Remix War V sync (part 4/4 synchtube1)

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  1. this log starts in the middle of X-trav's song, due to a stream crash on my end. (you can cross-check with the IRC logs. 15:07:21)
  2. no spam attacks this time, but emoticons are still not visible.
  3. nonetheless: synchchat1 logs!
  4. -----
  5. VINXIS: no
  6. Flaedr: No, Psycho only likes Moon
  7. bipolarbrony: hmmm
  8. VINXIS: he wouldn't
  9. Flaedr: Nobody else
  10. Singularity: Dat art
  11. Flaedr: Nothing else
  12. BassClef: this guy
  14. Marsh: Moon?
  15. VINXIS: moonstruck pony
  16. Snacky: No.
  17. Kyoga: oh boy
  18. herpidyderp: rapidyrap
  19. TinDragon: Uhh
  20. BassClef: dayum
  21. Flaedr: Let's not bring this here Vinxis
  22. VINXIS: not synced
  23. bipolarbrony: ummm
  24. LoreRD: RAPRAP
  25. Singularity: Ok then.
  26. VINXIS: doonvooted
  27. phaux: this is awful
  28. bipolarbrony: not sure if want
  29. Kyoga:
  30. Marsh: Oh right, I heard we hadn't heard from PSyche lately.
  31. Snacky:
  32. Marsh: This isn't actually that bad,
  33. Need a little fixing.
  34. RandomPony78x: needs to be 20% cooler
  35. Kyoga: I feel kinda bad for him.
  36. LoreRD: What's with all the dislikes?
  37. ScootaLewis: You guys heard him, somebody fix it for RW6.
  38. TinDragon: This isn't really a fix of Mic's song though
  39. Scootles: Needs some serious mastering
  40. NeuKatalYst: yeah, could be mixed better, and then it'll be fine.
  41. TinDragon: This is more of a fix of Tomb's instrumental version
  42. Singularity: Level is out a little.
  43. herpidyderp: agreed
  44. Marsh: I could work with this. He needs to practise his flow, but he's usually pretty clear
  45. bipolarbrony: :despair:
  46. Errar404: This guy need ALOT of work on his flow
  47. Scootles: It just the fact that you can TELL he isn't following the flow of the song itself
  48. VINXIS: this
  49. herpidyderp: background music needs to be higher
  50. VINXIS: isn't even
  51. Scootles: He's doing his own thing
  52. VINXIS: genre swap
  53. Scootles: And its conflicting
  54. Singularity: ^
  55. bipolarbrony: not liking
  56. Singularity: Oh well.
  57. Errar404: Hes too fast for the song
  58. Singularity: youtried.jpg
  59. Inkpony: Time to get Mic in here and show him up.
  60. DerpyMuffins: I can't understand a single word
  61. bipolarbrony: but next song should be good
  62. TinDragon: Can hear background noises too
  63. bipolarbrony: oh hey ink
  64. Scootles: >Derpy
  65. >not understanding things
  66. Inkpony: Ohai
  67. Singularity: CLIPING
  68. LoreRD: And yet another Awoken remix....
  69. Singularity: AHHHH
  70. bipolarbrony: this should be decent
  71. VINXIS: dat color
  72. Scootles: Oh god
  73. TinDragon: Good start
  74. VINXIS: omg
  75. YES
  76. herpidyderp: saws
  77. Scootles: Dis fukkin song
  79. VeganCheesecake: Nother one of these?
  80. Singularity: What is this?
  81. Kyoga: i have hopes
  83. phaux: SO MUCH CLIPPING
  84. bipolarbrony: OH MAN I WANT TO HEAR THE NEXT SONG
  85. VINXIS: ooopvoted
  86. herpidyderp: derpy toaster cosy
  87. Singularity cries
  88. LoreRD: This is nice
  89. Flaedr: Look, his name is in that font that everyone uses
  90. Kyoga: yeah. This is clipping hella...
  91. VINXIS: amg the next remix
  92. phaux: lrn2master
  93. BassClef: dayum dat clipping
  94. Singularity: clipping to the max
  95. Scootles: O Flaed
  96. NeuKatalYst: wub wbu wbu wbu
  97. wub
  98. Scootles: XxXSIKCLIPPINGXxX
  99. VINXIS: lol
  100. Singularity: lol
  101. Inkpony: Clipping aside. Nice job so far.
  103. NeuKatalYst: color change
  104. herpidyderp: it changes color
  105. Flaedr: Who
  106. bipolarbrony: dat color ghange
  107. herpidyderp: yea
  108. Flaedr: Whoa
  109. Marsh: whooooa
  110. Scootles: You can tell he means business
  111. Tremil: this better be building to something big lol
  112. VINXIS: this isn't like tranquils other songs...
  113. herpidyderp: trippy
  114. VINXIS: :c
  115. Singularity: Windows movie maker effect.
  116. bipolarbrony: trippin
  117. Marsh: red grape to greeen grape?
  118. VINXIS: oh
  119. Flaedr: aaaaaaaaa
  120. The clipping
  121. Tremil: ooooo
  122. VINXIS: no it's like his songs
  123. Toyplay: cave story?
  124. Kyoga: kinda painful.
  125. Flaedr: But it's starting to go to blueish
  126. VINXIS: :c
  127. Singularity: A little
  128. VINXIS: the clipping
  129. herpidyderp: ahhh its so smoth
  130. bipolarbrony: where are vocals?
  131. Singularity: anoying the clipping.
  132. VINXIS: lol
  133. herpidyderp: cant take it
  134. Flaedr: Oh man guys
  135. Scootles: >artist makes a song
  136. Flaedr: It's blue now
  137. Kyoga: I like the idea, but his ability to bring it forward is clearly undermined by his inability to mix and master.
  138. Scootles: >everyone talks about color change
  139. herpidyderp: yup
  140. Flaedr: Dude
  141. Scootles: And now we know what it's like to be Ellie Goulding
  142. Flaedr: That's what we do
  143. VINXIS: lol
  144. Flaedr: It's like, our job
  145. ScootaLewis: Watch, he'ss turn red any second now!
  146. BassClef: OH GOD NOW ITS BLUE
  147. ScootaLewis: See, red!
  148. Oh wait, that's blood.
  149. Errar404: no
  150. Scootles: 2blue
  151. Kyoga: lol
  152. herpidyderp: shieeeeeeet son
  153. Kyoga: tf2
  154. Scootles: YOUR CLOTHES ARE RED!
  155. Errar404: HATS
  156. Scootles: BLUE CLOTHES!
  157. Flaedr: And now it's getting purple
  158. Singularity: Movie maker is best.
  160. Flaedr: This is exciting
  163. Flaedr: I can't wait until pink!
  164. Kyoga: don't get me wrong, I kinda like it, but it's not really.... well done.
  165. Mythee:
  166. VINXIS: purpl
  167. Marsh: Eh
  168. BassClef: PARPLAH
  169. NeuKatalYst: he's distracting us from the clipping by turning the art colors.
  170. Marsh: oh can it
  171. NeuKatalYst: don't fall for it!
  172. VINXIS: I like nettohunden's color change moar
  173. Scootles: Oh jesus
  174. Marsh: it's music, not video.
  175. herpidyderp: soon pink
  176. Scootles: MASSIVE clipping back there
  177. Flaedr: Guys, it's turning pink
  178. Mythee: It's pink now.
  179. Applejinx: And from the lack of song
  180. Mythee: This is pink.
  181. Flaedr: This is exciting
  182. LoreRD: Could use some work on the mixing, otherwise the style is very nice
  183. BassClef: PANK
  184. herpidyderp: PINK
  185. Errar404: plz define clipping
  186. Singularity: PINK
  187. herpidyderp: AHHHHHHH
  188. bipolarbrony: not big fan of this
  189. Scootles: Paaaaank
  190. VINXIS: lololololol
  191. herpidyderp: PNK
  192. Errar404: i never heard term
  193. bipolarbrony: OMG PINK
  194. Flaedr: And soon it will be back to red
  195. Inkpony: Sounding like Portal
  196. bipolarbrony: ^
  197. Singularity: Meh, nope. Not for me thanks.
  198. VINXIS: y doesn my vote count as two
  199. herpidyderp: how could a toaster be made of wood
  200. Marsh: Would be better played live.
  201. Errar404: CUS SWAG
  202. Flaedr: Man, these color changes are great
  203. The song is bleh
  204. But the color changes
  205. Kyoga: salmon
  206. Marsh: as in, piano, trumpet, etc
  207. herpidyderp: RED
  208. Tremil: like an ending set song
  209. herpidyderp: AHHHHHHH
  210. Flaedr: Just blow it out of the water
  211. Inkpony: It was okay
  212. VINXIS: lol
  213. Singularity: Twich is up.
  214. Kyoga: Woodentoaster became a salmon
  216. bipolarbrony: this should be good
  217. herpidyderp: ohhh
  218. Toyplay: Twitch Rules
  219. Scootles: O man
  220. phaux: i expect awesomeness
  221. LoreRD: 'bother one..?
  223. herpidyderp: sounds good
  224. Kyoga: it better
  225. Errar404: O jesus
  226. Scootles: I FINALLY got into this song
  227. BassClef: i like this
  228. Scootles: And now
  229. Mythee: This is really great
  230. LoreRD: *nother
  231. Scootles: This
  232. RandomPony78x:
  233. BassClef: BASS
  234. bipolarbrony: omg like
  235. Errar404: this is gonna get amazing
  236. Snacky: :O
  237. herpidyderp: dat bass
  238. Singularity: DAT 808 snare.
  239. LoreRD: This is good
  240. BassClef: OH GOD TWITCH
  241. Scootles: Is dis sum Hardcore
  242. Marsh: huh, okay.
  244. bipolarbrony:
  245. Mythee: I like the touches already
  246. Flaedr: inb4hardstyle
  247. bipolarbrony: AMAZING ALREADY
  248. Errar404: hella mastered
  249. Singularity: 808
  250. snare
  251. herpidyderp: inb4 is getting popular
  252. Flounderick:
  253. bipolarbrony: YES
  254. Mythee: Yesssssssssss
  255. BassClef: aw yeah
  256. Flaedr: Called it
  257. VINXIS: wtf
  258. Flaedr: Needs more hard though
  259. Scootles: ...meeeeehhhhhh
  260. VINXIS: I don't like how it's mixed
  261. but yea
  262. BassClef: overdrive the kick plox
  263. Mythee: Are there any rules to the chat in this stream btw
  264. VINXIS: gud anyways
  265. Scootles: I'm with you on this, Vinxy
  266. No RPing
  267. Singularity: Vocals are a little off imo.
  268. Errar404: No fapping
  269. VINXIS: lol
  270. Scootles: Other than that, no, Mythee
  271. TinDragon: Well, don't spam and don't be a douche are probably some big rules
  272. Mythee: Thank you Scootles
  273. herpidyderp: is scotles admin
  275. Flaedr: Needs more majorly detuned polysaws
  276. Singularity: ^
  277. VINXIS: Stars in autumn is admin ugh
  278. read the side smart guise
  279. Flaedr: Oh
  280. I think it's coming
  281. bipolarbrony: ah, knowing all the lyrics is nice
  282. Flaedr: Or not
  283. VINXIS: lol
  284. Mythee: In which case I wanna point out how I can't listen to pony music now without thinking of that Everfree documentary
  286. herpidyderp: whats time in us
  287. Flaedr: Yes
  288. Here we go
  289. Snacky: Yes.
  290. Mythee: Did anyone else watch that?
  291. herpidyderp: hardstyle
  292. VINXIS: Hardstail
  293. Scootles: Nope.
  294. Errar404: needsd more kick
  295. FLAOFEI: Like dis
  296. herpidyderp: herdmail
  297. VINXIS: spry is so quiet
  298. Scootles: I want to like this
  299. It's just
  300. LoreRD: So excited
  301. BassClef: sound
  302. Scootles: I can HEAR the original song in this
  303. herpidyderp: vocals a bit meh
  304. Scootles: And it's throwing me off.
  306. lol
  307. LoreRD: Vocals could be mixed better
  308. Scootles: Agreed.
  309. VINXIS: and then error's
  310. herpidyderp: agreed
  311. Marsh: This was good
  312. Singularity: Vocals were always meh.
  313. LoreRD:
  314. Scootles: Prepare for Loregasm.
  315. herpidyderp: aviators
  316. Kyoga: i remember this one
  317. Tremil: *prepared for 8 minutes*
  318. Scootles: >fixing Aviators
  319. bipolarbrony: mmmmm
  320. Kyoga: midi guitar solos ftw
  321. Errar404: I want that wallpaper w/o the text
  322. VINXIS: well
  323. Marsh: Yeah
  324. Scootles: So you taught him a new octave?
  325. Marsh: >Aviators needs some fixing
  326. Flaedr: crash
  327. bipolarbrony: same 404
  328. VINXIS: >always
  329. Flaedr: crash crash crash
  330. Mythee: no HQ :C
  331. Scootles: I'm already k with this mix
  332. VINXIS: Aviators always needs fixing
  333. NeuKatalYst: gross, midi guitars.
  334. VINXIS: lol
  335. BassClef: midi guitar?
  336. wut?
  337. Errar404: ya
  338. Flounderick: ^
  339. VINXIS: torrent a non-midi guitar
  340. herpidyderp: midi ftw
  341. Errar404: wtf is midi guitar
  342. Tremil: sounds like it was made in the guitar hero studio....
  343. lol
  344. Mythee: I actually like these sounds
  345. bipolarbrony: lol
  346. Kyoga: do I count as a non-midi guitar?
  347. Flaedr: FL Slayer ftw
  348. Scootles: Oh god
  349. VINXIS: dat shredd
  350. Scootles: Guitarfuck
  351. BassClef: nice
  352. VINXIS: I luv you Lore
  353. Scootles: It's awwwwwright
  354. herpidyderp: dayum
  355. dat guitar
  356. BassClef: its like, the brony version of DragonForce
  357. LoreRD: Don't have any actual guitarists to pester, yet
  358. BassClef: like srsly
  359. herpidyderp: yea
  360. Flaedr: I'm going to make a pony wallpaper
  361. Because I'm bored
  362. Applejinx: Kyoga's goin', I can play that for ya
  363. ScootaLewis: LoreRD, just ASK AROUND.
  364. herpidyderp: gj
  365. Scootles: Whoa
  366. The hell happened with the bass kick back there
  367. TheLonging: LoreRD
  368. Flaedr: Someone give me a pony to make a wallpaper of
  369. Errar404: SPITFIRE
  370. Kyoga: Zecorq
  371. Scootles: No
  372. Snacky: Spitfire.
  373. VINXIS: Kyoger
  374. ScootaLewis: hmm
  375. Scootles: Flaer
  376. BassClef: %^
  377. TheLonging: i know of twenty guitarists in the fandom
  378. Flaedr: Spitfire
  379. ScootaLewis: Scootaloo.
  380. Kyoga: *zecora
  381. BassClef: SPITFIRE
  382. Scootles: That's disgusting
  383. TheLonging: they're not that hard to find
  384. i'm also a drummer
  386. VINXIS: Kyogerrrr
  387. Kyoga: Zecora needs more wallpapers!
  388. Scootles: Pones are not wallpaper
  389. Marsh: No
  390. Scootles: god
  391. Applejinx: LoreRD- go to toastbeard sync listens
  392. VINXIS: is now
  393. Kyoga: WHAAAT!?
  394. CommandSpry: Rick Astley
  395. TheLonging: there's a lot you can look for
  396. Marsh: Minty is best pony
  397. VINXIS: Spry
  398. bipolarbrony: lol
  399. spry
  400. ScootaLewis: actually, yes.
  401. CommandSpry: Rick Asstley
  402. Kyoga: !?
  403. bipolarbrony: u funny
  404. FLAOFEI: Not likeing ;/ Dose not leik kick spam
  405. ScootaLewis: Make a G4 Minty wallpaper.
  406. VINXIS: lelno
  407. Kyoga: !?
  408. Marsh: Also: Lore: I know a couple of guitarists that would be willing to work with you
  409. probly
  410. LoreRD: Ok
  411. Scootles: Whoa
  412. Vocals are losing the song
  413. Marsh: See if you can get a hold of CaptainFluffatun, CyrilTheWolf, TheManeElectric,
  414. Scootles: Or vice versa
  415. VINXIS: needs moar 2pac
  416. Errar404: I play guitar, just no way of recording
  417. herpidyderp: whats time in the U.S?
