzz and a magmar!
  39. [01:13:46] <DamienLunas> Speed?
  40. [01:13:46] <Rica> Zafi's speed is 21!
  41. [01:14:48] <DamienLunas> "Allright, Mag-Neato, use Faint Attack!"
  42. [01:14:55] <DamienLunas> (looks like I can't set topic)
  43. [01:15:08] <DamienLunas> (Magmar > Zafi > Electabuzz)
  44. [01:15:34] <DamienLunas> 1d20
  45. [01:15:34] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  46. [01:16:00] * Rica hmphs. "Zafi, plan C. Get ready."
  47. [01:16:07] <DamienLunas> 2d10+8+12
  48. [01:16:08] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 2d10+8+12: 39 [2d10=9,10]
  49. [01:16:44] <Rica> (Girls are calculating...)
  50. [01:18:26] * Rica nods to the fluffball. "There's nothing to be afraid of... but I don't like the idea of letting them off easy. Show them! Shadow Sneak!"
  51. [01:18:29] <Rica> 1d20 here we go
  52. [01:18:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, here we go: 6 [1d20=6]
  53. [01:18:53] <Rica> Eek, more than 4 eva on the shameless mahvel reference?
  54. [01:19:09] <DamienLunas> of course not. It's mahvel baybee.
  55. [01:19:40] <Rica> 1d12+6+30+8+14d6 where yo curleh mustache at
  56. [01:19:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, where yo curleh mustache at: 95 [1d12=5; 14d6=3,2,1,5,3,2,6,3,3,6,4,1,4,3]
  57. [01:20:00] <DamienLunas> FUCK DA NIX
  58. [01:20:06] <Rica> Still up, huh?
  59. [01:20:35] <DamienLunas> just barely
  60. [01:20:49] <DamienLunas> "Finish him off with charge beam, Buzz Aldrin!"
  61. [01:20:50] <DamienLunas> 1d20
  62. [01:20:51] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  63. [01:21:11] <DamienLunas> 2d8+6+8+17
  64. [01:21:12] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 2d8+6+8+17: 39 [2d8=1,7]
  65. [01:21:37] * Rica gets a glimmer in her eye. He's still up and in max damage Flail range!
  66. [01:22:24] <DamienLunas> still, magmar gets to go first
  67. [01:22:32] <DamienLunas> since it used faint attack already...
  68. [01:22:34] <DamienLunas> 1d20 fire punch
  69. [01:22:35] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, fire punch: 12 [1d20=12]
  70. [01:22:37] <Rica> oh that's true
  71. [01:22:46] <Rica> Well he has flash fire, lol
  72. [01:23:09] <DamienLunas> oh right.
  73. [01:23:12] <DamienLunas> (mind if I retconbeamu that)
  74. [01:23:26] <Rica> (yeah that's fine)
  75. [01:23:30] <DamienLunas> 1d20 psychic
  76. [01:23:30] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, psychic: 2 [1d20=2]
  77. [01:23:35] <DamienLunas> nyoro~n :3c
  78. [01:23:37] <~Mons> !dm9001 lastlines #40
  79. [01:23:39] <Rica> He has 1 eva, treehee
  80. [01:24:06] <Rica> So a pointing finger directs him to the buzz instead. "Now, why don't we show them why the Committee isn't to be taken lightly?"
  81. [01:24:13] <Rica> 1d20 SUPAFLAIL
  82. [01:24:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, SUPAFLAIL: 18 [1d20=18]
  83. [01:24:43] <Rica> 5d10+20+30+14d6 obviously gonna waste this anyway
  84. [01:24:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, obviously gonna waste this anyway: 125 [5d10=10,3,2,1,2; 14d6=6,3,4,2,4,6,3,2,5,5,5,5,3,4]
  85. [01:24:53] <Rica> (inb4 counter)
  86. [01:26:59] <DamienLunas> well hee'd need to survive it to pull off a counter
  87. [01:27:04] <Rica> ~
  88. [01:27:04] <DamienLunas> and he does not
  89. [01:27:47] <Rica> "Are you POSITIVE you wouldn't rather comply?"
