Prince Luna Straight Drownin' In Dongs

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  1. Just Two Cuteboys Doin' The Things That Make Them So
  2. With characteristic whining, the lovely, lady-hipped femboy Twilight Sparkle collapsed on a smooth stone floor.
  3. Oof! What a pain! Had he bumped his head?
  4. Groaning, Twilight took in his surroundings.
  5. ---
  6. The last thing the berobed beauty remembered he had been in his library at Canterlot Castle with Princess Luna. The pair had met to pore over an improperly-translated spell together, but when it came to mares who put the cutie in a tizzy, the blue-maned Princess was hard to beat; sloppy makeouts had followed soon after. He and she had barely made it past the first few pages before they’d been holding hands and staring deeply into the pools of each other’s eyes. Hardly a half-hour later, they contentedly traded smooches like Pokemon cards.
  7. With Luna’s grace filling Twilight’s face, he’d been helpless to do anything but kiss... although, thankfully, he could catch glimpses of parchments out of the corner of his eyes, spying words through the tousles of her resplendent, light-filled mane. Once a consummate reader of books, poor Twilight had been reduced to reciting ancient dialects only when the moon-blessed royal’s face wasn’t thrust against his, her lissome tongue invading his pretty little mouth.
  8. All their indecent touching had slowed their practised magical progress, but he could hardly be mad at her for thaaaat.
  9. But progress had been made... and then... and then...
  10. And then they’d come here. Yes, the magic had worked. Which meant... Luna! Twilight had to see if she was alright!
  11. Twilight rose groggily to his knees, shaking the fog from his head. He turned his gaze this way and that, scanning the hall for any sign of the Goddess.
  12. He needn’t have bothered. Luna lay curled up on the ground, right by Twilight’s side, in an absolutely gorgeous heap. The fall had benevolently tousled her off-the-shoulder dress to show her spectacular body off in the best possible light. Her mane spilled down around her face and shoulders, adding lustre to the already sizzling sexpot.
  13. It pained Twilight to wake Luna while she looked so peaceful, but he shook her awake all the same. As he did so, he cast his attention upwards. The old castle's grey stone walls and faded ceilings seemed awfully familiar, for some reason...
  14. Perhaps because they were. They were in the Castle of the Two Sisters.
  15. ---
  16. Elsewhere in the castle a somewhat similar, yet entirely different, Twilight Sparkle wandered the dark halls. Similarities came with her lovely face, her sharp mind and her spirited soul... and a large difference came in that curvaceous love-doll body of hers! Unlike the pretty, ditzy, flat-chested little thing recovering alongside Luna, this Twilight’s robes didn’t hang loosely... Rather, they strained and constrained a sensational figure for coddling and nursing, with a big, fat pair of ample breasts in front, and wide, matronly hips in back.
  17. The brainy beauty hurried along on urgent business from Prince Luna himself, delivering an important scroll that had caught their mutual interest earlier today. Apparently, if her research so far was correct, it detailed a complex method for travelling between dimensions.
  18. The more she deciphered its contents, the more her interest had been piqued.
  19. Unfortunately for Twilight, her smooch’n’research date (the best kind of date!) was about to hit a considerable snag. When she turned the next corner, a faint voice came to her from far away, echoing through the castle’s long and empty halls.
  20. It reminded her of someone... while being totally out of place at the same time. The buxom pony stopped and listened carefully. When Twilight next heard the voice, she steeled herself and quickly hurried on. Drawing up to a corner, Prince Luna’s trusted advisor-lover saw a pair of shadows on the wall ahead: one large and prone, the other small and kneeling.
  21. “Come on, Luna, get up!” called the smaller one. A young colt, judging by their intonations.
  22. Twilight’s first thought was an absolute worst-case scenario: a kidnapper had breached their castle’s walls and now planned to spirit away Prince Luna in the dead of the night. What would she even tell the girls if the Royal Slumber Party was cancelled?
  23. But would it really be so easy? Twilight, and countless others, had carefully enchanted this castle for situations exactly like this. Hundreds on hundreds of contingencies had been both considered and magically countered. Entering this nearly-impenetrable fortress undetected and kidnapping a heavily-guarded prince wasn’t just a tall order, it should have been impossible.
  24. Twilight could take no more. It was time for action! She leapt out, an offensive spell already on her horn.
  25. “Halt right there! You two are trespassing on pr - uhh...” Her wrath subsided almost immediately. Twilight took in the unbelievable sight before her.
  26. “Uhh…” she continued, completely flabbergasted.
  27. A Luna and a Twilight unknown to her reclined on the floor of her new castle home. She shuffled closer on the plush red carpets, and looked from Luna... to Twilight... and then back again.
  28. "Who are... What are... How did... Luna?"
  29. Opposite her, ‘Luna’ finally rose to her knees alongside Twilight. The Princess gingerly touched her fingertips to her forehead and gave her temples a gentle squeeze, waiting for the fog to clear.
  30. “Oooh... We hope soon there shalt be just one Twilight... instead of two.”
  31. But when Luna’s faculties returned to her, the curvy vixen in front of her with features similar to her beloved Twilight remained. She raised her hands defensively, horn glowing.
  32. "Speak thy name, interloper! Who are thee that take the form of our dearest love?"