  418. TheLonging: even tarby
  419. Flaedr: Vocals are suddenly a lot louder
  420. Scootles: 4:53 EST
  421. Marsh: ^
  422. TheLonging: tarby is a very laid-back kind of guy
  423. Marsh: Yeah
  424. CommandSpry: it's 22:69 here
  425. VINXIS: It's a time
  426. Errar404: 22:69?
  427. Marsh: 14:53.
  428. ScootaLewis: >69
  429. CommandSpry: yes
  430. herpidyderp: sweden too
  431. ScootaLewis: really?
  432. VINXIS
  433. VINXIS: .me
  434. herpidyderp: 23:53
  435. CommandSpry: yes in europe we calculate time differently
  436. NeuKatalYst: fun trivia - aviators is actually 17.
  437. CommandSpry: our hour goes to 75
  438. minutes
  439. Marsh: he uses a 10-scale
  440. Errar404: Oh
  441. VINXIS: 12*
  442. ScootaLewis: seems legit.
  443. BassClef: afdlhljkhaffdsalkhjlfkdjshfsdlhjsdfajlhadfaslhj
  444. herpidyderp: wut
  445. Errar404: K
  446. VINXIS: Neu
  447. Snacky: *swebrohoofherp*
  448. Scootles: You didn't know about England's Bong system
  449. Marsh: idky
  450. VINXIS: he's 12
  451. Errar404: I use 24 Hr scale
  452. Scootles: ?
  453. BassClef: oranges
  454. VINXIS: lol
  455. Errar404: but not 75 min
  456. herpidyderp: Sweden brohuff
  457. Scootles: It's nine bong over there
  458. BassClef: this solo would be awesome if it were on a a real giter
  459. Scootles: True, Bass.
  460. Kyoga: I would have played a guitar solo for this
  461. just putting it out there
  462. Marsh: Yes, the whole world uses the 60 system for time
  463. VINXIS: lol
  464. I have 3 guitar solos in my chill song
  465. ugh
  466. Marsh: Only spry uses base 10
  467. TinDragon: I use a 1440 system
  468. ScootaLewis: The ACTUAL time is 21:55
  469. GMT is REAL time
  470. Scootles: >not converting your time into binary
  471. herpidyderp: no
  472. Time is relative
  473. u wrung
  474. Scootles: It's currently 1011001 over here
  475. CommandSpry: LOL NOOB IN GMT ITS 20:55
  476. ScootaLewis: no u
  477. CommandSpry: SUMMER TIMES UK GMT+1
  478. herpidyderp: seems legit
  479. BassClef: i have a frined who has a binary clock
  480. and can read it
  481. ScootaLewis: w/e
  482. BassClef: its kinda funny
  483. phaux: >not converting time to seconds past UNIX epoch
  484. bipolarbrony: is 22:55 MDT
  485. herpidyderp: kinda miss the color change
  486. Kyoga: hey Vinxis
  487. Marsh: Im kind of excited for the next fewsongs
  488. VINXIS: >Flutt3ryay
  489. yea
  490. Errar404: Its that one time in that one place
  491. Kyoga: Got my 600th sub!
  492. BassClef: gratz
  493. herpidyderp: nice
  494. Scootles: So Lore
  495. For srs
  496. CommandSpry: gotta buy us drinks now
  497. Scootles: Not bad song
  498. herpidyderp: super ponybeat
  499. VINXIS: haha noice ggod job3
  500. LoreRD: Yeah?
  501. NeuKatalYst: speaking of which, i need 4 more subs for 500.
  502. herpidyderp: next
  503. Kyoga: thanks man.
  504. Errar404: dat bassline
  505. LoreRD: Yay!
  506. Scootles: It's just...felt like it lost itself a little bit through
  507. BassClef: double kicks ftw
  508. Mythee: Very nice smooth transition
  509. VINXIS: np I only got 48 subs I sud be proud XP
  510. ScootaLewis: I have...13 subscribers.
  511. BassClef: i have like 20
  512. Errar404: I only have 28 lol
  513. Scootles: inb4 Vinxy sub begging
  514. VINXIS: lolno
  515. LoreRD: 58 here.....
  516. ScootaLewis: I have 3 videos.
  517. herpidyderp: i have over 9000
  518. VINXIS: I have 1337
  519. herpidyderp: 9000 is more
  520. Errar404: YOU JUST SAID 48
  521. Snacky: Neu, lurved your gatormix!
  522. Errar404: LIER
  523. bipolarbrony: i have no subs, but i haven't put out any songs yet
  524. CommandSpry: I have H videos
  525. VINXIS: lel
  526. Tremil: 180 here
  527. *140
  528. NeuKatalYst: 496.
  529. Mythee: I probably visit all of your channels regularly but don't sub to them
  530. Marsh: hell yeah double kicks
  531. Kyoga: this song made me want to listen to Monster, again
  532. Mythee: Because I forgot my pass for youtube
  533. herpidyderp: the subject in this chat is weird in a fun way
  534. Errar404: make a new?
  535. oh fack.
  536. Marsh: @Kyoga: Why? Monster is like, the worst song ever
  537. Scootles: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit
  538. LoreRD: And that's it
  539. BassClef: ERROR ITS YOUR TURN
  540. Mythee: Siiigh okayyy.
  541. CommandSpry: very original cover art
  542. VINXIS: Kyoga, when r u frickin singing
  543. Scootles: unts
  544. herpidyderp: yay ponybeat
  545. Scootles: unts
  546. Errar404: *scaredface
  547. bipolarbrony: awww snap
  548. Marsh: YEAAAAAAH
  549. VINXIS: OH
  550. Kyoga: soon.
  551. Marsh: I was excited for this but now I'm not
  552. VINXIS: lolk
  553. Scootles: Oh man
  554. Heavy kick
  555. FLAOFEI: Big kicks
  556. Scootles: AND SOME CLAP
  557. BassClef: nice kick
  558. Scootles: OH MAN
  559. VINXIS: Error's remix
  560. is best
  561. Flounderick: dat kick
  562. herpidyderp: shieeeeet
  563. phaux: that bass drum could be eqed better
  564. Scootles: Error404 is now dubbed Clapmaster
  565. VINXIS: fak Error
  566. u hab to fak me lol
  567. herpidyderp: dat computer
  568. Kyoga: ror
  569. BassClef: covals are a lil loud
  570. herpidyderp: the mooon
  571. CommandSpry: 1000 years everynight
  572. NeuKatalYst: covals, lul
  573. Tremil: dat progression
  574. CommandSpry: 365 x 1000 = 365000
  575. Mythee: I feel like there could have been more done instrumentally
  576. CommandSpry: plus two for every 4th year so 365002 nights
  577. VINXIS: I know what all the diatonic scales are, but I still have no idea wtf is a chord progression...
  578. NeuKatalYst: you forgot leap years, spry.
  579. CommandSpry: haha I win
  580. Mythee: But it's still nice listening to it
  581. Kyoga: really? wow
  582. CommandSpry:
  583. BassClef: i like this
  584. Tremil: really?
  585. bipolarbrony: this isn't bad
  586. VINXIS: And I prolly use a shit load of chord progression without knoswing...
  587. herpidyderp: sounds like stones
  588. Mythee: It has a good beat
  589. VINXIS: >knoswing...
  590. herpidyderp: i like the stones
  591. Marsh: This is cool
  592. Scootles: u dun gud, Error404.
  593. Marsh: some people are aying it's out of key
  594. BassClef: 10/10 will download
  595. Marsh: and it is, but I don't think it's a big difference
  596. lygarfox: I like the little bits of tension
  597. Scootles: The chord progression is bit wonky
  598. VINXIS: fuk, I'm the only one who oopvotes
  599. Tremil: Error. what BPM did you use..cause i could not for the life of me get it right
  600. Marsh: I don't think it fucks or even breaks the song
  601. Errar404: might be outta key, I couldnt figure out the original key
  602. VINXIS: k
  603. Errar404: Its 128 I think Tred
  604. Scootles: I can go check real quick if you want
  605. Marsh: I think they said your key was major, and the original was minor
  606. Mythee:
  607. CommandSpry: will anything happen with the track anytime soon
  608. Tremil: -.-....tred
  609. Errar404: Thats the problem I hat Marsh
  610. CommandSpry:
  611. Errar404: 'coulnd figure out if major/minor
  612. herpidyderp: i dont get it why they say fixes everytime
  613. LoreRD: But were my MIDI guitars really that bad....?
  614. Mythee: This part here
  615. bipolarbrony: that's weird. fl studio wont detect my keyboard
  616. Mythee: Is probably where people think it went out of key
  617. BassClef: dat lowpass
  618. Mythee: But to me it just sounded like, yknow, in Ali Project
  619. Marsh: OMG
  620. Mythee: You're not used to hearing some sounds together
  621. Marsh: Epic epic
  622. Scootles: The original Luna song was 145 BPM
  623. herpidyderp: broken hearts
  624. BassClef: oh i like this
  625. Mythee: So it just takes getting used to and then it sounds cool
  626. Scootles: Just checked in Cubase
  627. LoreRD:
  628. Marsh: Okay, 2 things:
  629. VINXIS: >cubase
  630. Marsh: 1: It's "fixed" because that was the theme of the Remix War.
  631. VINXIS: most complicated thing I ever saw
  632. Scootles: Well hurr
  633. herpidyderp: ohhhhhhhhhh
  634. i see
  635. Marsh: 2: major and minor chords only have like, one note different iiuc.
  636. herpidyderp: let me fix your music
  637. slowpoking
  638. LoreRD: Not a bad remix
  639. VINXIS: It's funny... my legit submission also has cowbell...
  640. Scootles: "Fixing" is essentially the new "Befriending"
  641. Mythee: O: Cowbelllll
  642. (I miss it when artistic communities were more like that Scootles)
  643. VINXIS: but not as much as my troll entry lol
  644. BassClef: lol
  645. herpidyderp: remember the trippy video
  646. that was sick
  647. Tremil: Bootleg. o.o
  648. NeuKatalYst: COME ONE AND SLAM
  649. Scootles: Well when the community doesn't get a stick up their ass, they're good peep
  650. BassClef: OH COME ON
  651. Tremil: Lets see how this goes
  652. Mythee: This is cute!
  653. Marsh: In his wooooooorld
  655. Marsh: Where oooooone is aaaaaaall
  656. Scootles: Oh god
  658. OMG
  659. Marsh: Is it that song?
  660. CommandSpry: now this is cool
  663. Scootles: *EVERYONE
  664. Mythee: *raises volume*
  665. NeuKatalYst loves LOVES dnb
  666. herpidyderp: Disco disco good good
  667. TinDragon: I get the feeling Neu enjoys some DnB
  668. VINXIS: His World can actually go perfectly in this remix
  669. Scootles: instant sub
  670. Marsh: eh, crowd vocals
  671. BassClef: WHY
  672. Marsh: VINXIS: mash up?
  673. Go go g o
  674. VINXIS: lololololo
  675. PonyRampage: Could of done without the crowd vocals, but besides that, this is awesome
  676. VINXIS: I'm alredy working on Skrolex and Pink Floyd mashup XP
  677. Mythee: Crowd vocals are fun >
  678. Scootles: Vinxy
  679. Tremil: looped crowd vocals though...
  680. Scootles: I'll kill you
  681. herpidyderp: got to go bye
  682. Scootles: Just saying
  683. VINXIS: lololo
  684. I'm redty
  685. Scootles:
  686. Mythee: bye derp
  687. herpidyderp: bye
  688. CommandSpry: adding crowds is cheap though
  689. Tremil: you can tell where the crowd loops
  690. Scootles: Peace, herp.
  691. Marsh: Maybe I'll mash it up
  692. >makes her own crowd vocals
  693. >bitch
  694. Tremil: ^ beats you to the punch
  695. Scootles: Oh god, you CAN hear the crowd loop
  696. Marsh: Loops are for... uh..
  697. froop.
  698. I don't see that one catching on.
  699. Scootles: If you took out the crowd
  700. scibot9000: loops can be cool though. just loop to the beat, maybe chop it up a bit
  701. Scootles: This would be fucking A+
  702. VINXIS: Needs moar ambience
  703. Kyoga: indeedy
  704. Scootles: ...Synth solo out of fucking NOWHERE
  705. VINXIS: I love my sig. synth
  706. Though I didn't use it for RW5 :c
  707. Tremil: dat fade out
  708. Marsh: The synth solo was good
  709. The rest of it? meh
  710. CommandSpry: okay this next one is gonna be perfect
  711. Scootles: Wow
  712. CommandSpry: so do prepare
  713. Scootles: That felter shorter than it was
  714. *felt
  715. Mythee: Hell yes
  716. Scootles: Oh god
  717. N: Forest :>
  718. Marsh: @sci: The only time I used loops was in ririty's fashon sheu
  719. VINXIS: >Forest Rain
  720. Scootles: Tombstone vocals pls go
  721. VINXIS: yes
  722. Marsh: Also, this could be really good...
  723. hmmmmm..
  724. OH WOW
  725. Oooooooh.
  726. VINXIS: shet mang
  727. Scootles: yesh.
  728. Marsh: I have competition
  729. sigh
  730. VINXIS: oopvoted
  731. Scootles: I'm
  732. Um
  733. Wow
  734. I'm k with this.
  735. phaux: whose vocals are these?
  736. Tremil: dat change in lyrics
  737. TheLonging: forest rain's
  738. BassClef: oh god
  739. ScootaLewis: Forest Rain
  740. phaux: awesome
  741. BassClef: my first entry is coming up soon
  742. Mythee: Lul she has an electric cello
  743. StarsInAutumn: Wow, I think I need to check out Forest Rain some more
  744. Toyplay: FOREST is ONLINE
  745. ForestRain: Boo.
  746. StarsInAutumn: is he the vocalist here?
  747. HergestRidge: Yo Forest.
  748. Toyplay: "Love You Forest
  749. Tremil: kojiro still number 1 cover for me
  750. Mythee: Forest you sing really well O:
  751. FLAOFEI: Awsome, but I never did like these vocals ;/
  752. Scootles: I can't think of anything bad to say about this.
  753. Marsh: I am dead.
  754. Scootles: I'm scared.
  755. BassClef: oh god commandspry is next
  756. Scootles: Hold me.
  757. ScootaLewis: I think I have to cover this.
  758. ForestRain: Thought I'd pop on and see if anyone had any comments. ;p
  759. Scootles: Forest.
  760. Just.
  761. Shit, man.
  762. Did is gud.
  763. StarsInAutumn: best song so far, imo
  764. ScootaLewis: AMG FOREST RAIN
  765. Applejinx: Forest- dang. SING MORE.
  766. Xlerb: Nice very nice
  767. ScootaLewis: I kinda love you
  768. Toyplay: and you believe you get honest comments when you're online, forest?
  769. CommandSpry: best song right here folks
  770. ForestRain: ;p
  771. Applejinx: And come sing for toastbeards!
  772. ScootaLewis: also, I kinda covered Join the Herd. Look me up on YT!
  773. scibot9000: yeah this song surprised me in a good way
  774. Toyplay: but i like it... no questions asked
  775. Applejinx: There are several of us doing vocals at times
  776. Mythee: I wanna hear you sing live QvQ
  777. ForestRain: You can hear me live at Canterlot Gardens at the end of the month~
  778. Marsh: ForestRain
  779. Scootles: Seriously, Forest. I'm a jaded asshole, and I find this to be incredible.
  780. ForestRain is working an awesome set.
  781. Xlerb: very nice voice
  782. ForestRain: D'aww thanks Scoots ;p
  783. Scootles: Keeps the feel of the original, but you TOTALLY made it your own.
  784. Marsh: I may need to work with oyu at some point.
  785. CommandSpry: okay intermission 4 minutes come back after
  786. ScootaLewis: I jay need to learn from you at some point.
  787. Scootles: 5 Thumbs.
  788. All the way up.
  789. ScootaLewis: *may
  790. Flaedr: lolspry
  791. BassClef: oh god commandspry
  792. Xlerb: oh yeah Rarity's theme
  793. Marsh: Wait, this isn't an intermission
  794. Scootles: Is this the second Rarity Theme remix?
  795. CommandSpry: yes yes it is
  796. ForestRain: heh
  797. Scootles: OH GOD
  798. Mythee: Ohh nice
  799. Scootles: JESUS
  800. ForestRain: Ooh, nice strings, 'Spry
  801. Scootles: I WAS NOT READY
  802. ScootaLewis: wait
  803. hold on
  804. this is good
  805. Scootles: BONER
  806. STOP IT
  807. Marsh: Forest Rain-- I NEED to have you on my side. I can't compete with you. You and me, we'll do a thing
  808. phaux: is this from Fighting is Magic?
  809. Scootles: GET BACK HERE
  810. Marsh: Some day.
  811. Scootles: Yes, Phaux
  812. ForestRain: @Marsh Okitays.^.^
  813. phaux: i played that game
  814. ShiznazTM: This should be the in-game. It fit's Rarity more >.>
  815. BassClef: dayum spry
  816. ForestRain: Any of you can add me on Skype, too - ForestRainMedia
  817. Mythee: Yess. All the musicians. Make us other fans moar musics with your powers combined. >8D
  818. ForestRain is going to be damn busy until after September though.
  819. Mythee: Skoolz?
  820. ScootaLewis opens skype RIGHT NOW
  821. Scootles: Being ForestRain is suffering.
  822. It's a good thing.
  823. Applejinx: I'll be playing more guitars and bass and drums
  824. Tremil: i vote this be in Fighting Is Magic HD
  825. lol
  826. Applejinx: Oh and some singing because nyahh
  827. Marsh: Yeah
  828. ScootaLewis: Seriously, Forest. You're one of my all-time favourite vocalists, and you covered one of my all-time favourite pony songs.