  90. [01:28:12] <DamienLunas> "Oh you're in for it now. We're through goin' easy on ya!"
  91. [01:28:22] <DamienLunas> He sends out a zangoose to replace it!
  92. [01:28:36] <DamienLunas> 1d10
  93. [01:28:37] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d10: 7 [1d10=7]
  94. [01:28:37] <DamienLunas> 1d10
  95. [01:28:38] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
  96. [01:28:41] * Rica yawns.
  97. [01:28:51] <DamienLunas> Magmar > Zangoose > Flareon
  98. [01:29:06] <DamienLunas> "Finish it with faint attack, Mag-neato!"
  99. [01:29:07] <DamienLunas> 1d20
  100. [01:29:08] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d20: 2 [1d20=2]
  101. [01:29:16] <Rica> too bad it's nomiss huh
  102. [01:29:26] <DamienLunas> 2d10+8+12 yup
  103. [01:29:27] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, yup: 35 [2d10=7,8]
  104. [01:29:29] <Rica> 1d20 so obligatory sneak
  105. [01:29:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, so obligatory sneak: 10 [1d20=10]
  106. [01:29:41] <Rica> 1d12+6+30+8 get outta here
  107. [01:29:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, get outta here: 55 [1d12=11]
  108. [01:29:53] <DamienLunas> and its outta dere
  109. [01:30:09] <Rica> "Don't let that stop you, Zafira!"
  110. [01:30:34] <DamienLunas> "Night Slash!"
  111. [01:30:36] <DamienLunas> 1d20
  112. [01:30:37] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d20: 19 [1d20=19]
  113. [01:30:46] <DamienLunas> crit!
  114. [01:31:11] <Rica> De- oh wait, Detect isn't okay since his next turn hasn't come yet, has it?
  115. [01:31:11] <DamienLunas> 6d8+20+25
  116. [01:31:12] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 6d8+20+25: 73 [6d8=5,4,3,5,6,5]
  117. [01:31:15] <DamienLunas> nope
  118. [01:31:21] <Rica> Then he's down~
  119. [01:32:33] <DamienLunas> "Ha! Not so tough now, are ya?!"
  120. [01:32:42] <Rica> "Well, if those are the rules you're playing by," she keeps a cool head (pun intended) and whips a Pokéball out.
  121. [01:32:55] <DamienLunas> The other one sends out his second, a seviper!
  122. [01:34:07] <Rica> (feels so bad having such a big team where only a few are ever viable)
  123. [01:34:33] <Rica> "Let's not bother going easy on them, Signum." The WHITE DRAGON emerges!
  124. [01:34:41] <Rica> Aaaaaand her speed is 24.
  125. [01:34:56] <DamienLunas> She goes first!
  126. [01:35:19] <Rica> HMMM
  127. [01:35:48] <Rica> Thunder Wave on the goose then!
  128. [01:36:12] <DamienLunas> 1d20 paralysis check
  129. [01:36:12] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, paralysis check: 3 [1d20=3]
  130. [01:36:17] <DamienLunas> zangoose was paralyzed!
  131. [01:37:10] <Rica> She moves with utmost precision! Hopefully she looks pretty intimidating because she isn't a stupid-looking dragonite.
  132. [01:37:16] <Rica> Dragonites look stupid.
  133. [01:38:17] <DamienLunas> 1d20 night slash all day erry day
  134. [01:38:17] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, night slash all day erry day: 17 [1d20=17]
  135. [01:38:34] <DamienLunas> 3d8+10+30
  136. [01:38:34] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 3d8+10+30: 53 [3d8=8,2,3]
  137. [01:38:55] <Rica> She takes it!
  138. [01:39:22] <Rica> 1d20 let's have... icicle crash on the viper
  139. [01:39:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, let's have... icicle crash on the viper: 8 [1d20=8]
  140. [01:39:28] <Rica> AC4
  141. [01:39:32] <DamienLunas> hit
  142. [01:39:51] <Rica> 3d12+14+31+8 no flinch though, shame
  143. [01:39:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, no flinch though, shame: 73 [3d12=1,8,11]
  144. [01:40:11] <DamienLunas> still up!