  33. The Twilight beside Luna was on her in a flash. He pulled her arms down, attempting to snuff out the apocalyptic light crowning her forehead with a few hasty blows applied directly to her horn. If Luna unleashed her full power here, she'd likely bring the roof down on their heads. "Wait! Um... I think I know what's happened."
  34. He stood up, looking across at Twilight. "I think it was that spell we were examining, Luna. I think it might have transported us..."
  35. Twilight finished his sentence for him: "... Across the barriers between alternate dimensions. No way. That's... so cool."
  36. "Super cool," agreed Twilight, nodding sagely.
  37. Princess Luna rose to her feet, coming to stand beside Twilight. She laced her arms around him from behind, gently cushioning his head between glorious breasts. "... So we have entered a world similar to our own...?"
  38. Twilight adjusted her glasses. "Precisely! A world just like your own, but with several key differences."
  39. She gulped, looking down on her male self. A head shorter than her, but with hips to rival. It was obscene. "Like, um... Him. Wow."
  40. Twilight blushed. "I'm just not sure why we activated the spell before you'd even started reading it."
  41. "Oh, I can explain that," replied Twilight. "Prince Luna and I planned to start earlier on, but I had to inspect the new nursery. Lots of young foals running about!”
  42. She blushed spectacularly as she cradled her middle, her eyes going to a faraway, happy place. "... Just had my first, in fact."
  43. Luna and Twilight exchanged a concerned glance. Twilight began to say "Foals?" when Luna cut him off: "Did thou sayest... "Prince" Luna?" Her lips curled into something like a grimace as she processed this new information.
  44. Twilight nodded. "Y-Yeah. Prince Luna had this castle refurbished, and he lives here with his eighty-seven wives. Myself includ - "
  45. Princess Luna cut Twilight off with a strange, high-pitched sound. What little of her face wasn't hidden behind her hands glowed bright red. "Eighty... Eighty-seven?"
  46. "As of the last census! I’m very meticulous about keeping the records up to date!”
  47. Twilight waggled a finger proudly. “That’s one of my best attributes as a mother, after all!"
  48. Now the little boytoy had something to blush about. His female counterpart in this world sure was enthusiastic about getting knocked up by Luna. And... And hearing Luna had that many girls waiting on him hand and foot, it was...
  49. His surprise might have been showing on his face, as his female counterpart couldn’t keep herself from smiling: “I mean, sure, it’s a lot... But if I’m a boy in your dimension, I mustn’t be doing too badly either, right? I mean, if you weren’t me, I’d totally be all over you~”
  50. Twilight eeped. Despite already being as red as a beet, he turned a shade of crimson deeper still. He looked down, unable to face the two imposing babes.
  51. “... This world’s Luna seems pretty lucky, too,” he eventually said, eyes lingering over Twilight’s heavy, heavy rack. If nothing else, Twilight now knew he made for a simply jaw-dropping filly.
  52. He expected Luna to say something about that, but it seemed the Rubenesque Goddess felt the time for chit-chat was over. That... or perhaps she just wanted to meet this “Prince Luna.” She surged forwards, drawing herself up to her full height. "Twilight, take Us to the master of this castle. Twilight and I must speak with... him."
  53. Twilight’s lip curled slightly at that. Apparently the use of “Twilight” twice like that had struck a chord with her.
  54. She thrust a finger at the duo. "Wait, wait, wait. Before we go anywhere, we need a way to tell us Twilights apart."
  55. Twilight scratched his cheek thoughtfully. "Really? Like what?"
  56. Twilight hemmed and hawwed for a moment, scratching her chin. "Auuhh... Oh! How about we call you "Dusk Shine?" That's perfect!"
  57. Twilight wrinkled his nose. "Wow, I hate that~ If we’re coming up with silly names for each other, why don't I just call you "Afterglow Twinkle?""
  58. Luna clapped her hands together, laughing gaily. "Yes! Yes! Or "Sunset Shimmer!" Hohoho!"
  59. Twilight groaned, running her hand down her face. "Alright, alright, I can see this isn't working; we'll both be Twilight. Don't blame me when everyone gets horribly confused!"
  60. “We accept the risks. Come, Twilight, we must make haste!” exclaimed Luna, unable to hide her obvious excitement. If her boyish self was as pretty as Twilight’s girly self, she knew she had to meet him.
  61. ... And not just to see if he was as absolutely adorable as her Twilight... or packing as much shaft.
  62. ---
  63. While tonight had been planned as a study night for Prince Luna and his aide Twilight, it came as no surprise to anyone his bedchambers swarmed with a variety of mares, uniformly delicious and underdressed.
  64. With this many girlies in one place, few things could could calm the sensual tempest swirling about Prince Luna... but Twilight's entry was one of them. The second she turned up with Luna and Twilight in tow, the whole room fell under a hush as if spellbound.
  65. One could have heard a pin drop. Wide eyes and open mouths abounded.
  66. Mares of every colour stared on at the two interlopers. They were enraptured by Princess Luna for being a spirited twist on their beloved liege busty enough to blow any of these girls away... And they longed for Twilight with a fervour matching what they felt for Prince Luna: he was every bit as cute and girly as the hung, kissable twink lazing on the bed at the room's centre.
  67. And yet, nopony could be said to be as stunned as Luna himself. He suddenly felt himself wishing he was dressed in something more impressive than a tight pair of black booty shorts, a little crop top... and tight socks stretching all the way up to his limbre thighs. When it, and the booty-length hair flooding around his girlish shoulders, was all taken into account, Luna looked more like an expensive escort hired for a Hen’s Night than the Prince these buxom mares served under.
