International Day of Privacy - Boston

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  1. :::::: - Please watch to inform yourself about the rally ::::::
  3.         Hello and welcome. I would like to extend an invitation to you and your friends. This is an assembly to show the State that we will not tolerate being spied on without a warrant. They have a special program that allows them, along with their nationwide fusion centers, to collect information on you, who you associate with, where you go, and for how long. In these cameras (CCTVs) on traffic lights and buildings are being controlled by a program called Trapwire. Trapwire also has the most advanced and sophisticated facial recognition software well beyond Facebook. Soon there will be bio-metric scanners that will act as thought police if we do not do something soon to protect our privacy.
  5.         That is why I call on to you the reader to spread the information of these systems and spread the word of our rally here in Boston. This, with our brothers and sisters around the world will be protesting these techniques used by Big Brother. Please join us for our International Day of Privacy on February 23rd, 2013.
  7.         On top of our rally and protest, we will also be holding four thirty(30) minute seminars on how to protect yourself and the devices you use from being tracked by Big Brother and the upcoming internet bills like CISPA and SOPA.
  9.                 :::::::::::::::SCHEDULE:::::::::::::::
  11. 1245pm - Frog Pond meet at Boston Commons
  12. 1-3pm Rally and Protest at The Massachusetts State House - 40 Beacon Street Boston, MA
  13. 3-5pm Seminar on how to protect yourself and the devices you operate. - 9 Hamilton Place, Suite 2A, Boston
  14.           Seminars will include:
  15.                                 -Why protect yourself (3-330)
  16.                                 -Tor (330-4)
  17.                                 -I2P (4-430)
  18.                                 -File/disk encryption (430-5)
  20. Contact for event: @ANONinMASS
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