  829. bipolarbrony: speaking of skype, if anypony wants to add me: bobbybbob555
  830. ScootaLewis: No, correction: you FIXED it.
  831. You took the problems and removed them.
  832. Marsh: oh, ouch
  833. Scootles: The problems being LT's vocals.
  834. Mythee: Guys speaking of Skype... Skype pony karaoke nights? 8D
  835. Marsh: OH OUCH
  836. Sure, Myth
  837. ScootaLewis: sounds coo'
  838. Marsh: I know someone who already likes to do that: FiveOFlutter
  839. ScootaLewis: topleyhattingtn, at yer service
  840. *topleyhattington
  841. BassClef: i like that idea XD
  842. Mythee: Yesss. I'm in two Skype karaoke groups but they all hate pony :C
  843. Marsh: ekku.milukoid
  844. CommandSpry: okay intermission is over you can come back now
  846. YOUR SHIT
  847. Mythee: May I add you Marsh, and then you add me to the group?
  848. Marsh: how do we get in synch?
  849. VINXIS: baaacke
  850. WAT
  852. Marsh: No-- it's only he sings when we do calls.
  853. TinDragon: Yep
  854. BassClef: oh god im next
  855. TinDragon: And it was epic
  856. Scootles: Babby's first piano session?
  857. Marsh: it's annoying, but it's funny
  858. phaux: dat flanger
  859. Marsh: lol@Scooties
  860. BassClef: well... a collab i worked on is next
  861. Marsh: Okay
  862. Clipping
  863. CommandSpry: dat clip
  864. Scootles: I smell a drop coming up
  865. Mythee: Looking forward to it, Bass
  866. Marsh: but otherwise, Cool
  867. Flaedr: Lots of clipping
  868. Errar404: gains should not be in the red good sir
  869. BassClef: clipclipclip
  870. Barbegivrer: not bad
  871. VINXIS: major clipping
  872. BassClef: wow
  873. the piano sounds more saw savey then piano ey
  874. Scootles: Yuep, Bass.
  875. Mythee: Ohh nice, this part is epic
  876. BassClef: not bad
  877. Scootles: I'm still waiting for something to happen in this song.
  878. VINXIS: lol
  879. Scootles: I'm just hearing the same thing with different effects.
  880. BassClef: ^
  881. Marsh: @scootles: megaman, anyone?
  882. Scootles: Or some Breath Of Fire II.
  883. BassClef: MOAR CLIP
  884. Scootles: DROP DA CLIP
  886. BassClef: bzzzzzz
  888. Barbegivrer:
  889. Scootles: Hahahhahaha
  890. Bass, ur gud ppls.
  891. Marsh: note to self: EQ with speakers all the way up
  892. not all the way down
  893. BassClef: lol
  894. CommandSpry: I eq with 100% and then again with 40%
  895. to check for dynamic shit
  896. Errar404: ^
  897. BassClef: oh this part hurts my ears
  898. ForestRain: ^ That's how I check good levels for vocals and solos.
  899. Barbegivrer: mmmh... 20 % cooler
  900. Errar404: Im just not that good yet so i still cant EQ that well
  901. VINXIS: I can EQ
  902. CommandSpry: thanks for the feedback rain
  903. Scootles: It's like someone trying to cover Castlevania music
  904. VINXIS: just turn everything to the max
  905. Scootles: But they only know the hook
  906. Errar404: Ive been learning
  907. Scootles: So they just keep playing it over and over
  908. ForestRain: Work on the song at normal volume, then turn it down so you can hardly hear it at all, and see what pops out.
  909. Marsh: LOOPS
  910. VINXIS: ...
  911. o god
  912. phaux: moombah!
  913. BassClef: oh god my turn
  914. ScootaLewis: I guess Fluttershy is STILL shy
  915. Marsh: MOAR LOOPS
  916. CommandSpry: oh how I hate these kicks
  917. VINXIS: Neon would hate this
  918. Marsh: why?
  919. Scootles: Because Neon is dicks
  920. VINXIS: woow
  921. Because he hates moombah
  922. ScootaLewis: Haha, in the other chat, I accidentally may have instigated the creation of a Brony Prog-Rock Supergroup
  923. Errar404: UM
  924. VINXIS: k
  925. ismBoF: imma come back later cause I have an inspiration for a song i just need to write out
  926. ScootaLewis: That's fine.
  927. Scootles: Take care, Freely.
  928. ScootaLewis: Music is a good thing to make.
  929. VINXIS: o god
  930. wtf
  931. that drop doesn't work
  932. Scootles: Hey guys
  933. HEY
  934. Errar404: if wasnt so squeaky
  935. Scootles: HEY GUYS
  936. Flounderick: hey
  937. Scootles: WHAT IF WE TOOK STILL SHY
  938. NO LISTEN
  939. TinDragon: And remixed it?
  940. Scootles: WHAT IF WE TOOK IT
  942. HUH GUYS
  943. ScootaLewis: wait, I hear a melody
  944. Errar404: nope.avi
  945. PonyRampage: Bassclef, I'mma give you some advice: Lay off the high synth. You use it in EVERY ONE of your songs.
  946. VINXIS: lol
  947. BassClef: i like the high synths...
  948. oh god this part
  949. Errar404: go wub mode
  950. PonyRampage: wub
  951. VINXIS: lol
  952. Quix: lol
  953. Scootles: Wbu
  954. ScootaLewis: "wub"
  955. TinDragon: Bahaha
  956. Flaedr: WUB
  957. Crossover: WUB
  958. N: wub
  959. ScootaLewis: i laughed out loud
  960. Flounderick: wub
  961. Barbegivrer:
  962. phaux: i lold
  963. RandomPony78x:
  964. TinDragon: That gets an upvote
  965. Scootles: Oh god
  966. Barbegivrer: dat wub
  967. Scootles: And then the entire thread was wub
  969. Errar404: LOL
  970. bipolarbrony: DAT WUB
  971. PonyRampage: >Sees Cyberpunk Colt is soon
  972. >Waits anxiously
  973. RandomPony78x: that made my day
  974. Scootles: Alright, the song's growing on me. AND IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WUB FUCK YOU.
  975. Evine: there is like 10 remixes of this song in this remixwar
  976. Flaedr: The lead needs more porta
  977. phaux: ^
  978. Scootles: Oh man
  979. Mythee: I don't mind the high synth but I think it might sound better if it was less sharp. Otherwise this song has been a pleasure to listen to.
  980. TinDragon: Kinda a rocky start
  981. But it got better
  982. Scootles: >fixing IPie
  983. Mythee: Ohh music box...
  984. BassClef:
  985. Scootles: So we're taking away his scat fetish, then.
  986. VINXIS: someone should
  987. take the original song
  988. Scootles: And eat it.
  989. VINXIS: usubmit to to RW5
  990. Flounderick:
  991. VINXIS: and name it as a remix
  992. PonyRampage: One does not simply fix i-pie
  993. VINXIS: submit*
  994. ScootaLewis: I actually like this better than the original.
  995. BassClef: my no-collab song is later on... i dunno
  996. phaux: >no drop
  997. Scootles: Dis is 2 uguu~ 4 me
  998. Mythee: Aww, it's over
  999. Pony: what up peeps
  1000. Scootles: WHERE'S THE DROP
  1001. Marsh: well !?pie does some weird stuff
  1003. GOD
  1004. oooh: Discod !!
  1005. BassClef: oh god midi strings
  1006. PonyRampage: CPC's next. Ohhhhhhh shiet
  1007. Scootles: DO YOU EVEN LIFT
  1008. Marsh: fakescord?
  1009. Mythee: Haha yeah was expecting one too Scootles, until I checked the song length
  1010. Marsh: My remix was better
  1011. LoreRD: 'zis is AMAZING
  1012. Marsh: RAGE
  1013. VINXIS: Sounds like Skrolex
  1014. PonyRampage: *Pinkie Pie rimshot*
  1015. Scootles: God
  1016. bipolarbrony: ...don't know is good or bad
  1017. PonyRampage: it's just.....meh
  1018. Marsh: good if real violins
  1019. NeuKatalYst: rounds ftw
  1020. Flounderick: its... nice
  1021. Scootles: People like Makkon, StarsInAutumn, and stuff like this
  1022. Marsh: I do like rounds
  1023. We need more real instruments
  1024. Mythee: Add a dramatic baritone chorus to this plox
  1025. Scootles: Who can actually fucking MASTER the string VSTs
  1027. Scootles: They make my day
  1028. PonyContaminate: hey guys
  1029. Flaedr: Marsh
  1030. Mythee: (dramatichighfantasychorus someone do one)
  1031. Flaedr: Not everyone owns a violin
  1032. A cello
  1033. A viola
  1034. And a double bass
  1035. VINXIS: I don't own a DAW
  1036. Quix: and take the time to learn how to play them all
  1037. VINXIS: lel
  1038. I own mixcraft
  1039. oooh: its not the best remix of discord "super ponybeat "
  1040. Scootles: >not owning a cello
  1041. Oh, you guys.
  1042. Quix: I played violin for 3 or 4 years and I fucking suck at it
  1043. Flaedr: I want a cello
  1044. VINXIS: I want a cowbell
  1045. and bongo
  1046. oooh: i prefere jazz version
  1047. VINXIS: So I don't have to use vsts all teh fukin time
  1048. Scootles: But Vinxy
  1049. If you get bongos
  1050. They only thing you'll ever be able to play
  1051. Mythee: Any of you know the string quartet group called Bond? They have extremely cool electric versions of everything. Cello, violin, viola, weird viola-violin hybrid... o-o
  1052. Scootles: is Sympathy For The Devil
  1053. VINXIS: lol
  1054. Scootles: It's scientifically proven
  1055. Xlerb: classy
  1056. VINXIS: I take risks boy
  1057. Mythee: Yall could look into the electric instruments
  1058. Scootles: >not playing the Electric Cowbell
  1059. Mythee: would that even
  1060. Scootles: Y'all fuck don't even lift.
  1061. ScootaLewis: But, as Electric Six said, "There's no such thing as an electric tuba"
  1062. Mythee: That is the bass cannon of the future, Scoota
  1063. Scootles: Hergest, if you're hiding in here from all the talk of electric cowbell:
  1064. You done good.
  1065. VINXIS: Needs Varien
  1066. HergestRidge: Thanks, Scootles
  1067. Marsh: He's in the OTHER chat
  1068. HergestRidge: I still hate the violins sounds I HAD to use, but bleh.
  1069. Marsh: The one for musicians.
  1070. oh, and here
  1071. Scootles: Oh god he's actually here.
  1072. Marsh: app.
  1073. Scootles:
  1074. HergestRidge: (as I said, met a real violinist/cellist/violist, but like one day after the deadline)
  1075. bipolarbrony: this song
  1076. ScootaLewis: Title of the next song
  1077. PonyRampage: Finally
  1078. ScootaLewis: reminds me of Powerthirst
  1079. VINXIS: I love the face Pinkie makes
  1080. oh
  1081. BassClef: oh god here we go
  1082. ScootaLewis: "You'll make so many dreses! FOUR HUNDRED DRESSES!"
  1083. VINXIS: Cyberpunk's remix...
  1084. PonyRampage: I'm honestly kind of glad I didn't enter my remix
  1085. Scootles: Rarity NOW COMES IN DOVES
  1086. Marsh: ooh, this is cool
  1087. Mythee: This I want on my iPod
  1088. oooh: Rarity time !
  1089. Ducks: Quack
  1090. Marsh: this needs something...
  1091. Scootles: Does this seem quiet to anyone else?
  1092. Marsh turns up volume
  1093. PonyRampage: Cycol, y u no be awake?
  1094. ScootaLewis: But yeah, next Remix War, expect my name on one of the entres.
  1095. VINXIS: I have it to max beches
  1096. Marsh: Yeah, that's it.
  1097. ScootaLewis: *entries
  1098. Errar404: Next remix war, expect me not to suck as much
  1099. ScootaLewis: either as an entrant, or as someone who forced someone else to remix him.
  1100. VINXIS: u didn;t suck this RW
  1101. Scootles: Oh, Errar.
  1102. VINXIS: asdf
  1103. Ducks: I enjoy this
  1104. Flaedr: Next remix war, expect me not to do the whole song on the last day
  1105. VINXIS: YES
  1106. Mythee: Awww yeaaaa
  1107. Scootles: Dis is gud
  1108. Just needs to be louder.
  1109. Much louder.
  1110. Marsh: Flaedr: you're just not going to enter?
  1111. VINXIS: lol
  1112. Scootles: O BURN MARSH
  1113. Flaedr: :V
  1114. Marsh: THAT'S HOW WE DO IT
  1116. FARM.
  1117. Scootles: >farming seaponies
  1118. YOU MONSTER.
  1119. Snacky: :megusta:
  1120. PonyRampage: Seems legit
  1121. Marsh: Seaponies have been downsized so much.
  1122. VINXIS: :visuals:
  1123. Marsh: They used to be as large as an adolescent girl
  1124. Now they fit in the palm of your... hoof?
  1125. .___.
  1126. Scootles: That's why you have give them a little...something special, you know?
  1127. ScootaLewis: Yeah, well.
  1128. bipolarbrony: ...
  1129. Scootles: Just slip them some PGH in their feed.
  1130. ScootaLewis: One sea pony only got one song.
  1131. Marsh:
  1132. Flaedr:
  1133. Scootles: You know...Pony Growth Hormones.
  1134. Marsh: oh.
  1135. Flaedr: I have no ideas for backgrounds
  1136. bipolarbrony: ...
  1137. Scootles: And just watch them grow.
  1138. Flaedr: asdf
  1139. VINXIS: lol
  1140. bipolarbrony: still ...
  1141. ScootaLewis: One sea pony gonna sing it all night long.
  1142. Scootles: SHOO BE DOO
  1143. Marsh: I imagine sometimes that seaponies are like seamonkies
  1144. ScootaLewis: One sea pony never tries something now.
  1145. Scootles: SHOO BE DOO
  1149. Sonarch: Oh damn, I missed some awesome stuff, didn't I?
  1150. Scootles: Just a little.
  1151. Marsh: I should have entered that, maybe
  1152. Ducks: One Sea Pony was legit
  1153. Scootles: And by "a little," I mean all of it.
  1154. Marsh: Or someione should have REMIXED it
  1155. Scootles: What.
  1156. Ducks: *gasp*
  1157. Evine: lol
  1158. Marsh: Whoa, what?
  1159. TheLonging: wow
  1160. BassClef: XD
  1161. bipolarbrony: um, what
  1162. VINXIS: lol removed by user
  1163. Sonarch: fffffufuuuuu
  1164. LoreRD: WHAT
  1165. NeuKatalYst: lul
  1166. RandomPony78x: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  1167. Flaedr: BEST SONG
  1168. bipolarbrony: LOL
  1169. ScootaLewis: One Sea Pony was the most legit thing EVER.
  1170. Scootles: Wam wam waaaaaaaaaaaaam
  1171. scibot9000: <_<
  1172. phaux: >this vid has been removed by the user
  1173. lygarfox: :o
  1174. RandomPony78x:
  1175. Marsh: ...the intermission was removed?
  1176. Play One Sea Pony instead
  1177. for intermission
  1178. Sonarch: aw, I like the intermission music
  1179. Flaedr: This is
  1180. BassClef: gah
  1181. Flaedr: So good
  1182. TheLonging: silence for 10 minutes
  1183. Flaedr: Holy crap
  1184. ScootaLewis: actually, yes.
  1185. Evine: of all the things to be removed
  1186. Scootles: We don't need no fucking intermission.
  1187. ScootaLewis: let's all go to marsh's soundcloud
  1188. phaux: it had my entry ;_;
  1189. VINXIS: best intermission videoo evr
  1190. ScootaLewis: and listen to on sea pony
  1191. Flaedr: ^
  1192. I concur
  1193. Ducks: Quickly, everyone hum
  1194. StarsInAutumn: uhh
  1195. VeganCheesecake: I gotta pee.
  1196. Sonarch: hummmmm
  1197. VINXIS: then pee
  1199. Camsy: Do do do do do *click*
  1200. bipolarbrony: To FL Studio!!