  68. A chill ran down his spine from the second he clapped eyes on Twilight, the girly God barely able to sit still. As girls swanned about the room to get closer looks at Twilight and the Princess, Luna found himself leaning around knock-out busts and curvaceous behinds to look on at the big-eyed boy wandering amidst his harem.
  69. "Nnh..." Luna shifted his suddenly much-too-full booty shorts around a growing bulge. It was one thing to see another male in his castle, but for it to be a lovely, long-lashed boy as pretty and made-up as himself... Yes, his hairs definitely prickled.
  70. And thinking of another boy being in his castle, someone this pretty... it triggered an unexpected lust in Luna.
  71. "We wonder if Our courtesans draw his eyes..." he idly thought. Of course, if it were any other male, the thought would likely have immediately been followed by possessiveness and an aggressiveness one might not have expected from him. But instead...
  72. "We... wonder if he'd like to couple with them..." Before Luna realized it, the thought bubbled up... and instantly turned him on. He thought about someone as pretty as this Twilight walking all over him, taking what he wanted and slipping between the legs of Luna's harem girls. Within just a few minutes of meeting this Twilight, Luna imagined him slowly and sensually rocking back and forth between the legs of Luna’s mares with a gentle rhythm, making them tremble and orgasm with his big, big cock...
  73. Where Luna had been totally flaccid moments ago despite being surrounded by a bevy of luscious females, now he was almost at full mast daydreaming about another boy. He wanted to spoil Twilight.
  74. Luna laid a hand on his breast, steadying his heart. His imagination had gotten away with him. He glanced over towards Twilight to check on him.
  75. Twilight stared back directly at him. All these girlies around and Twilight copied Luna, staring straight through their middle. The only two hares in the rabbit hutch and they were overlooking the does to hungrily eye each other off.
  76. It wasn’t just them, either. It seemed like every mare in the room wanted a slice of these two hot, hippy boy-studs with multiple feet of cock between them. And as if that wasn’t enough, Princess Luna’s stupendously-curved form also had the girls dying to get their hands all over her.
  77. With zero inhibitions displayed by anyone, the situation was perfect for a no-holds-barred orgy the likes of which Equestria had never seen. One word from Prince Luna and the room could be a sea of thrashing, naked bodies...
  78. It would have been nice! But before anyone could voice such thoughts, the Twilight of this world swept into the middle of the room.
  79. “Time for my report!” she chirped happily. She did so love giving reports. Seemingly not reading the mounting sexual tension at all, Twilight recounted her night’s events at length.
  80. ---
  81. "... And, in summation, that is everything that took place between discovering these two and arriving here," finished Twilight some minutes later. "We have every reason to believe these two are interdimensional travellers, and they should be treated with the utmost respect."
  82. Luna emerged from his reverie just in time to pick up on that last part. With incredible force of will, the smol ruler tore his gaze from that gorgeous, limber cocktease and turned back to Twilight.
  83. Luna found himself wondering if “ utmost respect” extended to allowing this trampy little slut with the lovely long hair to plow his most trusted advisor - while he had his own Nightly visage jammed between Twi’s fat buttcheeks, servicing the undoubtedly huge pair of nuts waiting for him back there. The idea held great sway over him.
  84. “What dost thou propose?” Luna asked in a dream-like voice, doing his best to sound dismissive and disinterested. He still occasionally found his eyes drawn back to the pretty little thing on the other side of the room. His newfound rival was just... just so girly! How did he do it?
  85. Twilight clapped her hands together with a surprisingly girlish giggle - one more commonly suited to coming from her male counterpart. She stuck her tongue out, having the decency to look embarrassed about leaping head-first into perversion. “Well! I certainly have a few ideas, yes!”
  86. She failed to suppress the eagerness in her voice... That greedy filly might as well have been wringing her hands together. The foremost idea involved bicep curls using these beautiful boy’s fat rods as her dumbbells, followed up by a thick protein shake drawn straight from their smooth, swollen balls. She gulped and dabbed her forehead. “Mm.”
  87. She glanced over to Princess Luna, and the two mares shared a knowing look. The lecherous way Twilight bit her lip wasn’t lost on the ancient, naughty Night.
  88. Twilight nodded conspiratorially to Princess Luna, then turned back to Prince Luna. “But I will need time in my study to finalize all the documents, yes! Time... and assistants.”
  89. “Which works out quite well for, ah, separating these two. We still can’t rule out the possibility this is all some magical trick or deception... Leaving you alone with both of them could prove disastrous!”
  90. “Yes, having her join me would put my mind at ease,” said the buxom bookworm. She tossed in a sultry glance at Luna.
  91. Princess Luna looked startled by the implication for a moment, but then smiled when she realized the lack of sincerity in Twilight’s words. So this Twilight wanted to get her alone with her, did she?
  92. “Therefore, I propose myself and Miss Luna... and, ah, anyone else who’s ever drooled over the idea of seeing the Prince with another boy...”
  93. She glanced over at the crowd of fillies in time to see a sea of hands shoot up.
  94. “... Ahem... So all the rest of the girls... retire somewhere private where we can discuss exactly what to do with you two little angels.” She coughed. It made sense she wanted the girls to hold their pow-wow out of earshot of the boys - she already sounded like the butcher loudly voicing her plans for a pair of exceptionally thick-thighed little chickens. And she hadn’t even gotten to the details yet!
