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Nov 14th, 2011
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  1. [00:37:38] <@Maka> It's Summer 10, and the town's resident timid librarian is sitting in Arawn's shop, idly admiring the merchandise and occasionally making a small drawing in her sketchbook. In her lap is a parcel wrapped up in a plain red cloth. It's not much decoration for a present, but hey, she's no Santa Claus.
  2. [00:39:08] <Arawn> Arawn takes a little while to return because running around town, but somehow his good mood hasn't vanished by the time he gets back. He strolls into his shop and sets down the bag with what little is left in it, and stetches out. "Hey~"
  3. [00:40:33] * @Maka giggles a bit quietly as Arawn gives his jolly greeting. "Um...y-you're um...cheery today. D-did something good happen? I m-mean...I d-don't mean to pry.."
  4. [00:42:30] <Arawn> "Genius happened, Maka," Arawn flops into a nearby chair, resting his arms on the back. "Let's just say I'm still coming down from the creative high."
  5. [00:44:53] * @Maka sighs in relief, thinking maybe he wouldn't be too upset about the whole late birthday present thing. She pulls out the red-wrapped parcel and pushes it across the table to Arawn. "T-this...this is really late, I know, but the...d-delivery...Cedric only got it to me today. But um...h-happy late birthday!" She manages to put a bit of excitement in her voice at the end.
  6. [00:45:56] <Arawn> "Huh?" Arawn doesn't seem to have heard her at first. His expression has frozen, somewhat. "...Sorry, what'd you just say?"
  7. [00:47:09] <@Maka> "It' birthday?" Maka's voice is a bit more unsure this time. "I...I know it's late..." She nudges the parcel toward him some more.
  8. [00:48:24] <Arawn> "...You remembered." Arawn's voice turns a little solemn, though he's still smiling a little as he takes the package and starts unwrapping. "You seriously remembered."
  9. [00:49:54] * @Maka nods slowly and grips the edges of her shirt tightly as Arawn starts unwrapping it.
  10. [00:52:36] * Arawn mutters something that can be made out as "The only one that remembered" by the time he's done.
  11. [00:53:55] * @Maka cringes as Arawn mutters that last part. "Um...w-wh...w-what do you think?"
  12. [00:54:03] <@Maka> The contents are, as stated before, One copy of "The Old Man and the Seaking", and one copy of "The Prince and the Pupitar". Most of them seem to be "science" books by some "Theresa Sandra Vai" character, namely: "Pastry Science for Silly People", "Introduction to Artifice: A Gentle Guide To Not Having Your Fingers Seared Off", and "How To Miss The Ground When Falling"
  13. [00:57:15] <Garlyle> "Hm?" Arawn starts looking through the titles. "These are... wait, Theresa Sandra Vai? Hmm..." he seems to be deep in thought about something or other.
  14. [00:58:48] <@Maka> "...D-do you like that author?" Maka gets a hopeful gleam in her eyes and she leans over. She hadn't paid much attention to the non-novel books in the package when she first got it. "T-these...I...t-that d-doesn't even make sense!"
  15. [01:00:02] <Garlyle> "I've heard she's a little... off-center, but to be honest that's the kind of thing that spawns genius. These... might be very inspiring, actually."
  16. [01:02:45] <@Maka> "B-but...but h-how do you miss the ground...w-while falling?" Maka tilts her head, to get a better look at the book. ", I'm glad you like them! D-do you want to get some crafting done while I'm here?"
  17. [01:05:06] <Garlyle> "It's a good question, really," Arawn leans back, pondering, then shrugs. "You're particularly enthused to help out today, it seems."
  18. [01:07:27] <@Maka> "I...I need to get my mind off the...g-g-garchomps." Maka shivers. "I...I was going to read Anne of Green G...G-gibles at home, but..."
  19. [01:08:40] <Garlyle> "Garchomps? Did something happen while I was locked away?"
  20. [01:12:07] <@Maka> "Um! can't tell Sub, o-okay?" Maka fidgets with her sketchbook but manages to flip back a few pages to an exaggeratedly scary looking sketch of Garchomp. Like this but in black and white:
  21. [01:12:09] <@Maka>
  22. [01:12:51] <@Maka> "I...I w-went with that guy...J-jack and um...some look for a g-g-gible and...and...we found it...and m-more."
  23. [01:16:12] <Garlyle> "Hm. You probably should have invited me along," Arawn looks over the drawing with a sort of smile. "Nobody got hurt, I hope?"