  145. [01:40:50] <DamienLunas> 1d20 para against 7
  146. [01:40:50] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, para against 7: 9 [1d20=9]
  147. [01:40:53] <DamienLunas> 1d20 slash
  148. [01:40:56] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, slash: 20 [1d20=20]
  149. [01:41:00] <DamienLunas> critical slash!
  150. [01:41:02] <Rica> oh my
  151. [01:41:09] <Rica> 1d20 preemptive extremespeed zzz
  152. [01:41:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, preemptive extremespeed zzz: 19 [1d20=19]
  153. [01:41:15] <Rica> REALLY
  154. [01:41:20] <DamienLunas> 6d8+20+25+8
  155. [01:41:21] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 6d8+20+25+8: 78 [6d8=7,3,3,4,7,1]
  156. [01:41:45] <DamienLunas> he is still up
  157. [01:42:04] <DamienLunas> and
  158. [01:42:10] <DamienLunas> you put him in last chance range so that's +8 again
  159. [01:42:30] <Rica> 3d10+12+31+8+14d6 Siggy would be downed by that, so iceshifting for a little extra
  160. [01:42:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, Siggy would be downed by that, so iceshifting for a little extra: 122 [3d10=9,2,10; 14d6=4,3,4,1,2,5,3,1,4,6,2,5,6,4]
  161. [01:43:04] <Rica> NOW is he still up?
  162. [01:43:20] <castfromhp> (why did you IBIY if he was in last chance range?)
  163. [01:43:26] <Rica> (he hadn't been hit before)
  164. [01:43:40] <castfromhp> (...then again, you have five of them or something)
  165. [01:43:45] <Rica> (I think he was confusing the two of them? The viper was hit with icicle crash, the goose was just thunder waved)
  166. [01:43:47] <DamienLunas> ... uh
  167. [01:43:50] <DamienLunas> dur.
  168. [01:43:59] <DamienLunas> Ino no what I did was
  169. [01:44:20] <DamienLunas> I looked at MY slash damage
  170. [01:44:27] <Rica> (hahaha oh you)
  171. [01:44:30] <DamienLunas> and dealt that to the zangoose.
  172. [01:44:58] <DamienLunas> anyway that'll take down the zangoose because lol IBIY extremespeed note to self in the next round of dev work nerfs cap IBIY.
  173. [01:45:08] <Rica> (lol xD)
  174. [01:45:34] <DamienLunas> that's going in there along with do something about efficiency boost.
  175. [01:45:48] <Rica> (okay I can't argue, IBIY is kind of bullshit)
  176. [01:46:02] <DamienLunas> I try not to use it on tom if I can help it.
  177. [01:46:19] <Rica> She's already on the other side of the attacker, who's smothered in icicles.
  178. [01:46:20] <DamienLunas> I mostly use it to get people to blow their protects.
  179. [01:46:45] <Rica> (I do feel kind of bad about how it's capable of making any combat mindless interrupt mash yeah)
  180. [01:46:53] <Rica> (... at the same time, I love mindless interrupt mash)
  181. [01:46:55] <DamienLunas> "Ice type huh... then try this!"
  182. [01:47:01] <DamienLunas> 1d20 Iron Tail misses
  183. [01:47:02] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, Iron Tail misses: 8 [1d20=8]
  184. [01:47:12] <Rica> actually it probably doesn't!
  185. [01:47:14] <DamienLunas> ac 6
  186. [01:47:23] <Rica> Yyyep her eva is exactly 2.
  187. [01:47:38] <DamienLunas> 4d12+16+30
  188. [01:47:39] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 4d12+16+30: 82 [4d12=12,4,8,12]
  189. [01:47:45] <DamienLunas> steel, so SE
  190. [01:47:53] <Rica> She doesn't take that well at all.
  191. [01:48:47] <DamienLunas> so that'll take her down?
  192. [01:48:53] <Rica> Almost DST range!