  1201. Scootles: Yush.
  1202. Sonarch: oh, lost it
  1203. VeganCheesecake: Too late.
  1204. VINXIS: o fak mines soon
  1205. bipolarbrony: oops, nevermind
  1206. StarsInAutumn: a 5 minute break
  1207. N: lol.
  1208. Mythee: Lmao.
  1209. VeganCheesecake: Kk
  1210. Flaedr:
  1211. VeganCheesecake: Thanks, I almost peed my pants. XD
  1212. Flaedr: Hurry go go go!
  1214. 5 minute*
  1215. Marsh: 5:13
  1216. scibot9000: so yeah
  1217. Ducks: 5:13
  1218. Sonarch: This next one is 5 minutes
  1219. StarsInAutumn: but that's an entry
  1220. Scootles: Oh god
  1221. Marsh
  1222. ur my hero
  1223. Sonarch: so it won't work as an intermission
  1224. Evine: 10:11
  1225. there it is
  1226. Mythee: Rainbow Dashia intermission?
  1227. Sonarch: Who was supposed to host the intermission video?
  1228. Marsh: ^
  1229. VINXIS: put my troll song in, that can be an intermission
  1230. BassClef: oh god i have to get put on the spot twice in one day >.>
  1231. Ducks: Resnonant
  1232. VINXIS: Oh, Warbalist is now the leader
  1233. BassClef: >.>
  1234. Marsh: shoo.
  1235. TinDragon: Uh
  1236. Serves me right for alt-tabbing into a game
  1237. VINXIS: Warbalist
  1238. TinDragon: What happened?
  1239. Scootles: Someone set up us the bomb.
  1240. Sonarch: The intermission video was removed by the user
  1241. Marsh: so play this instead
  1242. 5:13
  1243. Scootles: We're just taking a five minute break, TD.
  1244. Marsh: because I'm shameless
  1245. TinDragon: Play a Rainbow Factory remix
  1246. Sonarch: lololol
  1247. TinDragon: There's not enough of them for the competition
  1248. Scootles: Oh u
  1249. scibot9000: man, I just now thought of the perfect 9 minute video to play
  1250. TinDragon: Gonna go listen to Echelon's song again I guess
  1251. VINXIS: Oh, Stars went to set up the intermission video again...
  1252. so Warb took the spot?
  1253. Scootles: >Bassclef fixes Archie
  1254. ...I'm intrigued
  1255. BassClef: dont worry
  1256. Sonarch: oh now I am too
  1257. BassClef: that one is actually a remix
  1258. scibot9000: no we're just on a 5 minute break I guess
  1259. NeuKatalYst: i'm gonna do a shameless plug, since i need 4 more subs for 500: if you want some pony DNB, go here:
  1260. BassClef: instead of the otheres
  1261. Marsh: Stars is having trouble with his thing
  1262. Scootles: BUT NEU
  1264. GOD
  1265. NeuKatalYst: my remix war v entry is also there.
  1266. VINXIS: wait
  1267. I wasn't subbed to you?
  1268. TinDragon: Sorry Neu, already subscribed apparently
  1269. Sonarch: I shall check you out Neu.
  1270. BassClef: you now only need 2 subs
  1271. VeganCheesecake: Back! GOGOGOGOGO
  1272. VINXIS: wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf how come I wasn't subbed to you
  1273. Scootles: SEE NEU
  1275. TinDragon: More brony musicians need to use Facebook, I find it much easier to keep up with new songs there
  1276. Scootles: "Synchtube Prostitute"
  1277. Sonarch: yeah
  1278. VINXIS: lol Warbalist isn't even on
  1279. Scootles: This is true, TD.
  1280. BassClef: next song?
  1281. StarsInAutumn added Scoobystep...
  1282. StarsInAutumn: blahd
  1283. VINXIS: lol
  1284. Flaedr: wat
  1285. Mythee: Whhhhh
  1286. scibot9000: ahaha this song
  1287. BassClef: wat
  1288. Sonarch: lolol
  1289. StarsInAutumn: my browser freaked out
  1290. VeganCheesecake: The hell.
  1291. NeuKatalYst: i am a synchtube prostitute - as long as my body is, how you say... "satisfying" to you guys.
  1292. Marsh: no, bad
  1293. LoreRD: Gotta go :/
  1294. VINXIS: so... this is now out intermission video?
  1295. Scootles: I can understand WHY some of them don't use Facebook, because privacy issues and what.
  1296. StarsInAutumn: yup
  1297. Mythee: Aw, bye Lore
  1298. StarsInAutumn: after this we'll pick it back up
  1299. Scootles: But proxy accounts only take like two minutes to set up.
  1300. StarsInAutumn: cya lore
  1301. scibot9000: so one minute of intermission left?
  1302. ok then
  1303. LoreRD: Bye!
  1304. Scootles: By Lore.
  1305. bbe.
  1306. NeuKatalYst: PinkiePieSwear will NEVER hold a candle to Pogo.
  1307. Mythee: Thanks for the tunes
  1308. TinDragon: Dammt
  1309. BassClef: lol neuk youw only 1 sub from 500
  1310. i sohuld unsib for lulz
  1311. bipolarbrony: i cant stop laughing
  1312. levious: OH come on !!!
  1313. TinDragon: You bluescreened my computer when you added that song
  1314. I don't know how
  1315. But yeah
  1316. N: /lead
  1317. StarsInAutumn: too hardcore
  1318. hottoast16: Because this is too awesome for your computer to properly process it.
  1319. Scootles: Wow.
  1320. StarsInAutumn: that's what happens when pogo does dubstep
  1321. Scootles: Froze my comp as well.
  1322. BassClef: we already watched dis
  1323. Scootles: Nuh uh
  1324. StarsInAutumn: we did?
  1325. VINXIS: we alredy herd dishe
  1326. lol
  1327. Camsy: Yeah
  1328. Mythee: Rainbow Dashiaaaaaa
  1329. bipolarbrony: yeah already saw this
  1330. VINXIS: Camsy pls
  1331. Sonarch: play it anyway, I was late and missed it
  1332. VINXIS: u jst wnt ur weemix
  1333. Sonarch: aw
  1334. StarsInAutumn: this one too?
  1335. scibot9000: uhh what
  1336. BassClef: n not this one
  1337. VINXIS: no
  1338. Camsy: Lol actually slept through my alarm
  1339. Scootles: I haven't heard it, no.
  1340. StarsInAutumn: ok
  1341. scibot9000: I didn't hear it
  1342. Scootles: GG Camsy
  1343. bipolarbrony: god, now my browser is freakin out
  1344. scibot9000: technical dificulties? >_<
  1345. Camsy: Woke up thinking I'd missed my own remix after stting through 3 days worth
  1346. Marsh: is this where we're supposed to be.
  1347. StarsInAutumn: oh jeez. HOLD ON.
  1348. Scootles: Yuep, Sci.
  1349. StarsInAutumn: We're redoing Lescore
  1350. Scootles: We just don't know what went wrong.
  1351. VINXIS: BONGO?!
  1352. StarsInAutumn: some ppl missed it
  1353. VINXIS: oh
  1354. k
  1355. BassClef: okay
  1356. bipolarbrony: kk
  1357. Sonarch: thank you
  1358. VeganCheesecake: Like me. :derp:
  1359. Scootles: Thank, SiA.
  1360. StarsInAutumn: if you heard it already, you get a longer intermission YAY
  1361. VINXIS: lol
  1362. Flounderick:
  1363. FLAOFEI: Why is ´Pinkies adventure starting all the time"?
  1364. VINXIS: brb getting mangu jus
  1365. Scootles: Has anyone set up a Remix War V playlist on Youtube?
  1366. TinDragon: Phew, back
  1367. StarsInAutumn: I don't believe so
  1368. Sonarch: I want that playlist.
  1369. Scootles: If I hadn't missed Friday, I'd do it myself.
  1370. TinDragon: If I get bored in class tomorrow I might set one up
  1371. Scootles: but I have the spreadsheet here, so I may just work off that.
  1372. bipolarbrony: i would do it, but my internet is just to slow for that
  1373. Marsh: yeah, it seems like a playlist shouldn't be too hard.
  1374. NeuKatalYst: these marimbas are the sex
  1375. bipolarbrony: i could try
  1376. Scootles: Oh god
  1377. BassClef: looks like imma get thrown under da bus again..
  1378. Sonarch: oh yes
  1379. BassClef: oh well my spitfire remix is better the the still shy one
  1380. Scootles: What is that thing happening in the background
  1381. I want it inside of me
  1382. nonsexually
  1383. BassClef: ^
  1384. Marsh: eh. I don't really like this.
  1385. Ducks: This is cool
  1386. Sonarch: I could fall asleep to this, it's so relaxing
  1387. BassClef: ^
  1388. Ducks: .....what?
  1389. Marsh: it's just annoying.
  1390. I fall alseep to bad dubstep.
  1391. Scootles: 2chill
  1392. Ducks: Oh, whoops
  1393. Scootles: Reminds me of Sci, actually.
  1394. Marsh: what
  1395. Ducks: I was playing super intense classical music
  1396. Forgot t pause it
  1397. Marsh: sci never makes a song longer than 30 seconds
  1398. Ducks: This is really cool
  1399. Sonarch: What about Hurricane Dial?
  1400. Marsh: what about it?
  1401. StarsInAutumn: nuh uh, for Balloon Party his track was like 2 minutes!
  1402. Scootles: I fall asleep to Game Grumps. I'm a legitimately terrible human being.
  1403. Sonarch: exactly
  1404. Scootles: [x] Told
  1405. Ducks: Melon, you crazy
  1406. Marsh: well in BP, standard length for a track was like, 14 minutes
  1407. so of course
  1408. Scootles: Haaaaaa
  1409. BassClef: it was 2 minutes... of about 7 30 second songs thown together
  1410. Marsh: he made a super long track too
  1411. 2 minues.
  1412. VeganCheesecake: There's something about this song...
  1413. Mythee: I like it
  1414. Scootles: This song is like "brief respite" music.
  1415. VeganCheesecake: I bet I know the original without knowing about it. XD
  1416. Marsh: It's not bad, it's just not my jam
  1417. Sonarch: It kinda was a bunch of songs mixed, but I kinda like it, it's all adhd like that album
  1418. Scootles: Not quite done, but you have time to relax.
  1419. Sonarch: alright, cool
  1420. BassClef: EMKAY
  1421. VINXIS: kwat
  1422. Camsy: Love this one, upvoted!
  1423. VINXIS: why is mine after Fooz's?
  1424. I'll die soon
  1425. Scootles: dun die without me bbe
  1426. Spazz6768:
  1427. VINXIS: Ok come to mah house, we will die together
  1428. Scootles: It's a pact!
  1429. BassClef: im gunna die because my songs is soong
  1430. Sonarch: dat image
  1431. VINXIS: lel
  1432. BassClef: im gunna like die of critisism
  1433. FLAOFEI: Ctacks not good for you,
  1434. Scootles: Bass
  1435. BassClef: because i hate my music
  1436. VINXIS: oh, camsy's is next
  1437. Scootles: ur gud pone
  1438. stop that
  1439. phaux: clap
  1440. VINXIS: OMG what he did wit teh vocals are gud
  1441. phaux: clapclap
  1442. Sonarch: yus
  1443. Scootles: I want to like this song
  1444. It's just
  1445. Camsy: Emkay is baws
  1446. Scootles: LT's vocals
  1447. VINXIS: Camsy's is next
  1448. Scootles: I can't into them
  1449. Crossover: ^
  1450. Spazz6768:
  1451. BassClef: camsy
  1452. phaux: he made TLT sound not bad
  1453. BassClef: camsy
  1454. phaux: is he a wizard?
  1455. Quix: I think they worked really well on the original song IMO
  1456. Marsh: hey
  1457. TLT doesn't sound bad most of the time
  1458. Scootles: I think I prefer Glaze's remix of this.
  1459. ScootaLewis: Does everyone here hate TLT's vocals or something?
  1460. phaux doesnt know the original
  1461. NeuKatalYst: i LOVE these delay and reverb effects.
  1462. Marsh: ^
  1463. Quix: I don't mind them
  1464. Marsh: I've neveig]
  1465. I've never heard the original
  1466. Scootles: Because he played up the instruments and smoothed over the vocals a LOT.
  1467. Sonarch: I love his vocals in Octavia's Overture
  1468. VINXIS: I don't like Tomb...
  1469. Quix: Remixing this song requires a strong tolerance of his vocals
  1470. BassClef: neither do i
  1471. ScootaLewis: I like his vocals well enough.
  1472. PonyContaminate: why are drops so hard to make
  1473. hottoast16: I like TLT. Idk why people don't like him.
  1474. VINXIS: becuz
  1475. Marsh: Hey, Forest Rain doing this song?
  1476. VINXIS: he can't vocal
  1477. Scootles: LT is a fantastic musician. He just can't sing.
  1478. ScootaLewis: Because he's popular and other people aren't
  1479. Marsh: People don't like him because he makes songs his fans want him to that one time
  1480. VINXIS: that's why
  1481. BassClef: same drums, same synths, same 4 bar melody looped, same bchord pattern
  1482. Quix: I like them on a few tracks, Cracks, Octavia, Becoming Popular, Louise the Lab Rat
  1483. Scootles: No, YaC.
  1484. It's legitimate criticism. He doesn't get a pass because he's popular.
  1485. VINXIS: lol
  1486. phaux: fun fact: all tlt's songs are the same key
  1487. Scootles: Oh u phaux
  1488. phaux: or most of them
  1489. Ducks: Yak is cool
  1490. Mythee: Sometimes his vocals suit a song more than other times. I think his vocals were perfect for Good ol' Days
  1491. Camsy: My only regret is that synctube can't spell my name properly...
  1492. Marsh: same melody?
  1493. phaux: i checked b/c i was making a mix
  1494. Sonarch: Mic the mic did good ol days
  1495. Ducks: Good Ol' Days was Mic
  1496. Mythee: ...derp
  1497. Marsh: That's weird, I thought His vocals in Good Ol Days was really awful
  1498. ScootaLewis: You know I only learned that recently.
  1499. Quix: it helps a lot with workflow if you're comfortable with the key
  1500. BassClef: CAMSY
  1501. Ducks: I thought the same thing though
  1502. BassClef: YOUR UP
  1503. Marsh: But.. then again, I thought he had a version with his own vocals, one with Mic.
  1504. BassClef: and im next >.>
  1505. VINXIS: yeshe
  1506. Mythee: Oh. That explains why.
  1507. Sonarch: They sound really similar though. Like in Sister Hate, I almost can't tell who is who
  1508. Quix: I really liked his Good Ol Days vocals
  1509. BassClef: ooh nice bassey kick
  1510. Flaedr: And I'm last
  1511. Marsh: What
  1512. FLAOFEI: Lol, rope
  1513. VINXIS: lol
  1514. NeuKatalYst: Tombstone's remix of Michelle Creber's "Saturday Night" ended up on Michelle's album as a bonus track. so that made me a bit jealous.
  1515. Marsh: No
  1516. phaux: lol i wanted to remix this track too as a collab
  1517. Marsh: Mic is just really nasal there
  1518. ScootaLewis: The only thing I didn't like about the vocals in Good Ol' Days
  1519. is the way "that's just what we do" is rushed so much
  1520. phaux: i even started remixing it
  1521. Ducks: I like the song currently playing
  1522. Sonarch: im liking this
  1523. Flaedr: Unison
  1524. BassClef: lol
  1525. Flaedr: Porter Robinson
  1526. BassClef: this song does refrence unison
  1527. but this isnt it
  1528. Marsh: ooh
  1529. ScootaLewis: is that a horn?
  1530. Mythee: I haven't figured out how to sing Good ol' Days yet... vocals are too fast for me
  1531. Marsh: ooh, what is this
  1532. Quix: clarinet
  1533. Ducks: Ohshiit
  1534. Scootles: Well I also feel like they Shoehorned in Jackle App's "Autumn" just because.
  1535. Sonarch: oh baby
  1536. Ducks: I heaar it
  1537. ScootaLewis: I can sing most of it.
  1538. Just not that one little bit.
  1539. Flaedr: It's close enough to Unison for my tastes
  1540. VINXIS: Needs moar chord progressions... I don't even know what a chord prog. is but idgaf lel
  1541. bipolarbrony: ...i like
  1542. Marsh: what is Unison
  1543. wtf are you talking about
  1544. Flaedr: A song by Porter Robinson
  1545. BassClef: Unison is a song
  1546. phaux: >delete drop
  1547. BassClef: and its got the most memorable melody ever
  1548. phaux: >fixing
  1549. TinDragon: 5:50
  1550. Flaedr: It has the same chord progression
  1551. Sonarch: inb4 camsy isn't even here
  1552. Flaedr: Ehhhh
  1553. VINXIS: lol
  1554. Camsy: Aww
  1555. I thought I'd be able to make it
  1556. Flaedr: Unison wasn't his best
  1557. VINXIS: wats a frikin chord prog...
  1558. Sonarch: oh he' still here
  1559. lol
  1560. Flaedr: But Knife Party's remix of it
  1561. TinDragon: I can't tell if the little clip is from the original or the Knife Party remix though
  1562. Flaedr: Was like
  1564. Flaedr: Amazing
  1565. BassClef: KPs remix of unison was amazing
  1566. Flaedr: That drop is perfect
  1567. FLAOFEI: Chord progression = Progression of chords
  1568. Scootles: This is one thing people have problems with when they use woodwind instrument programs
  1569. Marsh: So, I like this
  1570. FLAOFEI: derå7
  1571. Scootles: It ALWAYS sounds like they're tongue-ing the notes.
  1572. FLAOFEI: *Derp
  1573. VINXIS: ...nvm -.-
  1574. Marsh: ah
  1575. UTAU acn fix that
  1576. BassClef: unison
  1577. this is unison
  1578. Marsh: Maybe we should use woodwind samples in UTAU
  1579. VINXIS: wait lemme rephrase wat I asked
  1580. Flaedr: Here's the real Unison
  1581. Sonarch: do it
  1582. VINXIS: Wtf does it mean when there's a i-iv or wutev
  1583. Flaedr: It's funny
  1584. Marsh: Chord Progression: When you have one chord, then go to another chord.
  1585. Flaedr: The song is called Unison
  1586. But it's full of polysynths
  1587. Sonarch: well
  1588. Scootles: I remember StarsInAutumn had the same problem in Celestial Origins.
  1589. Marsh: i-iv is a particular chord progression
  1590. Sonarch: its like
  1591. Marsh: but Idr what it's called
  1592. Scootles: NOT PUTTING YOU DOWN, SiA.
  1593. JUST SAYING.
  1594. Sonarch: if you start on an A chord, the IV for that is 4 chords up, or a D chord
  1595. Echelon: @VINXIS look up Roman numeral analysis
  1596. Mythee: Are there knife party remixes in this btw?
  1597. Flaedr: And honestly, the other melody Netto used in the song I like better than Unison's
  1598. VINXIS: fak that's not wat I meant :\\
  1599. BassClef: oh god im nextttt
  1600. Marsh: you could go D, Dm, Gm, G7, repeat
  1601. BassClef: oh god
  1602. im gunna die
  1603. Sonarch: oh bby
  1604. Flaedr: WHOOP
  1605. Scootles: OH WOW
  1607. Flaedr: POLICE ARE COMING
  1608. BassClef: oh god facepalming
  1609. Flaedr: SHIT
  1610. Scootles: MORE MOOMBAH
  1611. Marsh: HOOVERS BLARING
  1612. Scootles: WHOODA GUESSED
  1613. NeuKatalYst: did you know that Assertive Fluttershy's "Boooring!" has the same chord progression as Addictia's "Hush Now?"