  24. [01:17:52] <@Maka> "There was a...a t-talking g-g-ghost snake too, but...we made it out fine..." Maka nods and tries to return the smile. "And um...Barkeep and Jack both got their...g-gibles..."
  25. [01:20:21] <Garlyle> "Mmm. Well, that's good. Don't worry, I won't tell Sub. He'd probably just start ranting at me for not being there watching you personally or something."
  26. [01:22:55] * @Maka nods again and gives a small laugh. "Well, it's um...been a while s-since we've gone hunting. And um...Sub d-doesn't like me going to the old shrine alone. M-maybe we can go s-sometime?"
  27. [01:24:18] <Garlyle> Arawn nods at this, leaning back in the chair again. "Sounds like a plan. I think I kind of cleared shop a little..."
  28. [01:25:52] <@Maka> "'t hunt in the B-barrens anymore, okay? There are g-g-garchomps there now...a-and they're mad."
  29. [01:28:51] <Arawn> "Mmm. Damnit, that's a good place though," he sighs, but seems to accept it. "Alright. We'll give 'em time to calm down. No sense pissing 'em off more."
  30. [01:29:51] <@Maka> " we talk about s-something else now? Or um...s-start crafting?" Maka closes her sketchbook, eager to do anything but reminisce about GARCHOMPS.
  31. [01:31:07] <Arawn> "...Sure," Arawn nods a little, going to fetch some materials. "I won't do much today, but summer apricorns are coming into season now, so I should probably brush up."
  32. [01:32:28] <@Maka> "...R-right." Maka gets up to follow. "W-what kinds are there in summer?"
  33. [01:33:13] <Arawn> Arawn goes into descriptive tutor mode! Because he... hasn't actually worked out with Dox which apricorns are now in season, just that there -are- new ones in Summer.
  34. [01:34:10] * @Maka is a good listener and dutifully nods at the right moments and makes little notes in her sketchbook throughout the lecture!
  35. [01:35:30] <Arawn> "Phew. There we go," Arawn sets one down on the table and starts getting to work; although it's much slower than normal. He seems to be particularly thoughtful with this first one of the season.
  36. [01:38:57] * @Maka sits down nearby and watches carefully. She can sense Arawn's thoughtfulness and caution, and it makes her a bit nervous about helping out.
  37. [01:39:30] <Arawn> Somewhere along the line though, it becomes clear that that's not all that's on Arawn's mind. While he's busy hollowing the apricorn, he speaks up with something not immediately related to the task at hand. "Maka? Mind if I ask an odd question?"
  38. [01:40:50] <@Maka> "H-huh? Go ahead, I g-guess." Maka looks up, a bit confused.
  39. [01:43:13] <Arawn> "Yeah, this sounds really odd in my head, but..." he keeps working, carefully. "In this town... how do you people do this whole... I dunno, 'dating' thing?"
  40. [01:46:13] <@Maka> "I...u-um....I...I dunno." Maka tugs uncomfortably at her shirt. "I...I j-just stay in the l-library all day most of the time, so um...n-no one would be interested anyway. S-so um...I d-don't think about it." She shrugs.
  41. [01:47:46] <Arawn> "Well, yeah, but you probably just... y'know, talk to people in general more. I... mm, how the heck do I even word this?" he mutters this, pausing in his carving.
  42. [01:48:39] <@Maka> "M-maybe you books with them?" Maka tries to offer helpful advice! 8D
  43. [01:49:27] <Arawn> "Maybe," Arawn nods. "You've got quite a few, don't you?"
  44. [01:51:28] * @Maka claps her hands lightly, gaining enthusiasm. "Oh um...m-maybe they'd like um...Great Expectateons? T-there's some romance in t-there...r-right?" Nod nod.
  45. [01:52:56] <Arawn> "Maybe," Arawn nods, then sighs. "It's been... I haven't exactly been stuck in a 'romance' since being in Imperia. Getting dragged into one here... I have no idea what you guys expect or..."
  46. [01:54:42] <@Maka> "I...a-am I s-supposed to know or s-something?" Maka looks uncomfortable again. " I said, I um...n-no one would be interested, s-so..." She shrugs again. "A-and...t-that would mean less reading time."
  47. [01:57:00] <Arawn> "Well, I mean..." Arawn pauses a little. "Not even from experience, necessarily, just... if someone was to ask you out or something, what would you expect? Like, ideally?"
  48. [01:59:38] <@Maka> "" Maka holds her sketchbook up to her face as she ponders. She might've been hiding some blushing for a second there, but you can't be sure. "Um...s-someone to read books with me at the old s-shrine...and fish?"
