Refugee - Complete Walkthrough

Nov 18th, 2011
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  1. Refugee by Wackyjackie aka Arkhaor
  2. --Walkthrough--
  3. 1. Pick up a lighter from the bookshelf.
  4. 2. Look at the bed - take the lockpick from under the pillow.
  5. 3. Step back from the main cell. You will see the chain, click left mouse button on it. Use a lockpick on the padlock.
  6. 4. Press on the circles to unlock the doors. There's a sound for a good and the bad combination. After each fail padlock is getting restarted.
  7. Good combination is: UP RIGHT LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT UP
  8. 5. Pick up the leg from the chair.
  9. 6. Take the screwdriver from the recycle bin.
  10. 7. Go to the next room and use the lighter. Find the light switch on the right side of the screen.
  11. 8. Put the leg in hole on the generator.
  12. 9. Take a look at box near the doors. Use screwdriver to remove the screws.
  13. 10. You must to connect the cables in opposite ways (White<-->Black).
  14. Solution: X, Light Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, White.
  15. 11. Use the computer. Write help and press enter. Use filelist command to view files.
  16. open journal.tex to read the story. In the anagram.tex the password for the elevator is stored. It's a anagram. The solution for it is "password".
  17. 12. Pick up a stone in the elevator, and go up through the hole.
  18. 13. Throw the stone in direction of the padlock.
  19. 14. When you see the spaceship step back and pick up the shovel.
  20. 15. Go to the back of the ship and use shovel on the sand.
  21. 16. Look at the small box on the spaceship. Just connect this box at the top to three orange pipes.
  22. 17. Go into the ship. Pick up a note on the left.
  23. 18. Look at those colorful buttons. Click on those black diamonds to change the colors of the buttons. The right combination is written on the note. R=Red, G=Green, B=Blue.
  24. 19. Take a closer look to this small black computer in the spaceship. Put the coordinates of the Milky Way taken from the map in the room next to the cell.
  25. The right combination is 012924424.
  26. 20. Press the big red button! That's all. Thanks for playing :).
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