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Aug 20th, 2017
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  1. Lenny.: @jonwd7 basically we need to remove all these fields from models
  3. [2:50 AM] jonwd7: well, you can remove NiTextureEffect by ID in Spells > Block > Remove by ID
  4. [2:50 AM] jonwd7: but NiSourceTexture you only want to remove the _nm ones I suppose
  5. [2:50 AM] jonwd7: but I don't know what the steps in that link are referring to by "tags" though
  6. [2:51 AM] Lenny.: by tags he means these two fields
  7. [2:52 AM] Lenny.: is there a way to do Spells > Block > Remove by ID on like a whole folder?
  8. [2:54 AM] jonwd7: nah I haven't merged the batch capabilities that someone else made yet, but I'm not sure that their batch tool can even work with spells that require input. I would say you could ask @ousnius about adapting his command line tool to perform those two things, which he does often, but you're talking about version 4.x NIFs which he doesn't remotely support
  9. [2:55 AM] jonwd7: can I get an example file, preferably with more than one of these pairs of blocks in the file
  10. [2:55 AM] Lenny.: I think there is only ever going to be two of these blocks
  11. [2:56 AM] jonwd7: what, MW NIFs can't have more than one shape in a NIF?
  12. [2:56 AM] Lenny.: I think there's one mesh per file(edited)
  13. [2:57 AM] jonwd7: well that one there has two
  14. [2:57 AM] jonwd7: but only one with the _nm
  15. [2:57 AM] Lenny.: mw by default doesnt support normal maps
  16. [2:57 AM] Lenny.: these records are basically fora graphics extender that hacked them in with these records
  17. [2:58 AM] Lenny.: so I think NiSourceTexture is just the normal exture
  18. [2:58 AM] Lenny.: well the number 12
  19. [2:58 AM] Lenny.: and the 10 and 11 are for the normal map hack
  20. [2:59 AM] Lenny.: since you are a pro on the nif format, would it be easy to just remove these with say a hex editor?
  21. [3:00 AM] jonwd7: nah, like I thought, it can happen multiple times
  23. [3:00 AM] jonwd7: anyway I can't do it now, but I'll write a spell tomorrow morning or something
  24. [3:00 AM] Lenny.: that would be extremly nice
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