SCP: SL Server Info

Jul 27th, 2018
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  1. <color=orange><b>Server Config:</b></color>
  3. 1. FF On
  4. 2. CI Starting Spawn at 20%, slightly increased chances of survival
  5. 2. CI Spawn with 135 HP(Slight Buff)
  6. 3. Intercom Max Speech Time: 35 seconds, but the cooldown is only 70 seconds
  7. 4. Only 15 MTF can spawn at a time.
  8. 5. SCP-049 has 1800 HP, and 2 are allowed to spawn(ZOMBIE CHAOS)
  10. <color=#ff00ffff><b>Rules</b></color>
  12. 1. Don't be an ass. Play fair and nice with each other.
  13. 2. Team-killing is never allowed, with the exception of crossfire or accidental killing.
  14. 2.1. You may also kill a team killer if mods are not online, but it is better to notify them as soon as possible.
  15. We will issue a warning, kick, then eventually ban if it continues.
  16. 2.2. You may also TK fellow members of your class who repeatedly close doors on your and your fellow class' faces.
  17. 3. No discriminatory language, of any kind. We will issue a kick for this, then a ban.
  18. 4. If possible, always provide proof with your reports!
  19. However, if there is none, we will judge based on the popular verbal testimony
  20. of people in the voice chat on the server at the time of said incident.
  21. 5. Cross teaming is allowed and encouraged from time to time, but nobody has to team with you.
  22. EXCEPTION: <b>MTF AND CI cannot cross team.</b>
  24. NOTE:
  25. Coming on to this server, know that we like to hold events, and if you're the type to whine about that, then this server probably isn't for you.
  27. CONTACT: BinaryAssault#8863 on Discord
  28. Discord Server:
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