  1614. Marsh: EVERYWHERE
  1615. Scootles: Whoa.
  1616. NK.
  1617. Blowing my mind here.
  1618. Marsh: There are only so many good-sounding chord progs.
  1619. Sonarch: noicenoicenoice
  1620. VINXIS: why is it so important to know what chord prog. you use...
  1622. Echelon: @Neu because they both use a very common progression
  1623. Flaedr: Needs 500 times more sidechain
  1624. And more porta
  1625. Obviously more porta
  1626. Scootles: Because, Vinxy, otherwise you make something that sounds displeasing to the ears
  1627. Sonarch: hawt
  1628. Flaedr: Whoops needs more porta
  1629. Snacky: Yes.
  1630. FLAOFEI: Winx, its not
  1631. VINXIS: ok, so I guess I have to know
  1632. Marsh: You don't have to know what chord progression
  1633. BassClef: porta... how od portamento in massive?
  1634. Marsh: but if you do, you can match it more easily
  1635. VINXIS: lel k
  1636. Marsh: for, for example, remixing
  1637. VINXIS: .-.
  1638. Scootles: Bass
  1639. Hey Bass
  1640. BassClef: hi
  1641. Scootles: This isn't bad.
  1642. K
  1643. Marsh: if yu don't know what notes are in a chord, knowing the chord progression won't be particularly useful to you
  1644. Flaedr: Police are coming aga- wait just whoops
  1645. BassClef: XD
  1646. Marsh: Is the next song a "Call Me Maybe" parody?
  1647. FLAOFEI: Wubwub
  1648. Flaedr: AHH THEY FOUND M-
  1649. Oh wait
  1650. Whoops
  1651. Scootles: One criticism (my opinion, so take it as you will): It sounds very...generic.
  1652. Sonarch: I like the part where it's not 8 minutes long. I like Archie, but his stuff is too long for just listening to sometimes
  1653. Marsh: yeah
  1654. lpolol
  1655. Scootles: But I think that's more a fault of the style than your own ability.
  1656. Crunchy: crunch
  1657. BassClef: yeah
  1658. Marsh: Both Scootles and Sonarch have the right thing here
  1659. BassClef: also, this is the ONLY archie song thats actually a remix
  1660. Mythee: One suggestion: replace all the WIU. WIU. WIU. WIU. WIU. with a cute pony voice /lol probably a bad suggestion
  1661. VINXIS: :derp: :despair:  
  1662. Sonarch: lolol
  1663. Flaedr: Facespam
  1664. Marsh: AcActually
  1665. you COULD
  1666. Scootles: Archie's music is long because he designs it to be built into sets.
  1667. VINXIS: Accualy is dolan
  1668. Flaedr: Bass, that was awful, I didn't hear any porta!
  1669. Marsh: You vocode some pony saples
  1670. BassClef: arg how do parta in massive?
  1671. Scootles: There, Bass.
  1672. Marsh: Do some SG&P-tier glitching
  1673. Scootles: You survived.
  1674. Congratulations.
  1675. Flaedr: Set it to monophon in the voicing tab
  1676. VINXIS: resonant
  1677. Marsh: I threw a wish on the moon
  1678. Flaedr: Control the porta in Osc tab
  1679. Sonarch: Yeah, but when im in the car listening it gets a little repetitive. It'd be great for dancing or a party or something
  1680. Marsh: Don't ask me yet, it's too soon
  1681. Flaedr: Hey, I'm on the Moon
  1682. Marsh: I eat the cake with a spoon
  1683. Flaedr: And This is Crazy
  1684. Marsh: 'Cause you were in my way
  1685. Sonarch: i cant heer dis
  1686. Flaedr: But I'll be back someday
  1687. Scootles: You need to call the shots for music at more parties, then.
  1688. Sonarch: oh there we go
  1689. ScootaLewis: But here's the Elements
  1690. Flaedr: So call me maybe
  1691. ScootaLewis: so free me maybe?
  1692. Mythee: Turned volume way up and then music started Ow
  1693. Sonarch: lol
  1694. this is quite ambient
  1695. Mythee: But this is nice so far O: Sounds like space
  1696. Luna is in spaaaace-!!
  1697. Flaedr: Sitar
  1698. Well
  1699. Sonarch: Luna and space are gud
  1700. phaux: spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
  1701. Flaedr: It sounded like a sitar at first
  1702. Marsh: so
  1703. Echelon: oooooh I'm likin' this so far.
  1704. Scootles: O hi Johann Johannsen
  1705. I didn't know you made pone music
  1706. Marsh: Bagpipe Brony does goodmetal and folk, right?
  1707. NeuKatalYst: well, this is chill.
  1708. Scootles: Good FOLK, sure.
  1709. Metal...ehhhhhhhh.
  1710. Sonarch: I dunno, I still need to check out his stuff
  1711. im too buried in work
  1712. i should be reading a textbook right now
  1713. Scootles: The Fo:E music he does is phenomenal.
  1714. Ducks: I love everything about this
  1715. Scootles: I know the feel, Sonarch.
  1716. phaux: inb4 dubstep drop
  1717. VINXIS: lolno
  1718. Mythee: Dubstep would ruin this spacey feel
  1719. Scootles: AELX ESS REMOX
  1720. Ducks: Dubstep ruins most songs
  1721. Unless it starts out dubstep
  1722. VINXIS: What if I made a CCR remix and add rap to it XP
  1723. TinDragon: Oh snap, we're no longer the room with the most viewing
  1724. Go drag your friends in here
  1725. VeganCheesecake: I love this guy.
  1726. Scootles: ...Creedance Clearwater Revival?
  1727. VINXIS: yrea
  1728. Ducks: Perposterous
  1729. Scootles: I'll kill you.
  1730. Marsh: wait, synchtube 2 is better now!?
  1731. VINXIS: lel
  1733. VINXIS: o shet
  1734. I take risks mang
  1735. Sonarch: lul
  1736. VINXIS: lel
  1737. bipolarbrony: shit just got real
  1738. Scootles: That's it
  1739. VINXIS: >ded
  1740. Scootles: I'm cutting down your Internet
  1741. VINXIS: nuuuuu
  1742. Ducks: Damn
  1743. VINXIS: Don't be meannn
  1744. Ducks: He went there
  1745. Flaedr: 17 more until mine
  1746. bipolarbrony: OH SHI- NOOOOOOOOOOO
  1747. Sonarch: lul
  1748. Flaedr: Oh my
  1749. Inkpony: Pretty cool music to listen to while playing Minecraft
  1750. Scootles: Give me your Bad Dragon toys and go to your room.
  1751. VINXIS: lelelelelelel;eleleleelelelelelelell
  1752. Sonarch: oh god
  1753. bipolarbrony: oh BURN
  1754. Sonarch: bad dragon
  1755. Mythee: Good music while reading scifi novel
  1756. Or ponyfic
  1757. That too
  1758. Sonarch: not textbook though
  1759. Scootles: This is just good "laying down" music
  1760. Mythee: Haha yeah I listen to metal for textbooks
  1761. Keeps you awake.
  1762. Sonarch: i came
  1763. VINXIS: wtf
  1764. TinDragon: Owl City?
  1765. N: i like
  1766. NeuKatalYst: suddenly, OWL CITY.
  1767. VINXIS: Owl City
  1769. Marsh: This is perfect
  1771. Scootles: Oh god
  1772. Suddenly
  1773. I'm fourteen again
  1774. Marsh: after thst lastt song
  1775. TinDragon: Rainbowshy is best Fluttershy
  1776. Sonarch: the original of this is like mmmm
  1777. Scootles: GO AWAY 2004
  1778. Mythee: I have the original Fluttershy Owlcity song downloaded since forever ago
  1779. PonyContaminate: FLUTTERYAY!!!
  1780. VINXIS: I never knew Rhyme Flow was coming nope, not at all
  1781. NeuKatalYst: i am downloading the shit outta this
  1782. Sonarch: you cant really hear her vocals though
  1783. Mythee: The lyrics are adorbibbles
  1784. Sonarch: theyre all high now
  1785. VeganCheesecake: Me gusta.
  1786. Marsh: HAPPY HERDCORE!?
  1787. IS IT??
  1788. IS IT!?
  1789. Sonarch: yus
  1790. Scootles: Whoa
  1791. k
  1792. Vocal chops
  1793. Mythee: Nice. VERY NICE.
  1794. VINXIS: Lel Rhyme Flow isn't talking...
  1795. phaux: vocals are off
  1796. Marsh: yeah
  1797. Ducks: This is crazy awesome
  1798. Marsh: what happened?
  1799. Mythee: Well, unnecessary reintroduction of vocals but yeah
  1800. Marsh: this was so great
  1801. RhymeFlow: Sorry, listening...
  1803. Marsh: now you're off by a beat
  1804. oh, now bacl
  1805. VINXIS: lol
  1806. Marsh: bkgjdgseg
  1807. Scootles: Vocals pls go
  1808. ...The fuck
  1809. DnB
  1810. Mythee: Someone remix this remix and get the pacing right
  1811. Flounderick:
  1812. phaux: the original is probably better
  1813. Mythee: Then it'll be best remix
  1814. Yeah the original's pacing is more natural
  1815. But they did some really good things to the song here
  1816. Scootles: OH GOD IT'S GETTING WORSE
  1817. Marsh: No
  1818. it's intentional
  1819. On the verses, he puts it off by a beat
  1820. scibot9000: what are you talking about this is super rad o_0
  1821. Marsh: because sometimes they do that
  1822. NeuKatalYst: just think that it's intentional
  1823. scibot9000: one of my favorites so far 4sure
  1824. NeuKatalYst: flow with it.
  1825. Scootles: Intentional or not, it's jarring as hell.
  1826. Marsh: it doesn't quite work but I'm not upset that he tried it
  1827. Flaedr: Remember, nobody will know it's a mistake if you continue to repeat it
  1828. Scootles: Ha.
  1829. /Skrollox
  1830. Mythee: It's like he had all these great ideas for what to do to the song but tried to fit them all together in too tight a space
  1831. Scootles: / Skrollox
  1832. Flaedr: Some famous jazz artist said something like that
  1833. VINXIS: skrolex*
  1835. Flaedr: Forgot who though
  1836. Mythee: Still enjoying this. Calm down Marsh. Lol
  1838. bipolarbrony: shit, my internet actually went down there for a minute
  1839. Marsh: MUST KILL!
  1840. Scootles: CRITICISM = BAED
  1842. Marsh: anyway
  1843. Scootles:
  1844. Marsh: heh
  1846. NeuKatalYst: high pass ftw
  1847. Marsh: it's like, happy hardcore.
  1848. TinDragon: I think I've lost IQ from hanging out in here too long
  1849. Marsh: Where there's too much shit going on
  1850. but it's so much better
  1851. VINXIS: woah
  1852. Scootles: GAME OVER YEAAAH
  1853. phaux: bitcrushed
  1854. VINXIS: FOOZ
  1855. O SHET
  1856. Scootles: SGaP
  1857. Selim: fuck yes
  1858. Mythee: Oh nice, way nice
  1859. Scootles: Instant love
  1861. Marsh: ???
  1862. Sonarch: swag
  1863. phaux: INB4 CRAZY BREAKS
  1864. Flaedr: This song
  1865. VINXIS: ^
  1866. Scootles: Wait
  1867. Flaedr: Needs to be finished
  1868. NEEDS
  1869. Scootles: Fooz said he wasn't done with this, right?
  1870. Sonarch: yea
  1871. TheLonging: yeah
  1872. Marsh: Fixing SGaP? HOW DO!?
  1873. Scootles: Awesome.
  1874. Flaedr: Like this Marsh
  1875. TinDragon: The title itself says it
  1876. Flaedr: Like this
  1877. VINXIS: such a small remix
  1878. and mine's after
  1879. crap
  1880. TinDragon: YEAH VINX
  1881. VINXIS: ono
  1882. TinDragon: WOOHOO
  1883. Mythee: Need to download
  1884. Doop
  1885. Scootles: PepperBrony is most delicious pone
  1886. hottoast16: oh crap vinx!! you're next!!
  1887. VINXIS: >ded
  1888. Selim: no pressure
  1889. phaux: >1:21
  1890. TinDragon: Everyone get ready to trashtalk it
  1891. RhymeFlow: be strong.
  1892. Pyro25100: Wow, I actually managed to listen to some of the sync today.
  1893. Scootles: I'm preparing my hate boner
  1894. phaux: WHERES DROP
  1895. VINXIS: atleast it's 500x better than my troll entry
  1896. TinDragon: Ohai Pyro
  1897. phaux: FOOZ IM DISSAPPOINT
  1898. Pyro25100: Hall there
  1899. bipolarbrony: hay pyro
  1900. ScootaLewis: hello
  1901. VINXIS: inb4 deeeeed
  1902. Scootles: oh hai snare
  1903. NeuKatalYst: Serial makes good music - i met him on a facebook group before i knew he made music.
  1904. VINXIS: lol
  1905. my drums
  1906. Scootles: Should we ship you two?
  1907. Sonarch: this is sexy
  1908. Scootles: BECAUSE I'LL DO IT.
  1910. VINXIS: and the left ear triangle
  1911. Sonarch: he be cre
  1912. TinDragon: Do eet
  1913. VINXIS: >clip
  1914. Applejinx: I can see how you thought this was your serious one, Vinxis!
  1915. VINXIS: lol
  1916. NeuKatalYst: Scootles, no, but i'd love it if you ship my OC with Sweetie Belle. would you?
  1917. bipolarbrony: Crazy eddie
  1918. NeuKatalYst: lol
  1919. Scootles: Ew
  1920. Sonarch: lolololol
  1921. Scootles: ur going 2 jail
  1922. I'm tell the CIA
  1923. Marsh: Can understand words....
  1924. Sonarch: this is so fast
  1925. Marsh: can't*
  1926. Scootles: The fuck just happened
  1927. VINXIS: lol
  1928. Scootles: I think there were words
  1929. TinDragon: Not a fan of the rap part
  1930. RhymeFlow: hahahah
  1931. NeuKatalYst: i AM the CIA. well, actually, i'm just military intel, but i'm still gvt employed.
  1932. Sonarch: I need to know what the original sounds like though
  1933. thats cool neu
  1934. VINXIS: this drop... ugh
  1935. TinDragon: Neu, you too?
  1936. NeuKatalYst: yup.
  1937. Scootles: It's not really a drop.
  1938. Marsh: Neu, I thought we were gonna figth, but I realized I ponly ship with Sweetie Bot.
  1939. VINXIS: I tried lel
  1940. Scootles: There was nothing leading up to it.
  1941. Sonarch: I downloaded the torrent for the entire remix war already
  1942. TinDragon: Which branch are you in/do you work with?
  1943. Scootles: No build-up. It's just...HAPPENING.
  1944. Ducks: Well aren't you cool
  1945. NeuKatalYst: sonarch, did you download the fixed torrent?
  1946. or the old one?