  95. Luna nodded serenely, pushing thick locks of star-lit hair back over her shoulders. “We would be pleased to assist you.”
  96. The tall, black mare grinned down at the boys over the solid shelf of her breasts. “But let us not tarry, mm? Lest the young masters “start” without us.”
  97. Twilight nodded enthusiastically. She raced about the room, snatching up various papers and quills and things until her arms were stuffed. Princess Luna helped her to the door, a procession of lusty mares following in short order. “We’ll be back soo~oon!”
  98. The noise of twenty or so mares all exiting the room at once was almost deafening... but it failed to compared to the silence silence that followed in its wake. Prince Luna and Twilight Sparkle were left alone in the Prince’s bedchambers.
  99. The air was thick with tension. The two angels given pony form eyed each other up... and then down. One giggled coquettishly, and then the other.
  100. Prince Luna had been lazing on the bed all this time, but now he rose into a seated posture, hands resting between his thighs. He watched with wide, watery eyes as Twilight approached, studying every last shift of tender muscle under the cutie's tight, tight robes.
  101. "Hiii~" purred Twilight, full lips turned upwards in an eager smile.
  102. Luna slid along the bed, shifting to his hands and knees. When his hair fell down over his eyes, he blushed and tossed his head back. The sheets turned satin under the resulting cascade. "Mm. We greet thee~"
  103. Twilight drew circles on the bed with his fingertip. "Mind if I... join you?"
  104. Luna broke out into a grin as well. He just couldn't help it. Twilight's smile was so... infectious. "We thought thou wouldst never ask..."
  105. The bed creaked and sheets crushed under the decadent weight of Twilight’s fat ass. Luna idly found himself wondering how soft it would feel against his cheek.
  106. He struggled to suppress such thoughts.
  107. Twilight shifted a little closer, moving extra-carefully on the large bed. One might think it was his first time laying on a royal's bed, although nothing could be further from the truth.
  108. He wriggled up against Luna... and almost toppled directly on top of him. A sharp intake of breath... Two smooth, soft boys brushing against each other...
  109. Luna laughed gently as he took Twilight by the wrists and righted him... but not before admiring how slender the other colt's arms were.
  110. Twilight blushed again as he was manhandled. Such a cute face made Luna’s heart flutter.
  111. "Sorry~" laughed Twilight. "I've just never, um, met such an attractive stallion before..."
  112. "We beseech thee, be at ease."
  113. Twilight giggled... and realized their faces were barely more than a few inches apart.
  114. ... As well as their puffy, plump lips.
  115. Rather than drawing back, Twilight dropped his attention to the other boy's lovely mane. He surprised himself with how easily he was able to tangle his fingers in it. Rather than saying anything, Luna just groaned.
  116. "Mmm. Mm..." A sound of gentle approval.
  117. "I really like your mane," husked Twilight.
  118. "Y-Yours as well..." responded the Princeling.
  119. ---
  120. Elsewhere in the castle, Twilight had set up her “War Room.” She gathered all the other mares in a small, out of the way classroom intended for the rearing and education of young colts and fillies, containing a blackboard suitable for her purposes. She and Luna now furiously scribbled on it while the other mares looked on.
  121. Twilight spoke breathlessly, growing redder and redder in the face. “Alright, girls, I think we can all agree having a second boy here opens up a new world of possibilities... But, like all things, a scientific approach is the best approach... Even when we’re talking about tearing those little stud’s clothes off and ravishing them, we should still approach things in a rational, organized fashion...”
  122. Her credibility, already strained, took a stupendous dive with what she said next: “Since we’re talking about another Twilight Sparkle, he’s obviously going to want to try me on as badly as I want him, so...”
  123. The full-figured crowd immediately voiced their protests as Twilight continued trying to talk over them. “... So, you can see I’ve written down a priority order, and...”
  124. Of the first ten partners suggested for each of the boys, Twilight’s name appeared eight times.
  125. “... And! And...!” The crowd looked ready to riot.
  126. “Ugh! I’ll have you know I arrived at these results with a very rational process! Alright! Alright! Scrub the board, Luna, and let’s start over.”
  127. ---
  128. "Mm."
  129. "Ahh..."
  130. "Ohh..."
  131. Twilight leaned back from deep within the depths of Prince Luna's mane. Likewise, his thick, perfumed head of hair released the Night. A trail of slippery saliva connected their mouths.
  132. "Haaah... Mmn..."
  133. "Again?"
  134. "Y-Yeah..."
  135. The bedsheets crinkled under their hands and knees as the boys tucked their lips together. They rolled their tongues out, gently exploring each other’s mouths.
  136. They restlessly moved their hands across the sheets. When Twilight bumped Luna's fingers with his own, he quickly tangled them together. A few strands of the purple and black manes cloaking the bed came along for the ride.
  137. They closed their eyes and concentrated on the kiss. Twilight had travelled across multiple dimensions to deliver it, after all, and it might just be the best, most passionate kiss either of them had ever had... It left them dizzy and drooling.
  138. "Uu..."
  139. “Hnnh...”
