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  1. Okay, here goes. Got a request for, what I thought was, a bachelorette party. She asked what my rates were, I told her, she said this would not be a normal party, but didn't want to go into further detail. I told her my rules, and she said that was fine, there would be no sex and so long as I would do what they asked she'd pay me a solid $2.5k. Of course I was curious, but thats a load of cash, so I went with it. Figured if it was too dangerous I'd just leave and I still have half (I required her to pay half up front since it was so much).
  2. I show up and it seems pretty standard. McMansion in the middle of a high end suburb, bunch of Mercedes, a few BMW, an Aston Martin, couple of Land Rovers, and a Gallardo parked outside. I ring the doorbell, am greeted by the planner and she takes me to a room down the east wing. She points to a room exactly opposite and says when I am ready, to go in there. The interior of the house and my prepping room is normal. Lots of art, vases, a huge chandelier right when you walk in, etc etc.
  3. Before leaving the planner asks me to strip to the nude to verify that the pictures I sent her are not shopped. I do as requested (pretty common, although usually the planner just wants a peek on her own), but this one seemed less of a "wants her own peek" and more of a "yeah, you'll do nicely" sort of vibe.
  4. I get ready. They requested all black leather, common for gay men, not for white women. I've actually got something special in store. The skin tight leather vest and pants I am wearing are an older set I have that are in need of some conditioning. So instead I made shallow cuts on the insides so that instead of slowly taking them off later I can rip them off for this group. I work myself "up" put on a cock ring, squeeze into my leather and head across the hall. I notice that it's pretty cold as I approach the door, but figure it's just me.
  5. I open the door to the room and am greeted by a black curtain. I close the door behind me and walk through the curtain. I am on a small stage and it is FUCKING COLD. I notice fog on the floor, but see no fog machine. There are about 40 women in the room all wearing heavy robes from head to toe. I realize that this place has to have a refrigeration unit or something. I walk along the stage/catwalk to a round center stage in the middle of the room with all of the women surrounding me in their high backed chairs. I notice that everything is black. Not black because it's dark, black because the walls and the ceiling are painted black. The flooring is blood red as are all of the lights.
  6. I start to say "Well hello everyone, who is the star tonight?" When I am interrupted by music and a voice over the speakers that just says "You may begin." So I start, I'm doing my thing, after a bit the women have gotten up and are crowding the stage. The music is loud, but I can tell there is no yelling, whistling, etc with this crowd. They are all just reaching for me on the stage as I work my way around them, I caress, tug on their hair, plant a little kiss on hands and cheeks now and then. Just doing my thing. I start to see a few have begun to shed their robes, I see bare shoulders, the tops of breasts, then bare chests and finally nudity. Every single one of them is nude in this cold dark room. I see that some no longer reach for me on the stage but now have their hands on other women or themselves.
  7. A little time goes by then I see the planner, who was front and center for the entire performance so far has walked away. Soon everyone has gathered around this large round thing that looks like a mini-stage. The planner opens it and it is filled with sex toys. Each woman reaches in, grabs one and goes to one of two places. Some go back to their chairs, others head to my stage. Sit on the edge and begin to use the toys. I'm still doing my rounds, never got off the stage (tried to, but was gently pushed back to the center). They are touching me, I'm swinging in front of them. The planner has moved her chair to right in front of the stage and has one foot propped up on it while another woman is eating her out. She tells me to stroke my cock. I'm pumped, this is hot, so I do. Women moan, audibly orgasm, it's great. I am in "conquer" mode and could do them all at the drop of a hat. The planner gets up, walks over and grabs my junk. Pulls me towards her, runs her fingers down it and places a kiss right on the tip. She then gets on her knees (not on the stage, so this isn't a blow job position) and all the girls around her do the same.
  8. She then says "We want you to cum on us."
  9. No fucking problem. I could have blown long ago, but I take my time. Stroking slowly, these women are bouncing up and down with each stroke. Most with mouths agape, licking their lips... Time passes and I reach climax. I fire into them and they love it. They kiss each other and share it as they lick it off one another. It's awesome.
  10. The planner then stands, reaches for my junk again and asks if I have to pee. I'm a little shocked and ask her to repeat herself. She does, and I say "Well, yes actually." (I almost always have to piss after an orgasm for some reason). She gets back on her knees and says, "Whenever you are ready, let it flow." About 30 seconds of awkwardness later it flows. I make an attempt to get everyone, their moans are louder than when I came on them.
  11. They writhe in in for a while, I sit and watch as they play with one another and not long after get hard again. The planner sees this and asks me to cum on them again. It takes more work and the assistance of a couple of the women, but it happens. I finish and am exhausted, the planner says I can go get dressed now (all while she is still surrounded by women pleasuring each other and themselves). In my room is a full spread of food, wine, and another $3k in cash on a silver platter, with a note that says "Thank you. Please take anything you wish before you leave."
  12. I shower, eat the most delicious sandwich I've ever had, have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. And leave. As I walk out the planner is in the hallway, robe half open, thanks me again, plants a hot kiss on my lips and walks me out.
  13. I get an email a week later. The planner apologizes for deceiving me, saying it was a bachelorette party. It was apparently her and her friends annual all girl "party". And if I'm still in the business she'd like to have me back next year. This was about 4 months ago.
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