  193. [01:49:13] <Rica> Not quite, but almost.
  194. [01:49:28] <DamienLunas> "Ha! That'll show her, C. Viper!"
  195. [01:49:48] <Rica> "Impressive, for a-" ... She has to pause to take that in. Holy shit that was horrible.
  196. [01:50:02] <DamienLunas> (muahahaha)
  197. [01:50:23] <Rica> (I love what you did with this, I really do)
  198. [01:50:26] <Rica> (you sir have no shame)
  199. [01:51:26] <Rica> "Either way, we're not quite finished here." She reaches for a compartment, watching what bully #1's doing first.
  200. [01:51:42] <DamienLunas> he seems to be out of mans and a bit panicked
  201. [01:52:08] <Rica> Oh, that's actually not fair th- wait a second, it's two against one in the first place, of COURSE it's fair!
  202. [01:52:27] <DamienLunas> (no, it's still not fair)
  203. [01:52:31] <DamienLunas> (lolbreeders)
  204. [01:52:40] <DamienLunas> (they're SUBTLY broken.)
  205. [01:52:42] <Rica> "Caro! Stand by..." POP. "... Ready!"
  206. [01:52:47] <Rica> (no they're pretty blatantly broken)
  207. [01:53:06] <Rica> Out pops a Dewgong! Her speed's only 7 though.
  208. [01:53:38] <DamienLunas> so's this
  209. [01:53:41] <DamienLunas> 1d10 speed tie
  210. [01:53:41] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, speed tie: 8 [1d10=8]
  211. [01:53:44] <Rica> 1d10 ha
  212. [01:53:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, ha: 9 [1d10=9]
  213. [01:53:49] <Rica> Well then!
  214. [01:54:04] <Rica> "I think there's something I'd like to teach you about ice-types."
  215. [01:54:06] <Rica> 1d20 aisu biimu
  216. [01:54:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, aisu biimu: 12 [1d20=12]
  217. [01:54:34] <Rica> 4d12+16+37+6 BZZZZZZZZZZZT
  218. [01:54:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, BZZZZZZZZZZZT: 94 [4d12=11,11,1,12]
  219. [01:54:43] <DamienLunas> aaaand down
  220. [01:54:46] <Rica> ... Is that even the sound ice beam makes?
  221. [01:54:48] <Rica> Pretty sure it isn't.
  222. [01:55:50] * Rica directs her laser beam seal toward the bullies, with a pointing finger. "Now, is that all?"
  223. [01:55:52] <DamienLunas> no, it makes this sound
  224. [01:56:06] <Rica> "I'm sure this student has better things to do."
  225. [01:56:35] <Rica> (also yfw you forgot to make the other bully refer to Zangief by name)
  226. [01:56:45] <DamienLunas> speaking of said student!
  227. [01:57:23] <DamienLunas> before you attack the bullies, he rushes in front of the one holding his pokedex and takes the hit!
  228. [01:57:35] <Rica> Oh, that was just a threat.
  229. [01:57:47] <Rica> Like... come on, ACTUALLY attacking bullies?
  230. [01:57:47] <DamienLunas> Oh
  231. [01:57:50] <DamienLunas> disregard suck cocks
  232. [01:57:58] <Rica> No, it's the thought that counts!
  233. [01:58:06] <DamienLunas> 1d100
  234. [01:58:07] <DiceMaid-9001> DamienLunas, 1d100: 85 [1d100=85]
  235. [01:58:36] <DamienLunas> "Tch... fine, take the damn thing!"
  236. [01:58:40] * Rica signals to stop anyway.
  237. [01:58:51] <DamienLunas> he tosses it to the ground, and Jerry catches it quickly
  238. [01:59:19] <Rica> "Thank you for complying. If I catch the two of you bullying students again, a week of detention may not be harsh enough a penalty."
  239. [02:00:18] <DamienLunas>
  240. [02:00:19] * Rica gathers her fallen mans. "I hope you'll remember some things about ice-types."
