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  1. Please choose which of the following category your character falls under.
  2. Criminal RP, Social RP
  4. Tell us about the character you will be playing and what makes him/her unique. Please be as detailed as possible. Include a character history, any major life events, what motivates them and how you plan to develop your character.
  5. Ryan Loms earned a Juris Doctor from the University of San Andreas, Los Santos in 2006. Since that time he has struggled to keep working as a defense lawyer due to his dysarthria. His slurring of words at time has caused to him to ALMOST ruin his near perfect track record in court. He has not failed in reducing 100% of his clients sentences by at least 2%. In his mind that's what being a good lawyer is; providing the best outcome with the least amount of effort put into a case, although that's what is causing him to come look for work in the city now.. Ryan carries a stop watch on him at all times and attempts to break his own records at everything he does. He holds the unofficial world record for the fastest case in history lasting a total of 1 min 26 seconds, a whole 40 seconds longer than he last in bed. Ryan has moved into the city now to try and make a name for himself in the world. He's severely lonely and pursuing love. His dream is to meet the love of his life during a case in court.
  7. What is roleplay in your own words? And what RP experience do you have?
  8. Acting and reacting as a character you made up in scenarios presented to you as closely as possible. I have 1000 hours in Worlds Adrift where there's 2 options, pvp when you find someone or rp with them. Half of that time is RPing.
  10. You walk out the backdoor of a building and into an alleyway, when suddenly a vehicle comes out of nowhere and hits you. The player stops the vehicle after hitting you to roleplay that they hit you. How would you proceed? Be as detailed as possible, one or two lines will not be accepted.
  11. Yell for help in a mumbled voice. Tell the driver I won't call the cops if he just helps me, I value my life more than anything. Wait for the EMS to show up and keep talking to the driver or whoever is there to stray as far away from the light as possible. "Help.. me sir, I'm.. a lawyer... I can get... you... out of this."
  13. A player comes up pulls a gun on you and demands you hand over your keys and any cash you have on you, what would you do? Be as detailed as possible, one or two lines will not be accepted.
  14. Ask if I can check my watch to time this robbery and explain I'm trying to break a record for the fastest time being robbed at gun point. "You do this often? Cuz at one point you might get caught and you're gonna need a lawyer, I just so happen to be one and if you're ever in a pinch I can guarantee I can shave off atleast 2% of the time you're looking at."
  16. What is the definition of metagaming in your own words?
  17. Using information you gathered out of game to progress, usually it's things like stream sniping or even messaging another player on discord to find their location while in game or find out other information.
  19. In your own words, explain what in character (IC) and out of character (ooc) means? when do you feel you should use OOC in game? IC to me is to be that character and not my IRL self, not the person playing the game but the person you're playing as in game. IC is using only the knowledge you have as that character and not your IRL knowledge. OOC is your actual self and I don't think it should ever be used, any situation be it a buggy one can be IC.
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