  1947. Ducks: This is cool, yo
  1948. Marsh: NO FOREPLAY
  1949. Sonarch: Uh, I dunno
  1950. Marsh: NO INTERCOURSE
  1951. JUST SEMEN
  1952. Ducks: Ohman, those drum
  1953. Sonarch: I wasnt aware that there was a broken one
  1954. Ducks: s
  1955. VINXIS: Whoever made the instrumental for this was so bad at this
  1956. Sonarch: I saw it on the remix war thread
  1957. scibot9000: they're pretty close to the same, save for one missing file and one mistag
  1958. Scootles: NK's music is absent from the old torrent
  1959. Marsh: Yeah, the new torrent will have corrected tags and more songs
  1960. Sonarch: where is the new one?
  1961. Scootles: My butt.
  1962. Marsh: Toastbeard page
  1964. scibot9000: no the TB page still has the old torrent listed <_<
  1965. Sonarch: aight, brb, getting that
  1966. Cheeriloo: What does everyone use for their music? o3o
  1967. Sonarch: oh
  1968. Marsh: Is this song supposed to be the afterglow?
  1969. Oh, sry.
  1970. Scootles: Vinxy
  1971. VINXIS: The instrumental sucks so bad ugh I'm going to kill the person who made the instrumental remix
  1972. Scootles: What is even with this song
  1973. It can't decide what it wants to do
  1974. VINXIS: lel
  1975. Scootles: I mean
  1976. It's not bad
  1977. Ducks: The vocals kinda suck
  1978. scibot9000:
  1979. Scootles: Just confusing as all fuck
  1980. VINXIS: ino
  1981. Ducks: The synthwork is rad
  1982. VeganCheesecake: That's what I thought. It's a bunch of everything.
  1983. Marsh: Horse Semen
  1984. Sonarch: Thank you sci
  1985. bipolarbrony: FUCK DA POLICE
  1986. VeganCheesecake: Can't you get Mediafire downloads up? :\
  1987. ScootaLewis: is that voice Rhyme Flow?
  1988. Sonarch: :no:
  1989. NeuKatalYst: is that my name i see down there? :/
  1990. RhymeFlow: yes.
  1991. phaux: too much reeverb
  1992. Quix: yes
  1994. Quix: I agree on the reverb
  1995. VINXIS: lel hi-hats
  1996. Marsh: @VeganCheesecake: that would be a HUGE file
  1997. Sonarch: hawt
  1998. Marsh: Lol, VIXNIS
  1999. Sonarch: it would take, like, over 12 seconds to download
  2000. VeganCheesecake: 4 parts, silly.
  2001. Marsh: For all of these songs?
  2002. Scootles: thanks for the link, Sci.
  2003. Marsh: It would take longer than four seconds.
  2004. VINXIS: o shit... I just realised I accidentlyautomated the low EQ
  2005. Scootles: Downloading all of the Internets now.
  2006. Marsh: It would take like, several hours
  2007. VeganCheesecake: Or 8. Or whatever.
  2008. scibot9000: ok /now/ the TB page has the updated torrent
  2009. Pyro25100: Not bad.
  2010. VINXIS: I like my drums though
  2011. and the vocals
  2012. VeganCheesecake: I can't torrent. That's why I ask.
  2013. Sonarch: i liek them too
  2014. VINXIS: everything else suckz
  2015. Marsh: what is the song
  2016. Scootles: Vinxy
  2017. Stop that
  2018. Marsh: How uch did you change?
  2019. VINXIS: I changes
  2020. scibot9000: neu's song and bartekko's remix of zorg's song
  2021. Marsh: also, yeah, the reverb was too much
  2022. RhymeFlow: /agreed
  2023. / agreed
  2024. VINXIS: lel
  2025. Marsh: Sci: all was that was in regards to the song
  2026. VINXIS: I'm going to stop effing around with vocals now
  2027. Scootles: Sexy bass
  2028. Cheeriloo: ^
  2029. scibot9000: oh ok sorry (split attention herp derp)
  2030. Marsh: Discord's TV
  2031. Scootles: SLAPPA DA BASS, MAN
  2032. Sonarch: dat tv
  2033. NeuKatalYst: Acid bass ftw
  2034. Scootles: Oh god
  2035. Reverb making me do things
  2036. Pyro25100: WHoa
  2037. Marsh: lol
  2038. Sonarch: that was hot
  2039. Cheeriloo: Me likey
  2040. Marsh: "IT'S SHOW TIME"
  2041. >it's not showtime
  2042. Sonarch came
  2044. Sonarch: LOLOL
  2046. Marsh: "Ahahahaha, Seems Legit!"
  2047. Sonarch: THAT'S GREAT
  2048. Cheeriloo: >I CAAME
  2049. As people always shout
  2050. Scootles: Bird semen
  2051. Bird semen everywhere
  2052. Cheeriloo does this looks like Palcomix to you?
  2053. Marsh: lol
  2054. Cheeriloo: These vocals are indeed very sexy
  2055. Scootles: Fuck.
  2056. Pyro25100: This would work well as a final boss theme.
  2057. Scootles: Sexy bass is back again.
  2058. Marsh: I was surprised the Chocolate Rain bit didn't end up making more "Shitstorm" memes
  2059. Scootles: SHITSTORM'S A-BREWIN
  2060. bipolarbrony: i agree, pyro
  2061. Pyro25100: Man, I'm loving what was done with the vocals.
  2062. Mythee: So much deliciously rendered malice
  2063. Cheeriloo: Agreed so much
  2064. Marsh: I think it may be orignal vocals
  2065. Scootles: o wow
  2066. Cheeriloo: I think so too
  2067. Mythee: Yeah it sounds so much more intense than in the show
  2068. Scootles: Just realized my comp volume was lowered
  2069. herr
  2070. Mythee: And there are original lines
  2071. Scootles: >sub
  2072. >sub
  2073. >sub
  2074. Marsh: Hay, ducks!
  2075. Ducks: Quack
  2076. VeganCheesecake: Lel.
  2077. Scootles: Arf.
  2078. Mythee: DUCK
  2079. bipolarbrony: quack
  2080. VeganCheesecake: Look what's next.
  2081. hottoast16: anyone else synchtube crash?
  2082. Pyro25100: >7 minutes
  2083. This has to be awesome
  2084. Cheeriloo: Calmness
  2085. Mythee: Rubber duckie, you're the one~
  2086. bipolarbrony: LOL
  2087. Ducks: I know I am~
  2088. Drake: how did i get here?
  2089. Marsh: what did the text say?
  2090. Ducks: The title
  2091. Marsh: oh, okay
  2092. I thought there was a thing that flashed on the screen
  2093. Ducks: Nah
  2094. Actual words
  2095. Marsh: So is this your OC, mallard?
  2096. Cheeriloo: Sounds like Luna cut scene music for a game like Kingdom Hearts
  2097. Marsh: Cheeriloo, why are you not chirrilee
  2098. Mythee: Ducks has an OC?
  2099. Ducks: I do
  2100. It's not the duck though
  2101. Marsh: pictured left
  2102. oh.
  2103. Ducks: My friend drew it, and I promised I'd use it for my first youtube vid
  2104. Sonarch: lol nice
  2105. Mythee: Excellent friend.
  2106. It's cute.
  2107. Cheeriloo: Idk Marsh, because I am a Scoots fan aswell as Cheerilee
  2108. Marsh: Oh Sceetilee!
  2109. Ducks:
  2110. Scootles: Suddenly, quacks
  2111. Ducks: That's my OC
  2112. Flaedr: 12 more until mine
  2113. Marsh: lol, yeah, quacks
  2114. Cheeriloo: It now sounds like some bouncy Pinkie music
  2115. Marsh: I'm not sure I'd call it bouncy
  2116. Scootles: Sounds like an old IBM processor.
  2117. Marsh: GOD
  2119. I'm a pansy
  2120. Flaedr: They were removed from Youtube
  2121. Ducks: We already intermissioned
  2122. Marsh: y?
  2123. y y y
  2124. Scootles: >not just bringing a bedpan and a gallon of water
  2125. scibot9000: iirc side B was updated for yesterdays sync
  2126. and the old side b video was deleted
  2127. so that's what we saw
  2128. Marsh: I guess I mean
  2129. Scootles: oh man
  2130. Are you guys ready
  2131. Marsh: Why did we only hae one intermission
  2132. but w/e
  2133. Scootles: For a RAINBOW FACTORY REMIX?
  2134. Mythee: Never ready.
  2135. Marsh: IS IT THE POLKA VERSION!?
  2136. Cheeriloo: YUS
  2137. I am ready
  2138. Scootles: OH MAN
  2140. Pyro25100: Rainbow factory HAS to be the most remixed song in the community.
  2141. Scootles: I dunno, Pyro.
  2142. Mythee: I think the official songs are most remixed
  2143. Marsh: peraps
  2144. Scootles: I think you underestimate the amount of people who have remixed For The New Lunar Republic.
  2145. Marsh: Maybe we should just do a remix of it too
  2146. just to be SURE.
  2147. VeganCheesecake: Shadow Of A Flower
  2148. Scootles: I have at LEAST fifteen different versions of the song in my Ponybeat playlist.
  2149. NeuKatalYst: lol ads
  2150. Marsh: EW NO
  2151. Mythee: This is unexpected... o-o
  2152. Marsh: SHADOW OF A FLOWER
  2153. bipolarbrony: do not like
  2154. Pyro25100: Ehh...
  2155. TinDragon: What's been remixed more, BHG or Rainbow Factory?
  2156. Scootles: Oh god
  2157. TinDragon: Or at this point you could probably add Still Shy to that
  2158. Marsh: Rainbow Factory
  2159. VeganCheesecake: Could be worse.
  2160. Scootles: Don't make me guess
  2161. Pyro25100: Well...
  2162. Cheeriloo: WHERE ARE THE VOCALS
  2163. Marsh: Everyone saw Beyond Her Tomb and pretty much died off from remxixing BHG
  2164. Ducks: Fuck vocals
  2165. TinDragon: Also why is this image so cheery
  2166. Flaedr: Whoa
  2167. Scootles: WHAT THE FUCK
  2168. Flaedr: What
  2169. NeuKatalYst: and then suddenly.
  2170. Flaedr: aaaaaa
  2171. Scared me
  2172. bipolarbrony: WHAT JUST HAPPENED
  2173. Marsh: Then, dubstep
  2174. Scootles: NOPE NOPE NOPE
  2175. Pyro25100: Whoa
  2176. What
  2177. Marsh: Living Tombstone invented dubstep
  2178. btw
  2179. Scootles: This is tru
  2180. TheLonging: yup
  2181. Pyro25100: lolwut
  2182. TinDragon: ^ fact
  2183. Flounderick: A wild drop appeared!
  2184. Marsh: so this is just a homage to him
  2185. Scootles: In a cave
  2186. with a box of scraps
  2187. bipolarbrony: lol
  2188. FLAOFEI: Trollstep?
  2189. Marsh: What-- DUBSTEP!?
  2191. Drake: wild dropp used Basscannon, its supereffective
  2192. Marsh: [/PDP]
  2193. Pyro25100: Or perhaps this person doesn't have much musical experience.
  2194. Marsh: ^
  2195. bipolarbrony: my speakers can not take this kind of abuse
  2196. Cheeriloo: I see a Jackleapp remix next, hmm...
  2197. Pyro25100: In which case, this is where we help out and give advice.
  2198. Scootles: Fucking Skrillstep.
  2200. Flounderick: pony used volume control! drop is now confused!
  2201. Scootles: True, Pyro.
  2202. Marsh: Yeah...
  2203. Scootles: First advice: pls go.
  2204. Marsh: lol
  2205. Pyro25100: Although, I myself know little to nothing about dubstep lol
  2206. Drake: i liked this song
  2207. TinDragon: I kinda liked it actually
  2208. Marsh: No. Advice is: separate your genres and make them overlap nicely.
  2209. Mythee: o-o; I think it would have been better to speed up the melody but I kind of liked it too anyways
  2210. Cheeriloo: OOH
  2211. Scootles: People are allowed to like bad things.
  2212. FLAOFEI: Your good at trollstep man, keep it up
  2213. NeuKatalYst: DAT DELAY :d
  2214. Cheeriloo: Sounds good alreadyD
  2215. bipolarbrony: hmm, liking dis
  2216. Drake: chiptune? yes!
  2217. Scootles: God, I don't think I EVER listened to Spring in its entirety
  2218. OH GOD
  2219. TWO-STEP
  2221. Pyro25100: Spring seems like such a remixable song.
  2222. Mythee: This is fantasutisukuru
  2223. Cheeriloo: Yus
  2224. Marsh: I am in love with the high synth and it's line
  2225. Scootles: Sounds very Foozy
  2226. I'm k with this
  2227. Cheeriloo:
  2228. Marsh: also, I will say, this is panning done well.
  2229. I I can never figure out how to do panning like this.
  2230. Pyro25100: I actually disliked the original song when I first heard it. Not sure why. It's such an amazing song.
  2231. Marsh: eh
  2232. It's cheezy
  2233. Ducks: weird
  2234. Scootles: Because 2deep4u
  2235. Pyro25100: Probably why lol
  2236. Ducks: you're chhezy
  2237. Marsh: And imp didn't make much sense in the storyline
  2238. *imo
  2239. idk
  2240. Ducks: What storyline?
  2241. Marsh: it could have been done better.
  2242. Nothing.
  2243. Ducks: You mean the whole album?
  2244. Cheeriloo: So beautiful
  2245. Marsh: Like this-- this is very sharp and pointy
  2246. Ducks: I don't think it was a concept album
  2247. Marsh: Crisp
  2248. I wanted it to be more crisp
  2249. Scootles: tl;dr: Jackle App's OC will have sex with anything that moves.
  2250. Pyro25100: lolhwat
  2251. Drake: the more you know
  2252. NeuKatalYst: and i'm back - adobe crashed. lul
  2253. Marsh: Griffon Metropolis was from the POV of one character.
  2254. i mean
  2255. Griffon... Village?
  2256. GM is a totally differnt song
  2257. Scootles: Yeah that.
  2258. Pyro25100: Yeah lol
  2259. Scootles: Playing off of "Owl City."
  2260. Marsh: I like Griffon Metropolis better than Winter from GV
  2261. JackleApp also wrote GM
  2262. Pyro25100: I find it funny how most people could never figure that out lol
  2263. ScootaLewis: Griffon Metropolis is okay
  2264. Marsh: so.
  2265. Drake: i like Autumn
  2266. Scootles: I love Tsyolin's remix of Winter.
  2267. ScootaLewis: I like Autumn, then Summer, then GM, then I've never really heard the other 2.
  2268. Mythee: This person knew where they wanted to go with their remix. Good consistency I should register to start upvoting things
  2270. Scootles: AA's as well. God, that's when AA was first getting big.
  2271. Ducks: I like Silva's Winter mix
  2272. ScootaLewis: Cherax did a great remix of Summer.
  2273. Ducks: That's really it
  2274. Pyro25100: This was a good remix.
  2275. Marsh: eh, winter.
  2276. Scootles: This was fantastic.
  2277. bipolarbrony: most excellent
  2278. Scootles: >subbed
  2279. Cheeriloo: I'm amazed I haven't seen any Picture Perfect Pony remixes yet, I'll be glad to hear one if its good
  2280. Marsh: actually, the stuff I said before-- i don't know anymore
  2281. Pyro25100: Ooooh, nettohunden
  2282. Marsh: I remember liking it, now.
  2283. ,___,
  2284. Scootles: I'm actually excited for this.
  2285. Marsh: @Cheeriloo: Tell SGaP to do one
  2286. Pyro25100: Dis gun b gud
  2287. Scootles: The entire "Operation: Icky" album was great.
  2288. Marsh: it would be epic.
  2289. Drake: where his netto-hunden from?
  2290. Scootles: Don't make me say "my butt."
  2291. Pyro25100: lol
  2292. Scootles: OH HEY GUYS LOOK
  2294. GUYS
  2295. GO WILD
  2296. Pyro25100: ORLY
  2297. Flaedr: It's green
  2298. Marsh: I could rap over this
  2299. Drake: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2300. bipolarbrony: OMG MOAR COLOR CHANGING
  2301. Flaedr: COLOR CHANGE
  2302. Marsh throws hooves up
  2303. Flaedr: IS THE BEST PART
  2304. Marsh: BLAAAAH
  2305. Pyro25100: OHSHET
  2306. Drake: IZ LIK SO 3PIIIIIIIIIIIIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2307. Scootles: 2green
  2308. Pyro25100: 2green4u
  2309. bipolarbrony: i am vaguely reminded of deadmau5
  2310. Selim: ^
  2311. Cheeriloo: ^
  2312. Pyro25100: I love this very much
  2313. Scootles: Maybe in the BEAT, but not in the content.
  2314. bipolarbrony: LOOK LOOK NOW ITS BLUE
  2315. Marsh: Well, Silva
  2316. Scootles: OH GOD SO BLUE
  2317. Marsh: But it really shouldn't have been dubstepp, I think.
  2318. Pyro25100: OH MAN
  2319. Scootles: Well Marsh, if you took out them wubs, you'd be left with something that sounded almost identical to the original song.
  2320. Pyro25100: I much prefer the original version of this song. Simply for dat piano
  2321. Scootles: Needs orchestral breakdown.
  2322. And some free-form jazz drumming
  2323. Marsh: @Scooties: Sounds good.
  2324. LEt's do that
  2325. Cheeriloo: Reminds me somewhat of PewDie's brostep stuff
  2326. Marsh: I mean about the -wub
  2327. A guy in the IRC says it should be electro
  2328. Scootles: o u, Marsh.
  2329. Marsh: would have been epic electro
  2330. Scootles: Agreed.
  2331. Flounderick: holy pink
  2332. Scootles: >IRC
  2333. god, it's been forever since I IRC'd.