  241. [02:00:55] <DamienLunas> They go and slink off. There's no real need to chase them down right now. You just need to write them up and their punishment will find them.
  242. [02:01:17] <DamienLunas> However jerry scoops up his fallen pokedex and walks over to you.
  243. [02:01:28] <Rica> "Ahem." Well of course she's compiling a report! Just... not physically writing it down while there are more important things to attend to. She's floating over to him at the same time.
  244. [02:01:37] <DamienLunas> "Um... thank you. Thank you so much for standing up for like that."
  245. [02:01:38] <Rica> "Is everything all right now?"
  246. [02:01:40] <DamienLunas> for me*
  247. [02:01:57] <DamienLunas> "Yeah." he smiles. "So long as I have this, I'm okay..."
  248. [02:02:08] * Rica wears a sweet smile and giggles slightly. "That's just what the Disciplinary Committee does. It isn't damaged or anything, is it?"
  249. [02:02:24] <DamienLunas> he looks it over, "No... I don't think so. Thank goodness..."
  250. [02:02:39] <DamienLunas> "I know it's not the newest version or anything, but this is important to me nonetheless."
  251. [02:03:34] <Rica> "I'm glad, too. But... even if it was I'm sure I could've seen about help in having it fixed." After wondering if Mika is sneezing in her dorm Rica shakes her head. "Either way, please don't hesitate to call us. Especially if this happens often."
  252. [02:04:02] <DamienLunas> "My family is really deep in debt... so we've never had any money. I'm used to getting bullied because of it."
  253. [02:04:42] <DamienLunas> He looks up from it, "That's why it's so important. My mom saved up for a really long time just to get me this before I came to this school."
  254. [02:04:43] * Rica starts applying some bandages to her friends and reballing a couple, nodding along. "I see... that's awful. But that's definitely no excuse for just putting up with them. Bullying ISN'T okay by any means."
  255. [02:04:50] <DamienLunas> "She even got it engraved for me."
  256. [02:05:44] <DamienLunas> He shows you his pokedex, which has a gold engraving on the casing in small letters, reading, "L'avenir que vous souhaitez, c'est déjà entre vos mains."
  257. [02:06:15] <Rica> "Oh... er... sorry, excuse me." A small nod. "I should've introduced myself. Frederica Rosalin of the Disciplinary Committee- please don't hesitate to ask for me if this ever happens again, okay? Ah..." Suddenly she has a lightbulb looking at it. Just a little lightbulb.
  258. [02:06:26] * Rica squints a bit, even.
  259. [02:07:12] <DamienLunas> "Oh, I guess you can't read it..."
  260. [02:07:23] <DamienLunas> "It says, 'The future you wish for is already in your hands.' Oh! I-I should introduce myself too, shouldn't I."
  261. [02:08:00] <DamienLunas> "I'm... Jeremiah Willow. First year. Jerry is fine I guess..."
  262. [02:08:31] <Rica> "Oh, no, I... hehe, well, you're right. But it's a bit familiar." Smiling again she extends a hand. "Then call me Rica, if you'd like. It's nice to meet you, Jerry."
  263. [02:08:58] <DamienLunas> He shakes your hand, "Nice to meet you too, R-Rica."
  264. [02:09:20] <Rica> "Do you have a class you need to be getting back to?" The stuttering just makes her smile a little more. "Or a dorm, perhaps? I'll make sure they don't bother you on the way back if you'd like."
  265. [02:09:31] <DamienLunas> "I know it's a bit personal but... Jeremiah sounds too long, and I don't really like being called that..."
  266. [02:10:18] <Rica> "Mhm! I understand that! I've had students try to call me 'Fred' before..."
  267. [02:10:35] * Rica wears a friendly face and leads him out.
  268. [02:10:38] <DamienLunas> "Heh, I can imagine you don't really like that much."
  269. [02:10:58] <Rica> "I don't mind. As long as other people have fun with it, I can too, don't you think?"
  270. [02:11:27] <DamienLunas> "Huh? Oh, yeah it's fine. I mean even if it's a man's name. I mean... it could be either, it doesn't matter."
