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  1. More and more businesses as well as individuals are choosing to communicate either professionally or socialy using technology rather than being face to face.
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communicating.
  5. There is an increasing number of people who prefer to use technology for communicating than to have conversations in person. This goes for both professional and private relationships. Technology has many advantages, for example the ability to share plenty of information in short period of time. However, the downside can be the fact that not all people are skilled in electronic communication, and they find it much easier to converse in person.
  9. These days, time means everything, so it‘s very important to use it as effective as possible. By using electronic communication, like emails or social media, you can give or recieve plenty of information very fast and effortless. In addition, you can also add graphic aids to your content, like graphical charts, images, that will give the reciever a better understanding of the thing you wanted to say. For example, recent studies conducted by Google has shown that 85% of the people would rather converse by email than to have to speak with each other in person.
  12. However, some people are more comfortable when they are speaking with someone in person. That way, they can show their emotions, their feelings in more obvious way than using technology. Some emotions simply can‘t be transfered in any other way than face to face, especialy when it comes to social relationships. Even in professional communication, some people are more effective to persuade a potential employer to hire them in person than any other way. Personally, I‘m always looking forward to meet an employer in person, because I think my speaking skills are much stronger than writing skills.
  15. Communication is one of the most important thing in personal or professional relationship. The fact remains that most people find more relaxing to converse behind a keyboard than to meet someone in person. Others feel more comfortable to speak face to face because their oral skills are much higher than writing skills. In both cases people shouldn‘t be judged based on just one of the two things, but they should have the ability to choose whatever suits them best.
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