  140. The kiss left their bodies confused and needy, infused with a powerful need to procreate... but with only another boy to slake their unnatural lusts upon. And under current circumstances, the thought of seeing out a girl seemed dreadfully rude... to say nothing of a wasted opportunity. They'd both much rather satisfy themselves with the soft, delectable boy at hand.
  141. This lust was plain as day at a glance: between their blessedly-thick thighs, both boys were rock-hard. Luna's shorts strained to bursting point around his violently-throbbing rod, while Twilight's robes pitched the kind of tent that would typically bring topographers running. Both twinks hearts pounded in their chests, rapid "ba-dump!"s like the organs wanted to leap right out.
  142. "That was amazing..." groaned Twilight.
  143. Luna looked on with wide, lovestruck eyes. They were so flooded with soulful emotion Twilight couldn’t help but want to make the pretty little thing whinny even more. "Y-Yes... Thou speakest truth...”
  144. Luna tossed his mane and cocked a coy smile. “Your prince requires more. Further smooches must be delivered unto The Night."
  145. More kisses followed. While their women were away, the two little perverts chewed each other’s lips and shared intimate touches. Sex with another pretty boy left them speechless, completely overcome by emotion and sensation. The next time they stopped, it was with deep gulps of air and plenty of free-flowing drool.
  146. Luna, in particular, could not remember the last time he had been in such a state! When Twilight pulled away from him, the black stallion looked a picture of girlish happiness: fat ass perched on his heels, eyes closed and lips pursed... The only thing that corrupted such lovely innocence was the raging erection straining his latex shorts.
  147. Luna arched his back and shuddered. “Mmm...” He smacked his lips several times, savouring the fresh taste of another boy.
  148. But Luna couldn’t rest just yet, not while Twilight still eagerly sought new experiences... Not just content to invade Luna’s dimension, Twilight wrapped hand around Luna’s prominent bulge and massaged this world’s fattest, most glorious cock.
  149. And Luna, the pervert! He made no effort to stop the other boy's explorations. Instead, he moaned and worked his hips like a stripper, elegantly sliding back and forth. “Haaah...”
  150. If Twilight had ever needed any further confirmation of Luna’s joy at being touched, this was it... Luna’s big fat balls produced lots of cum. It leaked through his stretchy shorts as he rubbed himself on Twilight’s hands.
  151. Twilight Sparkle enjoyed himself as well. He’d never held such a hefty, fat, male member in his hot little hands! Gorgeous Luna’s third leg weighed heavy on his fingertips, and only getting bigger the more Twilight kissed him. When Twilight dove in for the next smooch, Luna seemed to grow another inch on the spot. Both boys released delighted moans as they joined lips. Twilight was enjoying himself so much he hadn’t even moved to close the door... quite an oddity for the normally-neurotic stallion.
  152. Instead, he stroked and petted faster, continuing to bring sexual pleasure to another colt... a very handsome colt at that.
  153. But Luna was soon to be a victim of his own cuteness. The cuter he became under Twilight’s fingers, the more the magician wished to tease him.
  154. Which was why Luna’s writhing, the gentle smacks of soft kisses, and both boy’s moaning... suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Twilight had stopped.
  155. Luna looked confused... and a little panicky. He didn’t look upset just yet: after all Twilight still squeezed his steely shaft in his hot little hands, but he did look nervous. He had a pleading look in his eyes as he looked up at Twilight, thrusting his hips as he did so. “Hnh! Hnh!”
  156. Twilight squeezed Luna’s cock again, a devious twinkle in his eyes. He leaned in again, but went for the neck this time instead of the lips. Twilight gently nipped at Luna, the royal squirming in place. He moved his hands to Twilight’s mane and held on tightly.
  157. “Oooh… Mmm…” Luna groaned, closing his eyes as Twilight’s affection washed over him. But Twilight didn’t stop at just the neck, moving downwards and tangling his fingers in Luna’s crop-top.
  158. With a naughty purr, Twilight pushed his friend’s top up, baring the Prince’s dark, perky nipples... and immediately pounced.
  159. Luna arched his back again, going from resting state to a torrid heat almost the moment Twilight's lips grazed his chest. Twilight’s own Luna had teased his boyish bust plenty of times in the past, and he knew better than anyone what felt best for boys... Knowledge he now very scientifically applied to Luna.
  160. Twilight sealed his plump lips tight around Luna’s areola, circling the nipple in a slow and practised rhythm. He made sure there were no sudden movements to throw Luna’s mood off just as he was about to cum... It was just drawn-out, teasing laps to the prince with the big bad cock. Judging from Luna’s gasps and sultry, yet adorable moans, it worked.
  161. With one hand still firmly stroking the magnificent princely rod, Twilight closed his teeth on Luna’s chest, giving the royal the most tender of bites. Pushed over the edge, Luna cried out in a high-pitched wail, and bucked his hips. Both boys felt a big goopy load rushing up his yummy pole almost immediately... right before he he splooshed all over the insides of his shorts, drenching them in big, white dollops of decadent seed. “Hhhhiiii~Iiii!”
  162. Luna lay back on the bed, gasping. His little black chest fluttered up and down as he looked up at the purple unicorn looming over him.“Thy touches are too much... Thou must have had many male lovers back, yes?” It was a clear compliment to Twilight’s talents.
  163. Twilight shook his head, a playful smile on his lips. His heart pounded so fast, he feared Luna could actually hear it. “Nnnnnothing of the sort, actually... Just basic scientific theory!”
