Feb 22nd, 2019
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  1. Tier 1 Armaments
  3. Bomb Arrow [Arms/Action/2/0-2]
  4. Blast Attack 1, maneuvers that increase the damage of Unarmed Maneuvers can increase the damage of this attack.
  5. "A bow with arrows that carry an explosive tip. Being a bow, your own strength is quite relevant to how dangerous the arrow is."
  7. Strap [Any/Check/1/Self]
  8. Negate a single hinder maneuver made against an attack check. This may be used multiple times per round but only once per attack
  9. "A simple strap useful for keeping a weapon on your person."
  11. Lucky Charm [Any/Check/0/0-2]
  12. When you make a critical hit on an attack roll with a Range or Blast Weapon, you may make a mutual conversation check with a sister in range.
  13. "A small bauble or token that one can attribute bouts of good fortune to. Such tokens can ease the mind."
  15. Tier 2 Armaments
  16. Blast Hammer [Arms/Actions/2/0]
  17. Blast Attack 3, on a critical it gains explosive. This weapon does not gain additional damage from critical hits, only explosive.
  18. "A weighty explosive on a stick that usually relies on the explosion to hit a foe. Direct hits can be particularly devastating."
  20. Focus [Head/Damage/0/Self]
  21. When inflicting damage on a single enemy with a Melee Attack, you may mark them as the subject of your focus. While this is in effect, you get a +1 to attack checks against this target. The effect is lost if you move beyond range 1 from the target or attack another target, including via area attacks.
  22. "The ability to focus exclusively on a single enemy can pay off, though it is a state that is easy to lose."
  24. Rocket Racks [Arms/Action/3/2-3]
  25. Effect Blast Attack 1+Explosive+Chain 2
  26. "Racks of missiles ready to be unloaded upon an enemy, each volley is an impressive display."
  28. Grenade Launcher [Arms/Action/3/1-2]
  29. Blast Attack 2+Explosive
  30. "A simple weapon that is quite destructive even now."
  32. Tier 3 Armaments
  33. Mortar [Body/Action/3/2-3]
  34. Blast Attack 3+Area
  35. "A humble tube that lobs a bomb capable of devastating anything in an area."
  37. Sticky Grenade [Arms/Action/3/1]
  38. Blast Attack 2+Explosive, defends are ineffective against this maneuver.
  39. "A shaped charge intended to defeat armor. No defense is capable of stopping its detonation."
  41. Nailgun [Arms/Action/2/0-1]
  42. Effect Ranged Attack 1, +1 to the attack check Defend maneuvers are ineffective against this attack
  43. "A semi-automatic rifle that fires large nails that punch straight through armor. Not the most damaging, but its rate of fire and unstoppable nature is something to be respected."
  45. Charger [Any/Action/3/0-1]
  46. Ranged Attack 3 for a 1 AP cost action, apply +2 damage to the next attack with this weapon. A second 1 AP cost action may be done to apply explosive to the next attack with this weapon.
  47. "Electricity is an unorthodox weapon to use, and the way this weapon functions even more so. It is quite powerful but the act of charging it is very noticeable."
  49. ADS [Any/Damage/2/0-1]
  50. Defend 1 on target. The target may choose to have the attack hit a location one higher or lower. (Ex: If the attack will hit the body, it can be made to hit the arms or legs instead). This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.
  51. "Too weak to harm foes, this rapid fire weapon is able to react to, weaken, and redirect enemy attacks."
  53. Six Shooter [Any/Rapid/2/0-1]
  54. Ranged Attack 2 + Chain 2
  55. "A mythical weapon of recent legend. Those who used it were famed for quick reflexes."
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