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  1. Dumb bitch who thinks canned responses are clever: Sorry Mercedes isn't near the computer to read your messages. She's busy, but if you would like to leave a message, she might get back to you. That's if she really wants too.
  2. After this sent, leave a message:
  3. if not, don't respond.
  5. Me: Hi Mercedes.
  6. I would like you to know this.
  7. Everything that has happened in whatever some odd weeks
  8. is, for lack of a less cliched term, an "emotional rollercoaster"
  9. You could call me a big baby.
  10. Easily. Because, that's what I am.
  11. But, seriously. You've toyed with my emotions. I went to bed this morning, thinking that nothing was possible anymore.
  12. You made me feel confident in myself, like things were going to become more than they were.
  13. I feel fucked. Brutally ass-raped, if you will.
  14. So seriously, I've responded. Have fun!
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