  2334. Marsh: We're trying to get him to remix it in Electro
  2336. Scootles: BUT
  2337. Marsh: it's better than this chat...
  2338. FloatingIsle: OMG SOOOO RED
  2339. Scootles: I HAVE NINE TABS OPEN MAN
  2340. Flounderick: crap im next
  2341. Marsh: eh, kk
  2342. Pyro25100: And after this sync, we'll all never speak to one another again. Except for the people who know each other lol
  2343. Scootles: I'm seriously overclocking my computer with all the shit running right now.
  2344. Mythee: More constructive critique in the IRC chat?
  2345. Cheeriloo: Not a big fan of rock
  2346. Marsh: lolololololol
  2347. Selim: vocals a little scetchy
  2348. Marsh: Harder criticism in there
  2349. YEAH
  2350. Scootles: So...Flounderick, what exactly did you have to do with this?
  2351. Marsh: YEAH
  2352. Scootles: Oh man, I DO love me some harsh criticism.
  2353. Marsh: this is great, except the vocals need odifferent
  2354. Flounderick: I made the instrumental
  2355. NeuKatalYst: the vox need more...edge.
  2356. Scootles: It reminds me a LOT of Goldfinger.
  2357. Marsh: Okay
  2358. Flounderick
  2359. You win
  2360. Pyro25100: I once thought of ponified vocals for Fireflies.
  2361. Except they were really dark lol
  2362. Marsh: Give stems, I'll vocode the vocals and stick them back in here
  2363. Just vocode them with a saw to make them sharper
  2364. Scootles: Ha
  2365. Cheeriloo: Why is there a Braeburn recolour
  2366. Marsh: BECASE OC
  2368. Pyro25100: Because... yeah, that lol
  2369. Marsh: LOOK AT Rainbow Dash
  2370. GAH
  2371. Scootles: THAT'S NOT Rainbow Dash
  2372. Marsh: yes, it is
  2373. Pyro25100: Oh shit, it said ponified.
  2374. Cheeriloo: My OC isn't even a recolour, so do I win?
  2376. Marsh: XD
  2377. Blootaloo?
  2378. FloatingIsle: I'm confused
  2379. Pyro25100: Kinda like the thing with "original" sonic characters lol
  2380. Marsh: Woo!
  2381. This could be cool
  2382. like, this is really close!~
  2383. XD
  2384. Pyro25100: Now 2 people singing.
  2385. That was k
  2386. Selim: I wonder what f3nnings gunna do with this...
  2387. Cheeriloo: AH A HUMAN-ISH PICTURE
  2388. Scootles: Oh god yes.
  2389. Cheeriloo: WITCHCRAFT
  2390. Flaedr: Knowing him
  2391. Scootles: This actually isn't bad at all.
  2392. Flaedr: Something amoral
  2393. Scootles: I heard it already.
  2394. Pyro25100: Is a re"fix". Hoh, how clevar.
  2395. NeuKatalYst: those hats.
  2396. Mythee: Need to leave
  2398. Marsh: F3nning nees to spend less time trying on hats
  2399. Pyro25100: Oh damn
  2400. Mythee: Nooo this song is too good to miss :C
  2401. Marsh: And more time praying.
  2402. Scootles: F3nning needs to learn how to master.
  2403. Badly.
  2404. Because his music is fuck-mazing.
  2405. Selim: that percussive sound's a bit overpowering...
  2406. Pyro25100: I fucking love this right now.
  2407. Scootles: But there's no power to the kicks.
  2408. Pyro25100: Needs moar layers
  2409. Flaedr: >F3nning
  2410. >Amazing music
  2411. wut
  2412. Pyro25100: Total deja-vu lol
  2413. bipolarbrony: too good
  2414. Pyro25100: I love this so much
  2415. Marsh: Yeah, f3 actually does some cool stuff.
  2416. I did, in fact, love Gala.
  2417. ..most of it
  2418. I was kind of put off that he had four remixes of Fluttershy and none of the others
  2419. Pyro25100: Holy shit
  2420. Flaedr: F3nning linked WiP's of Gala like
  2421. Marsh: And Twilight Sparklewas a letdown.
  2422. Flaedr: 595406 times
  2423. Marsh: YES, BUT I BITCH-LEFT
  2425. Pyro25100: Excuse me while I eargasm
  2426. Flaedr: Marsh
  2427. Well
  2428. Quix: I didn't like Gala very much honestly
  2429. But I love a lot of his music
  2430. Flaedr: I should probably not tell you this here
  2431. Scootles: Marsh
  2432. Send me IRC link.
  2433. Marsh:
  2434. Also on the TB page
  2435. Cheeriloo: Ooh Interrobang Pie remix next
  2436. Marsh: Flaedr: You can send it to my on skype if you want
  2437. idc
  2438. Pyro25100: That was fantastic
  2439. Selim: *standing ovation*
  2440. TinDragon: Think that's my favorite for today
  2441. Pyro25100: Seriously
  2442. What dis
  2443. Flaedr: Oh man
  2444. Almost to mine
  2445. Cheeriloo: My favorite so far was the Spring remix with dat chiptune
  2446. bipolarbrony: ^
  2447. Pyro25100: So earthbound-ish
  2448. Marsh: Oy, Flaedr, should I check skype later for your message?
  2449. Ducks: This is hawt
  2450. Scootles: Shit's 2smoooooooth
  2451. Marsh: I could see some good ol' MC rap on this
  2452. Cheeriloo: This song is... err..
  2453. penny: i like it
  2454. Ducks: u wot m
  2455. 8
  2456. muaedfskdfj
  2457. Pyro25100: lol
  2458. Selim: 3D?
  2459. bipolarbrony: ...
  2460. Cheeriloo: I'm liking this pictur and song already
  2461. *picture
  2462. penny: #swag
  2463. TinDragon: Sunglasses are best pony
  2464. Marsh: eh, okay
  2465. Hey, Shadow Dash!
  2466. FINALLY!
  2467. Pyro25100: #TeacherSWAG
  2468. Marsh: I don't see youaroudn muxh!
  2469. Cheeriloo: YES VOCALS
  2470. ScootaLewis: ewno
  2471. Cheeriloo:
  2472. Marsh: fucking lag
  2473. bipolarbrony: isn't much of a remix
  2474. Pyro25100: It fits its title, though.
  2475. bipolarbrony: yes, it does
  2476. Marsh: Rick Cheerilee?
  2477. Cherrilee Astley
  2478. Cheerilastley
  2479. Cheerstley
  2480. Cheeriloo: Cheerilee boss battle music if it didn't have vocals
  2481. Marsh: Rickiless
  2482. Pyro25100: Lol, Cheerilee boss battle.
  2483. Marsh: ^
  2484. Cheeriloo: Because she's nice so it doesn't have to be all mean-like
  2485. Marsh: ...
  2486. Ducks: The boss battle is a calculus tst
  2487. Pyro25100: Then why she fighting?
  2488. Ducks: test
  2489. Marsh: The final boss is...
  2490. HOMEWORK!:QERGerhsrhs\
  2491. Sonarch: lol
  2492. Cheeriloo: Its a final exam?
  2493. Pyro25100: NO. NOT HOMEWORK
  2494. Marsh: Boss battle is against your hot-for-teacher horse-erection?
  2495. Pyro25100: ogawd
  2496. Selim: wow
  2497. NeuKatalYst: pyro, i'd win that battle before it even starts.
  2498. bipolarbrony: wat
  2499. Marsh: The BG is homework
  2500. Scootles: This song accomplished absolutely nothing.
  2501. Wow.
  2502. Marsh: lol
  2503. Shut up Scoo. It was a genre-fuck
  2504. Just a little bit
  2505. Scootles: No.
  2506. Marsh: Hey, Cherax...
  2507. Scootles: Stop that, Marsh.
  2508. Marsh: yeaaah.
  2509. Flaedr: dat snap
  2510. NeuKatalYst: hip hop snares and claps and fingersnaps.
  2511. Cheeriloo: I no like
  2512. Sonarch: I can dig it
  2513. NeuKatalYst: this is some cool trip hop.
  2514. VINXIS: o shet bache
  2515. Flaedr: 5 more until mine
  2516. Oh mang
  2517. VINXIS: Cherax '3'
  2518. Pyro25100: Cherax is fixing a friendship according to that title. Must not have been a good friendship lol
  2519. Sonarch: hah
  2520. VINXIS: lolololo
  2521. Derp:
  2522. VINXIS: What if I changed my name to Bronies Suck and be like hai guiiiiise
  2523. Pyro25100: Do et
  2524. NeuKatalYst: then you would be just like the "what" guy that was here yesterday.
  2525. VINXIS: lolo
  2526. Cheeriloo:
  2527. JackShine: inb4 flaedr's entry is a troll to finish the RW5 ><
  2528. VINXIS: lolno
  2529. Flaedr: I wish
  2530. Marsh: Mmmm..
  2531. NeuKatalYst: hey, a Neu KatalYst remix is up next.
  2532. Marsh: My horseboner for this song.
  2533. Flaedr: I started mine the day before it was due though
  2534. If that counts for anything
  2535. JackShine: ><
  2536. Cheeriloo: Sound like me during homework
  2537. JackShine: I wish I could make my shit that fast lol
  2538. Sonarch: doing hw right now
  2539. Cheeriloo: "I'll have enough time"
  2540. >Ponies and Doctor Who later
  2541. Flaedr: Then you go
  2542. JackShine: I spent prolly 3 weeks on mine, and still didnt finish due to hurricane and stuff
  2543. Cheeriloo: "FUUU-"
  2545. VINXIS: sooooo goooooooooooooood
  2546. JackShine: so I'm just submitting mine to toastbeard when I finish it lol
  2547. Scootles: Everything but the opening two minutes of vocals was great.
  2548. Marsh: Even that wasn't bad
  2549. Flaedr: 4 more until mine
  2550. Oh god
  2551. Marsh: Knowing Cherax, he starts slow and builds up
  2552. NeuKatalYst: lul, someone's fixing me.
  2553. Scootles: Wat
  2554. Marsh: YOU'RE BROKEN
  2555. Flaedr:
  2556. Cheeriloo: I must shower
  2557. Scootles: GET BETTER, NK.
  2558. GOD.
  2559. Flaedr: Also that's my wallpaper so far
  2560. Sonarch: I dig it
  2561. bipolarbrony: lets see
  2562. Marsh: Ah, I liked it better just on the black BG.
  2563. Cheeriloo: AH'LL BE BAHCK
  2564. bipolarbrony: looking good
  2565. Flaedr: Screw the black BG
  2566. Marsh: Flaedr, I'll nab the black BG one from you later, if you still have it?
  2567. Sonarch: GET TO THE CHOPPA
  2568. VINXIS: woah
  2569. Pyro25100: Hardstyle
  2570. VINXIS: wat is this
  2571. Marsh: no, srs, do you have the first one?
  2572. Flaedr: I think I'm going to get rid of that line around it though
  2573. Pyro25100: Oh shet
  2574. Flaedr:
  2575. VINXIS: >shet mang
  2576. Flaedr: There
  2577. VeganCheesecake: Weird hardstyle?
  2578. Scootles: Fuck, there's a name for this.
  2579. Marsh: Thanks! I'll just keep it open.
  2580. Scootles: I forget what it is.
  2581. Marsh: industrial?
  2582. Flaedr: Speedycakes
  2583. Marsh: It's almost industrial
  2584. Sonarch: penis
  2585. JackShine: it died?
  2586. Marsh: Horsecock
  2587. No, just pads.
  2588. Scootles: Yep.
  2589. Horsecock.
  2590. Flaedr: RIP SONG
  2591. Scootles: That's it.
  2592. Flaedr: 0:00 - 1:40
  2593. Marsh: DICKSTEP
  2594. Sonarch: Peniscore
  2595. Marsh: So hey, this isn't bad
  2596. This is cool
  2597. I like this
  2598. AHenrbsrth
  2600. Sonarch: Yeah, i like it
  2601. Pyro25100: Owat
  2602. NeuKatalYst: no, it's not bad at all.
  2603. Marsh: Fuck it's a good thing I'm sitting on my bed
  2604. Pyro25100: The creator of the original has spoken.
  2605. Marsh: because I'd have fallen out of my chair
  2606. Scootles: Ha
  2607. Flaedr: This is a bad one because if doesn't change colors
  2608. because it*
  2609. Pyro25100: That feel when no drums.
  2610. Marsh: I always have that feel
  2611. ;__;
  2612. I never have any drums either
  2613. It's twofold pain
  2614. Pyro25100: I can't make a song without percussion lol
  2615. Sonarch: I cant make a song
  2616. I need to learn
  2617. NeuKatalYst: lies, sonarch.
  2618. you CAN make a song.
  2619. Scootles: DON'T LIE TO THE BOY
  2620. Flaedr: aedjlfsdf;j
  2621. Pyro25100: What
  2622. ScootaLewis: I can't.
  2623. Flaedr: What the hell is that thing
  2624. It scares me
  2625. Sonarch: lol I just don't know ACID well enough to write a full song yet
  2626. ScootaLewis: I can do bad lyrics in a hurry, that's basically it.
  2627. Pyro25100: Is like "HARHLTK"
  2628. Sonarch: ScootaLewis you're good singer get out of here
  2630. Pyro25100: So simplisitc
  2631. ScootaLewis: You've heard me sing?
  2632. bipolarbrony: lol
  2633. Flaedr: Removed
  2634. lol
  2635. Cold: lovely
  2636. JackShine: bahhhhh
  2637. Evine: ahhh
  2638. Marsh: Whaaaat?!
  2639. StarsInAutumn: gone
  2640. bipolarbrony: vid removed
  2642. JackShine: removed
  2643. TinDragon: wat
  2644. JackShine: pansy
  2645. Flaedr: 2 more until mine then
  2646. Marsh: Damn it!
  2647. Sonarch: You linked me a clip of something in the irc once
  2648. Flaedr: Oh god
  2649. ScootaLewis: oh
  2650. Marsh: I wanted to see MORE Non-Still-Shy Metajoker!
  2651. Flaedr: And here comes Mr. Professional Mixing Engineer
  2652. hottoast16: why's it so loud?
  2653. Pyro25100: Goddamn biffering
  2654. *Buffering
  2655. Flaedr: It's loud
  2656. JackShine: its only loud cuz the last one was so soft ><
  2657. ScootaLewis: hottoast: because that's pro mixing
  2658. Scootles: HMage is my waifu
  2659. Flaedr: Because HMage is a professional audio engineer
  2660. Marsh: H MAAAAAAAAGE!
  2661. Flaedr: And he's used to mastering well
  2662. ScootaLewis: I'm not hearing any sax yet...
  2663. Marsh: ^
  2664. g
  2665. g
  2666. TinDragon: Where is Hmage?
  2667. Sonarch: I dont even know what mastering is
  2668. TinDragon: He's been in here like every day but today
  2669. Marsh: I can't even mix
  2670. God
  2671. Flaedr: Basically
  2672. Mastering is making a song as loud as possible
  2673. Pyro25100: I'm not very good at mixing lol
  2674. Flaedr: With it still sounding good
  2675. Sonarch: lol
  2676. ScootaLewis: +3 Masterwork Song
  2677. Scootles: Oh god.
  2678. Sonarch: i see
  2679. Marsh: Yes!
  2680. Pyro25100: RED=GOOD
  2681. Scootles: This song is a perfect counter-point to Lower The Moon.
  2682. Flaedr: CUZ RED MEANZ LOUWD
  2683. NeuKatalYst: i personally mix and master at the same time.
  2684. Sonarch: pffffff
  2685. XigneoN: This is Nexaka and NoTrinity remix that was removed here
  2686. Marsh: They put it back up?
  2687. XigneoN: he reuploaded yesterday but couldn't get it in the remix war in time
  2688. TinDragon: SiA should be able to add it in at the end of the playlist though
  2689. In theory anyway. Adding songs hasn't usually gone smoothly
  2690. Ducks: I don't think it counts though
  2691. If he remade it
  2692. Pyro25100: Time to be a dick. Hey Flaedr, your song is coming up here really soon.
  2693. Sonarch: lolyes
  2694. bipolarbrony: OLOLOLOL
  2695. Marsh: Not at the End
  2696. Flaedr Has to end us
  2697. Right after this song
  2698. StarsInAutumn: oops
  2699. CRAP
  2700. Pyro25100: THERE GOES THAT SONG
  2701. Scootles: >Dashie
  2702. Pyro25100: lol
  2703. Scootles: FUCK.
  2704. Flaedr: Uhhh
  2705. Selim: oh i thot it ended
  2706. Flaedr: k
  2708. Marsh: ^
  2709. XigneoN: ?
  2710. Pyro25100: LOLWHAT
  2711. Ducks: ....what are we doing
  2712. hottoast16: what's going on?
  2713. bipolarbrony: OH SHIT
  2714. JackShine: lol
  2715. StarsInAutumn: omffg IM SORRY
  2716. XigneoN: we got a troll here
  2717. Marsh: OH GOD
  2718. Sonarch: I was thinking that was an abrupt ending
  2719. TinDragon: I did mention 'in theory'
  2721. StarsInAutumn: it keeps... moving
  2722. Pyro25100: lol marsh
  2723. Scootles: FEAT. QUAD CITY DJS
  2724. Marsh: Needs a rap remix
  2725. *dubstep remix
  2726. and a rap cover
  2727. hottoast16: Stars in Autumn made a mistake. Everyone go unsubscribe him.