  164. Twilight grinned as he collapsed on top of Luna, rubbing their supple forms together. “I just did everything I’ve wanted the fillies to do to me... Aren’t you lucky, Luna?”
  165. When their bodies came into contact, Luna gasped... and then eagerly explored his counterpart’s form. Unlike his fashionable, easy-access outfit form-fitting his lovely body, Twilight’s robes only accentuated his colossal hips, while hiding the rest of him beneath their veil.
  166. Luna wasted no time in tugging Twilight’s robes up, letting a fat lavender ass drop out into his hands. He squeezed and kneaded Twilight’s flawless cheeks for a few moments before giving the garment another little tug, freeing an equally large shaft... to rival Luna’s own. Luna squawked when he saw it, genuinely lost for words.
  167. “Ah, my outfit...? Here...” giggled Twi. Twilight kicked his shoes off. He knelt over the other pony and hooked both hands in his robe.
  168. With exaggerated, and surprisingly confident, sways of his thick lower body, Twilight lifted off the dress-like garment. Whereas Luna’s divine magic honed his body to rail-thin perfection, Twilight was only mortal... and had a soft, squeezable belly with a not-inconsiderable amount of pudge. But genetics had been kind to the plump little pony: the vast majority of his extra body-weight seemed to have settled in a spankable bottom, wide, wide hips and a pair of thighs Luna could vividly imagine wrapped around his head, squeezing him to new definitions of Heaven.
  169. Twilight’s body was a vista of huggable, squishable beauty... but with a long and drooling dick at its centre. The little pair of purple panties failing at all to contain anything only enhanced his loveliness... The brief garment looked totally overwhelmed, tugged whisper-thin across such a generous butt.
  170. Twilight pulled the robe the rest of the way off and over his head and blushed as he left his mane in disarray in doing so. He swept his hands through it, sliding the great mass of silk backwards, and tossed it over his shoulders.
  171. Satisfied, Twilight shook his head, and smiled affectionately at Luna. “Ah! Now then! Where were we.”
  172. Luna squeaked at Twilight’s self-assured tone. In no way was it phrased as a question to his gorgeous partner... Rather, Twilight had every certainty of exactly where they were. He lunged back towards his victim.He planted another kiss right below Luna’s ribcage, followed by another beside his belly-button. Last but not least, he opened his maw directly over Luna’s throbbing, sticky stallionhood.
  173. Twilight opened his inviting mouth and sucked Luna down to the base. He maintained eye-contact all the way down, generously helping Luna feel good. He splayed his fingers out over Luna's tum, stroking, petting and caressing.
  174. Again, it was hard to believe he was a novice at this. Luna fell back on the bedsheets with a great cry, fingers splayed out across his face, and totally succumbed to the other pony’s ministrations. He sucked in deep gasps of air and thrust raggedly into Twilight’s mouth... but mostly he just lay back and let his partner work. It took far too much concentration just to avoid flooding Twilight’s belly.
  175. Twilight bobbed his head in Luna's lap until the prince couldn't stand it any more. Eventually, with something like a squeal, he spoke in a quavering voice: “A... A breather! If we may!”
  176. Twilight leaned back on his haunches, looking puzzled... His throat ached in a way he’d never felt before, and he looked jealously on at Luna’s fat nuts, wanting their contents sorely... He would have voiced a protest and asked to continue sucking, if not for Luna not being where he’d left him. By the time Twilight realized Luna was on the move, the prince already seemed intent on paying him back. Luna dove face-first into Twilight’s lap, thrusting his nose deep into Twi’s smooth sack.
  177. He looked so pretty down there, face inches from Twilight's velvety member. The royal eyes widened in wonder. The royal nose twitched and sniffled at unfamiliar aromas. Luna even went so far as to bury his face in Twilight's balls, taking deep inhales of the other pony's musk that left him drooling. Luna sucked on one big nut, then the other.
  178. “Mmmn...” moaned the lovestruck Luna, rubbing his cheeks, lips and nose on Twilight’s cock and balls... He must have been jealous watching Twilight sucking a fat cock, because now he seemed possessed to try it himself. He glorped his lips around the head of Twilight’s member, and swallowed it down. “Hommmuuuu...”
  179. Twilight had never put his penis inside another boy's mouth before. Judging from Luna's expression, he had never sucked one. He pushed it around inside his mouth with slow, obvious touches, while Twilight tangled his hands in the beauty's mane and moaned.
  180. It was a lot of back and forth after that. Maybe it was because they were used to sex with (lots of) females, but both boys had girls handling their dicks, sucking their dicks, lining their dicks up with fat pussies and generously spreading out around them. But here they each had a fat, fat cock that endlessly fascinated the other boy... and with no clearly-defined roles, they seemed to simply pick and mix as they chose. They did things as they occurred to them.
  181. Twilight sucked Luna. Luna sucked Twilight. Twilight filled his mouth with Luna's nuts and slurped them until The Night released a gooey cumshot all across the bed. Luna buried his face in Twilight's butthole, and sucked and licked and kissed until Twilight went cuckoo...
  182. With stars and swirls in his eyes, the brainy magician held Luna's head in his ass with both hands... He cooed, mewled and whined... but when it came time to cum he mostly just blasted expletives and helpless sounds!
  183. The sissy sorcerer also made his first contribution to the gushes of boy-seed volleying about the room... his nuts ached by the time he was done cumming.