  271. [02:12:10] <Rica> Littlegiggle. "A nickname somebody gives to another person says something about the nickname-giver's own personality... the same way people name their pokémon."
  272. [02:12:19] <Rica> By the way for reference every IBIY interrupt was an EX DP.
  273. [02:14:52] <DamienLunas> "Well... I mean I guess you can call me what you like. Rosalin's pretty... can I call you that?"
  274. [02:16:30] * Rica is secretly a little glad she didn't tell him her middle name, but nods. "It sounds like a polite form of address... but I guess there's nothing wrong with it. And 'Willow' certainly isn't a bad-sounding name either, but... hmmm, would you be free to stop by the Committee office sometime soon?"
  275. [02:17:03] <Rica> "If we heard about your problem we could put more effort into making sure they don't come after you again."
  276. [02:17:07] <DamienLunas> "Huh? S-Sure... why?"
  277. [02:17:21] <DamienLunas> "Oh. Well I mean you don't have to... okay. Thank you."
  278. [02:17:27] <Rica> "Of course I do plan to submit a report myself, but..." Her face seriouses up.
  279. [02:18:46] <Rica> "But there's no reason to be afraid of them. Even if you can't stand up to them yourself, letting those with the ability to do so know is a form of standing up to them in and of itself."
  280. [02:19:44] <DamienLunas> "I know... but I'm opposed to violence. I don't like fighting." :<
  281. [02:20:29] <Rica> And she smiles again. "The Disciplinary Committee exists to stop fights from even happening when possible. I did give them multiple warnings..."
  282. [02:20:55] <Rica> "Student life in this Academy should be a pleasant one, not one where people should live in fear. Don't you think so?"
  283. [02:22:26] <DamienLunas> "Yeah... I think you're right."
  284. [02:22:35] <DamienLunas> "I was really excited when I got the scholarship to attend this academy."
  285. [02:22:48] * Rica looks up while floating along. "That's why I signed up. There shouldn't be such a thing as a world where people torment and bully others because of silly things like personal standing. And that's why we'll do all we can to stop it from happening."
  286. [02:23:30] <Rica> One more nod. "Being able to attend is a privelige. I'm definitely happy I got the chance, myself."
  287. [02:24:36] <DamienLunas> He looks over, "Did people used to bully you too?"
  288. [02:25:25] <Rica> "Bully..." She looks straight down. "Well, people used to... look down on me. Because of my disability. I couldn't stand that."
  289. [02:27:13] <Rica> "So I make up for that with my connection with Pokémon. I bred and raised them to do things I wasn't able to. And having their help to stop injustices from happening... well, it's thrilling in its own way."
  290. [02:27:32] <DamienLunas> "Sounds rewarding."
  291. [02:27:57] * Rica nods. "It is."
  292. [02:28:35] <DamienLunas> "Well... thanks again for helping me."
  293. [02:28:44] <DamienLunas> "I think those two probably won't be bothering me anymore."
  294. [02:29:00] <Rica> "Oh! I'm sorry. I trailed off a bit, didn't I? Eheh..." She nods either way.
  295. [02:29:08] <Rica> "If they ever do, please don't hesitate to come say something."
  296. [02:29:16] <Rica> "I promise we'll be there."
  297. [02:29:35] <DamienLunas> He smiles, "It was great to meet you. I can make it back to my dorm from here."
  298. [02:29:58] <Rica> And the smile is returned. "All right. Please stay safe."
  299. [02:30:40] <DamienLunas> He waves and heads off.
  300. [02:30:46] <DamienLunas> Perception check before we end?
  301. [02:31:09] <Rica> 1d20+6 HA, sure
  302. [02:31:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Rica, HA, sure: 25 [1d20=19]
  303. [02:32:09] <DamienLunas> While he's walking away, you notice that he still has 6 perfectly pristine pokeballs on his belt. Doesn't even look like he tried to use them. Interesting.
  304. [02:32:43] * Rica assumes this is because they're all level 1 digletts and floats off to submit a report~
  305. [02:34:12] <DamienLunas> [/mini]
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