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  1. The colony started its existence when Trovatelli, Rowan and Sheppy landed in a mountainous area of an unknown planet. Though their backgrounds differ a lot, each of them signed to the promising colonisation project. The spaceship was heading to the planet that seemed perfectly suitable for human life, but yet was possibly full of vagarious secrets, as most of those 'perfect' planets usually occur to be.
  2. Trovatelli was fascinated with possibility to study the new planet, especially its unique fauna, and secretly hoped to influence the development of the new human society much more than it was expected of her. During her free time on the spaceship, Trovatelli participated in social activities, got acquainted with other colonists from different fields, and studied the Politics of the Universe.
  3. Rowan, who initially subscribed as a guard, got drawn into vague dreams of the new world, and spent little time with his fellows. He did not understand yet what exactly he would like to do, but he was intoxicated by the sensation of the upcoming discoveries.
  4. For Sheppy, in contrary, his desires seemed quite straightforward. He spent a lot of time with his fellow colonists, eager to practice his fighting skills, to learn more about construction materials and building design. Sheppy felt quite proud of himself, since he could defend the colony, could quickly construct facilities and was prepared to grow crops if necessary.
  5. Everyone was looking for the upcoming landing, but apparently, something went wrong, because one morning the three colonists found themselves landed on some Earth-like planet absolutely alone, no signs of the ship anywhere. Thankfully, they found that some steel and some food accompanied them in this unexpected isolation, so they concentrated on building their first resort. Trovatelli soon determined the calendar system of the planet. The climate seemed benevolent, but they landed in early summer, and had to prepare for the winter cold snaps.
  6. Their first dwelling was a simple single-room wooden house. Sheppy eventually got a chance to use his skills in building, hunting and construction; Rowan got distracted from his dreams by the demanding reality, whereas Trovatelli seemed to become a bit isolated and absent-minded at first. She never participated in ‘dumb labour’ even at the very first days of the colony foundation. Maybe her noble education was too strong to be overridden by the common sense (she was taught to despise this kind of labour from the first years of her childhood), or maybe she just immersed in her thoughts too deep to care about the dirt that covers all the room and the sacks that lay unprotected on the ground. However, though she looked almost like a lunatic, wandering around, deprived of any tools to do her job, Trovatelli actually was planning the colony development. For instance, she spotted two steam geysers that could become a relatively stable energy source, organised the food distribution and eventually asked Sheppy to construct a research table for her. After that, she spent most of her time in front of this table, until she managed to produce the technology of creating stone bricks out of the lumps of rock that were a-plenty around. And thus the stone era has begun.
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