  184. Ached from how quickly they refilled for Round Two, that is.
  185. ---
  186. "I want to suck yours again... It's so big, I just can't help but..."
  187. "Nay! Spread thine legs, so we may once again..."
  188. "Me!"
  189. "We shalt..."
  190. The boys bickered back and forth with their hands on each other’s poles. It was no wonder, then, how they ended up next... It just seemed like common sense in the end. If Luna had any protests, they died down when Twilight settled his pudgy, juicy ass down on his face.
  191. Both boys filled their mouths with cock. Both boys locked hands together as they hard-fucked each other's soft, comfy mouths.
  192. ... And after another ball-draining pair of cumshots that seemed able to break the bed, both boys deepened their bond even further. They knelt on the bed, covered in sweat, fingers locked together in a tender embrace.
  193. They faced each other, eyes rolled back, bodies pressed together... and tongues busily working. Each boy still held the other’s immense, hot load of goo inside their mouth: crazed for cocks and cum, they flaunted the seedy loads bubbling on their tongues.
  194. As if spellbound, they moved their tongues back and forth under thick coats of spunk... they wrapped them together, moaning at their mixed taste. They embraced like lovers while kissing like porn-stars. Twilight had clearly lost all sense, and it was possible Luna had never possessed any to begin with. Both boys had become perverted bitches mewling for big hard cocks. They were addicted to each other's large, powerful penises.
  195. Neither knew whose load he tasted anymore. Their fierce tongue-dancing swirled all their creamy seed together into a goopy web, which they shared.
  196. A pair of healthy gulps later, the heady mixture of spunk vanished.
  197. ---
  198. Luna’s bedroom lay in total disarray. The thick product of four swollen, bulging cum factories dripped from seemingly every visible surface, producing a scent neither boy would soon forget. They relocated, stepping on shaky legs towards the balcony overlooking the entire castle.
  199. As the cool air pricked the sweat on their skin, the pair made their way towards the first available seat they saw: a comfy red couch more often used for bird-watching than lovemaking.
  200. Despite having pumped out so many sheet-coating, belly-stuffing loads, neither seemed satisfied. Their abnormally-sized members still continuously throbbed... By the time they were seated, they were already rubbing poles together again and trading kisses. Both cuties were still plainly attached to the idea of seeking further pleasure. Their shafts demanded it.
  201. Twilight took action first, leaning into Luna's side.
  202. “Mm... Luna... Isn't it about time this “God given flesh” took this long, hard... prick... of his... and used it on his loyal subject?" cooed Twilight. He tossed his head this way and that. "Don't you think? Mm?"
  203. He wrangled Luna onto his back, the couch creaking under the weight of the royal behind. Twilight slung a leg over Luna, planting himself on his belly. His thick booty smothered Luna's shaft.
  204. Makeouts continuing, Twilight rubbed his butt up and down Luna’s rod. The Prince moaned, losing more and more fight as Twilight smooched him into submission. The next time Twilight disengaged him, Luna’s mouth remained hanging open, saliva shimmering on his tongue.
  205. Twilight cheerfully lined Luna's shaft up with his well-licked pucker, giving Luna another wink as he brought them closer and closer together. Biting his lower lip, the purple stallion started pushing. Luna gasped.
  206. The pretty boy immediately felt the strain of having to take such a huge thing as his first cock. He shuddered when it finally happened, tight bottom ceasing its resistance... and instead putting the squeeze on that magnificent shaft. “B-biiiig!”
  207. "Mm."
  208. "Y-Yeah..."
  209. The boys chewed their lips, holding each other tightly as Luna carefully moved in and out of Twilight. They both mewled like kittens, biting each other's shoulders, clawing their nails down each other's spines... Tension was at an all-time high between the love-struck pair of cocksuckers and cock-riders.
  210. Luna struggled to process how good this long-haired beauty's butthole felt wrapped tight around him. He'd never even considered boys had a place on their bodies that could make a dick feel so good... a pussy in everything but name. That tight, squeezing sphincter welcomed cocks inside, and massaged them spectacularly until they came.
  211. And every boy had one? He drooled over the thought.
  212. Luna had thought even girlyboys like him were better off using their masculine organs in sex... but now he saw large cocks could go anywhere. Like fucking a cute girl's mouth, using it like a pussy, his body could be remade in the same way... Even this sexless organ could put him in a vice-like grip, making his head swim from even the slightest motions.
  213. He'd never have thought of his own bottom in such a way, and yet... Just bringing his cock near the little puffy asshole peeking out from under Twilight's huge cock had him nervous as could be. Luna had never been more conscious of the puffy ponut nestled between his fat, vulnerable buttcheeks before, and the more he thought about anal sex with Twilight Sparkle, the more he wanted his own prostate pounded.
  214. The God licked his lips as he moved in and out of Twilight's body, taking this twink's butthole for himself. He lifted his hips, feeling his orgasm approaching. He traded one last set of smooches with Twilight.
  215. "We are... We are going to finish, Twilight Sparkle... St-Steel thyself!"
  216. Twilight thrust his hips down hard on Luna's belly. His pudgy butt spread across the Prince's smooth abdominals, and he winced from how rigid Luna's ripped chest felt. But it felt good, and the purple vixen started the cycle of big, sticky cumshots anew... The thought of Luna emptying his nuts inside of him had the long-haired boy-whore blasting a long streak of semen all along the balcony... and following it up with plenty more.