  2728. Pyro25100: Is 4:20 here guys. Hurr hur.
  2729. hottoast16: herp derp
  2730. Sonarch: lolol
  2731. StarsInAutumn added Nexaka and NoTrinity...
  2732. TinDragon: And now Derp is in charge
  2733. Scootles: SiA committed Sudoku
  2734. StarsInAutumn: yoink
  2735. okay
  2736. uh
  2737. XigneoN: yay, btw that song is amazing, had it on favourites a while back and got removed for some odd reason
  2739. TinDragon: Just don't try moving it
  2740. Marsh: OH HARSH
  2741. TinDragon: And you should probably also lock the playlist now
  2742. Scootles: Just don't touch anything
  2743. Pyro25100: Looks lime you're not last anymore, Flaedr.
  2744. Scootles: ANYTHING
  2745. Marsh: You took the endning spot away from Flaedr!
  2746. How mean!
  2747. StarsInAutumn: i ahte to butcher HMage's song here... it's amazing
  2748. Flaedr: Don't worry
  2749. I will be
  2750. Just play that last song before mine
  2751. StarsInAutumn: probably top 3 in all what I've heard from the war
  2752. Flaedr: Well HMage does music for a living
  2753. So it makes sense
  2754. Pyro25100: This was a good song despire the nonsense
  2755. Scootles: This sound reminds me of the OLD brony music scene.
  2756. XigneoN: nexaka deserves top 3
  2757. TinDragon: Logic
  2758. psh
  2759. JackShine: i agree with that scootles
  2760. TinDragon: Logic has no place here
  2761. Pyro25100: *despite
  2762. Scootles: >DASHIE
  2763. Marsh: aka, the good musicians were good, the other ones were variabley okay
  2764. Scootles: FUCKING.
  2765. FUCK.
  2766. Flaedr: Make sure to play that other song before mine SiA
  2767. I NEED to be last
  2768. It's necessary
  2769. Pyro25100: WOW, someone fixed nameless warning.
  2770. TinDragon: If he moves the song it's gonna break the sync again
  2771. StarsInAutumn: whaa
  2772. Marsh: no, just play the other one, then go back
  2773. Pyro25100: Hoh shet
  2774. JackShine: vocals need to be a little louder
  2775. Scootles: Oh hi Linkin Park
  2776. JackShine: but this is solid
  2777. bipolarbrony: Cant hear vocals
  2778. Inkpony: Linkin Park
  2779. Love it
  2780. Ducks: Louder vocals
  2781. Pyro25100: Lol, that's what I'm getting from it too
  2782. NeuKatalYst: omg, it is Linkin Park drums. huh.
  2783. XigneoN: reminds of my little dashie :*(
  2784. Scootles: Somewhere, Mike Shinoda just shivered.
  2785. NeuKatalYst: YOU DON'T SAY
  2786. Sonarch: I can tell the flow is smooth, but its quiet, like everyone is saying
  2787. Flaedr: lol
  2788. Inkpony: Is that Lulz? Because it sounds like him.
  2789. Pyro25100: lol
  2790. Selim: yep
  2791. Scootles: >getting any kind of emotional ride out of Dashie
  2792. NeuKatalYst: yes, it's lulz
  2793. Sonarch: it does
  2794. Scootles: Kill yourself pls
  2795. Cheeriloo: I have returned
  2796. Pyro25100: Brb, killing myself
  2797. TinDragon: Welcome back
  2798. Derp: hut hut hut hut hut
  2799. Ducks: wat
  2800. Pyro25100: So much Linkin Park.
  2801. Well
  2802. Flaedr: wubwubwub
  2803. Pyro25100: Not anymore lol
  2804. Selim: this just makes me wanna listen to the original
  2805. TinDragon: Suddenly wubs
  2806. Marsh: OFF KEY
  2807. NO
  2808. BAD
  2809. NeuKatalYst: this was good, and then off-key wubs.
  2810. :/
  2811. Marsh: RAAAAGE
  2813. Flaedr: Seaponyrage
  2814. Marsh: ikujerzdoiwle,dsj
  2815. dustint96: so close
  2816. VeganCheesecake: That dissonance.
  2817. Pyro25100: Or maybe they're on key, and the rest of the song is off key
  2818. Sonarch: lol
  2819. Pyro25100: HO MAN
  2820. Marsh: Either way
  2821. I'd even be okay with changing the song to a minor key or something
  2822. Pyro25100: lol yeah
  2823. Marsh: to make the qubs work
  2824. ScootaLewis: Anyways, re song: NO SIR, I DON'T LIKE IT.
  2825. Selim: wow darx really pooped on this awesome song
  2826. Marsh: but jesus chriwst
  2827. Cheeriloo: How is Dashie not awake from off-key wubs
  2828. Flaedr: OK
  2830. Flaedr: SiA needs to make sure
  2831. Scootles: Because Dashie is dead.
  2832. Marsh: ^
  2833. Flaedr: I'm the last one
  2834. bipolarbrony: dont really like this song
  2835. Marsh: I was about to say that
  2836. L37pony: meh
  2837. Pyro25100: Woulda been cooler if it just remained Linkin Park-esque
  2838. Sonarch: hah he fixed it
  2839. Flaedr: OK
  2840. YES
  2841. GOOD
  2842. Sonarch: what a nice guy
  2843. XigneoN: NEXAKA WOOOOT
  2844. Flaedr: Thank you SiA
  2845. Marsh: yeaaah
  2846. StarsInAutumn: yeah
  2847. Flaedr:
  2848. Marsh: Woot, gj Stars!
  2849. SHOW ME HOW
  2850. YOU PONY
  2851. Pyro25100: Dis is noice.
  2852. Flaedr: Nice Slant in the middle
  2853. lolfonts
  2854. StarsInAutumn: that's what Nexaka gets for taking down his video >:)
  2855. bipolarbrony: liking so far...
  2856. Ducks: lol Flaedr
  2857. VeganCheesecake: LALALALALALA
  2858. StarsInAutumn: he doesn't get last
  2859. Flaedr: Actually this is all Slant
  2860. VeganCheesecake: lol
  2861. Flaedr: I get last
  2862. Marsh: Just me or really quiet
  2863. Pyro25100: Dem quiet vocals
  2864. Marsh: /??
  2865. Flaedr: Because I'm a profressional
  2866. Obviously
  2867. Selim finds this quite enjoyable
  2868. N: pro-fresh-inal
  2869. Flaedr: You can tell how professional I am by how I misspell professional
  2870. bipolarbrony: wait, there are vocals? i cant hear them
  2871. Pyro25100: It has yet to reach max awesomitude.
  2872. Flaedr: Man
  2873. If only my remix was a troll
  2874. Pyro25100: No. That would suck
  2875. Flaedr: That would be hilarious*
  2876. Selim: ^
  2877. TinDragon: I might have to inflict violence on you
  2878. Marsh: okay, that part at the start of the chorus was fucking wicked
  2879. TinDragon: If that had happened
  2880. Flaedr: Someone should have remixed Skrillex
  2881. Marsh: I'm really likeing the dropped parts
  2882. this is badass
  2883. L37pony: Needs more vocal volume
  2884. Scootles: Whoa
  2885. Did...
  2886. Marsh: I can't understand the words mostly
  2887. Pyro25100: This is pretty good. Just, the vocals need moar red.
  2888. Scootles: Did he just sample
  2889. fucking Time Is Running Out?
  2891. Marsh: but idfk because this is awesome
  2892. who did "time is running out"?
  2893. TinDragon: Video needs more color change
  2894. Flaedr: Omnipony
  2895. And yes
  2896. Marsh: ah, kk
  2897. Flaedr: It doese need more color change
  2898. does*
  2899. Selim: ^
  2900. TinDragon: Flae
  2901. Pyro25100: And in this RW, no one fixed Omnipony.
  2902. bipolarbrony: all songs need moar color change
  2903. TinDragon: I hope your video has a fuckton of color change
  2905. Ducks: That's because Omni is perfect
  2906. Pyro25100: lol
  2907. Yes
  2908. Marsh: Wait, so he DID sample Omnipony?
  2909. Sonarch: Yeah. Omni rocks
  2910. TinDragon: Omni complains too much about random stuff
  2911. Selim: Omni seems a little hard to remix
  2912. Pyro25100: His songs would be hard as hell to remix.
  2913. TinDragon: So I stopped listening to him
  2914. Scootles: WHOA JESUS
  2917. Flaedr: Well
  2918. Here we gooooo
  2919. Pyro25100: What does he complain about? lol
  2920. Marsh: Uh, he complains in his songs?
  2921. Flaedr: Last song of RW5
  2922. Marsh: ...??
  2923. Flaedr: I'm nervouse
  2924. nervous
  2925. TinDragon: Nah, just on like FB and Twitter and shite
  2926. Selim: no pressure
  2927. Sonarch: THIS IS SO GOOD OMG
  2928. TinDragon: So it's not like I hate his music
  2929. Flaedr: Here we gooooo
  2930. Sonarch: SO GOOD
  2931. StarsInAutumn: last one
  2932. TinDragon: But I don't follow him anymore to keep track of when he's not new stuff
  2933. *got
  2934. StarsInAutumn: this better be amazing Flaedr!
  2935. Pyro25100: LESGO
  2936. Flaedr: I used my best kick for this
  2937. VeganCheesecake: Last one. :c
  2938. Pyro25100: Das a sexy kick
  2939. Quix: I like the kick
  2940. Scootles: Vocal stutter
  2941. I'm in love already
  2942. Flaedr: It's Madeon, Archie and a Vengeance sample all layered
  2944. Sonarch: good, this is distracting as hell, I need to work more. Cool song
  2945. Flaedr: I'M SORRY
  2946. TinDragon: -10/10 FOR NO COLOR CHANGES
  2947. bipolarbrony: wait, last song? NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2948. Pyro25100: In celestia's hair
  2949. Flaedr: NO COLOR CHANGES
  2950. :C
  2951. Here's where my mixing goes bleh
  2952. Because I didn't have time for mixinggg
  2953. Scootles: ALL LEVELS AT ONCE PLS GO
  2954. Pyro25100: Is aight. Mixing is tedious.
  2955. bipolarbrony: GIVE ALL THE UP VOTES!
  2956. Selim: ^
  2957. Ducks: I like cake
  2958. Flaedr: Whooops
  2959. Marsh: Maedon in here?
  2960. .__.
  2961. Flaedr: Annnd
  2962. drop
  2963. Pyro25100: Oh yes
  2964. Marsh: Whose vocals are they
  2965. Quix: this is fucking awesome Flaedr
  2966. Marsh: Who sings?
  2967. TinDragon: Very nice
  2968. Flaedr: Dude
  2969. Quix: StormWolf
  2970. Marsh: Archie? Maedon? Vengeance?
  2971. Flaedr: Look at the title
  2972. Sonarch: Storm
  2973. Marsh: Oh
  2974. right k
  2975. Pyro25100: lmao
  2976. Marsh: derp derp derp
  2977. bipolarbrony: this is very wll done
  2978. JackShine: flaedr, y u not in irc anymore ><
  2979. Flaedr: Blame Skype
  2980. TinDragon: IRC IS FOR BITCHES
  2981. Sonarch: Flaedr this is very cool, props
  2982. Marsh: He is anti-Toastbeard
  2983. NeuKatalYst: FLAEDR. WELL DONE.
  2984. bipolarbrony: liking it a bunch Flaedr
  2986. Marsh: portmanto?
  2987. JackShine: ><
  2988. TinDragon: Nice
  2989. Sonarch: impressive
  2990. Marsh: Where's the clipping?
  2991. Scootles: Needs, like, 50% more clipping.
  2992. Flaedr: Hidden in the end
  2993. Marsh: Needs more clipping
  2994. NeuKatalYst: clipping is BAD and a no no.
  2995. Scootles: You're making everyone look bad.
  2996. NeuKatalYst: nah, i'd say i'm on Flaedr's level. hurhurhur
  2997. Scootles: Neu, that'sthejoke.jpg
  2998. Ducks: I like clipping
  2999. Sonarch: What is clipping?
  3000. Marsh: ...
  3001. ?
  3002. Ducks: @Son: Aural shit
  3003. NeuKatalYst: clipping is going above 0db.
  3004. Flaedr: Clipping is cutting
  3005. JackShine: what
  3006. Flaedr: Like clipping someone's hair
  3007. JackShine: above 0db what
  3008. Sonarch: lol
  3009. Scootles: Just
  3010. Don't make music
  3011. JackShine: thats... just... what
  3012. Scootles: And there will be no clipping
  3013. k?
  3014. Sonarch: Got it
  3015. Ducks: wot m8?
  3016. NeuKatalYst: db = decibles.
  3017. Sonarch: I shall avoid clipping at all costs
  3018. Quix: if something goes above 0db, there is a bunch of terrible distortion
  3019. Marsh: This reminds me of The Lion King
  3020. Ducks: Don't give him an -actual- explanation
  3021. Marsh: Just saying.
  3022. JackShine: i know what db is
  3023. Scootles: I believe the sound is called "music."
  3024. Ducks:
  3025. Scootles: And it sounds just awful.
  3026. JackShine: im precision measurement equipment laboratory
  3027. Flaedr: lolbadsnare
  3028. JackShine: so all the shit I work with goes from -70 to +20 db
  3029. TinDragon: Epic piano time
  3030. Quix: yeah that really sounded kind of strange with just the snare
  3031. bipolarbrony: wow, well don
  3032. Marsh: could have had one more drop
  3033. Sonarch: noice
  3034. Flaedr: And there goes RW5
  3035. Toyplay: finally...time for bed
  3036. StarsInAutumn: nj Flaedr
  3037. Pyro25100: Well guys, back to the grayness of life. It's been colorful.
  3038. Quix: overall definitely a fantastic remix, one of my favorites
  3039. Flaedr: yay
  3040. Selim: woooooo! go flaedr!
  3041. JackShine: gj flaedr
  3042. VeganCheesecake: Till next year? XD
  3043. JackShine: solid ending
  3044. NeuKatalYst: FREE BIRD
  3045. TinDragon: So
  3046. NeuKatalYst: FREE BIRD
  3047. bipolarbrony: that was awesome.
  3048. Flaedr: Ok
  3050. Sonarch: Alright! When's the next one?
  3051. Toyplay: see you guys at RW6
  3052. Inkpony: Oh that was it? Damn
  3053. TinDragon: Remix War VI starts soon, right?
  3054. StarsInAutumn: That concludes this REMIX WAR!
  3055. Flaedr: Time to start from Day 1 again
  3056. StarsInAutumn: YAY
  3057. WOO
  3058. JackShine: I want to see you guys earlier than next remix war lol
  3059. Pyro25100: Hopefully I'll be better at this by next RW
  3060. Toyplay: good night
  3061. JackShine: come do some toastbeards ><
  3062. Sonarch: NEXT RW GO!
  3063. VeganCheesecake: RW6 next week. Lol.
  3064. Flaedr: Hopefully I won't forget about RW next RW
  3065. TinDragon: Don't get too much better Pyro
  3067. bipolarbrony: hopefully i'll be in the next one
  3068. NeuKatalYst: guise, here's my skype, if you want to keep a hold of me. Neu KatalYst
  3069. TinDragon: Dunno if I could handle the epic
  3070. Inkpony: I'm guessing next Remix War is next year?
  3071. Pyro25100:
  3072. NeuKatalYst: *NeuKatalYst
  3073. Sonarch: nah, its more often than a year
  3074. right?
  3075. Pyro25100: Yeah
  3076. Inkpony: Well, I heard it was a summer thing.
  3077. Quix: Love you guys
  3078. hmage:
  3079. Sonarch: bronies havent been around for 5 years
  3080. bipolarbrony: my skype: bobbybbob555
  3081. Inkpony: True that.
  3082. StarsInAutumn: It's up to Makkon when we run another I think
  3083. Scootles: >MLP:FiM has only been around for two years
  3084. Inkpony: Hope it starts again soon.
  3085. Sonarch: cool
  3086. Pyro25100: My point exactly, Scootles
  3087. Sonarch: see you guys in MLR, then
  3088. Scootles: Makkon pls
  3089. TinDragon: Only been around 2 years, but here's to another 5+
  3090. Sonarch: bai
  3091. StarsInAutumn: cya alls
  3092. I'll hit play again
  3093. Flaedr: That was fun
  3094. JackShine: cya everypony
  3095. has been fun
  3096. Inkpony: Laters guys
  3097. TinDragon: Have a good one everyone!
  3098. Pyro25100: I guess I should go now. It's been fun, guys.
  3099. TinDragon: I hope you all make plenty of music that I won't listen to in the near future
  3100. Scootles: You're all terrible people.
  3101. Inkpony: Haha.
  3102. Scootles: This was fun.
  3103. VeganCheesecake: Bye guys. Love you all.
  3104. N: lol.
  3105. Inkpony: Love you all too.
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