  49. [02:00:30] <Arawn> "...Is that it?" Arawn hasn't really looked up to her, so Maka's embarassment goes unnoticed.
  50. [02:01:31] * @Maka starts nodding, then stops. " to go to the c-city with me and...and...go to the bookstore!"
  51. [02:03:26] <Arawn> "Hm. ...I see," Arawn frowns a little, staring at the ball like it's responsible for something. "That's... hm."
  52. [02:04:23] <@Maka> " that w-weird?" Maka speaks softly from behind her upheld sketchbook.
  53. [02:06:48] <Arawn> "Well, to me, maybe, but..." slip there goes the scalpel and a chunk of the shell goes flying and Arawn curses.
  54. [02:07:40] * @Maka winces. "Um...m-maybe y-you should take a break."
  55. [02:08:42] <Arawn> "...Maybe," Arawn sets it down and leans back. "Everything was going smooth, too..." it's hard to tell if he's talking about the apricorn or something else.
  56. [02:10:50] <@Maka> " t-there a reason you asked about" Maka fidget fidgets.
  57. [02:11:32] <Arawn> "...If you tell anyone about this I'll tell Submission you went Gible-hunting," Arawn begins by laying out the groundwork. AKA Blackmailing.
  58. [02:12:18] * @Maka gulps and nods quickly, instinctively half-raising her sketchbook to duck behind again. "'s okay then. Y-you...d-don't have to tell me..."
  59. [02:13:33] <Arawn> "I am pretty sure - not entirely, mind you - that Nephene was trying to ask me out on a date earlier."
  60. [02:14:29] <@Maka> "I...w-wow," Maka clearly doesn't know what to say from this point on, so there's a bit of awkward silence.
  61. [02:17:14] <Arawn> "...And now you know," Arawn muses, seeming to leave it at that. "Kinda came out of nowhere to me."
  62. [02:17:48] <@Maka> "" Nod nod.
  63. [02:19:06] <Arawn> "Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet, so I'd appreciate your silence," he... doesn't exactly sound thrilled about the prospect.
  64. [02:20:14] <@Maka> "O-of..,of c-course! I...but...w-what'd you tell her?" Maka subconsciously leans in a bit closer.
  65. [02:21:51] <Arawn> "I told her...." Arawn pauses to think. "I think it was, 'sure, we'll catch dinner sometime' but... I mean, heck, I don't know what she's actually after."
  66. [02:23:29] <@Maka> "Oh um...I...w-well when you get dinner with her you can figure it out?" Maka seems to be thinking hard for a few seconds. "Um, nevermind."
  67. [02:24:17] <Arawn> "I guess..." Arawn sighs, leaning back a little further. "Something you wanted to add?"
  68. [02:25:03] * @Maka shakes her head slowly. "...N-no...n-nothing..."
  69. [02:26:39] <Arawn> "...Alright. Well, if there's anything..." leaning back further, further--and then in a moment of surprise for himself just as much as anyone else, WHAM there goes the chair backwards and THWACK is the sound of his head hitting the floor.
  70. [02:29:16] <@Maka> "ohno ohno...!" Maka drops her sketchbook and flings her bag, Sartre still sitting in it, onto the table as she jumps up and rushes to Arawn's side. "Are...are y-you okay?"
  71. [02:29:50] <Arawn> "Yup, yup..." Arawn rubs the back of his head as he sits up, grumbling. "...Maybe I'd better stop for the day. I'm clearly pretty distracted."
  72. [02:31:12] * @Maka helps him up and into his chair. ", take some time to read those books! I really like The Old Man and the Seaking!"
  73. [02:32:22] <Arawn> "I will. Thank you, Maka," he smiles at her, ruffling her hair a little once he's back up. "I didn't expect anyone to still be celebrating me getting older."
  74. [02:35:19] * @Maka beams back. "W-well, I...I just stay in the library all day,'s n-nice to celebrate a friend's birthday! And um...Clarity's is all the way in...fall. I...I m-might have to ask Cedric to delivery early so it gets here on time..." she kinda trails off mumbling to herself.
  75. [02:37:22] <Arawn> "Mmm," Arawn nods at this, shaking his head out. "Well, sorry for not getting a whole lot done today to keep you out the library, then."
  76. [02:38:54] <@Maka> "...I-it's fine. R-really." Maka picks up her scattered things as she starts toward the exit. "I'll see w-what Clarity's up to now." and she leaves with a wave and a smile.
  77. [02:40:55] <Arawn> "Alright. See ya, Maka," Arawn nods, already leaning back in his chair again. Mostly clueless and also still undecided what the heck he's going to do.
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