  217. Both those big cocks gushed like cannons, both boys firing off blast after blast of seed. With each throb of Luna’s wonderful pole, Twilight felt himself being mercilessly stimulated. He gushed yet more gouts of his boyish spunk with no end in sight. Luna, on the other hand, held on for dear life, sliding his prodigious girth deep into his newfound friend’s tight backside. Each shot felt like he emptied his entire sack, yet it just kept coming.
  218. Every ounce of tension left Luna’s body. He relinquished his grip on Twilight. He laid back, thinking even their first time hadn’t drained him this hard!
  219. Twilight’s intensity also tapered off. Finding his legs as wobbly as jelly, he leant down and placed his head on Luna’s chest.
  220. “Mm... Soooo good~" moaned the purple twink, giving the Prince’s ear a playful little nibble. "But I can't feel my legs..."
  221. “Thy should be proud! The crown has been served well this day!” boasted Luna, pumping a fist in the air. "The bards shall sing legends of your deeds here!" He seized Twilight’s face with the strength he still had left, giving him another sloppy kiss.
  222. Luna’s free hand daintily danced across Twilight’s midriff. It was definitely more pudgy than before. If he added a little pressure, he could feel himself still in there.
  223. Luna nuzzled against Twilight. He took a moment to form the right words.
  224. “Dost thou… wish to trade, now...?" Luna asked. He blushed, just barely visible on his dark cheeks. He put a fingertip on Twilight's member, and was delighted to find it still erect.
  225. ---
  226. Face-down, ass-up, Luna looked obscene. The big black ass pointed submissively up at Twilight almost eclipsed his slender upper body. He shook his moon-covered flank in an extremely primitive, yet very coercive mating dance.
  227. Twilight Sparkle felt like the luckiest stallion in the kingdom as he packed away inch after inch of his gorgeous fat cock inside Luna's belly. He eclipsed those moons on Luna's ass, roughly pawing and squeezing at creamy flesh... and then delivered the kind of spank ponies went to dungeons for!
  228. It was shocking! Twilight didn't know what came over him. First he'd been totally immersed in making Luna's plus-sized, jello-packed cheeks bounce, hitting them with his hips over and over like a pony possessed... Then he'd raised his hand high over his head, and brought it down with a thundercrack that made Luna's head whip back, mane toss over his shoulders... and his smile turn to a drooling look of mindless love. What a face it was, all wide-eyed and mouth hanging open... Luna made a sound like the most perverse of mares... Anypony making a sound that cute was not exempt from being used by cocks.
  229. Luna’s little head swam with every pound on his divinely-plump rump. Not only had this gorgeous, effeminate and very, very hung stallion come into his world, but he’d saddled up and taken the Prince for a ride, too, without a doubt utterly making saucy little Luna his boyslut bitch. He kept on cumming and cumming the more he thought about it, eyes flooded with love and cock gushing between his legs.
  230. Luna loved it. If Twilight had asked him to be his slave then, Luna would have definitely said yes.
  231. ... Just as Twilight would have for Luna a few minutes ago. These two lovely cuties who’d never been with another boy before were both helplessly lost to each other’s charms... It was really just a matter of who had a fat cock deep in his belly, pounding him until he had powerful, hands-free, anal-only orgasms.
  232. Twilight pulled Luna's hands back behind his back, and thrust harder. He jack-hammered into the prince's booty, fully using his body to enjoy himself... He hunkered over Luna like a dog, mating with the lovely princeling... With hips twitching like a little jackrabbit, Twilight came just as hard, climaxing deep inside with their lips sealed together. Spunk gushed into Luna's belly, flooding him, filling him, binding the pair together. Luna and Twilight finally rolled to a ponderous, steamy stop, unable to fuck another inch.
  233. Having forgotten about the mares just a few rooms away, the big-hipped beauties screwed themselves to exhaustion... which was exactly how those same mares found them sometime later.
  234. ---
  235. The door creaked, announcing Twilight’s entry. It had taken many hours of debate and discussion between the females to finally arrive at the best methodology for the handling of Luna and Twilight’s fat, drooling boycocks. To this end, rolled-up scrolls covered in diagrams and charts filled her arms.
  236. "Luna! Luna, where are you?" called Twilight.
  237. "Twilight! We have returned for the lovema~aking!" bellowed a cheery Luna from her side.
  238. They soon found the boys at the very back of the bedroom, small chests fluttering, eyes rolled back... and thoroughly gooped in webs of steamy ejaculate. Their clothing lay scattered in disarray about the room, long since forgotten in what had obviously been the heaviest bout of carnal activity in Equestria since Pinkie Pie’s last slumber party.
  239. There was no chance of “coitus interrupted” occurring here. The pair of fucked-out cutes were insensible to the world at large... and it looked like no amount of prodding or poking would change that.
  240. “Looks like the party will have to wait, girls,” huffed Twilight. She set her scrolls down and approached the boys. “I’ll get them washed up and into bed...”
  241. “Fie on thee! Their deserved tuccs should be a Princess’s calling!” cried a plaintive Princess Luna. On cue, the other girls began voicing their complaints, wanting to be the one to put those little studs beneath the sheets for a comfy rest.
  242. Twilight grinned, and scooped her parchments and quills back up. “Alright, then. Looks like we’ve got a long night’s planning ahead of us...”
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